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       05 Book Arts
       07     Ceramics
       08 Drawing/Painting
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       13 General Studies
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       18 Sculpture
       18 Wood
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Oregon College of Art and Craft is dedicated to
excellence in teaching art through craft, contributing
significantly to the continuity of contemporary craft as
an artistic expression.

OCAC is accredited by the National Association of
Schools of Art and Design and is supported by grants
from the Oregon Arts Commission and the National
Endowment for the Arts. OCAC has been granted
Candidate for Accreditation status by the Northwest
Commission on Colleges and Universities. Candidacy
is not accreditation nor does it ensure eventual
accreditation. Candidate for Accreditation is a status
of affiliation with the Commission which indicates that
the institution has achieved initial recognition and is
progressing toward accreditation.

This school is a nonprofit corporation authorized by
the State of Oregon to offer and confer the academic
degree described herein, following a determination
that state academic standards will be satisfied under
OAR 583-030. Inquiries concerning the standards or
school compliance may be directed to the Office of
Degree Authorization, 1500 Valley River Drive, Suite
100, Eugene, Oregon 97401.

OCAC operates under 501(c)(3) status, and is gov-
erned by a self-perpetuating board of volunteer trust-
ees. OCAC reserves the right to change programs,
regulations and fees noted in this schedule.

OCAC is committed to equal opportunity for all persons,
without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national
origin, age, sex, marital or parental status, political ideas,
sexual orientation or handicap, in the admission of stu-
dents to educational programs and activities.

IMAGES: Stickeen Design and Photography and
Stephen Funk Photography

  Studio School adult courses
                        The Studio School program at Oregon College of Art and
                        Craft offers a relaxed yet inspiring setting for students of
                        all skill levels. Adult workshops and classes bring visiting   Try It! One-Day Workshops
                        artists from around the country to share their knowledge
                                                                                       Try your hand at something new!
                        and experiences.
                                                                                       Explore a new medium, expand
                        Tours                                                          your creative repertoire or just get
                        OCAC welcomes visitors to the campus throughout                your hands dirty. These workshops
                        the year and provides tours every day at 11:00AM and
                        1:00PM for those interested in either the undergraduate
                                                                                       are designed to give participants
                        programs or the MFA in Applied Craft and Design.               an introduction to new materials
                        Please call 503.297.5544 to sign up for a tour.                and methods in just one day. Take
                                                                                       one or take them all! See the full
                        Students traveling from out of town have numerous              “Try It” workshop descriptions listed
                        options for housing in the Portland area. The College          throughout the schedule.
                        keeps an updated listing of many nearby hotels and
                        dormitories priced to fit into all budgets. Limited
                        on-campus accommodations may also be available.
                        Please call 503.297.5544 for more information about

                        The Hands On Café offers home-cooked gourmet
                        lunches and dinners on campus. The Café is open for
                        lunch 11:30AM - 2:00PM Monday through Friday, and
                        many campus visitors choose to eat before or after their
                        tour or shopping in the gallery shop.

   04   studio school
book arTs workshops                                                  can be used in card making, stand alone as art
                                                                     pieces or combine with other media. Students
The Handmade Card                                                    will be familiarized with the techniques of simple
BA701 • FEB 6-FEB 7 (2 sessions); SAT/SUN 9:00AM-4:00PM              and multiple-plate embossing. Images will be
TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 27: $162                       transferred onto paper and cut into templates.
                                                                     These can be used for repeated embossing.
                                                                     The instructor will provide a wealth of botanical
In this age of computer correspondence, surprise                     images, leaves, plant material, etc. that can be
your “pen pals” with truly original and expressive                   transferred onto paper and cut into templates.
postmarked cards. This idea-packed workshop                          Students may also bring in forms that personally
will introduce you to a variety of unique ideas                      inspire them. A portfolio will be constructed at the
and techniques that will provide inspiration long                    end of the day to house the striking yet subtle
after the workshop is over. Create collage using                     prints. Prerequisite: The only requirement is that
old texts and images with fragments of memory,                       students can use an X-Acto knife and have hand
sewn paper and your own handwriting as ele-                          dexterity for the embossing. Location: Calligraphy
ments. Don’t let the word “handwriting” scare you.                   Classroom
You will come away with a new appreciation for
your own penmanship, no matter how illegible it                      REBECCA WILD, INSTRUCTOR

may be. You will have the opportunity to combine                     Please see previous listing.
and overlap techniques, which will make way for
endless possibilities. Arrive with a good night’s
sleep and an adventuresome spirit. No prerequi-
site. Location: Calligraphy Classroom
Rebecca Wild is an artist and calligrapher in Portland. Her
work often pairs her love of letterforms with the luminous
characteristics of drawing materials and paint. She has a BA in
studio art and has taught locally at Pacific Northwest College
of Art, Portland Community College and Sitka Center for Art
and Ecology.

Vandercook Press Essentials
BA702 • FEB 20-FEB 21 (2 sessions); SAT/SUN 9:00AM-4:00PM

This workshop is an in-depth examination of the
parts and functions of the Vandercook, taking                                                                                                        Stephen Funk
you beyond cranking the press to the mechanical
“what” and “why” essential for troubleshooting.
Learn all the points of maintenance, lubrication                     Etching
                                                                     BA704 • APR 3-APR 4 (2 sessions); SAT/SUN 9:00AM-4:00PM
and cleaning and become familiar with the differ-                    TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE MARCH 24: $150
ences between models. Whether you use studio                         TUITION RECEIVED AFTER MARCH 24: $170
presses, own your own press or are thinking of                       STUDIO FEE $50
buying one, this workshop will provide excellent                     There’s no other medium like etching. Draw-
direction for your future press work. Bring your                     ings are transformed in surprising ways by this
questions, press photos and/or broken parts for                      centuries-old process which involves metal, acid,
individual questions. The instructor will also share                 ink and lots of pressure. This fast-paced work-
his extensive written material with the class. No                    shop begins with an overview of traditional line
prerequisite. Location: Printmaking                                  etching on copper and zinc plates. We will then
PAUL MOXON, INSTRUCTOR                                               explore options for enlivening our imagery further
Paul Moxon is a fine press printer and graphic designer. He          by adding texture and collage. Students will also
has taught workshops at universities, art schools and book arts      learn to add multiple colors through use of a
centers across the United States and maintains the Vandercook        second plate. Whether your goal is to create a
resource website and blog at His        fine art print edition or handmade greeting cards,
letterpress work is included in several public and private collec-
                                                                     this workshop will expand your repertoire in the
tions. MFA, University of Alabama.
                                                                     studio. No prerequisite. Location: Calligraphy and
Try it! One-day workshop                                             Printmaking
Nature Inspired Paper Embossing                                      STEPHEN FUNK, INSTRUCTOR
BA703 • MAR 13 (1 session); SAT 9:00AM-4:00PM                        Stephen Funk is a printmaker and installation artist who has
                                                                     exhibited in Portland and nationally. He is also a professional
                                                                     freelance photographer specializing in editorial, portrait and
                                                                     product photography. MFA, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Paper embossing is the process of creating a                or
three-dimensional image or design on paper. It
is a simple, inexpensive and direct method that
creates breathtaking results. Paper embossing

                                                                                                                                       BOOK ARTS   studio school    05

                                    book arTs Classes                                               computer-generated digital files, create negatives
                                                                                                    using high-tech or low-tech approaches, process
                                    Full Leather Binding                                            their plates and ultimately print these photopoly-
                                    BA801 • FEB 8-APR 19 (10 sessions); MON 6:30PM-9:30PM           mer plates on the Vandercook letterpress. Regis-
                                    TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 30: $360                  tration methods, plate characteristics and paper
                                    TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 30: $380
                                                                                                    choices will be discussed. Participants leave the
                                    TUITION FOR 1 CREDIT: $525
                                    STUDIO FEE $100                                                 class with a small series of prints using the media
                                                                                                    of their choice. No class March 23. Prerequisite:
                                    This course offers a thorough introduction to
                                                                                                    Familiarity with the basics of hand-set type as
                                    working with leather for bookbinding. Students
                                                                                                    well as use of the Vandercook letterpress. Loca-
                                    will complete a full leather volume with hand-
                                                                                                    tion: Calligraphy and Printmaking
                                    sewn end bands and simple decorative tech-
                                    niques including tooling and stamping. Adhesives,               KATE COPELAND, INSTRUCTOR
                                    types of leather, use of tools, sharpening knives               Kate Copeland’s work involves letterpress and 19th century
                                                                                                    photographic processes. She currently teaches at the Pacific
                                    and leather paring by hand and with the Scharf-
                                                                                                    Northwest College of Art, Portland Community College and
                                    fix paring machine will be discussed in depth. No               Portland State University. BA, Macalester College; MFA,
                                    class March 22. Prerequisite: Good hand skills                  Rhode Island School of Design.
                                    and some binding experience helpful. Location:
                                    Calligraphy Classroom                                           From Pen to Press: Calligraphy for
                                    RORY SPARKS, INSTRUCTOR                                         Letterpress Printing
                                    Rory Sparks has been printing and binding books for twelve      BA803 • FEB 11-APR 22 (10 sessions); THURS 6:30PM-9:30PM
                                                                                                    TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 2: $360
                                    years. She worked at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts for
                                                                                                    TUITION RECEIVED AFTER FEBRUARY 2: $380
                                    four years before moving to Portland. She has a BFA from St.
                                                                                                    TUITION FOR 1 CREDIT: $525
                                    Cloud State University and has studied bookbinding in England
                                                                                                    STUDIO FEE $35
                                    and throughout the US with various instructors and at the
                                    American Academy of Bookbinding in Telluride, CO. Rory          Learn the steps to get your calligraphy from the
                                    was an Artist-in-Residence at OCAC in 2003.                     pen to the printing press! Students learn cover
                                                                                                    design and layout, considerations for creating art-
                                                                                                    work for printing, Photoshop basics for preparing
                                                                                                    hand lettering for printing plates, steps for mak-
                                                                                                    ing polymer plates, choosing paper and printing
                                                                                                    on a small press. Each student will print a small
                                                                                                    edition of their own work during the course. No
                                                                                                    class March 25. Prerequisite: Some calligraphy
                                                                                                    experience recommended. Location: Calligraphy
                                                                                                    and Printmaking
                                                                                                    MARILYN ZORNADO, INSTRUCTOR
                                                                                                    Calligrapher and Book Artist, Marilyn Zornado is co-proprietor
                                                                                                    of Fremont Garden Press. She is author of Adventures in Pen
                                                                                                    Land, and co-author of Bottoms Up: A Seasonal Guide to
                                                                                                    Libations and The Longest Beach: An Eccentric Guide to the
                                                                                                    Long Beach Penninsula. Long-time producer of animation,
                                                                                                    she is the director of award-winning short animated film Insect

                                                                                                    Exotic and Experimental Books
                                                                                                    BA804 • FEB 12-APR 30 (10 sessions); FRI 9:00AM-12:00PM
                                                                                                    TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 3: $360
                                                                                                    TUITION RECEIVED AFTER FEBRUARY 3: $380
                                                                                                    STUDIO FEE $35
   Kate Copeland
                                                                                                    Students will learn basic bookbinding techniques,
                                    Intermediate Letterpress                                        tools and materials while creating interesting and
                                    BA802 • FEB 9-APR 20 (10 sessions); TUE 7:00PM-9:30PM           unusual books. A variety of exotic and experi-
                                    TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 31: $300
                                                                                                    mental book forms will be introduced including
                                    TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 31: $320
                                    STUDIO FEE $50                                                  book of great happiness, magic wallet, whirl-wind
                                                                                                    book, flag book and tunnel book. No class March
                                    This ten week course will build on the skills
                                                                                                    26 and April 9. No prerequisite. Location: Cal-
                                    learned in Beginning Letterpress. Using hand-set
                                                                                                    ligraphy Classroom
                                    lead and wood type as a starting point, we will
                                    delve into the versatile world of photopolymer                  MARILYN ZORNADO, INSTRUCTOR
                                    printing. Photopolymer is a light-sensitive material            Please see previous listing.
                                    that can be used to print high-contrast images
                                    and text on the letterpress. Since a photopolymer
                                    plate is pressed into paper just like type, prints
                                    made through this process have the “bite” or
                                    impression that is so characteristic of traditional
                                    letterpress. Students learn how to design photo-
                                    polymer plates using handmade line drawings or

   06   studio school   BOOK ARTS
CeramiCs workshops                                                 CeramiCs Classes

Meet the Masters: A Weekend with                                   Handbuilding: Basics to Intermediate
Sequoia Miller                                                     CE801 • FEB 2-APR 27 (12 sessions); TUE 6:30-9:30PM
CE701 • MAR 13-MAR 14 (2 sessions); SAT/SUN 9:00AM-4:00PM          TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 24: $432
TUITION RECEIVED AFTER FEBRUARY 24: $170                           TUITION FOR 1 CREDIT: $630
STUDIO FEE $25                                                     STUDIO FEE $84*

In this intensive hands-on workshop, Sequoia                       This class introduces the beginning student to
Miller will introduce participants to two key                      basic handbuilding techniques and processes
aspects of his work: the making of thrown and                      while allowing the intermediate student to
altered functional pots, and the artistic thinking                 increase their handbuilding skills. Students are
of a contemporary potter. Each morning, Sequoia                    encouraged through presentations and demon-
will give detailed demonstrations of the tech-                     strations to pursue both utilitarian and sculptural
niques for which he is known, such as altered                      methods of working. Low-temperature glazes
jars, faceted bowls and assembled pouring forms.                   and surfaces are discussed, as well as firing
He will offer participants valuable insight into his               techniques for the electric kiln. Issues of size and
creative thinking, including ideas for navigating                  scale will also be addressed. Studio fee includes
the tension between repetition and evolution                       one bag of clay, bisque firing, glaze materials and
and tools for developing intentionality, inspiration               firings for class assignments. No class March 23.
and productive self-criticism. Afternoons will be                  No prerequisite. Location: Ceramics Studio
dedicated to hands-on studio time with individual
                                                                   DARA HARTMAN, INSTRUCTOR
feedback from Sequoia. Prerequisite: CE801,                        Dara Hartman makes both utilitarian and sculptural ceramics.
CE802 or equivalent. Location: Ceramics Studio                     Dara received her MFA from Montana State University and
                                                                   her BFA from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univer-
                                                                   sity. She was a resident artist at the Archie Bray Foundation
Sequoia Miller is a ceramic artist making functional work in
                                                                   and has shown her work both nationally and internationally.
Olympia, Washington. He has studied at various teaching insti-
tutions, including Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Archie
Bray Foundation, Penland School of Crafts and Greenwich
House Pottery. He works by starting at the wheel and then
                                                                   Wheel Throwing: Basics to Intermediate
                                                                   CE802 • JAN 30-MAY 1 (12 sessions); SAT 9:30AM-12:30PM
alters and facets the clay until it becomes a contemplative and
                                                                   TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 20: $432
functional structure. Sequoia’s work is in the collection of the
                                                                   TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 20: $452
Museum of Clay and Glass, the Bermuda National Gallery             TUITION FOR 1 CREDIT: $630
and the Seward Park Art Studio, among others.                      STUDIO FEE $90*
                                                                   This class is intended for both beginning and in-
                                                                   termediate level wheel throwing students. Instruc-
                                                                   tion is designed to develop and enhance your
                                                                   skills using the potter’s wheel to create utilitarian

                                                                                                                                   CERAMICS   studio school   07

                                  pottery. Demonstrations will include something                    She has taught classes and workshops at The Clay Studio,
                                  for all levels, from basic throwing skills to thrown              Missoula Art Museum, Richmond Art Center, ASUC Studios
                                                                                                    at University of California, Berkeley and through the extension
                                  and altered work. The importance of form and
                                                                                                    program at California College of the Arts. She has participated
                                  function will also be examined. Discussions will                  in summer residencies at the Archie Bray Foundation and Wa-
                                  focus on articulating ideas in clay, expressing the               tershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, and her work is exhibited
                                  personal voice through pots and the relevance                     nationally. MFA, California College of Arts and Crafts
                                  of handmade pots in today’s world. High-fire
                                  reduction techniques will be incorporated. Studio                 DrawiNg & paiNTiNg
                                  fee includes one bag of clay, bisque firing, glaze                workshops
                                  materials and firings for class assignments. No
                                  class March 13 and 27. Prerequisite: CE801 or                     Secrets, Stories & Lies:
                                  equivalent. Location: Ceramics Studio                             Collaging Your History
                                                                                                    DR701 • MAR 6-MAR 7 (2 sessions); SAT/SUN 9:00AM-4:00PM
                                  JAMIN LONDON TINSEL, INSTRUCTOR
                                                                                                    TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 24: $152
                                  Jamin London Tinsel is a Portland ceramic artist. She is
                                                                                                    TUITION RECEIVED AFTER FEBRUARY 24: $172
                                  a member of Radius Community Art Studios and exhibits
                                                                                                    STUDIO FEE $32
                                  her work locally and nationally. The intimate performance
                                  of eating and drinking informs Jamin’s recent work, which         Dive into those stacks of old photos and learn
                                  explores sculptural, absurdly functional and potentially seduc-   to compose and assemble clever, memorable
                                  tive ceramic objects. Social interaction with and public use of   compositions which formalize and dramatize
                                  her vessels and sculptural utensils is an important part of the
                                                                                                    your personal history with family and friends.
                                  presentation of her work. MFA, University of the Arts
                                                                                                    Learn how to develop a variety of images - real
                                                                                                    or imaginary - to tell the stories and secrets
                                                                                                    of your life. Students will collage and combine
                                                                                                    vintage photos of “Aunt Myrtle” with newer-age
                                                                                                    snapshots of their playful peers, incorporating
                                                                                                    interesting documents previously hidden in draw-
                                                                                                    ers, such as ancient love letters or family recipes.
                                                                                                    Play with both black and white and color while
                                                                                                    learning to make new things old and old things
                                                                                                    fresh. Priceless art begins with secrets, stories
                                                                                                    and some creative white lies about your life at
                                                                                                    home! No prerequisite. Location: Drawing Studio
                                                                                                    JUDY LEE VOGLAND, INSTRUCTOR
                                                                                                    Judy Lee Vogland describes herself as having spent over 22,000
                                                                                                    days of her life finding, sharing, formalizing and fretting about
                                                                                                    her next move. As a result, her studio work is an impregnated
                                                                                                    fusion of stories about life, its endless layers of happenings and
                                                                                                    its byproducts. Judy works fluidly between two- and three-
                                                                                                    dimensional constructions, found and made, collected and
                                                                                                    collaged. She has taught for many years at venues including
   Judy Lee Vogland                                                                                 Portland State University, Hillsboro High School, Sitka Center
                                                                                                    for Art and Ecology and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.
                                                                                                    Her work is represented in public and private collections across
                                  Special Problems in Ceramics                                      the United States and she is currently represented by Beppu
                                  CE804 • FEB 1-APR 26 (12 sessions); MON 6:30-9:30PM
                                                                                                    Wiarda Gallery in Portland. MFA, Portland State University
                                  TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 23: $432
                                  TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 23: $452
                                  TUITION FOR 1 CREDIT: $630                                        Watercolor Painting:
                                  STUDIO FEE $90*                                                   From The Very Beginning
                                  This class, open to both wheel-throwers and                       DR702 • APR 10-APR 11 (2 sessions); SAT/SUN 9:00AM-4:00PM
                                                                                                    TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE MARCH 31: $150
                                  handbuilders, is designed for the intermediate to                 TUITION RECEIVED AFTER MARCH 31: $170
                                  advanced ceramic student interested in explor-                    STUDIO FEE $52
                                  ing a focused independent project (proposed
                                                                                                    Ever tried painting with watercolor paints and
                                  by student at first class). Individual plans and
                                                                                                    ended up with a muddy mess - or never even
                                  timelines will be discussed with the instructor
                                                                                                    tried it because it was too intimidating? This
                                  to allow for the successful completion of each
                                                                                                    workshop will give you the tools you need, start-
                                  project. Classes will include presentations of
                                                                                                    ing with the very basics. Through demonstrations
                                  contemporary ceramics and demonstrations on
                                                                                                    and hands-on samples, students learn about
                                  sculptural building techniques. Student work will
                                                                                                    paper: what to choose when and how to prepare
                                  be discussed in individual and group critiques.
                                                                                                    and mount it onto a firm surface; what brushes
                                  Studio fee includes one bag of clay, bisque firing,
                                                                                                    to use and why; and how to choose pigments for
                                  glaze materials and firings for class assignments.
                                                                                                    the desired outcome by understanding which are
                                  No class March 22. Prerequisite: CE801, CE802
                                                                                                    staining, non-staining, opaque and transparent
                                  or equivalent. Location: Ceramics Studio
                                                                                                    paints, and when to use each. With these initial
                                  SHALENE VALENZUELA, INSTRUCTOR                                    choices in place, the workshop will move into a
                                  Shalene Valenzuela comes to OCAC from Missoula, Mon-              few basic techniques to help students get started
                                  tana, where she was Artist-in-Residence at The Clay Studio.       on their own watercolor paintings. No prerequi-

   08   adult courses   CERAMICS / DRAWING & PAINTING
site. Location: Drawing Studio                                    ANNIE HEISEY, INSTRUCTOR
                                                                  Annie Heisey is a practicing representational figure artist work-
TERRI CUTZ, INSTRUCTOR                                            ing in oil and gouache. She has participated in the residency
Terri Cutz is a painter who lives in Portland. With her work,     programs at both OCAC and Soaring Gardens Artist Retreat
she explores ideas of beauty, mystery and connectedness. In her   in Wyalusing, Pennsylvania. In graduate school, she won the
current paintings, she uses mixed media, including watercolor     Freedman and Hamill prize and was chosen as a finalist for the
and oil paints along with metal elements. Her painting career     Esther B. and Albert S. Kahn Career Entry Award. Annie
began in 1992 and after seven years of painting strictly in wa-   has recently exhibited work at the Boston Center for the Arts
tercolors, she enrolled in the BFA program at OCAC. She has       and the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. Her work is
shown her work regionally since 1997, including a solo show at    also in the private collections of Arthur Goldberg and Howard
the OCAC Centrum Gallery, a two-person show at Portland           Hedinger. MFA, Boston University
Community College’s Northview Gallery and inclusion in the
2003 Hoffman Gallery Craft Biennial. BFA, Oregon College
of Art and Craft

DrawiNg & paiNTiNg
Beginning Drawing: Learning to See
DR801 • FEB 5-APR 23 (10 sessions); FRI 1:00-4:00PM

Learn basic drawing skills through close observa-
tion of still-life arrangements, live models and
other imaginative sources. Expressive gestural
sketching and measured contour drawing will
begin the course and provide a foundation for
drawing a convincing three-dimensional form in
a full range of values later in the term. Gaining
confidence in learning to “see” and recording
that experience on paper will be emphasized.
Collaboration and experimentation will support
conceptual growth and creative confidence.
Pencil, charcoal and Conté crayon are the primary
drawing media that will be explored. No class
                                                                                                                            Anne Heisey
March 26 and April 9. No prerequisite.
Location: Drawing Studio

                                                                                                                           DRAWING & PAINTING   adult courses   09

                                   Eclectic Marks: Exploring Alternative                               Open Life Drawing Studio
                                   Drawing Methods                                                     JAN 30-MAY 1; SAT 10:00AM-1:00PM
                                   DR802 • FEB 5-APR 23 (10 sessions); FRI 9:00AM-12:00PM              $7/SESSION OCAC STUDENTS & MEMBERS
                                   TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 27: $360                      $10/SESSION ALL OTHERS
                                   TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 27: $380
                                                                                                       Open Life Drawing participants sign in and pay
                                   TUITION FOR 1 CREDIT: $525
                                   STUDIO FEE $19                                                      their fees at the Front Desk in the Centrum upon
                                                                                                       arriving Saturday morning – no need to pre-
                                   Learn to use unconventional drawing methods to
                                                                                                       register. No instructor. Not available for credit. No
                                   produce powerful artworks. This is an opportunity
                                                                                                       Open Life Drawing on the following dates: March
                                   for students of all levels to learn new drawing
                                                                                                       6, 20 & 27, April 10. Please consult the semester
                                   and mark-making techniques in an energetic,
                                                                                                       calendar in the Drawing Studio or at the Front
                                   supportive studio environment. Some of the tech-
                                                                                                       Desk for other scheduling conflicts that may
                                   niques covered include transfer marks, carbon
                                                                                                       preempt Life Drawing.
                                   copy, template imagery and accidental drawing.
                                   Students will experiment with making marks on
                                   a variety of surfaces, using images and ideas                       Fibers workshops
                                   that are of particular interest to them. A wide
                                   variety of artists who use unconventional drawing                   Try it! One-day workshop
                                   processes will be introduced and studied. This                      Fabric Valentines
                                                                                                       FT701 • JAN 30 (1 session); SAT 9:00AM-4:00PM
                                   class will require students to experiment and be
                                                                                                       TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 20: $75
                                   creative in exploring new processes. Don’t miss                     TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 20: $95
                                   this dynamic and inspiring opportunity to push                      STUDIO FEE $15
                                   your creative abilities to a new level. No class                    Employ fabric collage techniques including
                                   March 26 and April 9. No prerequisite. Location:                    fusing, beading, stitching and foiling to create
                                   Drawing Studio                                                      personal valentine postcards in this one-day
                                   CYNTHIA LAHTI, INSTRUCTOR                                           workshop. No prerequisite. Location: Construc-
                                   Cynthia Lahti uses a variety of materials and techniques to cre-    tion Studio
                                   ate artworks that explore the recesses of myth and mystery. She
                                   is best known for her surprising combination of images created      JEANNETTE DENICOLIS MEYER, INSTRUCTOR
                                   in figurative works of collage, drawing and sculpture. In her       Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer is an art quilter whose work has
                                   art, Cynthia uses her imaginative creativity to experiment with     been shown internationally. She has written for Art/Quilt,
                                   the language of symbols and metaphor. Her working process           Fiberarts and Open Spaces magazines, and has taught quilting
                                   encourages curiosity and experimentation while finding inspira-     and surface design in the US and New Zealand. Jeannette
                                   tion in art history and personal nostalgia. Cynthia shows locally   is co-editor of Speaking in Cloth, 6 Quilters, 6 Voices. BS,
                                   at PDX Contemporary Art Gallery and has been included in            Cornell University
                                   numerous national shows. BFA, Rhode Island School of Design

   10   studio school   DRAWING & PAINTING / FIBERS
                                                                  Students will experiment with optical mixing,
Try it! One-day workshop
                                                                  cross-hatching, stippling, detailing, shading, con-
Foiling Around
FT702 • FEB 13 (1 session); SAT 9:00AM-4:00PM                     touring, color context, gestural marks, scribbling,
TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 3: $75                     enhancing a printed or dyed fabric, overlaying
TUITION RECEIVED AFTER FEBRUARY 3: $95                            marks, stitching on transparent ground, creating
                                                                  gradations, building texture, and thinking about
After you’ve dyed, painted and discharged your                    how to develop a personal stitch/mark vocabu-
yardage (or just purchased that perfect commer-                   lary. Some basic stitching knowledge is helpful,
cial fabric), it’s time to apply foil or use oil sticks           but not necessary. Location: Fibers Classroom
for a final touch. In this one-day workshop, we’ll
                                                                  SUSAN BRANDEIS, INSTRUCTOR
learn how to add the color and shine of oil sticks
                                                                  Susan Brandeis is Distinguished Professor of Art and Design
with rubbing and stenciling techniques and the                    at North Carolina State University. Her artwork has been pic-
gleam of metallic foil with a variety of adhesive                 tured in leading publications in the field and has been exhibited
application methods, including stamping and                       throughout the United States and in Canada, Great Britain,
silkscreening. No prerequisite. Location: Dye and                 Japan, Colombia, the Netherlands, the Philippines, at the
                                                                  Textile Museum in Washington, DC and in the 14th Biennial
Surface Design Studio
                                                                  of Tapestry in Lausanne, Switzerland. She is represented in
                                                                  numerous private and public collections, including the Renwick
Please see previous listing.                                      Gallery of the Smithsonian. She has received three artist’s fel-
                                                                  lowships from the North Carolina Arts Council. MS, Indiana
Beginning Handbag Design                                          University / MFA, University of Kansas
FT703 • FEB 20-FEB 21 (2 sessions); SAT-SUN 9:00AM-4:00PM

Have you dreamed of creating a beautiful
handbag of your own design? In just two days,
students learn the basics of handbag construc-
tion. Participants will design their own patterns,
choose fabric for both the exterior and liner and
construct a fabric handbag. Appropriate fabrics,
interfacings, closures and embellishments will
be explored. Prerequisite: Basic sewing machine
skills. Location: Construction Studio
Jeanne Bjorn has been designing and constructing clothing, mil-
linery and costumes professionally since 1980. She has designed
and sold her own line of clothing and millinery to accounts
including Barneys New York and VariZioni in New York. Her
designs have been featured in Sportswear International, Wom-
en’s Wear Daily and California Apparel News. She worked
on millinery for the Tony awarded Broadway production of
“Crazy For You,” and costumes for the film production of the                                                                                         Susan Brandeis
Oscar awarded “The Age of Innocence.” She teaches classes at
her studio in Portland, Oregon.

                                                                  Try it! One-day workshop
Drawing with Stitches
FT704 • MAR 13-MAR 14 (2 sessions); SAT/SUN 9:00AM-4:00PM
                                                                  Body Double: Making Your Own
TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 24: $175                   Sewing Mannequin
TUITION RECEIVED AFTER FEBRUARY 24: $195                          FT705 • APR 3 (1 session); SAT 9:00AM-4:00PM
STUDIO FEE $5                                                     TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE MARCH 24: $75
                                                                  TUITION RECEIVED AFTER MARCH 24: $95
Historically, hand stitching has been used not                    STUDIO FEE $35
only to decorate fabric but also to join pieces of
                                                                  Fitting is the hardest thing about sewing, espe-
cloth together, add strength to fabrics, enrich a
                                                                  cially when sewing for yourself. In this workshop,
garment or ceremonial cloth, tell stories through
                                                                  we’ll make a custom-fitted body form out of
pictures or symbols, and generally enhance the
                                                                  simple materials. Your new “body double” will be
underlying cloth structure. With stitches, we can
                                                                  invaluable for solving your fitting problems, shap-
create complex shapes and images on cloth
                                                                  ing pattern alterations, and draping new designs.
that might not otherwise be achieved - in much
                                                                  Sewing for yourself is so much easier when you
the same way as we draw images on paper. In
                                                                  have an assistant that is your exact size and
contemporary embroidery, the stitch takes on
                                                                  shape! NOTE: Students will be working in pairs
many aspects of drawing and painting: to define
                                                                  to wrap each other’s bodies—this is a good work-
and outline shapes; blend compositional areas;
                                                                  shop for friends to take together! No prerequisite.
add detail, texture, dimension, or color; and even
                                                                  Location: Construction Studio
create open work to perforate the cloth with
holes. In this workshop, we will explore many                     JUDILEE FITZHUGH, INSTRUCTOR
parallels between colored marks that we draw on                   Judilee Fitzhugh is the Fibers Studio Manager at OCAC. Hav-
                                                                  ing spent more than twenty years following a structured lifestyle
paper and the colored marks we stitch into fabric.

                                                                                                                                      FIBERS   studio school   11

                                   in the US Navy, Judilee’s current life is filled with a different    Fibers Classes
                                   kind of structure: cloth. This versatile artist combines ideas
                                   and techniques to produce handwoven and surface-designed
                                   clothing, accessories and original art pieces. Certificate, Oregon   Pattern & Narrative: Screen Printing
                                   College of Art and Craft                                             Textiles
                                                                                                        FT801 • FEB 2-MAR 9 (6 sessions); TUE 6:30PM-9:30PM
                                                                                                        TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 24: $216
                                   Try it! One-day workshop                                             TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 24: $236
                                   Quilting Elements: Circles & Curves                                  STUDIO FEE $40
                                   FT706 • APR 10 (1 session); SAT 9:00AM-4:00PM
                                   TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE MARCH 31: $75                          Learn to use narrative as inspiration for your
                                   TUITION RECEIVED AFTER MARCH 31: $95                                 custom repeat textile print design. Students will
                                   STUDIO FEE $5                                                        be introduced to the process and technique of
                                   Create rhythm and movement across your quilt                         creating hand-drawn and/or digital pattern/
                                   surface by learning how to “draw” template-free                      repeat designs, as well as hand screen-printing
                                   curves with your rotary cutter and how to stitch                     fabric. The entire screen-printing process will
                                   quarter-circles with a minimum of fuss in this                       be covered, including creating transparencies,
                                   one-day workshop. No prerequisite. Location:                         preparing and shooting screens, measuring and
                                   Construction Studio                                                  setting up printing tables for specific repeats and
                                                                                                        hand-pulling one-color prints using water-based
                                   JEANNETTE DENICOLIS MEYER, INSTRUCTOR
                                                                                                        textile pigments. Textile composition, color theory,
                                   Please see previous listing.
                                                                                                        pattern networks and history, and contemporary
                                                                                                        artists and designers using pattern and narra-
                                                                                                        tive within their work will also be discussed. No
                                                                                                        prerequisite. Location: Surface Design
                                                                                                        KATE TROYER, INSTRUCTOR
                                                                                                        Kate Troyer is an artist and designer from Wisconsin who has
                                                                                                        recently relocated to the Portland area. Kate designs hand-
                                                                                                        drawn patterns, manipulates textiles and prints large-scale work
                                                                                                        on a variety of materials to create individual pieces and installa-
                                                                                                        tions. Through her work she presents a contemporary approach
                                                                                                        to the blending of art, craft and design. MFA, University of
                                                                                                        Wisconsin, Madison

                                                                                                        Beginning Weaving: Floor Loom Basics
                                                                                                        FT802 • MAR 3-MAY 12 (10 sessions); WED 6:30PM-9:30PM
                                                                                                        TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 22: $360
                                                                                                        TUITION RECEIVED AFTER FEBRUARY 22: $380
                                                                                                        STUDIO FEE $25

                                                                                                        Perfect for beginning weavers and those wishing
                                                                                                        to brush up on their weaving skills, this class
                                                                                                        covers the fundamentals of floor loom weaving.
                                                                                                        Participants will design a multi-colored warp and
                                                                                                        learn how to warp and thread a loom to create a
                                                                                                        sampler which illustrates the basic weave struc-
                          Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer                                                     tures of plain weave, basket weave and various
                                                                                                        twill combinations. After completing the samplers,
                                                                                                        students will weave an independent project of
                                   Try it! One-day workshop                                             their own design. Suggestions and yarns for stu-
                                   Omiyage: Handmade Japanese
                                                                                                        dent projects will be discussed. Equipment and
                                   Fabric Gifts
                                   FT707 • APR 17 (1 session); SAT 9:00AM-4:00PM
                                                                                                        materials for the sampler are provided. Materials
                                   TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE APRIL 7: $75                           for the individual projects may be purchased from
                                   TUITION RECEIVED AFTER APRIL 7: $95                                  OCAC for a nominal fee. No class March 24. No
                                   STUDIO FEE $25                                                       prerequisite. Location: Weaving Studio
                                   Omiyage, which means “gift” in Japanese, are
                                                                                                        ROSALIE NEILSON, INSTRUCTOR
                                   small pieced bags made of specialty fabrics cre-                     An English Literature graduate from Goucher College, Rosalie
                                   ated in the shape of flowers, animals and even                       Neilson has worked extensively in the music world. As a
                                   people. Because the bags are small, the fabric                       designer and weaver for forty years, she considers her rep wall
                                   and design can be quite elaborate, while the                         hangings musical compositions in color and geometry. She
                                                                                                        regularly teaches rep weaving workshops throughout the U.S.
                                   cost remains minimal. In this workshop, students
                                                                                                        and Canada. With her son, she created a computer program,
                                   will create a few special pieces appropriate for                     Braid Runner, predicting designs for 8-element braids, and
                                   giving or keeping. Some fabrics and most notions                     is currently finishing a book on symmetric design called An
                                   are provided. Basic hand or machine sewing                           Exaltation of Blocks.
                                   skills required. No prerequisite. Location: Fibers
                                   JUDILEE FITZHUGH, INSTRUCTOR
                                   Please see previous listing.

   12   studio school   FIBERS
Text & Textiles                                         may encounter. No prerequisite. Location: Fibers
FT803 • APR 7-APR 28 (4 sessions); WED 9:30AM-12:30PM   Classroom
STUDIO FEE $15                                          Rebecca Cutter is a creativity coach and consultant. She at-
                                                        tended the Kansas City Art Institute before earning a Masters
Whether you work with fabric collage, quilts or
                                                        in Psychology and studying with an international expert on
wearable art, words and text can be a powerful          creativity. She has designed and taught numerous courses on
addition to your compositions. In this four-            the creative process and the challenges of being an artist. A for-
week class, we will explore a variety of ways to        mer faculty member of the Art Institute of Portland, Rebecca
transfer text to textiles, including stitch, markers,   also trains instructors on how to foster creative thinking in the
silkscreen and inkjet prints. No prerequisite.          classroom and studio. She is the author of When Opposites
                                                        Attract: Right-brain/Left-brain Relationships.
Location: Construction Studio
JEANNETTE DENICOLIS MEYER, INSTRUCTOR                   Deconstructing the Creative Process
Please see previous listing.                            GS702 • APR 10 (1 session); SAT 9:00AM-3:00PM
                                                        TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE MARCH 31: $75
                                                        TUITION RECEIVED AFTER MARCH 31: $95
geNeral sTuDies workshops
                                                        Why do humans create art? Why do they stop?
Creative Blocks, Creative Solutions                     What can artists learn from scientists? If creativity
GS701 • MAR 27 (1 session); SAT 9:00AM-3:00PM           is a mystery, how can an artist manipulate it?
TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE MARCH 17: $75             Through a mix of lecture, individual exercises
                                                        and group activities, this workshop will explore
Each stage of the creative process requires spe-        exactly what occurs during the creative process.
cific attitudes, skills and behaviors. An artist can    By understanding the “mechanics” of creativity,
get stuck at any point: nothing excites or inspires,    students will learn the cognitive tools necessary
ideas stop flowing, it becomes difficult to choose      to master the challenges associated with each
a project and maintain focus, talent is doubted,        of the seven stages. Through stimulating and
anxiety inhibits productivity, perfectionism and        provocative questions, students will increase
procrastination set in, life outside the studio com-    awareness of their own unique practice. Topics
petes for time, and energy gets redirected. Know-       include: When to control and when to let go,
ing what to do when these blocks occur can              embracing risk and uncertainty, tricks to increase
keep creativity flowing. This workshop will help        innovative thinking, identifying and overcoming
you build a tool kit to address each challenge you      common creative blocks, finding the right mix of

                                                                                                           FIBERS / GENERAL STUDIES   studio school   13

                                  inspiration and discipline, separating self from         scene. No prerequisite. Location: Fibers Classroom
                                  product, maintaining passion, and producing work         Friday, Off-campus Saturday
                                  that is more meaningful and satisfying. NOTE:
                                                                                           KIMI KOLBA, INSTRUCTOR
                                  This is a highly interactive non-studio workshop.        Kimi Kolba is an artist new to the Portland area. Her work
                                  Bring writing materials and be prepared to have          explores the contemporary landscape at night and is exhibited
                                  fun while learning! No prerequisite. Location:           nationally. She remains active in her community as an artist
                                  Fibers Classroom                                         and as a performing and fine arts instructor for youth. MFA,
                                                                                           Claremont Graduate University
                                  REBECCA CUTTER, INSTRUCTOR
                                  Please see previous listing.
                                                                                           meTals workshops
                                  Community Connect: A Passport to
                                  Portland’s Art Scene                                     Try it! One-day workshop
                                  GS703 • APR 16-APR 17 (2 sessions);                      One, Two, Three…Earrings!
                                  FRI 6:00-8:00PM & SAT 11:00AM-:400PM                     ME701 • JAN 30 (1 session); SAT 9:00AM-4:00PM
                                  TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE APRIL 7: $75               TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 20: $85
                                  TUITION RECEIVED AFTER APRIL 7: $95                      TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 20: $105
                                  STUDIO FEE $20                                           STUDIO FEE $40

                                  Craft is community. Craft is connection. Inspired by     Make a pair of earrings in just one day! Find out
                                  these philosophies of OCAC, this workshop links          how a local jewelry artist approaches the chal-
                                  the community of OCAC to the larger community            lenge of getting earrings to really move. Work
                                  of artists presently working in Portland. Participants   with basic jewelry-making techniques to fabricate
                                  have the opportunity to connect with the Portland        dangling earrings that are comprised of one,
                                  art community and ask questions of artists, curators,    two, or three elements, each one adding further
                                  and gallerists that may normally seem unapproach-        articulation. The class will address some con-
                                  able or inaccessible. This workshop begins with a        cerns that arise when making earrings, including
                                  Friday evening meeting and orientation for the next      balance, connections, choice of materials and
                                  day’s excursion. Saturday begins with an introduc-       wearability. Get the chance to hone your jewelry-
                                  tion to local artist(s) and continues with a studio      making skills or learn some new ones in this fun
                                  visit, artist talk, gallery talk and viewing (artists    one-day workshop. No prerequisite. Location:
                                  change monthly – selections TBA). This weekend           Metals Studio
                                  workshop is a wonderful chance to meet artists, see      TAMI DEAN, INSTRUCTOR
                                  artwork in an intimate setting and gain new access       Tami Dean acquired her jewelry-making skills at Oregon
                                  to and understanding of Portland’s diverse art           School of Arts and Crafts (now OCAC). Later travels to the

   14   studio school   GENERAL STUDIES / METALS
far reaches of Latin America and West Africa informed an
evolving style of fine, but not traditional, jewelry. Tami has
exhibited her work at American Craft Council shows, Art in
the Pearl, and the Creative Metal Arts Guild Spring Show,
and is represented by galleries nationwide. She is featured in
several books, including 500 Earrings, Art Jewelry Today
and The Art of Jewelry Making. Tami often collaborates with
trumpet-maker Dave Monette on one-of-a-kind embellished
horns for clients such as Wynton Marsalis, Art Farmer and the
City of New Orleans. She believes that her passion for well-
crafted minutia is the one notion that continues to motivate her,
connecting us all through the handmade object. BA, Portland
State University

Tin: Cold Connections
ME702 • FEB 6-FEB 7 (2 sessions); SAT/SUN 9:00AM-4:00PM

Printed tin cans: with a discerning eye, one can
see a plentiful (and free!) resource in this colorful
material that is generally discarded. Students
will learn techniques such as pop riveting, tube
riveting, tab-and-slot construction, basic forming
and low-temperature soldering using tin as the                                                                                        Ellen Wieske
primary material. Taking the time to PLAY is
important work and should be taken seriously.
In this workshop we will do just that, making a
worthy investment with a worthless material. No                     Fundamentals of Metalsmithing II
                                                                    ME802 • JAN 26-APR 20 (12 sessions); TUE 6:30PM-9:30PM
prerequisite. Location: Metals Studio
                                                                    TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 17: $432
ELLEN WIESKE, INSTRUCTOR                                            TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 17: $452
Ellen Wieske is co-owner of Dowstudio Showroom, her studio          TUITION FOR 1 CREDIT: $630
and home that she shares with potter Carole Ann Fer on Deer         STUDIO FEE $95
Isle, Maine. She has been a metalsmith and educator for more        Expand your fabrication, personal imagery and
than 25 years. Ellen has taught at institutions across the United   design skills in this follow-up to Fundamentals of
States and in France. Her work has been exhibited both nation-
                                                                    Metalsmithing I (ME801). This course focuses on
ally and internationally. In 2001, her wire work techniques
were documented and published by Sterling Books. Ellen              surface treatments such as roller-printing, lami-
currently serves as Assistant Director at Haystack Mountain         nate inlay, forging, reticulation, etching, chasing
School of Crafts. MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art                     and repoussé. Students create finished art pieces
                                                                    in this next level of metalsmithing instruction. No
meTals Classes                                                      class March 23. Prerequisite: ME801 or consent.
                                                                    Location: Metals Studio
Fundamentals of Metalsmithing I                                     MIEL-MARGARITA PAREDES, INSTRUCTOR
ME801 • JAN 25-APR 19 (12 sessions); MON 6:30PM-9:30PM
                                                                    Please see previous listing.
TUITION FOR 1 CREDIT: $630                                          Stonesetting
STUDIO FEE $95                                                      ME803 • JAN 27-APR 21 (12 sessions); WED 6:30PM-9:30PM
                                                                    TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 18: $432
Investigate the basics of working with non-pre-                     TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 18: $452
cious metals and sterling silver as an introduction                 TUITION FOR 1 CREDIT: $630
to jewelry fabrication. Processes include sawing,                   STUDIO FEE $95
piercing, filing, soldering, and cold connections.                  With a focus on basic stonesetting, students
Using techniques such as riveting, chain making                     study the relationship between stones and metal.
and simple forming, students design and create                      Round, oval and square cabochon stone settings,
finished pieces of jewelry. No class March 22. No                   simple faceted and tube settings are covered,
prerequisite. Location: Metals Studio                               as well as a flush setting. Assignments inspire
MIEL-MARGARITA PAREDES, INSTRUCTOR                                  personal imagery and innovative approaches.
Using traditional metalsmithing techniques, Miel-Margarita          Students continue to improve fabrication and
Paredes creates work that examines the historical uses of           design skills. No class March 24. Prerequisite:
ornamentation and animal imagery in the decorative arts. She        Two Studio School metals classes or equivalent.
has won several awards for her art, including grants from the       Location: Metals Studio
Society of North American Goldsmiths, the Peter S. Reed
Foundation and the Women’s Jewelry Association. Her work            REBECCA SCHEER, INSTRUCTOR
has been exhibited across the United States in venues such          Rebecca Scheer is a professional metalsmith living in Portland,
as SOFA Chicago, the John Michael Kohler Art Center and             Oregon. She has exhibited artwork in venues such as Portland
the Museum of Art & Design. Images of her work have been            Institute for Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary
published in Metalsmith Magazine and Lark Book’s 500 Metal          Craft, Velvet daVinci, John Michael Kohler Arts Center and
Vessels and 500 Enameled Objects. MFA, University of                Center for the Visual Arts. Her work has been reviewed in Art
Wisconsin, Madison.                           Week, featured in Metalsmith magazine’s “Exhibition in Print,

                                                                                                                                      METALS   studio school   15

                                  2005” and published in two books, Silversmithing and 1000   to operate a camera tethered to a computer.
                                  Rings. MFA, University of Oregon.      The use of lighting to achieve different moods
                                                                                              and effects, and techniques for mixing natural
                                  Boxes and Lockets                                           and studio lighting will be considered. As a final
                                  ME804 • FEB 13-APR 24 (10 sessions); SAT 9:00AM-12:00PM
                                                                                              project, students will work in teams to design and
                                  TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 3: $360
                                  TUITION RECEIVED AFTER FEBRUARY 3: $380                     photograph a portrait of a model. Prerequisite:
                                  TUITION FOR 1 CREDIT: $525                                  Basic understanding of digital photography. Loca-
                                  STUDIO FEE $95                                              tion: Design Studio
                                  Miniature boxes have fascinated people for                  STEPHEN FUNK, INSTRUCTOR
                                  centuries, perhaps for the potential secrets such           Stephen Funk is a professional free-lance photographer special-
                                  containers could hold. Lockets also may contain             izing in editorial, portrait and product photography. He is also a
                                  secrets, often intimately linked to human relation-         printmaker and installation artist who has exhibited in Portland
                                  ships and memory. In this class, students learn             and nationally. MFA, University of Wisconsin- Madison.
                                  how to construct elegant round and square boxes
                                  with pressure-fitting lids. An investigation of
                                  various hinge mechanisms and catches will also              phoTography Classes
                                  enable students to create a locket for personal
                                  remembrance. No class March 20. Prerequisite:               Beginning Photography II: Beyond
                                  Fundamentals I & II, or equivalent. Location: Met-          the Basics
                                                                                              PH801 • FEB 1-APR 12 (10 sessions); MON 6:30-9:30PM
                                  als Studio
                                                                                              TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 23: $360
                                  REBECCA SCHEER, INSTRUCTOR                                  TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 23: $380
                                                                                              STUDIO FEE $60
                                  Please see previous listing.
                                                                                              Build on a basic knowledge of black & white pho-
                                  phoTography workshops                                       tography by learning how to print on fiber-based
                                                                                              paper, process and tone for archival permanence,
                                  Studio Lighting: The Human Subject                          and window-mat work for presentation. Students
                                  PH704 • FEB 6-FEB 7 (2 sessions); SAT/SUN 9:00AM-4:00PM     will also begin to experiment both during shoot-
                                  TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 27: $150              ing and in the darkroom with push- and pull-
                                  TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 27: $170
                                                                                              processing film, multiple exposure techniques,
                                  STUDIO FEE $50
                                                                                              solarization and sandwiching negatives. Learn
                                  This workshop will offer a hands-on introduc-               through demonstrations, group critiques and
                                  tion to studio lighting for photographing people.           presentations about the work of historic and
                                  Students will be shown how to use strobe equip-             contemporary photographers. No class March
                                  ment and light modifiers that are best suited               22. Prerequisite: PH801 or consent. Location:
                                  for photographing the human subject, and how                Photography Studio

   16   studio school   METALS / PHOTOGRAPHY
      PAT BOGNAR, INSTRUCTOR                                           individual project, whether it means using his 4X5 camera,
      Pat Bognar taught photography for six years in Paris, France     his Hasselblad, or his Canon digital. BFA, Pacific Northwest
      before moving to Portland. She has had numerous exhibitions      College of Art; BS, Ohio State University
      in the US and Europe. Her work is represented in major
      collections including the Rejksmuseum Vincent Van Gogh in        Digital Imaging for Artists
      Amsterdam and the Portland Visual Chronicle. She currently       PH803 • FEB 23-MAY 4 (10 sessions); TUE 6:30-9:30PM
      teaches at the University of Portland. MA Ed., University of     TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 14: $360
      Illinois; BA, Indiana University                                 TUITION RECEIVED AFTER FEBRUARY 14: $380
                                                                       STUDIO FEE $30
      Beginning Digital Photography                                    This course will explore methods of combining
      PH802 • FEB 8-APR 19 (10 sessions); MON 6:00-9:00PM
                                                                       art media such as painting, drawing, photogra-
      TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 30: $380                          phy, printmaking, and digital imaging techniques
      STUDIO FEE $40                                                   used to photograph and scan artworks. Basic
      In this introduction to digital photography,                     Photoshop techniques, object and film scanning
      students attain competence with digital cameras                  and making fine prints using archival inkjet
      on location and with Adobe Photoshop to get the                  printers will also be covered. Students will learn
      most out of creative image-making. From capture                  to prepare art papers (watercolor, drawing rice
      to print, students learn to optimize, manipulate                 paper, etc.), canvas and fabric for inkjet printing. If
      and compose great photographs while develop-                     you are an art-maker (experienced or just starting
      ing basic technical proficiency in digital imaging.              out) who has been looking for a comfortable and
      This class encourages exploration of the creative                creative inroad to the digital realm, this course is
      potential of the digital medium and exposes                      for you! No class March 23. Prerequisite: Basic
      students to work by artists using these tools in                 Macintosh computer skills. Location: Computer
      a fine art context. In addition to eight classroom               Lab, Digital Imaging Lab & Photo Classroom
      sessions, two Saturday trips will be scheduled on                MATT KIDDER, INSTRUCTOR
      the first day of class. No class March 22. Prereq-               Matt Kidder is a photo-based artist who utilizes still imagery,
      uisite: Basic Macintosh computer skills. Location:               performance, and writing to create text/image works. He was
      Computer Lab                                                     awarded a National Endowment for the Arts grant as author
                                                                       and director of The Watershed Project, a multidisciplinary tour-
      SCOTT GERKE, INSTRUCTOR                                          ing exhibit. His work is exhibited nationally and often employs
      Scott Gerke is a freelance photographer living in Portland. He   fabricated histories and sociopolitical observation as content.
      has been active as an artist, photography instructor and com-    MFA, San Francisco State University
      mercial photographer since graduating from Pacific Northwest
      College of Art. Scott’s love of photography has been trans-
      formed by the technological advances of digital photography.
                                                                       proFessioNal praCTiCes
      He enjoys the challenge of finding the best medium for each      workshops
                                                                       Professional Practices Workshop
                                                                       PP700 • JAN 23 & JAN 30; SAT 9:00AM-4:00PM
                                                                       TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 14: $120
                                                                       TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 14: $140
                                                                       STUDIO FEE $60

                                                                       Register for all four Professional
                                                                       Practices workshops below (PP770-773)
                                                                       and receive a discount!

                                                                       PP770 • JAN 23 (1 session); SAT 9:00AM-12:00PM
                                                                       TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 14: $40
                                                                       TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 14: $60
                                                                       STUDIO FEE $15

                                                                       You have a copyright in all of your original cre-
                                                                       ative expressions. A registered copyright provides
                                                                       protection of ownership and strengthens your
                                                                       rights against infringers. Understand and explore
                                                                       the simple procedure for registering a copyright
                                                                       and your rights under the law. Special situations
                                                                       will be discussed, such as images of one artist
                                                                       being included in the work of another, works for
                                                                       hire, licensing, copyright infringement and “fair
                                                                       use.” No prerequisite. Location: Fibers Classroom

Pat Bognar

                                                                                                                 PHOTOGRAPHY / PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES   studio   17

                                  Forms of Doing Business and Alternative                              early as the 1960s. Through presentations and
                                  Dispute Resolution                                                   hands-on projects, this workshop introduces stu-
                                  PP771 • JAN 23 (1 session); SAT 1:00-4:00PM                          dents to the versatile medium of soft sculpture.
                                  TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 14: $40
                                                                                                       Basic pattern drafting and enlarging techniques
                                  TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 14: $60
                                  STUDIO FEE $15                                                       will be demonstrated along with various construc-
                                  In the first part of this workshop, participants will                tion methods, including traditional hand and
                                  examine how to resolve disputes without going                        machine sewing methods and simple iron-on
                                  to court. The creative advantages of mediation,                      interfacing and gluing techniques for use with a
                                  arbitration, and small claims will be discussed.                     variety of materials. Students will leave the class
                                  The second part of this workshop will investigate                    with a finished soft sculpture of their own design
                                  the different ways to set up an art business (sole                   and a greater understanding of how simple it can
                                  proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.) and                  be to craft dynamic three-dimensional forms from
                                  the advantages and disadvantages of each. No                         soft materials. Note: Students must bring their
                                  prerequisite. Location: Fibers Classroom                             own sewing machines and irons to this workshop
                                                                                                       (if they wish to use them). No prerequisite. Loca-
                                  Contracts and Consignments                                           tion: Design Studio
                                  PP772 • JAN 30 (1 session); SAT 9:00AM-12:00PM
                                                                                                       PAULA REBSOM, INSTRUCTOR
                                  TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 20: $40
                                                                                                       Paula Rebsom’s work explores the many complex relationships
                                  TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 20: $60
                                                                                                       that humans have formed with nature and the wild through the
                                  STUDIO FEE $15
                                                                                                       combination of diverse media and strategies including costume
                                  Explore the principles of a binding contract and                     and prop construction, painting, woodworking, performance
                                  some of the specific terms an artist’s contract                      art, video, and photography. In 2008 she was the recipient
                                  should address. Special situations such as con-                      of an Oregon Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship
                                                                                                       award and has shown her work at the Portland International
                                  signment agreements, commissioned artworks
                                                                                                       Airport, Tilt Gallery and Project Space, PSU’s Autzen gallery
                                  and oral contracts will be discussed. No prerequi-                   and most recently at the Regional Arts and Culture Council’s
                                  site. Location: Fibers Classroom                                     installation space in the Portland Building. She is currently
                                                                                                       adjunct faculty in the art department at Marylhurst University.
                                  Taxes for Artists                                                    MFA, University of Oregon
                                  PP773 • JAN 30 (1 session); SAT 1:00-4:00PM
                                  TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 20: $40
                                  TUITION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 20: $60                               wooD workshops
                                  STUDIO FEE $15

                                  Artists face some unique tax situations. Through                     InFORMal Concrete
                                                                                                       WD701• FEB 26-FEB 28 (3 sessions);
                                  the use of clear examples, students will explore                     FRI-SUN 6:30PM-9:30PM, 9:00AM-4:00PM
                                  income tax reporting, deciding if it is a hobby or a                 TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 17: $185
                                  business; determining employee or independent                        TUITION RECEIVED AFTER FEBRUARY 17: $205
                                  contractor status; business, expenses, deprecia-                     STUDIO FEE $60

                                  tion and other deductions. In addition, students                     Learn the basics of concrete mold-making. With
                                  will investigate which tax forms to use and how                      the guidance of an experienced concrete crafts-
                                  to report their income and deductions. No prereq-                    man, students will build formwork and pour slabs
                                  uisite. Location: Fibers Classroom                                   suitable for counter tops, furniture or sculpture.
                                                                                                       Experimentation is encouraged as students work
                                  All Professional Practices workshops are led by members              with simple mold-making techniques to create
                                  of Northwest Lawyers and Artists (NWLA). NWLA is a                   unique cast concrete forms. Demonstrations will
                                  Portland-based group of attorneys, tax mavens, artists and arts      include various mold constructions, reinforcing
                                  administrators who are dedicated to providing legal information      strategies and coloring techniques. Inclusions,
                                  and resources to the Oregon arts community. The group
                                                                                                       colored aggregates and a range of finishing tech-
                                  focuses on legal issues relevant to artists of all types, writers,
                                  musicians, performance art groups, designers, craftspeople and
                                                                                                       niques (including grinding) will also be covered.
                                  art galleries. Instructors at time of printing include Michael       No prerequisite. Location: Wood Studio
                                  Davidson of A&E Tax Service (Taxes for Artists), Kohel
                                                                                                       DEREK FAUST, INSTRUCTOR
                                  Haver of Swider Medeiros Haver, LLP (Copyrights) and
                                                                                                       A recent graduate from Oregon College of Art and Craft,
                                  Tichelle Sorensen of Swider Medeiros Haver (Forms of Doing
                                                                                                       Derek Faust is a woodworker, concrete designer/fabricator and
                                                                                                       local gallery co-owner. His concrete experience includes large
                                                                                                       architectural work such as countertops and mantels, as well as
                                  sCulpTure workshops                                                  artistic experimentations that incorporate concrete as part of
                                                                                                       their design and materials.

                                  Soft Sculpture: Please Touch
                                  SC701 • APR 24-APR 25 (2 sessions); SAT/SUN 9:00AM-4:00PM            Subversive Joinery: A Small Table Project
                                  TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE APRIL 14: $140                         WD703 • MAR 6-MAR 7 (2 sessions); SAT/SUN 9:00AM-4:00PM
                                  TUITION RECEIVED AFTER APRIL 14: $160                                TUITION RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 17: $193
                                  STUDIO FEE $28                                                       TUITION RECEIVED AFTER FEBRUARY 17: $213
                                                                                                       STUDIO FEE $45
                                  While the DIY (Do It Yourself) movement has
                                                                                                       Traditional woodworking processes can be slow
                                  popularized sewing in contemporary culture over
                                                                                                       and don’t always allow for changes to a design
                                  the past several years, sculptors such as Claes
                                                                                                       once the work has begun. In this class we will
                                  Oldenburg, Louise Bourgeois and Yayoi Kusama
                                                                                                       explore quick, intuitive building methods to create
                                  established sewing as a sculptural medium as

three-legged structures designed to support                     tools. This is a hands-on course developed for
a small table top or sculpture. This project is                 students with minimal woodworking experience
designed to allow for a conversation to go on                   as well as those who need a refresher or want
between the maker and the materials. Students                   to strengthen their capabilities. No class March
will be encouraged to experiment and push                       23. Prerequisite: Familiarity with hand tools and
boundaries, reinforcing creative practice while                 woodworking processes preferred. Location:
strengthening construction skills. Basic lumber                 Wood Studio
and building materials will be provided, but
                                                                JOSH SMITH, INSTRUCTOR
students are encouraged to supplement these
                                                                Josh Smith has worked as a welder, fabricator
supplies with their own materials. No prerequisite.
                                                                and furniture maker. His work has been exhibited
Location: Wood Studio
                                                                locally at Gallery Homeland and Museum of Con-
KATIE HUDNALL, INSTRUCTOR                                       temporary Craft. Josh was the director and co-
Katie Hudnall lives and works in Richmond, Virginia. In         curator of Tilt Gallery and Project Space, a venue
2007, she was awarded a fellowship from the Virginia Museum     for experimental and difficult-to-show work. He
of Fine Art. She has recently been selected as a 2009 LEAP
                                                                is also the sole proprietor of jjfab, a design/build
Award finalist and a finalist for the Raphael Prize by the
Society for Contemporary Craft. Katie is currently a Windgate   company. BFA, Oregon College of Art and Craft
Wood Resident at the University of Wisconsin, Madison,
and will be a resident artist at Anderson Ranch Art Center
in Spring, 2010. BFA, Corcoran College of Art and Design;
MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University

wooD Classes

Elements of Furniture Making
WD801 • JAN 26-APR 20 (12 sessions); TUE 6:30-9:30PM

This course is designed for people who want to
investigate the creative process of furniture-mak-
ing. Through class discussions, demonstrations
and effort, students will investigate and learn
woodworking techniques that focus on skill de-
                                                                                                                                      Derek Faust
velopment, creativity and the safe use of machine

                                                                                                                       WOOD   studio school   19

                                   sTuDio sChool poliCies                                Refund policy for courses numbered 800
                                                                                         (Studio School Classes):
                                   Students may submit a completed registration          • 100% of tuition and fees (minus a $20 pro-
                                   form by mail, fax, in person, or online at www.       cessing fee) up to one working day before the
                          Phone registration is also available.       class meets for the first time.
                                   All tuition and studio fees are due at the time       • 75% of tuition (minus a $20 processing fee) up
                                   of registration. Please register one student per      to one working day before the class meets for a
                                   registration form. Additional forms are available     second time. No studio fees will be refunded.
                                   online. Registrations are non-transferable.           • No refund available the day the class meets for
                                                                                         the second time and beyond.
                                   Age Requirements for 700-800 Classes and
                                   Workshops                                             FOR-CREDIT REGISTRATION
                                   Classes and workshops are open to adults ages
                                   18 and over. Students 17 and younger wishing to       Dropping and Adding Classes
                                   enroll should contact the Registrar to obtain con-    Any credit student may withdraw from a class
                                   sent of the instructor and to complete a release      through the fourth class session with a grade of
                                   of liability statement.                               “W.” A non-credit student may withdraw from a
                                                                                         class after the fourth class session. Any credit
                                   Class/Workshop Cancellations                          student who stops attending and fails to turn in
                                   If a class should fail to meet minimum enroll-        the Drop Form by the fourth class session will
                                   ment 7 days (workshop: 14 days) before the first      receive a grade of “F.”
                                   scheduled meeting, it will be cancelled. If a class
                                   or workshop is cancelled, a full refund of tuition    Attendance
                                   and studio fees will be made.                         Academic progress is linked to attendance in
                                                                                         class. Students are responsible for the entire
                                   Campus Flu Information                                content of their courses and can expect that
                                   In preparation for an increase in influenza cases     attendance will influence the evaluation of their
                                   this year, OCAC has planned to minimize the           performance.
                                   impact of influenza on the campus community.
                                   Studio School students exhibiting signs of influ-     Transfer Credit (to other colleges)
                                   enza should please not attend class. Students         The transfer of OCAC credit is always at the dis-
                                   who require isolation due to influenza will be        cretion of the receiving school, generally depends
                                   expected to return to their homes by personal car     on the transferability of curricula and may depend
                                   for the duration of the illness. Students should      on comparability of accreditation.
                                   remain isolated until 24 hours after they first
                                   maintain a normal temperature, without the aid of     Student Records
                                   fever reducing medications.                           OCAC adheres to the provisions of the Family
                                                                                         Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974
                                   Tuition Discounts                                     (FERPA). Students have the right to inspect and
                                   We are pleased to offer several discounts for         to challenge the accuracy of the contents of their
                                   Studio School tuition. Please see the registration    educational records that are maintained by the
                                   form for details. Discounts may not be combined       College. The College will not release student’s
                                   and do not apply to studio fees, which must be        academic records to any person, agency or orga-
                                   paid in full upon registration.                       nization other than College officials and certain
                                                                                         authorized federal and state authorities without
                                   Studio Fees                                           the written consent of the student.
                                   These fees cover some materials used during
                                   the class or workshop and the cost to operate         Oregon College of Art and Craft designates the
                                   the studio.                                           following items as Directory Information: student
                                                                                         name, address, telephone number, email address,
                                   Drop and Refund Policy                                status, concentration, degrees, honors and
                                   If you drop a class, you must notify the Registrar    awards, dates of attendance and photographs.
                                   in writing, by fax, email, or postal mail. Refunds    The College considers student information con-
                                   are calculated from the date notification is re-      fidential and only to be released for educational
                                   ceived, not from the last day of attendance.          purposes. OCAC does not sell student directory
                                   • All drops are assessed a $20 processing fee         information to outside vendors.
                                   before refund.
                                   • No refund of studio fees will be given after the    Photography on Campus
                                   class has begun.                                      OCAC reserves the right to photograph on cam-
                                                                                         pus students and their artwork for public relations
                                   Refund policy for courses numbered 700                work in promoting the College and its programs.
                                   (Studio School Workshops):
                                   Students dropping a workshop any time after           Waiver
                                   registering and up to two weeks prior to the          Should any injuries occur during or as a result
                                   date it is scheduled to begin will receive a 100%     of participation in any class or workshop, the
                                   refund of tuition and fees (minus a $20 process-      registered student agrees to indemnify and hold
                                   ing fee). We regret that no refunds can be given      harmless Oregon College of Art and Craft and all
                                   after that day.                                       employees, instructors and volunteers connected
                                                                                         with OCAC.

   20   studio school   POLICIES
sTuDio sChool spriNg 2010 regisTraTioN Form

Submit your Studio School registration form online at Students may also submit a completed registra-
tion form by mail, fax, or in person at the front desk in the Centrum building.
Oregon College of Art and Craft 8245 SW Barnes Road, Portland OR 97225 ph 971.255.4201 fx 503.297.9651

Please register one student per registration form. Registrations are non-transferable, and all tuition, studio fees and member-
ship coupons are due at the time of registration. A confirmation and supply list will be sent to you upon enrollment.

    NAME (PLEASE PRINT)                                                      SS# (IF TAKING CLASS FOR CREDIT)          TODAY’S DATE

    MAILING ADDRESS                                                          CITY                                      STATE            ZIP

    HOME PHONE                                                               DAY TIME/CELL PHONE

    BIRTHDAY (MO/DAY/YR)                 GENDER                              EMAIL

    Would you like to receive OCAC’s e-newsletter? ❍ Yes

    Would you like to receive information about our degree programs? ❍ Yes

    How did you hear about this program?
    Should any injuries occur during or as a result of participation in any class or workshop, the registered student agrees to indemnify
    and hold harmless OCAC and all employees, instructors and volunteers connected with OCAC.

    Discounts: Eligible students may apply one of the following             Seniors (65+) – 20%
    discounts to their Studio School tuition. Discounts may not be          Full-time Teachers (include copy of ID) – 20%
    combined and do not apply to studio fees. Discounts do not              OCAC BFA/Certificate Alumni – 25%
    apply to Art Adventures or Exploration programs.                        Life Balance Members (include copy of benefit card) – 15%
                                                                            *Registrations with discounts must be mailed or faxed.
    Studio School Enrollment

	 	Course#            Title                                         # Credits        Start Date       Tuition     *Studio Fees          Total


    *Studio fees include cost of materials, studio operation and utility costs                            Subtotal       =$

    Become an OCAC member with a donation of $35 or more to support scholarships
    and educational programs and get a 10% discount in the Craft Gallery!
    Donate $100 or more and receive a high-quality OCAC hat or tote bag as our special gift to you!       Donation       =$

                                                                                                          Grand total = $

    Payment Type              ❍ Check to Oregon College of Art and Craft             ❍ Visa       ❍ MasterCard     ❍ Discover

    NAME ON CARD                                                                                      ACCOUNT NUMBER

    EXPIRATION DATE                                                                                   SIGNATURE

• Classes and workshops are subject to cancellation if a minimum number of students is not attained.
• Studio fees will not be refunded after the class has begun.
• All drops will be assessed a $20 processing fee before refund.
• Students dropping a workshop (courses numbered 700) anytime after two weeks prior to the scheduled start date will not
     receive a refund.

                                                                                                                     REGISTRATION     studio school   21

   Degree & CerTiFiCaTe Classes                                          opeN houses
   Qualified students who wish to enroll in the College’s degree         Transfer Student Open House
   courses without applying to the degree program may do so on           Saturday, January 30, 2010
   a space available basis. Interested students should contact the       2:00-4:00pm
   Registrar for registration and tuition information.                   - and -
                                                                         Spring Open House Event
   Get your feet wet!                                                    Sunday, April 18, 2010
   Thinking about getting a degree in Craft? Studio School students      2:00-4:00pm
   accepted into the BFA program can apply up to three credits           Come hear about the many opportunities for art and craft educa-
   toward their degree and earn a $2500 credit to their first year’s     tion at OCAC. Information about degree and continuing education
   tuition. Full-time matriculated BFA students qualify. Contact the     programs for students of all ages will be presented. Take a campus
   Admissions Office for more information.                               tour and learn about applying, transferring credits and receiving
                                                                         financial aid for the degree programs.
   Bachelor of Fine Arts
   The BFA in Crafts is a professions degree program for students        hoFFmaN gallery
   planning to make a living in the arts. This includes preparation      OCAC Faculty Show
   for studio practice, making a business out of studio work, getting    December 3-January 28, 2010
   involved in community arts activities and graduate school. The cur-
   riculum in an intensive program in which students focus in one of     To Those Who Will Not Know The Way:
   the following seven areas: book arts, ceramics, drawing/painting,     New Work by Ryan Pierce
   fibers, metals, photography, or wood. For more information contact    February 4-February 25, 2010
   the admissions office or visit our website at
                                                                         Craft in Context: Schema
   MFA in Applied Craft and Design                                       March 4-March 28, 2010
   Oregon College of Art and Craft and Pacific Northwest College
   of Art offer a joint MFA in Applied Craft and Design. This unique     Thesis Orals Exhibitions
   graduate degree merges over 200 years of combined expertise           April 7-May 9, 2010
   in the areas of craft and design arts education. Steeped in design
   theory, tangible aptitude, and creative expression, this program      Graduation Exhibition
   emphasizes entrepreneurship– integrating tradition, innovation        May 15-June 20, 2010
   and contemporary practice into the time-honored tradition of the
   handmade. Information is available at

   22   degree programs & campus events

The Artist-in-Residence Program brings both
emerging and nationally known artists to the
College, providing them with the time, resources
and equipment to push their work in new directions
while interacting with students, faculty and the
greater Portland art community. OCAC’s Artist-in-
Residence Program is supported by a generous
grant from The Collins Foundation.

This spring the College welcomes two visiting
artists for sixteen weeks as our Junior Artists-in-
Residence. The Junior Residency is a fellowship
program designed to encourage outstanding
emerging artists to pursue a focused project in a
stimulating art environment.
                                                       Christy Speakman, spring resident in Photography, received
In addition to playing an active role in the College
                                                       her MFA in Photography from Ohio University, and her BA in
community, each artist does two presentations
                                                       Fine Arts from the University of New Orleans. Christy makes
during their stay: one at the beginning of the
                                                       photographs and videos to preserve ephemeral elements that
residency to introduce themselves, and one at
                                                       are in a constant state of disappearance. Borrowing from
the end to share the work they created while on
                                                       geometry, science, and nature, her photographs of oil slicks
campus. These presentations are held on our
                                                       found on city streets resemble Hubble Telescope images of the
campus and are free and open to the public.
                                                       cosmos. During her residency at OCAC, Christy will photograph
Please join us!
                                                       the streets of Portland as distant galaxies to be paired with
                                                       microscopic details of nature found within the urban landscape.
Art & Pizza
Spring Junior Artist-in-Residence
Entry Presentations
Wednesday, January 27 at 12:30pm
Fibers Classroom
*RSVP to 503.297.5544 by Tuesday,
January 26.

Art & Pie
Spring Junior Artist-in-Residence
Exit Presentations
Wednesday, April 21 at 3:30pm
Drawing Studio
*RSVP to 503.297.5544 by Thursday,
April 29.

                                                       Venetia Dale, spring resident in Metals, completed her MFA
                                                       at State University of New York at New Paltz in 2009, and her
                                                       BFA from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004. Her work
                                                       uses processes and techniques of metalsmithing and object-
                                                       making to address global issues of production, labor, heritage
                                                       and representation. The use of ubiquitous materials and objects
                                                       that cross cultural borders supports Venetia’s investigations
                                                       in the reinvention of objects’ use and meaning as produced,
                                                       consumed, domesticated and exchanged. During her residency
                                                       she will continue her study of transnational objects, creating
                                                       metal works in response to her research of commodities and
                                                       exchange within the Portland community.

                                                                                          ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE PROGRAM   studio school   23

   The Jordan Schnitzer Family
   Art Adventures Program
                         Art Adventures strives to guide young artists          We wish to thank our generous sponsors for provid-
                         through classes and workshops designed to              ing scholarships to support our youth programs:
                         strengthen their creative skills. Art Adventures is
                                                                                The Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation, US
                         also very proud to offer family workshops, which
                                                                                Bancorp Foundation, The Autzen Foundation,
                         offer a way for children and their loved ones to
                                                                                The Jackson Foundation, Rose E. Tucker
                         make art making a family affair! Workshops and
                                                                                Charitable Trust, M Financial, and Anne A. Berni
                         classes are designed for specific age groups.
                                                                                Foundation. The Hedinger Family Foundation also
                         Please note the age for each workshop or class
                                                                                renewed support of St. Mary’s.
                         listed. Workshops and classes fill on a first come,
                         first served basis with a minimum enrollment for the
                         class to run. Full payment, completed registration
                         and medical forms are necessary to secure a spot.
                         (Completion of the medical form is not necessary
                         for family workshop registration.) Parents and
                         students will be notified ahead of time, with a full
                         refund, if the workshop or class has been cancelled.
                         All children’s classes include materials. Sorry, no
                         phone registrations for Art Adventures classes.
                         Some scholarship assistance is available for
                         these classes. Please call 971.255.4159 to have
                         a scholarship application sent to you.

   24   art adventures
The jorDaN sChNiTzer Family arT aDveNTures
spriNg break Camp
Monday-Friday, March 22-26; 9:00am-5:00pm; Tuition $300

Who:    Registration is open to children in            caring that the staff display helps to make this
        grades 1 through 7.                            camp successful and inspirational.
                                                       Tuition includes snack, materials and camp
What: The week-long session is comprised of
                                                       t-shirt. Campers must bring a lunch. Please call
      four art workshops a day plus snack,
                                                       971.255.4159 for more information.
      games, singing, friends and festivities!
When: Daily camp schedule runs from 9:00am-            DAILY SCHEDULE
      5:00pm with extended care from
                                                       8:00-9:00am      Before camp care (optional)
      8:00am-6:00pm for an additional fee.
                                                       9:00am           Morning announcements
Where: Workshops take place in our studios lo-         9:15-10:30am     First workshop
       cated on our beautiful nine acre campus.        10:30-10:45am    Snack
Why:    Children need a chance to develop their        10:45-NOON       Second workshop
        creativity! We give them the tools and         12:00-1:15pm     Lunch and games
        instruction to learn and explore in a          1:15-2:30pm      Third workshop
        nurturing environment.                         2:30-2:45pm      Snack
                                                       2:45-4:00pm      Fourth workshop
How:    Registration cost is $300 per week.
                                                       4:00-5:00pm      Free choice time
        Children must bring a sack lunch. Schol-
                                                       5:00-6:00pm      After camp care (optional)
        arship assistance is available.
                                                       BEFORE/AFTER CAMP CARE
Escape from the school year with a Spring Break
jump into the arts! Our week-long camp offers          Supervised care is available for an additional fee
children (first through seventh grade) a chance to     in the early morning from 8:00-9:00am and in the
explore a variety of media in a camp setting.          late afternoon from 5:00-6:00pm. No child under
                                                       the age of 13 years may wait unsupervised on
Led by a skilled and supportive staff, the campers     the campus of Oregon College of Art and Craft
will develop skills and confidence in four different   before or after camp hours. As a camp policy, we
workshops and build a solid art community with         ensure that a staff member supervises all camp-
all the participants. Art Adventures encourages        ers while they are on campus. The daily rate for
creative expression with an emphasis on the            before/after camp care is $3 per hour. A prepaid
individual. Peppered throughout the day are fun        full week of before/after camp care is $25.
activities, games and songs to help refill the
campers’ creative tanks.

Art Adventures introduces your child to a world
where everyday materials turn into amazing and
unique objects of art. We help find the artist
inside every camper with workshops that blend
two-dimensional and three-dimensional media. At
the end of the week, we welcome all family and
friends to come to campus at 4pm for our Friday
Art Walk, where the young artists can show off
their work and view work done by the other

This week-long camp runs 9:00am-5:00pm every
day. Before and after camp care is available for
an additional fee. Camper groups are formed ac-
cording to age and/or grade in school. All-camp
activities occur throughout the day, giving camp-
ers a chance to play and get to know each other.

The staff of Art Adventures is made up primarily
of teachers, college students, graduates and
artists from the community. They are chosen for
their leadership skills, strength in working with
children, skill in art making, energy and genuine
love of young people. The sense of respect and

                                                                                        SPRING BREAK CAMP   art adventures   25

                                 mixeD meDia                                                    begiNNiNg
                                 ChilDreN’s Classes                                             ChilDreN’s Classes

                                 Art Quest                                                      Art Starts!
                                                                                                SATURDAYS, FEB 13–MAR 13 (4 SESSIONS)
                                 SUNDAYS, JAN 31– FEB 28 (5 SESSIONS);
                                                                                                10:30AM-11:30AM; AGES 3-5; TUITION $50
                                 10:00AM-12:00PM; AGES 6-10; TUITION $125
                                                                                                You’re never too young to be an artist! Begin-
                                 Fulfill your need to explore art making! This class
                                                                                                ning artists experiment with painting, drawing
                                 leads children through the discovery of many dif-
                                                                                                and paper sculpture in this class that introduces
                                 ferent media and ways of making art. Sculpture,
                                                                                                youngest ones to the joys of creation. Parents
                                 painting, fibers, book arts and more; every week
                                                                                                are asked to join in on the fun. Location: Fibers
                                 is a new adventure! Location: Design Studio,
                                 Februay 7, Fibers Classroom
                                                                                                JOY GATES, INSTRUCTOR
                                 JOY GATES, INSTRUCTOR
                                                                                                Please see previous listing.
                                 Joy Gates has a BFA from Oregon College of Art and Craft
                                 and has been teaching in the Art Adventures program for over
                                 ten years.
                                                                                                Creative Babies
                                                                                                FRIDAYS, FEB 19-MAR 19 (5 SESSIONS)
                                                                                                10:30-11:00AM; AGES 16-36 MONTHS; TUITION $35
                                 Creative Comics
                                 SATURDAYS, MAR 13- APR 3; (3 SESSIONS); 1PM-3PM;               Help to spark your little one’s creativity. This
                                 AGES 8-12: TUITION $50                                         class leads young ones and their parents in an
                                 Learn how to make your imagination come to life                exploration of the colors, shapes and textures of
                                 by constructing stories through the art of comics.             art. Location: Design Studio
                                 Take home a one-of-a-kind full-color comic book                JOY GATES, INSTRUCTOR
                                 written and drawn by you! No drawing experi-                   Please see previous listing.
                                 ence is necessary, just an active imagination
                                 and a playful mind. No class March 27.
                                                                                                arT aDveNTures
                                 Location: Design Studio
                                                                                                Family workshops

                                                                                                Our family workshops are designed to bring
                                                                                                families together in the art making process. It’s a
                                                                                                great chance to spend time with your loved ones
                                                                                                in a fun and creative environment. Adults must
                                                                                                be accompanied by children; children must be
                                                                                                accompanied by adults! Location: Design Studio

                                                                                                Flower Power
                                                                                                SUNDAY, FEB 7 (1 SESSION); 1:30PM-3:30PM
                                                                                                All AGES • TUITION $15 PER PERSON

                                                                                                Paper flowers that you make yourself will delight
                                                                                                your Valentine. Family and friends can join the
                                                                                                fun with the kids to make unique blooms for
                                                                                                bouquets, brooches or to embellish a card or
                                                                                                picture frame for the one you love. Location:
                                                                                                Design Studio

                                                                                                Felting Frenzy
                                                                                                SUNDAY, APR 4 (1 SESSION); 1:30PM-3:30PM
                                                                                                All AGES • TUITION $15 PER PERSON

                                                                                                What? Make your own felt? It’s true! Uncover
                                                                                                the mysteries and infinite fun of making felt with
                                                                                                the family. It’s a cozy project for cool spring days.
                                 Drawing and Painting for the Young Artist
                                                                                                Location: Design Studio
                                 SATURDAYS, MAR 20-APR 24; (5 SESSIONS)
                                 10:00AM-12:00PM; AGES 6-10; TUITION $125
                                                                                                Spectacular Silk Scarves
                                 Roll up your sleeves and prepare to create! Chil-              SUNDAY, MAY 2; 1:30-3:30PM; TUITION $25/PERSON
                                 dren will learn a variety of drawing and painting
                                                                                                Treat the moms in your life to a beautiful hand-
                                 techniques while exploring various media from
                                                                                                dyed silk scarf. Each student will take home two
                                 pastels to pencils and tempera to watercolor. No
                                                                                                original scarves just in time for Mother’s Day.
                                 class March 27. Location: Design Studio
                                 JOY GATES, INSTRUCTOR
                                 Please see previous listing.

   26   art adventures   CLASSES & WORKSHOPS
Phabulous Photography                                   Painting with Acrylics
SUNDAYS, MAY 9 & 16; (2 SESSIONS); 1:30-3:30PM;         TUE/THUR, FEB 16-MAR 4; (6 SESSIONS) 4:00-6:00PM;
TUITION $30/PERSON                                      AGES 13-18; TUITION $150; STUDIO FEE $15

Discover the ins and outs of low-tech photog-           Explore the visual elements of color, light and
raphy through the exploration of using pinhole          form with acrylic paint. Students learn a basic
cameras and cyanotype paper to make unique              knowledge of composition, materials and tech-
images of your own.                                     niques that will open the door to a completely
                                                        new medium. This class focuses on painting from
TeeN workshops                                          observation as well as imagination.

Portfolio Preparation                                   The Art of the Box
AGES 13-18; TUITION $125; STUDIO FEE $15                4:00-6:00PM; AGES 13-18; TUITION $125; STUDIO FEE $15

Make your art portfolio stand apart from the rest       Learn to create your own handmade boxes!
by discovering your unique artistic voice! For stu-     Students will use book board and unique papers
dents interested in pursuing an art degree, this        to create treasured boxes with lids, drawers and
invaluable workshop will provide the necessary          interior dividers. Who knows what keepsakes you
guidance and preparation just in time for March         can store away in these one-of-a-kind objects?
application deadlines. Learn the fundamentals of        Location: Design Studio
visual perception through a series of challenging
exercises, in-class work time, and conversational
class critiques. Information on how to shoot qual-
ity slides of work will ensure that your portfolio
professionally represents you and your artwork.
Location: Design Studio

Beyond Soft Sculpture
4:00-6:00PM; AGES 13-18; TUITION $125; STUDIO FEE $15

Using the basics of sewing, knitting, crocheting
and felting to create sculptural work, students
will investigate a transformation of material into
distinctive pieces of art. A focus on idea and con-
cept will be stressed, but above all students will
discover the freedom and enjoyment that comes
from experimentation. Location: Design Studio

                                                                                 CLASSES & WORKSHOPS / TEEN WORKSHOPS   art adventures   27

                                  arT aDveNTures                                         Refund policy for Spring Break Camp
                                                                                         •100% of tuition will be refunded up to
                                  regisTraTioN iNFormaTioN
                                                                                         seven days before the first day of camp. No
                                                                                         refund available after that date.
                                  Classes and day camp fill on a first-come,
                                                                                       Campus Flu Information
                                  first-served basis. Full payment and completed
                                                                                       In preparation for an increase in influenza cases
                                  registration and medical forms are neces-
                                                                                       this year, OCAC has planned to minimize the
                                  sary to secure a spot. If you’re signing up for
                                                                                       impact of influenza on the campus community.
                                  more than one workshop, please indicate
                                                                                       However, it is important for parents to develop
                                  this on the registration form and include full
                                                                                       their own plans in the case of illness of their child
                                  tuition. Please use one registration form per
                                                                                       enrolled in Art Adventures. Parents of children ex-
                                  child. Art Adventures registrations may not be
                                                                                       hibiting signs of influenza should please not bring
                                  made by phone. A receipt of confirmation and
                                                                                       their child to class. Parents who do bring their
                                  letter will be sent to you upon receipt of your
                                                                                       child(ren) to class will be required to pick them
                                                                                       up and return home for the duration of the illness.
                                                                                       Students should remain isolated until 24 hours
                                  Class/Workshop Cancellation
                                                                                       after they first maintain a normal temperature,
                                  If a class should fail to meet minimum enroll-
                                                                                       without the aid of fever reducing medications.
                                  ment seven days before the first scheduled
                                  meeting, it will be cancelled. If a class is
                                  cancelled, registrants will be notified and a full
                                                                                       A limited number of scholarships are available for
                                  refund will be made.
                                                                                       all Art Adventures programs. To apply or for more
                                                                                       information, please call 971.255.4159 or down-
                                                                                       load the application form from the Art Adventures
                                  If you wish to cancel a registration, you must
                                                                                       section of our website at
                                  notify the extension program office in writing.
                                  Refunds are calculated from the date noti-
                                  fication is received, not from the last day of
                                                                                       Photo Release
                                  attendance. A 10% processing fee is charged          From time to time, OCAC has a photographer
                                  on all refunds.                                      take pictures on campus, including classes and
                                                                                       workshops in session. These are used in publica-
                                     Refund Policy for Children’s Classes              tions to promote the college. We assume your
                                     & Family Workshops                                child’s presence on campus constitutes your
                                     •100% of tuition up to one working day            permission to use pictures of him/her or his/her
                                     before the class meets for the first time.        work in this context unless otherwise notified.
                                     •50% of tuition one working day before the
                                     class meets for a second time.
                                     •No refund available the day the class
                                     meets for the second time and beyond.

   28   art adventures   REGISTRATION INFORMATION
The jorDaN sChNiTzer Family arT aDveNTures program
spriNg 2010 regisTraTioN Form
Mail or fax completed registration and medical release forms with full payment to:
Art Adventures • Oregon College of Art and Craft
8245 SW Barnes Road, Portland OR 97225 ph 971.255.4159 fx 503.297.1844
Sorry, no phone registrations for Art Adventures.

One registration form per student. (For family workshops, please include adult name(s) on line indicated.) Note: Medical
release form on back of this page must be filled out for complete registration unless registering for a family workshop only.
Remember, You may now submit your registration online!


STREET ADDRESS                                                         CITY                                      STATE          ZIP

HOME PHONE                                                             SCHOOL

AGE                                 GRADE LEVEL                        BIRTHDAY                                  GENDER

PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME(S)                                                PARENT/GUARDIAN EMAIL

PARENT WORK PHONE                                                      ADDITIONAL PHONE


Has student participated in an Art Adventures program previously? ❍ No ❍ Yes

If yes, which program and what year?

How did you hear about Art Adventures?

Children’s Classes/Camp: Please check session(s)
❍	Art Quest (ages 6-10)                                                 Sundays, Jan 31- Feb 28 @ $125             =$
❍	Creative Comics (ages 8-12)                                           Saturdays, Mar 13- Apr 3 @ $50             =$
❍	Drawing and Painting for the Young Artist (ages 6-10)                 Saturdays, Mar 20- Apr 24@ $125 = $
❍	Art Starts (ages 3-5)                                                 Saturdays, Feb 13- Mar 13 @ $50            =$
❍	Creative Babies (ages 18- 36 months)                                  Fridays, Feb 19- Mar 19 @ $35              =$
❍	Spring Break Camp (grades 1-7)                                        Mon-Fri, Mar 22-26 @ $300                  =$

Family Workshops: Please check session(s)
❍	Flower Power, Sunday, February 7 (all ages)             # of workshop participants: @ $15/ person                =$
❍	Felting Frenzy, Sunday, April 4 (all ages)              # of workshop participants: @ $15/ person                =$
❍	Spectacular Silk Scarves, Sunday, May 2 (all ages) # of workshop participants: @ $25/ person                     =$
❍	Phabulous Photography,                                  # of workshop participants: @ $30/ person                =$
Sundays, May 9 & 16 (all ages)

Teen Workshops: Please check session(s)
❍	Portfolio Preparation (ages 13-18)           Wednesdays, Jan 13- Feb 10 @ $125 + Studio fee $15                  =$
❍	Beyond Soft Sculpture (ages 13-18)           Wednesdays, Feb 17- Mar 17 @ $125 + Studio fee $15                  =$
❍	Painting with Acrylics (ages 13-18)          Tuesdays/Thurs, Feb 16- Mar 4 @ $150 + Studio fee $15               =$
❍	The Art of the Box (ages 13-18)              Wednesdays, Mar 31- Apr 28 @ $125 + Studio fee $15                  =$

                                                                                               subtotal            =$

 ❍ I would like to donate money toward the Art Adventures Financial Aid Fund
   for children who would not otherwise be able to attend.                                     Donation Total      =$

 (Full payment is due at time of registration, unless applying for scholarship assistance.)    Grand Total         =$

 Payment Type             ❍ Check to Oregon College of Art and Craft              ❍ Visa      ❍ MasterCard        ❍ Discover


 NUMBER ON CARD                                                                                EXPIRATION DATE

 SIGNATURE                                                                                     AMOUNT TO BE CHARGED

                                                                                                       REGISTRATION FORM   art adventures   29

         arT aDveNTures meDiCal release Form

         Mail or fax completed registration and medical release form with full payment to:
         Art Adventures • Oregon College of Art and Craft
         8245 SW Barnes Road, Portland OR 97225 ph 503.297.5544 fx 503.297.1844


         AGE                                         GENDER                                    HOME PHONE

         PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME(S)                                                               SCHOOL

         PARENT/GUARDIAN WORK PHONE                                                            ADDITIONAL PHONE

         please note: This form must be filled out it its entirety and on file in the Art Adventures Office for complete registration. For families registering for more
         than one child, Art Adventures must have a copy of the medical form on file for each child.

         List allergies to food, insects, medications, etc. and list any food restrictions (i.e. vegetarian, kosher):
         Describe allergic reactions and their severity:

         List any physical limitations or restrictions:
         Describe any behavioral, mental, or emotional issues that might pose a challenge to group learning:

         List any medications, when they are taken and describe the medical condition:
         Is there anything else you would like us to know about your child?

         Physician’s name:                                                                                                Phone:

         Is your child covered by family medical/hospital insurance? ❍	No			❍	Yes

         Should any injuries occur during or as a result of participation in any Art Adventures camp, class or workshop, I agree to
         indemnify and hold harmless OCAC and all employees, instructors and volunteers connected with OCAC. ________ INITIAL

         As parent/guardian, I give Art Adventures permission to seek medical attention for my child in case of accident or
         emergency. I understand that every effort will be made by Art Adventures staff to contact myself and/or the emergency
         contact person in the event of a medical emergency. ________ INITIAL

         Designated Art Adventures staff will dispense medication under physician’s orders. Under statute ORS 30.800 and
         30.807 (which states that all medications must be in a prescription container, clearly labeled with the child’s name, type of
         medication, dosage and times to administer medication), please administer medications to my child in the manner described
         by the physician’s orders. ________ INITIAL

         I authorize (name)____________________________________ (daytime phone) _____________________________ to pick
         up or deliver my child to Art Adventures. I understand that if I, or the person named above, is unable to pick up my child, I will
         provide a permission form to authorize another adult to pick up my child from Art Adventures. ________ INITIAL

         My teen has permission to leave the Art Adventures program/OCAC campus for lunch. ________ INITIAL (For Teen
         Workshop registration only.)

             PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE                                                                                    DATE

   30   art adventures     MEDICAL RELEASE FORM
map oF Campus


                                                                  Ce                    CONSTRUCTION AREA

                                               me                                                                                lb
                                                              C                                                     Th

  po                                                                   ph
                                                                            ba pr ss         Co
                                                             C                                     wv                            PARKING
                                                                                        sD         FC
                                               aD                                  Dy

            BUS                                                                                                                ao


                                                             OVERFLOW                   Ds                                     oad
                                                              PARKING                                                  Lea
                                                                                                    PARKING         SW

aD    Admissions                                    FC   Fibers Classroom                           hours oF operaTioN
ao    Administrative Offices                        lb   Library
                                                                                                    GALLERY HOURS
ba    Book Arts                                     me   Metals
                                                                                                    Daily 10:00am-5:00pm
C     Centrum, Hoffman Gallery, Café                ph   Photography
Ca    Calligraphy                                   pr   Printmaking                                Call for holiday hours
Ce    Ceramics                                      po   Portable
Co    Construction                                  sD   Surface Design                             HANDS ON CAFE
Dpp   Drawing, Painting & Photography               ss   Student Services                           Lunch: Mon-Fri, 11:30am-2:00pm
Dr    Drawing & Painting                            Th   Thesis                                     Dinner: Mon-Thur, 5:30-7:30pm
Ds    Design Studio                                 wv   Weaving                                    Brunch: Sun, 9:30am-1:30pm
Dy    Dye Studio                                    wD   Wood                                       Closed Saturdays 503.297.1480

                                                                                                    REGULAR COLLEGE HOURS
                                                                                                    Please call to confirm campus hours
                                                                                                    during school breaks or holidays.
                                                                                                    ph 503. 297. 5544
                                                                                                    fx 503. 297. 3155
  oregoN College
  oF arT aND CraFT
                                                                                                    FRONT DESK
                                                                                                    Mon-Thur: 7:30am-9:30pm
                                                                                                    Fri: 7:30am-5:00pm
                                                                                                    Sat & Sun: 8:00am-5:00pm

                                                                                                    The #20 Tri-Met bus stops right in
                                                                                                    front of the College, and transfers to
                                                                                                    many other routes. You may also take
                                                                                                    the Max to the Sunset Transit Center
                                                                                                    and then transfer to the #20. Call
                                                                                                    503.238.7433 for a Tri-Met schedule
                                                                                                    or trip planning information.

                                                                                                             campus map / hours of operation   31
                                                                         NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                           PORTLAND, OR
                                                                          PERMIT NO. 119
8245 SW Barnes Road, Portland OR 97225

This catalog is printed on 100% recycled paper.

New Campus parkiNg Now available!
Located behind the Ceramics and Metals Studios for easy campus access.
8245 SW Barnes Road, Portland OR 97225

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