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    Auction Donation Profile
                         and Guide Outfitters Directory
2009 Guide Outfitters 1 Auction Donation Profile
                                                   SCI - Booth # 53

2009 Guide Outfitters 2 Auction Donation Profile
         GOABC’s 43rd Annual Convention
         16th Annual Auction / Fundraiser
                                        The Fairmont Empress
                                              March 25 – 28, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
7:30 am – 6:00 pm          Registration Desk                                                   All dollar values shown are
1:30 pm – 5:30 pm          Internal Business Meeting,                                          in US funds unless otherwise
                           43rd AGM for GOABC members
                                                                                               noted. Auction bids will be
Thursday, March 26, 2009                                                                       in Canadian funds.
7:30 am – 7:00 pm          Registration Desk
8:30 am – 12 noon          Internal Business Meeting,                                          5% GST will be charged with
                           43rd AGM for GOABC members (cont’d)
                                                                                               a rebate of 2.5% given as
12 noon                    Luncheon Speaker
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm          Internal Business Meeting,                                          applicable. Both 5% GST
                           43rd AGM for GOABC members (cont’d)
                                                                                               and 7% PST will be added
Friday, March 27, 2009                                                                         on the final bid of all other
7:30 am – 7:30 pm          Registration Desk
8:30 am – 12 noon          Internal Business Meeting,                                          applicable items.
                           43rd AGM for GOABC members (cont’d)
12 noon                    Luncheon Speaker
1:30 pm – 7:00 pm          GOABC Grizzly Open 9 Hole Golf Tournament & Dinner
                           Royal Oak Golf Club
2:30 pm – 4:30 pm          Seminar(s) for GOABC members
7:30 pm – 12 midnight      Hospitality / Fun Night

Saturday, March 28, 2009
7:30 am – 5:00 pm          Registration Desk
9:30 am – 12 noon          Brunch
11:00 am – 12 noon         Mountain Hunter Record Book Award Presentations
12 noon – 4:00 pm          16th Annual Auction / Fundraiser
6:30 pm                    Annual Gala Dinner and Dance

Some important notes about the Auction / Fundraiser...
Unless otherwise specified, the Outfitter will be responsible for the care of preliminary trophy preparation, salting, and
transportation of trophies and meat to the departure point, at no additional cost. Departure point is noted in each donation
profile. The successful auction bidder will be responsible for all transportation costs and crating from the departure point to their
home or taxidermist. Licenses, tags, and other fees are at the expense of the successful bidder. Upon receipt of certified funds,
the Outfitter will acquire licences and tags prior to the hunt. In the hunt listings, you will see from time to time the letters “TBA”
which means “to be arranged” with the guide outfitter. Successful bidders will be required to sign an insurance liability waiver
form prior to taking their hunt or other wilderness trip. All trips must be taken within the time specified. Any changes are at the
sole discretion of the guide outfitter making the donation. All trips are for one person unless otherwise specified.
GOABC reserves the right to alter, delete, or modify any of the items described in this profile. Final descriptions and lists of items,
will be available prior to the auction. Pictures shown depict the Outfitter’s own game whenever possible.
Bidders not able to attend the auction may pre-register at a cost of $155.00 and bid by phone, however, the number of phone
bidders is limited, and the deadline for registering as a phone bidder is 12 noon Pacific time, Friday, March 27, 2009. For further
information about phone bidding, please contact the GOABC office at (604) 278-2688 or email

                                              2009 Guide Outfitters 3 Auction Donation Profile
  GOABC’s 43rd Annual Convention — March 25–28, 2009
    16th Annual Auction Fundraiser — March 28, 2009
                                                     The Fairmont Empress
       PO Box 94675, Richmond, BC V6X 8A1 Canada Tel: (604) 278-2688 • Fax: (604) 278-3440 • Email:

     Name ________________________________________________________________ Mr. Mrs. Dr. Ms. (please circle)
     Address __________________________________________________________________________________________
     Postal/Zip Code ________________________________                              Email: __________________________________________

     Phone: _______________________________________                                Fax:____________________________________________

                        GUEST REGISTRATION FORM — March 27 & 28, 2009
     Full Package Registration
     (Includes Friday night Hospitality/Fun Night, Saturday Brunch/Auction Fundraiser and Saturday night                                                             40%
     Banquet/Dance — Does not include breakfast or lunch on Friday, or Golf Tournament — see below for tickets)
           Single      Register before March 9, 2009 ......................................................................$ 275.00
           Single      Register from March 9, 2009 to Convention..............................................$ 325.00 LIFE MEMBERS & LIFE MEMBERS’
           Couple      Register before March 9, 2009 ..................................................................... $ 485.00 SPOUSE BENEFIT — Book the Full
           Couple      Register from March 9, 2009 to Convention............................................. $ 585.00 Package at 40% off the Listed Price

     Single Event Registration                                                                                                                             from March 9, 2009

             March 27, 2009 Breakfast (not included in Full Package Registration,
             40% off for Life Members and spouses)                                                            (per person) ...............$ 25.00........... $ 35.00
             March 27, 2009 Lunch (not included in Full Package Registration)                                 (per person) ...............$ 35.00...........$ 40.00
             March 27, 2009 Hospitality/Fun Night                                                             (per person) ..............$ 90.00.........$ 100.00
             March 28, 2009 Brunch/Auction Fundraiser only                                                    (per person) ..............$ 135.00..........$ 155.00
             March 28, 2009 Brunch/Auction Fundraiser/Banquet/Dance                                           (per person) .............$ 195.00.........$ 285.00
             March 28, 2009 Brunch/Dance (special rates for children 12 & under)                              (per person) ............. $ 125.00......... $ 145.00

     Nine-Hole Grizzly Open Golf Tournament —March 27, 2009
             March 27, 2009 Grizzly Open Golf Tournament and Dinner
             (not included in Full Package Registration)                                                      (per person) ....................................... $ 90.00
     GOABC MEMBERSHIP (optional)
             Associate Membership (annual fee)                                                                                                               $ 220.00
             Life Membership                                                                                                                                 $ 750.00

         Cheque enclosed                                                                                                 SUB-TOTAL               $____________
         Bill my:                                                                          PLUS 5% GOODS & SERVICES TAX                          $____________
                                                                                   TOTAL PAYABLE IN CANADIAN FUNDS                               $____________
  Card Number _______________________________________                             CANCELLATION POLICY: If we receive notice of your cancelled reservation
                                                                                  by March 16, 2009, you will be refunded ALL your Convention Registration
  Expiration Date _____________________________________                           EXCEPT a $25.00 per person handling fee. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED ON
                                                                                  CANCELLATIONS RECEIVED OR MADE AFTER MARCH 20, 2009.
  Signature __________________________________________

THIS IS YOUR RECEIPT WHEN SIGNED BY GOABC                      Date: ___________________________ GOABC Rep: ____________________________
 For Office Use Only:
 Cheque # _______________________    Receipt # ________________________________________     Mastercard Authorization # ________________      Date Base:____________________

 Name of Bank:___________________    Visa Authorization #_______________________________    Cash: ___________________________________        AMEX Authorization # _________

                                                        2009 Guide Outfitters 4 Auction Donation Profile
    Transportation& Accommodation
TRANSPORTATION                                                           ACCOMMODATION
Victoria, British Columbia is serviced by airlines, bus, and             The Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia has arranged
car/truck ferries from the mainland. The Victoria International          with three different hotels in downtown Victoria to put aside
Airport is situated about 20 minutes north of downtown Victoria,         rooms for delegates attending Convention 2009, however the
while the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal is located about 30 minutes          blocks of rooms can only be held for a certain period of time. If you
north of city centre. A shuttle bus runs on a regular schedule from      are planning to attend the Convention and Auction/Fundraiser,
Victoria Airport to most downtown hotels.                                now is the time to reserve your room because the city hosts more
                                                                         than 3.5 million visitors a year. Contact GOABC for a listing of other
AIRLINES                                                                 hotels in Victoria.
From Vancouver International Airport to Victoria International
Air Canada 1-888-247-2262                                                                  FAIRMONT EMPRESS
WestJet    1-800-538-5696                                                                       1-800-441-1414
From Seattle (Sea Tac) and Portland Airports to                             GOABC CONVENTION ROOM RATES — book by February 21, 2009
                                                                                        $129.00 — single/double + tax
Victoria International
                                                                                       additional person — $30.00 + tax
Horizon Air 1-800-547-9308
                                                                                            CHATEAU VICTORIA
From Vancouver to Victoria                                                                     1-800-663-5891
                                                                            GOABC CONVENTION ROOM RATES — book by February 25, 2009
BC Ferries       1-888-223-3779                                                          $89.00 — single/double + tax
From Seattle to Victoria — passengers only                                              additional person — $15.00 + tax
Victoria Clipper             1-800-888-2535                                                  EXECUTIVE HOUSE
From Port Angeles, Washington to Victoria
Black Ball Transport 1-250-386-2202
                                                                                     GOABC CONVENTION ROOM RATES — book early
From Anacortes, Washington to Sidney on Vancouver Island                                    $79.00 — single/double + tax
                                                                                           additional person — $15.00 + tax
Washington State Ferries             1-206-464-6400

                             Our Thanks & Appreciation
   Every year GOABC members donate wilderness adventures to help raise the resources that the Association needs to
   continue to work for the guide outfitting industry and wildlife management. In our continuing efforts to build strong
   alliances with other like-minded organizations in North America, members listed below have donated adventures that have
   been forwarded to our friends in these other organizations. The Board of Directors is very appreciative of our members for
   their generosity and very grateful to the organizations for their support of the Guide Outfitter Association of BC.
                         BRAD BOwDEN                                                     DAvE & IRENE FyFE
                    Cariboo Mountain Outfitters                                       North Island Guide Outfitters
                   778-786-0847 •                      250-850-1501 or 250-202-3383 (C) •
                      7 day spring black bear hunt                         5 day Island Black Bear Hunt to SCI Desert Chpt.

                        BRIAN GLAICAR                                                      JIM SHOCkEY
                      Monashee Outfitting Ltd.                                    Canadian Whitetail Adventures Ltd.
           250-814-0001 •                           250-748-6413 •
            10 day Mountain Goat Hunt to MN/WI FNAWS                    6 day Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunt to Dallas Safari Club

                                                                                  LIVE AUCTION INCENTIVE
                                                                 GOABC and Bansner’s Ultimate Rifles are offering a custom built Alpine Hunter
                                                         rifle, winner’s choice of caliber. There is only one way to win this rifle — the successful
                                                bidders on certain hunts for which full value or over is paid, can put your name in the hat.
                                        Bansner’s Ultimate Rifles provide cutting edge technology with a focus on creating a rifle that boasts
                                  precision accuracy, proper function and impeccable fit and finish!

                                               2009 Guide Outfitters 5 Auction Donation Profile
                                     LOG CABIN 12’x14’
                                     BC LOG CABINS
                                     Dirk Schuirmann                                            PHONE:   250-971-2278 • FAX: 250-971-2278
                                     MARkET VALUE:   $6750 CDN                                  EMAIL:
                                     Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to own that log cabin you have always wanted. Wherever you want some extra
                                     room — camp, summer place or in the back yard, this will fit the bill. These cabins are so easy to set up you can have it done in
                                     one weekend. The package is a 12’ x 14’ log cabin frame with precut roof rafters with the option for the buyer to upgrade. See
                                     Dirk’s website to view many different sizes, styles and options offered. Some of the options for upgrades are lofts, bunks, porches,
                                     T- shapes, and stairs; and there are many more to suit each and everyone’s desires. BC Log Cabins is willing to work within your
                                     budget. Shipping and handling are not included; FOB Prince George, BC.

Larry and Lori Warren                                     PHONE:   250-263-4526
     TBA January – March 2010 (7 days)
DATES:                                                    EMAIL:
MARkET VALUE: $4200 US                                    WEB:
Howling wolves under the northern lights! Come enjoy an experience of a lifetime on a winter wolf hunt with Tuchodi River
Outfitters in the heart of the Northern Rockies about 100 air miles SW of Fort Nelson. They operate their trap line utilizing
both snow machines and the traditional dog sled. You will experience the thrill of driving your own dog team through pristine
wilderness checking traps and snares for wolverine, fisher, marten, lynx, coyote and wolf. You will be doing day trips from base
camp and overnight trips to remote trapline cabins on this unique adventure. A non-hunting companion is welcome at the rate
of $300 US per day. There is a flight charge from Fort Nelson of $900 US. Departure point: Fort Nelson, BC.
Show booths: SCI #43, WSF #1707, Eastern FNAWS.

                                     TROPHy BLACK BEAR HUNT
                                     MOOSE ISLAND OUTFITTERS
                                     Mark Ranniger                                              PHONE:     250-287-0395 • FAX: 250-286-1932
                                     DATES: TBA Spring 2009 (5 days)                            EMAIL:
                                     MARkET VALUE:   $3000 US                                   WEB:
                                     The lucky bidder on this 1:1 hunt will be hunting with Mark Ranniger and his crew who have been working for several years with
                                     former owner Bob Nielsen to achieve the same great success on spring black bear. The mountains south of Burns Lake, BC have
                                     produced over 95% success on spring bear and color phase bears are common. Many record book bears have been harvested in
                                     the past 10 years. A second hunter may join you $3000 US and a non-hunter is welcome for $200 US per day. Mark has excellent
                                     facilities and equipment, and the area has a high population of black bears. Transportation to and from camp is included.
                                     Departure point: Vanderhoof, BC.

kiff Covert                                               PHONE:     250-469-3648 • FAX: 250-767-6046
DATES: Nov 14- 20, 2009 / 2010 (7 days)                   EMAIL:
MARkET VALUE: $4500 US                                    WEB:
For the experience of a lifetime, take this 1:1 hunt during the peak of the rut, for both mule deer and whitetail bucks, in
the majestic Rocky Mountains near McBride, BC. Excellent populations of both species can be hunted at the same time with
no antler restrictions. Your accommodations will be cabins at McBride, BC. The drive from Prince George to McBride offers
incomparable views of the gorgeous scenery in the Canadian Rockies. Transportation is an additional $250 US. Take advantage
of the flexible dates this outfitter has offered, as you may come in either 2009 or 2010. Bring a hunting buddy along by special
arrangement with the outfitter. A non-hunter is welcome for $1050 US. Departure point: Prince George, BC.

                                     wOLF HUNT / TRAPLINE ADvENTURE
                                     SUNDOwN OUTFITTERS
                                     Randy and Julie Bedell                                         PHONE:   250-843-7522 • FAX: 250-843-7588
                                     DATES: TBA December 2009 – February 2010 (7 days)              WEB:
                                     MARkET VALUE:   $4000 US
                                     Sundown Outfitters is a family run business with nearly 40 years experience in outfitting in their 3500 square miles of wilderness
                                     in Northeastern British Columbia. Since they are active in their area year round, they have invaluable knowledge of the various
                                     species and terrain. In 2004, one of their clients harvested the #1 BC wolf. This is a 7 day adventure hunting wolves and working
                                     a trapline. The lucky person buying this 1:1 winter hunt will be able to select an animal taken from the trapline to keep. You may
                                     have a friend join you for $4000 US or a non-hunting companion join you for $1200 US. Choose this authentic trapline trip to
                                     create outstanding memories. Transportation is included. Departure point: Ft. St. John, BC.

                                                       2009 Guide Outfitters 6 Auction Donation Profile
                                     GRIZZLy BEAR HUNT
                                     COAST MOUNTAIN OUTFITTERS / MILLIGAN OUTFITTERS
                                     Bob Milligan                                                PHONE: 250-635-2799 • CELL: 250-615-6214
                                     DATES: TBA October 2009 /10 (10 day)                        EMAIL:
                                     MARkET VALUE: $18,500 US                                    WEB:
                                     Coast Mountain Outfitters hunting area is located 500 miles northwest of Vancouver. Coastal British Columbia offers some of
                                     the biggest grizzly bears available. Tidal grass flats, mountain berry patches and spawning salmon in the fall are why these bears
                                     have evolved to such a massive size. Bob’s guide territory has the largest grizzly population in all of British Columbia, giving them
                                     the biggest grizzly quota in the province. Their guides have guided both rifle and bow hunters successfully. Accommodations will
                                     be in tents and you may bring a hunting companion with you for $18,500 US and a non-hunting companion for the cost of $200
                                     US per day. Air charter to and from camp is an additional $1000 US. Departure point: Terrace, BC.
                                     Show booths: SCI #3404/06, WSF

Mike and Marika Ramosch                                    PHONE:   250-694-3719 • FAX: 250-694-3719
     August 14- 21, 2009 (8 days)
DATES:                                                     EMAIL:
MARkET VALUE: $8500 US                                     WEB:
A mountain goat is one of the most prized and sought after animals to pursue. This hunt is one on one with just you and your
guide in a spike camp and accommodations will be tents. Rocky Mountain Adventures uses the spot and stalk method for their
goat hunts. This hunt is physically demanding and pre-hunt planning should be considered in order to ensure your success. This
is truly a wilderness hunting adventure, where you will be in the midst of the pristine Rocky Mountains in north central British
Columbia’s Robson Valley. Bring a hunting friend along for $8500 US or a non-hunting companion may join you for the rate of
$200 US per day. Transportation to and from camp will be additional $150 US. Departure Point: Prince George, BC.
Show Booths: DSC #1270

                                     GUIDED FLy FISHING TRIP FOR 2
                                     FERNIE wILDERNESS ADvENTURES
                                     kim and Deb Sedrovic                                        PHONE:    250-423-6704 • FAX: 250-423-6717
                                          TBA – Summer 2009 (3 days)
                                     DATES:                                                      EMAIL:
                                     MARkET VALUE: $3300 CDN                                     WEB:
                                     The first licensed guide on the world famous Elk River in the southeast corner of BC, kim Sedrovic will be your host for 3 days
                                     of fly fishing. For over 19 years, kim and his guides have led guests to the best spots! The scenery is spectacular, so don’t forget
                                     your camera. At the end of each day, you will return to kim and Deb’s beautiful lodge to spend time in the wood-fired hot tub
                                     on the deck. Follow this with your favorite libation and a gourmet meal. This Orvis-endorsed trip also includes lodging, meals ,
                                     transportation to camp, transfer to and from kalispell, MT and guide services. Bring along another of your fishing friends for
                                     $550 CDN per day. Departure point: Fernie, BC

Dennis and Debbie Beattie                                  PHONE:   250-783-9291 • FAX: 250-783-9290
DATES: TBA Sept 1 - Oct 31, 2009 / 2010 (10 days)          EMAIL:
MARkET VALUE: $8900 US                                     WEB:
The Beatties are a family run business, operating in the heart of the pristine Rocky Mountains. Elk are in abundance along historic
Williston Lake due to government burning programs that create ungulate winter range. Now that we have a healthy population,
they are starting to disperse throughout the area. This is a full 10 days of hunting. Your accommodation will be a cabin but
occasionally a tent is used to increase your opportunity for success. Horses are primarily used for hunting but to accommodate
the client, quads sometimes will come into the picture. Take advantage of the Beatties’ flexible dates to make this trip of a life
time work into your schedule. There are no extra flight or travel charges on this hunt. Departure point: Fort St. John, BC.
Show booths: DSC #276, WSF #2432, P&Y #31, NEMSCI

                                     BLACK BEAR HUNT
                                     BACK COUNTRy GUIDE OUTFITTERS
                                     Mark and Andrea Werner                                       PHONE:   250-372-9753 • CELL: 250-682-4868
                                     DATES: TBA 2009 (7 days)                                     EMAIL:
                                     MARkET VALUE: $4250 US                                       WEB:
                                     This 7 day black bear hunt is for 1 person on a 1 on 1 with the inclusion of the days arriving and departing. Your accommodation
                                     during the hunt will be a cabin with home cooked meals. Spot and stalk is the method you will be using on this special hunt. They
                                     consistently harvest large bears with a good density of color phase. Mark and Andrea’s goal is for 100% opportunity for all of their
                                     clients. In the spring season of 2007 their harvest rate was a 100% for their rifle clients. A non-hunting companion is welcome at
                                     the rate of $250 US per day. Your trophy will be skinned, field prepped and then frozen, ready to take to the taxidermist of your
                                     choice. Departure point: Prince George, BC. Show Booths: Portland #832

                                                       2009 Guide Outfitters 7 Auction Donation Profile
                                                       2009 Guide Outfitters 7 Auction Donation Profile
                                    PLAINS BISON HUNT
                                    SIKANNI RIvER OUTFITTERS
                                    Mike and Dixie Hammett                                      PHONE:   250-412-5209 • CELL: 250-261-3878
                                    DATES: TBA Oct 1 – Dec 20, 2009 (8 days)                    EMAIL:
                                    MARkET VALUE: $9500 US                                      WEB:
                                    Enjoy the ultimate winter hunt for free-ranging Plains buffalo in Northern BC, and, stay in a comfortable lodge that commands
                                    a panoramic view of the northern Canadian Rockies. If you are so inclined, bring a wolf tag on a trophy fee basis. You can have it
                                    all, if you are the successful bidder on this 1:1 hunt with Mike & Dixie Hammett. Transportation to and from Ft. St. John to camp is
                                    an additional $400 US. Think of the trophy and the pictures you will have to show your friends; and if you choose to bring one of
                                    them along to hunt with you, they can come for $9500 US. A non-hunting companion can enjoy the stay for $200 US per day plus
                                    transportation. Departure point: Ft. St. John, BC. Show booths: DSC, GSCO, NEMSCI, P&Y

Stuart Maitland                                           PHONE:     250-397-2445 • FAX: 250-397-2445
     TBA Dec. 1 – Jan 15, 2009 / 2010 (5 days)
DATES:                                                           EMAIL:
MARkET VALUE: $4200 US                                           WEB:
If you want to experience something different that will indeed leave you with plenty of stories to share with friends, come
and spend 5 days with Stuart on his trapline in the Cariboo this winter. See the habitat, learn the habits of the furbearers and
participate in an age-old profession. The guest trapper will be able to take home one fur from each species trapped, except for
wolf and wolverine. Stuart has been trapping for over 30 years and outfitting for more than 20 years. A non-trapping guest may
come for $180 US per day. The expedition will be accommodated in cabins along the trapline. Also included is transportation
between Williams Lake and the departure point: Eureka Peak Lodge (near 100 Mile House, BC).

                                    wHITETAIL & MULE DEER HUNT
                                    PINE RIvER OUTFITTERS
                                    Horst Mindermann                                            PHONE:   250-788-1980 • FAX: 250-788-1982
                                    DATES: TBA November 2009 (7 days)                           EMAIL:
                                    MARkET VALUE:   $4500 CDN                                   WEB:
                                    Horst has been in operation since 1991. The lucky bidder for this 1:1 mule deer and whitetail quest will be hunting a 2600 sq mile
                                    guiding area, which crosses three ecological zones — high alpine peaks and meadows to aspen forests to low-lying swamps, in
                                    the Peace Region of northeastern BC. This hunt will be taken in the month of November so make sure you bring warm clothes
                                    for layering as this can be a cool time of year. Your accommodations will be in a small lodge and cabins, and the transportation
                                    to and from camp is included. A hunting companion may join you for the regular price of $4500 CDN or a non-hunter may come
                                    along for $1200 CDN. Departure point: Ft. St. John, BC or Dawson Creek, BC.

Dave and Tara Wabnegger                                   PHONE:     250-499-2280 • FAX: 250-499-2279
     TBA Nov 15 – Dec 20, 2009 / 2010 (7 days)
DATES:                                                    EMAIL:
MARkET VALUE: $5000 US                                    WEB:
Come hunt lynx with an outfitter that specializes in the species and has the dogs, equipment, guides, and the knowledge to
make this 1:1 one of the best! As a bonus, the donation includes accommodations and provisions for one companion. You can
track lynx for seven days and while it may take all seven to get your quarry, you might do it in one or two…and you can upgrade
to add on a cougar, or a bobcat, or even a Shiras moose for the published rates at the time. Accommodations are in his lodge and
transportation to and from camp is included. Bring along another hunter for an additional $5000 US. An additional non-hunter
can come for $200 US per day. Departure point: Penticton, BC.

                                     GOAT or MOOSE or CARIBOU HUNT
                                     GUNDAHOO RIvER OUTFITTERS
                                     Arthur and Crystal Thompson                                PHONE:   403-722-4152 • CELL: 403-358-0327
                                     DATES: TBA Fall 2009 / 2010 (7 days)                       EMAIL:
                                     MARkET VALUE: $9500 US                                     WEB:
                                     Here is a buyer’s choice of trophies — either goat or moose or caribou; and the other species may be included at the published
                                     rates. This game rich hunting concession offers one of the finest hunting opportunities in northeastern BC. The hunting camps
                                     have wilderness cabins or tent sites and have access by their own charter air service, at an additional cost of $800 US as required,
                                     and /or horses. You will fly into Ft. Nelson, then enjoy a 2 hour drive down the Alaska Highway to base camp on Grizzly Lake.
                                     Another hunter can join you for $9500 US and a non-hunter can come into the hunting camp for $275 US per day and to the main
                                     camp for $150 US per day. Departure point: Ft. Nelson, BC. Show booths: SCI #1123, WSF #1332, GSCO #615

                                                       2009 Guide Outfitters 8 Auction Donation Profile
                                      CANADIAN MOOSE HUNT
                                      SONNy’S GUIDING SERvICE
                                      Sonny and Barb Perkinson                                     PHONE:   250-845-3156 • CELL: 250-845-8810
                                      DATES: TBA Fall 2009 / 2010 (7 days)                         EMAIL:
                                      MARkET VALUE: $6000 US                                       WEB:
                                      Enjoy the warm hospitality Sonny & Barb Perkinson will offer you on a full 7 day 1:1 Canadian moose hunt in northwestern BC.
                                      You will stay in comfortable cabins in their 2000 sq. mile area. Hunting will be from ATV, Argo, pickup, boat and/or walking. Plan
                                      to arrive the day before the hunt starts and leave the day after it finishes. The many lakes and swamps in this area make for
                                      excellent moose habitat and the bulls can range up to 50”. You may upgrade to include a color phase black bear and wolf. Bring a
                                      hunting buddy for $6000 US and/or a non-hunter for $900 US. Come as a group and have a camp to yourselves. Transportation to
                                      and from camp is included. Departure point: Houston, BC.

Ron Fleming and Brenda Nelson                               PHONE:      250-842-6350 • FAX: 250-842-6350
DATES: July or August2010 / 2011 (7 days)                   EMAIL:
MARkET VALUE: $7000 US                                      WEB:
 Ron Fleming and Brenda Nelson are offering the successful bidder a wilderness adventure, which includes fishing the world
famous Firesteel River. This is fly-fishing at its best, where you can take advantage of swirling riffles or enjoy the quiet of deep
pools. These wild rainbow are great fighters, and are offered on a catch and release basis, with enough saved for a shore lunch.
Speaking of food, you can expect great home cooked meals, including homemade bread, fresh veggies, sinful desserts, and of
course, tender trout baked in the coals. Bring another couple to vacation with you for $7000 US. Accommodations are rustic
cabins; and the floatplane flight over some of the most rugged and beautiful mountains in BC is included the cost of your trip.
Departure point: Smithers, BC. Show booths DSC #865, FNAWS #710.

                                      SPRING BLACK BEAR HUNT
                                      HORSESHOE CREEK OUTFITTERS
                                      Ray Jackson                                                  CELL:    250-783-5220 • FAX: 250-783-5220
                                      DATES: TBA May June 2009 (6 days)                            EMAIL:
                                      MARkET VALUE: $6500 US                                       WEB:
                                      This 1:1 spring black bear hunt will be a spot and stalk adventure in the beautiful Peace Country. Ray has been operating here
                                      since 1991 and has consistently harvested some of the largest black bears in northern BC. Ray and his crew will work hard to
                                      bring you greater opportunities for success. You will be hunting from private ranch land to crown land, with a hunt tailored to
                                      your preference. Ray and his family live in their area and their knowledge of game patterns and habitat enhance the probability
                                      of your success. Excellent opportunities for other color-phase bears are available. The trip includes lodge accommodations, great
                                      meals, transportation to and from the departure point, and taxidermy-ready trophy preparation.
                                      Departure point: Ft. St. John, BC.

Matthew and Sylvia Greeff                                       CELL:     214-558-1848 (in US)
DATES:TBA March –October 2009 / 2010 (10 days)                  EMAIL:
MARkET VALUE: $12,200 US                                        WEB:
This incredible opportunity is a 1:1 hunt for 1 Impala, 1 Blesbuck and any 2 of a Red Hartebeest, a Blue or a Black Wildebeest, and
also includes 1 non-hunting companion. Method of take is hunter’s choice. Included are: luxury accommodations in en-suite
thatched chalets, government tax, trophy fees for 4 donated species, all ground transportation in the Mpumalanga Province,
daily laundry, field preparation and delivery of tagged trophies to Life Form Taxidermy, drinks, Big 5 photo day trips to famous
kruger Park and Blyde River Canyon, all entrance fees, transport and guides. Additional guests are welcome at discounted rates,
and additional Mpumalanga trophy species can be hunted, as per applicable year price list. Arrival/departure point: kruger
Mpumalanga International Airport, Nelspruit, SA. Show booths DSC #253/255, SCI #1269/1368, WSF #743

                                      wINTER wOLF HUNT & TRAPPING EXPEDITION
                                      COLLINGwOOD BROTHERS GUIDES & OUTFITTERS
                                      Ray & Reg Collingwood                                        PHONE:    250-847-9692 • FAX: 250-847-2909
                                      DATES: February 21-28, 2010 (7 days)                         EMAIL:
                                      MARkET VALUE: $4500 US                                        WEB:
                                      Collingwood Bros have been in the guiding business for nearly 40 years and their experience shows. They are a family business
                                      dedicated to top quality guiding services and conscientious game management. The top bidder will be able to hunt and/or set
                                      traps for wolf, wolverine, lynx, fox, marten, weasel, and mink for 7 days in the vast Spatsizi Park. You may keep two wolves and
                                      one each of the other fur-bearing species. Accommodations will be in log cabins and transportation to and from camp will be an
                                      additional $1250 US for a direct flight, or $950 US for a drive & fly. Bring a friend along to hunt and trap with you for $4500 US or
                                      an observer may join you for $1500 US. Departure point: Smithers, BC.

                                                         2009 Guide Outfitters 9 Auction Donation Profile
                                     ROE DEER AND RUSSIAN BOAR HUNT IN GERMANy
                                     EURO SAFARI
                                     Michael and Manuela Schneider                              PHONE:   250 964-0511 • FAX: 250-964-0512
                                     DATES:June 10 – 17, 2009 / 2010 (7 days)                   EMAIL:
                                     MARkET VALUE: $5750 US                                     WEB:
                                     Euro Safari is owned and operated by long time (22 year) BC Guide Outfitter, Michael Schneider. Even when in Europe, you can
                                     expect the same reliable service Michael is known for with his fishing and hunting trips he offers in BC. Michael’s family has
                                     been conducting hunts in Europe for 35 years so there is a wealth of experience available to you. This hunt is for one hunter and
                                     includes everything from and to Frankfurt, Germany. The donation includes 2 roe bucks and 2 Russian boars. A hunting partner
                                     may accompany you for $450 US per day or a non-hunter at $200 US per day. This game rich area is close to the French border and
                                     right by the famous “Wine Route”. A great hunting destination and at the same time a cultural delight, filled with castles, ruins,
                                     famous battle fields and countless sights to see. Prepare for a real treat! Departure point: Frankfurt, Germany

Craig kiselbach                                           PHONE:   250-442-3566 • CELL: 250-442-7103
DATES: TBA May 1 – June 15, 2009 / 2010 (14 days)         EMAIL:
MARkET VALUE:   $16,000 US                                WEB:
This spring grizzly hunt is in a heavily populated bear area, formerly owned by the kostynuks, where many of the harvested bears
have had skull measurements of 25”plus. The successful bidder will hunt with quads or pickup using the spot and stalk method.
Accommodation will be a wall tent while in the area. Craig has given the successful bidder the option of going in the spring of
either 2009 or 2010. There will be a charter flight cost of $1450 US. Also not included is the government royalty fee on grizzly of
$1000 CDN. A non-hunting companion may go at the rate of $200 US per day. Black bear tag may be carried for the trophy fee of
$2000 US. Departure point: Prince George or Smithers, BC.
Show booths: Eastern FNAWS, Edmonton Sportsman, Lehigh Vly SCI

                                     MOUNTAIN GOAT HUNT
                                     BABINE GUIDES & OUTFITTER / TUKII LODGE
                                     Dave and Marilyn Hooper                                             PHONE:   250-697-6249 • CELL: 250-877-9812
                                          TBA August – September 2009 / 2010 (10 days)
                                     DATES:                                                              EMAIL:
                                     MARkET VALUE: $8900 CDN                                             WEB:
                                     This 10 day goat hunt is with one of the finest family owned and operated outfits in BC. Dave & Marilyn have been in the industry
                                     for 30 years while raising their family. They have some of the best goat hunting in nearly 5000 square miles of prime hunting
                                     area in the heart of the Bulkley Valley and along beautiful Babine Lake. You will be staying in a cabin or tent, and transportation
                                     to and from the lodge is included. A non-hunting companion is welcome to accompany you for the rate of $2400 US for all 10
                                     days. Make sure to check their web site to see what other species may be available to upgrade your hunt at this time.
                                     Departure point: Smithers, BC. Show booths: DSC #783, Puyallup #416, Spokane Big Horn #223

John and Herb Sievers                                     PHONE:  250-375-2550 • CELL: 604-790-0703
DATES: TBA Fall 2009 (5 days)                             EMAIL:
MARkET VALUE: $3800 US                                    WEB:
Hunting a trophy mule deer along the Fraser River breaks, farmland or high alpine will be the choice of the successful bidder
on this adventure with John Sievers and his hard hunting crew. This is a spot and stalk 1:1 hunt for 5 days. Accommodations at
base camp are in cabins and your trophy can be delivered to a taxidermist in Clinton, BC. Not included is the government royalty
of $50 CDN on a harvested buck. Bring a friend along to hunt for an additional $3800 US or a non-hunter for $200 US per day.
Transportation to and from camp is included. Departure point: Lillooet, BC.

                                     wINTER COUGAR HUNT
                                     CANADIAN GUIDE OUTFITTERS LTD.
                                     Sean Lingl                                                 PHONE:   250-230-4868 • FAX: 250-956-8209
                                     DATES:TBA Winter 2009 / 2010 (6 days)                      EMAIL:
                                     MARkET VALUE: $5000 US                                     WEB:
                                     Hunt magnificent central Vancouver Island for a 6-day 1:1 cougar hunt with dogs if you are the successful bidder. This donation
                                     also includes accommodation for a non-hunting companion, so bring your wife or best friend to make it a great vacation.
                                     Accommodations will be in Sean’s beautiful lodge and the donation includes transportation to and from camp. In consultation
                                     with the guide outfitter, you can upgrade to a Spring Cougar/Black Bear hunt for an additional cost of $2500 US. Great guides
                                     and high success rate make this a top quality hunt! Bring a hunting crony for an additional $5000 US and an additional non-
                                     hunting friend will pay only $200 per day. Departure point: Qualicum Beach/Port Alberni, BC.

                                                      2009 Guide Outfitters 10 Auction Donation Profile
                                      STONE SHEEP HUNT
                                      UPPER STIKINE RIvER ADvENTURES
                                      Jerry Geraci                                                PHONE:   250-846-5001 • FAX: 250-847-5002
                                           TBA 2010 / 2011 (14 days)
                                      DATES:                                                      EMAIL:
                                      MARkET VALUE: $30,000 US                                    WEB:
                                      Jerry is a long-standing member and supporter of GOABC and he wants to take you sheep hunting! This 1:1 backpack/horseback
                                      hunt will take place in Jerry’s huge guiding territory in northwestern BC, which he has hunted since 1986. His high quality rams
                                      have taken gold at WSF 1996, SCI, WSF, GSCO 2008 and the biggest stone ram in 25 years will be again the gold medal winner at
                                      these 2009 shows. Accommodations will be a lodge, cabins, and tents during the hunt. There will be a $1600 US transportation
                                      fee to get you in and out of camp. Not included is a $5000 US harvest fee. An additional hunting companion can come along for
                                      $30,000 US plus harvest fee and a non-hunting companion for $300 US per day. Departure point: Smithers, BC.

Peter and Mike klaui                                        PHONE:   250-830-7434 • CELL: 250-830-7676
DATES: TBA July, August   2009 / 2010 (3 days)              EMAIL:
MARkET VALUE: $5200 US                                      WEB:
This 3 day fishing adventure, and wildlife viewing cruise, is offered during peak salmon fishing season on BC’s Inside Passage
during July or August or may be combined with spring or fall hunts for Black Bear as an upgrade to the hunt. The Mainland
Inlets are pristine wilderness areas only accessible by boat or float plane from Campbell River, BC or directly by air via scheduled
floatplane service with kenmore Air. Guests are responsible for their own transportation to and from the vessel’s anchored
location and once trip dates have been established, NCA will be pleased to make all reservations necessary, including hotel,
floatplane, or water taxi, Additional fishing companions may join you for costs to be determined with the outfitter.
Departure point: Seattle, WA or Campbell River, BC. Show booth: SCI

                                      COASTAL SPRING BLACK BEAR HUNT
                                      TROPHy wEST GUIDE OUTFITTERS
                                      Glenn and Steve Venus                                       PHONE:   250-923-4288 • FAX: 250-923-4288
                                      DATES: TBA April 15 – June 15, 2010 (5 days)                EMAIL:
                                      MARkET VALUE: $5850 US                                      WEB:
                                      Are you up for a “spot and stalk” hunt for a Trophy Coastal Black Bear on Vancouver Island? Bid on this hunt and you will join
                                      Glenn Venus and son Steve Venus for a 5 day, 1:1 hunt with guides that know the territory very well. The area consists of nearly
                                      6000 square miles, including the world famous knight Inlet. Accommodations will be in a rustic lodge with all the modern
                                      amenities and the donation includes meals and field prep of the trophy, as well as transportation to and from Campbell River
                                      airport. “The only thing better than the quality of game is the hospitality”. Should there be space, this hunt may be available for
                                      2009. A non-hunter may come for the ride at $150 US per day. Departure point: Campbell River, BC.

Greg, Fay and Blake Williams                                PHONE:   250-827-3648 • CELL: 250-263-5987
DATES:Sept 8-19 or 19-30, 2009 /10 /11(10 days)             EMAIL:
MARkET VALUE: $9900 US                                      WEB:
Greg is a long time outfitter with 30 years of experience who recently purchased this area in northwestern BC, and he has already
accessed previously un-hunted parts. This is a 1:1 hunt with buyer’s choice of trophy, and there is high potential for record class
animals. The new Pope & Young record mountain goat was taken here this past fall. The lucky bidder may upgrade to include the
other species and/or moose, black bear, wolf on a trophy fee basis. Royalties are not included. Accommodations are cabins and
heated tents, and the charter flight to camp is included in the rate. Additional hunters are welcome at the regular listed price for
the species of their choice and non-hunters are welcome for $250 US per day. Departure point: Dease Lake, BC.
Show booths: WSF, GSCO

                                      GRIZZLy PHOTO SAFARI
                                      NORTHwEST BIG GAME OUTFITTERS LTD.
                                      Jack Goodwin                                                PHONE:   250-651-7766
                                           August 17 – 27, 2009 / 2010 (10 days)
                                      DATES:                                                      EMAIL:
                                      MARkET VALUE: $10,000 US                                    WEB:
                                      Here is the ultimate adventure — spot and stalk grizzly but shoot with your camera. There will be plenty of bears to view as they
                                      forage for berries on the slopes and fish for salmon in the rivers. Government statistics show this area as having one of the top
                                      three grizzly populations in North America. This area sits in the most northwesterly part of BC and is home to an array of big
                                      game animals including moose, goat, black bear and wolf and the only Dall sheep population in BC. The scenery is amazing and
                                      the plants wide and varied. Accommodations are in cabins and tents. Transportation from Whitehorse in the Yukon will be an
                                      additional $400 US. This is a family business in operation since 1967. Departure point: Whitehorse, YT.
                                      Show booths: WSF #710.

                                                       2009 Guide Outfitters 11 Auction Donation Profile
       This publication was made possible in part by:
 BLACKwATER RIvER                                                  SIKANNI RIvER
  OUTFITTING LTD.                                                    OUTFITTERS
          Hans-Albert Jacobs                                          Mike & Dixie Hammett
           Tel: (604) 935 9144                            Tel: 403-987-4178/ 250-412-5209/Cel: 250-261-3878                                                       
                                                         “A first class hunting adventure in the beautiful
       “...and the adventure begins”                           Sikanni River Valley of northeast BC!”

    NORTH COAST                                         NORTHwEST BIG GAME
   ADvENTURES INC.                                          OUTFITTERS
                Peter klaui                                                  Jack Goodwin
             Tel: (250) 539-5751                                        Tel: 250-651-7766

“Home of the SCI #1 Grizzly Bear in Canada”               “For the ultimate in North American hunting”

      wICKED RIvER                                                TUCHODI RIvER
       OUTFITTERS                                                 OUTFITTERS LTD.
       Dennis & Debbie Beattie                                           Larry & Lori Warren
   Tel: 250-783-9291/Cell: 250-262-1669                   Mtn Phone: 250-483-4039 / Cell: 250-263-4526
                                                                  “Ever wondered what hunting in
“Outdoor Adventure Memories of a Lifetime”                        ‘heaven on earth’ would be like?”

      UNITED GUIDE                                            ROCKy MOUNTAIN
       & OUTFITTER                                              ADvENTURES
    Michael & Manuela Schneider                                    Mike and Marika Ramosch
            Tel: 250-964-0511                                           Tel: 250-694-3719                         
    “Providing quality trips for 22 years,
     where bowhunters feel at home.”                       “The ultimate fair-chase hunting adventure.”

                                2009 Guide Outfitters 12 Auction Donation Profile

                         2009 ANNUAL                            GUIDE OUTFITTERS

                           2009 Guide Outfitters 13 Auction Donation Profile
                                                                                       CARIBOO / CHILCOTIN GUIDES ASSOCIATION
                                                                                      CARIBOO / CHILCOTIN GUIDES ASSOCIATION DIRECTORY
                                                                                      This region is located approximately 130 air miles north of Vancouver. Located within its boundaries

                                                                                      are three of BC’s most well-known parks — Bowron Lakes, Wells Gray, and Tweedsmuir. The climate
                                                                                      zones range from the Coast Mountains to the dry Chilcotin Plateau.
                                                                                      Fishing for Rainbow and kamloops trout in this region is excellent.
                                                                                      On the west side of the Coast Range is a thriving grizzly bear population with excellent
                                                                                      opportunities to find black bear and mountain goat, as well. On the east side of the Coast Range
                                                                                      will be found grizzly and black bear, moose, caribou, Bighorn sheep, cougar, and wolves. Some of the
                                                                                      best mule deer and mountain goat in the province can also be found here.

                                      ALTHERR, DAvE                          CONDIE, CHRIS                         HARRINGTON, DAvID                     MAITLAND, STUART                      POLARD, MAURICE
                                      Lehman Creek Outfitters Inc.           Windy Mountain Outfitters             Harrington’s Hideaway/                Eureka Peak Lodge & Outfitters        Pan Meadows Ranch &
                                      Box 108, McLeese Lake BC V0L 1P0       Box 78, 108 Mile Ranch BC V0k 2E0     Euchiniko Lakes Ranch                 Box 1332, 100 Mile House BC V0k 2E0   Wilderness Safaris
                                      Tel: 250-297-6561/Cel: 250-305-0433    Tel: 250-791-6467/Fax: 250-791-5446   PO Box 2509                           Tel/Fax: 250-397-2445                 117 kingham Pl. Victoria BC V9B 1L9
                                      Fax: 250-297-6498                  Vanderhoof BC V0J 3A0                 TF: 1-877-538-6566                    Tel: 250-479-1753/Fax: 250-479-0063
                                              Tel: 250-567-4939                         MU#: 5-13
                                      MO,CA,DE,BB,GB                         Summer Wilderness Tours,FW            MO,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,CO,LY,PS,          REUTER, SIG
                                      MU#: 5-12                              MU#: 5-1, 3-39                        MO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,PS,TR,WV,XC,          TR,WV,FW,FWV,Trapline                 Taseko Lake Outfitters
                                                                                                                   FW,FWV                                MU#: 5-2, 5-15, 3-46                  Box 4232, Williams Lake BC V2G 2V3
                                      BARSBy, LyLE                           DORSEy, DAvID                         MU#: 5-12, 5-13                                                             Cel:250-305-6368/604-484-5174
                                      Batnuni Lake Guides &                  Rainbow Mountain Outfitting                                                 MCDONOUGH, MIKE             
                                      Outfitters Ltd. (West)                 Box 3360, Anahim Lake BC V0L 1C0      HAwKRIDGE, MIKE                       One Eye Outfit              
                                      3684 Houlgrave Road, RR #5             Tel/Fax: 250-742-3539                 Tatlow Mountain Outfitters            Box 4404, STN MAIN                    MO,GO,DE,BB,WOF,WOV,LY,PS,
                                      Invermere BC V0A 1k5                              RR#5, Box 62, Tibbles Site            Williams Lake BC V2G 2V4              TR,WV,XC,FW,FWV, Pack Trips,
                                      Tel/Fax: 250-342-2100                      Quesnel BC V2J 3H9                    Tel/Fax: 250-398-9440                 Trapline,Canoeing,Hiking
                                                  Tel: 250-249-5056/1-877-482-8560                 MU#: 3-32, 5-4
                                      MO,DE,BB,WOF,CO,LY,BC                  MU#: 5-12                                      MO,GO,DE,BB,WOF,LY                    RUSSELL, JIM
                                      MU#: 5-13, 6-1, 7-11                                                                    MU#: 5-6                              Far Mountain Outfitters
                                                                             ELLIOT, wALLy                         MO,GO,DE,BB,WOF,CO,LY,BC,CS,                                                PO Box 112, Nanaimo BC V9R 5k4
                                      BOwDEN, BRADLEy                        3E Outfitters                         FW,FWV,TR                             MCLEAN, KAREN                         Tel: 250-754-7945/Fax: 250-755-1676
                                      Cariboo Mountain Outfitters            #116–450 All Star Court               MU#: 5-4                              Tsylos Park Lodge           
                                      P.O. Box 4010, Quesnel BC V2J 3J2      kelowna BC V1X 5N7                                                          PO Box 2560                 
                                      Tel: 778-786-0847/Cel: 250-991-9233    Tel: 250-860-2612/250-808-8697        JACOBS, HANS-ALBERT                   Williams Lake BC V2G 4P2              MO,CA
                                                    Fax: 250-860-8644                     Blackwater River Outfitting Ltd.      Tel/Fax: 250-483-4368                 MU#: 5-12, 6-01
                                                  MO,DE                                 Box 1067, 100 Mile House BC V0k 2E0   TF: 1-800-487-9567
                                            MU#: 5-3, 5-4                         Tel: 250-395-8004/Fax: 250-397-2903                     THIEL, FRANK
                                      MO,DE,BB,WOF,GB,CO,LY,FW                                                                   TF Outfitters
                                      MU#: 5-2, 5-15                         FRANKE, CHRIS                         MO,GO,DE,BB,WOF,CO,PS,TR,WV,          2296 kohanko Rd, Quesnel BC V2J 7C6
                                                                             Mountain Spirit Outfitters Inc.       BB,MO,CA,WOF                          FW,FWV                                Tel: 250-249-5009
                                      BRACEwELL, KEvAN                       Box 6564, Hinton BC T7V 1X8           MU#: 5-12, 6-1                        MU#: 5-6                    
                                      BC Trophy Mountain Outfitters          Tel: 780-817-1992/Fax: 780-817-3219                                                                     
                                      Gun Creek Rd. Gold Bridge BC V0k 1P0    LANCASTER, BART                       MULvAHILL, ROy                        MO, BB,DE
                                      Tel: 250-238-2274/Fax: 250-238-2241      Lancaster’s Fraser Canyon             Trembling Pines Outfitter             MU#: 5-13
                                MO,BB,GB,GO,WV,FW,FWV                 Outfitters                            Box 4634, Williams Lake BC V2G 2V6
                                     MU#: 5-15                             PO Box 4940, Smithers BC V0J 2N0      Tel: 250-394-4360/07
                                      CS;GO;MO;DE;BB;GB;CO;LY;BC;                                                  Tel: 250-847-3068/Fax: 250-847-4333   MO,CA,DE,BB,GB,WOF,CO,LY,BC,PS,F
                                      WOF;FW;FWV;TR;UB;XC;PS;WV;             FRASER, STEwART                           W,WV,FWV,TR
                                      grizzly bear viewing;hiking;           Itcha Mountain Outfitters Ltd.        MU#: 5-12, 5-13
                                      guest ranch;horse pack trips           Box 26, RR #5, Frontier Site          DE,BB,CO,LY,BC,WOF
                                       MU#: 3-32; 3-33; 5-3; 5-4             Quesnel BC V2J 3H9                    MU#: 5-13                             MULvAHILL, wILLIAM
                                                                             Tel: 250-305-0440 (Voice Mail),                                             Chilcotin River Guide Outfitter
                                      BRAUN, RICHARD                         250-992-3438 ext. 905 (Radio          LINNELL, JIM                          PO Box 319, Alexis Creek BC V0L 1A0
                                      Braun Outfitters                       Phone), 778-786-0814                  Batnuni Lake Guide &                  Tel: 604-628-5424
                                      Box 696, Prince George BC V2L 4T3                 Outfitters                            MO,DE,BB,WOF,CO,CA,LY,FW
                                      Tel: 250-412-5595                                  8700 Hidden Vale Ranch Road           MU#: 5-12, 5-13
                                        MO,CA,DE,BB,WOF,LY,TR,FW,FWV          kamloops BC V2C 6W4
                                      BB, MO, DE, WOF, CO, LY, BC            MU#: 5-12, 5-13                       Tel: 250-573-7541/1-877-228-6864
                                                                                                                                                         ODGERS, SCOTT
                                      MU#: 5-12, 5-13                                                              Fax: 250-573-7545                     Fraser Valley Outfitters
                                                                             GAUSS, RUDy                                   RR#3, Box 60, Site 3
                                      BREBNER, ERIC                          Canim Lake Resort &                            Rocky Mountain House AB T4T 2A3
                                      Tsuniah Lake Lodge                     Guide Outfitters                      MO,DE,BB,WOF,CO,LY,PS,TR,WV,F         Tel: 403-722-3342/Cel: 403-350-6493
                                      P.O. Box 4685                          Box 248, Canim Lake BC V0k 1J0        WV,FW                       
                                      Williams Lake BC V2G 2V7               Tel: 250-397-2355/1-877-512-6660      MU#: 5-13, 7-11             
                                      Tel: 250-392-5612/Fax: 250-392-4959    Fax: 250-397-2607                                                           CO,LY,BC,BB,MO,DE,WOF
                                                                  LOwRIE, PAUL                          MU#: 5-14
                                      MO,DE,BB,CO,CS,TR,WV,PS,                              Corkscrew Creek Adventures
                                      FW,WOF,FWV                             MO,DE,BB,WOF,CO,LY,PS,TR,WV,          Box 3401, Anahim Lake BC V0L 1C0
                                                                                                                                                         OESTREICH, ALLANA
                                      MU#: 5-4                               XC,FW,FWV                             Tel/Fax: 250-742-3203                 Black Dome Outfitters
                                                                             MU#: 5-1, 5-2, 5-15                             Box 12, Grasmere BC V0B 1R0
                                      COLLINS, DARREL                                                                         Tel: 250-421-0089
                                      Collins Guiding                                                              CA, MO, DE, BB, LY, Trapline,FW
                                      1946 Milburn Lake Road                                                       MU#: 5-06, 5-12                       CS,MO,DE,CO,LY,BC,WOF,BB,CY,
                                      Quesnel BC V2J 7E6                                                                                                 Pack Trips,PS,TR,WV,FWV,FW
                                      Tel: 250-249-5241/Fax: 250-249-0068                                                                                MU#: 3-32, 5-3
                                      MU#: 5-4, 7-5, 7-7, 7-16, 7-17

                                                                                                     2009 Guide Outfitters 14 Annual Directory
                                                                                          NORTH CENTRAL GUIDES ASSOCIATION DIRECTORY
                                                                                        NORTH CENTRAL GUIDES ASSOCIATION
                                                                                        This area is in the heart of BC’s moose country with approximately 4,000 being harvested annually.
                                                                                        Black bear and grizzly are common as are mountain goat, mountain caribou, Stone sheep, some
                                                                                        Bighorn sheep, as well as mule deer and elk.
                                                                                        There is a wet belt in the east of the region that supports a healthy mountain grizzly bear

                                                                                        population. In the east and north of the region is a vigorous population of mountain sheep, caribou,
                                                                                        and mountain goats. Sheep and caribou are managed as trophy species.
                                                                                        Anglers are offered trophy fishing for rainbow trout, dolly varden, and lake char.

                       ALBERTSON, OLIN                                     FILLION, BERT                                       LEvEqUE, DENNIS                                    POwER, DAvID                                      SCHUIRMANN, DIRK
                       Big River Outfitters Ltd.                           Lobo Peak Guides & Outfitters                       Pelly Lake Wilderness Outfitters Ltd.              Nation Lake Outfitters Ltd.                       Bear Lake Guides & Outfitters
                       PO Box 1528, Vanderhoof BC V0J 3A0                  6340 Blackburn S. Road                              5565 Salmon Valley Road                            2958 Jorgenson Road                               PO Box 1342
                       Tel: 250-686-9675/Fax: 250-567-7969                 Prince George BC V2N 6C5                            Prince George BC V2k 5W2                           Prince George BC V2k 5T8                          Prince George BC V2L 4V4
                                          Tel: 250-963-9967/Fax: 250-963-8819                 Tel: 250-971-2321                                  Tel: 250-962-5696/Fax: 250-962-5627               Tel/Fax: 250-971-2278
                       MO,EL,DE,BB,GB,Predator Hunts,                                                                       BB,MO,MG,CA,GB,WOF                      
                       Trapline                                                                      MO,CA,GO,BB,GB,WOF,SS                              MU#: 7-29, 7-29, 7-3                              GB,MO,EL,DE,BB,WOF
                       MU#: 7-13, 7-14                                     MO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,FW,FWV,Trapline                     MU#: 7-38, 7-39, 7-40                                                                                MU#: 7-16, 7-23
                                                                           MU#: 5-2, 5-15, 7-6, 7-8                                                                               RAMOUSCH, MARIKA
                       ANDERSON, COLONEL                                                                                       MUELLER, wAyNE                                     Rocky Mountain Adventures                         SMITH, DENNIS
                       Pitka Mountain Outfitters Ltd.                      HAGBERG, ANDy                                       Wayne Mueller Guide & Outfitters                   PO Box 21, Southbank BC V0J 2P0                   Bear Paw Guide & Outfitters
                       Box 42, Fort Fraser BC V0J 1N0                      Andy Hagberg Guiding                                General Delivery                                   Tel/Fax: 250-694-3719                             PO Box 354, Chetwynd BC V0C 1J0
                       Tel/Fax: 250-690-7406                               Box 1656, Prince George BC V2L 4V6                  Sinclair Mills BC V0J 3M0                                   Tel/Fax: 250-788-2569
                                      Tel/Fax: 250-563-5948                               Tel: 250-966-2338/Fax: 250-966-2339                
                       MO,DE,BB,GB,WO,FW                                   Tel/Fax: 250-998-4617                                                   BB,MO,EL,GO,GB,DE,CO,LY,WOF,            
                       MU#: 6-5, 6-6, 7-12, 7-13, 7-25                                         MO,DE,BB,GB,WO                                     WOV,FW                                            MO,CA,GO,BB,GB,WOV,WOF,PS,TR,
                                                                                               MU#: 7-5, 7-7, 7-17                                MU#: 7-3, 7-4, 7-5, 7-17                          WV,FW,FWV,Winter Wolf Hunts,
                       BADEy, BERT                                         MO,GO,BB,GB,WOF,CO,LY,BC                                                                                                                                 Trapline
                       Omineca Guide & Outfitters                          MU#: 7-18                                           NIEMEyER, COLIN                                    RAy, ALLEN                                        MU#: 7-38
                       1171 Jarvis St.                                                                                         Niemeyer Outfitting                                Hallett Lake Outfitters Ltd.
                       Prince George, BC V2M 4J3                           HANSON, ERIC                                        511 Otter Lake Road                                Box 53, Fort Fraser BC V0J 1N0                    TREPUS, PAUL
                       Tel: 250-649-0340                                   McGregor River Outfitters                           Armstrong BC V0E 1B5                               Tel: 250-690-7204/Cel:250-570-9037                Inzana Outfitters
                                                Box 1885, Stn. A                                    Tel: 250-306-8624/Fax: 250-545-4523                Fax: 250-690-7705                                 14155 Allison Crescent
                                                 Prince George BC V2L 5E3                                       MO,EL,DE,BB,GB,WOF,WOV,LY,FW                      Prince George BC V2N 5B2
                       MO,BB,GB,WOF,FW,FWV,PS,WV,                          Tel: 250-963-0262/Fax: 250-963-0233                 GB,BB,DE,MO,EL,CO,LY,WOF,GO                        MU#: 7-12                                         Tel: 250-964-2257
                       Fly Fishing                                                              MU#: 7-2, 7-3, 7-4                                                                         
                       MU#: 6-6, 7-25                                                                                                    RAy, STEvEN                             
                                                                           BB,GB,MO,GO,WOF, Winter Trapline                    PATTISON, ROy                                      Hallett Lake Outfitters Ltd.                      BB,MO,GB,EL,DE,WOF,WOV,UP,FW,
                       COvERT, KIFF                                        MU#: 7-17, 7-18                                     Sentinel Mountain Safaris                          Box 53, Fort Fraser BC V0J 1N0                    Trapline
                       Dome Creek Outfitters                                                                                   Box 1837, Bear Lake BC V0J 3G0                     Tel: 250-690-7174/Cel:250-570-1957                MU#: 7-25, 7-26, 7-28
                       4375 Maxwell Rd                                     KISELBACH, CRAIG                                    Tel: 250-965-7788/Fax: 250-965-7710                Fax: 250-690-7705
                       Peachland BC V0H 1X3                                Five Stone Outfitting                                       MO,EL,WO,BB,GB,WOF,LY,WOV                         wATSON, KEN
                       Tel/Fax: 250-469-3648                               9200 Granby Road                                              MU#: 5-13, 6-1, 6-4, 7-12, 7-11                   Opatcho Lake Guide Outfitters
                                     Grand Forks BC V0H 1H1                              EL,MO,GB,BB,DE,WOF                                                                                   12105 Wilan Road
                       GB,BB,ELMO,DE,GO,CO,WOF                             Tel: 250-442-3566/Fax: 250-442-3533                 MU#: 7-15, 7-16, 7-24                              SCHNEIDER, ALFRED                                 Prince George BC V2N 5A6
                       MU#: 7-5, 7-6, 5-15, 7-7                                                                                                   Two Rivers Guide Outfitters                       Tel/Fax: 250-964-6543
                                                                                             PICHETTE, SCOTT                                    35800 W. Lake - Fraser River Road       
                       CUSHMAN, TIM                                        SS,GB,MG,MO,CA,BB,WOF                               Bowron River Guiding                               Prince George BC V2N 6H1                
                       Wolverine Mountain Outfitters                       MU#: 7-39, 7-40                                     PO Box 140, Willow River BC V0J 3C0                Tel: 250-960-9490/Fax: 250-964-8418               MO,BB,GB,EL,DE,WOF,CO
                       c/o Box 1766, Clearwater BC V0E 1N0                                                                     Tel: 250-963-9612/Fax: 250-963-9617                                   MU#: 7-7, 7-8, 7-9
                       MO,GO,BB,GB,WOF,PS,TR,WV,                           KRISTIANSON, KEN                                                           BB,DE,MO,WOF
                       FW,FWV                                              Cornerstone Outfitters ULC                          MO,BB,GB                                           MU#: 7-10                                         wERNER, MARK
                       MU#: 5-15, 7-5, 7-6                                 Box 941, Vanderhoof BC V0J 3A0                      MU#: 7-7, 7-9, 7-16                                                                                  BackCountry Guide Outfitters
                                                                           Tel: 250-567-2926 winter                                                                               SCHNEIDER, MICHAEL                                PO Box 3159, kamloops BC V2C 6B8
                       ERICKSON, LARRy                                     778-786-0551 summer lodge                           PICKERING, KEN                                     United Guide & Outfitters/                        Tel: 250-434-4433/Fax: 250-434-4506
                       Larry Erickson’s Alpine Outfitters                  Fax: 250-567-9196                                   Anzac Wilderness Outfitters                        Trembleur Fishing Adventures            
                       General Delivery                                                    Box 1912, Bear Lake BC V0J 3G0                     PO Box 405                              
                       Manson Creek BC V0J 2H0                                          Tel/Fax: 250-972-4374                              Prince George BC V2L 4S2                          MO,BB,EL,DE
                       Tel: H499923 on Manson River                        MO,EL,GB,BB,DE,GO,LY,WOF,WOV,                       MO,BB,GB,WOF,FW, Trapline                          Tel: 250-964-0511/250-961-2079                    MU#: 7-14, 7-15, 7-24
                       Channel 599 between 7-8am                           PS,WV,SW,FWV,FW                                     MU#: 7-23                                          Fax: 250-964-0512
                       ericksonsalpineoutfitters@                          MU#: 7-25, 7-26                                                                              
                                                                                                       POELMAN, wIM                             
                       MO,CA,GO,BB,GB,WOF,WOV,                             KRUEGER, JENS                                       Kazchek Lake Camp                        
                       PS,TR,FW,FWV,Packing Courses                        Silver Lake Outfitters                              11250 Jayson Road                                  MO,BB,LY,WOF,PS,WV,FW,FWV,
                       MU#: 7-28, 7-38                                     PO Box 1089                                         Prince George BC V2N 6V7                           Salmon & Steelhead Fishing
                                                                           Fort St. James BC V0J 1P0                           Tel: 250-963-6935                                  MU#: 7-25, 7-26
                                                                           Tel: 250-996-7017/Fax: 250-996-7905       
                                                                                        MU#: 7-26
                                                                           MU#: 7-24, 7-25, 7-28

                                                                                                                                   SPECIAL kEYS
                        Moose .........................MO           Deer.............................. DE    Coyote ..........................CY       Sheep:                                  Photo Safaris............... PS           Family Wilderness
                        Shiras Moose .............SM                Black Bear ....................BB        Cougar ......................... CO         California Bighorn .CS                Trail Rides.....................TR          Vacations .............FWV
                        Elk ...................................EL   Grizzly Bear ................ GB         Lynx ................................LY     Rocky Mt. Bighorn .RS                 Wildlife Viewing ......WV                 Upland Birds ..............UB
                        Roosevelt Elk ...............RE             Polar Bear ....................PB        Bobcat ..........................BC         Dall ........................... DS   X-Country Skiing ........XC               Waterfowl ................. WF
                        Caribou ........................ CA         Wolf ......................... WOF       Bison ..............................BI      Stone ........................ SS     Fresh Water Angling FW
                        Goat .............................GO        Wolverine ...............WOV                                                         Fanin ......................... FS    Salt Water Angling . SW

                                                                                                                                     Auction Donation
                                                                                                            2009 Guide Outfitters 15 Annual Directory Profile
                                                                                                            NORTHERN GUIDES ASSOCIATION DIRECTORY
                                                                                        The Northern region is situated between the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, south of
                                                                                        Dawson Creek, north to the Yukon border and over into the Rocky Mountain Trench.
                                                                                        Elk herds have expanded and Mountain caribou and goat can be found throughout the

                                                                                        mountainous area with numerous whitetail deer in the foothills.
                                                                                        World class Stone sheep hunting can be found north of the Peace River, with Rocky Mountain
                                                                                        Bighorns well established in the mountains of the Alberta/BC border. Moose, mule deer, wolf,
                                                                                        grizzly, and black bear are harvested throughout most of the area.

                       BEATTIE, DEBBIE                                     DIDIER, ARMAND                                      GILLIS, PHIL                                       MINDERMANN, HORST                                 ROE, DUSTIN
                       Wicked River Outfitters                             Wolverine Valley Outfitters                         Grizzly Outfitters                                 Pine River Outfitters                             Canadian Mountain View Paradise
                       Box 339, Hudson’s Hope BC V0C 1V0                   c/o Tim Millward, General Delivery                  Box 1684, Fort Nelson BC V0C 1R0                   Box 1390, Chetwynd BC V0C 1T0                     Blueberry Guide & Outfitter
                       Tel: 250-783-9291/250-262-1669                      Tumbler Ridge BC V0C 2W0                            Tel: 250-774-6307/613-274-3505                     Tel: 250-401-1225                                 9520 Stirton Road
                       Fax: 250-783-9290                                   Tel: 705-642-6465                                   Fax: 250-774-3100                                  Fax: 250-788-1980/250-788-1982                    kimberley BC V1A 3J1
                                                                                                    Tel: 250-427-5528/Fax: 250-427-5536
                       FW, FWV, Angling Guide                              PS,TR,WV,FW,FWV                                     MO,EL,BB,GB,LY,WOF,WOV                             MO,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,WOV,              
                       MU#: 7-36, 7-37                                     MU#: 7-21                                           MU#: 7-49                                          CO,LY,PS,WV                                       BB,SS,GB,BI,GO,MO,CA,DE,EL
                                                                                                                                                                                  MU#: 7-31, 7-32                                   MU#: 7-57, 7-58, 7-37
                       BEATTIE, DENNIS                                     DRINKALL, DALE                                      HAMMETT, MIKE
                       Wicked River Outfitters                             Folding and Terminus                                Sikanni River Outfitting Inc.                      MULvAHILL, MIKE                                   SCHIPPMANN, CHRIS
                       Box 339, Hudson’s Hope BC V0C 1V0                   Mountain Outfitters                                 171 Road, P.O. Box 11                              Mulvahill Hunting                                 Liard River Adventures
                       Tel: 250-783-9291/250-262-1669                      Box 27, Mile 422, Alaska Hwy                        Pink Mountain BC V0C 2B0                           Box 297, Groundbirch BC V0C 1T0                   Site 15, Comp. 92, RR#1
                       Fax: 250-783-9290                                   Toad River BC V0C 2X0                               Tel: 403-987-4178/                                 Tel: 250-843-7535                                 Fort St. John BC V1J 4M6
                                                 Tel: 250-232-5451/Fax: 250-232-5009                  250-261-3878 (voicemail),                         MO,EL,CA,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF                          Tel: 250-630-2704/778-786-0854
                                                    Mike’s Cel: 250-262-5681                           MU#: 7-20, 7-21                                   (mid-May to mid-October)
                       MO,EL,CA,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,SS,                        GO,GB,MO,EL,CA,DE,BB,SS,WOF,                        Dixies’s Cel: 250-412-5209                                                                           Fax: 250-630-2708
                       SS,PS,TR,WV,FW,FWV,Boating on                       CO,LY,PS,TR,WV,FW                                                        OESTREICH, DEvLIN                       
                       Williston Lake                                      MU#: 7-51, 7-54                                                          Bradford & Co. Guide Services Ltd.      
                       MU#: 7-36, 7-37                                                                                         EL,MO,CA,GO,BB,GB,WOF,WOV,                         P.O. Box 44, Dease Lake BC V0C 1L0                MO,EL,CA,BB,GB,WOF,PS,TR,WV,
                                                                           DRINKALL, GARy                                      BI,SS,PS,TR,WV,FW,FWV,Pack trips                   Tel: 250-771-3199/Fax: 250-771-3198               FWV, Winter Trapline
                       BEDELL, RANDy                                       Tracks BC/High Prairie Outfitters                   MU#: 7-37, 7-41, 7-42, 7-57                                         MU#: 7-53
                       Sundown Outfitters                                  Box 2215, Chetwynd BC V0C 1J0                                                                
                       Box 104, Groundbirch BC V0C 1T0                     Tel: 250-788-2115/Fax: 250-788-2194                 JACKSON, RAy                                       MO,CA,GO,BB,GB,WOF,SS,FW,FWV                      SIMPSON, FRANK
                       Tel: 250-843-7522/Fax: 250-843-7588                                      Horseshoe Creek Outfitters Ltd.                    MU#: 6-23, 6-24, 7-52                             Simpson Stone Sheep Ltd.
                                                             PO Box 518 Hudson’s Hope BC V0C 1V0                                                                  Box 1901, Claresholm AB T0L 0T0
                                            MO,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,CO,LY                         Tel/Fax: 250-783-5220                              OLMSTEAD, KEvIN                                   Tel: 403-625-2150/Fax: 403-625-2165
                       MO,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,RS                            MU#: 7-21, 7-22, 7-31, 7-32, 7-33                                            Muskwa Safaris Ltd/Prophet              
                       MU#: 7-19, 7-20, 7-21                                                                                            Muskwa Enterprises Ltd.                 
                                                                           FUCHS, STEFAN                                       MO,EL,DE,BB,GB,WO,CO,LY,FW,PS,TR,                  Box 6677, Fort St. John BC V1J 4J1                MO,GO,BB,GB,WO,SS,PS,TR,WV,
                       CARy, DARwIN                                        Klukas Lake Outfitters                              WV,XC,Trapline                                     Tel/Fax: 250-987-9494                             FW,FWV
                       Scoop Lake Outfitters (1997) Ltd.                   Box 112, Tomslake BC V0C 2L0                        MU#: 7-35, 7-43                                    Tel/Fax: 250-789-3282                             MU#: 7-52
                       5615 Deadpine Dr.                                   Tel: 250-786-5441/Fax: 250-786-5397                                                          
                       kelowna BC V1P 1A3                                                             KABANUK, MICHAEL                                                      THOMPSON, ARTHUR
                       Tel/Fax: 250-491-1885                                        Christina Falls Outfitters Inc.                    MO,EL,CA,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,WOL,                     Gundahoo River Outfitters, Inc.
                                               RS,GO,MO,EL,DE,BB,GB,WOF,PS,                        112 Bow Meadows Drive                              LY,SS,PS,TR,FW,WV,XC,FWV                          Box 449, Caroline AB T0M 0M0
                                                TR,FW,FWV                                           Cochrane AB T4C 1N3                                MU#: 7-41, 7-42, 7-49, 7-50                       Tel: 403-722-4152 (Oct-June)
                       MO,EL,CA,GO,BB,GB,WOF,SS,PS,RF,                     MU#: 7-19, 7-20, 7-21                               Tel: 403-851-0301/Fax: 403-851-1108                                                        
                       WV,FW,FWV                                                                                                                OLMSTEAD, vICTORIA                      
                       MU#: 7-51, 7-52                                     FULTON, JIM                                                            Prophet Muskwa Enterprises                        MO,EL,CA,GO,BB,GB,WOF,SS,PS,
                                                                           Stone Mountain Safaris Ltd.                         MO,EL,CA,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,                          Box 6677, Fort St. John BC V1J 4J1                TR,FWV
                       CLARK, LLOyD                                        Box 7870, Toad River BC V0C 2X0                     WOV,LY,SS,PS,TR,WV,XC,FWB                          Tel: 250-789-9494/Fax: 250-789-3282               MU#: 7-51
                       Wild Rose Operating Ltd. o/a                        Tel: 250-232-5469/250-232-5461                      MU#: 7-36, 7-37, 7-43                    
                       Pink Mountain Outfitters                            Fax: 250-984-7517                                                                                      MO,EL,CA,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,                         TOMPKINS, BARRy
                       Box 29, Alder Flats AB T0C 0A0                                    LANCASTER, CLAy                                    WOL,LY,SS,PS,TR,WV,FWV                            High and Wild Wilderness Safaris
                       Tel: 780-388-2205/Fax: 780-388-3801                               Lancaster’s 3B Outfitting                          MU#: 7-42                                         Box 6742, Fort St. John BC V1J 4J2
                               SS,GO,EL,MO,CA,GB,BB,WOF,FW,                        Box 801, Charlie Lake BC V0C 1H0                                                                     Tel: 250-787-8431/Fax: 250-787-9732
                                   PS, Horseback Adventures, Day Rides                 Tel: 250-263-9197                                  RAyMOND, SHAwN                          
                       MO,EL,GB,BB,WOF,WOV,LY,TR,FWV,                      MU#: 7-50, 7-51, 7-54                                                      Coal River Outfitters                             MO,EL,CA,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,
                       WV,Trapline                                                                                                        Box 3901, Fort Nelson BC V0C 2X0                  SS,PS,WV,TR,FW,FWV
                       MU#: 7-45, 7-46, 7-47                               GILLIS, PAUL                                        GB,BB,SS,DE,EL,MO,WOF                              Tel: 250-233-8712/Fax: 250-233-8714               MU#: 7-49, 7-50
                                                                           Bougie Mtn. Besa River Outfitting                   MU#: 7-31, 7-35, 7-36                    
                       DEvENy, DAwSON                                      RR1, Mile 308, Box 30                                                                                                          wARREN, LARRy
                       Canadian Mountain Outfitters                        Fort Nelson BC V0C 1R0                              MCAULEy, JORDy                                     MO,WOF,WOL,SS,PS,TR,WV,FW                         Tuchodi River Outfitters
                       PO Box 31011, kelowna BC V1Z 3N9                    Tel: 250-774-6457/Fax: 250-774-3733                 Finlay River Outfitters Ltd.                       MU#: 7-51, 7-52, 7-53                             Box 59, Hudson’s Hope BC V0C 1V0
                       Tel: 250-317-5525/Fax: 541-333-2360                                        Box 1235, Mackenzie BC V0J 2C0                                                                       Tel: 250-483-4039/Cel: 250-263-4526
                                               MO,EL,CA,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,WOV,                       Tel: 250-997-9004/Fax: 250-997-3000                                                        
                       MO,CA,GO,BB,GB,WOF,SS,WV,FW,                        MU#: 7-42, 7-48, 7-56                               SS,GO,GB,MO,CA,EL,DE,BB,WOF,                                                                         MO,EL,CA,LGO,BB,GB,WOF, WOV,
                       FWV                                                                                                     WOV,FV                                                                                               SS,PS,TR,WV,FWV,FW,Trapline
                       MU#: 7-40, 7-41                                                                                         MU#: 7-37, 7-41                                                                                      MU#: 7-41, 7-42, 7-50, 7-51

                                                                                                                                   SPECIAL kEYS
                        Moose .........................MO           Deer.............................. DE    Coyote ..........................CY       Sheep:                                  Photo Safaris............... PS           Family Wilderness
                        Shiras Moose .............SM                Black Bear ....................BB        Cougar ......................... CO         California Bighorn .CS                Trail Rides.....................TR          Vacations .............FWV
                        Elk ...................................EL   Grizzly Bear ................ GB         Lynx ................................LY     Rocky Mt. Bighorn .RS                 Wildlife Viewing ......WV                 Upland Birds ..............UB
                        Roosevelt Elk ...............RE             Polar Bear ....................PB        Bobcat ..........................BC         Dall ........................... DS   X-Country Skiing ........XC               Waterfowl ................. WF
                        Caribou ........................ CA         Wolf ......................... WOF       Bison ..............................BI      Stone ........................ SS     Fresh Water Angling FW
                        Goat .............................GO        Wolverine ...............WOV                                                         Fanin ......................... FS    Salt Water Angling . SW

                                                                                                            2009 Guide Outfitters 16 Annual Directory
                                                                                      NORTH WEST GUIDES ASSOCIATION DIRECTORY
                                                                           This region encompasses the northwest quarter of the province and hosts a diversity of animals, fish,
                                                                           and birds. Grizzly and black bear hunting is excellent in the region and Dall sheep can be found in the
                                                                           northwest corner, with Fanin and Stone sheep found further east and south.

                                                                           Some of the best moose hunting in the province can also be found in the Northwest. All the high
                                                                           mountains have resident mountain goat populations. Caribou are common to the north half of the region.
                                                                           There are major salmon and steelhead watersheds as well, with some of the finest salmon, trout, and
                                                                           steelhead angling in the world. You can also fish for trout, char, and greylings.

                       BERG, STEwART                             CORK, ROB                             GOODwIN, JACK                         LARSON, CLINT                            RANNIGER, MARK
                       Double Eagle Guides & Outfitters          Tweedsmuir Park Outfitters            Northwest Big Game Outfitters         Kispiox Valley Outfitters                Moose Island Guide Outfitters
                       PO Box 86, Topley BC V0J 2Y0              Box 4604 Quesnel BC V2J 3J8           Box 344, Atlin BC V0W 1A0             Box 128, Smithers BC V0J 2N0             374 South Murphy Street
                       Tel/Fax: 250-696-3122                     Tel/Fax: 250-747-4533                 Tel: 250-651-7766                     Tel: 250-847-3480                        Campbell River BC V9W 1Y7
                                       Tel: 250-287-3050
                       MO,GB,BB,GO,FW,WOF                        MU#: 6-2                              MO,GO,BB,GB,WOF,DS                    MO,CA,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,WOV      
                       MU#: 6-05, 6-06, 6-08, 7-26, 7-27, 7-28                                         MU#: 6-28, 6-29                       MU#: 6-17, 6-18, 6-30                    BB,GB,MO
                                                                 DALEN, DENNIS                                                                                                        MU#: 6-2, 6-4
                       BLACKwELL, GARy                           Cassiar Stone Outfitters              HALL, BRETT                           LEwIS, MIKE
                       Wistaria Guiding                          49 Shawbrook Green SW                 Triple B Guides & Outfitters Ltd.     Bolen Lewis Trophy Guiding Co. Ltd.      SCHLAUCH, DENNIS
                       RR2, Site 17, Comp 9                      Calgary AB T2Y 3B9                    Box 4096, Smithers BC V0J 2N0         Box 863, Terrace BC V8G 4R1              Cornerstone Outfitters ULC
                       Burns Lake BC V0J 1E0                     Tel: 403-254-8991/Fax: 403-851-1108   Tel: 250-877-6735                     Tel/Fax: 250-635-6074                    Box 1030, Fort St. James BC V0J 1P0
                       Tel/Fax: 250-694-3459                                               Tel: 250-567-2926/1-778-786-0851
                                     SS,GB,BB,MO,CA,GO,WOF                                         Summer Lodge
                       MO,GO,DE,BB,WO,FW,WV,TR,PS,               MU#: 6-22, 6-23, 6-24, 6-25, 6-26     MO,GO,BG,BB,WOF                       MO,BB,GB,GO,DE,WOF,WOV                   Fax: 250-567-9196
                       SW,FWV                                                                          MU#: 6-9                              MU#: 6-3, 6-9                  
                       MU#: 6-1                                  DOUGLAS, KEITH                                                                                             
                                                                 Driftwood Guiding Ltd.                HILL, TOM                             MCCONNELL, BRIAN                         GO,MO,BB,GB, Fishing + Photo
                       BLACKwELL, JOHN                           PO Box 3106, Smithers BC V0J 2N0      Nass Valley Guiding &                 McConnell & Co.                          MU#: 6-03
                       Fawnie Mtn. Outfitters &                  Tel: 250-847-5016                     Outfitting                            Guiding Services
                       Moose Lake Lodge                                    Box 25, Site 1, RR#1                  Box 69, Telkwa BC V0J 2X0                SOLOMONSON, RICK &
                       Box 3310, Anahim Lake BC V0L 1C0                   Cochrane, AB T4C 1A1                  Tel: 250-632-6327                        KENNEDy, LyLE
                       Tel: 250-742-3535/Fax: 250-742-3749       Angling Guide Skeena Region,          Tel: 403-932-3393/Fax: 403-932-5484                        Claw Mountain Outfitters (2007)
                                       Bulkly and Zymoetz Rivers                                  Box 146, Fraser Lake, BC V0J 1S0
                                                                       SS,GB,MO,CA,GO,BB,WOF                 BB,GB,MO,MG,DE,LY,CO,WOF,WOV             Tel: (250) 699-8617/Fax: 250-699-8685
                       MO,CA,BB,WO,FW,WV,TR,PS, SW,              DRINNAN, DEREK                        MU#: 6-17                             MU#: 6-9                       
                       FWV                                       Misty Mountain Outfitters             Send correspondence mail to:                                         
                       MU#: 6-1                                  #8 Marion Crescent                    1470 McMannamy Draw, kalispell,       MILLIGAN, BOB                            MO,CA,GO,GB,BB,SS,WOF,FW
                                                                 Whitehorse Yk Y1A 5S4                 MT 59901 USA                          Milligan Outfitting Ltd                  MU#: 6-19, 6-20, 7-39, 7-40
                       COLLINGwOOD, RAy                          Tel/Fax: 867-633-3779                                                       Box 848, Terrace BC V8G 4R1
                       Collingwood Brothers Guides               HOOPER, DAvE                          Tel: 250-635-2799/Cel: 425-466-0908      STEFFEy, RON
                       & Outfitters                                   Babine Guides & Outfitter/            TF: 1-866-804-3783                       Moose Valley Outfitters
                       Box 3070, Smithers BC V0C 2N0             MO,CA,GO,BB,GB,WOF,WOV,SS,            Tukii Lodge                           bob.milligan@                            General Delivery
                       Tel: 250-847-9692/Fax: 250-847-2909       FW,PS,FWV                             Box 3693, Smithers BC V0J 2N0              Germansen Landing BC V0J 1T0
                               MU#: 6-16, 6-17, 6-20, 6-21           Tel: 250-697-6249/Fax: 250-697-6248          Tel: 604-484-8278
                                                                             MO,GO,BB,GB,WOF,WOV,FW, SW,    
                       MO,CA,GO,BB,GB,WOF,WOV,SS,PS,             FITCH, RON                                    Trapline,PS,WV,FWV,Backpacking           MO,CA,GO,BB,GB,WO,PS,
                       TR,WF,XC,FW,FWV,Trapline                  Grizzly Lake Outfitters               MO,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,WOV,LY,            MU#: 6-3, 6-9, 6-10, 6-11, 6-14, 6-15,   TR,WV,FWV
                       MU#: 6-20                                 Box 452, Houston BC V0J 1Z0           FW,Trapline                           6-16, 6-17, 6-30                         MU#: 6-18, 7-39
                                                                 Tel/Fax: 250-845-2428                 MU#: 6-7, 6-8, 7-27
                       COLLINGwOOD, REG                                                                           MOHR, DERRICK                            wILLIAMS, GREG
                       Collingwood Brothers Guides               MO,GO,DE,BB,GB,WO,WOL,LY,             KOSSEy, PETER                         Driftwood Valley Outfitters              Golden Bear Outfitting Ltd.
                       & Outfitters                              PS,WV                                 Riverswest Adventures Ltd.            Box 4423, Smithers BC V0J 2N0            PO Box 60, Charlie Lake BC V0C 1H0
                       Box 3070, Smithers BC V0J 2N0             MU#: 6-8, 6-9                         12454 Alder Rd, Smithers BC V0J 2N1   Tel/Fax: 250-847-9053                    Tel: 250-827-3648/Fax: 250-827-3647
                       Tel: 250-847-9692/Cel: 250-877-2847                                             Tel: 250-847-5315/Fax: 250-847-5319         
                       Home: 250-847-9790
                                                                 FLEMING, RON                                 
                       Fax: 250-847-2909                         Love Bros. & Lee Ltd.                 Salmon and Trout Fishing,             MO,CA,GO,BB,GB,WOF,WOV                   SS,GO,MO,CA,GB,BB
                               RR#1 - L - 42, kispiox Valley Road    Angling Guide                         MU#: 6-18, 7-27, 6-07                    MU#: 6-21, 6-22, 6-26
                                Hazelton BC V0J 1Y0                   MU#: 6-21
                       MO,BB,GB,GO,WOL,PS,TR,WV,                 Tel/Fax: 250-842-6350                                                       OBST, HARRO                              yOUNG, MICHAEL
                       XC,FW,FWV,TR,Backpacking                       LANCASTER, STAN                       Moon Lake Outfitters Ltd.                Lonesome Mountain Outfitters Ltd.
                       trips,Trapline                                     Kawdy Outfitters (1999) Ltd.          Box 177, Atlin BC V0W 1A0                PO Box 25, 2975 Billeter Rd.
                       MU#: 6-7                                  MO,CA,GO,BB,GB,WOF,SS,FW,             1339 McClintock Valley Road           Tel/Fax: 250-651-7465                    Smithers BC V0J 2N0
                                                                 FWV,WV,PS                             Marsh Lake Yk Y0B 1Y1                              Tel: 250-847-3421/Fax: 250-877-7610
                       CONNORS, KEITH                            MU#: 6-18, 7-39                       Tel: 867-660-5025                     MO,CA,GO,BB,GB,WOF,WOV,LY,DS,  
                       B.C. Safaris Ltd.                                                                    PS,WV,FWV                                MO,CA,GO,BB,GB,WOF,WOV,SS,FW
                       PO Box 1491, Prince George BC
                                                                 GERACI, JERRy                       MU#: 6-27, 6-28                          MU#: 6-17, 6-18, 6-20
                       V2L 4V5                                   Upper Stikine River Adventures Ltd.   MO,CA,GO,GB,SS,FW,PS,TR,WV,
                       Tel: 250-964-6595                         6825 Boundary Road                    FWV, Snowmobile vacations,Trapline    PERKINSON, SONNy
                       Satellite Phone: 1-600-700-0674           Telkwa BC V0J 2X2                     MU#: 6-24, 6-25                       Sonny’s Guiding Service
                       Fax: 250-562-4073                         Tel: 250-846-5001/Fax: 250-846-5002                                         Box 1483, Houston BC V0J 1Z0
                                      upperstikineriveradventures@          LARSON, ALLAN                         Tel: 250-845-3156/Fax: 250-845-3159
                                                       Indian River Ranch          
                       MO,CA,GO,GB,BB,SS,WOF,WOV,PS,          Box 360, Atlin BC V0J 1A0   
                       TR,XC,FW,FWV                              MO,CA,GO,GB,WO,SS,PS, TR,FW,          Tel: 250-877-1409                     MO, BB,GB,WOF,DE
                       MU#: 6-19, 6-23, 7-52                     FWV                                             MU#: 6-4, 6-9
                                                                 MU#: 6-19, 7-52             
                                                                                                       MU#: 6-25

                                                                                           2009 Guide Outfitters 17 Annual Directory
                                                                                            NORTHWEST TERRITORIES & NUNAVUT GUIDES ASSOC. DIRECTORY

                                                                                            Canada’s most northern region is vast and game-rich. This is the home of the best Dall sheep and
                                                                                            mountain caribou hunting in the world, as well as excellent moose hunting. World class animals of all
                                                                                            species are regularly taken in this area.
                                                                                            You can also fish in some of Canada’s most pristine lakes and rivers.

                                             DUTCHIK, DAvID                        HOUGEN, KELLy                         LANCASTER, CLAy & JIM            PETERSEN, SUNNy                       STEvENS, STAN
                                             Redstone Trophy Hunts                 Arctic Red River Outfitters Ltd.      Nahanni Butte Outfitters Ltd.    South Nahanni Outfitters Ltd.         MacKenzie Mountain Outfitters
                                             Box 18, Pink Mountain BC V0C 2B0      #3 Chestnut Place                     Box 3854, Smithers, BC V0J 2N0   Box 31119, Whitehorse Yk Y1A 5P7      (1978) Ltd.
                                             Tel/Fax: 250-772-5992                 Whitehorse Yk Y1A 4X4                 Tel. 250-846-5309/250-263-9197   Tel/Fax: 867-399-3194                 Box 175, Dawson Creek BC V1G 4G3
                                             Tel/Fax: 250-261-9962                 Tel/Fax: 867-633-4934                         Tel: 250-786-5118/Fax: 250-786-5404
                                                           MO,GO,CA,BB,WOF,WOL,DS           DS,MO,CA,GO,WOF,WOV,BB,     
                                             DS,CA,MO,WOF,WOV,FWV                  DS,MO,CA,WOF,WOL,FWV                  MU#: D/OT/02                     (GB for NWT residents only)           DS,MO,CA,WOF,WOL
                                             MU#: S/OT/05                          MU#: G/OT/01                                                           MU#: D/OT/01                          MU#: S/OT/02
                                                                                                                         MIKKELSON, ERIC
                                             GRINDE, HAROLD                        KNAP, JEROME                          NWT Outfitters Ltd.              SIMPSON, STAN
                                             Gana River Outfitters Ltd.            Canada North Outfitting Inc.          Box 106, Lazo BC V0R 2k0         Ram Head Outfitters Ltd.
                                             PO Box 528, Rimbey AB T0C 2J0         PO Box 340, 72 Mill Street            Tel: 1-888-293-2299              PO Box 89, Warburg AB T0C 2T0
                                             Tel: 403-357-8414                     Almonte ON k0A 1A0                    Fax: 250-897-0054                Tel: 780-848-7578/Fax: 780-848-7550
                                                     Tel: 613-256-4057/Fax: 613-256-4512  
                                             MO,CA,WOF,WOV,DS,FWV                  PB,CA,GB,WOF,Musk Ox,Wood             DS,MO,CA,WOV,WOF,FW              DS,CA,MO,GO,WOF,WOV,CO,DE,TR
                                             MU#: S/OT/01                          Bison,Walrus,Dog Sled Trips           MU#: S/OT/04                     MU#: S/OT/03
                                                                                   MU#: N1, N2, and N3

                                                                                                        OkANAGAN GUIDES ASSOCIATION DIRECTORY

                                                                                            This area is a study in contrasts — semi-arid conditions in the interior and the green mountain valleys
                                                                                            of the Okanagan.
                                                                                            This area is noted for its excellent mule deer hunting opportunities, but whitetail hunting is also on the
                                                                                            rise. Cougar hunting is excellent and the experience of hunting behind dogs is well worth the effort.
                                                                                            One can also find excellent black bear hunting and there are good populations of Shiras Moose and
                                                                                            Bighorn sheep.

                                             BRANDOw, BARRy                        HUBBARD, MARCELLA                     SCHNEIDER, DARRELL               STELKIA, AARON                        wIENS, JIM
                                             Granby Guides & Outfitters            Okanagan Outfitters                   Ashnola Guide Outfitters         Stelkia Ranch                         Vaseux Creek Outfitters
                                             2225 Almond Garden Road E.            1400 Greyback Mountain Road           Box 1529, Princeton BC V0X 1W0   Box 1346, Oliver BC V0H 1T0           Box 495, Oliver BC V0H 1T0
                                             Grand Forks BC V0H 1H4                Penticton BC V2A 8T3                  Tel/Fax: 250-292-8779            Tel: 250-498-4478/Fax: 250-498-4463   Tel/Fax: 250-498-3845
                                             Tel/Fax: 250-442-2849                 Tel: 250-493-6293/Fax: 250-493-6228   Cel: 250-499-6069                BB,CS                       
                                                               MU#: 8-1                    
                                             MO,EL,GO,DE,BB,CO,LY,BC,CS            SM,EL,DE,BB,CO,LY,PS,TR,WV,BC         EL,GO,DE,BB,CO,LY,BC,SM,CS,                                            MO,CS,DE,BB,EL,CO,BC,LY,UB,FW
                                             MU#: 8-14, 8-15, 4-14                 MU#: 8-10, 8-11                       Summer Pack Trips                wABNEGGER, DAvE                       MU#: 8-1
                                                                                                                         MU#: 8-2, 8-3, 8-4, 8-5, 8-7     Otter Lake Guide Outfitter
                                             HUBBARD, MARC                         KILBACK, MELvIN                                                        130 Wabnegger Road
                                             Okanagan Outfitters                   Kettle River Guides & Outfitters                                       keremeos BC V0X 1N1
                                             1400 Greyback Mountain Road           RR #1, Site 52, Comp 2                                                 Tel: 250-499-2280/Fax: 250-499-2279
                                             Penticton BC V2A 8T3                  Oliver BC VOH 1T0                                            
                                             Tel: 250-493-6293/Fax: 250-493-6228   Tel: 250-498-4176/Fax: 250-498-8896                                    SM,DE,BB,CO,LY,BC,EL
                                                                                                       MU#: 2-2, 2-17, 8-5, 8-6
                                             SM,EL,GO,DE,BB,CO,LY,CS,PS, WV,BC
                                             MU#: 8-8, 8-9                         MO;EL;DE;BB;CO;LY;BC;TR
                                                                                   MU#: 8-12;8-13;8-14

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      PHOTO: BRENDA NELSON

                                                                                                            2009 Guide Outfitters 18 Annual Directory
                                                                                                                          SOUTHERN GUIDES ASSOCIATION DIRECTORY
                                                                                                      This game-rich kootenay region is renowned for its high concentration and variety of big

                                                                                                      game species such as elk, mountain goat, Bighorn sheep, grizzly and black bear, mule and
                                                                                                      whitetail deer, Shiras moose and cougar.
                                                                                                      SCI recognizes the moose in the East kootenay as Shiras and a number of hunts are
                                                                                                      available annually.
                                                                                                      A fishing adventure on the world class Elk River is an adventure you won’t soon forget.

                                    AASLAND, JORDAN                                     CONROy, JOE                                         GOODwIN, DOUG                                      PARK, BRAD                                     SEDROvIC, KIM
                                    Whiteswan Lake Outfitters                           Sheep Creek Outfitters                              Luxor Creek Outfitters                             Calamity Creek Guide Outfitters/               Fernie Wilderness Adventures
                                    208B – 10th Street South                            714 – 4th Street NW                                 Box 157, Edgewater BC V0A 1E0                      Action Angling Adventures                      PO Box 645, Fernie BC V0B 1M0
                                    Cranbrook BC V1C 6k6                                Cranbrook BC V1C 4A4                                Tel: 250-347-9048                                  5526 Stag Road                                 Tel: 250-423-6704/1-877-423-6704
                                    Tel: 250-426-1962/250-426-3566                      Tel: 250-489-2192/Fax: 250-483-1910                                         Cranbrook BC V1C 7C6                           Fax: 250-4236717
                                    Fax: 250-426-1862                                                                              Tel: 250-426-0115/Fax: 250-426-0114  
                                                         EL,MO,MG,DE,CO,BC,LY,CS,BB,GB                       FWV,PS,TR,WV                                             FW,WV,FWV,Snowcat
                                    MO,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,WOV,CO,                       MU#: 4-20, 4-21                                     MU#: 4-35                                          MO,DE,GO,EL,BB,GB,WOF,CO,BC,                   Skiing,Icefishing, Angling Guide
                                    LY,BC,RS,PS,TR,WV,FW                                                                                                                                       PS,TR,WV,FW,FWV                                MU#: Region 4
                                    MU#: 4-24                                           DUBOIS, BILL                                        LEUENBERGER, HARRy                                 MU#: 4-20
                                                                                        A Bar Z Outfitters Ltd.                             Baldy Mountain Outfitters                                                                         SMUTNy, ALEX
                                    BERANEK, DAvID                                      1735 Cardiff Avenue                                 Box 42, Wardner BC V0B 2J0                         ROBBINS, BOB                                   Bugle Basin Outfitters Ltd.
                                    Packhorse Creek Outfitters Ltd.                     Windermere BC V0B 2L2                               Tel/Fax: 250-429-3985                              Grizzly Basin Outfitters                       1960 Wilson
                                    5779 Lower Elk Valley Road                          Tel/Fax: 250-342-3935                                                  3340 Avery Rd kimberley BC V1A 3k5             Cranbrook BC V1C 7H4
                                    Sparwood BC V0B 2G3                                                                       Tel: 250-427-3485/250-427-6573                 Tel: 250-426-8099
                                    Tel/Fax: 250-425-0711                                                  MO,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,CO,RS,                             
                                                    MO,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,FW,FWV,XC,                        LY,BC,FWV                                                 
                                                        Snowmobile Trips, Summer                            MU#: 4-1, 4-2                                      EL,MO,GB,BB,DE,GO,RS,CO,WOF,                   MO,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,CO,LY,
                                    EL,GO,MO,RS,DE,BB,GB,CO,LY,WOF,                     Pack Trips                                                                                             FW,FWV                                         BC,RS,PS,TR,WV,XC,FWV
                                    TR,PS,FWV,FW                                        MU#: 4-26                                           LEUENBERGER, STEvEN                                MU#: 4-14, 4-32                                MU#: 4-21
                                    MU#: 4-1                                                                                                Ram Creek Outfitters
                                                                                        FAIERS, ASTRID                                      Box 27, Wardner BC V0B 2J0                         ROBINS, KEN                                    wHITE, RICK
                                    BESwICK, SEAN                                       Shadow Mountain Outfitters Ltd.                     Tel: 250-429-3238/1-877-726-2735                   Whatshan Guides & Outfitters                   Sawtooth Outfitters
                                    Height of the Rockies                               1712 Eastman Ave, Riondel BC V0B 2B0                                      Box 443, Nakusp BC V0G 1R0                     RR#2, 1220 Valley View Drive
                                    Guide Outfitters                                    Tel/Fax: 250-225-3551                                                         Tel: 250-265-4539/Fax: 250-265-4592            Sparwood BC V0B 2G2
                                    3141 – 41st Street South                                           MO,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,CO,RS,                                    Tel/Fax: 250-425-0708
                                    Cranbrook BC V1C 6Z9                                          LY,BC,FWV                                          MO,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,CO,LY,BC,          
                                    Tel/Fax: 250-417-0828                               SM,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,CO,BC,                        MU#: 4-1, 4-2                                      FW,FWV                               
                                                                  RS,FW                                                                                                  MU#: 4-14, 4-32                                MO,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,FW
                                                    MU#: 4-22                                           LIGHTBURN, MARTIN                                                                                 MU#: 4-20
                                    SM,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,WOV,CO,                                                                           Rocky Mountain High Outfitter                      ROE, DEAN
                                    LY,BC,FW,FWV                                        FAIERS, TIM                                         & Guides                                           Canadian Mountain View                         wOLFENDEN, TROy
                                    MU#: 4-25                                           Shadow Mountain Outfitters Ltd.                     Box 69, Jaffray BC V0B 1T0                         Paradise (MVP)                                 Beaverfoot Outfitting
                                                                                        1712 Eastman Ave, Riondel BC V0B 2B0                Tel: 250-429-3560/Cel: 250-489-9058                9520 Stirton Road                              Box 2445, Golden BC V0A 1H0
                                    CARREAU, KEITH                                      Tel/Fax: 250-225-3551                               Fax: 250-429-3487                                  kimberley BC V1A 3J1                           Tel: 250-344-8419/250-348-2330/
                                    Pilgrim’s Bighorn Outfitting Ltd.                                                               Tel: 250-427-5528/Cel: 250-427-0937            1-888-830-6060
                                    Box 610, Faro Yk Y0B 1k0                                                                    Fax: 250-427-5536                              Pager: 250-344-8419/250-348-2330
                                    Tel: 867-994-3101/Fax: 867-994-3104                 EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,CO,BC,FW                             SM,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,CO,LY,BC,                                   Fax: 250-348-2130
                                                     MU#: 4-6, 4-7, 4-19                                 RS,TR,WV,FWV                                             
                                                                                                 MU#: 4-22, 4-24                                    MO,EL,DE,BB,GB,CO,LY,BC,GO,          
                                    CS,ELGB,BB,DE,GO,CO,Turkey                          FONTANA, ANNA                                                                                          RS,WOF, Turkey,TR,PS,FW,FWV,                   MO,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,CO
                                    MU#: 4-21                                           Elk Valley Bighorn Outfitters                       MILTON, RON                                        Backpacking                                    MU#: 4-35, 4-36
                                                                                        Box 275, Cranbrook BC V1C 4H8                       Black Antler Guide Services Ltd.                   MU#: 4-20
                                    CHRISTENSEN, MIKE                                   Tel/Fax: 250-426-5789                               RR#1 Winlaw BC V0G 2J0
                                    Findlay Creek Outfitters Ltd.                                         Tel: 250-226-7459                                  SCHUCK, BRIAN
                                    Box 287, Edgewater BC V0A 1E0                                                            Gemstar Outfitting
                                    Tel: 250-341-1477                                   SM,EL,GO,RS,GB,DE,BB,CO,LY,                         FW,PS,WV, Angling Guide West                       3066 Reeves Rd Donald BC V0A 1H1
                                               WOF,WOV,PS,FW,FWV, Grizzly                          kootenay – various waters                          Tel: 250-340-0061/Fax: 250-340-0062
                                                Bear Viewing                                                                                 
                                    SM,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF,CO,PS,TR,                     MU#: 4-23                                           NIDDRIE, JOHN                                      http://gemstaroutfitting.
                                    WV,FW,FWV                                                                                               Robertson Bighorn Outfitters Ltd.        
                                    MU#: 4-2, 4-26                                      GLAICAR, BRIAN                                      RR#4, 2331 - 13th Avenue                           GB,BB,MG,MO,EL,DE,WOF,CO,FW,
                                                                                        Monashee Outfitting at                              Invermere BC V0A 1k4                               PS,FWV,WV
                                    COCHRAN, PHIL                                       Porcupine Lodge                                     Tel: 250-342-3649                                  MU#: 4-36, 4-37
                                    Silent Mountain Outfitter Ltd.                      Box 2827, Revelstoke BC V0E 2S0           
                                    Box 1693, Golden BC V0A 1H0                         Tel: 250-814-0001/Cel: 250-814-9131                 RS,MO,EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,WOF
                                    Tel: 250-344-2457/Fax: 250-344-2463                                       MU#: 4-25
                                    GO,EL,DE,BB,GB,MO,LY,BC,CO,                         CO,LY,TR
                                    WOF,WOV,FW                                          MU#: 4-38, 4-39
                                    MU#: 4-34

                                                                                                                                                 SPECIAL kEYS
                                      Moose .........................MO           Deer.............................. DE    Coyote ..........................CY       Sheep:                                  Photo Safaris............... PS       Family Wilderness
                                      Shiras Moose .............SM                Black Bear ....................BB        Cougar ......................... CO         California Bighorn .CS                Trail Rides.....................TR      Vacations .............FWV
                                      Elk ...................................EL   Grizzly Bear ................ GB         Lynx ................................LY     Rocky Mt. Bighorn .RS                 Wildlife Viewing ......WV             Upland Birds ..............UB
                                      Roosevelt Elk ...............RE             Polar Bear ....................PB        Bobcat ..........................BC         Dall ........................... DS   X-Country Skiing ........XC           Waterfowl ................. WF
                                      Caribou ........................ CA         Wolf ......................... WOF       Bison ..............................BI      Stone ........................ SS     Fresh Water Angling FW
                                      Goat .............................GO        Wolverine ...............WOV                                                         Fanin ......................... FS    Salt Water Angling . SW

                                                                                                                          2009 Guide Outfitters 19 Annual Directory
                                                                                                VANCOUVER ISLAND, WEST COAST, &
                                                                                          LOWER MAINLAND GUIDES ASSOCIATION DIRECTORY
                                                                                        Vancouver Island’s wildlife population may be summed up as “bears, bears, and more bears”. The
                                                                                        black bear concentration is second to none, with a growing population. The density is more than
                                                                                        one bear per square mile on the Island. There is also an abundant coastal grizzly bear population

                                                                                        available on the mainland coast, with an excellent mountain goat population as well.
                                                                                        There is also trophy-quality Roosevelt Elk on Vancouver Island. The cougar and wolf populations are
                                                                                        also healthy and plentiful.

                                     DELUCA, DARREN                          FyFE, DAvE                              LINGL, SEAN                           REBANE, ALAN                           SIEvERS, JOHN
                                     Vancouver Island Guide                  North Island Guide Outfitters/          Canadian Guide Outfitters Ltd.        Pacific Mountain Outfitters Ltd.       San Juan River Outfitters
                                     Outfitters Inc.                         Nookta Wilderness Lodge                 PO Box 827, Port McNeil BC V0N 2R0    9826 Wescan Road                       General Delivery
                                     Box 1062, Station A                     Box 307, Campbell River BC V9W 5B1      Tel: 250-230-4868/Fax: 250-956-8209   Halfmoon Bay BC V0N 1Y2                Monte Lake BC V0E 2N0
                                     Port Alberni BC V9Y 7L9                 Tel: 250-850-1501/Fax: 250-850-1530      Tel: 604-740-3903/1-888-832-2299       Tel/Fax: 250-375-2550
                                     Tel/Fax: 250-724-1533                           Fax: 250-740-3939            
                                 EL,BB,CO,PS,WV,FW,SW                    MU#: 1-3, 1-5, 1-6, 1-7               DE,BB,CO,RE,WOF
                                     BB,CO,DE,WV,FW,SW,FWV                   MU#: 1-9, 1-10                                                                CO,GO,DE,BB,BC,PS,WV,FW,SW,            MU#: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-5
                                     MU#: 1-7, 1-8                                                                   LISTER, BRAD                          FWV, Mountain Hiking Trips
                                                                             KLAUI, PETER                            Coastal Inlet Adventures              MU#: 2-12, 2-13                        vENUS, GLENN
                                     DOUGAN, ABE                             North Coast Adventures Inc.             c8-2678 Weldwood Rd., RR3                                                    Trophy West Guide Outfitters Ltd.
                                     Big Boar Outfitters                     PO Box 13, RR#2 Galiano BC V0N 1P0      Powell River BC V8A 5C1               SHOCKEy, JIM                           Box 77, Campbell River BC V9W 4Z9
                                     1648 Springhaven Place                  Tel: 250-830-7676 (voicemail),          Tel: 604-487-0682/Fax: 604-487-0683   Pacific Rim Guide Outfitting           Tel/Fax: 250-923-4288
                                     kamloops BC V2E 1C6                     250-830-7434 (24 hr. voicemail),       PO Box 486, Duncan BC V9L 3X8          TF: 1-866-923-4288
                                     Tel: 250-377-5763/Fax: 250-851-0871     250-539-5751 (winter)                 TF: 1-888-826-1011           
                                    Fax: 250-539-5114                       GO,DE,BB,EL,WOF,CO,BC,PS, FW,          
                                                     FWV                                              EL,GO,DE,BB,GB,CO,WOF,WV,PS,
                                     BB,CO,BC,GO,LY,DE                               MU#: 2-5, 2-12, 2-16                  BB,CO,DE,WOF,RE,                       FWV
                                     MU#: 2-6, 2-7, 2-8, 2-9, 2-10, 2-11,                                                            Saskatchewan Whitetail,                MU#: 1-6, 1-10, 1-15
                                     2-16, 2-17                              GO,DE,BB,GB,WO,CO,SW,WV,                MIKKELSON, ERIC                       Yukon Moose
                                                                             PS,FW,FWV,Salmon spawning               Vancouver Island Hunts Ltd.           MU#: 1-12,1-13                         wELSH, BOB
                                                                             viewing,WV,cruising “Inside             PO Box 106, Lazo BC V0R 2k0                                                  Windcatcher Lodge Ltd.
                                                                             Passage”,SW for 5 species (Jul & Aug)   Tel: 1-888-293-2299                                                          Box 1219, Port Alberni BC V9Y 7M1
                                                                             MU#: 1-14, 1-15, 2-14, 2-15             Fax: 250-897-0054                                                            Tel: 250-723-1009
                                                                                                                                                                   SW,Angling Guide
                                                                                                                     MU#: 1-8, 1-12

                                                                                                         YUkON GUIDES ASSOCIATION DIRECTORY
                                                                                       The Yukon represents 4.8% of Canada’s total land area and is located north of the BC border,

                                                                                       east of Alaska, and west of the border with NWT.
                                                                                       There is an excellent and diverse game population with moose, Mountain caribou (23 separate
                                                                                       herds), Barren Ground Caribou, mountain sheep (Fanin and Dall) available for your adventure.
                                                                                       There are also grizzly and black bears, wolves, and Wood

                                     JENSEN, PETE                            MERvyN, TIM                             vANDERMARK, SANDI                     wIDRIG, CHRIS                          yOUNG, ALAN
                                     Pete Jensen Ltd.                        Mervyn’s Yukon Outfitting               Trophy Stone Outfitting Ltd.          Widrig Outfitters (1997) Ltd.          Midnight Sun Outfitting Ltd.
                                     58 Alsek Rd Whitehorse YT Y1A 3k4       Box 33036, Whitehorse YT Y1A 5Y5        68 North Star Drive                   139 Falaise Rd Whitehorse YT Y1A 3C8   Box 40144, Whitehorse Yk Y1A 6M8
                                     Tel: 867-667-2030/Fax: 867-667-7418     Tel: 867-633-6188/Fax: 867-633-5070     Whitehorse Yk Y1A 0A3                 Tel/Fax: 867-393-3802                  Tel: 403-242-9209/867-633-2885
                                                         Tel: 867-667-6337/Fax: 867-667-6340             Cel: 403-818-2236
                                                                                Fax: 403-242-0525
                                     MO,GB,DS,FS,CA,FWV                      DS, BI,MO,CA,GB,WOF,WOV,                        MO,DS,CA,GB,BB,WOF,WOV,FW    
                                     MU#: Concession # 3                     BB,TR,FW,FWV,WV,PS                      Sheep,MO,GB,CA,WOF                    MU#: Concession # 6          
                                                                             MU#: Concession # 13                    MU#: Concession #14                                                          DS,FS,GB,MO,CA,BB,WOF,WOV,
                                     LACKIE, FRED                                                                                                          yAKIwCHUK, CRAIG                       PS,TR,WV,FW,FWV,Canoe
                                     Rogue River Outfitters Ltd.             OLMSTEAD, KEvIN                         wATSON, MAC                           Lone Wolf Outfitting Ltd.              & Riverboat Trips, Summer
                                     PO Box 486, Duncan BC V9L 3X8           Devilhole Outfitters Ltd.               Yukon Stone Outfitter Ltd.            Box 33099, Whitehorse Yk Y1A 5Y5       Adventures
                                     Tel: 1-888-826-1011/Fax: 250-459-7714   Box 6677, Fort St. John BC V1J 4J1      Box 100, Hudson’s Hope BC V0C 1V0     Tel: 867-393-3093/867-333-0919         MU#: 2-34,2-64 incl.
                                     MO,CA,DS,GB,BB,WOF                      Tel/Fax: 250-987-9494                   Tel: 867-333-0223/Fax: 250-783-9454   Fax: 867-393-3013
                                     MU#: Concession # 7                           
                                     MCKINNON, CHRIS                         MO,GO,GB,BB,WOF,WOV,LY,                 GB,BB,SS,CA,MO,FW                     GB,BB,MO,CA,SS,WOF,WOV,FW,
                                     Bonnet Plume Outfitters (1989) Ltd.     DS,PS,TR,WV,XC,FW,FWV                   MU#: Concession # 15                  TR,FWV
                                     PO Box 89, Calling Lake AB T0G 0k0                                                                                    MU#: Concession # 19
                                     Tel: 780-331-2440/Fax: 780-331-2441
                                     MU#: Concession # 5

                                                                                                        2009 Guide Outfitters 20 Annual Directory
                                                                                            THOMPSON GUIDES ASSOCIATION DIRECTORY

                                                                                  This game rich region of the province offers hunters great opportunities to harvest 8 big
                                                                                  game species. Having long been noted for it’s great mule deer, cougar and California bighorn
                                                                                  sheep numbers, excellent populations of black bear, Shiras moose, whitetail deer and
                                                                                  mountain goat also exist. Upland game birds, waterfowl and river and lake fishing are also
                                                                                  available in this region.

                                     AMBLER, BRUCE & THERESA            GILES, BRENT                         RITCEy, MIKE                          SIEvERS, HERB                     STEPHENSON, TIM
                                     Ambler’s Bighorn Country Guiding   Mico Outdoor Adventures Ltd.         Bearcat Outfitters                    Fraser River Outfitters Ltd.      Tall Grass Outfitting
                                     Box 521, Clinton BC V0k 1k0        6522 Perrey Road                     153 Helmcken Drive                    5394 – 1A Ave. Delta BC V4M 1C5   Box 1966, Lillooet BC V0k 1V0
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