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Royston 2012: A Year of Celebrations



Royston 2012: A Year of Celebrations is seen as a way to create activity over a 12
month period and involve the whole community in events and activities.

The year 2012 will see the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and the
Queen’s 60th Jubilee.

Both events give the Royston 2012 Co-ordinating Committee the opportunity to
support and inspire local activities that can be centred on both these important

It will also act as a central voice to outside authorities and funding bodies, for all the
various groups and organisations in Royston planning 2012 events, it will organise
advertising and press coverage, recruit volunteers for events where needed and
generally liaise and work together to ensure the highest standards of, and inclusivity
and innovation for 2012 events for our community.

There has been growing interest in taking part in the key events planned for the year,
while other local organisations are considering their own activities which will become
part of the celebrations.

The key events being organised by Royston Town Council will be the May Fayre and
Royston in Bloom, with a theme inspired by the Olympic Games/Queen’s Jubilee.

Royston Churches Together is planning to run a Party in the Park for the Queen’s
Jubilee. This may be run in conjunction with the recognition of the 850th anniversary
of the founding of the Priory in Royston.

Other events during the year will be the Royston Arts Festival and the Royston
Charity Kite Festival, which will be run by the Rotary Club of Royston. (The Rotary
Club of Royston will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, too), and an event in the
Royston and District Museum.

The co-ordinating committee is hoping, too, to involve all the schools in the Royston
area while Sport Royston is working on a programme of sporting events.

The North Royston Action Group is also planning activities for the year which will
include its annual Community Exhibition: an event where local groups are able to
share with residents the support and activities available in the community.

To make the celebrations work, the Royston 2012 Co-ordinating Committee has
been split into sub-groups which will each be responsible for providing various
aspects of help and support to the local groups and organisations planning 2012
celebration events, as previously stated.

The whole idea of Royston 2012: A Year of Celebrations will be to inspire a
community spirit and ensure a lasting legacy of volunteer help and support for the
long term future of community events in Royston.

The Role of the Sub-Groups: Each sub-group will have responsibility for the
activities set out below and will report to the main co-ordinating committee.

There is, obviously, a need for all the sub-groups to make others aware of their
activities and this can be achieved through an e-mail newsletter circulated to all and
containing a regular progress report on activities and planning.

All reports on activities should be sent to the secretary and chair so a regular
newsletter can be produced and circulated between each meeting of the main
committee which will only meet as and when necessary.

It is imperative, too, that when problems arise or advice is needed that the co-
ordinating committee is immediately involved to avoid any misunderstanding.

Co-ordinating Committee

The Royston 2012 Co-ordinating committee will have responsibility for ensuring that
all aspects of the Royston 2012: A Year of Celebrations are carried out according to
the plans of the committee and be in a position to provide solutions to problems and
offer the support required to the sub-groups.

The committee will also ensure that activities of the sub-groups are meeting
deadlines and that each task can be delivered.

The key to the success of the Royston 2012: A Year of Celebrations will be
awareness between the different groups of their activities and the need for

Events – Group representatives

Event planning will be the task of the individual groups and organisations planning
such 2012 events. The representatives of those groups currently on the committee
will ensure that the needs, timetables and any other relevant information concerning

their groups will be provided to the main committee so that the other sub groups
responsible for volunteers, publicity, fund-raising/sponsorship, local schools
involvement, Website maintenance and B.M.E./disabled groups will know what
resources they need to supply to each group.

Fund-raising and sponsorship

Fund-raising will play a key role in the success of Royston 2012: A Year of

Each event will have a separate stream of sponsorship but all fund-raising needs to
be channelled through the group responsible for fund-raising activities.

In return for sponsorship, the Royston 2012: A Year of Celebrations committee will
offer recognition in publicity material and/or programmes for events (using the
corporate logo); exhibition space where appropriate at event venues along with the
displaying of commercial banners; recognition on the Royston 2012: A Year of
Celebrations website.

The group may want to look at certain events having a premier partner who will
provide a substantial donation; to a partner down to a supporter. The level of support
will obviously determine the amount of publicity given to a particular sponsor.

Marketing, design and publicity

The group will be responsible for all marketing events specific to the Royston 2012
Co-ordinating Committee and providing advice and guidance to organisations taking
part in activities under the Royston 2012: A Year of Celebrations banner and the
Logo designed by local schools.

All publicity for events will carry the words Royston 2012: A Year of Celebrations, and
the winning logo design and give recognition to sponsors involved in such events.

The group will liaise with event organisers to produce the appropriate publicity when
required or requested and be responsible for media contacts when needed.

Where requested the sub-group will be responsible for the production and distribution
of leaflets and programmes and posters; the provision of banners (not commercial),
marketing events and have all the relevant information to update our website/face-
book, Twitter accounts.

Organisations preferring to organise their own publicity for Royston 2012 can do so,
but should ensure they liaise with the Marketing, Design and Publicity sub-group to
avoid unnecessary duplication of effort.


Every effort will be made to maximise publicity for all 2012 events as early as
possible, through the use of regular local press updates and invitations to local TV
and radio stations to cover the events being put in place.
All publicity specific to the work of the Royston 2012 Co-ordinating Committee
including the Schools logo competition will be undertaken by the sub-group


Schools will be able to play a leading role in the activities of Royston 2012: A Year of
Celebrations events.

The group will liaise with schools over their activities and co-ordinate events in which
pupils and students can become involved.

This will include the running of a logo competition which will be used on all events


Volunteers will be essential in helping to run events and the group will need to work
with the events representatives group to ensure enough volunteers are available to
ensure the running of activities, with expert help and advice from the Royston
Volunteer Centre.

The group will need to establish a volunteers’ directory and to see whether any skills
available could be used for a specific purpose.

Volunteers and helpers need to know their roles and responsibilities and be aware of
good practice (event organisers may have such a Code of Good Practice); safety
requirements; action to take in the case of a disturbance; the location of first aid
point(s) and the ability to check of health and safety issues.

It would be appropriate for all volunteers at events to be in contact through mobile
phones and report to an information point on any problems arising during events.

There should be a briefing meeting for all volunteers recruited for each event held by
the respective organisation running it, to make each aware of their responsibilities.

All volunteers recruited will be registered through the Royston Volunteer Centre Do-it
web-site and office and then passed on to the volunteer sub group co-ordinator for
onward dispersal to the relevant event group representative.

All relevant advice will be given on the handling of volunteers and a very high
standard of care and use will be expected of all events groups where their new
volunteers are concerned. A complaints procedure should be established that should
be monitored and managed by the volunteer co-ordinator accordingly.


Black and Minority Ethnic Communities and Disability Groups

The idea behind the Royston 2012: A Year of Celebrations is to involve the whole
community which includes ethnic groups and those who have a disability.
The group will make contact with such groups and working with the events group
representatives will also ensure that all aid is given to disabled people when
attending events as well as ensuring a high level of their involvement and use is

It is hoped that both the Royston B. M. E. communities and those with disabilities will
be motivated to join with the whole community in celebrating the 2012 celebrations
through either staging events of their own or joining in and helping other events
already planned to take place: for example the 2012 May Fayre where they may
stage their own display or have their own mini-event within the main programme.


Although the idea of the celebrations will have for some part Olympic Games-themed
events it has to be remembered that we cannot use any official Olympic Games logo
or other Games related material.

These are all protected under an Act of Parliament and the consequences of using
such material can be serious and, ultimately, costly.

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