The Internet Internet Basics An Introduction to Research

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					  Internet Basics
An Introduction to Research
         What is the Internet?
   A huge network that can connect
    computers all over the world.
   Uses a phone line or broadband
    access to connect
   Has a huge quantity of information
   Has information on just about any
   Also called the World Wide Web
How the Internet Can Help You

   You can find information quickly
    and easily
   You can use the information in
    your report
   The information is usually up-to-
     How do I Find Information?
   Search Engines
   Specific URL or Web Page
   Web Sites
   Surfing
            Search Engines
   These allow you to search for a topic
    on the Internet
   Type in your topic in the search box
    and click enter or GO
   Gives you a list of Internet sites
    related to your topic
   Just click on the site that you
    interests you
            Search Engines
   Yahooligans
   OneKey
   Ask Jeeves Kids
   Librarians’ Internet Index
             Specific URL
   The URL or IP Address is the web
    address of the information.
   Begins with http://
   Type it into the address bar from any
    page on the Internet & press enter.
   Takes you to one web page or web
   Every web page or site has a URL
    just like every house has an address.
               Web Page
   This is the screen you see on the
    computer that gives you the
    information on your topic.
   Information can be in pictures, text,
    sound, video, etc.
   Every web page is different.
   Web pages are created by all kinds
    of people—even you can create one.
   Each web page has its own URL.
               Web Sites
   Web sites are groups of web pages
    that are written by the same people
    or group of people.
   They are all about the same topic.
   They are linked together so that you
    can click back and forth between
   It is these links that makes up the
              Surfing the Net

   This is a term used when you are going
    from web page to web page or from web
    site to web site trying to find information.
   Some people surf for information.
   Some people surf for fun.
   Web pages are linked to each other or to
    other web pages.
   You just click on the link to go to a new
    page or site.
              Internet Safety

   Never use the internet without an adult’s
   Never use your whole name, address, or
    phone number on the internet.
   Never type in the name of your school,
    city, and state.
   If you see something that you feel is bad
    or makes you uncomfortable, tell an adult.

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