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					Cultural Aspect

In term of culture , we have studied the history of each country both U.S and China
and we focus on culture , religion ,ethnic group and political thought. After learning
these thing, we would know the way of thinking ,belief and how they view each other.
So it enables us to analyse why those events happen between these two countries and
we also can predict what action they are going to take to solve the problems . We see
that the religion has most influence over the actions of these two countries.

American culture

* The traditional national habit of pressing forward, conquering environment.

* Americans view success as individualistic as opposed to eastern philossophies.

* Americans are not afraid of challenges or competition.

* They are individualistic , they like to go it alone without checking with head office.
Anything goes unless it has been restricted.

* They thake risks , but make a definite plan which must be adhered to.

* Time is always money. ' Let's get to the point'

* They are blunt , they will disagree and say so.

* They are opportunistic-quick to take chances. The history of USA presented many
golden opportunity to those who grabbed fastest

* Many Americans see thr USA as the most successful economic and democratic
power, therefore assume that American norms are the correct ones. This leads to lack
of interest in or knowledge of the foreign culture. American often know little of such
matters as saving face , correct dress and use of business cards.

Why is America the most powerful country in the world and why does America like to
intervene other countries?

In the early 16 century , initially all Europeans were Catholic and when Cotholicism
began to degenerate, many people converted to other cults.Then there was a religion
revolution in Europe . The persons who had converted to other cultes(Puritant and
Anglican) had always been bullied by the ruler . So these people who were puritan
had moved to new territory called America. They saw themselves the selective people
by the god, so they should be role model of other people.

Puritan's belief and Character

* They think they are superior
* Puitan always ask themselves if they are good and control their behavior
* Other than controling their own behavior, they want to control other people
behavior in order to act like them that they assume the collect and good behaviors.
Chines culture

The Chinese's sense of cultural superiority is great because Chinese see themselves as
Cheng -kuo- the middle kingdom, the centre of the universe and place of the world's
oldest lifestyle. Foreigners in the eyes of chinese are inferior, corrupt ,barbaric and
disloyal. The Chinese believe they posses cultural superiority. Chinese feel superior is
in the area of moral and spiritual values. Chinese conbined their sense of moral
righteousness with criticism of western society and see success as collectivist as
opposed to American view.

To understand why individual Chinese deal with their affairs in an orderly and respectful
fashion ,we have to examine the basic tenets of beliefs and philosophies. That is

The basic teaching of Confucius can be summised as:

* The observance of the unequal relationships
* The family is the prototype of all social organization. We are members of a group,
not individuals.
* Education and hard work must be prized.
* One should be moderate in all things. Save , stay clam,avoid extremes .

In our opinion, we see the much difference between two cultures . American culture
emphasizes individualism as opposed to Chinese culture that holds the importance of
group and community. It emphasizes collective success.

The events of international relations that have happened since George W Bush took the
office will be as follows

* With Russia concerning espionage issues
* U.S. - Japanese relations have been getting worse after the collision of U.S. submarine
with a Japan fishing vessel.
* Condemn Chinese government in harse and unjust crackdown on Falungong and
violate human rights.
* The collision of a U.S. Navy spy plane and Chinese fighter jet
* U.S. agreement to sell millitary equiment to Taiwan
* Dalai Lama's meeting with U.S. senior government official

Bush administration's charateristics
* Bush 's weakness in dealing with international relations
* Big business, espescially arm sale businesses , have influence over administrtion

We have analyzed that America wanted to sell arms in order to boost it slumping
economy so it decided to sell arms to Taiwan by claiming that it wanted Taiwan to
defend herself from China 's attack. Due to many goverment officials in Bush's
administration running arm sale business, they tried to instigate other countries to have
conflict with each other such as between China and Taiwan or Israel and Palestine .
On the other hand, America think that China might be the most powerful country in the
world in the 21 century instead of America and doesn't want to see the China 's properity
in which China might not have ever thought like that before. China have never thought
of being superior to other countries or be the world 's most powerful country.
According to American culture that it wants to control other countries in order to act
or behave as it wants by assuming that those behaviours are good and virtuous. In
reality , America tries to do everything that make other countries serve America ' own
interest. America set up New World Order ; human rights , democracy ,environment
and free trade to control other countries. America likes to condemn China on violating
human rights in crackdown on Falungong and Chinese student and people in Tienanmean

In the Americans 's view on human rights , they see these as a prerequisite to other
areas of developments. China, in company with some other Asians, have a different
set of priorities and think that the starving people are not in a position to exercise human

Americans values
1 Americans distrust government
2 Americans are more distrustful of the federal government than of local government
3 Americans are patriotic and share a sense of civic responsibility
4. Most Americans believe in providing equal opportunity.
5. Americans believe that government should help those in need
6 Americans are religious
7. Americans see family and marriage as important
8.Americans distrust large corporations
9. Americans are optimistic

The Democratic Faith

The ultimate test of a democratic system is the legal existence of an officially recognized
opposition. A characteristics of a constitutional democracy is that it not only recognizes
the need for the free organization of opposing views but positivingly encourages such
organization.Crucial to the democratic faith is the belief that a constitutional democracy
supports the free play of ideas. To be afraid of public debate is to be afraid of
self- government.

The United States, like every other nation or society, has a distinctive political culture.
It consists of a widely held set of fundamental political values and accepted processes
and institutions that help it manage conflict and resolve problems. Americans share a
wide spread commitment to classical liberalism, which embraces the importance of
individual liberty, freedom, equality, private property, limited government, and popular
consent. They also believe that the American Dream should be something they can all

American political values have been affected by the industrial transformation, the
development of large corporations and other large institutions, the Great Depression,
and global economy. Many Americans are either conservatives or liberals. Liberals
tend to be more permissive, whereas conservatives favor tradition,stability. The
difference have consequences for electoral contests, judicial interpretation,and policy
development in American political system.

Source: Government By The People , Basic Version, Eighteenth Edition

After learning American and Chineses cultures,we see much difference in term of
ideology and beliefs. Americans value independence , individual success , concerning
their own interest because in the past their ancestors left from Britain due to different
belief in religion from the royal and tried to seek freedom in the new territory called
America. So Americans emphasize human rights , democracy. Since the end of cold
war and the collapse of Soviet Union, America has been the most powerful country in
the 20 century in which European empire used to be in 19 century. Lerning from the
history the Cristians or Westerners including Americans we found that they are war- loving
people. Date back to Roman empire, it liked to expand its territory by displacing ,
controling and killing native people ; Britain seeked to colonize many countries in
Southeast Asia to exploit natural resources . Recently America has made economic war
in Southeast Asia by speculation and attacking currency value, not using dangerous
weapons.Now America under Bush administration is trying to collect weapons and build
NMD to protect a country from other countries's attack.After the end of cold war ,
America set up New World Order; Democracy, Free trade , Environment and Human
Rights. Americans want other countries to act like them and think that their behaviors
are always correct.Americans have misused the word of individual freedom. In fact
individual freedom is limited by other freedom ,not doing everything to persue their own
interest and ignoring other countries 's interest. The developing countries must be free
to control themselves and be independent and protect their sovereignty ,not to be forced
by Americans to act like them.

The objectives of America are:

1. Try to retain the country's position of the most powerful country in the world
2. Make other countries comply with New World Order set by American ; Democracy,
Free trade,Human Rights and Environment in order to take advantage of other countries
and control the world.
3 Protect American people and the country 's interests.

Even though America' military power are superior to other countries in the world, but its
economic power is being threatened by China ,Japan and EU. Now America thinks
China would be the new threat to its economic power and could be the most powerful
country in the world instead of America in the 21 century.America tries to blame China
in many issues such as the violation of Human Rights , builing ballistic missile that break
the treaty. Let take a look the chinese culture that is contrary to American's.

We will focus on Human rights and Democracy issues.

In contrast to American culture, Chinese 's confucianism values collective success,
moderation , unequal relationships within family , public interest and hard working.
Chinese think China 's economic success relies on the success of the world economy.
Chineses think that if China can make its economy thriving ,it can help develop the
developing countries . During the economic crisis in Asia , we can see that China did not
devalue yuan and China also helped Africa continent build infrastructure to facilitate
business activity in which American understood that China wanted the support of the
Third world in case China would be attacked by America. Unlike other capitalist and
democratic countries, Chinese democracy doesn't have debating or opposite party and
it is likely to be cooperative.It encourages government officials to offer the new ideas to
develop country's economy but the absolute decision belongs to communist party. The
Chinese government is trying to instill the Chinese people the sense of nationalism,
honesty and gradtitute and to be transending self. So we can see many milliornaire
oversea chineses came back to invest in China 's econmic zones to develop the
hometown country.

The objective of China

1.Economic development is the heart of other developments
2.Reform the country in every area and open the country continuly
3.Reform production structure to increase productivity
4.Encourage Chinese people's creativity
5.Try to balance spiritual value and material value.
6.Try to make the country prosperous in order to help develop other developing countries
7. Maintain political stability that leads to economic success
8. Modernize the country by innovation and advanced technology

Falun gong

Chinese considered Falun gong as threat to national security that could be obstacle to the
country 's economic's success . China tries to crackdown Falun gong because it has misled
a large number of obsessive practitioners to death as a result of refusal of medicine, and
even to maiming themselves,committing suicide or killing people ,including those who they
have relationships with. In this issue we think that America had brainwashed Mr. Li ,the
leader of Falun gong ,and dispatched him to cause unrest in China ; so America can blame
China for violating Human rights.America wants China to realize the freedom of religion
and accept Falun gong 's practicing .

In term of human rights, Americans see these as a prerequisite to other areas of
development and a foundation of the constitution itself. China, in company with some
other Asian, have a different set of priorities. They think starving people are not in a
position to exercise human rights.

The Future of U.S.-China relations

There will be an incraese in exchange of technology, academics between U.S and China.
The MNCs in U.S. will increase their investment in High-tech product with low cost
labour in China.
China will expand the export of hi-tech products instead of consumer products to U.S.
and aroud the world.
China and U.S. will cooperate to maintain world peace, promote common development
and deal with international issues.
U.S. still need constructive working relationship with China because the PRC plays a
major role in the post cold war world. It is the world's most populous nation and the
third largest country. It has nuclear weapons, is a growing military power, and plays a
key role in religion stability. As one of the five permanent members of the UN Security
Council, China has veto power over Security Council .
Behind the scene, America will continue keep observing and spying China and blaming
China on Human rights issue because America does not want China to be superior to America

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