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Issue 1 – 2011

                  AAPM National Conference
                          Burswood Entertainment Complex
                                    Perth Western Australia

                                 18 – 21 October 2011

                                                     In this issue

                     Survey practice
                              profile                    internet, email
                                                       and social media
   On behalf of the National Board and
   members of AAPM, our thoughts are
   with all those members, their families
   and wider communities impacted
   by the devastation from the range
   of natural disasters across Australia
   in recent months – the Queensland

   floods, Victoria floods, West Australian
   bushfires and the North Queensland
   cyclone. Perhaps for many of us who
   attended last year’s conference in
   Cairns, the recognition of so many familiar landmarks on                President’s message                               2
   the news reports made the cyclone seem so much more
                                                                           Your association
   For those affected, it certainly was not the way you would wish         Our board members, contacts                       3
   to start the challenges of a new year. At times it is just so hard to
   comprehend the immediate impact of such events, let alone the           From the desk of the chief executive officer
   longer-term effect on individuals and communities.                      by Dean Barton-Smith                              3
   As many communities and practices set about rebuilding their
   health services, we should consider that this may provide an            Newsbites
   opportunity to re-establish these services in a more coordinated        Latest news and events                            5
   and user-beneficial environment.

   There is no doubting that this year has the potential to provide        States roundup                                   10
   some of the most significant reform to Australia’s health system
   that we will have experienced. It will certainly show government,       Survey practice profiles                         14
   practice principals, and our staff, the real value of a practice
   manager and our role in this change management exercise.
                                                                           AAPM national conference,
   To ensure we are in a position to maximise opportunities we             October 2011                                     16
   must be well informed and prepared. The key areas that I would
   encourage you to consider are:                                          WA member finalist in awards                     19
   •	 Stay	informed	–	seek	information	regularly	and	from	a	wide	
      range of sources                                                     Leadership in the 21st century                   20
   •	 Know	where	you	are	now	–	review	your	position	and	establish	
      your baseline                                                        Workplace internet, email,
   •	 Review	impact	of	change	when	final	initiatives	known	–	don’t	        and social media use policies                    22
      waste time on “maybes”
   •	 Adopt,	initiate,	and	develop	an	electronic	environment		–	           Member benefits                                  24
      embrace technology
   •	 Once	announced	–	ACT!

   As	someone	once	said	to	me:	Why	settle	for	the	Cutting	Edge,	
   when	you	could	be	at	the	Bleeding	Edge!	

                                                                                                                 Cover photo:
                                                                                                      Perth, Western Australia,
   Brett McPherson FAAPM                                                                                venue of our national
   National President                                                                                        Thanks to Tourism
                                                                                                          Western Australia for
                                                                                                        permission to use this

2 | Issue 1 – 2011
  Your association
  AAPM Board
  President                                   Treasurer                                       Tamara	Ruff
  Brett McPherson                             Marina Fulcher                                  P 08 8373 4944
  P 0418 131 873                              P 0417 438 895                                  E
  E        E
                                                                                              Chief Executive Officer
  Vice-president                              Non-Executive Directors                         Dean Barton-Smith
  Narelle Supanz                              Carolyn	Ingram                                  P 0412 752 920
  P 0412 305 119                              P 0411 725 899                                  E
  E                       E
  Secretary                                   Linda	Osman
  Debra Smith                                 P 0405 516 331
  P 0412 802 096                              E

  Contacts                                    Tasmania
                                              Contact Tas Secretariat
                                              P 1800 196 000 F (03) 9329 2524
                                                                                              The Medical Group
                                                                                              Management Association
                                                                                              in the United States has a vast range of
  Queensland                                  E                               courses ranging from one day to several
  Contact Qld Secretariat (Donna Bennett)                                                     months. A complete list of activities can be
  P (07) 3103 5152 F (07) 3829 9730           South Australia/Northern Territory              obtained	from	MGMA
  E	                          Contact	Kim	Monu                                P (303) 397 7875 W
                                              P (08) 8342 4548 F (08) 8342 4548
  New South Wales/ACT                         E                                National Office
  Contact	NSW/ACT	Secretariat                                                                 Level 1, 60 Lothian Street,
  (Helen	Kenny)                               Western Australia                               North Melbourne, Vic 3051
  P 1800 196 679 F (03) 9329 2524             Contact	Cherie	Gannaway                         P 1800 196 000 F (03) 9329 2524
  E                           P 0447 803 075 F (08) 9259 0062                 E
  Victoria                                                                                    Editorial/Advertising
  Contact Vic Secretariat                     International                                   Marilyn Bitomsky
  P 1300 651 334 F 1300 651 335               For information on Institute of Healthcare      P (07) 3371 3057
  E                           Management: 18-21 Morley Street, London         E
                                              SE1	7QZ	P 44 20 7460 7623 F 020 7460 7655;
                                              E	W

                         From the desk of the CEO
                         Unfortunately the start of 2011 reminded us
                         of the power of mother nature, with flooding
                         in many parts of Queensland, a cyclone in
                         north Queensland, and bushfires in Western
Dean Barton-Smith
                         It was wonderful to see humanity come to
                         the fore and a number of practice managers
                         responded	to	a	Head	Office	request	for	                      Castlemaine Street, Milton Brisbane, next to Suncorp Stadium
       “We are           people to offer time, services, or support to          a realistic yet practical approach that will be
      currently          help their fellow members recover and rebuild          cost effective and efficient for all concerned.
                         quickly.	                                              As we were in the process of moving forward
                         The Board and staff wish to express our                with our new website, the feedback from
   a far more            concerns and thoughts to those who have                our members in the last member survey has
                         been directly or indirectly affected and trust         enabled us to realign our initial approach and
                         that what lies ahead is looking up.                    we are currently developing a far more robust
      website.”          This will be a critical year for AAPM due to the       online initiative that offers more than just
                         fact that we will once again host our AAPM             general information, links, and benefits.
                         Board and State Branch’s President Summit              Lastly, In the coming months we will see the
                         (February). This is a time to review the work of       2nd AAPM National Membership Satisfaction
                         the past three years and to develop a new              Survey followed by the 2011 National Practice
                         strategic plan for the next 3-5 years. In doing        Manager Salary Survey which will then lead
                         so, we will be trying to identify ways to make         up to our next national conference to be held
                         an even greater impact.                                in	Perth	18-21	October	2011.	What	a	year	this	
                         The healthcare landscape is changing....               will	be!
                         We believe our members need to be on the                                                  Dean Barton-Smith
                         front foot to ensure changes are made with                                             Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                                                                      3|   Issue 1 – 2011
4 | Issue 1 – 2011
news bites
AGPAL	elections	ensure
Quality in Practice
AGPAL and Quality in Practice (QIP)       to encourage and support the
recently elected two long-standing        understanding of industry standards in
and well respected practice managers      relation to achieving and maintaining
to the Board at their annual general      accreditation,”	Mrs	Chaffey	said.	
meeting held in December last year.
                                          “With the recent growth of QIP this is
Mrs	Jan	Chaffey,	Executive	Officer	       certainly an exciting and challenging        Mrs Jan Chaffey,
at	Camp	Hill	Healthcare,	Director	        time to represent health care                Executive Officer Camp
of Stat Health Systems, AAPM                                                           Hill Healthcare, Director
                                          professionals in their achievement           of Stat Health Systems,
Committee	member,	and	DVA	Practice	
                                          of accreditation and their delivery          AAPM Committee
Management	Advisory	Committee	                                                         member, and DVA
                                          of improved service to the wider
member was elected to the position of                                                  Practice Management
Independent	Director	for	both	AGPAL	                                                   Advisory Committee
and QIP.                                  Mr	Gary	Smith,	a	former	NSW	AAPM	
                                          State	Committee	member	with	more	
Mr	Gary	Smith,	former	AGPAL	and	QIP	
board member, AAPM life member and        than 25 years’ experience in practice
member of several Medicare Australia      management, accepted the position
consultative and working groups was       of	QIP	Chair.	
elected	to	the	position	of	QIP	Chair.		   “As a former Independent Director
With	market-leading	AGPAL	currently	      of	both	the	AGPAL	Board	and	QIP	
accrediting more than 75% of              Board, I am committed to ensuring we
accredited general practices in           deliver	quality	improvement	services	
Australia and QIPs recent growth          that enhance people’s safety, health
accrediting both diagnostic imaging       and well-being here in Australia and
and physiotherapy and soon to             overseas,” Mr Smith said.                    Mr Gary Smith,
provide accreditation for dentistry and   “I look forward to working with QIP          former AGPAL and
retirement villages, a well-represented                                                QIP board member,
                                          clients and representing their interests
Board with relevant industry experience                                                AAPM life member and
                                          as	their	Board	Chair.”	                      member of several
is essential.
                                          Both	Mrs	Chaffey	and	Mr	Smith	bring	         Medicare Australia
Mrs	Chaffey,	a	former	National	                                                        consultative and
                                          with them an extensive amount of
Director of AAPM with almost 30 years’                                                 working groups
                                          practice management experience
experience as a practice manager,
accepted the position stating her         together with representation on a
passion for the profession and desire     number of relevant industry Boards,
to promote the significance of            committees and working parties.
accreditation will ensure long-term       Their experience is welcomed as
implementation and growth.                AGPAL	and	QIP	continue	to	lead	the	
“To	ensure	quality	outcomes	and	          industry in the provision of professional,
patient safety are achieved and           uncomplicated and worry-free
maintained, we must continue              accreditation.
                                                                                                       5|   Issue 1 – 2011
     Free superannuation service cuts
     red tape for medical practices
     Medical practices are among the early adopters              Queanbeyan’s	Rutledge	Medical	Clinic	Practice	uses	
     of a free government service that simplifies paying         the service to cut time spent on superannuation from
     employees’ superannuation.                                  an hour to 15 minutes a month.
     Administered by Medicare Australia, the Small               Eligible	small	businesses	only	need	to	register,	receive	
     Business	Superannuation	Clearing	house	allows	              a password and enter their employees’ details once
     businesses with fewer than 20 employees to pay all
                                                                 to	begin	making	monthly	or	quarterly	payments.
     their employees’ super through a single, secure online
     transaction.                                                Human	Services	Portfolio	General	Manager	Hank	
     Practices	in	Central	Coast	New	South	Wales,	                Jongen said eligible small businesses that register
     Queanbeyan and Perth were among the first to                today could be using the system in time to make the
     register.                                                   next	quarterly	superannuation	guarantee	payment	
     The	Woodlands	Family	General	Practice	in	Perth	             cut off date of 28 January.
     uses the clearing house to streamline payments to 12        “Register	now	to	discover	how	the	clearing	house	
     different superannuation funds.                             reduces the time and paperwork involved in making
     “I used to dedicate an afternoon to mostly writing          multiple payments to different superannuation funds,”
     cheques;	it	was	very	tedious	and	I	didn’t	look	forward	     Mr Jongen said.
     to it at all,” Practice Manager Laura Swithenbank           “More than 98% of payments to the clearing house
                                                                 are processed within two business days,” Mr Jongen
     “In a busy practice, the clearing house means I have        said.
     extra time for more important jobs to support medical
     staff and patients.”                                        “The clearing house has already been used to make
                                                                 17,500 employee payments with a value of over $10
     The	Bay	Village	Medical	Centre,	in	Bateau	Bay	on	the	
     NSW	Central	Coast,	uses	the	clearing	house	to	pay	          million.”
     eight super funds — each with different rules, systems      To register or find more information about the clearing
     and payment methods.                                        house go to

     Medicare Australia                                         Federal AMA welcomes
     releases online healthcare                                 national health agreement
     identifiers functions                                      Following the COAG meeting in February, AMA
     In December, Medicare Australia released a range           President Dr Andrew Pesce welcomed the signal that
     of new online Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service          a genuine national commitment to health reform has
     functions for health professionals and organisations.      emerged.
     These new functions are available to authorised users      “There is still a long way to go, but we finally have
     of	Medicare	Australia’s	Health	Professional	Online	
                                                                consensus and commitment from all our governments
     Services	(HPOS)	who	are	also	registered	with	the	HI	
                                                                to fix our health system,” Dr Pesce said.
     They include a directory of HI providers and               “There are promises of more beds, more money,
     organisations (where consent has been given to the         greater transparency, more local control, greater
     HI Service to display their details) and capabilities      clinician input, and less red tape.
     for users to view and maintain their organisation or       “If delivered, this is a recipe for a better health system.
     provider HI details. The new functions will help HI        As always, the devil will be in the detail.
     Service users to view and manage HI information.
                                                                “The	AMA	will	watch	closely	to	ensure	that	GPs	remain	
     Public	Key	Infrastructure	(PKI)	individual	certificates	
                                                                the foundation of primary care and that health
     are	required	to	access	the	full	range	of	HI	Service	
     HPOS	functions.	Individual	Healthcare	Identifiers	(IHI)	   funding goes directly to the services that will make a
     search	functions	are	not	available	through	HPOS.	          difference.
     People	using	Medicare	Australia’s	Online	Services	can	     “It is imperative that funds from the National Funding
     view their IHI and a history of organisations that have    Pool are delivered as directly as possible to the Local
     searched for and retrieved their IHI number.               Hospital Networks.”
     To	register	for	PKI,	or	for	more	information	on	HPOS,	
                                                                Dr Pesce said that it is vital that Medicare Locals must
                                                                support general practices, and not divert services
     To register for the HI Service, or for more information,
                                                                from	GPs	or	engage	in	fund-holding	arrangements	
                                                                that	divert	funding	from	GPs	and	their	patients.

6 | Issue 1 – 2011
  How e-health can help improve men’s health
  Currently five men die every hour in Australia from                  “This is hugely significant in dealing with men’s health
  potentially preventable illnesses, which are not                     and well-being and it will also eliminate the need to
  detected early enough. Yet despite this staggering                   duplicate tests and procedures, reducing the time
  number, men are still reluctant to see a GP.                         men need to spend at a medical clinic, which is a
  Dr	Ronald	McCoy,	a	board	member	of	a	men’s	health	                   huge factor why men stay away in the first place.
  program,	the	M5	Project,	developed	by	the	Royal	                     “E-health	makes	pro-active	preventive	health	
  Australian	College	of	General	Practitioners	(RACGP),	                measures easier, which will improve treatment
  is hoping that new e-health systems may help to                      outcomes	significantly.	Electronic	records	give	us	a	
  detect preventable illnesses earlier and ultimately                  huge advantage and with other electronic systems,
  lead to better health outcomes for men.                              could lead to the biggest gain in men’s health we
  “Men face a higher death rate than women when                        have	seen	yet,”	said	Dr	McCoy.
  it comes to cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes,                The	National	E-Health	Transition	Authority	(NEHTA)	
  respiratory disease and mental health problems
                                                                       is the lead organisation supporting the national
  including suicide and accidents. Many of these
                                                                       vision for e-health in Australia and to ensure that
  conditions are preventable. Men tend to present
                                                                       GPs	can	deliver	the	highest	standard	of	care	to	their	
  later	with	health	problems,	visit	the	GP	less	frequently	
                                                                       patients,	the	RACGP	is	working	with	NEHTA	on	what	is	
  and when they do, they have shorter consultations
                                                                       reasonable,	workable	and	useful	for	GPs	in	the	area	
  and are less likely to come in for preventative health
                                                                       of e-health.
                                                                       The	RACGP	recently	launched	a	new	online	health	
  “With one electronic record, we can build a
                                                                       tool, M5 health online, which allows men to carry out
  comprehensive medical history for a patient that can
  be	accessed	by	any	GP.	This	means	that	no	matter	                    a personalised health check, followed by access to
  where	they	seek	medical	help,	the	GP	can	see	how	                    no nonsense, practical advice on where to go and
  long it was since the patient had a cholesterol check,               what to do if their lifestyle changes.
  monitor their blood pressure, and talk to the patient                For more information about the M5 Project and M5
  about any significant lifestyle changes.                             health online, visit

     HPOS makes it easier for you to do business
     with Medicare Australia

Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) gives                          Track and Scale—view progress towards reducing return of service
health professionals and delegated practice staff                         obligations as part of the Rural Health Workforce initiative
access to Medicare Australia’s online services                            Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service—view your provider and
through a single entry point.                                             organisation HI details and access a directory of HI providers.
                                                                       HPOS continues to provide a range of services to make it easier to do
More and more services are becoming available for health               business with Medicare Australia, such as:
professionals through HPOS. New services recently added include:          Patient Verification—confirm and search patient details
   Practice Incentives Program (PIP)—register for PIP and individual      manage existing banking details
   PIP incentives
                                                                          a secure email facility—email Medicare Australia and subscribe to
   General Practice Immunisation Incentive (GPII)—register and            receive statements online
   update details for GPII
                                                                          Medicare services—Easyclaim processing and payment reports,
   General Practice Rural Incentives Program (GPRIP) and HECS
                                                                                                                                                   4540.01.11 (31.01.11)

                                                                          manage provider details and add a new Medicare practice location.
   Reimbursement Scheme—update banking details, apply for a Rural
   Relocation Incentive Grant, lodge HECS applications and more        For more information go to

                                                                                                                                  7|   Issue 1 – 2011
     AGPAL	offers	relief	to	flood-
     affected practices
     AGPALs Exceptional Circumstances Policy, endorsed           they	were	destroyed	by	the	worst	flooding	we’ve	seen	
     by the Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA),              in	decades,”	Dr	Clark	said.
     offers flood-affected general practices undergoing          “Our	Exceptional	Circumstances	Policy	is	designed	
     accreditation the security of maintaining their status      to ensure general practices currently undertaking
     and access to the Practice Incentive Payment (PIP).         accreditation can maintain their accreditation status
     With 75% of Queensland significantly impacted by the        and access to the PIP whilst they continue to operate
     flood	disaster,	many	general	practices	in	Queensland,	      out of a temporary location and/or rebuild.”
     including some in New South Wales and Victoria have         Under	this	DoHA-supported	policy,	AGPAL	is	able	to	
     been significantly affected.                                provide “deemed accreditation” which will enable
     In recognition that this year will be an extremely          the practice to retain access to Medicare’s PIP
     challenging	one,	AGPAL	is	able	to	assist	general	           scheme, whilst also allowing the practice to defer
     practices undergoing accreditation over the next            their survey visit for a period up to 12 months.
     year	via	its	Exceptional	Circumstances	Policy.              “We want to reassure general practices damaged
     AGPAL	and	Quality	in	Practice	(QIP)	Chief	Executive	        or	destroyed	by	the	recent	flooding	that	their	
     Officer	Dr	Stephen	Clark	has	advised	the	policy	            accreditation	status	is	guaranteed,”	Dr	Clark	said.
     applies	to	general	practices	that	have	been	required	       “We’re here to work with practices to ensure they
     to relocate to other premises or those which have           don’t miss out on Medicare’s PIP so they can
     been	affected	in	any	way	by	the	flooding.                   concentrate on the more important task of servicing
     “There are a number of general practices across             their patients and rebuilding their practices.”
     central and southeast Queensland, New South                 Practices	impacted	in	any	way	by	the	flooding,	
     Wales and Victoria which are now faced with the             requiring	deemed	accreditation	are	advised	to	
     unfortunate task of rebuilding their practices after        contact	AGPAL	on	1300	362	111.

     Department of Veterans’ Affairs:
     Fee schedule for medical services - 1 November 2010
     Access to accurate information about DVA fee                •	 Relative	Value	Guide	(RVG)
     arrangements is crucial to a provider’s ability to          •	 Diagnostic	Imaging	Fee	Schedule,	and	
     deliver services to DVA patients. In previous years         •	 Pathology	Fee	Schedule.
     DVA mailed copies of fee schedules to individual
     providers each November. Unfortunately this has             Hard copies of DVA fee schedules
     not proved to be efficient or effective as each year        If	medical	providers	require	one	or	more	hard	copies	
     thousands of copies are being “returned to sender”          of the fee schedule, they will now be able to choose
     and destroyed by DVA and many providers are not             one of the following options:
     receiving their schedules in a timely manner.               •	 Order	online	at
     DVA is now implementing a more targeted approach               providers/pages/forms.aspx
     to providers who wish to receive copies of DVA fee          •	 Fax	order	to	1800	671	670
     schedules. It is envisaged that this strategy will ensure
                                                                 •	 Telephone	1800	155	355.
     all providers have access to the DVA fee schedules in
     a timely and efficient manner.                              Pre-ordering will ensure providers receive copies of
                                                                 the schedule as soon as they are available, at the
     DVA fee schedules online                                    correct postal address.
     DVA will continue to provide:                               DVA recently sent an advice to healthcare providers
     •	 updated	fee	information	electronically	to	               regarding this change in process. Unfortunately,
        software vendors for inclusion in practice software      an administrative error occurred which resulted in
        programs, and                                            some providers receiving mail addressed to another
     •	 fee	schedules	online,	so	that	providers	can	             provider.
        download an electronic version at their own              DVA would like to apologise for any inconvenience
        convenience via                          caused as a result of this administrative error and
     This link contains:                                         want to ensure you that the service you provide to our
     •	 Local	Medical	Officer	(LMO)	Fee	Schedule	                veteran community is valued and appreciated.
     •	 Derived	fees	Ready	Reckoner	Local	Medical	               If you have any queries regarding these
        Officers	                                                arrangements, please contact DVA direct on
     •	 Repatriation	Medical	Fees	Schedule	(RMFS)	               1300 550 457.
8 | Issue 1 – 2011
                                         In your home, on the road or at work
                                           Guild Insurance has you covered.

You may already know that Guild Insurance can cover your practice and staff, but did you know we also offer home and car insurance? For

To apply go online or Freecall us.
                                                                  1300 988 988
      Guild Insurance Limited AFSL No: 233791. Guild Insurance supports your association through payment of referral fees for
      certain insurance you take out with Guild. For full Terms and Conditions Guild
*Terms and Conditions apply, visit for more detailsgo to Insurance supports your association through payment of
      Guild Insurance Limited AFSL No. 233791
referral fees for certain insurance you take out with Guild. You should consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) in deciding whether to acquire
any of these products. You can obtain the relevant PDS by contacting Guild Insurance on 1300 988 988. Guild Insurance Limited AFSL No: 233791.

                                                                                                   WE PROVIDE RELIEF
                                                                                                 FROM IMPACTED
                                                                                                    As a healthcare practitioner, you know the importance of space.

                                                                                                    Without room to grow, things become overcrowded, unsightly

                                                                                                    and painful. If your practice is becoming impacted, get Medifit

                                                                                                    to operate on it. We’re Australia’s premier name in the design

                                                                                                    and construction of healthcare and dental practices.

                                                                                                    We work with you to create a stylish, fully-customised practice that

                                                                                                    makes your business work, now and into the future. Get some relief.

                                                                                                    Call Medifit today on (08) 9328 8349 or visit our website

                                                                                                                                                                                        Marketforce MEDIFIT0017A

                                                                                                                                                                  9|   Issue 1 – 2011
                       States News
                       The Australian Association of Practice Managers is here to support you, provide education
                       and learning, and keep you abreast of technology and legislation changes that affect the
                       way	you	operate	your	business	in	everyday	practice	life.		Remember	AAPM	is	a	not-for-profit	
                       organisation and is run by volunteers. Support your state’s AAPM branch and attend their
                       events. Let them know what you need and what you want in education and support for your
STATES NEWS            practice, and our promise will be to deliver what you need. Make sure you have the latest
                       event information by checking the AAPM website regularly:

                       Wacky waiter and psychic
                       medium steal the show in SA
                       South Australia held their annual
                       Christmas wind-up on December 14. This
                       event was attended by Alan Holy aka
                       “Manuel – wacky waiter” who stole the
                       show with his magic and antics. He had
                       everyone laughing and interacting as he
                       made his way from table to table, wowing
                       his audience with his magical talent and
                       Wowing the attendees also was psychic
                       and	medium	Zoe	McDonald,	with	her	
                       predictions and communications to those
                       who have crossed over. She had the room
                       in a buzz with disbelief and awe of her           Catharine and Kylie from Medfin, proud sponsors
                       accuracy and unbelievable talent. The              of AAPM throughout 2010, and in the centre is SA
                                                                                 AAPM committee member Denise Page
                       night went well and truly over schedule, as
                       attendees did not want to leave until they
                       had	a	reading	from	Zoe.	
                       Apart from being wowed by Alan Holy
                       and	Zoe	McDonald	a	big	thank	you	was	
                       given to SA AAPM sponsors, Adelaide
                       Pathology Partners and Medfin Insurance,
                       who supported the SA AAPM throughout
                       2010. Thank you was also was made to the
                       new committee who dedicate their time
                       voluntarily to AAPM, and SA Secretariat
                       Kim	Monu.	These	people	make	events	
                       happen for SA AAPM members.
                                                                              Jenny Lambert, committee member and
                                                                                organiser of the Xmas event, with Helen
                                                                         Goodwin from Adelaide Pathology Partners who
                                                                                    supported SA AAPM throughout 2010

                            Attendees at the Xmas function held at the        Alan Holy aka “Wacky Waiter Emanuel” with
                                  Osmond Function Centre, Norwood                       Raelene Fry, committee member

 10 | Issue 1 – 2011
South Australia has a bonanza year
of education, learning, and fun planned
2011 is jam packed for South Australian members with      Networking night with a
an exciting variety line up of presenters, speakers,      difference is back due to
and workshops ready to deliver information, learning,     the popularity and success
and networking to our members. This information will      from the previous year.
be delivered in a fun, invigorating way that will have    This night will have you
you refreshed, enthused, in touch, and networked          connecting, learning, and
with managers and staff from other practices around       above all laughing and               Group Captain Reg
the state.                                                enjoying a fun night filled with Carruthers,Commander
February 9                                                activities, games, and prizes. Aerospace Operational
Mediation for managers                                    Also back by popular                Support Group of the
A	breakfast	meeting	at	BarZaar,	166	Unley	Road,	          demand	from	our	Christmas	       Edinburgh Airforce Base
Unley,	is	being	presented	by	Gary	Edwards,	a	             Function will be medium and
lawyer and magician who is also a professional            psychic	Zoe	McDonald.	You	will	also	be	pampered	
speaker, business consultant, and training mediator.      on the night with hand massages using beautiful skin
Previously he was a researcher into professional          care	products	with	Marissa	Cavalaro.
performance and workplace learning, and a lecturer
                                                          July 23
in postgraduate management studies. Mediation for
                                                          Staff development day
managers will have you achieving better outcomes,
                                                          SA’s annual staff development day will be an
stronger	relationships,	less	conflicts	and	tension,	
                                                          absolutely	sensational	day.	Once	again	it	will	
coupled with greater learning and development.
                                                          be engaging and entertaining, whilst also being
March 5-6                                                 informativewith a variety of different speakers and
Rural management and staff development                    presenters to choose from. The day will be followed by
conference                                                a	dinner	and	AGM	where	you	will	be	entertained	by	
A two-day conference at Port Augusta will bring           a guest speaker and dancers who will keep you “on
together speakers and presenters who will enthuse,        your toes”.
motivate,	inform,	and	inspire	you.	Commencing	
Saturday afternoon and being held at the Standpipe
                                                          August 20
                                                          EBA workshop
Gulf	Motor	Inn	and	concluding	Sunday	after	lunch,	
                                                          An	EBA	Workshop	is	being	held	in	Adelaide.	This	
this conference has been designed to cater for rural
                                                          workshop will focus on obtaining the information
practices, mindful of the distances they need to travel
                                                          from varying disciplines of healthcare practices to
to attend. A bus is being organised from Adelaide
                                                          roll out an agreement that is structured specifically
also, so anyone from Adelaide wishing to attend,
                                                          for healthcare practices. We are looking for practice
register your interest now and get on board. You can’t
                                                          managers interested in being involved in this
afford to miss this event.
                                                          workshop, to put forward their ideas and concepts of
Get	your	partner	to	pack	their	golf	sticks	to	enjoy	a	    what	they	would	like	to	see	in	an	EBA.	David	Wenban	
game of golf or just relax and enjoy the backdrop of      will be at the Port Augusta rural conference and will
the	Flinders	Ranges.	Saturday	night	dinner	is	included	   speak	on	EBAs	at	his	workshop.	Make	sure	you	speak	
in this sensational education package (partners           with David at this conference to find out more.
need to pay for their ticket) and you will be inspired
in leading your practice when listening to our special    September 14
guest	speaker,	Group	Captain	Reg	Carruthers,	             Breakfast meeting
Commander	Aerospace	Operational	Support	Group	            This event will be a breakfast meeting and the
of	the	Edinburgh	Airforce	Base,	as	he	talks	to	you	       speaker for this event and location will be advised via
about leadership challenges, benefits, and rewards.       the	AAPM	national	website	and	flyers.	Keep	your	eye	
                                                          open it is sure to be a bonanza event.
During the breaks you can take time out and
be pampered and have a hand massage and                   October
experience	sensational	skin	products	on	offer.	Games,	    National conference Perth
prizes ,and fun networking will have you not only         Don’t forget to put this date in your calendar and
learning, but laughing and enjoying your weekend.         book your tickets. You can’t afford to miss an AAPM
May 17                                                    national	conference.	Check	out	the	national	AAPM	
                                                          website to download a form and register.
Networking night with a difference
Networking is an important component of everyday          December 2
life whether it is for social or work reasons. The        Christmas dinner and celebrations
ability to learn and pass on information to or from       Help us celebrate the year that was and the great
our colleagues and peers allows developmental             year that will be ahead.
processes to occur within our practices. It also gives    Keep	your	eye	out	for	registration	flyers	at	your	
brainstorming and problem solving solutions, whilst,
                                                          practice or on the national website for all of these
at the same time, allows us to connect with our fellow
                                                          events or email now to have your
practice managers and staff who, like yourself, are at
                                                          registration form emailed to you direct.
varying stages of their career.
                                                                                                        11 |   Issue 1 – 2011
                       Queensland’s year-end dinner
                       offered networking opportunity
STATES NEWS            At AAPM Queensland’s
                       Year-End	Dinner	at	Era	Bistro	
                       in Brisbane on November 25,
                       over 40 members and guests
                       celebrated another year and
                       heard invited speaker, Dr
                       Gino	Pecoraro,	speak	about	
                       his experience with and
                       without his practice manager.
                       Dr Pecoraro is president
                       of the Australian Medical
                       Association Queensland.
                       The dinner was kindly
                       sponsored by Flower and Hart

                       For Queensland
                                                                         “Each	business	will	need	to	assess	the	
                       members, a year of challenge                      likelihood of such events on an individual
                       As most of Queensland and parts of                basis.
                       Victoria and New South Wales started              “It is also a great time to do a full insurance
                       the	year	with	flood	disaster,	challenges	         review including your own personal
                       increased for healthcare practices, both          insurance arrangements.”
                       in caring for the injured and ill as well as in
                                                                         The next major event on the state’s
                       rebuilding practices in some cases.
                                                                         practice management calendar is Staff
                       AAPM Queensland held its first mid-week           Development Day on Saturday June 4.
                       networking drinks on February 16, just over
                                                                         Always a popular event, the committee is
                       a month after the state was inundated
                                                                         encouraging early registrations to ensure
                       with water and mud.
                                                                         a place.
                       The evening offered an opportunity for
                       members to air their problems and share           QlD CAlENDAR
                       Writing in the state’s recent newsletter in              5 Diploma of Professional Practice
                       January,	President	Carolyn	Ingram	said	she	                Management
                       could not recall ever seeing widespread                    8.00am – 5.30pm
                       flood	devastation	across	such	a	large	area	                Level 1, Mater Medical Centre
                       of Queensland.                                          15 Committee Meeting – Teleconference
                       “My thoughts and prayers are with all of                19 Certificate IV, 8.00am – 5.30pm
                       those	families	in	Central	Queensland	who	                  Level 1, Mater Medical Centre
                       now face a massive clean-up and also                    20 Certificate IV, 8.00am – 5.30pm
                       with those further south who are yet to see                Level 1, Mater Medical Centre
                       the	devastating	flood	waters	cross	their	          23 & 24 Continuing Education Workshop
                       paths.                                                     Human Resources Masterclass
                       “My heart goes out to all those who have                   South Side Brisbane / Caboolture
                       been	affected	by	these	floods	and	I	hope	                  Presenter: Amanda Towe
                       your	recovery	comes	quickly.		                    APRIl
                       “On	reflection,	this	is	an	event	which	spurs	            6 Continuing Education Workshop
                       us as practice managers to check all of                    Managing Staff Performance
                       our insurance arrangements, making sure                    Presenter: Tracey Jessie, Flower and
                       our practice has everything up to date                     Hart Lawyers
                       and that our businesses are covered for                 12 Committee Meeting – Teleconference
                       such events.                                            16 Diploma of Professional Practice
                       Flood, fire, burglary, power failure,                      Management
                       spoilage, motor burn-out and natural                       8.00am – 5.30pm
                       disaster are all events that you should                    Level 1, Mater Medical Centre
                       consider being insured against.

 12 | Issue 1 – 2011
New South Wales calendar                                      Western Australia calendar
MARCH                                                         MARCH
         Sydney – Foundation Knowledge for the Manager               18 Bullying and harassment in the workplace
         Angela Mason-Lynch / Marina Fulcher
                                                                     31 E-seminar – Data cleansing for e-health
         Canberra – Foundation Knowledge for the Manager
      25                                                      MAY
         Sue Evans
APRIL                                                                     Geraldton – Professional performance in the
          Moree – Receptionist Development Day & Foundation               workplace
        2 Knowledge for the Manager                                  21 Bunbury – Professional performance in the workplace
          Lesley Macey/ Tania Worroll                         June
        7 Central Coast – Networking Dinner                           2 E-seminar – Excel spreadsheets
MAY                                                           JuLY
       5 UNEP – AAPM NSW Taking Control CIV
                                                                     29 Excel course
         Parramatta – Receptionist Development Day &
       7 Foundation Knowledge for the Manager                 SePTeMBeR
         Gary Smith/Angela Mason-Lynch                               22 E-seminar – Australian health standards
       9 Canberra – Networking Dinner                         OCTOBeR
      13 Orange – Networking Dinner                                    AAPM national conference:
         Orange – Receptionist Development Day & Foundation            Performance, persistence,
 13 & 14 Knowledge for the Manager                                     perfection Burswood Resort
         Sue Gentles/ Tracey Duddek                                    Convention Centre
         Bowral – Receptionist Development Day & Foundation   nOVeMBeR
      14 Knowledge for the Manager
                                                                     24 E-seminar – Finance
         Helen Eirth/ Angela Mason-Lynch
      14 UNEP – AAPM NSW Managing a Practice DIP              For further information, please contact via
         Coffs Harbour – Receptionist Development Day &       email                       or
 20 & 21 Foundation Knowledge for the Manager                 visit
         Tania Worroll/ Lesley Macey

Victoria’s team
professional                                                                  O        FF*
                                                                          15%        mem

development day offers
                                                                          for A     de: A            only
                                                                              te co             fees
                                                                          Quo              tion
                                                                                  eg istra
                                                                           *For r
high-profile speakers
AAPM Victoria has organised a Team Professional
Development Day on Saturday March 26 at the
Moonee	Valley	Racing	Club.		                                                             Australia’s most popular
The programs is packed with exciting speakers,                                    Practice Management software
including	a	2.5-hour	session	with	Amanda	Gore	
                                                                                                       call us today for a quote
speaking on Motivation for Your Team. Following this
is the opportunity to network over lunch and visit the                                                          1300 300 161
trade displays.
After lunch you can learn from the guru of networking,
Gary	Smith,	about	ways	to	get	in	touch	within	the	
healthcare arena.
Dr Nathan Pinskier will present on e-health, and finally
AAPM Victoria President Brett McPherson will close the
session talking about our roles in healthcare.
The Practice Manager of the Year award will also
be presented, so please join us. You will not be
disappointed.                                                                     SUPPORTING HEALTH PROFESSIONALS AT THE POINT OF CARE
For information, contact AAPM Victoria on 1300 651
334 or You can also visit the AAPM
website at and go to the state        
events page for registration forms. This is a must-
attend professional development day.
                                                                                                                            13 |   Issue 1 – 2011
                        Applies to all healthcare practices

                        Core principles:
                        Financial management, Human resource
by Professor Geoff      management, Business and clinical operations
Meredith and Colleen
                        Survey practice profiles:
                        Practice fees, patient numbers,
Geoff Meredith is
Professor Emeritus
and former
Academic Director
of UNE Partnerships’
Professional Practice
                        and billing
Manager Development     Further details of practices represented     Annual fees are then converted to
Program. Colleen
Sullivan, a former      by managers in the 2009 salary survey        average fees per day for practices and
AAPM national and       are presented in four tables, the first      these range from a figure less than a
Qld state president,    two identifying practice size in terms       $1,000 per day to more than $10,000 per
is a practice           of average annual fees and average           day. Some 36% of the practices reported
management              frees per day, the third table also links    between $2,000 per day and $5,000 per
                        to practice size in terms of number of       day, while 22% reported more than $9,000
                        patients on average that are linked to the   in fees per day. These figures from the
                        practice, and finally a summary of billing   table provide a clear indication of the
                        policy of the 900 practices in the study.    range of practice size and this could be
                        Table 1 indicates the wide range of          related to earlier tables indicating salary
                        average annual practice fees from less       levels and benefits received for practice
                        than $500,000 per annum to more than         managers involved with various practices
                        $5,000,000 per annum. The table indicates    in terms of size.

     This is the 4th    that about 26% of the practices reported     Table 2. Average Fees Per Day
                        fees of less than $1,000,000 with another
    salary survey       35% reporting between $1,000,000 and          Average Fees                    % of
                                                                        Per Day         Responses Respondents
            done by     $2,000,000 per annum. At the other end of
                        the scale, some 13% reported more than          Less than
   AAPM. It is the                                                                         19          3.5%
                        $4,000,000 per annum in fees.                    $1;000
    only national       Table 1 provides details of the range of
                                                                     $1,000 - $2,000       60          11.1%
    salary survey       annual fees for practices in the study.
                                                                     $2,001 - $3,000       79         14.6%
  for healthcare        Table 1. Average Annual Practice Fees
                                                                     $3,001 - $4,000       65         12.0%
            practice     Average Annual
                          Practice Fees      Responses       % of    $4,001 - $5,000       61         11,3%
    managers in
                          Under $500,000          39         7.8%    $5,001 - $6,000       47          8.7%
                              $501,000                                $6,001 - $7,000      37          6.8%
                                                  41        8.2%
                             -$750,000                                $7,001:- $8,000      34          6.3%
                          $751,000 - $1M          49        9.8%     $8,001 - $9,000       17          3.1%
                         $1,000,001 -$1.5M        90        18.0%        $9,001 -
                                                                                           26          4.8%
                          $1,500,001 -$2M         83        16.6%        $10,000

                        $2,000,001 - $2.5M        45        9.0%     Table 3 also provides an indicator of
                                                                     practice size – in this case, based on the
                         $2,500,001 - $3M         37         7.4%
                                                                     average number of patients per day. It
                        $3,000,001 - $3.5M        29        5.8%     is interesting to note that some 46% or
                         $3,500,001 - $4M         22        4.4%     practices reported less than 75 patients
                                                                     per day, while at the other extreme about
                        $4,000,001 - $4.5M        8         1.6%     7% of practices reported more than 250
                         $4,500,001 - $5M         12        2.4%     patients per day. Table 3 documents the
                                                                     range of patients treated by practices on
                          More than $5M           45        9.0%
                                                                     a daily basis.
  14 | Issue 1 – 2011
Table 3. Number of Patients Per Day                               The next article will look at responsibilities of practice
                                                                  manages as reported in the 2009 Salary Survey.
    Number of                            % of Total
                                                                  These are important because they are likely to have
     Patients        Responses          Respondents
                                                                  a	significant	influence	on	salary	levels	and	benefits	
        1-25             130                16.0%                 paid to practice managers. These responsibilities
       26-50              151               18.6%                 cover such areas as practice financial management,
                                                                  human resource management, planning,
       51-75              92                11.3%
                                                                  governance and professional development. This will
      76-100.             113                14%                  provide the final picture from the 2009 salary survey.
      101-125             84                10.3%                 Keep	in	mind	that	practice	managers	should	obtain	
      126-150             71                 8.7%                 a	copy	of	the	CD	from	AAPM	documenting	detailed	
                                                                  results of the survey.
      151-175             34                 4.2%
                                                                  Table 4. Billing Policy
      176-200             34                 4.2%
      201-225             28                 3.4%                                                           % of Total
                                                                        Billing type        Responses      Respondents
      226-250             18                 2.2%
                                                                       Private billing         750             89.4%
      251-275             16                 2.0%
                                                                        Bulk billing           554             66.1%
      278-300             17                 2.1%
                                                                     Reduced	fees	for	
  More than 300           24                 3.0%                                              330             39.3%
Finally in this article, Table 4 reviews billing policy, and         Medicare online           468             55.8%
again it needs to be noted that the percentages
                                                                       Health fund
will not add up to 100% as the majority of practices                   schemes &               213             25.4%
reported multiple billing procedures. Private billing                  agreements
was reported by almost 90% or practices with two-
                                                                          Hi	Caps               83              9.9%
thirds reporting bulk billing and a high percentage
reporting Medicare online. Table 4 provides full details                  Eclipse               38              4.5%
of billing policy, which are likely to change over time                    Other                47              5.6%
as online billing and claiming becomes important for
                                                                         Easyclaim             151             18.0%
practices and their patients.

                                             AAPM Salary Survey 2009
                                             This is AAPM’s 3rd salary survey– it is the only national salary survey for
                                             healthcare practice managers in Australia.

                                             The survey can be used to review and benchmark salary packages as well
                                             as assist with ongoing remuneration and human resource planning strat-
                                             egies. Data apply to general practice, specialist practice, dental practice,
                                             allied health, and large and small practices.

  AAPM Head Office                            The information is clearly presented in legible tables with data from over
  Level 1, 60 Lothian Street                 900 practice managers around Australia, making it an essential source of
                                             information for the healthcare industry.
  North Melbourne, Vic 3051
                                             Over 75 tables include: Salary by state and region, Education and qualif-
  Ph: 1800 196 000                           ications, Salary by practice type, Hourly rates, Employment status, Core
  Fax: 03 9329 2524                          responsibilities, Benefits received.

  Email:               Contact AAPM National Office to order your Salary Survey 2009 CD
                                             • $30.00 for participants (completed the 2009 salary survey)
                                             • $115.50 for individual members
                                             • $198.00 for non-members
                                             • $335.50 for organisations
                                             Prices include 10% GST and postage & handling for up to 2 CDs

                                                                                                                   15 |   Issue 1 – 2011
formance, Perfection. Persistence, Performance, Perfection.
                         AAPM	National	Conference
 AAPM National           Burswood	Entertainment	Centre,	Perth	WA
 Burswood                18	–	21	October	2011
 Entertainment Centre,
 Perth WA                The small but very energetic and vibrant        Join us in Perth!
 18-21 October 2011      Western Australian organising committee         Shayne
                         looks forward to your participation in the      Murray, Dot
                         2011 event in Perth.                            Melkus,	Kathy	
                         Invited speakers are diverse and of interest    McGeorge	and	
                         to all practice managers and their staff.       Narelle Supanz.
                         An innovation this year is a Practice           Social program
                         Registration	fee.	Check	out	the	registration	   Inclusive
                         details to see whether this would be of         functions
                         benefit to your practice.                       for full-time
                         Visit the website           registrations will
                         aapm2011 for the Provisional Program,           include:
                         Pre-conference	workshops,	Registration,	        •	 Welcome	
                         and Social functions. The website will be          reception, Tuesday evening
                         updated as new information becomes              •	 Happy	hour,	Wednesday	evening
                         available. Please contact the Secretariat,      •	 Conference	gala	dinner,	Friday	
                         Conference	Design,	if	you	require	any	             evening, dress up for “A night of a
                         information about the conference – info@           thousand stars” and dance the evening
                                                   away with Peace, Love and all that
                         A sponsorship and trade prospectus is              Stuff.
                         available	for	download	along	with	a	floor	
                                                                         Optional events
                         plan showing our current sponsors and
                                                                         •	 First	time	attendees	dinner	at	a	
                         exhibitors. AAPM is grateful to the Platinum
                                                                            Burswood restaurant, Tuesday
                         sponsor	NEHTA	for	generous	sponsorship	of	
                                                                         •	 Matilda	Bay,	optional	dinner	on	
 Sponsored by            the 2011 national conference.
                         Registration	is	now	open	so	please	take	
                                                                         •	 UNEP	Cocktail	Reception	and	Awards	
                         advantage	of	the	Early	Bird	which	closes	
                         on 26 August.

                         Invited speakers
                         Terry Hawkins:                                  •	 Create	the	path	to	healthy	leadership	
                         The architecture of                                – dependent/independent/
                         language                                           interdependent

                         In this highly interactive                      •	 Connect	and	create	rapport	with	
                         session, Terry Hawkins will                        through directional dialogue
                         inspire you to achieve                          •	 Handle	resistance	and	conflict	
                         greater communication                              situations with professionalism and ease
                         and understanding with
                                                                         •	 Maintain	positive	energy	in	stressful	
                         your clients, peers, and team by providing
                         experiential exercises and insights that           situations.
                         produce greater harmony, increased              This powerful presentation will demonstrate
                         cohesiveness and absolute alignment to          how effective architecture of language
                         the goal.                                       creates the infrastructure for clarity and
                         This high energy, information packed            connection. Along with Terry’s trademark
                         session will show the audience how to:          humor and energy, this is a must do session
                         •	 Understand	the	fundamentals	of	              that	will	influence	the	communication	
                            effective communication                      streams in all parts of your life and practice
                         •	 Structure	the	architecture	of	language	      management.
                            to create powerful outcomes                  Terry will present a keynote address
                         •	 Turn	negative	situations	into	positive,	     on “The Architecture of Language” on
                            relationship building experiences            Wednesday morning.

formance, Perfection. Persistence, Performance, Perfection.
   16 | Issue 1 – 2011
Persistence, Performance, Perfection. Persistence, Performan
   Michelle	Ray	CSP:                                            sense of well-being, and become more self-
   Why leadership is an “inside                                 directed.

   job”™ - Five ways to practise                             2. Harness energy and channel it constructively
   personal leadership                                          It may be surprising to consider that negative
                                                                emotions have value. Throughout history, there
   Leadership begins with leading
                                                                have been many examples of individuals who felt
   oneself. A title on a business card or
                                                                anger and passion regarding injustices in the world
   a placard on a desk or door does
   not automatically make someone a                             and were able to channel their energy positively
   leader. It may give the impression of self-importance        to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Therefore,
   and achievement; however, the title alone is not             the true value of such emotions is determined by
   enough. Neither is a job description that notes              how they are expressed. In the words of Dr Michael
   functions	associated	with	managing	people.	Rather,	it	       LeBoef: “Adversity is an experience, not a final
   seems	to	me	that	there	is	a	pre-requisite	for	being	an	      act.” Think of what is possible when you choose
   effective leader of a team or within any organization.       to live in your imagination and begin to channel
                                                                positive energy, commitment and belief in this
   A leader is someone who recognizes that character
   is the greatest test of true leadership. Honing this
   specific talent is far more significant in the grand      3. Make work-life balance a priority
   scheme of things because human beings will                   The	term	“work-life	balance”	is	not	an	oxymoron!	
   progress further in their life paths by mastering the        Effective	people	recognize	that	taking	time	out	
   capacity to relate to and communicate with the               to relax for half an hour to an hour during a busy
   vast array of personality types, cultures, genders,          working day actually rejuvenates the mind and
   and demographics that make up the human race. A              body. Think about where you expend energy as
   business title conveying “leader” is no proof of having      well as the values you live by. Are these two areas
   acquired	this	gift.	                                         congruent? For example, when we say family time
   Furthermore, one doesn’t have to be in a workplace           or living a healthy lifestyle is a high priority, yet we
   to be a leader. A leader is someone who has                  spend more than 50 hours a week at work, we
   grasped the ability to consciously take charge of            are compromising our values with paradoxical
   their	thoughts,	and	consequently	their	actions,	in	any	      priorities.
   situation. A leader is someone who is clear about their   4. Surround yourself with positive people
   values and applies them on a regular basis. In other
                                                                There is no doubt that the company we keep
   words, having values and living by one’s values are
                                                                says a lot about who we are. We may not be able
   two distinctive propositions.
                                                                to choose our families or who we work with, but
   This has very little to do with moving up the                we can choose who we socialize with. Negative
   management ladder into a leadership role. During             attitudes are contagious only to the degree that
   volatile times, individuals and organizations need to        we	allow	ourselves	to	“buy	in”.	Rather	than	wasting	
   be reminded more than ever that we can control our           our energy by listening or trying to change others,
   own reality.                                                 our job is to model positive behaviour (if we must
   The old adage “attitudes are caught not taught”              be	around	whiney	types)	or	to	choose	new	friends!
   serves us now as a timely message. We can choose a        5. Recognize life’s learning opportunities
   “get a grip” approach when times get tough, which
                                                                Rarely	do	we	acknowledge	hurdles	or	obstacles	
   implies a short-term methodology of coping, or we
                                                                in life as opportunities, especially when we are in
   can choose “to manage”, which involves developing
   a mindset of resiliency for the long haul.                   the midst of a personal or professional crisis. These
                                                                are the moments when we can learn the most,
   Taking	charge	of	ourselves	requires	the	discipline	to	
                                                                although a heighted state of anxiety will often
   take the following actions:
                                                                cloud our judgement. When we remember the
   1. Become aware of your inner dialogue                       wisdom of acknowledging, accepting and then
      Numerous studies in the field of psychology have          letting go of what we cannot change, we can
      proven the connection between negative and                make headway and move forward. In the words of
      positive thoughts contributing to a self-fulfilling       Oscar	Wilde:	“The	aim	of	life	is	self-development.	
      prophecy. In fact, some research has proven the           To realize one’s nature perfectly, that is what each
      connection between optimism and longevity. It             of us is here for.”
      all begins with how we choose to interpret events
                                                             About Michelle Ray
      that occur in our lives. If it is true that we think
                                                             Born in Melbourne, Australia, and now residing in
      approximately 60,000 thoughts each day and
                                                             Vancouver,	Canada,	Michelle	Ray	is	a	leadership	and	
      80% of these thoughts are negative, we may
                                                             workplace motivation expert who demonstrates a
      unknowingly be creating our own demise. By
                                                             deep understanding of team dynamics, interpersonal
      increasing our awareness of destructive thought
                                                             communication, service excellence, and personal
      patterns, we can improve our self-esteem and

Persistence, Performance, Perfection. Persistence, Performan
                                                                                                              17 |   Issue 1 – 2011
rformance, Perfection. Persistence, Performance, Perfection.
        For the past 15 years, Michelle has worked with            Advantages of reflective communication
        hundreds of leaders and their teams by helping them        •	 Non	impulsive,	logic-based	decisions
        create effective business relationships and positive       •	 Decisions	are	self-generated,	and	less	externally	
        workplaces. As a sought-after international keynote           influenced
        speaker, seminar leader, and author, Michelle
                                                                   •	 Big	picture	is	usually	considered
        has	earned	the	“Certified	Speaking	Professional	
        Designation”, held by less than 600 people worldwide.      Disadvantages of reflective communication
                                                                   •	 Time	consuming
        She speaks passionately about individual
        responsibility, the impact of attitude in the workplace,   •	 No	point	of	reference	except	for	yourself
        the importance of outstanding leadership and the           •	 Can	lead	to	pensiveness,	worry,	and	complaining.
        value	of	positive	communication	and	influence.	            Refractive communication is like playing cards with
        Her core message (and title of her upcoming                an open hand where everyone can see what you are
        book): “Leadership – An Inside Job”, resonates with        holding. It helps with bouncing ideas off other people,
        audiences at any level, as she reminds her attendees       clarify	issues,	and	expressing	how	you	feel.	Refractive	
        that leadership is a mindset, not a job title.             communicators like to include you in their decision-
        Michelle will present a plenary session and two            making process so they can get clearer about what
        workshop at AAPM 2011. Please visit her website www.       they want to do. for contact details and additional         Advantages of refractive communication
        information.                                               •	 It	allows	an	inclusion	of	new	ideas	and	points	of	
        Michael Licenblat:
                                                                   •	 Faster	resolution	of	conflict	or	interpersonal	issues
        Smart communication wins
                                                                   •	 Expedient	communication	channel
        The way you process pressure often
                                                                   Disadvantages of refractive communication
        determines how productive you can
                                                                   •	 Can	lead	to	a	battle	of	attack	verses	defence
        be. Some keep their tension inside
        and rethink things over and over until                     •	 Impulsive	decisions	can	be	generated	in	a	group	
        they	have	an	answer.	Others	end	up	                           setting
        talking, yelling, crying, or debating                      •	 Needs	to	be	with	other	refractive	communicators
        their way to a resolution. Being more                      Each	communication	process	will	work	well	in	
        personally	productive	is	not	a	question	of	which	          different settings, with different people. Find out the
        process is better, but when and how to use each            communication process that your team, clients, and
        process.                                                   colleagues prefer so that you can communicate
        One	particular	piece	of	research	found	that	when	          issues	quickly	and	increase	your	personal	productivity	
        men under stress looked at angry faces, they seemed        without feeling that others are holding you back or
        to disengage (according to brain scans showing             getting off task … it may just be their communication
        lower activity in brain areas responsible for processing   process that is getting in the way.
        other people’s emotions), whilst stressed-out women        Final thoughts
        showed more activity in those brain regions.1              When leading a team, or building a client relationship,
        Psychologists have long noted that stress and pressure     practise trying to read their communication process.
        affects men and women differently. Women tend to           Then, get clear on what your communication process
        seek out social support, while men are more likely to      is, and be adaptable enough to find a way that
        withdraw. It seems that when women are stressed,           allows the two to work together.
        social and emotional areas of the brain go on alert,
        perhaps	reflecting	a	tendency	to	reach	out.	The	same	
        areas in men’s brains seem to disengage.1
                                                                   About Michael licenblat
        Whilst the research does reaffirm the stereotype           Michael Licenblat B.Sc.(Psych) is a resilience expert
        that women are more likely than men to share               who helps people in business bounce back fast from
        their feelings and talk through their issues, it does      pressure, stress, and burnout in their work and life. He
        highlight two communication processes that are             is a professional speaker, coach and author of three
        useful	to	both	men	and	women:	reflective-refractive	
                                                                   To download your free special report on the
        Reflective communication is like an internal
                                                                   “Seven ways to prevent yourself becoming over-
        conversation that you have with yourself.
                                                                   worked, stressed-out, and run-down”, visit: www.
        When you need to remove the noise, distraction,  
        and clutter from your thinking and get clear about
                                                                   At the conference, Michael will a plenary session
        your	values,	opinions	and	decisions.	Reflective	
                                                                   on “How to handle difficult or demanding people
        communicators like to withdraw and consider issues
                                                                   – without becoming drained” and a workshop on
        before committing to a decision.
                                                                   “Pressure proofing”.

rformance, Perfection. Persistence, Performance, Perfection.
   18 | Issue 1 – 2011
                      Applies to all healthcare practices

                      AAPM WA member finalist
by Patricia Dunstan
Practice Manager,
                      in awards
Ellen street          At the end of last year, Ellen Street          to maintain our friendly family practice
Family Practice
                      Family Practice in Fremantle Western           feel.
                      Australia became the proud recipient of        Ellen	Street	Family	Practice	has	provided	
                      a certificate of recognition for Employer      strong support of the deployment for Navy
                      of the Year 2010 for the Defence Reserves      Reserve	Officer	Lt	Steven	Line	since	his	
                      Support Council.                               employment in 2008 to respond to many
                      The event is organised by the Western          urgent call-outs over the past two years,
                      Australian	Committee	of	the	Defence	           including	one	tour	of	Papua	New	Guinea	
                      Reserves	Support	Council	and	recognises	       with the US Navy hospital ship, one tour in
                      employers who have supported their             Papua	New	Guinea	for	training	exercise,	
                      reservist employees.                           Indonesia	for	the	earthquake	disaster	
                      Ellen	Street	Family	Practice	was	nominated	    relief effort, and three training duties in
                      by	Lt	Steve	Line,	practice	nurse	at	Ellen	     Queensland.
                      Street. The award was presented by His         The awards night was a very exciting event
                      Excellency	Dr	Ken	Michaels,	Governor	of	       – a very formal black tie and evening
                      Western Australia, to Patricia Dunstan,        dress occasion with all service personnel
                      practice	manager	of	Ellen	Street.	             dressed in their finest military uniforms.
                      The practice won the small business award      The evening commenced with the
                      from 12 other companies. There were            bagpipes to welcome the guests to pre-
                      32 businesses nominated for the overall        dinner drinks, then bugle call to announce
                      Employer	of	the	Year,	with	the	main	award	     that the dinner was to be served.
                      going to a very large company which            This was followed by the official call
       The practice   employs hundreds of workers and many           to the mess officer to announce that
                      service	personnel.	Ellen	Street	Family	        the mess was assembled, then on to a
     won the small
                      Practice is a small employer and was very      truly magnificent meal ending with the
  business award      proud to be recognised for employing a         traditional toasts the Queen and the
                      reservist in the navy and allowing him time    President of America. Next was the final
      from 12 other
                      out to attend naval duties.                    bagpipes and traditional drinking from
        companies.    Ellen	Street	Family	Practice	opened	on	        a ceremonial skull, then on to the official
                      November 3, 2003, in one of Fremantle’s        presentation of the awards.
                      gracious heritage homes at the corner of       We	at	Ellen	Street	Family	Practice	are	
                      Ellen	and	Ord	Streets	near	the	Fremantle	      rewarded not only in monetary ways
                      Pool	and	Fremantle	Arts	Centre.	               (from the navy) but by the wealth and
                      Currently	we	comprise	10	GPs	two	              experience that Steve brings to the
                      registrars, a practice manager, four           practice through his skills as a naval officer,
                      part-time practice nurses, and seven           ED	and	trauma	nurse.	
                      receptionists. We also have medical            I would highly recommend to any
                      students from Notre Dame and the               employer, if the opportunity arises,
                      University of Western Australia and nursing    to employ a reservist as staff and the
                      students	from	Edith	Cowan.	Our	aim	is	to	      practice as a whole will benefit from the
                      “grow” to fill our five consulting rooms and   experience and knowledge they have.

                                                                                                         19 |   Issue 1 – 2011
une                     Applies to all healthcare practices
Pty Ltd:
                        Core principle:
T: 1800 288 622         Human resource management,
E: practicemgt@unep.                  Governance and organisational dynamics
W: www.
practicemanagement.                  Leadership in the 21st century
                        The emergence of systematic research           includes the following as leadership
                        into leadership during the last                attributes in demand:
                        century has generated a rich body of           •	 The	ability	to	communicate	a	
                        theories, models, and tools to assist             company’s vision
                        our understanding and development
                                                                       •	 A	preparedness	to	question	and	test	
                        as leaders. And yet, views about the
                        concepts of leadership, what makes a
                        leader and what a leader does, are still       •	 The	ability	to	solve	problems	creatively	
                        diverse and strongly conditioned by               as well as analytically.
                        cultural background and life experiences.      In the same issue, the Deloitte Leadership
                        In business today, leaders play an             Academy states:
                        increasingly important role in helping         	   The	most	in-demand	skill	sets	...	include	
                        individuals to cohere, and in empowering           people management skills, fostering
                        them to use and develop their energies             teamwork, bringing about change
                        and skills in productive and satisfying ways       and innovation, business ethics and
                        – to the mutual benefit of themselves as           communication.
                        individuals and groups, and the business
                                                                       Leaders have a vision for the future and
                        as a whole.
                                                                       make meaning of that vision for others.
                        In the healthcare sector the rate of           They then energise, enable and empower
                        change is comparable to the business           people to work collaboratively to achieve
   Leaders create       industry at large. There are practices (such   that	vision.	Communication	is	therefore	
                        as radiology, pathology, some general
  an environment                                                       one of the most important skills in any
                        practices) that have multiple sites and        leader’s repertoire.
 in which people        engage many clinical and support staff.
                                                                       Leaders create an environment in which
                        So it is a given that strong leadership
 are encouraged                                                        people are encouraged and supported to
                        skills are essential for successful practice
   and supported        management.                                    learn and to develop themselves.
                                                                       The challenge is to engage in relationships
        to learn and
                        leadership and management                      which build trust, and which empower
           to develop   For a long time the terms “leadership”         individuals to communicate and to work
          themselves.   and	“management”	were	frequently	used	         together collaboratively. Leadership is
                        interchangeably, but it is now recognised      increasingly understood as embracing
                        that there is a difference, and both are       emotional, spiritual and cultural
                        equally	important.	While	management	           components as well as simply processes
                        focuses on achievement of goals and            and behaviours.
                        tasks, leadership focuses on vision and
                        people.                                        Everyone can be a leader
                        John	Kotter’s	influential	article	“What	       Leadership is manifested at all levels of
                        leaders really do” (2001) defines              organisations every day, yet it often goes
                        management as “coping with complexity”,        unrecognised and unrewarded. The reality
                        and leadership as “coping with change”.        is that we all have a leadership role, and
                        What is clear from all of the research and     successful businesses are those in which all
                        thinking on leadership is that there is no     staff embrace that leadership role.
                        one single formula for leadership, nor         Another myth about leadership in
                        is there one single type of person who         organisations is that it is only senior people
                        becomes a leader.                              who provide leadership to junior people.
                                                                       As the employee age profile changes,
                        leadership attributes                          more young people will be managing
                        In Focus,	a	BRW	special	report	(2009),	        older team members. If leadership is
                        Christopher	Bell,	chief	executive	of	the	      primarily about vision, making meaning,
                        Leadership	Consortium	in	Melbourne,	           and collaborative effort, then the reality
  20 | Issue 1 – 2011
is that leadership can be upwards, downwards,                as a leader is how to implement change without
across, and with clients and stakeholders.                   generating resistance within the practice.

Emotional intelligence                                       leadership and communication
Emotional	intelligence	is	a	critical	skill	for	leaders	      Leaders cannot control the actions of others – they
at	all	levels	within	businesses,	requiring	them	to	
                                                             can	only	persuade	and	influence	them.	Those	who	
acknowledge and understand not only their own
                                                             are	most	skilled	at	influencing	are	therefore	the	most	
feelings, but those of others, to respond appropriately
to them, and to effectively apply the energy and             effective as leaders.
information from emotions in all aspects of daily life       This is no less true for those of us with more subtle
and work.                                                    leadership roles who lead only by virtue of an ability
Day-to-day activity in a practice can include                to	influence	others	through	persuasion,	motivation,	
pressure on practitioners and managers to operate            explanation, and winning respect.
quickly	and	efficiently.	Add	sleep	deprivation	and	
                                                             Communication	is	essentially	about	creating	and	
individuals are pushed to their limit. It is the emotional
intelligence	skills	of	these	people	that	influence	their	    interpreting messages and it occurs most powerfully
ability to handle stressful situations.                      in the actions and symbols of the leader. Leaders are
                                                             communicating all the time. Their actions as much,
leading through change                                       if not more, than their words are being noticed and
We are all aware of the constant change that besets          interpreted constantly.
our practices and challenges our ability to keep
balance in our lives, remain focused in our work,            In conclusion
maintain integrity in our decisions and be open in           Leadership is a process to be enacted, not a place
our communication with staff. The impacts of doctor
                                                             or position that someone holds. Leadership skills can
shortages, changing employment and clinical
                                                             be developed – leaders are not born, they make
demands of practitioners, have seen the emergence
of new and different organisational structures (such as      themselves through ongoing learning and experience
corporate, super clinic and multidisciplinary models)        and	through	critical	reflection	on	that	experience.	
as practices strive to remain competitive.                   Leaders are learners, constantly examining their own
Ask	yourself:	How	do	you	feel	about	change?	Can	             strengths and weaknesses and building their skills to
you keep adapting without a period of consolidation?         ensure that they are able to meet the challenges of
How do those around you react to the changes and             contemporary organisational life.
upheavals that occur in your practice?                       References
People respond to change differently, according              Kotter,	J.P.	1990,”What	leaders	really	do”,	Harvard Business
their personal style, the amount of change they              Review, May-June (reprinted Harvard Business Review
have already experienced, other things occurring             December 2001, pp85-97).
in their lives and the degree of control that they feel      Business Review Weekly 2009, ‘Focus’ special report,
they have over the change. While some people                 September 17-23, p28.
welcome	change	enthusiastically,	many	do	not.	One	           Article	adapted	in	part	from	UNE	Partnerships’	Diploma of
of the greatest challenges for the practice manager          Professional Practice Management.

        Australian Association of Practice Managers Ltd
        excellence in healthcare management

                                                                                                                 21 |   Issue 1 – 2011

Practice Manager
by Flower & Hart           Applies to all healthcare practices
                           Core principle: Risk management
                           Workplace internet, email and
                           social media use policies
Christine Hadley,          According to the Australian Bureau of          Notwithstanding the relative relaxation
Solicitor                  Statistics, 90.5% of Australian businesses     of policies around internet and email use
(07) 3233 1256,            had an internet connection in 2009.1 Social    in the workplace, survey data from the
                           media site Facebook claims to have             United States indicates that more than
                           9,520,960 users in Australia2 and around       50% of businesses block employee access
                           400,000,000 active users in total.3            to social media sites like Facebook and
                           When the internet became widespread            Twitter.4
                           in the workplace, there were concerns          Some organisations, on the other hand,
                           that allowing employees internet access        have taken the view that employees
                           during the work day would result in lost       who use the internet and social media
                           productivity. However, many employers          are potentially “ambassadors” for the
                           now allow employees to use the internet        organisation	and	its	brands.	Rather	than	
Katrina Chambers,          and email not only for their work but also     trying to prevent access to the internet
                           for non-business purposes, subject to          and/or social media during working hours,
(07) 3233 1207,
katrina.chambers@          certain guidelines.                            some organisations have implemented                                                      “social media policies” alongside their
                           Internet and email policy                      internet and email policies, to leverage
                           An internet and email policy, preferably       their employees’ social networks for the
                           communicated to employees in the               benefit of the organisation.
                           employment contract when they
                           commence work, is essential to allow           Main concerns
An internet and
                           employers to enforce rules around              The main concerns around allowing
     email policy,         internet and email use, and to terminate       employees to access to the internet, email
                           employment in the case of serious              and social media are:
                           transgressions.                                a) lost productivity: employees may be
communicated               Typically, internet and email policies            distracted from their work if they have
   to employees            prohibit:                                         unrestrained internet and email access
                           a) downloading unauthorised software              (also called “social notworking”);
                  in the
                              to the computer network, creating           b) system security: employees may
    employment                or transmitting viruses or otherwise           transmit or introduce viruses, malware
                              threatening the security of the network;       or spyware to the computer system;
                           b) unlawful activities such as hacking,        c) confidentiality: confidential information
         when they            sending “spam” emails or harassing             or trade secrets may be “leaked”
      commence                others;                                        outside the company;
                           c) transmitting or downloading offensive       d) exposure to litigation: improper
               work, is
                              (discriminatory or pornographic)               employee use of the internet and
           essential.         material;                                      particularly social media, may give rise
                           d) excessive personal use of the internet or      to legal actions for breach of privacy
                              email.                                         laws, infringement of intellectual
                           In Bassam	Darwich	and	Kaal	Kaal	Australia	        property rights, defamation or vicarious
                           Limited (U2002/4250), the Australian              harassment.
                           Industrial	Relations	Commission	found	that	
                                                                          The benefits
                           the employer was justified in dismissing an
                           employee who used the internet to access       The benefits identified by organisations
                           offensive material because the company         which use the internet and social media
                           internet policy “popped up” each time a        are:
                           user logged in to the computer system. A       a) (online) marketing: employees using
                           dismissal may be held to be “unfair” if an        blogs, forums and social media
                           organisation does not have an internet            become “brand ambassadors” for the
                           and email policy, or if employees are not         company, and some organisations
                           made aware of the policy.                         appear to take the view that it is

  22 | Issue 1 – 2011
   preferable to have current employees, rather                   ii) regulate the content of employee contributions
   than former employees, contributing to the online                  to approved social media;
   image of the organisation;
                                                                  iii) restrict access to the internet or to certain
b) improved products and services: use of social
                                                                      websites to certain times of day (e.g.,
   media, online discussion forums and blogs allows
   an organisation to extract ideas directly from
   consumers of its goods and services for free;               d) implementing a social media policy alongside the
c) improved customer service: being “in touch” with               internet and email policy;
   what consumers are saying about an organisation             e) training employees on appropriate use of the
   on the internet means complaints or criticisms can
                                                                  internet and email, and social media (whether or
   be identified and addressed;
                                                                  not the organisation uses it as a marketing tool);
d) wider audience: by using its employees’ social
   networks, an organisation may reach potential               f) including a social media policy and internet/email
   customers who do not engage with other methods                 policy in the employment contract.
   of advertising;                                             There are some industries where access to the
e) internal communication: instant messaging is used           internet, email and social media is not appropriate or
   by	some	organisations	as	a	quicker	alternative	to	
                                                               relevant, for example, where employees do not use a
                                                               computer. However, employers should still consider a
f) recruitment: in certain industries, the internet and
                                                               social media policy within the employment contract
   social media are useful recruitment tools;
                                                               or training on appropriate use of social media. Many
g) employee job satisfaction/staff retention: it is
                                                               employees have access to the internet and social
   reported	that	employees,	particularly	“Gen	Y”	
   employees born after 1979, consider access to the           media outside of the workplace, on their home
   internet and social media to be an employment               computers and mobile phones.
   “perk” or benefit.
                                                               Potential consequences
Regulation and control                                         for employee misuse
The problem for most employers (which provide
                                                               At the very least, employees should be made aware
access to the internet) does not appear to be how
to prevent employees from using the internet and               that posting or publishing work-related material or
social media, but how to educate employees on                  comments relating to employers or other employees
appropriate use and how to maximise the benefits to            on the internet or social media may not be
the organisation.                                              appropriate. A number of recent incidents involving
For example, employees should be made aware                    employees’ use of the internet, email and social
of the extent to which employers can access and                media have resulted in dismissal, for example:
read personal email sent using work computers,
                                                               a) fraudulent sick days being exposed online;
and monitor web browsing activity. The Workplace
Surveillance	Act	2005 (NSW) provides that                      b) an email dispute between employees being
surveillance must not be carried out unless it is                 leaked out of the organisation, potentially
in accordance with the employer’s policy and                      damaging the organisation’s reputation;
the employees have been notified of the policy
in	advance,	but	not	all	states	have	equivalent	                c) photographs of a seriously ill patient (who later
legislation. In contrast, the Privacy	Act	1988	(Cth)	             died of his injuries) being posted on the internet by
has federal application and notwithstanding the                   hospital staff;
employee records exemption currently provided with
                                                               d) employees criticising their organisation or its staff
respect to the National Privacy Principles, there will still
                                                                  on social media websites.
be circumstances in which employee privacy cannot
be unreasonably compromised.                                   References
                                                               1. Australian Bureau of Statistics 8167.0 - Selected
Employers	can	regulate	and	control	employee	use	of	
                                                                  Characteristics	of	Australian	Business,	2008-09	
the internet and social media by:
a) screening employee material to be published                    Lookup/8167.0Main+Features62008-09>.
                                                               2. Facebook and Internet World Stats <http://www.
b) restricting participation in online activities (such >.
   as discussion forums) to employees who have met             3. Facebook Statistics 2010 on Digital Buzz Blog <http://
   a certain standard or have completed training in     
   how to interact appropriately online;                          figures-for-2010>.
c) using specialised software to:                              4.	 Robert	Half	Technology	survey	of	1400	Chief	Information	
   i) monitor employee internet activity and emails;               Officers	of	companies	with	more	than	100	employees	
      and                                                          <>.

                                                                                                                      23 |   Issue 1 – 2011
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24 | Issue 1 – 2011
                      Discounts and other financial benefits

                                           Guild	provides	members	with	customised	Practice	Management     professional indemnity insurance especially for your business.
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                                                                                                      25 |   Issue 1 – 2011
                        Applies to all healthcare practices
Risk Advisory •
Avant Mutual
Group Limited
                        Core principle:
ABN 58 123 154 898
                        Risk management
1800 128 268
                        Who inspires our risk advisers?
Freefax                 Atul	Gawande	is:                                 leading us to catch something we
1800 228 268            •	 a	general	and	endocrine	surgeon,	             would have missed.”
memberservices@         •	 named	5th	in	the	Thinkers	Category	        2. Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on               of the 2010 Time	100 world’s most             Performance (2007)           influential	people	
                                                                         Presents multiple sides of contentious
                        •	 director	of	WHO’s	Global	Challenge	for	       medical issues, such as malpractice
                           Safer	Surgical	Care                           law in the US, how health professionals
                        •	 a	Harvard	associate	professor	in	public	      do not wash their hands despite
                           health and in surgery                         evidence of its effect on infection, and
                        •	 an	ex-senior	health	policy	advisor	in	        how using chaperones for breast exams
                           the	Clinton	presidential	campaign	and	        seems sensible but can make situations
                           White House                                   awkward - “The social dimension turns
                        •	 a	staff	writer	for	The	New	Yorker and         out to be as essential as the scientific”.
                           author of three books.
                                                                      3. Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an
                        Atul	Gawande’s	writings	and	research	
                                                                         Imperfect Science (2002)
                        have	informed	and	inspired	Avant’s	Risk	
                        Advisers. More and more we find our              A US National Book Award finalist,
 Atul Gawande’s         members are aware of and embrace his             published in over 100 countries. It has
        writings and    ideas.                                           been described as a collection of
                                                                         humane and passionate reminders
   research have        His essay “The cost conundrum”,1 in The	
                                                                         that doctors are people, too.
    informed and        New	Yorker, has been cited by Barack
                                                                         Gawande	describes	medicine	as	an	
                        Obama,	and	prompted	Warren	Buffet’s	
  inspired Avant’s                                                       “enterprise of constantly changing
                        business	partner	to	mail	Gawande	a	
                        US$20,000	cheque	for	providing	something	        knowledge, uncertain information,
      Risk Advisers.
                        so socially useful. He co-authored a             fallible individuals, and at the same
                        landmark New England Journal of                  time	lives	on	the	line.”	It	asks	questions	
                        Medicine research paper2 which showed            such as: How much input should
                        reduced rates of death and complications         a patient have? How can young
                        with use of a 19-item surgical safety            doctors gain hands-on experience
                        checklist designed to improve team               without endangering lives? And how
                        communication and consistency of care.           responsible are these doctors for their
                        And he recently wrote a poignant piece
                        about end-of-life care decisions.3
                                                                      For further information, see:
                        He has written three books:         , and
                        1. The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get
                           Things Right (2009).                       (Video of An evening with Dr Atul
                                                                      Gawande,	Jan	12,	2010)
                           A New York Times hardcover
                           nonfiction bestseller in 2010, this book   References
                           discusses how professionals deal with      1	 Gawande	A.	“The	cost	conundrum”.	The	
                           the increasing complexity of their            New	Yorker Jun 1, 2009.
                           responsibilities, and the importance of    2	 Haynes	AB.	Weiser	TG.	Berry	WR.	Lipsitz	
                           organisation and pre-planning (such           SR.	Breizat	AS.	Dellinger	EP.	Herbosa	T.	
                           as through checklists) in both medicine       Joseph	S.	Kibatala	PL.	Lapitan	MCM.	
                           and	the	larger	world.	Gawande	notes:          Merry	AF.	Moorthy	K.	Reznick	RK.	Taylor	B.	
                                                                         Gawande	AA.	“A	Surgical	Safety	Checklist	
                           “Before: Did I think the checklist would
                                                                         to	Reduce	Morbidity	and	Mortality	in	a	
                           make much of a difference in my               Global	Population”.	New	England	Journal	of	
                           cases? No. In my cases? Please.               Medicine. 2009 Jan 29; 360(5):491-9.
                           After: I have yet to get through a         3	 Gawande	A.	“Letting	Go”.	The	New	Yorker
                           week in surgery without the checklist’s       July 26, 2010.

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