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									Production and consumption systems, sustainability, and risk (120) Tue 9-11 Cecilia Claeys-
De Krom, Michiel. Grasping the Butterfly Consumer: Exploring Consumer Involvement in European
     Food Safety Governance of Avian Influenza
Klintman, Mikael, Gustav Holmberg, Annica Kronsell. A Critical Appraisal of the Analytical Division
     between Old vs. New modes of Governance: Previous Food Conservation Standards and Current
     Food Safety Standards
O'Brien, Martin. Consumers, Citizens and the Waste Crisis
Oosterveer, Peter. Sustainability in food provisioning: Confronting consumer and provider heuristics
Orecchia, Carlo, Pietro Zoppoli. Consumerism and Environment: does consumption behaviour affect
     the environmental quality?
Weller, Ines. The Importance of Consumers and Consumption Behaviour for Sustainable
Berg, Annukka. Broadly-based committee work in making sustainable consumption and production
     policies - Finland’s SCP programme in focus

Participation and governance of nature (120) Tue 9-11 Luigi Pellizoni
Mauz, Isabelle. Monitoring the wolf population in France: when technical credibility does not induce
    political legitimacy
Adem, Cigdem. Participation in Nature Conservation in Turkey: Facing New Challenges Asikainen,
    Eveliina. Biodiversity and Every-day Life in a Finnish Suburb
Balázs, Bálint, Norbert Kohlheb. Mapping Hungarian Forestry: Institutions, Stakeholders and
    Preserving Forest Resources in the Örség-Vendvidék ESA, Hungary
Samuel, Andrew. The Power of Place: Community Development and Environmental Policy in
    Scotland: A Case Study of a National Nature Reserve, the Isle of Rum
Sande, Allan. Participation and Governance in European wilderness
Heinonen, Maarit, Merja Veteläinen. Farmers as Conservators of Agro-biodiversity – The Case of
    Growers of Cereal Land Races in Finland
Van Koppen, Kris, Birgit H M Elands. Monitoring Public Awareness and Participation for Biodiversity
Vihemäki, Heini . Participation or further exclusion? Contestation over resource control in case of
    Derema Corridor, Tanzania

Social theory and the environment (90) Tue 14-15.30 Peter Oosterveer
Claeys-Mekdade, Cécilia. From social conflicts to eco-citizen participation: between “facts” and
     theories, the French case
Jetzkowitz, Jens. Sustainability science and the co-evolution of society and nature What we can learn
     from adaptive responses of tourism industry to climate change?
Newton, Tim. Neurological Adventures
Pellizzoni, Luigi, Marja Ylönen. Responsibility in an era of uncertainty. Reassessing the precautionary
     principle    39
Sebastien, Lea. A qualitative methodology to facilitate environmental governance: the Actor in 4
Environmental governance - nature protection and policy (90) Tue 14-15.30 Kris van Koppen
Fell, Terence. What Makes Governance Works inside Nature?
Bargheer, Stefan. Moral Entanglements: The Emergence and Transformation of the Concern for Bird
     Conservation in Great Britain and Germany
Blok, Anders. From Cosmopolitanism to Cosmopolitics: Negotiating Nature-Cultures in the Case of
     Japanese Whaling
Markham, William, C.S.A. (Kris) van Koppen. Nature Protection Organizations and Networks in Nine
     Nations: Comparative and Historical Perspectives
Nygren, Nina, Katerina Psarikidou. Understanding conflicts over EU species protection policy: Two
     Cases in Finland and Greece
Goerg, Christoph, Silke Beck, Carsten Nesshöver, Felix Rauschmayer, Heidi Wittmer. Nested
     networks of multiple knowledges – bridging scales and cultures in biodiversity governance

Environmental governance and planning (90) Tue 16-17.30 Giorgio Osti
Garcia, Ernest. Land use and city-planning conflicts in the Mediterranean coast of Spain: effects on
   the social structure
Fourniau, Jean-Michel. “The citizen as a local resident”: a political subjectivization in the process
   opening to public discussion facility projects
Bodorkós, Barbara. Community-based planning in the Mezőcsát micro-region, Hungary
Matthews, Ralph. Is the Coast Clear? Understanding and Responding to Climate Change In Coastal
    Resource Communities in British Columbia, Canada

Consumerism, lifestyle, and environment values (90) Tue 16-17.30 Balint Balazs
Evans, David. Towards a Sociology of Sustainable Lifestyles
Jensen, Mette, Tine Studstrup. The accelerating mobility
Lange, Hellmuth. Emerging lifestyles between McDonaldization and sustainability perspectives. The
    case of IT-professionals in India
Pokrovsky, Nikita. The impact of cellular globalization on rural communities in the North of Russia:
    consumption and virtualization
Best, Henning. Environmental Concern and Environmental Behaviour. A Field Experiment on
    Household Waste Recycling
Pelloso, Giovanni, Mauro Ferraresi, Giuseppe Stigliano, Antonio Lorenzon, Marco Volpi. An inquiry
    into the propensity to accept car-sharing solution as a (partial) answer to urban environmental

Environmental governance - representations, frames, and events (120) We 9-11 Leonardas
Nistor, Laura. When minds are bombed. Framing and action strategies of the Save Rosia Montana
Bluemling, Bettina. Framing the problem of groundwater over extraction - potential synergies of
Hillyard, Sam. Tourism spaces inside the English rural village: a visual analysis
Hayes, Graeme . What Happens When Bids Fail? The Case of Paris 2012
Del Corpo, Barbara, Egidio Dansero. Torino 2006: Environment, Challenges And Conflicts In A
     Contended Place
Karamichas, John. Olympic Games as an opportunity for the Ecological Modernisation of the host

Environmental governance and participation (120) Wed 9-11 Cecilia Claeys-Mekdade
Beduschi Filho, Luiz Carlos. Participation and social learning: tools for enhance environmental
    governance in Latin-American experiences
Fallon, Ciaran. Uncharted Waters: Public Participation in Environmental Decision Making in Ireland
Heinrichs, Harald, Heiko Grunenberg. Public Management or Public Participation?
Kyllönen, Simo. The legitimacy deficit of environmental governance and public participation as a
    means of solving it
Newig, Jens, Oliver Fritsch. Public Participation in Environmental Governance and the Attainment of
    Sustainability Goals: Neer the Twain Shall Meet?
Notte, M. Olivier. How does participation make accountability in the european water policies?
    Comparison between France and the Netherlands.
Wallington, Tabatha, Geoffrey Lawrence. Regional Arrangements for Natural Resource Management
    in Australia: Toward Responsive Environmental Governance

Environmental movement and civil society (90) We 14-15.30 Mikael Klintman
Salomé, Lieke, Peter Achterberg, Dick Houtman. Reassesing Environmental Concern: The Social
    Class Hypothesis
Telesiene, Audrone. Views towards role of civil society in environmental problem solving
Van der Heijden, Hein-Anton. European Environmentalism and European Civil Society
Osti, Giorgio. Social Networks and Self-organised Communities for Renewable Energy Sources
Franz-Balsen, Angela. Gender Aspects of Civic Engagement in the Context of Environmental and
    Sustainability Initiatives

Environmental justice and social sustainability (90) We 14-15.30 Hellmuth Lange
Elvers, Horst-Dietrich, Matthias Gross. Integrating Dimensions of Environmental Justice: Outlining a
    Processual Approach
Fielding, Jane. Environmental Injustice or just the lie of the land: an investigation of the social
    characteristics of those at risk from flooding
Lemaire, Xavier . Are Renewable Energies, “Sustainable” Energies? The Imaginary Institution of the
   Energy Needs of the Poor in Rural Areas of Developing Countries
Lubanov, Carmit. The Environmental Justice in Israel: Between Socio-Environment Theory and
   Socio-Political Practice
Saunders, Clare. Stop Climate Chaos I-Count Rally: A Call for Global Climate Justice?
Schonach, Paula. Environmental Injustice - Consequences of Historical Path Dependency?

Environmental values, education, and culture (90) Thu 9-10.30 Audrone Telesiene
Bardes, Julia. The Protestant Legacy In Man’s Relationship With Nature: From Romantism To
Bozonnet, Jean-Paul. How socialization makes environmentalism and political ecology happen
Hermanson, Ann-Sofie. Environmental Attitudes of Environmental Civil Servants in Finland.
   Orientation Towards Ecocentric or Technocentric Views?
Sosunova, Irina, Olga Mamonova. The ecological morality: the problems of formation during
   globalization process
Skanavis, Constantina, Christos Giannoulis, Iosif Botetzagias. Greek Journalists acting as
   Interpreters of Environmental Issues

Expert knowledge and environmental democracy (90) Thu 11-12.30 Balint Balazs
Behrens, Vivien , Matthias Gross. The Remediation of Contaminated Land: Heterogeneous Actors
   and the Democratization of Science
Martínez Iglesias, Mercedes. Citizen movements and management of natural resources
Mylan, Jo. Expert Knowledge, Markets and Novel Techniques in Contaminated Land Remediation
Bergmans, Anne. Living with Nuclear Waste: Does Stakeholder Involvement in the Siting of
   Radioactive Waste Repositories Lead to the Emergence of Radwaste Networks?
Kos, Drago, Marko Poli. The Framing of Radioactive Waste Risk: A Comparative Analysis
Simmons, Peter, John Walls. Radioactive waste management in Europe: from government to

Environmental governance, resources, and markets (90) Thu 13.30-15 Kris van Koppen
Deuffic, Philippe. Deadwood for biodiversity or energy savings? An environmental dilemma for
Haapasaari, Paivi. TAC decision the end result of a battle
Huttunen, Suvi, Miikka Salo. The question of traffic biofuels in Finland. Who sets the agenda?
Kiisel, Maie. Rationalizing Environmental Decisions: the Case of Oil Shale Mining in Estonia
Timonen, Päivi, Johanna Mäkelä, Juha-Matti Katajajuuri, Sari Forsman-Hugg. Acceptance of
    corporate social responsibility as social innovation

Poster presentations

Jones, Nikoleta, Chrisovaladis Malessios, Iosif Botetzagias. Individual social capital and willingness to
    contribute money for the environment
Pranka, Maruta, Simo Laakkonen. …it is the space we are living in.
Shinada, Tomomi, Midori Aoyagi-Usui, Atsuko Kuribayashi, Mariko Kondo. How do students
    understand climate change? Local knowledge and specialized knowledge
Skorstad, Berit. Environmental management and governance theories and practices

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