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                                           THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME
                                                By Richard Connell

1.What mood does Connell create around “ship-trap island”?
Mysterious, dread, eerie, fear

2.what does rainsford hear in the dark while on the boat that catches his attention?
Gunshot-3 times

3.what is this an example of “He strained his eyes in the direction from which the reports had come, but it was
like trying to see through a blanket?”simile

4.How does rainsford end up overboard?
Climbs on railing to see better, pipe gets knocked from mouth-reaches for it-falls off

5.why would he take his clothes off when he was thrown overboard?
He’s too heavy with all of that on…drags him under

6.according to rainsford’s assumptions, what was the hunter doing with the first three shots?
Flushing the quarry----making it run out of hiding…and wounding it first glance, what is the impression that the author gives us of zaroff?
Sophisticated, cultured, hunter, handsome

8.what do zaroff’s clothes tell us and rainsford about zaroff? Rich-high social status

9.what does zaroff assume that rainsford will think about his “most dangerous game”?
He thinks Rainsford will enjoy hunting men

10.without men to hunt, how does zaroff ensure that he gets them?Lights show that there’s a channel, but
there is no channel and the lights will cause ships to crash on the rocks does zaroff justify what rainsford considers as murder? Only the strong survive-survival of the
fittest, and he only hunts scum not cultured men

12.what kind of heads do we assume we’ll see in zaroffs “new collection” in the library?
Human heads several things rainsford did to try to fool zaroff when being hunted.
Runs like a fox in loops and circles and climbed a tree
Build a malay man catcher
Built a Burmese Tiger pit
Built a trap with a spring and a knife attached on the end
Jumped out to see to lose the trail

14.what does zaroff mean when he says one of us is to “furnish repast for the hounds”?
Whoever loses will be food for the dogs

15.How do you think the hunting experience with zaroff has changed rainsford’s opinion of hunting?
He is probably more sympathetic to huntees/prey now because he’s been in their position

16.why does rainsford say “I’m still a beast at bay” and what is that an example of? He has been treated like
an animal and he will act like an animal and kill the hunter..its an example of metaphor

17.what “game” is meant by the most dangerous game?
Like the game that means the quarry or what is hunted and the game that Zaroff is playing is
dangerous because it kills him

18.what is the most dangerous game? mankind

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