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					                                                                                                                                            Idyllwild Town Crier, March 30, 2006 - Page B-1

                  n Ad B                                                                                                                                                    S ection

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           e n                                                                                                                       classrooms to make presentations to students

          D Co
                                                                                                                                     and teachers.
                                                                                                                                        We explained contest guidelines, handed
                                                                                                                                     out drawing materials and talked about the
                                                                                                                                     possible rewards that come with some of the
                                                                  promote a business.                                                winning entries.
                                                                     It also is just plain fun for everyone involved.                   Each classroom was assigned several
                                                                     This project starts with an incentive for                       ads to create and then each advertiser had
                                                                  advertisers. Discount prices were offered on                       several advertisements to choose from for

F   or 15 years, Idyllwild School students have
    partnered with the Town Crier and the
business community for the Design an Ad
                                                                  quarter-page ads. Once the advertisers were
                                                                  aboard, fourth- to eighth-grade students were
                                                                  invited to participate in the contest.
                                                                                                                                        Again this year, students were invited to work
                                                                                                                                     in teams of two, if they chose. One winning entry
Contest.                                                             Before students actually began work on their                    was chosen from each grade level and each
   Many of the students participating in the                      ads, Assistant Editor J.P. Crumrine, Operations                    student artist winner received $20 ($10 each
contest will someday own businesses or be                         Manager Jim Crandall, Production Assistant                         if working as a team) from the Town Crier. Six
involved in marketing. We believe this gives                      Shannon Johnston, Advertising Manager Grace                        students received awards.
them some skills in understanding how to                          Reed and Copy Editor James Larkin visited the                                                                Continued on next page

Grade-level winners of the Town Crier’s Design an Ad Contest pose with Principal Emily Shaw and    are Delilah Parillo (fourth grade) and Christal Beagle (eighth grade). Shaw holds a check from the
Town Crier Publisher-Editor Becky Clark. From left, Clark, Megan Read (fifth grade), Claudia        Town Crier, part of the proceeds from the contest donated to Idyllwild School. Each student won $20,
Huizar (sixth grade), Gina Drell (seventh grade), Taylor Griner (seventh grade) and Shaw. Absent   except for the team of two which split the $20.                             Photo by Michael Erlich
Page B-2 - Idyllwild Town Crier, March 30, 2006

Students in Patty
Carratello’s eighth-
grade class at Idyllwild
School get creative as
they draw and make
ads for local busi-
nesses. The ads that
were chosen by the
businesses appear in
this special section of
the Town Crier news-
paper, along with the
winners of the Design
an Ad Contest.
Photo by Michael

Continued from front page                               location — to make these tough decisions.             these merchants, you’ll be able to see those ads
   Judges for this year’s contest were Idyllwild Area      There were more than 200 ads made by students      not published in the Town Crier.
Historical Society President Marcia Donnell and         at Idyllwild School, all of whom are winners. They      As was the case last year, part of the proceeds
local artist Polly Walker.                              each receive a free copy of this issue of the Town    from the contest were donated to Idyllwild
   The judges this year said it was tough choosing      Crier for participating.                              School.
from among the many great ads. They looked for             And many of the businesses on the next several       We appreciate the cooperative spirit of local
how effective the ads were — if they could determine    pages will be displaying all the ads designed for     businesses and Idyllwild School faculty, students
the name of the business, the phone number and          them by students in their store fronts. By visiting   and Principal Emily Shaw.

               Idyllwild Garage — Emma Leach, Grade 4                                       Showtime Video — Stephen Kermode, Grade 4
                                                                         Idyllwild Town Crier, March 30, 2006 - Page B-3

          Jazzercise — Tiffany Beck, Grade 4             The Idyllwild Cafe — Emily Berry, Grade 4


Idyllwild Town Crier Newspaper — Austin Jones, Grade 4    Village Market — Delilah Parrilo, Grade 4
Page B-4 - Idyllwild Town Crier, March 30, 2006

Strawberry Creek Inn - Bed & Breakfast — Baillie Perales, Grade 5   Van Leuven Realty — Randi Tatum-Brock, Grade 5

             Guaranty Bank — Tyla Friemoth, Grade 5                    Idyllwild Video — Justin Stephens, Grade 5
                                                                        Idyllwild Town Crier, March 30, 2006 - Page B-5

                                             Christian McEldowney demonstrates his artisitc ability as he draws
                                             an ad for a local business.           Photo by Michael Erlich
           La Casita — Bela Bomis, Grade 5


         Wooley’s — Megan Read, Grade 5      88 Far East International Import Co. — Kayla Dearman, Grade 5
Page B-6 - Idyllwild Town Crier, March 30, 2006

             Fairway Market — Maddie Cote, Grade 5          Idyllwild Appliance & Repair Co. — Erec VonSeggern, Grade 5

            Town Hall Recreation — Wyatt Priefer, Grade 6            Country Farms — Alyssa Bondi, Grade 6
                                                                Idyllwild Town Crier, March 30, 2006 - Page B-7

Silver Pines Lodge — Jessie Estrada, Grade 6   Mountain Footwear — Taylor Stephens, Grade 6


 Scones Bakery — Claudia Huizar, Grade 6           Forest Fibers — Hannah Luna, Grade 7
Page B-8 - Idyllwild Town Crier, March 30, 2006

Polly Walker (left) and Marcia Donnell discuss and enjoy the ads as they glance
over the entire contest before actually judging.
                                                 Photo by Shannon Johnston
                                                                                  Woodland Park Manor — Anthony Gil, Grade 7

       Skye at Night — Lindsey Lopian & Ana Geges, Grade 7                          Idyllwild Inn — Sam Smith, Grade 7
                                                                            Idyllwild Town Crier, March 30, 2006 - Page B-9

    Griner Construction — Logan Schelly, Grade 7        Delilah’s Hemp & Imports — Sierra Shroder, Grade 7


Quiet Creek Inn — Gina Drell & Taylor Griner, Grade 7       The Bread Basket — Josh Floquet, Grade 7
Page B-10 - Idyllwild Town Crier, March 30, 2006

JC’s Red Kettle — Anastasia Geges & Lindsey Lopian, Grade 7   Tahquitz Travel — Tanya Wampler, Grade 8

          Sanborn Engineering — Glenn Cook, Grade 8           Idyllwild Green — Briana Wenger, Grade 8
                                                                                Idyllwild Town Crier, March 30, 2006 - Page B-11

                                                  Polly Walker (left) and Marcia Donnell tag an ad for a later decision while
                                                  judging the 2006 Design an Ad Contest on Thursday, March 23.
                                            W ra h                                   Photo by Shannon Johnston
                                             in de
                                             G 8t


 Pony Express — Christal Beagle, Grade 8

Café Aroma — Cayla Akins-Johnson, Grade 8         Creekstone Inn - Bed & Breakfast — Courtney Higgins, Grade 8
Page B-12 - Idyllwild Town Crier, March 30, 2006

 Design an Ad Participants
Ackley, Philip               DeRoss, Dominique         James, Michael           Meltzer, Khristian      Priefer, Robert       Stephens, Taylor
Adams, Zoe                   Dravenstatt, Taylor       Jimenez, Emily           Meltzer, Koleman        Put, Emielia          Sterling, Dawn Marie
Akins-Johnson, Cayla         Drell, Gina               Johnson, Carley          Mettler, Benjamin       Radtke, Joshua        Stevenson, Mary
Bagby, Jolene                Drell, Michael            Jones, Alexis            Miah, Christian         Read, Justin          Sumrall, Hannah
Beagle, Christal             Ebner Beck, Andrew        Jones, Austin            Miracle, Daniel         Read, Megan           Sundsten, Joshua
Beattie Phillips, Victoria   Edwards, Sara             Jones, Charles           Morales, Enddi          Reed, Dylan           Swanlund, Rebekah
Beck, Tiffany                Eller, Mitchell           Kalpakoff, Alexander     Morris, Lacey           Reeves, Georgia       Swanson, Jacob
Beechan, Nicholas            Estrada, Jessie           Kellner, Melissa         Mortensen, Elizabeth    Reeves, Rebecca       Tatum-Brock, Randi
Bergstrom, Christopher       Ezelle, Chloe             Kennen, Paul             Mortensen, Nicole       Rizor, Alden          Torrez, Sage
BernardPerez, Katie          Falk, Jamie               Kermode, Stephen         Mulhall, Michael        Salter, Emma          Verbanic, Alyca
Berry, Emily                 Figueroa, Velma           King, Holly              Murray, Evynne          Sanborn, Alexander    Verbanic, Victoria
Biley, Mitchell              Finnell, Elizabeth        Kirk, Danielle           Negrete, Anthony        Sanborn, Benjamin     Verbanic, Yeveon
Blane, Jonathan              Floquet, Joshua           Kirk, Paul               Nunn, Jonathan          Sanchez, Cassandra    VonSeggern, Erec
Blane, Scott                 Friemoth, Tyla            Klingaman, Emma          Olson, Tyler            Schelly, Logan        Wampler, Danielle
Bomgardner, Russell          Fry, Kylie                Komar, Katherine         Owen, Destiny           Schlicht, Stephanie   Wampler, Tanya
Bomis, Ayla                  Geges, Anastasia          Leach, Emma              Owen, Randy             Segura, Paulina       Wenger, Briana
Bomis, Bela                  Geges, Dominic            Leach, Sadie             Parillo, Delilah        Shroder, Sierra       Whitaker, Noah
Bondi, Alyssa                Gentry, Eric              Leih, Johnathon          Parillo, Jovan          Simmons, Ashley       Whitaker, North
Campbell, Ashlyn             Gentry, Roger             Leih, Joshua             Patton, Liam            Simmons, Jordan       Wilson, Sacher
Campbell, Benjamin           Gibbons, Richard          Li, Karina               Pennington, Cole        Singer, Adam          Wilson, Spencer
Chaffin, Arielle              Gil, Alex                 Logan, Christopher       Perales, Baillie        Smith, Daija          Wood, Anthony
Chavez, Christopher          Gil, Anthony              Lopian, Christian        Perez, Kurtis           Smith, James          Wood, Hannah
Christopher, Sherry          Giordani, Danielle        Lopian, Lindsey          Perez Montoya, Kadeem   Smith, Liam           Zacker, Julia
Chrysler, Justin             Glover, Gabrielle         Loutzenhiser, Savanah    Peterson, Jeffery       Smith, Mackenzie      Teachers:
Citrowski, Morgan            Gonzalez, Elizabeth       Luna, Hannah             Pflieger, Kyle           Smith, Samuel         Danielle Baraty
Cook, Glenn                  Graham, Adam              Markelz, Samandra        Phillips, Hannah        Smith, Taylor         Pam Campbell
Cote, Madeline               Graham, Kacy              Martin, Avery            Pielaat, Daniel         Solorio, Heidi        Patty Carratello
Cushing, Caillean            Graham, Nicholas          McAndrews, Darleen       Pielaat, Michael        Solorio, Sandi        Diane D’Arcy
Cushing, Sanger              Griner, Taylor            McEldowney, Christian    Pielaat, William        Solorzano, Evelin     Lance Fogle
Day, Lindsey                 Hernandez, David          McEldowney, Micayla      Polk, Alexandra         Solorzano, Oscar      Jeri John
Dearman, Kayla               Higgins, Courtney         McKnight, Andrew         Polk, Rachael           Spano, Liana          Charles Moore
Dearman, Kenneth             House, Zacharia           McKnight, Danielle       Porteous, Molly         Spehar, Kellie        Lenore Sazer-Krebbers
Deniz, Mario                 Huizar Herrera, Claudia   McRae Kellner, Michael   Powell, Jessie          Stephens, Justin      Karen Smith

              Idyllwild Pharmacy — Nicholas Beechan, Grade 8                                 The Spruce Moose — Karina Li, Grade 8

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