Aztecan Folktales_ Myths and Legends by stariya


									                           Aztecan Folktales, Myths and Legends

Picture Books
(by author in the Picture Book Room)
Lewis, Richard                                    All of You Was Singing

Folk and Fairy Tales
(by title in the Fairy Tale Section)
Doctor Coyote
How music came to the world
Two Mountains

Bierhost, John (ed.)                      The Hungry Woman            J398.209 B47H
Castillo, Ana                             My Daughter, My Son         J398.2 C27M
Greger, C. Shana                          The Fifth and Final Sun     J398.2 G86F
Jaffe, Nina                               Patakin                     J398.27 J18P
Lilly, Melinda                            Song of the Sun             J398.2 L62S
Muten, Burleigh                           Grandfather Mountain        J398.2 MUTEN
Patent, Dorothy                           Quetzal: Sacred Bird        J398.2 P27
Rohmer, Harriet                           How We Came To the Fifth
                                                  World               J SPAN
Vigil, Angel                              The Corn Woman              J398.2 V68C

Compiled by the Newton Free Library Children’s Librarians 2008

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