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School          :   SMA Negeri 1 Cianjur
Subject         :   English                                                                                                                             Form : 4/ IK 7.3.1
Class           :   XII/ Science/Social/ Language Program
Semester        :   1

 Standard of                                                           Belief and       Learning                                                     Time
                    Basic Competence               Material                                                     Indicators            Assessment                    Source
Competence                                                             Devoutness       Activity                                                   Allocation
1. To               To respond to            Suggestion, request,     The            Listen to         Identifying meaning of      Home work    (10 x 45’)   Cassette
 understand         meaning in                e.g:                     religion        transactional/     speech act of suggestion    Quiz         1 x 45’
 meaning in         transactional (to         A: I‘d like you to       teaches to      interpersonal      and request                 Pen and                   Student
 transaction        get things done)          suggest that…            live            discourse         Responding to speech        paper                     textbook class
 al and             and interpersonal         B: It’s sound like a     efficient       through            act of suggestion and                                 xii, Progress,
 interperson        (to socialize)                good suggestion      Annisa 29.      cassette           request                                               Ganeca Exact
 al text            accurately, fluently     Confessing               58              individually.     Identifying meaning of
 formal and         and acceptably            e.g:                                    Discuss            speech act of confessing
 sustained in       using spoken
 daily life         language variety in
                                              A: This is crazy!                        speech act        Responding to speech
                                              B: Join the club         One who         used in the
 context            context of daily life                                                                 act of confessing                        2 x 45’
                                             Possibility/Capability   believes        discourse         Identifying meaning of
                    which include            e.g:                      fulfill all     heard in
                    speech act:                                                                           speech act of
                                               A: would it be          obligation      pairs.
                    suggestion,                                                                           possibility/ capability
                                                   possible for you    Almaidah 1     Discuss           Responding to speech
                    request,                       to …?                               response
                    confessing,                                                                           act of possibility/
                                               B: Yeah, sure.                          given to           capability
                    possibility and                                                                                                                2 x 45’
                    capability to do         Instruction                              speech act
                                                                                                         Identifying meaning of
                                               e.g:                                    heard
                    something and                                                                         speech act of instruction
                                               A: You must …                          Role play in
                                               B: As you wish, Sir.                    group            
Speaking        3.1. To express to
3. To           meaning in                                                                               Using to speech act                      3 x 45’
   express      transactional (to get                                                                     suggestion and request.     Assignment
   meaning      things done) and                                                                         Using speech acts of
   in           interpersonal (to                                                                         confessing                  Performanc
    transacti    socialize) formal and                                                                Using speech acts of      e
    onal and     sustained using                                                                      possibility/capability
    interpers    spoken language                                                                      Using speech acts of
    onal         variety accurately,                                                                  instruction
    discourse    fluently and
    formally     acceptably in the
    and          context of daily life
    sustained    and include speech
    in the       act: suggestion,
    context      request, confessing,
    of daily     possibility/capability,
    life         and instruction

1. To                                        Admit mistake        Don’t be lie      Listen to                                  Assignment
  understand     1.2 To respond to           e.g:                  and reject         transaction     Identifying meaning of    Quiz         1 x 45’   Cassette
  meaning in         meaning in              A: I admit I was      the truth.         al discourse     speech act of admit       Pen and
  transaction        transactional (to            wrong.           Al-Bakarah         through          mistake                   paper test             Textbook ,
  al and                                     B: I told you…        39
                     get things done)                                                 tape            Responding to speech                             progress,
  interperson        and interpersonal      Promise                                  recorder                                                          Ganeca exact
                                                                                                       act of admit mistake
  al discourse                                                                        classically
                     (to socialize)          e.g:                                                     Identifying meaning of
                     formally and            A: I give you my                        Discuss          speech act of promise
  and                sustained,                   words.                              speech act
  sustained in                                                                                        Responding to speech
                     accurately,             B: You’d better                          used and         act of promise
  daily life         fluently and            keep your promise.                       the
  context                                                                                             Identifying meaning of
                     acceptably using       Blame                                    responses
                                                                                                       speech act of blame
                     spoken language         e.g:                                     in the
                     variety in daily                                                 discourse       Responding to speech
                                             A: You are the one
                     life context                                                     heard in         act of blame
                                                  to blame.
                     which include           B: are you accusing                      group           Identifying meaning                    1 x 45’
                     speech act:                  me?                                Discuss to       speech act of accuse
                     Admit mistake,         Curiosity                                respond the     Responding to speech
                     promise, blame,         e.g:                                     expressions      act of accuse
                     accuse, curiosity       A: I wonder if …                         that they       Identifying meaning of
                     and showing             B: Why not?                              are learning     speech act of curiosity                1 x 45’
                     attitude.                                                                        Responding to speech
                                           Showing attitude                                       act of curiosity
                                           e.g:                                                   Identifying meaning of
                                           A: I like it!                                           speech act of showing
                                        B: Do you?                                                 attitude
                                                                                                   Responding to speech
                                                                                                   act of showing attitude
3. To          To express meaning                              Be honest         Role play       Using speech act of
   express     in transactional (to                            Is the            Do library         admit mistake
   meaning     get things done) and                            principle to       research to     Using speech act of
   in          interpersonal (to                               get                identify           promise
   transacti   socialize) formally                             successes          various         Using speech acts of
   onal and    and sustained using                                                expressions      blame
   interpers   spoken language
   onal text   variety accurately,
                                                                                  of Admit        Using speech acts of
                                                                                  mistake,         curiosity
   formally    fluently and                                                       promise,
   and         acceptably in daily                                                                Using speech acts of
                                                                                  blame,           showing attitude
   sustained   life context include                                               accuse,
   in daily    speech act: Admit                                                  curious city
   life        mistake, promise,                                                  and
   context     blame, accuse,                                                     showing
               curious city and                                                   attitude in
               showing attitude.                                                  pair.

Listening                                                                        Listen to a
2. To          2.1.To respond to                                                  spoken                                        Assignment 3 x 45’   Textbook,
understand         meaning in short                                               announcem           Identifying topic of a   / homework           Progress,
meaning in         functional text                                                ent                  short functional text    Performanc 2 x 45’   Ganeca exact
short              formally and                                                Discuss                heard                    e
functional         informally,                                                    purpose             Identifying specific
text and           accurately,                                                    and content          information of short
monologue          fluently and                                                   of the text          functional text heard
in form of         acceptably in
                                                                                  in group            Identifying purpose
                   daily life context                                         Discuss to form
,explanation                                                                                           of the short
                                                                              the spoken               functional text heard
discussion in                                                                      announcement
daily life                                                                         in group
To express       4.1.To express          Spoken short functional   Those who          Giving a          Using spoken            Assignment (6 x 45’)   Cassette
meaning in           meaning in          text                      having              spoken             language in             / homework 1 x 45’     Textbook,
short                spoken short                                  done an act         announcem          presenting short        Quiz                   Progress,
functional           functional text        Spoken narrative      indecent or         ent one by         functional text         Pen and                Ganeca Exact
text and             formally and            text                  wrong their         one                                        paper test 1 x 45’
monologue                                                          own soul                                                                  1 x 45’
                     informally,            Spoken explanation
in form of           accurately,                                   should
narrative            fluently and                                  remember
explanation                                 Spoken discussion
                     acceptably in                                 Allah
and                                          text
                     the context of
discussion in        daily life                                    Al Imran
daily life                                                         135

Listening        2.2.To respond to          Spoken narrative      Not to             Listen to a       Identifying main idea   Assignment 1 x 45’
2. To               meaning in               text                  pursue that         narrative          in the text of          / homework
    understa        monologue text          Spoken explanation    we have no          explanation        explanation
    nd              using spoken             text                  knowledge ,         and             Identifying the
    meaning         language variety        Spoken discussion     for surely          discussion         characters of
    in short        accurately,              text                  the hearing,     Discuss              narrative text
    functiona       fluently and                                   the sight the       information     Identifying events in
    l text and      acceptably in                                  hearts all of       , structure,       the text
    monolog         daily life context                             those shall
                                                                   be question
                                                                                       and             Identifying the order
    ue in           in form of                                                         discourse
                                                                   of                                     of events
    form of         narrative,                                                         of narrative
    narrative       explanation and                                Al Isra 37                          Identifying the
                                                                                       explanation        advantages of the
    explanati       discussion in                                                      and
    on and          daily life context                                                                    event
                                                                                       discussion      Identifying the process
    discussio                                                                      Discuss the
    n in daily                                                                                         of the event that heard
                                                                                   spoken text in      in the explanation text.
    life                                                                           group
Speaking                                                  Delivering       Using simple present     Assignment (10 x 45’)   Cassette
4. To         4.2.To express                               the               in explaining the        / homework 1 x 45’      Textbook,
   express        meaning in                               explanation       process                  Quiz                    Progress,
   meaning        monologue text                           of process      Conducting a                         2 x 45’      Ganeca Exact
   in short       using spoken                             of                monologue of             Pen and
   functiona      language variety                         something         narrative                paper test 1 x 45’
   l text and     accurately,                              happen in       Conducting a
   monolog        fluently and                             group             monologue of                         2 x 45’
   ue in          acceptably in                           Doing             discussion
   form of        daily life context
                                                           debate in       Using the sentence of
                  in text form:                            group             argument
   explanati      narrative
   on and                                                                  Doing debate
                  explanation and
   discussio      discussion
   n in daily

Reading                                   God will      Reading             Reading loudly-         Performanc 2 x 45’      Textbook,
4.       To      Understand meaning        test you      banner,              meaningfully the text   e                       Look Ahead,
 understand      in short functional          with       poster and           with correct            Assignment              airlannga
 meaning         text (banner, poster,   something       pamphlet             pronunciation and       / homework 4 x 45’
 short           pamphlet, etc) formal   of fear and     individually         intonation
 functional      and informal using         hunger      Discuss the         Identifying topic of
 text and        written language        some loss       text they read       the text
 simple          variety accurately,      in goods,      in pair             Identifying specific
 essay           fluently and                lives.     Discuss in           information of short
 inform of       acceptably in daily     Al Bakarah      group about          functional text
 narrative       life context                 155        specific
 explanation                                             information,
 and                                                     structure, and
 discussion                                              discourse of
 in daily life                                           the banner,
 context to                                              poster and
 access                                                  pamphlet that
 knowledge                                                         they read

Writing       6.1 to express               Banner, Poster and    Read the                                    Assignment             The Jakarta
5. To              meaning in short         Pamphlet                explanation                                / homework             post
   express         functional text                                  text loudly                                Quiz       2 x 45’
   meaning         (banner, poster,                              Discuss the                                   Pen and
   in short        pamphlet, etc)                                language aspect                               paper test
   functional      formal and                                    in group
   text and        informal using
   simple          written language
                                                                                                                            2 x 45’
   essay in        Variety
   form of         accurately,
   narrative       fluently and
   explanatio      acceptably in                                                                                            2 x 45’
   n and           daily life
   discussion      context
   in daily

Reading         5.2 To express                                    Practice to        Using grammar,          Assignment   1x45’     The Jakarta
5.To            meaning and                                        use the             vocabularies,           Performanc             Post
understand      rhetorical steps in                                present tense       punctuation, spelling   e                      Student
meaning in      essay using written                                in the form         and accurately                                 textbook,
short           language variety                                   of complex         Writing main idea                              Progress,
functional      accurately, fluently                               sentence to        Elaborating main                     2x45’     ganeca exact
text and        and acceptably in the                              reveal the Be       idea
simple essay    context of daily life                              process of
in form of      in form of: narrative                                                 Accomplishing draft,
                                                                   something           revising, editing.,
narrative       explanation and                                    happen that
explanation     discussion
                                                                                       producing banner,                    1x45’
                                                                   express             poster or pamphlet
and                                                                contra
discussion in
daily life
context and
to access
Writing         6.2 To express             Written narrative    Don’t cover                                                   Performanc    4 x 45’   Student
6.To express    meaning and                 text                   the truth     Write banner,      Identifying the          e             1 x 45’   textbook,
meaning in      rhetorical steps in        Written                  with         poster or           meaning of the text      Assignment              Progress,
short           essay using written         explanation text      falsehood       pamphlet           Identifying the          Quiz                    Ganeca Exact
functional      language variety           Written discussion   nor conceal      individually        complexity if a          Pen and       2 x 45’   The Jakarta
text and        accurately, fluently        text                   the truth     Writing draft       narrative                paper test              Post
essay in form   and accepatably in                               Al-Bakarah
                                           Conjunction that                      of narrative       Identifying the event
of narrative    daily life context in                                 43          explanation
                                            show cause/effect                                         of the text
explanation     form of: narrative,
                                            relationship                          and                Identifying the                        1 x 45’
and             explanation and
discussion in   discussion                 If clause type 1                      discussion          process of an events
                                           Conjunction that
                                                                                  text by            Identifying the                        2 x 45’   Textbook,
the context                                                                       doing chain                                                          Progress,
of daily life                               show contrary                                             argument that tell pro
                                                                                  writing                                                              Ganeca Exact
                                                                                                      or contra of the text
                                                                                 Correcting         Identifying the                        2 x 45’
                                                                                  his/her                                                    2 x 45’   om
                                                                                                      rhetorical step of the
                                                                                  friend’s work       text
                                                                                Revising draft
                                                                                based on             Identifying the
                                                                                his/her friend        purpose of
                                                                  Be patient                          communicative text
                                                                 do the task    correction
                                                                 and surely
                                                                 that we are
                                                                 on the right
                                                                   way to
                                                                 follow our                          Using if clause in       Assignment
                                                                                                      delivering a news        portopholio
                                                                 Muhammad                            Using adverbial
                                                                     saw.                             clause in producing
                                                                                                      an explanation text
                                                                                                     Producing a narrative
                                                                                                     Producing a
                                                                                                      discussion text.
and hand in
hand with
our friend is
principle of
our culture
and has
with the
rule of

School         :    SMA Negeri 1 Cianjur
Subject        :    English                                                                                                                          Form : 4/ IK 7.3.1
Class          :    XII/ Social/ Science/ Language Program
Semester       :    2

   Standard of                                                           Belief and                                                                         Time
                       Basic Competence              Material                                Learning Activity          Indicators         Assessment                     Source
  Competence                                                             Devoutness                                                                      Allocation
Listening                                                                                                                                               (8 x 45’)
7. To                7.1.To respond to          Persuading,           Allah gives the       Listen to              Identifying          Home work                  Cassette
    understand           meaning in              encouraging           lesson that we         transactional/          meaning of speech                 1 x 45’
    meaning in           transactional (to       e.g:                  Should help            interpersonal           act of persuading/   Quiz                       Student
    transactional        get things done)        A: Would it be        one other              discourse through       encouraging                                     textbook
    and                  and interpersonal            possible for     people                 cassette               Responding to        Pen and                    class xii,
    interpersonal        (to socialize)               you to …?                               classically.            speech act of        paper                      Progress,
    text formal          accurately,             B: I’ll consider                            Discuss speech          persuading/                                     Ganeca
    and sustained        fluently and                 that.                                   act used in the         encouraging                                     Exact
    in daily life        acceptably using       Criticizing                                  discourse heard        Identifying
    context              spoken language         e.g:                                         in pairs.               meaning of speech
                         variety in context      A: I don’t think      We should             Discuss response        act of criticizing                2 x 45’
                         of daily life which          that was a       conserve our           given to speech        Responding to
                         include speech               good idea.       environment            act heard               speech act of
                         act: encouraging,       B: I’m glad you       cause it could                                 criticizing
                         persuading,                  bring that
                         criticizing, hope
                                                                       create our life                               Identifying
                                                      up…              not balanced                                   meaning of speech
                         and prohibiting        Expressing hope                                                      act of expressing
                                                 e.g:                                                                 hope
                                                 A: I hope that…                                                     Responding to
                                                 B: I hope so.                                                                                          1 x 45’
                                                                                                                      speech act of
                                                Prohibiting           Allah asks us                                  expressing hope
                                                 e.g:                  to gain                                       Identifying
                                                 A: I wouldn’t do      knowledge to                                   meaning of speech
                                                      that if I were   create good                                    act of prohibiting
                                                      you             innovation for                                  Responding to
                                                  B: Thanks for       the sake of                                      speech act of
                                                      telling me      welfare                                          prohibiting

Speaking             9.1 To respond to                                Allah forbid us      Practice to use
9. To express        meaning in                                       To live               speech acts and                                   Assignment   2 x 45’
meaning in           transactional (to get                                                  the responses             Using speech acts
transactional and    things done) and                                                                                  of persuading,         Performanc
interpersonal        interpersonal (to                                                                                 encouraging            e
discourse            socialize) formal and                                                                            Using speech acts
formally and         sustained using                                                                                   of criticizing
sustained in the     spoken language
                                                                                                                      Using speech acts
context of daily     variety accurately,
                                                                                                                       of expressing hope
life                 fluently and
                     acceptably in the                                                                                Using speech acts
                                                                      Grateful to                                      of prohibiting
                     context of daily life                            Allah to what
                     and include speech                               we have
                     act: persuading/                                 received .And
                     encouragement,                                   do anything as
                     criticizing, expressing                          the river flows
                     plan and prohibiting

7. To understand                               o Regret
meaning in           7.2 To respond to         e.g:                                        Do library                Identifying
transactional and        meaning in            A: I’m the one to                            research to                meaning of speech      Assignment   (8 x 45’)   Cassette
interpersonal            transactional (to     blame                                        identify various           act of regret
discourse                get things done)      B: No use crying                             expressions of            Responding to                       1 x 45’     Textbook ,
formally and             and interpersonal     over split milk                              regret, / intention,       speech act of regret   Quiz
                         (to socialize)        o Expressing           Don’t judge                                                                                      progress,
sustained in daily                                                    someone untrue        predicting/specul         Identifying                                     Ganeca
life context             formally and               plan/ intention                         ating and giving           meaning of speech
                         sustained,                                   if we not have                                                                                   exact
                                               e.g:                                         judgment and               act of expressing
                                                                      a knowledge                                                             Pen and
                          accurately,         A: What’s the plan?                         responses in            plan/ intention      paper test   1 x 45’
                          fluently and        B: The plan is …                            group                  Responding to
                          acceptably using    o Predicting/                                                       speech act of
                          spoken language          speculating                           Listen to               expressing plan/
                          variety in daily    e.g: A: We can                              transactional           intention
                          life context        speculate that..                            discourse through      Identifying                       1 x 45’
                          which include       B: I think it’s well                        tape recorder           meaning of speech
                          speech act:         grounded                                    classically             act of predicting/
                         Regret, expressing   o Giving                                                            speculating
                     plan/ intention,              judgment                                                   
                                                                                         Discuss speech          Responding to
                     predicting,              e.g: A: You did a                                                   speech act of
                                                                                          act used and the
                     speculating and          good job!                                                           predicting/
                                                                                          responses in the
                     giving judgment          B: Thank you                                                        speculating
                                                                                          discourse heard
                                                                                          in group               Identifying
                                                                                                                  meaning speech act
                                                                                                                  of giving judgment
                                                                                                                 Responding to
                                                                                                                  speech act of
                                                                                                                  giving judgment
                                                                                                                                       / homework

9. To express        9.2 To express                                  Conserve our        Role play
meaning in               meaning in                                  environment as
transactional and        transactional (to                           our duty for our                            Using speech act of
                                                                                                                                      Performanc    3 x 45’   Textbook,
interpersonal text       get things done)                            future life                                                      e                       Progress,
formally and             and interpersonal
sustained in daily       (to socialize)
                                                                                                                 Using speech act of                         Ganeca
                                                                                                                  expressing plan/                            exact
life context             formally and
                         sustained using
                         spoken language                                                                         Using speech acts
                         variety                                                                                  of predicting
                         accurately,                                                                             Using speech acts
                         fluently and                                                                             of speculating
                          acceptably in                                                                         Using speech acts
                          daily life context                                                                     of giving judgment
                          include speech
                          act: regret,
                          speculating, and
                          giving judgement

Listening            8.1 To respond to
8. To understand     meaning in short          Spoken short      God ask men to                                                       Assignment
meaning in short     functional text (e.g.     functional text   use the thought       Listen to an            Identifying topic of / homework
functional text      banner, poster,                             to create the          advertisement            a short functional                (6 x 45’)   Cassette
and monologue in                                                 useful thing for
                     pamphlet, ect)                                                    Discuss purpose          text heard
form of narrative    formally and                                the benefit            and content of the      Identifying specific Quiz         1 x 45’     Textbook,
and review in        informally,                                                                                 information of                                Progress,
                                                                                        text in group
daily life context   accurately, fluently                                              Design an                short functional                              Ganeca
                     and acceptably in                                                  advertisement            text heard           Pen and      1 x 45’     Exact
                     daily life context                                                 presented orally        Identifying purpose paper test
                                                                                       Present an               of the short
                                                                                        advertisement in         functional text                   1 x 45’
                                                                                        front of class           heard

Speaking                                                                               Deliver an              Using spoken
10. To express       10.1 To express                                                                             language in
                                                                                        advertisement in                              Assignment   1 x 45’
meaning in short     meaning in spoken                                                  front of the class       presenting short     / homework
functional text      short functional text                                              individually             functional text
and monolgue in      (e.g. banner, poster,
form of narrative    pamphlet, etc)
and review in the
context of daily     formally and                 Spoken
life                 informally,                   narrative text
                     accurately, fluently         Spoken review
                     and acceptably in the         text
                     context of daily life

Listening                                                           Women have
8. To understand                                                    important role     Listen to a            Identifying           Assignment   (10 x 45’)   Cassette
meaning in short     8.2 To respond to                              in a life, she                                                    / homework
                                                                                        narrative/ review       characters of the
functional text      meaning in                                     can be a mother     spoken                  story heard                        1 x 45’      Textbook,
and monologue in     monologue text using                           ,a career and
form of narrative    spoken language                                                   Discuss                Identifying events    Quiz                      Progress,
                                                                    remain as a         information,            in text                            2 x 45’      Ganeca
and review in        variety accurately,                            good muslimah
daily life context   fluently and                                                       structure, and         Identifying           Pen and                   Exact
                     acceptably in daily                                                discourse of            judgment about        paper test   1 x 45’
                     life context in form of                                            narrative/ review       film/song/novel
                     narrative and review                                               heard                  Identifying                        2 x 45’
                                                                                       Watch a film            recommendation
                                                                                        classically to          found in the text
                                                                                        understand              heard
                                                                                        content of story
                                                                                       Discuss in group
                                                                                        to give review to
                                                                                        the film

Speaking                                                                               Deliver a film                                Performanc   2 x 45’      Textbook,
10. To express                                                                          story or judgment
meaning in short     10.2 To express                                                                           Using judgment        e                         Look
                                                                                        of a film                                                               Ahead,
functional text      meaning in                                                                                 sentence to deliver
                                                                                        continuously by                               Assignment                airlannga
and monologue in     monologue text using                                                                       review
                                                                                        each member of
form of narrative    spoken language                                                    group                  Conducting a          / homework
and review in        variety accurately,                                                                        monologue in form
daily life context   fluently and                                                         of review              Portopholio
                     acceptably in daily     Banner, poster,                             Conducting a
                     life context in text    pamphlet                                     monologue in form
                     form: narrative and                                                  of review

11. To                                                            Library research
understand           11.1 To understand
                                                                   to identify                                   Assignment    1 x 45’   The Jakarta
                     meaning in short
meaning short                                                      various banner,       Reading loudly-        / homework              post
functional text      functional text
                                                                   poster, pamphlet       meaningfully the
and simple essay     (banner, poster,
                     pamphlet, etc) formal                        Discuss in group       text with correct      Quiz
ih form of                                                                                pronunciation and
                     and informal using                            about specific
narrative and                                                                             intonation             Pen and
review in daily      written language                              information,                                                1 x 45’
                     variety accurately,                           structure, and        Identifying topic of   paper test
life context to                                                                           the text
                     fluently and                                  discourse of the
access knowledge
                     acceptably in daily                           banner, poster        Identifying specific
                     life context                                  and pamphlet           information of
                                                                   read                   short functional
12. To express
                     12.1 To express                              Write banner,
meaning in short
functional text      meaning in short                              poster or             Using grammar,         Assignment
                                                                   pamphlet                                                              The Jakarta
and simple essay     functional text                                                      vocabularies,
                                                                   individually                                                          Post
in form of           (banner, poster,                                                     punctuation,           Portopholio
narrative and        pamphlet, ) formal                                                   spelling and
                                                                                          accurately                           2 x 45’   Student
review in daily      and informal using                                                                                                  textbook,
life context         written language                                                    Writing main idea                              Progress,
                     variety accurately,                                                 Elaborating main                               ganeca
                     fluently and                                                         idea                                           exact
                     acceptably in daily                                                 Accomplishing
                     life context                                                         draft, revising,
                                                                                              Producing banner,
                                                                                               poster or pamphlet
Reading                                         Complex                                                                                        textbook,
11. To              11.2 To respond to           sentence            Library research        Identifying content   Quiz          (10 x 45’)   Progress,
understand          meaning and                  (relative            to identify review       of the story                                     Ganeca
meaning in short    rhetorical steps using       pronoun)             individually            Identifying events    Pen and                    Exact
functional text     written language            Attitude            Discuss                  of the text           paper test    1 x 45’
and simple essay    variety accurately,          expression           classically form        Identifying                                      The Jakarta
in form of          fluently and                Narrative text       of judgment              judgment of film/                                Post
narrative and       acceptably in the
review in daily                                 Review text          sentence and             song/ novel                         2 x 45’
                    context of daily life                             complex sentence        Identifying
life context and    and to access                                    Discussing in            recommendation of
to access           knowledge in text                                                                                                           Textbook,
                                                                      group                    a review                            2 x 45’
                    form: narrative and                                                                                                         Progress,
                                                                      information,            Identifying
                                                                      structure and            rhetorical steps of                              Ganeca
                                                                      discourse of the         narrative/ review                                Exact
                                                                      review                  Identifying                         1 x 45’
                                                                                               purpose of the text                              www.googl

                                                                                              Using judgment
Writing                                                              Watch a film             sentence in writing
12. To express                                                                                                       Assignment
                                                                      classically to           review                              2 x 45’
meaning in short    12.2 To express
functional text
                                                                      understand              Produce narrative     portopholio
                    meaning and                                       content of story         text
and essay in form   rhetorical steps in                              Discuss in group        Produce review                      1 x 54’
of narrative and    essay using written                               to give review to        text
review in the       language variety                                  a film watched
context of daily    accurately, fluently
life   and acceptably in the         Produce a
       context of daily life in       review/ narrative
       form of: narrative and         individually

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