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					Wardlow Hay Cop bibliography:

Arróniz-Crespo M, Leake JR, Horton P, Phoenix GK. (2008). Bryophyte physiological
responses to, and recovery from, long-term nitrogen deposition and phosphorus fertilisation
in acidic grassland. New Phytologist 180, 864-874

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plant growth, vegetation structure and soil processes in semi-natural acidic and calcareous
grasslands receiving long-term inputs of simulated pollutant nitrogen deposition.
Environmental Pollution, 121, 363-376.

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Bryology, 22, 83-89.

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eutrophication and acidification of species-rich grasslands in response to long-term simulated
nitrogen deposition. Environmental Pollution 155, 336-349

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pollutant nitrogen deposition on root-surface phosphatase activities in calcareous and acid
grasslands: a bioassay approach. New Phytologist, 141, 433-442.

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microbial activity in response to 7 years simulated pollutant nitrogen deposition on a
heathland and two grasslands. Environmental Pollution, 103, 239-250.

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nitrogen pools in species rich grasslands after 12 years of simulated pollutant nitrogen
deposition: a 6 year experimental analysis. Global Change Biology (in press)

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activities of three plant functional types in a calcareous grassland. New Phytologist 161, 279-

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pollutant nitrogen in calcareous and acidic grasslands: evidence from N flux and 15N tracer
studies. Water, Air and Soil Pollution 4, 159–167.

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