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                         Dedicated to learning and practicing the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba

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   ISSUE 18, FALL 2003

Sai Young Adult Newsletter                                        1                                                 Issue 18, Fall 2003
                          Swami Says...
                          PREMA DHAARA

                              Children of Immortality!         And not in another, for I fill all space          Cleansing and healing
                          Remember that you are created in            You cannot escape Me                  That soothes the hidden sorrow
                            My image and likeness. Perfect!          Or do anything in secret              And leaves you calmed and quiet
                                Live up to this image,           For there are no secrets with Me                   Rest in My Love
                              in every way, in all planes.      Live…live….live in perfect accor-         Let all that you have been through
    NEWSLETTER, USA,               Live like Masters!                           dance                      In your many lives up to this day
       IS ASSEMBLED              Walk this earth with                    With My laws and                    Melt in My Redeeming Light
                                 your head held high.                   wonders will ensue!                     Children of My Being!
       BY A TEAM OF
                                  Your spirits soaring,                       Think now.                          Dissolve your sorrow
  YOUNG ADULTS FROM            Your hearts open to love          Does error clog the free flowing                    and fears in Me
         DIFFERENT              And believe in yourself        Essence of My Being through you?                       Let Me efface
                                 and God within you                  Ask Me this moment to                           All your karma
                                 Then all will go well.              reveal to you your errors                      Come back into
  STATES, IN UNITY AND               Earth is but a             In the silence of your meditation            My Consciousness, which is
       LOVE FOR SAI.         manifestation of My Being          Let old memories well up in you              Your own true consciousness
                                Made out of My Life!             From My subconscious in you                          Let your petty
                            Wherever you look, I am there                    Old patterns,                 human self fade away, right now,
    PLEASE FEEL FREE TO     Wherever you walk, I am there      old forgotten feelings and thoughts                 As you come to Me,
    MAKE COPIES AND            Whomever you contact,               Now plunge them into the                     who am your Inner Self
                                   I am that person                        Ocean of Light                              You are now
                          I am in each, in all My Splendour             So that you may be                     My Radiant Glorious Self
   THIS NEWSLETTER TO             See Me everywhere                True Emblems of My Being                  No longer separate from Me
     YOUR FRIENDS ALL          Talk to Me and Love Me                   Right now, visualize                        Melt with Me…
                                   Who am in each                        My burning Flame                            Merge with Me
                            Then from each, I will respond           Rising higher and higher                         Become ME!
     WISH TO REPRINT          And bring you into Glory               As it burns through you
          ARTICLES         You cannot see Me in one place           It is a flame that is cooling                     - From your most loving
                                                              Letter from the Editor
                          Om Sai Ram!
        LETTERS AND       Dear sisters and brothers,
                          Happy Sai Birthday! The current issue of SYAN is about you, themed as "Your Story."
                          The issue is a collage of experiences of Swami drawing individuals to Him. Through their
                          stories, we find ourselves lost in thoughts of spirituality and the divine.
       P.O. BOX 4872
                          As we all use this time around Swami's Birthday to reflect on the one gift He wants from
   CARY, NC 27519, USA    us, our transformation, SYAN is also reflecting on how we can serve Swami in expanding
                          ways. Many of you have enquired about how you can help with SYAN. The theme of the
  CONTACT@SYAN.ORG        current issue really reflects how you can help quite well … share your stories, your
 HTTP://WWW.SYAN.ORG      experiences, your ideas, your enthusiasm!

                          In the coming year, we hope to bring you some "case-study" type reports by highlighting
                          the application of Swami's teachings in various settings. We also want to establish a more
                          regular release schedule along with identifying and exploring topics relevant to you. We
                          invite your thoughts and comments by sending an email or letter to the contact
                          information listed.

Issue 18, Fall 2003                                              2                                                 Sai Young Adult Newsletter
Walkin’ in a Summer Wonderland by Radha Ram, Dallas, TX

To Face Unafraid, the Plans that                                              the fifteenth of June. Some devotees had us into His ashram in many ways, the
We’ve Made                                                                    been dreaming of such a journey for      most obvious being the prasad he sent
                                                                              years. A few devotees had been seeking   us. Overjoyed, we made sure devotees
I  n the first week of June, for the first
   time, Bhagawan Baba visited a Sri
Sathya Sai Hospital as a patient, rather
                                                                              Swami’s approval for years. Bal Vikas
                                                                              children, young adults, and adults had
                                                                                                                       on the trip and those in America would
                                                                                                                       get a taste of the Divine gift.
than a visitor. His seventy-eight year                                        been practicing their play, music pro-       Ever since Swami’s hip injury, pub-
old body underwent hip and eye sur-                                           gram, and bhajans, respectively, for     lic darshans had been put on hiatus.
geries at the Sri Sathya Sai General Hos-                                     months. Organizers had been calling      Nevertheless, we kept ourselves busy and
pital in Whitefield. Devotees around                                          India confirming room accommoda-         disciplined, we had no expectations,
the world prayed for His health, held                                         tions, stage props, musical instruments, and, above all, we prayed for Bhagawan’s
bhajans for His recovery, and overlooked                                      and uniform saris for weeks. Speakers    health. The two weeks were filled with
their personal matters. Devotees from                                         advised us, experienced travelers pre-   more and more activities – practices, seva,
Region X – Texas, Arkansas, and Okla-                                         pared us, families held bhajans. And     meetings, meditation, and mantras By
homa – did the same, yet there was one                                        though the change of venue asked for     the second week, Bhagawan sent two
issue that troubled our minds: whether                                        much unexpected, last-minute work,       speakers: Whitefield University Warden
or not to proceed with our journey to                                         Whitefield presented itself as a cozy, cool
                                                                                                                       Narsimha Murthy and Prashanti Coun-
see the Lord. Though doubts floated in                                        14-day miniature heaven and haven for    cil member Dr. Venkataraman. These
the air, none found a permanent resi-                                         the nearly 300 Region X pilgrims.        charismatic, eloquent, yet humble
dence in any devotee’s heart. Darshan                                                                                  speakers addressed our region multiple
                                                                              In the Lane, Sai is Glistening           times weaving their personal experiences
or not, rain or shine, we would not
                                                                                 Soon after our arrival, Bhagawan sent with a wide range of topics including
abandon our much anticipated journey
                                                                              us our first surprise: welcome prasad.
to India.
                                                                              Aware of our arrival, Swami welcomed
    The pilgrimage started much before                                                                                                      CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

                                           Tending to His Temple by Satya Karamchandani, NC & Savita Naik, GA
    S P I R I T U A L I T Y & H E A LT H


                                           S    wami often reminds us that our body is a temple
                                                of God. It is a gift bestowed on us to use as His
                                           instrument. Therefore, we must make an effort to
                                                                                                          limits of our body. We all overuse our muscles and abuse
                                                                                                          our bodies in some way or the other without realizing it:
                                                                                                          sitting for long periods of time, using improper body me-
                                           stay healthy and strong. Taking care of oneself means          chanics while lifting heavy objects, or even not drinking
                                           different things to different people. Most would not           enough water, can wreak havoc on the body.
                                           argue that attention must be paid to body, mind,                   Water for example, plays an important role in maintain-
                                           and spirit. Yet, for many of us on the spiritual path,         ing the integrity of our muscles, joints and ligaments. It
                                           it is often easy to justify efforts spent on controlling       provides essential nutrients to our muscles, and prevents
                                           the mind and nurturing the spirit, rather than tend-           them from becoming tight and fatigued. Water also flushes
                                           ing to this physical shell. However, Swami says, “The          harmful toxins and metabolic by products out of our sys-
                                           body has to be carefully and tenderly fostered, it is          tem. So when you suddenly find yourself feeling tired, le-
                                           a precious gift given for achieving a laudable task.”          thargic and achy, for no obvious reason, think about how
                                           We need our physical bodies to live in this world,             much water you have had!
                                           to perform our duties and do His work. Ironically,                 Many of us also demonstrate poor posture during sit-
                                           we need this physical body in order to transcend it!           ting and standing. Poor posture is one of the main causes of
                                                At the most basic level, taking care of our physi-        back injury. Any change in your normal spinal curve due to
                                           cal body includes watching what we eat and exer-               poor posture can create stress and strain on the muscles,
                                           cising. There are also more subtle measures that we            ligaments, and bones in your back. This, in turn, causes
                                           can take to stay healthy and protect our bodies from           pain. These are the muscles that give us “core stability”, and
                                           injury. The first thing we can do is to recognize the                                            CONTINUED ON PAGE 10

Sai Young Adult Newsletter                                                                            3                                                     Issue 18, Fall 2003
Transforming Through Sound by Heather Hood, Cambridge, MA

T     hroughout the ages sound and music has been utilized to open the heart, quiet the mind and open a pathway to the
      divine. The universe was created by a sound, but before the sound there was the silence space where only God existed.
Therefore as important and useful a tool as music and sound is, it is more important to go to the quiet space within your own
heart where God resides.
    Satya Sai Baba commented on the usefulness of sound and music in a
discourse given on October15, 1966 when he stated, “Ananda (spiritual
                                                                                             Our Peace
bliss) is the best cure for                             mental depression; as a
matter of fact, it is                                    when the inner springs
                                                                                       Heather Hood, Cambridge, MA
of ananda are ig-                                         nored that man gets de-                     In an instant
pressed. India                                               has recognized the                        In an hour
salutary ef-                                                    fect of music on                        In a day
                                                                                    Events unfold chaos emerges and peace
the mind;                                                       its potency to re-
store calm                                                      and equanimity,                 Disorder and mayhem
to still the                                                   waves of agitation           A world of smoke and flame
and worry. Music                                      is the instrument by which               A world of wails of grief
passions are subli-                                mated, emotions are tamed,           Hard to believe and hard to speak
impulses directed to                               higher purposes.” Once the                 Hard to see through it all,
mind has been qui-                                 eted and tamed by sound,                    But as Gandhi said, “...
when one sits in si-                               lence the heart can be more            In the midst of death life persist,
receptive to one’s                                 true inner Self.                     In the midst of untruth truth persists,
    I have had sev-                                eral personal experiences that     In the midst of darkness light persists”
                                                                                    I add in the midst of hatred love persists.
have taught me about                             sacred sound and the inspira-
                                                                                         May we not waiver in our belief
tion and transformation that can come from the silence that follows. I would       That good shall fall at last that love will be
like to share one of those. Sept.11, 2001 was of course a tragic day for many                          regained.
individuals in the United States and around the world. I was at work and
people kept coming to me and giving me updates from the news. It was so                               In an instant
hard to believe when I was told the first tower fell … and then the second.                            In an hour
    I felt myself in an energetic ‘free-fall.’ I recall silently going inside my                        In a day
heart and asking, “Baba, what’s going on? Baba, what’s going on?” a num-            Events unfold chaos emerges and peace
ber of times. From inside a silent answer came. It wasn’t verbal, but more                               ceases,
like a picture, a “knowing” that came to me. It became clear in my mind                     But the world keeps spinning
                                                                                             And babes are being born
that no matter what may arise from the events that day, no matter the chaos,
                                                                                       And somewhere children are playing
no matter what wars may result, in the end peace would return. Having                   And somewhere the sun still shines.
that reassurance I was suddenly very centered and focused. That sense of
free-fall and anxiety left me.                                                                        In an instant
    That night there was to be a prayer vigil at my church at 7:30pm. I                                In an hour
arrived very early and I sat on a stone seat silently sitting when from my                              In a day
heart I had this desire to write a poem that reflected on my feelings of the                         Events unfold
day. I took out a piece of paper, and began to write. The words flowed, as if          Chaos emerges and peace ceases,
they had a life of their own. I was just the scribe to what unfolded in my                          But return it will
heart. [Poem included in box insert]                                                        Unless we let our sorrow to
                                                                                             Seek out the wings of hate,
    When I was done I shared the poem at the vigil and many people after-
                                                                                         Allow injustice to mark our faces,
wards told me they were very moved by the poem. Their hearts responded                       As we search for answers,
to the message. I knew it was not my own. I used the poem as an inspira-                As we search for someone to pay,
tion to write a song and shared it with members of my Church and Sai                           For what has been lost.
group. Sacred sound has a transformative nature and can influence and                    But it is only hidden in the smoke
quiet the mind; leading the way to a quiet space within the heart. I have          And when it clears the time will come again
turned to sound in the form of song and divine inspiration during times                  When we walk in love and hope
when I have needed it most.                                                            And regain our peace and faith.

Issue 18, Fall 2003                                            4                                          Sai Young Adult Newsletter
Holding His hand                              by Neeta Sanders, Atlanta, GA

S    wami and I go back a long way. It is
     funny but if one is destined to be
with Him, one will be, no matter what
                                               would be very sad to see me go. I went
                                               home that evening and had this inner
                                               voice telling me that I shouldn’t have
                                                                                           Human Resources Manager and told her
                                                                                           that I had decided not to quit. She was
                                                                                           delighted and she handed me back my
happens. My story is some what like            resigned. I was in such a dilemma and       resignation letter (which she hadn’t even
that. I was only five years old when I         didn’t know whether the inner voice was     opened!). So I stayed in the company
first heard of Sai Baba. My cousins were       really Swami or just my “fear talking”, I   and a week later, I got a promotion and
all Sai devotees and they all attended Bal     decided to write on two chits (one say-     I got transferred to another department
Vikas (Sai Spiritual Education) classes.       ing that I should stay and the other say-   with a new boss who was the nicest per-
So they asked me if I would be inter-          ing that I should quit) and placed them     son. I thanked Swami for this wonder-
ested in going along. I really enjoyed         in front of Swami’s picture.                ful miracle. This made me understand
the classes and slowly learnt to pray to       I prayed hard and told                        that everything He does He does for
Swami for everything. My parents, on           Swami that the piece of                         our best.
the other hand, had another Guru (spiri-       paper I would pick up                                My second most profound miracle
tual teacher) and so did my brother, but       would be His answer and                         happened when I had arrived at the
I grew to love Swami and trust in Him          that I would follow it                           Atlanta Airport for the first time. I
for my every need. My parents respected        no matter what. Of                                was alone and lost. The people who
that and we all learnt to believe that “all                                                       were supposed to pick me up
paths lead to the same goal”.                                                                       didn’t tell me where they would
    As I grew up, I continued to grow in                                                            meet me. I prayed I had some
the Sai organization. After Bal Vikas, I                                                           small change, and just then, a lady
joined the youth group and then the                                                               came up to me and asked me if I’d
Young Adults group. I taught the Bal                                                             like some coins to make a call. I
Vikas and the youth in the group. I                                                             called them, but they were not an-
gave talks and workshops to thousands                                                          swering their telephone. So I was
of people. I learnt confidence and pub-                                                       pacing up and down, not knowing
lic speaking, all from being in Swami’s                                                       what to do. I heard people’s names
fold.                                                                                         being called on the PA system and
    As the years have gone with                                                              then I prayed to Swami. “Swami if
Him holding my hand, a lot                                                                   my friends paged me, I would know
of little miracles have happened                                                             where to go”. Five minutes later, I heard
which have strengthened my                                                                  my name being called on the PA sys-
faith in Him. I’d like to relate two                                                        tem “Neeta Mirpuri, go to E-6, your
very special miracles that will always                                                       party is waiting for you. I asked some-
stay close to my heart.                                                                         one how I could get to E-6, they
    I was 18 when I had my first job. I                                                            guided me and sure enough my
worked in a law firm. I had a very                                                                 friends were waiting there. I said
trying boss who was very impatient                                                              to them “Had you not paged me, I
and rude to me. He would shove files                                                         would have never found you” and do
in my stomach and make me cry. So              course I picked up the chit that            you know what they said to me? “We
after working there for a year, I told         said “don’t quit”. Now I was really in a    didn’t page you”. I just smiled and whis-
Swami that I couldn’t take it anymore          predicament. I said to Swami “How can       pered a silent thank you prayer to
and that I had to resign. I typed up my        I do this? I’ve already handed in my        Swami.
resignation letter, sealed it in an enve-      resignation letter?” But I had to follow         Such are the ways of our lovely
lope and gave it to the Human Resources        Swami’s orders so off I went to work the    Bhagawan. He has held my hand since
Manager. She took it and said that it          next day and sheepishly approached the      I was five and is still holding on.

              Believe that Sai Baba is in your heart, as your Atma, unshakable, full of love.
                                                                                                            SSS vol. VII p. 29

Sai Young Adult Newsletter                                        5                                                   Issue 18, Fall 2003
At His Feet by Nivedita Gunturi, Boston, MA

T     his summer, I was blessed with the
      great fortune of spending two weeks
in Brindavan in Swami’s divine presence
                                                As we filed into Sai Ramesh Hall at
                                             5:45 am, the volunteers told us to seat
                                                                                         seemingly “misfortune.”
                                                                                             Over the next few days, Swami
                                                                                         blessed us with speakers, Mr.
as part of a group of 283 people from        ourselves so we could see Swami’s win-      Narasimhamurthy,             and         Dr.
Region 10. The experience was enlight-       dow. Of course, how could over 200          Venkatraman, and directed them to
ening and exalting. In such a short time,    women sit with a clear view of the win-     speak to us for an hour everyday. One
I learned more about God and about His       dow? So we adjusted ourselves with          day He sent sweets, and another day He
love, about peace and selfless service,      heavy hearts, knowing that even if          sent calendars. We were all touched and
about the mundane and the divine, than       Swami were to appear at His window,         amazed at His love and grace, but we
I had learned in the previous 18 years of    we would not likely get to see Him. The     were still starved for His darshan. Twice
my life.                                     men of our group were led to sit right      that week, we were able to see Him in
    The first day we landed, as our group    outside the gates into Swami’s house,       His car, but we still weren’t satisfied. We
led bhajans (devotional songs) outside       while the women prayed that at least        begged with tears in our eyes and de-
Sai Ramesh Hall in the after-                                                                      spair in our hearts. And sure
noon, I went and joined in the                                                                     enough, exactly one week after
back of the large group gath-                                                                      we landed in Bangalore, Swami
ered there. As I sat and looked                                                                    answered our prayers.
around, I felt a curious feeling                                                                       That morning, the women
of oneness with everyone                                                                           from our group were sent in-
around me. It was such an                                                                          side the Trayee gates, into the
enchanting sight to see so                                                                         complex. As we sat and listened
many individuals, in so many                                                                       to the bhajans sung by the stu-
shapes, sizes, and forms from                                                                      dents, the reality of the situa-
all walks of life, young and                                                                       tion hit home. There we were,
old, weak and strong, all with                                                                     sitting in the lawn outside the
the same purpose, all with the                                                                     home of the Lord of the Uni-
same goal in mind. They all                                                                        verse and then, His shining face
yearned for Swami, knowing                                                                         appeared at the window, His
that He was a mere 100 yards                                                                       hand raised, blessing His devo-
away, in a building that we                                                                        tees. As we gazed at Him in
could all see. As these thoughts                                                                   awe and devotion, He waved to
rushed into my mind, they                                                                          us with a broad smile on His
overflowed through my eyes as                                                                      face, letting loose a cascade of
tears streamed down my face.                                                                       tears from the eyes of each and
“Anandamaya Bhagavan, Hey                                                                          every one of us. He then waved
Premamaya Bhagavan,” someone sang.           our menfolk would get good glimpse of       over our heads to the devotees still in
    After taking darshan for granted, I      our Lord. Suddenly, we heard shouts         Sai Ramesh Hall. That day, as we left
realized what it was to yearn for the mere   of “Swami, Swami!!” and “Sai Ram’s” as      darshan, the only thought in all of our
sight of the Lord. As the days carried       the seva dals tried to maintain disci-      minds was that of Swami’s infinite love
on, we all busied ourselves with spiri-      pline. As the devotees trampled each        and compassion.
tual exercises like singing, service, and    other in order to try and get a view of         When we found out that the Sai
meditation. In addition, we were all         Swami, He retreated into His room. We       Spiritual Education children had been
busy practicing for the programs we          had missed our chance. Those among          granted permission to perform their play
hoped to put on for Swami in His di-         us that had at least seen a flash of or-    in Swami’s physical presence, we were
vine presence. After several days of wait-   ange were satisfied that their trip had     elated. The youth were given the op-
ing and begging the Lord to have mercy       been worth it. I, among many others,        portunity to practice and sing two songs
on us and bestow us with His divine          shed tears of disappointment and            to welcome Swami into the auditorium.
darhsan, one day we were given hope          frustration that day, alternating between   That day was also to be the first darshan
that we would get to see Swami for the       berating Swami and begging Him to tell      after Swami’s injury. As the first rays of
first time since we had arrived in           me what I had done to deserve such          the sun peeked out and the chanting be-
Issue 18, Fall 2003                                             6                                           Sai Young Adult Newsletter
A Second Chance by Hima Parmar, Ndola, Zambia

S    everal years ago when I was eleven
     years old, I was diagnosed with ce-
rebral malaria which lasted for
                                             swing on our balcony in the evening, and he found me on the floor, uncon-
                                             when all of a sudden, I felt dizzy and scious. He called my mother and they
                                                                                                both picked me up and took me
two months. During these                                                                        into the sitting room to the
two months, I had to stay in                                                                    couch. My parents tried to see
bed for 24 hours a day and                                                                      if I would regain conscious by
could not even stand up since                                                                   talking to me, but I was not re-
the disease went straight to the                                                                sponding at all. They then
brain and it is usually fatal.                                                                  called my family doctor and she
In Zambia, cerebral malaria is                                                                  came over and checked for any
a very common cause of death                                                                    signs of life, but my heart was
and many dies from it annu-                                                                     not beating and I had no pulse.
ally. I was only able to drink                                                                  She tried everything she could
liquids and was unable to                                                                       do to save my life, but it ap-
keep down solid food. After                                                                     peared that I was already gone.
going to the doctor on a Sat-                                                                   She told my parents there was
urday, he took a blood test                                                                     nothing more she could do.
and said that my reports were                                                                       My family, having been Sai
normal and that I would not                                                                     devotees for many years, decided
have to continue taking the                                                                     to call on Swami to help. My
tablets.                                                                                        dad rushed to the temple in our
    However, I went home, still weak         fell down on the floor. My father came home and brought vibhuti and rubbed
from the illness, and was sitting on a       out of the house to see what I was doing it on my forehead. They waited and
                                                                                        prayed for some time hoping for a
                                                                                        miracle to take place, but nothing hap-
gan, the excitement was almost palpable      and His brilliant robe a mere two feet pened. They were crying and were com-
in the air.                                  in front of me. Truly, it was an experi- pletely devastated when they realized
    We all were seated, awaiting the ar-     ence I had never dreamt I could partake they had to cover the dead body of their
rival of the Lord. When we heard the         in. As Swami left the hall after the play only child with a white cloth. After
Arathi begin outside in Sai Ramesh Hall,     was over, Arathi began and none of the being covered for about fifteen minutes
we prepared ourselves to begin our own       children could contain their sorrow at with the white cloth, I all of a sudden
Omkar. Swami entered in His golf cart        seeing Swami leave.                        regained consciousness and pulled the
as we began to sing our pledge to Him:           As all of us sobbed, dismayed that cloth down and looked at the clock in
“I will love you more and more each day,     our Sai Ma was leaving, His sweet smile the sitting room. I asked my parents,
I will love you, dear Sai, forever and a     and reassuring eyes reminded us that He “What is that?” as I had lost any memory
day ...” When Swami descended from           would never leave our hearts. Although of what had transpired. I even looked
His golf cart and began to walk, assisted    the experience of doing service and learn- at my parents and asked, “What are
by several others, we felt His pain. The     ing about Swami from people who have you?” My doctor was completely
sight of our Lord in His condition was       experienced His miracles and His divin- shocked and could not believe what had
almost unbearable, as with every step He     ity firsthand was definitely one worth happened. She told my parents that I
took, the pain was evident on His ever       having, the true reward of this trip came must have lost my memory during this
smiling face. But for the sake of His        from my own heart. Knowing that I time as I could not remember what had
devotees, who were yearning for Him,         will treasure these memories in my heart happened Slowly, with Swami’s loving
He walked among us, smiling at us, ask-      to my last breath, I have relived those hand guiding me, I recovered and gradu-
ing after the welfare of several devotees,   days many times since I have returned. ally regained my memory. It is truly his
and listening to our songs of praise.        And now, it is true for me that “Sai miracle that I am alive today. I am re-
    My childhood dream of singing in         bhajan bina sukh shanthi nahin (One ally grateful to Swami for giving me a
Swami’s presence was finally realized. I     will find no peace without singing the second chance at life.
could not contain my joy at seeing His       Lord’s name).
Lotus feet, His beautiful crown of hair,
Sai Young Adult Newsletter                                      7                                                Issue 18, Fall 2003
 Walkin’ in a Summer Wonderland
 Continued from Page 3
prema, dharma, spiritual transformation    modating Bhagawan’s golf-cart rested at    began and Baba intensely watched ev-
and seva.                                  the feet of Sai Ramesh Hall.               ery action, every actor, every face, every-
    Bhagawan’s love glistened more and        Even in Swami’s physical condition,     thing. Though devotees were worried
more each day. On the first Thursday,      His compassion and love for devotees       about Swami’s comfort due to his recent
men from the region were blessed with      drove him to give the first formal         operations, Bhagawan sat through the
Bhagawan’s surprise darshan from the       darshan in three weeks and to intensely    entire drama. After the flawless play,
window of His residence, Trayee            watch our Bal Vikas drama, “There Is       Baba asked one of the Region X leaders
Brindavan. Though only a few                                                               who the best actor was. Speechless
ladies caught a glimpse of the                                                             and sincerely without an answer, the
bright orange robe, our child-like                                                         devotee responded saying that all
disappointment quickly disap-                                                              were good actors. Baba then mate-
peared. Three days later, all the                                                          rialized a mini-pile of vibhuti and
ladies from the region were al-                                                            blew the vibhuti on all the children.
lowed within the gates of                                                                  As aarti was going on, Swami got
Swami’s residence. After the                                                               back into the golf cart. While de-
Whitefield students sang bhajans                                                           parting, He blessed the Bal Vikas
inside the residence, Swami                                                                binder presentation. Around aarti
spoke a few Telugu words                                                                   time, Swami had materialized a gold
through the microphone saying                                                              chain for the young girl.
that He would soon see His                                                                     He sings a love song as we go
devotees in Sai Ramesh Hall and                                                            along
that would bring Him happi-                                                                    One day before our departure,
ness. (I wondered who would                                                                Bhagawan sent us our last surprise:
exceed in happiness – the devo-                                                            farewell prasad. In the middle of a
tees or Swami.) As our hopes for                                                           group meeting, I caught sight of
presenting the Bal Vikas play                                                              some Whitefield students approach-
were exponentially rising, Swami                                                           ing our group with four shopping
suddenly appeared from his win-                                                            bags. The unusual behavior caught
dow, giving darshan for what                                                               the attention of most members of
seemed like an eternity. With                                                              the meeting. Our leader then an-
indescribable Love, He gazed at                                                            nounced that Bhagawan had sent us
us and gently extended His arm                                                             a few things: four packets of vibhuti,
through the bars of the window                                                             som papadi, and a calendar card per
to wave and bless everyone. Before leav-   Only One Religion.” As Bhagawan en-        person. He had even sent a sort of fare-
ing the gates, Swami had made sure that    tered Sai Ramesh Hall after darshan, the   well card with his picture on both sides
all devotees within the gates received     young adults and their instruments be-     and his signature “With love and bless-
mysore-pak and apples as prasad. Faith     gan singing “We will love you more and     ings to all.” The love of God is that of
can move mountains.                        more each day.” As Bhagawan walked         1000 mothers. Before the twentieth of
                                           within the hall and gazed at the young     June, I accepted this statement as a fact.
A Beautiful Sight, We’re Happy             adults and others, the audience joined     After this date, this fact transformed into
Tonight                                    us in “Sai Hamara.” As He took His         a living reality.
    The previous night was filled with     seat, we continued with “Satsangatve.”         You can do the job when you’re in
activity. The ashram transformed to cel-       Two boys formally invited Swami to     town
ebrate Bhagawan’s much anticipated         watch the drama by presenting an invi-
darshan. What would have taken weeks       tation. One of the boys was wearing a      Formal Seva Activities
in India and days in the U.S., was ac-     golden Jesus pendant. Later, he in-            The irregular darshan schedule al-
complished in one night in Whitefield.     formed us that when Bhagawan blessed       lowed opportunities to help the
Flag-banners outlined ashram sidewalks,    the pendant, the boy saw a bright light    Whitefield community and Sai devotees.
an arch with colorful flowers reading      emanating from Swami’s palm to the fig-        Western Canteen: Ladies cut veg-
“Welcome Swami” hung over the hall’s       ure of Jesus on his pendant. The drama     etables, washed dishes, and dried dishes
entrance and a freshly-built ramp accom-   entitled “There is Only One Religion”      starting as early as 5am. Young Adult

Issue 18, Fall 2003                                           8                                          Sai Young Adult Newsletter
Ladies cleaned tables and mopped the
floor daily.
    Indian Canteen: Men cleaned tables
and mopped floor.
    IT Seva: A few technologically-ad-
vanced Young Adults helped individu-
als at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of
Higher Medical Sciences (SSSIHMS) in
Whitefield with their high-tech com-
puter system.
    Blood Drive: Those eligible donated
blood to the patients of the SSSIHMS.
    Packages: Though they didn’t know
who would end up receiving the bags,
women packed “goody bags” for anony-
mous devotees. The bags ended up go-
ing to devotees who attended the Re-
gion X Bal Vikas play, “There is Only
One Religion…”
    Bathroom Seva: Ladies cleaned the
bathrooms in the ashram – the public
bathrooms and the bathrooms in the
Women’s Hostel.                            Where to turn for information
    Street Seva: Male Young Adults
                                            With the proliferation of internet websites we wanted to highlight some of the key
helped clean up the street immediately
                                        resources available to us via the Sri Sathya Sai Organization.
outside the ashram gates.
                                   The official website of the International Sri Sathya Sai Organi-
Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listenin’?   zation. Contains information about the Organization’s structure, guidelines, discourses,
General Outline of Daily Schedule       and contacts.
AM                                 Official website of the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust. This
5:50        Meet at Sai Gokulam Ganesh website is quickly updated with recent discourses, photographs from recent Ashram
            Temple                      events, reports, and an abundance of useful Sai information.
6:00-6:15 Morning Prayers & Bhajans Official website of Radio Sai. This website contains the program
6:15-6:25 Walk to Kalyana Mandapan listing for Radio Sai, the global satellite radio network, along with downloadable
            (Nagar Sankirtan)           music and other programming.
6:30-7:30 Morning Sadhana                   Additionally, specifically for young adults in the United States, the Organization
7:30-9:15 Breakfast                     has established regional young adult teams consisting of a young adult male and
8:45-9:15 Group leaders meeting above female representative and an adult male and female advisor. These teams help with
            western canteen             communication, organizing activities, and are there as a resource for the young adults
9:15        Assemble at Sai Ramesh Hall in each region. If you would like the contact information for the team in your region,
9:30-10:30 Distinguished Speakers       please contact your local Sai Center or write to
11:00-12:00 Distinguished Speaker ad-
            dressing Region X
PM                                                                      Announcement
12:00-1:00 Lunch                              As young adults and Young Adult groups, we face similar challenges. Some of
Afternoon Seva Activities                 these include group dynamics, motivation, and applying His teachings in a “west-
2:00-3:00 Group Satsang & Announce-       ern” society. This year our Spring 2004 issue will focus on sharing ways that groups
            ments                         and/or individuals have overcome these challenges. The goal is to make the issue a
4:00-5:00 Bhajans                         practical guide and allow young adults to share what has worked.
6:00-6:30 Sai Gayatri                         Please send in your submissions by March 1, 2004 for consideration in the
6:30-7:45 Dinner                          next issue. As usual we welcome photographs, artwork, reports and stories of indi-
7:45-8:45 Adult Bhajan Practice           vidual service and other activities from Sai youth. Please write to,
9:00        Lights off.                   or the mailing address found on page two. For SYAN writing guidelines and help-
                                          ful ideas, please see our Writing Guidelines on the internet website.

Sai Young Adult Newsletter                                     9                                                Issue 18, Fall 2003
Tending to His Temple
Continued from Page 3

protect our spine. Developing good posture involves an un- physical activity into our routines! We spend many hours
derstanding of what poor posture is. Try this test: Stand up sitting in front of our computers for work and for entertain-
and slump forward, rounding your back. Loosen your stom- ment. However, sustained sitting, particularly in the wrong
                                                                 position, can cause the muscles in your neck and upper back
                                                                 to become tight and overworked. This can lead to muscle
                                                                 spasms, neck pain, poor posture and general instability, which
                                                                 can become chronic problems. Yet there are some very simple
                                                                 precautionary measures that we can take to prevent this from
                                                                      1.    Ergonomic computer set-up
                                                                      2.    Proper sitting posture, maintaining the normal
                                                                            curves of your back
                                                                      3.    Frequent breaks
                                                                      4.    Stretching and strengthening exercises
                                                                      5.    Drinking lots of water
ach muscles, and let them fall to your knees! Now try this:
Stand up straight distributing your weight evenly through           Healthy living begins with an awareness of the limita-
your feet, tuck your chin into your neck, pull your shoulders tions of this body, and what it needs to stay strong. Stay
back, tighten the muscles in your stomach, and feel your hydrated and develop good posture. Stay strong, particularly
lower back flattening slightly. If you are doing this correctly, in the abdominal and back region. Stretch all major body
you are probably demonstrating good                                                      parts at least once a day, and more
posture! Poor posture is usually the                                                     frequently if you are sitting for long
result of weakness and muscle imbal-                                                     periods of time. If sustained sitting
ance in the abdominal and lower back                                                     is unavoidable, at least make sure you
region. Weakness in these muscles                                                        are sitting correctly, and take precau-
makes us more susceptible to lower                                                       tions to avoid overuse injuries. Fi-
back injuries. Low back injuries dur-                                                    nally, use proper body mechanics
ing lifting can be avoided by follow-                                                    while lifting and moving objects.
ing 5 easy tips:                                                                             Knowledge is the easy part. More
                                                                                         difficult, however, is to demonstrate
1. Stand using a wide stance                                                             the discipline that we need to put
2. Keep your back straight and                                                           this knowledge into practice. It seems
    bend at your hips and knees                                  mundane, but it isworship in the most fundamental
3. Keep the object close to you                                  way. How can we seek the God within the temple when the
4. Hold your stomach muscles tight to help support your walls of the temple are broken and crumbling?
                                            5.     Avoid any
                                            twisting move-

                                           with       society’s
                                           greater reliance on
                                           technologies for
                                           work and entertain-
                                           ment, many of us
                                           find ourselves liv-
                                           ing a relatively sed-
                                           entary lifestyle. We
                                           have to schedule

Issue 18, Fall 2003                                                10                                    Sai Young Adult Newsletter
 Word Jumble

    Unscramble the letters below using the clue given to uncover the answer. Solve and be on your way
 towards the higher purpose! (Capital letters do not necessarily denote the beginning of a word).

       d     u    R     g    a   a                Divine vehicle

        f    r     r    s    a   n   t   o M      What Swami does to the heart

       e    C     p     A    e                    We are trying to reach this state, in every country

       g     i     r    i    p   L   m            Spiritual traveller

       E     n     j    o    y   r   u            This earthly trip

       a     r     i    c    l   e   m            Seen or unseen, this led us to Swami             miracle


                         Always at every time, at every place, I am where you need Me.
                           All things without are subject to the limitation of time and
                            space, to the material laws of Nature. My outer form is no
                           exception! If you would perceive My physical form, it must
                            come within range of your gaze, position itself so that you
                          could see it. And even then, it may not gaze at you. But I am
                         omnipresent! The limitations of the body and the outer senses
                        do not hold for the inner vision. Therein you can see Me at any
                          time and any place, and receive Darshan. The outer vision is
                         purposely insufficient, instantaneous, transitory, casual so that
                        you may crave for and accomplish the inner Darshan. If I have
                        separated you from My image off and on, it was to bring you to
                        Me and My presence within you. That alone will replenish you
                         and refresh you, I know. None of my absences was a rejection
                         of rebuke, so far as you are concerned, I intend them all. And
                                       always I willed that you return to Me.
                                                                        Compendium p 103

Sai Young Adult Newsletter                               11                                         Issue 18, Fall 2003
                              Issue 18, Fall 2003

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