Courses by stariya


									I teach the following graduate courses:

Integrated Business Communication (core course)

This is a core course in MA International Business Communication. It aims to integrate
theory and methodology from courses in marketing communication, global communication,
organizational culture, and text production. All students are required to write a paper based
on solving a communication problem, and many do so in association with companies.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategy and Communication (elective)

The course relates to disciplines of corporate strategy and corporate communication by
examining how the debates around CSR can be integrated into these fields. The overall
aim of the course is to introduce the students to multidisciplinary topics surrounding CSR
and corporate involvement in society, and to critically examine CSR from the perspectives
of strategic management, strategic communication, organisational theory and sociology.
The course also aims to introduce tools that can be used in designing, implementing, and
evaluating CSR programmes. Some of the topics the course covers are corporate strategy
and communication, legitimacy and identity, ethics, stakeholder theory, corporate culture,
HRM, issues management, and CSR pitfalls.

Visual Culture and Strategic Branding (elective)

This interdisciplinary course is theoretically placed between the fields of visual culture
(aesthetics, visual arts, film, theatre, visual communication, and visual consumption) on
the one hand, and strategic brand management (brand planning, brand equity, identity,
and reputation, experience economy, and consumer research) on the other. The course
aims to integrate knowledge and experiences from the two steams of literature outlined
above in order to propose suggestion for brand management in a visual context.

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