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									                                            IT TRAINING NEEDS SURVEY
                                            NOVEMBER 2011

We are planning our IT training courses for 2012. In order to help us ensure that our training meets the
needs of our members, please take a few minutes to complete the following brief questionnaire
and return it by email to, or by post to CaDVAS, Whitstable Volunteer Centre, St Mary’s
Hall, Oxford St, Whitstable CT5 1DD, by Friday 25th November.

1. Please indicate whether you would be interested in attending training on any of the following:

                                                        Beginners                                     Improvers

  Word                                                   yes / no                                       yes / no

  Spreadsheets using Excel                               yes / no                                       yes / no

  Desktop Publishing using                               yes / no                                       yes / no

  Outlook                                                yes / no                                       yes / no

  Databases using Access                                 yes / no                                       yes / no

  Using the internet                                     yes / no                                       yes / no

  ‘Pick & Mix’ – a troubleshooting session looking at problems                                          yes / no
  you may have with any of the programmes listed above

2. Are there other programmes or other IT related topics you would like us to include?

3. Are you currently using Microsoft 2003 / Microsoft 2007 / Microsoft 2010 / other?
   (If other, please give details)

                                        THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP
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