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template_chemical_register by xiaoyounan



Chemical Register Template
Ref: OHS332 Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods Procedure
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                                                                          Hazardous in                                                                                                       **RA is n/a;
                                            Packing                      accordance with
                    C.A.S.                                   U.N.                            Exact                                                   No. of      Total MSDS < 5yrs old     { **RA is n/r;
Chemical Name                     DG class Grp.       I,                 NOHSC? Y or N                     Manufacturer Uses        Pack Size                                dat e }         **RA is Req.
                    Number                                  Number                          Location                                                 packs      Quantity
                                              II, III                     note the main

                  n/a = Not Applicable i.e. a risk assessment is not mandatory (e.g the substance is not hazardous nor, is the way the substance being used, hazardous)
**RA=n/a; RA=n/r;
    RA=Req.       n/r = Not Required i.e. a separate documented risk assessment is not required as the substances is being used in accordance with the MSDS and for the purpose for which it was intended
                  (i.e simple and obvious assessment)
                  Req. = Required i.e. a separate documented risk assessment is required as the substance is being mixed or used in a manner that increases the risk controls required above those
                  indicated on the MSDS

     Template Chemical Register
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