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									Alphabetical Listings
UNITED STATES                                  Media Buyer, Long-Form TV         New York, NY 10018
Phone: 800-411-4700                            Media Buyer, Short-Form TV        UNITED STATES
Fax: 650-320-9842                                                                Phone: 212-822-1566
Email:                       Lohan Media LLC                   Fax: 212-822-1079
Ron Williamson, General Mgr. & Sr. VP                   Email:
Categories:                                    11755 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 1150   Ronald Kohen, Dir., Licensing
Call Center/Customer Care                      Los Angeles, CA 90025             Categories:
Telemarketing, Automated/IVR                   UNITED STATES                     Brand Marketer
Telemarketing, Inbound                         Phone: 310-996-7200               Fitness Hard Goods Dev.
Telemarketing, Outbound                        Fax: 310-478-0800                 Licensing Services
                                               Email:         Marketer, Direct Response
      Locin Industries Ltd.                    Lenny Sands, Owner                                  Categories:                             M2 - Marketing &
200-18 Gostick Place                           Marketer, Direct Response         Management Services
North Vancouver, BC V7M 3G3                    Marketer, Long-Form TV  
CANADA                                                                           200 N. Tustin Ave., Ste. 206
Phone: 604-980-9318                            Longevity & Health                Santa Ana, CA 92705
Fax: 604-980-7090                              5310 Beethoven St.                UNITED STATES
Email:                          Los Angeles, CA 90066             Phone: 714-953-5566, ext. 1
Brad Collins, VP                               UNITED STATES                     Fax: 714-558-1717
Sue Collins                                    Phone: 310-574-6910               Email:
Categories:                                    Fax: 310-306-4840                 Dallas Celecia, President
Import/Export                                  Email:     Categories:
Brand Marketer                                 Klee Irwin, President             Consultant, Direct Response
Distributor - International                    Categories:                       Marketer, Direct Response
Distributor - Online                           Marketer, Direct Response         General Consumer Product Dev.
Distributor - Wholesale                                                          General Product Manufacturer
                                                     LP Services
      Lockard & Wechsler Direct                44036 Horizon View St.                  M2G Media Inc.                               Temecula, CA 92592      
2 Bridge St., Ste. 200                         UNITED STATES                     15215 Alton Pkwy., Ste. 300
Irvington, NY 10533                            Phone: 949-412-0778               Irvine, CA 92618
UNITED STATES                                  Fax: 949-606-8887                 UNITED STATES
Phone: 914-591-6600                            Email:     Phone: 949-502-7601
Fax: 914-591-6652                              Edward Shin, Owner                Fax: 949-266-9041
Email:                  Categories:                       Email:
Richard Wechsler, President & CEO              Media Buyer, Per Inquiry          Chad Murdock
Categories:                                    Marketer, Short-Form Radio        Categories:
Agency, Direct Marketing                       Agency, Radio                     Full-Service Firm - All
Agency, Direct Response                        Marketer, Direct Response
Media Buyer, Long-Form TV                      Agency, Direct Response                 M2Z Networks Inc.
Media Buyer, Short-Form TV                                             
Agency, Creative Services                      L-Soft International              2000 N. 14th St., Ste. 600
                                                          Arlington, VA 22201
      Lockard & Wechsler West LLC              8100 Corporate Drive, Ste. 350    UNITED STATES                                 Landover, MD 20785                Phone: 703-894-9500
245 E. Olive Ave., 2nd Floor                   UNITED STATES                     Fax: 703-894-5001
Burbank, CA 91502-1214                         Phone: 301-731-0440               Email:
UNITED STATES                                  Fax: 301-731-6302                 John Muleta, CEO
Phone: 818-557-8313                            Email:             Categories:
Fax: 818-537-8318                              Categories:                       Miscellaneous
Email:                     Email List Broker/Mgr.
LeeAnn Johnson, President                      Online Creative/Content           MacPac Inc.
Agency, Direct Marketing                       M&M Fitness Equipment             90 Corporate Park Drive, Ste. 1460
Direct Marketing Media                         498 7th Ave., 20th Floor          Pembroke, MA 02359

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