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					                                                                   December 7, 2009

Dear Parents,

Our current Social Studies unit is the study of wants and needs. As part of this
unit we will be taking our field trip to the Norwalk Super Stop and Shop. In the
classroom we will be discussing specific wants and needs and how these vary by
location i.e. farm vs. city. We will also be viewing a video that provides children
with a clear understanding of wants and needs and how their wants and needs
affect their everyday lives.

To extend the learning opportunity of this unit, as a homework assignment we
would like each child to complete their own “Wants and Needs” poster. We will
provide the paper. Your child should create two sections: a wants section and a
needs section. These sections should be filled with pictures (magazine cut-outs,
computer downloads, labels, or drawings) that clearly distinguish wants from needs.

Please take this opportunity to discuss with your child the importance of knowing
the difference between the wants and needs. We hope you will enjoy working with
your child on this project. Please return the completed poster by Friday,
December 11 so that we can share and display them as a class.

Thank you!

Ms. Coudert

Ms. Taylor

Ms. Teitelbaum

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