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					                                                                      9th grade map Literature/Reading                Lisa Berdan
Standard           A. Word Recognition, Analysis, and Fluency
Addressed:         B. Vocabulary Expansion
                   C. Comprehension: understand the meaning of informational, expository or persuasive texts, using a variety of strategies and demonstrate literal, interpretive,
                   inferential and evaluative comprehension.
                   D. Literature: actively engage in the reading process and read, understand, respond to, analyze, interpret, evaluate and appreciate a wide variety of fiction,
                   poetic and nonfiction texts.
Skills Addressed   THE STUDENT WILL:
                   -- Acquire, understand and use vocabulary by learning words through explicti vocabulary instruction and independent reading….
                   -- Determine the meaning of unfamiliar words and metaphors by using dictionaries, context clues, and reference books.
                   -- Identify and analyze analogies.
                   -- Apply knowledge of Greek and Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes to understand content-area vocabulary.
                   -- Understand the meaning of unknown words using drivations, such as word roots and word origins.
                   --Monitor comprehension and know when and how to use strategies to clarify the understanding of a selection.
                   --Summarize and paraphrase main idea and supporting details
                   --Make inferences and draw conclusions based on explicit and miplied imformation from texts.
                   --Read, analyze and evaluate tradtional, classical, and contemporary works of literary merit from American, British, and world literature
                   --Analyze, interpret and evaluate the use of figurative language and imagery in fiction and nonfiction selections, including symbolism, tone, irony, and satire.
                   --Analyze and evaluate the relationship between and among elements of literature such as character, setting, plot, tone, etc...
                   --Analyze classic and contemporary poems for poetic devices.
                   --Demonstrate how literary works reflect the historical contexts that shaped them.
                   --Respond to literature using ideas and details from the text to support reactions and make literary connections.

Unit of Study      QUARTER 1                           QUARTER 2                                   QUARTER 3                                  QUARTER 4
                   Short Stories (including)           Author Studies (Edgar Allan Poe,            Grammar Studies                            Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliiet
                   "Plainswoman"                       Maya Angelou, Shirley Jackson)              (sentence structure, modifiers, verbals)   The Odyssey (selected books)
                   "The Necklace"                      Poetry                                      Specific days assigned to read for
                   "The Most Dangerous Game"           "The Censors"                               enjoyment and reflection from a variety
                   "Charming Billy"                    "Marine Corp Issue"                         of literature
                   "The Sniper"                        "Two Kinds" / "Daughter of Invention"
                                                       "A Christmas Memory"

Tasks/Activities   Active Reading Skillbuilders                              Films:                                     Audio:
                   Literary Analysis, individual and group                   I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings            The Plainswoman
                   Discussion                                                Romeo and Juliet                           The Necklace
                   Compare/contrast activities                               The Odyssey                                BBC's Romeo and Juliet
                   Vocabulary study sheets/analogies/word in context         The Tale of Two Cities (essay paper)       The Lottery
                   Listening and Viewing                                     The Most Dangerous Game

Assessments        Objective and essay tests
                   Essay questions/ journal entries
                   Heritage poem using poetic devices
                   Essay paper about film

                   The Language of Literature, 9th grade level (McDougal/Little)

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