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					                                      Genetics Research
Today you are going to create a genetics story board. A story board is a panel of topics that
create an overall Astory@ about a particular topic. You could create a digital storyboard if you
would like covering the same information (PowerPoint would probably be the best program for
this). Below is a list of possible topics to research. You will have 1 class period to research and
create your storyboard.

Medical conditions or diseases:
Red-green color blindness
Down Syndrome
Turner syndrome
Klinefelter syndrome
Sickle-cell anemia
Tay-Sachs disease
Cystic fibrosis
Marfan=s Disease
Huntington=s disease
Breast cancer - or other cancer thought to be inherited
Diabetes - focus on genetic side of issue
Other - your choice - should be an inherited disease

Your story board should have the following panels:
       Panel 1: title panel/introduction
       Panel 2: description and characteristics of the disease
       Panel 3: Create a punnett square or pedigree chart to give an example of how the disease
       is inherited. (This should be computer generated.) Then describe how the disease is
       inherited - autosomal dominant, sex-linked.....
       Panel 4: Statistics: How often does this particular disease occur in the population. What
       are the chances that a person could inherit this disease.
       Panel 5: Treatment/Cure/Lifespan for a person with this disease.
       Panel 6: Sources. You should have at least 2.

You should include graphics on each panel (except panel 6). All information should be keyed
out - no handwriting. You will be graded on content of panels, research skills, overall
appearance of board and completeness of assignment. This will be worth 60 points. It will be
entered as a portfolio/project grade.

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