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Press Release


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									                                                                                          STUDENT SUCCESS FEST
                                                                      Changing The World One Student At A Time



      Press Release  
       Rodney Moyer
       Life Coachers International
                     Life Coachers International presents Student Success Fest  
      (CHICAGO‐ Oct. 29, 2009) ‐ ‐ Life Coachers International will host STUDENT SUCCESS FEST mini at John    
      Hancock High School in the School Auditorium, 4034 West 56th Street, 9:20am to 10:00 AM.  
      ***UPDATE*** Student Success Fest Press Conference will be held Tuesday October 27th, at 10:00 AM.  
      Location; Archer Library, 5055 S Archer Avenue, Chicago, IL.  ***UPDATE*** 
      ***UPDATE*** KEY ELEMENT to perform LIVE at STUDENT SUCCESS FEST!  Key Element is a National 
      Success and Spoken Word Poet.  See Attached BIO!  ***UPDATE*** 
          John Hancock High School’s STUDENT SUCCESS FEST is a collaborative effort in conjunction with   
          Chicago Public School Outreach Initiatives.  STUDENT SUCCESS FEST is a conference style daylong event     
          which consists of break out sessions, a luncheon, and keynote presentations that will both inform and  
          entertain students!  In addition, one student will be awarded with a $1,000 Voucher to participate in The    
          Profile of a Young Professional Program.  This program walks students through the process of obtaining   
          their own website, professional social networking pages, business cards, and professional email address.   
          The winner will be provided with all of the above FREE OF CHARGE! 
         Ron Huberman, C.E.O.  Chicago Public Schools has pledged, “To do everything in his power to make our kids        
         safe!”  We are very confident in Huberman’s Leadership and his Plan of Action that includes his commitment  
         of 30 Million Dollars to invest in programs that target at risk teens.  Circumstances have been created in our  
         City of Chicago neighborhoods that require immediate action to guide our youth in the right direction.   
         Chicago Chief of Police Jody Weis Stated that “Ron Huberman is right on target!  The key is keeping them     
         (students) in the schools.” We need collaboration!  We are excited to deliver that collaboration via STUDENT  
         SUCCESS FEST!   
        STUDENT SUCCESS FEST successfully prepares students to WIN in today’s job climate, via The Profile of a 
        Young Professional.  PYP not only gives information, but also inspires students to think differently, and take 
        immediate action in areas including; conflict resolution, selective reasoning, college acceptance and job 
        interviewing skills.


      Page 2 
      The Profile of a Young Professional—the Make up of a Professional in 2009 is very different today than it was        
      25 years ago.  Unfortunately, many students attempt to use 1989 strategies in a 2009 global internet based 
      society.  STUDENT FEST will undoubtedly deliver The Profile of a Young Professional, along with the attitude 
      necessary to make these strategies work for them!  Our Straight Forward Nature causes students to receive 
      the information in a way that causes them to take action. 

      Immediately following STUDENT SUCCESS FEST, You are welcome to join us for a luncheon at the Chicago 
      Hilton located at 720 South Michigan Avenue.  Attendees confirmed are Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, 
      Chicago Public Schools C.E.O. Ron Huberman, along with many of Chicago’s most successful, prominent, and 
      influential entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and key influencers!   

      Life Coachers International would like to thank Event Sponsors True Star Magazine, Humble Beginnings  
     Catering, and www.BarackObamaNomics.com, for making this event a reality for our Youth. 



     About Life Coachers International  

     Rodney Moyer, CEO, Life Coachers International, motivational speaker and Professional Father has been 
speaking to youth for over a decade.  He draws upon his many real life successes ad failures to deliver relevant 
and authentic information to students and executives Nationwide.  Rodney started his first successful 
entrepreneurial venture as High School students.  Corporately Rodney has worked executive level management 
positions, as well as International Marketing launched With Life Coachers International, Rodney has delivered 
impactful presentations all over the United States of America.  In addition to Leadership workshops, Life Coachers 
International is launching an in school mentoring program titled “The Profile of a Young Professional”! 

     Student Success Fest is the Super Bowl of Student Leadership Events.  This is where the absolute best of the 
best come together to change the lives of students Nationwide.  The level of talent and business/life experience 
that Student Success Fest presenters bring to the table is varied and unparalleled.  Students will leave with not 
only with the information needed to win, but also with a burning desire to run through the walls necessary to 
succeed in any Endeavour.  For more information about Student Success Fest Speaker, visit 
                            LIFE COACHERS INTERNATIONAL

          Rodney Moyer, PF—“Changing the World, One Student at a Time”
                                    THE FATHER—Rodney Moyer, PF is a proud father of his beautiful princess LAYLA.
What Clients Say About              “Some people want to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a teacher. I realized my life purpose, and what I
Rodney Moyer, PF                    wanted to be was a dad, or a Professional Father, PF!” Rod’sTrue Passion in life if being a
                                    Professional Father, and simply spending time with his family! Rod’s ability to relate with all is
“. . .What an Impression he         attributable to his diverse and celebrated background of experiences.
made on both our department 
and students.  He really            THE STUDENT LEADER—As a first generation college student, Rod credits the
connected well with the             Great Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated with his introduction to the importance of
students, and was a great fit       becoming a student leader. He overcame the ravages of poor academic performance in High
with our faculty.  We wish to       School to go on to receive collegiate scholarships and internships for his extensive involvement
continue our relationship with 
                                    as a student leader and academic achievement. Rod’s many contributions to his campus
you, and we certainly hope that 
you will be able to come back 
                                    community are alive and vibrant over a decade later! During his student tenure, Rod was
for another visit, presentation,    elected or appointed to leadership capacities in most major student organizations on campus.
and workshop!”                      Rod’s proudest student accomplishment was the very important work he did to help other
Sherry P. King—December 07          students and groups reach new heights of achievement!
Business Dept. Chair 
Curie High School Chicago, IL       THE PROFESSIONAL—Starting his career in Corporate America, he became a top
                                    sales volume producer, and later became a Lead Trainer for a Fortune 500 Company. He was
                                    responsible for assisting in building a sales force of tens of thousands of people
“. . . Rod, your one of the best 
                                    throughout the US with a sales volume of over $100 Million dollars a year. Enjoying the
speakers, if not the best I’ve 
seen in my 30 plus years of         field of Sales and Marketing, Rod has been a producer and a Consistent Income Earner, moving
education!”                         up the ranks in every company that he has worked for! Today, Rod travel’s the country as a
Kirk Baese—February 09              successful Entrepreneur!
Ovid‐Elsie Sr. High School, MI      THE SPEAKER—On the speakers stage, Rod exudes a level of genuineness and integrity
                                    that can not be denied. As a National Speaker, Rod has trained and coached tens of thousands
                                    of students and young corporate professionals throughout the United States. Rod utilizes the
“. . .Rod’s Presentation had an 
                                    power of honesty, words, and integrity to transfer his conviction to his audience. His style of
outstanding message!  Rod was 
energetic and kept over 500 9th 
                                    delivery is powerful, direct, and enlightening. It is not unusual for Rod’s audience participants
graders interested!                 and sponsors to tell him how much they enjoyed being in his audience!
Matt Joseph—September 08 
Director of Guidance 
                                    THE AUTHOR—There is much anticipation for Rod’s First Nationwide Release, The
Henry Ford II High School           Profile of a Young Professional! Becoming a professional will allow you to realize your dreams!
Sterling Heights, Michigan          This audio release will allow program participants to leave with a daily tangible reminder of
                                    Rod powerful messages!
                                                                       To Request Rod:
    “Doing the thing you
    said you would do
    LONG AFTER the
                                        (815) 712-0097—Direct Business Line   (877) 867) 8208—Direct Fax Line
    mood in which you said
    it in, has left you”
                                                        www.RodneyMoyer.com—Official Website
    Rod Moyer, PF
                                                           Click to Follow/Contact Rodney Moyer Via:
  Contact: Rodney Moyer           STUDENT SUCCESS FEST 1

                                                                    OPEN LETTER
  Life Coachers International     Thursday October 29 , 2009
  Phone 815-712-0097              John Hancock High School
  Fax 877-867-8208                Chicago, Illinois

  Rodney Moyer is a National Speaker, an Entrepreneur, and
  MOST IMPORTANTLY, a DAD! Speaking to Students
  Nationwide, I have found a commonality with today’s youth. All of
  our youth want to be successful productive members of society.
  Unfortunately, that is not everyone’s mental reality
  Wednesday October 1st, 2009!

  Dear Student. You Can Succeed! You Can Win! There is Nothing you Can’t Achieve! You can be
  whatever you want to be. You can travel the world, start a family, and make a difference in the lives of
  people you will never know. You can go to college. You can get accepted to College, and get it paid
  for! Yes YOU! Please Choose to Move Forward Together. Choose Success. The only thing that
  stands between you and everything you want is a bunch of hard work! You can, You will win! You are
  KINGS and QUEENS that deserve the absolute best that life has to offer. That means starting with
  YOU! Respecting and Treating yourselves like Kings and Queens must occur first. Step one, is to
  embody the principles of a favorite poem. THE MAN WHO THINKS HE CAN!

       1.    If you think you’re beaten you are!
       2.    If you think you dare not you don’t!
       3.    If you’d like to win but think you can’t, it’s almost a cinch you won’t!
       4.    If you think you’ll lose you’ve lost!
       5.    For out in this world we find!
       6.    Success begins with a fellows will, its all in his state of mind!
       7.    If you think you’re outclassed you are!
       8.    You have to think high to rise!
       9.    You have to be sure of yourself before you can ever win the prize!
       10.   Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man!
       11.   Because sooner of later the man who wins is the man who thinks we can!
 GOD BLESS, Rodney Moyer
 www.rodneymoyer.com                          www.facebook.com/rodmoyer
 getmotivated@rodneymoyer.com                 www.youtube.com/rodmoyer
 (815) 712-0097—Direct                        www.twitter.com/rodmoyer
 (877) 867-8208—Fax                           www.myspace.com/rodmoyer

  For Release 9 a.m. EDT, October 1st, 2009










   Saniqua, also known as Key Element, is a 29 year old 
    Rockford, Illinois native.  Saniqua has always had a 
  niche for self expression.  She picked up the poets pen 
   at the age of 15 and graced the poetic world with her 
    vocal presence at 19!  Since that time, Saniqua has 
 achieved a great deal.  Saniqua was chosen to represent 
  the state of Texas in the national poetry slam.  She has 
  also worked with Major Industry Recording Artists and 
       has performed at other events coast to coast!  
    Saniqua's next project involves publishing her own 
      collection of poems and greeting cards.  Saniqua 
    continues to travel the NATION expressing her art!  




                                              With the amazing ability to touch his listeners’ very core while
                                     leaving them feeling inspired and highly motivated, Alex Thervil
                                     personifies passion. After overcoming many of life’s obstacles at a
                                     young age, Alex has been able to transform these adversities into life
                                     changing lessons. Realizing the gift inside each and every person,
                                     Alex’s sole mission has been to inspire hope and redefine what it
                                     means to empower our youth by motivating and challenging them to
                                     believe in themselves.
                                              At the early age of six, Alex learned the values of discipline
                                     and the strength of mind through studying martial arts for eight years.
                                     For five years he was involved with Chicago’s Hyde Park Youth
                                     Symphony where he was not only a leading violinist, but had the
opportunity to travel to schools to perform and speak to youth and families about perseverance and
determination. Despite the privileges of these involvements during his younger years, as a teenager he
was not immune to the issues and hardships of life’s courses. Growing up on the South Side of Chicago,
Alex did not always find himself on the direct path to success, however his motivation to break the
negative stereotypes associated with African American males has propelled Alex to shoot for the stars.
         Academically, Alex continued his education after high school at Howard University where he
studied Sociology and is currently continuing his education at Northern Illinois University. During this
time, the number of lives he has been able to touch and the amount of leadership and involvement he has
displayed has been dynamic. Alex received the Sophomore Leadership Award in 2006 and served as a
Senator on the student government and Director of Organizational Development in 2007. Alex
continued his achievements when he was crowned NIU Homecoming King in 2007, and among his
highest notables he is currently chapter President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Among speaking at
programs for the Black Student Union and schools in the DeKalb community, Alex has spoken at the
Keepers of the Dream luncheon and delivered the Welcoming Address for the Black and Gold Banquet
for the 2009 Alpha Phi Alpha Illinois District Convention.
         Today, Alex is the co-founder of Speak into Action Youth Empowerment Speakers, a speaking
company that specializes in preparing youth for life transitions throughout school and the outside world.
Alex captivates audiences with his passion, charisma, and knowledge as delivers powerful messages filled
with and wisdom and experience, aimed to challenge the youth to believe in themselves. His ability to
relate to and understand the issues that the youth today are facing is not only impressive, but touching.
        Speaking Topics
        I am the Star of My Life-Who Controls YOUR life? You? … Or the Media? How to take control of your
        own life, and still idolize stars in the media.
        Today is the Day!!- It is never too late to turn mistakes into meaningful life lessons. Make Today that
         What Are You Afraid Of?!? – Addresses fears most teens face. Topics range from transitioning to
        college/ high school to communicating feelings to loved ones.

                     Let’s improve the lives of our Youth starting today!!
       Interested in contacting Alex Thervil to speak at an event or school near you??
                               Contact alexthervil@gmail.com
                                                                                                    Thursday October 29th, 2009

                                                                                                     John Hancock High School
                                                                                                        4034 West 56th Street
                                                                                                       Chicago, Illinois 60695

                                                                                                       9:00 AM—10:00 AM
                                                                                                  12:30 PM—Luncheon at Chicago Hilton
                                                                                                          720 South Michigan Ave
Rodney Moyer PF has Changed The Lives of students in
hundreds of events spanning more than 100 cities in 18                                                 •Students will Leave With:
  states at more than 50 Colleges & 100 High Schools                                                       •Job Opportunities
         Nationwide! www.RodneyMoyer.com                                                                       •Hand outs
                                                                                                          •Prizes & Give Aways
  STUDENT FEST 1 “The Beginning” will feature                                                                  •Motivation
   •Student Awards    •Entrepreneurship                                                               •Professional Development
   •Fun & Recognition •Leadership Involvement                                                               •Critical Thinking
   •Greek Life        •Get The Job You Want

                                                                                                                 Humble  Beginnings Catering
                                                          For More info about STUDENT FEST1
                                                                Contact Rodney Moyer
                                                               (815) 712‐0097—Direct
                                                                 (877) 867‐8208—Fax 
     •Alex Thervil     •David Thomas    •Key Element      Rodney travels from Chicago, Illinois
     •SIA C.E.O.       •Youth Mentor    •Poetic Justice
                                                                      R       Y
                                                                    OUR HISTORY
                                                                Life Coachers International & Al
                                                       Duncan Enterprises merged their respective
                                                       ressources and expe                te
                                                                          eriences to creat STUDENT
                                                       SUCCESS FEST, The SUPER BOWL of Student
                                                       Leaadership Events. Over the past decade, AL
                                                       DUUNCAN has direc                  he
                                                                          ctly impacted th lives of
                                                       moore than 1 Million Students a    around the
 STUDENT SUCCESS FESST                                 WO                  an
                                                         ORLD. AL Dunca is known as an author,
                                                       ent               d
                                                          trepreneur, and world class m   motivational
            KING FORT                                  speeaker.
         BES                                                                              y
                                                                Along with Duncan, Rodney Moyer has
                                                         aveled the Nat
                                                       tra                 tion delivering impactful
     WE CAN HELP!                                        formation in a way that typica
                                                       inf                                 ally causes
     Th Profile  of  a  Young  Profes
                       a                ssional          udents to take im
                                                       stu                mmediate action. Recently
     Make  up  of  a  Pr
The  M                 rofessional  in  2009  is         atured on CNN, Moyer shared that most
                                                         udents are brig
                                                       stu                                d
                                                                          ght, smart, and want to
      different  today  than  it  was  25  years
very  d
ago.    Unfortunately,  many  stu       udents
                                                       beccome very suc   ccessful.   Moyeer’s varied         ENT SUCC
                                                                                                          STUDE      CESS FEST 
                                                       exp                entrepreneur and corporate
                                                          periences as an e               d
attempt  to  use  1989  strategies  in  a 2009         pro                                en
                                                          ofessional prove invaluable whe speaking
global  internet  based society.    STU UDENT             th
                                                       wit our future lead ders!
SUCCE ESS  FEST  will  undoubtedly  d   deliver
The Prrofile of a Youn ng Professional,  along
with thhe attitude necessary to make       these
strateggies  work  for  them!    Our  St traight
Forward Nature allow   ws students to re eceive
the infformation in a wway that causes  s them
to  tak action.    St                    s 
                       tudent  Success Fest                               UCCESS is At Yo
                                                                         SU             our Fingertips.
speakeers  challenge  Student  Groups,
execut                  s, 
       tives,  athletes and  client to   ts                               chedule Your ST
                                                                         Sc                                       Today! 
                                                                                        TUDENT SUCCESS FEST Event T
evaluaate  their  attitude,  habits,  and
percepption  of  self  to  become  a  peak                                
perfor                 y 
      rmer  personally and  professio    onally.
It  is  one  thing  to  give  som       meone
     mation  and  op   pportunities.    It  is
      y another when you can change
clearly                                  e their
thinkin                                                             ENTSUCCESSFEST
                                                            WWW.STUDE            T.COM
                                                                                              FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 

                                                                                              Q   WHAT IS STUDENT SUCCESS FEST ALL

                                                                                                  STUDENT SUCCESS FEST is the SUPER

                                                                                              A   BOWL OF Student Leadership Events.
                                                                                                  Students are able to learn and hear from
                                                                                                  today’s most prominent, successful, and
                                                                                                  influential young professionals.  

                                                                                              Q   What Kind’s of Topics are covered at a
                                                                                                  STUDENT FEST EVENT?

                                                                                                  Leadership, Mindset, How to Get the Job

                                                                                              A   You Want, becoming a professional,
                                                                                                  critical thinking, how to select a

                                                                                                  college, entrepreneurship, and a host of
                                                                                                  other topics relevant to each audience! 

                                                                                              Q   If my school is interested in hosting a
                                                                                                  STUDENT SUCCESS FEST EVENT, what
                                                                                                  should I do?

 STUDENT SUCCESS FEST LEADERS HAVE A                                                              If you would like to host an event, you

 PROVEN RECORD OF HELPING STUDENTS                                                            A   can visit www.StudentSuccessFest.com.
                                                                                                  We look forward to communicating with
                                                                                                  you to determine wiether a Full or Mini
                                                                                                  Student Success Fest Event is the best
                                                                                                  option for your school! 
It is a fact that our youth are in need of a stimulus,
and that stimulus is STUDENT SUCCESS FEST. For
each event, we will invite a select group of
outstanding        Corporate,     Community,

paced, high-level, interactive sessions. STUDENT
Entrepreneurial leaders to participate in our fast-
                                                         For More information about Student
                                                             Success Fest, you can visit;     Q   What is the difference between a
                                                                                                  STUDENT SUCCESS FEST and a MINI
                                                                                                  STUDENT SUCCESS FEST EVENT?

SUCCESS FEST provides students with an                       www.StudentSuccessFest.com           A MINI Event may only last 1-2 Hours. It
experience whereas they can develop essential
leadership skills; and explore a future career
through exciting simulations, and interactive
                                                             www.RodneyMoyer.com              A   will be much shorter, and have fewer
                                                                                                  speakers. A FULL Event typically lasts
                                                                                                  all day long, and is scheduled
meetings with renowned leaders in their chosen                                                    conference style. Students will have a
field.    Participating in this very comprehensive                                                great feel of what it is like to attend the
leadership opportunity allows students begin the                                                  many     conferences       that    business
process of developing into the person that they                                                   professionals attend. 
need to become, to accomplish the goals and
dreams they want to achieve

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