Applicaton Instructions 2012 Summer Camp by stariya


									Dear Parents,

On behalf of CISV Pittsburgh, I am delighted that your child is interested in applying for our
Summer Camp program. Each year our chapter selects one or two delegations to represent the
United States at CISV Summer Camps hosted by chapters in other countries or in the USA.
Each delegation is comprised of two boys, two girls, and an adult leader.
In the travel year of 2012, the Pittsburgh chapter will send one delegation of 14-year-olds to
BELGIUM (July 7 to July 29). It is a great honor to be selected as a delegate to a CISV
Summer Camp. The children spend three weeks living together with delegations from nine
other countries, giving them the opportunity to make friends, plan group activities, and hone
their leadership skills. Your child will return an active global citizen.
CISV is not a tourism program. The experience in each Summer Camp is essentially the same,
regardless of the host country or chapter. Your child will spend most of his/her time at the safe
and child-friendly Camp site (usually a school, camp, or retreat center). There will be some
sightseeing during supervised excursions and one weekend stay with a host family.

Costs, volunteer obligations, and application procedures are explained in detail on the following
pages. Your application fee can be applied to the cost of our CISV local mini-camp during the
weekend of February 3-4, 2012 (more details to follow). This fun-filled introduction to our
program will give your child an opportunity to experience CISV peace education first-hand, and
to meet some of the other terrific Pittsburgh peacemakers in a camp-like setting. We encourage
you to plan for your child to attend.

After you review the material, we welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions you may
have, and will be happy to provide assistance in completing the application. Please feel free to
contact Paulette Thomas, Recruitment Chairperson, at 412-916-5898 or

We look forward to hearing from you.


Kristin Kovacic, President
CISV Pittsburgh

1. Please print legibly and in block letters.
2. Download and review CISV Behaviour and Cultrual Sensitivity Guidelines (R-7).
3. Download, complete and sign the four-page YOUTH DELEGATE APPLICATION FORM.
4. Download, complete and sign the three-page SUMMER CAMP YOUTH DELEGATE
   APPLICATION SUPPLEMENT (SUPPLEMENT "SCYD"). Attach a photograph in the space
5. Download and distribute two YOUTH DELEGATE REFERENCE FORMS:
      One to school (teacher and principal to sign),
      The second to a non-family member who knows your child in a non-school setting
       (coach, youth leader, family friend, etc.).

   Request that the references be completed as soon as possible and mailed to the address
   shown below. We suggest that you give your references a pre-addressed, stamped
   envelope for this purpose.
6. Review and sign the attached FEE SCHEDULE/FAMILY SUPPORT AGREEMENT.
7. Complete and sign the attached PARENT VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP FORM

8. Application deadline is January 1, 2012. We will accept applications after January 1 if
       the Village programs are not filled; however, preference will be given to those who
       have submitted their applications by that date or earlier.

9. Mail the following together with the $25 application fee to the address below.

      Youth Delegate Application and Summer Camp Supplement
      Fee Schedule/Family Support Agreement form
      Parent Volunteer Sign-Up Form

           Mail to:       CISV Pittsburgh – Recruitment
                          Paulette Thomas
                          5605 Marlborough Rd.
                          Pittsburgh, PA 15217
                                                     SUMMER CAMP

Program and Chapter Fees
         Application Fee
                                                                                              * This fee covers four years of
             (Non-refundable; applicable to mini-camp)            $ 25
                                                                                              participation for your entire
         Family Membership Fee (tax-deductible)*                  $200
                                                                                              family. Returning families will
         National Program Fee                                     $600                        be assessed fees to keep their
         Local Program Contribution                               $750                        membership current.
         National Chapter Support, Special Projects
           and Insurance Fee                                      $215                        **This amount reflects the
         Pittsburgh Chapter Fundraising**                       (-$550)                       portion of your child’s fees that
         Scholarship***                                           (   )                       is offset by local fundraising
         TOTAL (not including travel)                            $1240
                                                                                              ***Up to $500 per traveler is
                                                                                              available to eligible families.
Other Expenses
         Airfare (Expedia estimate; prices may change or vary):
                                 Brussels, BELGIUM:        $1400
         Pro-rata share of leader's estimated airfare:      $350
         Passport or Visa (if required for destination)
         Immunizations (if required for destination)
         Spending Money
         Emergency Money (deposited with Leader and returned if not needed)
         National Night expenses (costume, snacks)
         Small gifts for host families
         Small gifts for trading with other delegates

Payment Schedule
         The $25 application fee is due with the application; applicable to February mini-camp. 
         $500 deposit on program fees due by March 1, full payment by June 1. Delegates cannot
         participate in program until payment is made in full.In cases of financial hardship,
         membership fees can be paid in installments with prior approval by a Board committee. 
         Payment for airline tickets is typically made directly to the travel agent or airline via
         check or credit card at the time of booking, in cooperation with other delegation families.

Support Agreement (Please sign and return with application)
The international camp and exchange programs sponsored by the Pittsburgh chapter are made possible only because of the
volunteer and financial support provided by the members of the chapter. As an all-volunteer organization, our chapter depends on
the active involvement of each of its members in coordinating programs with the USA and International CISV organizations. In
addition, our chapter, like all CISV chapters around the world, is permitted to send delegations to CISV sponsored events only
because we host a Village every three years.

Accordingly, if your child is selected to participate in one of the programs, we will ask you to support the local chapter by
becoming active and participating in chapter committees. We hope you value CISV and your participation as much as we do. It's a
fun, engaging way to contribute to world peace! The Parent Volunteer Sign-up Form included in this packet lists volunteer
committees you could support. Please indicate your interest.

If our child is selected, I/we agree to pay the financial costs described above, and agree to volunteer to support the
Chapter as described above and on the Parent Volunteer Sign-Up Form.

       Parent                                                                        Date
CISV 2012 Parent Volunteer Sign-Up
Family Name_______________
CISV is an all-volunteer organization. Families are expected to support the Chapter with their skills.
Listed below are brief descriptions of Chapter opportunities. Please check all that interest you. You will
be contacted to match your interests with Chapter needs.
                                                                                              Mother   Father

MINI-CAMP/NBM Committee Coordinates youth travel and attendance at local,
regional, and national CISV programs that are not summer travel programs.
RECRUITMENT Manage and coordinate the recruiting of leaders and delegates
for all programs. Prepare and distribute promotional materials and applications.
Coordinate Open House, presentations with schools and PTAs. Work closely with
PR committee.
PUBLIC RELATIONS Maintain contacts with local print/broadcast media to
publicize the programs and activities of CISV. Help with monthly newsletter.
MOSAIC Plan and implement projects that have an impact on our local
communities, which furthers CISV’s mission. May partner with like-minded
MEMBERSHIP/DIRECTORY Assist with maintaining membership records.
FUNDRAISING Plan and implement fund-raising activities/events. Assist with
grant proposals. Manage the current card programs established with Giant Eagle.
NEWSLETTER Collect articles from CISV members, chapter announcements,
and other newsworthy items for inclusion in quarterly newsletter. Assist with
assembly and distribution.
INSURANCE Coordinate travel insurance forms between program participates
and CISV National. Distribute, collect and submit forms.
RISK MANAGEMENT Monitor Chapter activities and programs to ensure
safety and conformity with National guidelines.
MERCHANDISE Collaborate with JB in design and production of chapter CISV
merchandise. Manage inventory and conduct sales of Chapter T-shirts, etc. Work
closely with chapter Treasurer.
HOSPITALITY Arrange for facilities, refreshments, set-up and clean-up for all
general and special Chapter meetings and functions.
WEBSITE Assist with maintenance of the Chapter web site. Collaborate with JB
for website content. Some technical knowledge may be required.
LEADERSHIP TRAINING Assist with local training of leaders, JCs, Planners,
and parents. Training materials and methodology is supplied.
VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR Assist with maintenance of at-large volunteer
list; solicit volunteers for specific tasks as needed.
INTERCHANGE Assist with the planning and coordination of our annual
Interchange program.
PROGRAM DEBRIEFING Collect, review, and summarize feedback from
program participants and parents.
FINANCE Assist in managing chapter funds and fees.
PROGRAM LIAISON Disseminate program specific information to new
families, act as a liaison between program leaders, delegates, and their families.

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