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Aztec Inca Maya facts


									                            Aztec, Inca, or Maya?
Instructions: As you create your pyramids, use the following facts to place them on
the inside of culture that they go with. You should use all facts. Use pages 22-26 in
your book. You can also find additional information around page 52. You may also
use the web link facts that you cannot find in the book.

      Lived in Central America and Southern Mexico
      Settled on an island in Lake Texcoco in 1325
      Created the tax system: this made them very rich b/c after they would conquer a
       region that region would pay taxes
      Settled in Cuzco; now Peru
      Census – an official count of all the people in an area and how they make their
      Most were farmers growing maize and other crops
      Government – very organized; emperor chose nobles to govern each province
      Built Great Cities: Tikal & Copan; cities were a center for religious rituals.
      Created the number zero
      Their civilization thrived from A.D. 250-A.D. 900
      Participated in human sacrifice to gods
      Worshiped many gods
      Created Tenochtitlan (today present-day Mexico City)
      Human sacrifice to gods
      Had an army (allowed them to conquer many regions)
      Used irrigation to water crops
      Studied the stars & planets
      Developed Hieroglyphics: a system of writing using signs and symbols
      Most accurate calendar
      Made books from the bark of fig trees
      Farmers grew foods such as maize (corn) using irrigation
      Believed that Inti was their parent (the sun god) which is why they called
       themselves “Children of the Sun”
       Had a system for taxes
      Used quipus – knotted strings to record information
      Built large roads & bridges
      Worshiped many gods
      Built canals and aqueducts
      Thought Cortez was a god - he conquered them and the empire fell
      Masters of building with stone
      Had Doctors (created over 1,000 medicines using plants)
      Were conquered by Francisco Pizarro

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