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              Monterey County Office for Aging and Adult Services
                         Minutes of the Meeting of the
                    Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council

DATE:        July 20, 2006

TIME:       1:00 p.m.

PLACE:      Oldemeyer Center
            Blackhorse Room
            Seaside, California

PRESENT: Kathleen Adamson, Vice-Chair, Marilyn Bloom, Nancy Dolton, Yolanda
         Harris, Carina Jansson-Toner, Joey Lasnik, Chair, Bob Petty, Olivia
         Quezada, Richard Rangel, Jean Wang, Marvin Wolf and Pat Jones, ex-
         officio member, California Senior Legislature

ABSENT:     Mayme Kulper (excused), John O’Brien (excused) and Linda O’Brien

STAFF:      Sam, Trevino, Mary Goblirsch and Sharon Kachadoorian, recorder

VISITORS: Darlene Rangel
          Kathy Spake, Executive Director, Monterey Pines Skilled Nursing Facility

1.   Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance – Chair Bob Petty
     Chair Bob Petty called the meeting of the Area Agency on Aging Advisory
     Council (AAA-AC) to order at 1:05 p.m.

2.   Roll Call: Determine Excused/Unexcused Absences – Secretary
     Recorder Sharon Kachadoorian called the roll. There were three excused
     absences. With 11 members in attendance, it was determined that there was a

3.   Public and Provider Introductions
                     Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council
                            Meeting of July 20, 2006

4.   Public and Provider Comments and Announcements

5.   Comments and Announcements by Council Members
     Marvin Wolf announced he had attended the Alliance on Aging’s Tuesday
     seniors luncheon in Salinas and wished to compliment the organizers on a job
     well done. Over 110 seniors participated. Participants were led in exercises
     and Sheriff Mike Kanalakis gave a presentation and distributed a Seniors
     Information Packet, which was also distributed to Council members. Sam
     Trevino stated for the record that this program is organized by the Alliance on
     Aging as a senior nutrition program independent of AAA funding. Bob Petty
     added that the Alliance on Aging is initiating several new activities in the wellness
     area in order to broaden the program. Nancy Dolton gave a status report on
     Vista Point, the newly opened senior housing complex in Pacific Grove.
     Kathleen Adamson wanted to call attention to a handout in Council members
     packets titled “Housing Needs of People with Disabilities Assessment – July
     2006”, a collaboration between the Alliance on Aging, Central Coast Center
     Coast Center for Independent Living, CHISPA Housing Development,
     Department of Social and Employment Services and others.

6.   Comments and Announcements by California Senior Legislature
     Pat Jones, CSL Senator reported that SB1249 (which represents establishing a
     consistent budget for CSL) is now headed for the Assembly Appropriations
     Committee in August. Nancy Dolton mentioned that the CSL is going through a
     change in Administration. For years the Commission on Aging has served as the
     primary administrative body for the CSL and as of June 1st one of the state
     departments will serve as the primary administrative body for 1 year. What will
     become of the CSL after that is unknown at this time.

7.   ACTION ITEM: Approve Council Minutes of June 15, 2006:
     The minutes of the AAA Advisory Council meeting of June 15, 2006, were
     approved. (Adamson, Dolton, MSC)

8.   ACTION ITEM: Accept Minutes of Executive Committee June 6, 2006:
     The minutes of the Executive Committee meeting on June 6, 2006, were
     accepted. (Adamson, Wolf, MSC)

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                      Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council
                             Meeting of July 20, 2006

      Receive nomination from the Executive Committee and move to elect Richard
      Rangel for California Senior Legislature Assemblyman. Richard spoke briefly
      before the Council stating that he appreciates the confidence and support and if
      elected will work closely with current CSL Senator Pat Jones. Pat Jones in turn
      stated she is thrilled with Richard’s nomination. On behalf of the Executive
      Committee, Chair, Bob Petty, moved to accept the nomination. (Petty, Adamson,
      MSC). The Full Council unanimously elected Richard Rangel as CSL

      a) Approve the following Council members to the Executive Committee
      appointed by the Chair: Linda O’Brien, Kathleen Adamson, Marvin Wolf
      (Lasnik, Rangel, MSC)

      b) Receive report of committee assignments from the Chair
      Evaluation and Allocations Committee – Yolanda Harris will be leaving the
      Committee and replaced by Jean Wang. Nancy Dolton will continue as Chair.
      Strategic Planning and Development Committee – Carina Jansson-Toner will join
      the Committee and John O’Brien will continue as Chair.
      Information and Education Committee – Yolanda Harris will be joining the
      Committee and Richard Rangel will be leaving. There is one vacancy TBD.
      Carina Jansson-Toner will Chair the committee.
      Legislation & Advocacy Committee – Being the new CSL representative, Richard
      Rangel will be joining the committee. Jean Wang will remain Chair.

      Other reports with regards to committees: The Information & Education
      committee will meet bi-monthly rather than monthly. Also, in response to a
      request from staff, the Legislation and Advocacy committee will move to the 3rd
      Monday of the month and will meet prior to the Information and Education
      committee @ the Alliance on Aging in Monterey.

      An Action Item to approve the above mentioned selection of Chairs will be added
      to the agenda for the September AAA-AC meeting, per governing bylaws.

      AAA Report – Sam Trevino brought to the Council’s attention a flyer in their
      packets regarding Farmers Market Coupons. The Alliance on Aging is
      distributing coupon books this year and distribution is going well. The distribution

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                         Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council
                                   Meeting of July 20, 2006
      will last through November or until coupons run out. The Council also received a
      memo that related to Disaster Planning and the role of the AAA and its
      contractors. A copy of a member-to-member mentoring program handbook for
      AAA directors from the California Association of Area Agencies on Aging (C4A)
      was shared. Sam Trevino informed Council members of a staff workgroup he is
      chairing – for the division charged with developing restructuring ideas to enhance
      operations and address management span of control issues. Sam will integrate
      the Advisory Council for review and input. Sam also reported on the first
      meeting of the Aging Services Professional Association, a new group convened
      by the AAA and its contractors. The focus of this group is to provide front line
      professionals with a forum for networking, collaboration, and to develop
      fellowship and support. Over 45 participants attended. Meetings will be held on
      a quarterly basis, the next meeting will be held in October. Sam will serve as
      facilitator. Invitee’s for this start up year will be limited to AAA contractors and
      Aging and Adult Services staff. Expansion of invitee’s is envisioned for year two.

      Aging and Adult Services Program Report – Mary Goblirsch reported for Andy
      Williams. The division is gearing up for the Citizen Verification procedures now
      required for MediCal eligibility, which was part of the federal Budget Reduction
      Act of 2006. New applicants and renewals will be affected. In-Home Supportive
      Services (IHSS) is busy converting participants who have a Share of Cost (SOC)
      to MediCal programs. It is an immense task and a Taskforce meets twice a
      week. The Aging & Adult Services Division has issued an RFP and received
      vendors who are interested in contracting with the County to provide a variety of
      supportive services for clients served in the MSSP, Linkages, APS, and Aids
      Case Management programs. There is hope to issue award letters to successful
      applicants within 3 weeks and services will be in place by Fall.

      Division Report – Mary Goblirsch continued her report with news concerning
      Natividad Medical Center. Also, the SEIU Union contract involving approximately
      2800 County employees was ratified on July 18, 2006. It will be a 3-year
      contract. On July 1, 2006, IHSS Provider’s received a wage increase to $10.50.


      Information and Education Committee – No Report

      Evaluation and Allocations Committee – No Report

      Legislation and Advocacy Committee – No Report

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                      Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council
                             Meeting of July 20, 2006

      Strategic Planning and Development Committee – Trevino
      Sam Trevino directed attention to a memo in Council members packets entitled
      Disaster Response - Role of the AAA. The memo outlined the core role and
      mission of the AAA in regards to initial response and record keeping in the event
      of a disaster. The Disaster Workgroup is currently attempting to make sense of a
      huge amount of subject matter. The AAA and its contractors will be developing
      agency specific disaster plans as required by the California Department of Aging.
      A user-friendly template for writing a disaster plan may be used which was
      secured by the Bay Area Emergency Preparedness Coalition for Seniors and
      People with Disabilities. The Council was encouraged to visit various websites
      including the County's OES website for helpful hints in the event of a disaster.

      Update on North County – Joey Lasnik reported on efforts to bolster North
      County’s Sr. Nutrition Program. Joey, Meredith Manhard, RD consultant for the
      AAA, and Margaret Baldwin, Analyst with the Alliance on Aging have been
      providing technical assistance to the Prunedale Senior Center (Lea Barber,
      Director) and the North County Recreation and Park District (Judy Burditt,
      Director) on a collaborative grant proposal to local foundations. There are
      several goals for this collaborative group. One is to enhance senior center
      services in Castroville and Pajaro. Second is to increase senior participation in
      center activities, and to increase visibility of services to seniors through joint
      marketing ventures. Everyone involved is quite excited. Sam Trevino
      complimented Joey, and Margaret Baldwin for their efforts.

15.   Reports from designated representatives to various entities:
      Triple A Council of CA (TACC) – Petty
      No Report

      Public Authority for In-Home Supportive Services Advisory Council –
      The IHSS Advisory Council has a new Chair, Danika Dallimore. IHSS has
      completed and distributed a new Consumers Handbook and a Handbook for
      Providers will soon follow. There is currently a vacancy in District 3. Recruitment
      for new members attracted eight people with three individuals still in contention.
      Criminal background checks for IHSS providers were discussed. At this point
      State law does not require IHSS providers at large to undergo criminal
      background checks, although consumers may request a background check to be
      performed. Providers registered with the Public Authority Registry are required
      to have a background check.

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                     Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council
                            Meeting of July 20, 2006

      Social Services Transportation Committee – Wang
      No Report

      Salinas Senior Center Board – Appel
      Joey Lasnik reported that tomorrow she would be attending the Senior Center
      annual business meeting/luncheon at Harden Ranch.

      Community HealthPlan Corp – J. O’Brien
      No Report

      Before the meeting was adjourned Council members were reminded of another
      upcoming AB1234 Ethics Training. All Advisory Council members are required to
      attend this training.

16.   Adjourn:
      Chair, Bob Petty adjourned the meeting at 2:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,           Edited by,     ________________________
Sharon Kachadoorian                    Sam Trevino    Signed by Chair Bob Petty

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