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BUDGET and PRECEPT 2012 / 2013

Parish Councils can raise revenue to help meet their spending requirements by
issuing a “precept” on the District Council. This is the total amount to be raised
through the Council Tax from all the dwellings within the Parish area.
The “Precept” is converted into an amount per Council Tax Band that is added
on to the Council Tax bill.

In 2011/12 the Council tax for a Band D property in Barby was divided as
follows:- Daventry District Council cost £ 120.57
          Northants County Council cost 1028.11
          Northants Police Authority       193.20
          Barby Parish                      74.45

For every £100 you precept, the Council Tax would be £0.20 for a Band D

In 2011/12 we issued a precept on DDC of £37558. This meant that a Band D
household had to pay £74.45 towards the work of the Parish Council during the
year ie £1.43 per week or 20.1p per day.
Budget Working Party – Tuesday 1st November 2011

PRESENT: Councillors R Camp, R Davies, D Cotton. Clerk – Catherine Camp

The budget figures were based on spend up to 30th September, being the end of the half year.

a) Clerks Salary has been frozen since 2009, but the NJC Trade Union has submitted a pay
claim for 2011/12 of an increase of at least £250 on all salaries. + £250 added to budget.
b) Office Stationery –Please consider if proposed budget figure is high enough based on spend??
It was suggested that an IC fund should be set up to ensure that money is available to replace
computer equipment on a 3 year cycle.
c) Rents are not due for review until 2013 so remain as is.
d) Grass cutting contracts are fixed for 2012 so the budgeted amounts are accurate.
e) Insurance is likely to increase since we have claimed for an number of acts of vandalism
f) Lights – The working party feel that the money held in fund should cover any problems. 6 lamps
need to be replaced at a cost of £250 by 2015 when Mercury vapour bulbs become obsolete.
g) Barby Village Hall requested a grant of £2000
h) Cricket Club requested funding towards Score Box cover and gravel for the car park.
i) Training – This has been increased as the Clerk must keep up to date with the content of the
Localism Bill to be finalised in 2012. New Councillors need to attend training and the Council needs
to reapply for Quality Status and have Councillors trained in the Power of Well being
.j) OPRA have requested £200 towards stationery, £400 towards a laptop and £80 towards a
laminator. It was suggested that the laptop be purchased from the remainder of this years budget.
k) Onley Village Hall – They have a healthy fund and have not asked for a grant. It was suggested that
work is required on the building and the Parish Council should write to the trustees and ask them to
get quotes for the required work. It was also felt that curtains should be hung to help the acoustic.
l) Youth – Shailen Popat, the Youth Worker employed by Kilsby and paid for by a NCC grant of
£10K ran a very successful youth week at Barby. He is happy to start up a Youth Club in Barby,
preferably on Wednesday evening and has secured £500 from DDC to fund the sessions up to
Christmas. He charges £15 per hour for his time, and has a young leader who is paid £7.50 per hr. The
grant will cover the costs of 10 2hr sessions. It is suggested that both Barby and Kilsby show a
commitment in the budget to provide £2500 as this may help to secure a further £10K grant by way of
match funding from NCC for next year. One off overheads such as insurance and CRB checks have
already been paid out of the £10K grant, but to secure the grant next year more youngsters need to
It has been suggested that £500 be requested through the precept to help fund a youth club, as with
this money and by charging subs it will allow a youth club to continue for a year.

Precept Recommendation:

The Working party recommend that £1000 is raised through the precept to add to the fund to
refurbish Barby Play Area, and £2000 is used from free reserves to fund a Youth Club if
funding is required.

A budget of £41783 is proposed with £38489 being raised through the precept. This
represents a year on year increase in precept of +2.48% and represents an annual cost for a
Band D household of £76.98 or £1.48 per week.

Other requests for funding, not met in the proposed budget but raised as ideas through Parish Plan

Funding of a Village Event for the Queens Diamond Jubilee
Further funding towards Barby Archaeological Dig
Production of a”Welcome Pack”

Purchase of The Old Shop??
Purchase of “The Ware”
Community buy-out of the pub

Fibre Optic hi speed broadband

Adoption of Onley roads and services (Could this be funded from Open Space money)
Pelican crossing at shop /school

Upgrading play equipment
More frequent litter collection in the park
Extension to Skate Park

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