Art 8 Aztec Review

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					Art 8 Intro and Aztec Review
Fall 2011

1. Define the term “Mesoamerica,” what are its geographical and chronological limitations and features?

2. What are the various sources that provide us with information about the Aztec Empire? Name at least 3.
What are the limitations of working with these different materials?

3. What was the significance of Chicomoztoc and Aztlan to the Aztecs? Describe what we know about these

4. How did the Aztecs find their new homeland? What series of events led to this?

5. Who was Huitzilopochtli? Describe the events and characters surrounding his divine birth, including
Coatlicue and Coyolxauhqui.

6. Why did the Aztecs recreate events from mythology?

7. Describe the Templo Mayor, the Aztec main pyramid. Provide as much detail as possible regarding the
construction, main features, and associated all monuments associated with the building.

8. What is the significance of the Calendar/Sun Stone? Describe the Myth of the Five Suns.
9. Why did the Aztecs believe they owed the gods a “blood debt”? Why was human sacrifice necessary?

10. What is the Teocalli?

11. What were the 2 military orders of the Aztecs and what was their symbolic meaning?

12. What types of information was recorded in the painted manuscripts of the early Colonial period?

13. What is a cuauhxicalli? What was it used for?

14. What are the two types of roles Aztec rulers took when appearing in large-scale monuments?

15. Besides Huitzilopochtli, identify and describe at least three different Aztec deities. For example: What
were their names? What do we know about them? What did they look like? What were they the gods of?

16. Who was Tlaltecuhtli? Where is she usually located on monuments?
17. What types of small-scale sculptures did the Aztecs make?

18. Discuss the Conquest. When did it take place? How did it occur? Who were the key players? Why was the
date 1 Reed so important?

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