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									Inside:             -
                 DiRoNA Conference in Palm Beach                                                                                    SPRING 2005

                                                                                    Distinguished Restaurants
                                                                                     of North America

DiRoNA Week: August 22-26, 2005
DiRoNA & Share Our Strength Team up to Fight Childhood Hunger!
                                                   What is DiRoNA Week?
                                                   DiRo - NA Week is a restaurant week dedicated to
                                                   fighting childhood hunger throughout North America.
                                                   DiRoNA Week is bound to whet consumers’ appetites
                                                   each day as participating DiRoNA restaurants offer a
                                                   special prix-fixe menu. Proceeds from the event will
                                                   be donated to Share Our Strength to fight childhood                      -
                                                                                                                         DiRoNA’s Public
                                                                                                                         Awareness Campaign
Why Did DiRoNA Team Up with Share Our Strength?
Share Our Strength believes it takes more than food to fight hunger — it takes each one of us shar-
                                                                                                                         Roars Into 2005!
ing our strengths to promote lasting change. Share Our Strength fights hunger on local, national and                         -
                                                                                                                          DiRoNA’s Awareness Campaign has
international levels by awarding grants to effective nonprofit organizations and by offering nutrition-                  launched its second successful year
education training.                                                                                                      thanks to tremendous momentum.
                                                                                                                         In 2004, the campaign garnered
                               -                                                                                                         -
                                                                                                                         results for DiRoNA in TV, radio,
Who Will Participate in DiRoNA Week?
That’s up to you. Participation in this special event is completely voluntary, there is no fee to participate,           newspapers and magazines. 2005
and only DiRoNA restaurants may participate. Participating restaurants will be featured on a special                    is no different. Positive results
    - NA Week page on DiRoNA’s Web site, www.dirona.com, and will be promoted via press
                                -                                                                                      are pouring in thanks to releases
DiRo                                                                                                                                           -
                                           -                                                                           highlighting what DiRoNA member
releases and media outreach from DiRoNA and Share Our Strength.
                                                                                                                      restaurants are doing!
Why Was DiRoNA Week Developed?                                                                                                          -
                                                                                                                         This year, DiRoNA’s aggressive cam-
Currently, no other restaurant week operates on a North American scale. DiRoNA Week is being                            paign will focus upon increasing traffic
launched to bring more customers to DiRo  - NA member restaurants and, most importantly, to help                       to www.dirona.com, conducting outreach
fight childhood hunger through a partnership DiRoNA recently formed with Share Our Strength.                                 -
                                                                                                                     to DiRoNA member restaurants, writing
                                                                                                                    and distributing press releases and estab-
How Will DiRoNA Week be Promoted?                                                                                 lishing contact and pitching story ideas to
                   -                                     -                       -
In line with DiRoNA’s Public Awareness Campaign, DiRoNA Week and all DiRoNA restau-                              key media. The campaign will also focus upon
                                                                                   -                                 -
                                                                                                                DiRoNA Week — August 22-26, 2005 —
rants participating in the event will be promoted by Share Our Strength and DiRoNA’s PR
staff to key national, regional and local newspaper, magazine, television and radio media                      a North American restaurant week being
                                                                                                             launched by DiRoNA and Share Our Strength
to bring customers and media exposure to participating restaurants.
                                                                                                           to fight childhood hunger (see adjacent article
Why is a Pre-Fixe Menu Being Featured?                                                                   for more information).
Featuring a special pre-fixe menu will provide each restaurant with the opportu-                         -
                                                                                                     DiRoNA’s Marketing & Communications Chairman,
nity to showcase their unique appetizers, entrees and desserts.                                    Chef John Folse, is planning to embark upon another
                                                                                                 series of regional meetings. Meetings are scheduled to
Are you a DiRoNA restaurant interested in participating                                        occur in Montreal, New York, Detroit, Toronto, New
      - NA Week?
in DiRo                                                                                      Orleans, Washington, Dallas and San Francisco. Local meeting
Watch out for a special invitation and say YES to participating.                                                                               -
                                                                                          hosts are needed, so please consider supporting DiRoNA and
Or, contact DiRoNA’s Executive Director, Lisa Rand at                                   hosting a meeting in your restaurant!
(212) 297-2114 or erand@kellencompany.com.                                                                                                  -
                                                                                  Stay tuned for monthly updates and keep an eye out for DiRoNA in the
                                                                             news! If you have not already pledged your support of the program, please
                                                                         do so by contacting DiRoNA Headquarters at (212) 297-2144 for a pledge
                                                                   form. The program will continue to operate throughout the year, using funding
                                                            collected on a rolling basis from program participants.
        Message from
      Chairman Larry Work
      I would like to extend my thanks to the           will be sent to you shortly. I already plan to   2005 Conference Chairman, Andre Rochat,
      other chairmen who blazed the trail and                              -
                                                        feature special DiRoNA week menus at both        is working with his committee to create a
      continue to inspire each of us within the         of my restaurants — Sam & Harry’s and            fabulous conference. Watch your mail for
      organization. Looking forward, I am eager         The Caucus Room — in Washington, DC.             additional information.
      to pursue new opportunities for DiRoNA
                                                        Please save the date for the 86th Annual         I also hope you’ll take it upon yourself to
      so we may become the go-to authority on                                                                      -
                                                        National Restaurant Association, Restaurant,     help DiRoNA. Contact headquarters and let
      fine dining.
                                                        Hotel-Motel Show in Chicago on May 21-           them know of newsworthy items your
      DiRoNA’s public relations program launched        24. During the Show, I hope many of you          restaurant is participating in. Volunteer to
      its second successful year on January 1. This                          -
                                                        will join us for DiRoNA’s Annual Scholarship     host a regional meeting with other DiRoNA-
      year the program will focus upon increasing       Luncheon on Tuesday, May 24th from               restaurants. Promote your DiRo    - NA award
      its outreach to restaurants through monthly       11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at the Ritz-Carlton       to local media. Most importantly, please
      regional meetings. These meetings will help       in Chicago. This annual sell-out event is a                                    -
                                                                                                         pledge your support of DiRoNA’s marketing
      prepare our members for the launch of our         great way to celebrate excellence in the         and public relations program. Here’s to a
      most exciting new initiative of 2005 —                                        -
                                                        industry and honor DiRoNA’s scholarship          truly fabulous year in 2005. Together we
      “DiRoNA Week” — a special restaurant              recipients. Invitations for the luncheon will    are truly setting the table for success.
      week spanning North America on August             be distributed shortly.
                            -                                                                            Warm regards,
      22-26, 2005. DiRoNA restaurants partici-
                                                        I hope you will also make a point to attend
      pating in this special event will donate a por-           -
                                                        the DiRoNA Annual Awards & Educational
      tion of the week's proceeds from a special
                                                        Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, on              Larry Work
      pre-fixe menu to Share Our Strength to fight
                                                        September 5 - 7, 2005 at the Bellagio. Our       Chairman of the Board, 2005
      childhood hunger. Additional information

      The DiRo NA Guide — A Marketing Tool for YOUR Restaurant
      As many of you are aware, DiRoNA’s Marketing and Public Awareness          Want to inquire about being included in the
      Campaign has used the Guide in its annual promotions. Hundreds of                    -
                                                                                 next DiRoNA Guide? Please contact Paula Kaye
      Guides have been given to key editors, media and high-net worth indi-      at (914) 591-7600 or pkaye@sellingcommuni-
      viduals since the launch of the Public Awareness Campaign.                 cations.com. To order additional copies of the
                                                                                 Guide for your restaurant or own promotion-
      Great opportunities abound to promote your restaurant and the
           -                                                                     al efforts, contact Maria Tufts at (212) 756-
      DiRoNA Guide. Think outside of the box. Give Guides as gifts to local
                                                                                 5183 or email mtufts@lf.com. The 2006
      media and ask for an interview. Provide your best customers and VIPs
                                                                                 Guide to the Distinguished Restaurants of North
      with a copy of the guide and a special note, highlighting your full-page
                                                                                 America is scheduled to publish this fall.
      listing in the Guide. Approach your local business friends and col-
      leagues and suggest that they purchase the Guide as an employee            You’ve worked hard to earn the
      incentive or client gift. Include the Guide on your restaurant Web site        -
                                                                                 DiRoNA award. Make sure you let
      and make it available for purchase. Or, raffle them off during DiRoNA
      Week, August 22-26, 2005.
                                                                                 others know!

           DiRoNA Appreciates Our Partners
         G O L D              S I L V E R                           B R O N Z E                                     P A R T N E R S

2      -
    DiRoNA SPRING 2005
      Germ Warfare —

    Food Safety Protection
                                                                 Cleanliness is an important part of                                    Bacterial Growth Factors
                                                                 life and a major concern in the
                                                                 food service industry. However, it                                                 Impact to Food Safety                            Risk Prevention Actions
                                                                 is often the case in the restaurant
                                                                                                                         Food Source    All bacteria require a protein, mineral,           Ensure food source residue is minimized
                                                                 environment that the sanitation of                                     carbohydrate or vitamin food source residue        as much as possible on surfaces and food
                                                                 a facility, and the related process-                                   to grow and multiply.                              contact tools.

                                                                 es, is the least emphasized. After                      Acidity: pH    Different types of bacteria are sensitive to       Understand the pH profile of your foods and
                                                                 all, preparing and serving food is                      of substrate   various pH levels. Generally, pH levels            ensure your cleaning and sanitation practices
                                                                                                                                        between 4 - 9 are most favorable for               utilize the appropriate EPA registered
                                                                 the primary function of a food                                         bacterial growth                                   solutions for optimum results.
                                                                 service operation. But that is not
                                                                                                                         Temperature    Most bacteria grow between 41°F and 135°F.         Keep Cold foods Cold and Hot foods Hot.
                                                                 enough. Preparing and serving                                          This is called the Temperature Danger Zone.        Ensure warming and cooling of leftovers
                                                                 food safely is a key responsibility                                    Bacterial growth generally slows and ulti-         is completed as quickly as possible. Use
                                                                                                                                        mately goes dormant as the temperature goes        manual sanitizing chemical solutions at
                                                                 of the food service professional.                                      below 40. Above 135°F, bacteria are killed.        75°-120°F.

Biological contamination of food is a major cause of foodborne illness.                                                  Time           Bacteria need time to grow and multiply. The       Minimize the time that potentially hazardous
Micro-organisms are the most common type of biological contamination                                                                    longer that food is kept at the ideal conditions   food is in the Temperature Danger Zone. Food
                                                                                                                                        for growth, the more bacteria there will be in     should not be in the TDZ longer than a total
within the food service industry, with bacteria being of primary concern.                                                               the food.                                          of 4 hours.
A single bacterium may reproduce in as little as 15 minutes — and dou-
                                                                                                                         Oxygen         Most bacteria require some oxygen for              The use of Modified Atmosphere Packaging
ble again every 15 minutes thereafter. Left alone under ideal conditions,                                                               growth. However, some do not (such as the          can help control bacterial growth. Usually
bacteria can quickly multiply to over a billion organisms in only an 8 hour                                                             bacteria that causes botulism).                    controlling the atmosphere must be combined
                                                                                                                                                                                           with other factors to insure food safety.
                                                                                                                         Moisture       All organisms require water for growth.            Remove all moisture and dampness where
Bacteria are simple organisms that do three basic things: eat, excrete                                                                  Moisture is used to transfer food through the      possible. Use of ingredients, like sugar and
                                                                                                                                        cell and ultimately passed as waste and sur-       salt can help reduce the water available to
wastes and reproduce. In many cases, it is the waste products from the                                                                  face toxins.                                       bacteria. Keep food contact surfaces dry
bacteria that are most hazardous to humans and the cause of foodborne ill-                                                                                                                 or heated.
ness. Controlling bacterial growth requires controlling the factors that
encourage that growth. These factors are often referred to by the acronym
FATTOM: food, acidity (pH), temperature, time, oxygen and moisture.                                                   At JohnsonDiversey, our HotSpots™ food safety program identifies and
Identification and control of these factors will reduce the risk of bacteria                                          maps those areas where the greatest food safety contamination risks
becoming the cause of a food borne illness.                                                                           exist. A customized program is subsequently built to protect your oper-

              Optimizing Sanitizing Processes                                                                         There is no single “best” sanitizing solution for every foodservice appli-
                                                                                                                      cation. A careful evaluation of site conditions, application areas, proce-
                              Impact to Food Safety                             Risk Prevention Actions               dures and safety will help identify the best solution for your sanitizing
                                                                                                                      needs. Sanitizers and disinfectants are strictly regulated regarding usage
  Sanitizer       Improperly diluted sanitizer solutions may          Use all sanitizer products exactly as
  Concentration   result in poor germ killing efficacy or result in   recommended on the label instructions           and claims by such Federal and Industry agencies as the Environmental
                  excess and harmful food contact surface                                                             Protection Agency (EPA), Center for Disease Control (CDC), U.S.
                                                                                                                      Department of Agriculture (USDA), and Federal Drug Administration.
  Contact Time    Minimum contact times for the sanitizer             Three sink manual pot & pan washing             (FDA) — to name only a few.
                  solutions are clearly reflected on the label        operations must ensure that all wares are
                  and must be followed to ensure adequate             completely submerged in the sanitizing
                  germ kill.                                          solution for the designated length of time.
                                                                                                                      The battle against microorganisms is never-ending when it comes to
                                                                                                                      food safety. When your guests choose to dine at your restaurants, the
  Water           Hard water conditions within a food service         Control water hardness as much as possible
  Hardness        facility may negatively impact the efficacy         and select the proper sanitizer for the right
                                                                                                                      last thing they should be concerned with is the cleanliness and safety of
                  of sanitizers. Chlorine hard water susceptible,     water conditions. Install water softeners       their meal. Your sanitation partner must deliver service and innovation to
                  Iodophors have excellent hard water resist-         where needed and change sanitizing solutions
                  ance, Quaternary compound sanitizers are            frequently in hard water environments.
                                                                                                                      meet your strict standards. Staff training and implementation of proper
                  effective in hard water up to 30 grain (500                                                         procedures will go a long way to providing the peace-of-mind you
                  PPM) hardness.                                                                                                    -
                                                                                                                      deserve. DiRoNA members are opinion leaders within their local food-
  Detergent       Detergent and cleaning solution residues,           Ensure food contact surfaces and all wares      service markets and need to set the standard for food safety commit-
  & Cleaner       when left behind on hard surfaces (counter-         washed prior to sanitizing are thoroughly
  Residues        tops), or ware washing applications (plates),       rinsed with fresh potable water effectively
                                                                                                                      ment and employee education.
                  may react with the sanitizing solution and          remove all residue from surface, prior to
                  negatively impact overall germ killing              submerging into or applying sanitizing
                                                                                                                      For more information or an on-site kitchen
                  capabilities.                                       solution.                                       survey, contact Keith Whitwell at 262-631-
                                                                                                                      2015 or keith.whitwell@johnsondiversey.com.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           DiRoNA SPRING 2005              3
A successful organization is only as strong as its leadership and by the looks of the new individuals elected to DiRoNA’s
Board; our organization is stronger than ever! Paul Bartolotta, Peter D’Andrea, Joseph DiSalvo, Gary Manago, Mark
Monette, Francisco Morales, Raphael Oliver, Karen Olson, Thomas Parsell, Margo Provost and Richard Schneider
were newly elected to serve three-year Board terms, effective 2004 - 2007. Current board members, Larry Work,
Chick Marshall and John Metz were respectively elected to Chairman, Vice Chairman and 2nd Vice Chairman for a
one-year term effective 2004-2005. They join a distinguished group. We’d like to introduce you.

                         Larry Work                                      A graduate of Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration with
                        Chairman of DiRoNA                               over 50 years of experience in the industry, Marshall served as an offi-
          President of Sam & Harry’s and The Caucus Room                 cer in the U.S. Navy, overseeing the Bachelor Offices’ Quarters and
                                                                         Club consisting of over 350 rooms, three dining rooms, and a cocktail
                   Larry Work is the President of Sam & Harry’s          bar. Marshall also served as vice president and general manager of Los
                   Management Company, which owns and operates           Angeles-based Lawry’s Restaurants, Inc., as well as CEO of the Ritz
                   two DiRoNA restaurants (Sam & Harry’s and The         and Yankee Tavern Restaurants, to name a few. Marshall is a family
                   Caucus Room) in Washington, DC. Born and              man who loves to golf, cook, read, travel, and add to both his personal
                   raised in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Larry           and Mr. Stox’s Award-Winning extensive wine collection.
                   received his bachelor’s degree in communications
                   and marketing from Florida State University; fur-
ther studies included graduating from Marriott’s School of                                        John Metz, Jr.
Management and completion of the Professional Program at                                                            -
                                                                                           2nd Vice Chairman of DiRoNA
L’Academie de Cuisine in Bethesda, Maryland. Work is a member of               President/Co-Founder of Greazy Spoon Development Co.
the National Restaurant Association, Council of Independent
Restaurants of North America, a member of the Great Steakhouses of                           John Metz has delighted residents in Atlanta for 27
North America, the Washington DC Convention and Tourism                                      years as chef and co-owner of Marlow’s Tavern,
Corporation and the Washington DC Board of Trade.                                            Aqua Blue and Hi Life Kitchen and Cocktails.
                                                                                             Metz’s love affair with the culinary industry began
Work began his restaurant career in 1975 as a restaurant and catering                        as a teenager washing dishes and working as a
manager with the Marriott Corporation. Three years later, Larry left                         prep cook in a restaurant owned and operated by
Marriott to found a Tex-Mex casual dining restaurant in his hometown                         his father, John Metz Sr. After graduating from
of Fort Walton Beach as well as a catering company and restaurant in     Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and
Valparaiso, Florida. He left his hometown in 1989 to join CMS, Inc. a    Institutional Management, Metz Jr. went on to earn his culinary degree
restaurant management company in Falls Church, Virginia, as Vice         from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Metz
President/Director of Operations. In the ten years that Larry was with   worked as Sous chef and Roundsman at some of the finest restaurants
CMS, he developed and operated five different restaurants and was an     in New York City, such as the ‘21’ Club, Tribeca Grill, Park Avenue
important contributor to the five-fold growth in sales that the compa-   Café, Montrachet, and Restaurant Daniel.
ny experienced. Work resides in McLean, Virginia with his wife and
two children.                                                            Once his tenure in New York ended, Metz was named Director of
                                                                         Research and Development for Dallas-based R&D for Carlson
                                                                         Worldwide, the franchisor for the T.G.I. Fridays Empire. Now, along
                Charles “Chick” Marshall                                 with partners Thomas DiGiorgio and Christopher Pyun, Metz has
                     Vice Chairman of DiRoNA                             overseen the inception of Caffe Antico, a casually unique dining con-
                   Chairman of Mr. Stox Restaurant                       cept located on Atlanta’s Emory University campus; Sterling Spoon
                                                                         Catering, a contract management company based in Atlanta; Sterling
                   Along with his brother and co-owner Ron               Spoon Café in the Home Depot Expo Design Center; and Greazy
                   Marshall, Chick has established Mr. Stox — an         Spoon Consulting, whose clients include Carlson Restaurants
                   Orange County staple for the best in contempo-        Worldwide, Italianni’s, Longhorn/RARE and Village Tavern Restaurants.
                   rary continental fare since 1977. Since 1980,
                                                                         Metz first joined DiRoNA’s Board of Directors in 2003, and in addition
                   Marshall has been an active member of the
                   California Restaurant Association Board. He has       to his recent appointment as 2nd Vice Chairman & Treasurer, Metz
                   served as chairman and executive committee            also serves on the Board of Directors of the National Restaurant
member for the Anaheim Convention and Visitors Bureau, and is a          Association. Metz will eventually succeed Charles “Chick” Marshall as
                                                                         Vice Chairman and will take the reigns as DiRoNA’s Chairman in 2007.
past chairman of the Anaheim YMCA and Anaheim East Rotary Clubs.
Marshall was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Distinguished
Restaurants of North America in 2003, and will succeed Chairman
Larry Work in 2006.

4 DiRoNA SPRING 2005
                        Paul Bartolotta                                                               Joseph DiSalvo
                  Owner, Bartolotta Restaurant Group                                          Owner, DiSalvo’s Station Restaurant
                    Chef Paul owns and operates 4 award-winning                                   Joseph DiSalvo is the owner of DiSalvo’s Station
                    Milwaukee-area restaurants, including Ristorante                              Restaurant, a converted, historic railroad station,
                    Bartolotta, Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro, Mr. B’s, a                         which has been family owned and operated for
                    Bartolotta Steakhouse, and Bacchus, a Bartolotta                              over 15 years in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.
                    Restaurant, as well as The Bartolotta Catering
                                                                                                A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America,
                    Company and Bartolotta Management Consulting.
                                                                                                DiSalvo holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in
                    Bartolotta began his Italian apprenticeship at
                                                                            Hospitality Management from Florida International University. DiSalvo
 Locanda dell’Angelo and, by the age of 24, earned the title of Chef di
                                                                            has been named Restaurateur of the Year, 1999, by the Western PA
 Cucina at the top-rated northern Italian Ristorante San Domenico.
                                                                            Restaurant Association, and again in 2002 by the Pittsburgh chapter of
 After a brief sojourn in France, Bartolotta sought out more than a
                                                                            the American Culinary Federation. He serves on the Board of
 dozen various apprenticeships to obtain a more comprehensive
                                                                            Directors for the Pennsylvania Restaurant Association, Advisory board
 knowledge of authentic regional Italian cooking.
                                                                            of the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute and is currently working on a
 Bartolotta returned to New York to work for fellow DiRoNA Board            Pilot show for a national television show called “Taste the Good Life
 member Tony May at Palio, while spending his days developing San           with Joey DiSalvo.”
 Domenico, New York. Between 1991-2000, Chef Bartolotta directed
                                                                            DiSalvo’s Station Restaurant is the recipient of numerous awards and
 Chicago’s Spiaggia to every major national fine dining award. Winner                                      -
                                                                            recognitions. Aside from DiRoNA Award distinction in 2004, DiSalvo’s
 of the coveted James Beard Best Midwest Chef Award in 1994, Chef
                                                                            was selected as one of only 11 restaurants in the nation, Most Worthy
 Bartolotta was the first Italian chef to be so recognized. Most signifi-
                                                                            of a Destination Stop by the Culinary Institute of America. DiSalvo’s
 cantly, under Chef Bartolotta’s direction, Spiaggia received unprece-
                                                                            Station was also chosen by The Server Magazine as one of the Top 20
 dented four-star ratings from both the Chicago Tribune and Chicago
                                                                            Restaurants in PA, as well as being named a 2001 Keystone Award win-
 Magazine. This represented the first time an Italian Chef was awarded
                                                                            ner by the Pennsylvania Restaurant Association. DiSalvo’s passion is
 four stars in any major U.S. market.                                                                                                 -
                                                                            strong and he aspires to bring the uniqueness of the DiRoNA Award,
                                                                            inspections process, and fine dining guarantee “to the next level for
                                                                            the good of all involved.”
                         Peter D’Andrea
  Executive Chef, The Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center
                    The Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention                                      Gary Hideo Manago
                    Center in Nashville, Tennessee is the largest non-       Director, Food & Beverage, Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa
                    gaming hotel facility in the world, and home to
                                                                                                  Since 2001, Gary Hideo Manago has served as
                    four deliciously unique restaurants. The man
                                                                                                  Director of Food & Beverage for the Hilton
                    behind these establishments is Executive Chef
                                                                                                  Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa. Manago, an
                    Peter D’Andrea. With more than 20 years experi-
                                                                                                  Award-Winning, Certified Food and Beverage
                    ence, Chef D’Andrea joined Gaylord Opryland in
                                                                                                  Executive since 1993, oversees the daily operations
 2002 after serving three years as Corporate Executive Chef for
                                                                                                  of the resort with food and beverage revenues
 Marriott International, Inc. He served as Executive Chef at the
                                                                                                  exceeding $42 million annually. Born and raised in
 Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, California; Corporate Executive Chef
                                                                            Hawaii, Manago previously held the title of Director of Food & Beverage
 at the Oak Tree Hotels; Executive Sous Chef of the Ritz-Carlton in
                                                                            for the Pacific Beach Hotel and Pagoda Hotel (HTH Corporation) and for
 Laguna Niguel, California; and Sous Chef at the Four Seasons Hotels
                                                                            Prince Resorts Hawaii — Seibu, where his core responsibility was devel-
 & Resorts.
                                                                            oping two properties: the brand new Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel and
 D’Andrea has drawn accolades from the internationally renowned             the reopening the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel.
 James Beard Foundation and publications such as Food Arts Magazine,
                                                                            Manago, has also worked in numerous single-restaurant establishments
 which named him “Cutting Edge Chef.” Additionally, he has made
                                                                            throughout his career, including Vice President of Operations for A Pacific
 appearances on The Food Network, Lorianne Crook’s Celebrity
                                                                            Café, Assistant General Manager at Alan Wong’s & The Pineapple Room
 Kitchens (Great American Country network), and is a regular on the
                                                                            at Liberty House. Manago was also part of the opening team for the
 Nashville NBC affiliate. He also created the menu plan for the 1996
                                                                            Hawaii Regional Cuisine Marketplace in 2000. Manago also boasts a
 Olympics. D’Andrea’s professional affiliations include serving as the
                                                                            diverse educational background and holds Bachelor’s and Master’s
 Vice Counselor Culinaire of Conferie de la Chaine Des Rotisseurs; as
                                                                            degrees in Education. Manago served as a lecturer at the William F.
 a member of International Association of Culinary Professional; Les
                                                                            Harrah College of Hotel Administration, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
 Toques Blaches International; and Resort Food Executive Committee.
                                                                            July 1988 - May 1990 and as an Instructor at Kapiolani Community
 His education includes completion from various culinary seminars at
                                                                            College Food Service and Hospitality Education, Honolulu, Hawaii from
 Cornell and the Culinary Institute of America as well as restaurant
                                                                            July 1982 - 1988.
 management classes at City College in San Francisco and Monterey
 Community College.                                                         continued on page 6

                                                                                                                                  DiRoNA SPRING 2005   5
                        Mark Monette                                                               Raphael Oliver
      Executive Chef & Partner, The Flagstaff House Restaurant                                General Manager, Top of the Hub
                    Mark Monette literally grew up in the restaurant                          With over 30 years of industry experience, Raphael
                    business. His father, Don Monette, founded the                            Oliver has served as General Manager of Top of the
                    Flagstaff House Restaurant when Mark was 10                               Hub Restaurant and Skywalk Observatory, both set
                    years of age. By age 14, Mark was bussing tables.                         high atop Boston’s Prudential Tower, since 1990.
                    Monette’s love of cooking encouraged him to pur-                          He is responsible for directing all aspects of the
                    sue apprenticeships and careers with several Four                         restaurant’s operations including staffing, sales,
                    Star restaurants in New York City in addition to                          marketing and fiscal management. At Skywalk,
various Michelin Three Star restaurants in both France and the Orient.     Oliver coordinates the operation and execution of all Observatory
It was during his time overseas that he worked with several master         functions. Oliver was instrumental in overseeing a $4 million renova-
chefs, including Bernard Hermman and Thomas Keller.                        tion to Top of the Hub in 1995 and restoration and improvements
                                                                           made to Skywalk in 2000.
In 1985, Monette returned home to become Executive Chef of the
Flagstaff House and has been responsible for the restaurant’s culinary     The Massachusetts Restaurant Association recognized Oliver as one of
delights ever since. His distinctly unique style of cooking incorporates   Boston’s most elite restaurant managers, naming him Restaurateur of
unexpected Asian accents into delicate French American cuisine.            the Year in 2004. Oliver began his career in the world of Resort
Monette changes the menu daily in order to take advantage of the           Management, including several high-visibility positions at a number of
absolute freshest of seasonal ingredients. Monette has had the oppor-      prestigious, award-winning, five-star resorts. Prior to joining Top of the
tunity to prepare a special menu for the Emperor and Empress of            Hub, he held the position of maitre d’hotel at the exclusive Mt.
Japan, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, as well as the Prime           Washington Hotel in New Hampshire, manager of the Crown Room
Minister of Japan, Ryutaro Hashimoto, and his foreign ministers. The       atop San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel and chief sommelier of The
restaurant has also hosted many dinners for notable culinary dignitaries   Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida. Educated at the Newman
including Paul Bocuse, Angela Gaja, and Robert Mondavi.                    Preparatory School in Boston and the Hotel and Restaurant School at
                                                                           Statler Hall, Cornell University, Oliver is on the Board of Directors of
                                                                           the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau and has served as
                       Francisco Morales                                   Chairman of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association. Raphael lives
                       Owner, Pancho’s Backyard                            in Gloucester, MA with his wife and three children.

                   Director Francisco Morales, holding over 35 years
                   of experience, is the proud owner of Pancho’s
                                                                                                     Karen Olson
                   Backyard, an unforgettable fine dining restaurant in
                                                                                               Owner/Operator, Metropolitan
                   colonial Cozumel, Mexico. Prior to his develop-
                   ment of Pancho’s Backyard, Morales held the titles                           Upon completing her Master’s in clinical psycholo-
                   of Sales Manager, Manager and General Manager                                gy, Karen Olson received a call from her brother.
                   over his eight-year tenure with Western                                      He had fallen ill and needed Karen to step in and
International Hotels within the properties of Camino Real Puerto                                rescue what he knew would be a stunning, world-
Vallarta, Camino Real Tampico, Caleta Hotel Acapulco and Camino                                 class restaurant in Salt Lake City. Karen gladly took
Real Mazatlan.                                                                                  on the challenge of becoming a fine-dining restau-
                                                                                                rateur and can now boast of a long career of culi-
Between 1970 and 1988, Morales held the title of Managing Partner
                                                                           nary and financial success. Metropolitan is the only Utah restaurant to
& Owner of two hotels in Mexico, Hotel La Ceiba & La Ceiba Hotel,
                                                                           be simultaneously honored with the AAA Four-Diamond Award, The
respectively. In 1989, he opened Pancho’s Backyard and, in 2002, he            -
                                                                           DiRoNA Award, the Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator, and be
expanded the Pancho’s name by adding another location at the
                                                                           named by the International Restaurant & Hospitality Rating Bureau as
Carnival Cruise Ship Terminal, in Puerta Maya, Cozumel. Morales has
                                                                           one of the Top 100 Best Restaurants in the United States for the 20th
served as Past President of Coparmex Cozumel, an Entrepreneurial
                                                                           Century. Metropolitan has been featured in The New York Times, Bon
Association, Past President of three Mexican Hotel Associations, and
                                                                           Appétit, InStyle, Condé Nast Traveler and Nation’s Restaurant News.
Past National President of SKAL, a professional organization of
tourism leaders from around the world, working to promote global           Karen is a recipient of the Downtown Alliance’s 2004 Lifestyle
tourism and friendship. He has been a charter member of the Chaine         Achievement Award for founding the Downtown Dine O’ Round, a
des Rotisseurs in Acapulco since 1971, is a present member of the          highly successful three-week restaurant promotion featuring 37 area
Chaine des Rotisseurs in Cancun and also is a member of Knights of         restaurants. She appreciates opera, jazz, art, and film and enjoys skiing,
the Vine.                                                                  traveling and patronizing the arts. Her volunteer work includes the
                                                                           Utah Food Bank, City of Hope, Community Nursing Services, the Utah
                                                                           AIDS foundation and breast cancer research. Karen earned a B.A. in
                                                                           Social Ecology from the University of California at Irvine, and complet-
                                                                           ed a Master’s degree with honors in Clinical Psychology, from
                                                                           Pepperdine University.

6 DiRoNA SPRING 2005
                         Thomas Parsell                                               Vice President in the areas of Operations, Information Technology,
 President/Principal Proprietor, Hospitality Management Group, Inc.                   Marketing and Strategic Planning for various healthcare organizations.
                                                                                      Provost teaches entrepreneurial skills at the University of Utah,
                     In the heart of historic downtown Charleston, South              Westminster College, and the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. She
                     Carolina, Magnolias is the unique and eclectic vision            is active in the International Women’s Forum and the Salt Lake County
                     of President & Principal Proprietor, Thomas Parsell,             Detention Center, which mentors juvenile women. She has been pro-
                     come to life. A long time resident of Charleston,                filed in national publications such as USA Today, Woman’s Day Magazine,
                     Parsell, along with business partner and Executive               LIFETIME Television for Women, MSNBC, and the Small Business
                     Chef/Vice President Donald Barickman, founded                    Administration website where she hosts chat sessions on entrepre-
                     Hospitality Management Group, Inc. (HMGI) in                     neurship and risk taking. She also serves on the Executive Board of
1990 with the opening of its’ flagship restaurant, Magnolias. Three years             Directors for the Utah Taxpayers Association, the Salt Lake Area
later, the duo opened Blossom Café, Magnolias’ “Upper Level” Private                  Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors, and on the Executive
Dining facility in 1996 and most recently Cypress Lowcountry Grille in                Board of the Utah Restaurant Association where she is the
2001, which was voted Best New Restaurant by Esquire Magazine.                        Government Affairs Chairperson and Vice Chairman.
Parsell has garnered a reputation of excellence in the fine dining industry
throughout his career, having received accolades for his properties from
such notable critics and food experts as Gourmet, Bon Appétit, The New                                       Richard R. Schneider
York Times, Southern Living, Nation’s Restaurant News, The James Beard                           Director of Food & Beverage, The Trump Taj Mahal
Foundation, and the Food Network. A graduate of Southern Methodist                                         Richard R. Schneider began his foodservice career at
University with degrees in psychology and philosophy, Parsell is widely                                    family-owned and operated Silver Lake Inn in
recognized in the local business community for his various marketing,                                      Clementon, New Jersey. After leaving Silver Lake Inn,
banking and entrepreneurial interests. He and wife Suzi are actively                                       Richard held various management positions in Atlantic
involved in several non-profit organizations to preserve the city of                                       City Casinos. He joined Trump Casino Resorts as
Charleston’s remarkable landmarks and cultural interests.                                                  Room Service Manager, later being promoted to the
                                                                                                           position of Beverage Manager at the Academy of
                                                                                      Hospitality Sciences Five Star Diamond Award-winning Trump Marina.
                        Margo Provost
                Owner/Operator, Log Haven Restaurant                                  In 2000, Richard joined the Trump Taj Mahal and is presently the Director
                                                                                      of Food and Beverage for the Five Star Diamond Award-winning Casino
                    Margo Provost gives true meaning to the word                      Resort in Atlantic City. Schneider is also responsible for numerous bever-
                    ‘entrepreneur,’ as owner and operator of Log Haven                age programs throughout the Trump Casino Empire. Richard is a Certified
                    Restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah. Provost has                   Food and Beverage Executive, an accreditation awarded by the American
                    received numerous entrepreneurial awards including                Hotel and Lodging Association. Schneider has also been courted as a
                    Small Business of the Year in 1998 from the Salt Lake             speaker and panelist at several prominent Food and Beverage industry
                    Chamber of Commerce, Entrepreneur of the Year                     forums. Richard is a member of the American Culinary Federation, The
                    from Merrill Lynch, and Avon’s prestigious Woman                  International Food and Beverage Forum, Chaines des Rotisseurs, L ‘Orde
of Enterprise, 2000. In addition to personal accolades, Log Haven has                 Mondail and the James Beard Foundation. Richard also serves on the
been honored as Best Restaurant in Utah, by Salt Lake Magazine as                     Editorial Advisory boards of Nightclub and Bar Magazine, Cheers
Best Restaurant, with AAA’s Four Diamond Award and Wine Spectator’s                   Magazine, and Santé Magazine. In addition to his professional achieve-
Award of Excellence.                                                                  ments, Schneider currently serves his community on the Board of
Margo honed her management skills in the healthcare field and is listed               Directors of the Durand Foundation for Challenged Children, The
in Who’s Who in Healthcare, Automation and Business. She served as                    Camden County United Way and The South Jersey Food Bank.

                                                          Monday, September 5 - Wednesday, September 7, 2005 In Las Vegas, Nevada at the Bellagio
                                                          Conference highlights
                                                          Monday, September 5: Opening Night Cocktail Reception
                                                                        Tuesday, September 6: Educational Seminars, Welcome Luncheon with the
                                                                          Mayor of Las Vegas — Oscar Goodman, Afternoon Free Time for Golf
                                                                          or Sightseeing, Dine Around & Distinguished Desserts Event
                                                                       Wednesday, September 7: Educational Seminars, Annual Member Meeting,
                                                                Afternoon Free Time for Golf or Sightseeing, Grand Awards Reception & Gala

15th Annual DiRoNA
                                                          Conference Hotel: Bellagio, 3600 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109. For Reservations: 1-888-987-6667
                                                          or (702) 693-7444 — Mention that you are with DiRo NA for our special Conference room rates, starting at $169.

Awards & Educational                                      Registration: Early-Bird Full Registration: $695 (Deadline May 31). Regular Full Registration: $795 (Deadline
                                                          August 31). Late Full Registration: $895 (After August 31 and On Site). Single Day Registration: $250.
 An Affair
       to RememberFine food, elegance and Southern hospitality were at the forefront of
                    DiRo NA’s Annual Awards & Educational Conference — October 10-13, 2004

                     The hurricanes last October didn’t stop    sounded off about South Florida’s latest culinary advances dur-
                    more than 300 attendees from turning out    ing a panel moderated by Food Arts Editor-in-Chief /Publisher
                  to support DiRoNA at The Breakers in          Michael Batterberry. And representatives and speakers on behalf
                Palm Beach. DiRo NA’s 2004 Awards &             of the Coca-Cola Company, Starbucks Coffee Company,
          Educational Conference, held at the resort October    American Express and JohnsonDiversey gave presentations on
10-13, was packed with networking opportunities, education-     everything from brand development to food safety.
al seminars and a black-tie Grand Awards Gala in the striking
                                                                In a motivational keynote speech, Burton “Skip” Sack, 2004
Mediterranean Ballroom. Even Palm Beach Mayor Lesly S.
                                     -                          chairman of the National Restaurant Association, spoke of
Smith came to toast the 61 new DiRoNA Award of Excellence
                                                                growth in the fine-dining segment, due largely to increased
                                                                international travel to the U.S. Close to 45 million interna-
“When you win the DiRoNA Award, you don’t just win a            tional visitors are expected in 2005, he noted.
plaque,” Norbert Goldner, owner of Palm Beach’s Café
                                                                Other conference highlights were a dine-around at Palm
L'Europe and 2004 conference chairman, told guests at a new                  -
                                                                Beach’s DiRoNA restaurants, dessert and cordials at the his-
member luncheon. “You win inclusion within a special family
                                                                toric Flagler Museum and of course, the Grand Gala
of only 806 restaurants in the US, Canada and Mexico.”
                                                                Reception, Dinner and Awards Ceremony. Attendees dressed
The four-day conference featured several informative semi-      to the nines paraded the red carpet into the Gala, where they
nars. Jim Doherty, executive vice president of Lebhar-          were treated to a lavish, multi-course dinner, vintage wines
Friedman (publisher of Nation’s Restaurant News), moderated     and the brilliant sounds of a full brass band. As the 2005
the stellar panel discussion, “Distinguished Dining Trends           -
                                                                DiRoNA Awards were presented, guests toasted to old friend-
2004, 2005 and Beyond.” Meanwhile, Palm Beach players           ships and new possibilities.
 “ The mixsettings was ideal for
           between business and

     networking with our peers.
   The seminar on regional cuisine
  by Michael Batterberry continues
    to be one of the highlights of

           our conference.

                                      “ I attended to meet new friends
                                                   because it was an

                                        and reconnect with old ones
                                        while supporting DiRo NA.

“an accurate portrayal of what was
  Carlton Curtis’ presentation
  pliers look for in sponsorships—

      a topic rarely focused on.

                                                 “ TheDiRo-NA restaurantsgreat meet new people.
                                                      dine-around was a        chance to experience
   - NA Dialogue:       with Saveur’s Colman Andrews
                                              Ten years ago Colman Andrews set out on a mission. Having written professionally about food, wine
                                              and the arts since 1968, Colman and two of his friends (long-time food writers and editors themselves)
                                              identified a void in the world of gastronomic magazines. Saveur Magazine was founded and to this day
                                              carries the same mission: to provide genuine information about food in all its contexts. Saveur tells the
                                              life story of food — visiting the places it comes from, meeting the people who create it.
                                          Editor-in-chief of Saveur and author of half-dozen food and cookbooks, Andrews was one of the
                                          first 50 American food and wine figures to be named to “Who’s Who of Cooking in America.” He
                                          received the 1996 Bert Greene Award for magazine food journalism in addition to several honors
                                          from the James Beard Foundation, including: the 1998 M.F.K. Fisher Distinguished Writing Award;
                       the 1999 Best Feature Writing with Recipes, the 1999 Best American Cookbook Award (with co-author Dorothy
                       Kalins), the 2000 Best Magazine Series Award, and the 2004 Best Writing on Wine and Spirits Award.
                       We talked with Andrews from the phone of his New York office.           developing the editorial calendar for the June/July issue and
                       During that conversation, he shared his thoughts on fine dining,        writing the menu, it’s immensely collaborative and requires
                       authentic food and what sets his magazine apart.                        many people with many different talents.
                       DiRoNA: Tell me about Saveur’s unique editorial focus. What is             -
                                                                                               DiRoNA: How can restaurants help customers explore new wines?
                       “authentic” cuisine?
                                                                                               Andrews: That’s easy. Make wine accessible. Don’t overprice
                       Andrews: Obviously, it’s a loaded word. Look at it this way.            it. I read years ago that the average cost for a bottle of wine
                       You’ll never see a recipe for low-fat casssoulet or 15-minute           will match the average cost of the entrée. Over-priced wine
                       paella in Saveur. If everybody is doing different versions of pael-     stands in the way of Americans being serious wine consumers
                       la, pretty soon we forget the original. When we say “authen-                 -
                                                                                               DiRoNA: What new regions/labels are out there that you are

                       tic,” we’re recognizing that the food has a background with a
                                                                                               most enthusiastic about?
                       local climate from people with ethnic preferences. It’s a matter
                       of tradition. In China you eat a certain kind of pastry to honor        Andrews: A lot of previously unknown regions of Spain
                       the new moon. Black peas bring good luck. We look at the his-           Valencia, La Mancha, among others. Lesser-known regions of
                       torical and cultural background of a dish or an ingredient.             Campania. Portuguese table wines are becoming very inter-
                            -                                                                  esting. In America, 35 or 40 states have regions that produce
                       DiRoNA: Judging from that response, I think I already know how
                                                                                               wines that you wouldn’t mind drinking. What interests me the
                       you feel about the study of emerging trends.
                                                                                               most are the vintners in Greece who are reviving 1,000-year-
                       Andrews: You’re right. I like to discourage people from talking         old varieties and making good wine with them.
                       about trends. The very idea of a trend is that it is not going to           -
                                                                                               DiRoNA: How does a restaurant merit a positive mention in Saveur?
                       last very long. One of my pet peeves are these “In and Out”
                       lists. Basil is “out” and cilantro is “in.” So now you’re going to      Andrews: We never “review” restaurants. We periodically pick
                                    see chain restaurants putting “cilantro pesto” on          out a restaurant or a chef that we want to write about. Or if
                                     menus. Even the language of the foodservice indus-        a famous chef retires, we’ll want to find out why he quit. We
                                     try bears this out. Richard Melman doesn’t open a         might go to a region of the world and visit with home cooks.
                                      new restaurant. He “rolls-out a concept.”                Or we heard of a restaurant that’s doing some exciting things
                                          -                                                    with local foods or serving traditional regional foods.
                                      DiRoNA: Have you always been in the food business?
                                                                                               DiRoNA: Where did you have lunch?
                                     Andrews: No. But I’ve always been a writer. I
                                     used to live in LA. I was nominated for a Grammy          Andrews: I ate at my desk.
                                      for Best Album Notes for Miles Davis Reissue cut            -
                                                                                               DiRoNA: Please tell me you didn’t have a pack of crackers and a
                                       in 1971. I lost to Sam of Sam the Sham and the          cup of yogurt.
                                        Pharoahs. Food was always one of my interests.
                                        Little by little I started moving in that direction,   Andrews: Well actually, my meal came from our test kitchen.
                             writing reviews as Mr. Food for an underground news-              I had pork loin with a sauce and a salad of calamari, chickpeas,
                             paper. Restaurant review columns for the LA Times                 chickory, shaved fennel and piccorino cheese. Not too bad.
                             segued into magazine editing jobs. Now I’m here in                    -
                                                                                               DiRoNA: If you could choose anyone to dine with, who would that be?
                              New York commuting from Connecticut.
                                                                                               Andrews: Carmen Electra, no let’s not go there. Probably one
                              DiRoNA: Could you make an analogy of running a                   of my friends. Famous people are too much work.
                               magazine compared to running a restaurant?                         -
                                                                                               DiRoNA: The readers of Distinguished Dining are North America’s
                               Andrews: Sure. We’re both in a “glamour business.”              finest in fine dining. Anything you’d like to say to them?
                          A lot of great creative stuff. Then there’s the afternoon
                                                                                               Andrews: A 10-year subscription to Saveur would make a really
                       when the lemon delivery doesn’t arrive. Both require basic
                                                                                               good gift. Don’t you think?
                       hard work and a million things that can go wrong. When I’m

   10      -
        DiRoNA SPRING 2005
NRA Show Preview
The 86th Annual National Restaurant
Association’s Restaurant, Hotel-Motel
Show will be held May 21-24, 2005,
at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.
For updates, visit the Show Web site
at www.restaurant.org/show.
A number of exciting events will
                                                     Meet Us in Chicago!
                                                     The Distinguished Restaurants of North America and the National Restaurant
take place during the Show:
                                                         Association Educational Foundation cordially invite you to attend the
                                                                    DiRoNA/NRAEF Annual Scholarship Luncheon
Saturday, May 21 — The
National Restaurant Association (NRA)
                                                                Tuesday, May 24, 2005 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
and the National Restaurant Association                             at The Dining Room, The Ritz-Carlton Chicago
Educational Foundation (NRAEF) will
                                                       Held each year in conjunction with the National Restaurant Association Restaurant,
feature their annual Salute to Excellence
                                                   Hotel-Motel Show in Chicago, the luncheon tradition has been occurring for over a decade
Awards Gala and Banquet Dinner.                                                                 -
                                                 to celebrate the recipients of the annual DiRo NA/NRAEF scholarship. For more than a decade,
One thousand people are anticipated
                                                      the scholarship program has recognized achievement of over 135 young adults wishing
to attend this event to honor restaurant
                                                       to pursue a career in the culinary arts. This year’s luncheon will feature briefings by
and foodservice visionaries. Proceeds                       -
                                                        DiRoNA’s Scholarship Chairman, Ted Balestreri; NRAEF President, Mary Adolf and
from the event support the NRAEF’s
                                                                 local Conference co-chairs Reinhard Barthel and Priscilla Cretier.
Scholarship and Mentoring Initiative.
Additional information is available online
at www.nraef.org/events.
                                             DiRoNA & NRAEF
                                             Launch Pilot Mentoring Program
Sunday, May 22 — The Nation’s
Restaurant News Fine Dining Hall of
Fame Luncheon, sponsored by American
Express, will be held on Sunday, May 22
                                             Ever wonder how today’s greatest culinary minds acquired their skills and cre-
at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Chicago,
                                             ativity? Perhaps they grew up idolizing an icon like Julia Child. Imagine how bril-
Illinois beginning with a welcome recep-
                                             liantly a culinary student could develop their skills if they had a mentor with
tion at 11:00 a.m. This luncheon is by
                                             whom they could speak regularly and one day thank in person at the Grand
invitation only. Past Fine Dining Hall of
                                             Opening of their own restaurant.
Fame recipients and the new 2005
inductees are invited to this luncheon       This is precisely the type of opportunity the Distinguished Restaurant of
                                             North America (DiRoNA), in conjunction with the National Restaurant
                                             Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF), is providing past schol-
Monday, May 23 — The National                                              -
                                             arship recipients, via its DiRoNA/NRAEF Pilot Career Mentoring
Restaurant Association Educational
                                             Program. Each year, the NRAEF awards scholarships on behalf of
Foundation (NRAEF) and Nation’s                  -
                                             DiRoNA to culinary students. Last fall, five past recipients were
Restaurant News have teamed up                                   -
                                             paired up with DiRoNA restaurateurs, with the goal of forming
to present a joint awards program
                                             a long-term, relationship beneficial to both parties.
honoring outstanding employee satisfac-
tion. The 2005 SPIRIT Awards and FMP         “All diamonds in the rough need polish,” says Joseph DiSalvo of DiSalvo’s Station
(Foodservice Management Professional)        Restaurant in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. “This pilot initiative is an excellent opportunity for
Recognition Breakfast at the Hyatt           a restaurateur to nurture and mentor a future leader in the fine dining industry.”
Regency McCormick Place from 7:30 a.m.
                                             Thanks to careful guidance, students are likely to morph into the culinary masters of tomorrow.
to 9:30 am will honor excellence in
                                             Mentors help students connect present performance to the future by providing support for a stu-
employee satisfaction. Jim Donald,
                                             dent’s career goals and character development.
CEO Designate of Starbucks, will be the
keynote speaker. DiRoNA’s Executive          “The mentor initiative has been a wonderful experience,” says Joseph Moore, a Food Science &
Director, Lisa Rand, will serve as a judge   Human Nutrition Major, focusing in Hospitality Management at the University of Illinois, Urbana-
of the 2005 SPIRIT Awards. The Coca-         Champaign. “I visited my mentor [Chef Peter D’Andrea of Gaylord Opryland Resort and Conven-
Cola Company is the founding sponsor         tion Center] and he demonstrated to me the most important aspect to being in the foodservice
of this awards program and the break-        industry: hospitality. The ability to learn from a great leader in the industry is one of the best tools
fast. For additional information about       a student can use.”
the 2004 SPIRIT Awards please visit                               -
www.nraef.org/solutions/awards/              Interested in the DiRoNA/NRAEF Career Mentoring Program? To learn more please contact Victoria
spiritawards.asp or call 312-715-6741.       Livadas at (212) 297-2129 or vlivadas@kellencompany.com.
                                                                                                                              DiRoNA SPRING 2005   11
                                          DiRoNA VOICES
                                                       country. The number and quality of excellent          -                                   -
                                                                                                          DiRoNA: Is there a key factor that DiRoNA
                                                       chefs is growing and as a result the marketplace     restaurants need to focus their efforts
       A Conversation with                             is becoming significantly more competitive.             upon to increase their business?
       DiRoNA’s Alliance Partners                      This in turn creates more choice for diners, a
                                                       wonderfully rich development. Operators,                               Adolf: One of the key
       Traditionally, DiRoNA restaurateurs are         however, must work harder to acquire new                               things is — even if you're
       interviewed for this column for a unique        guests and to inspire existing guests to come                          a relatively small business
       restaurant perspective. In this issue, we       back more often. In other words, restaurants                           — recognizing the impor-
       decided to rock the boat a little. We went      must embrace “customer relationship market-                            tance of getting your
       outside of the box and, instead, asked          ing” just as other industries have.                                    name and your operation
       DiRoNA’s new alliance partners about                                                                                   in front of the public. Hire
                                                       At the highest end of the market, operators                            a good public relations
       THEIR perspective of the restaurant indus-
                                                       must get diners to view their restaurants as                                -
                                                                                                          person or look to DiRoNA’s public relations
       try and fine dining trends. Read on to gain
                                                       more than a once-a-year special occasion           resources. One of the very best vehicles to
       some great insight from key associations
                                                       destination. One approach is to make your          increase your business is word of mouth.
       and organizations that work with the
                                                       restaurant feel more accessible. Restaurateurs     Making sure the experience that every con-
       restaurant industry on a daily basis. Here’s
                                                       need to keep their restaurants top-of-mind         sumer has in your operation is memorable,
       what they said.
                                                       with diners. They need to make them more           can really snowball when people begin talking
              Mary Adolf, President                    comfortable with paying for a higher end din-      about it and creating a buzz. If you have a PR
          National Restaurant Association              ing experience more often because it’s a           program paired with a great customer expe-
              Educational Foundation                   delightful experience. I know I’ll return to a     rience, together these factors can be very
                                                       restaurant again and again where I feel com-       powerful.
            Debbie Shore, Co-Founder                   fortable and “at home.”
               Share Our Strength
           Sara-ann Kasner, President
          National Concierge Association
                                                         “ Restaurants must embrace
                                                         customer relationship marketing
                                                                                                             DiRoNA: Have you seen any emerging
                                                                                                          trends in the fine dining restaurant industry
                                                                                                              that you think have staying power?
         Mike Dodson, Sr. Vice President
              of Sales, OpenTable
                                                          just as other industries have...
                                                                                                          Shore: When we started Share Our Strength
                                                             -                                            in 1984, there weren’t any celebrity chefs.
                                                         DiRoNA: What kind of advice would you
                                                                                                          Now chefs have agents, television shows,
                                                          provide restaurateurs who are anxious
                                                                                                          books, etc. Chefs have become celebrities
                                                            to “break-in” to your industry and
         -                                                                                                and I think that trend is still in play. We came
      DiRoNA: What is the key factor that helps           foster working relationships within it?
                                                                                                          onto the scene when many of the chefs were
     you decide which restaurants you choose to
                                                                                                          climbing in their careers and the timing and
     pursue long-term working relationships with?      Shore: It’s as simple as calling our office or
                                                                                                          the message just really worked. We were
                                                       going on our Web site, www.strength.org.
                                                                                                          both in the business of feeding people and
     Kasner: It’s really a combination of things.      Just let us know that you want to become
                                                                                                          we had an easy way for them to contribute.
     First of all, Concierge tend to recommend         active in Share Our Strength and we will hap-
     that which is most familiar. If I have a rela-    pily dispatch someone to speak with you
     tionship with a restaurant in the first place —   immediately. One great way to get started is            -
     if I've experienced the restaurant — that’s                              -
                                                       to participate in DiRoNA Week this August,           DiRoNA: How has technology impacted
     probably going to be my first set of criteria.    which will benefit both of our organizations.        your business relationship with the fine
     Secondly, I think about the restaurant’s con-     Other ways include: Taste of the Nation, a                 dining restaurant industry?
     sistency in its overall ambiance. The food can    tasting format with many restaurants and
                                                                                                          Dodson: From an operational perspective,
     look fabulous, but if it doesn’t taste good my    hundreds of people in 60 cities across North
                                                                                                          front of the house technology is the wave of
     customers will come back to me.                   America; Dinner Series events, which are
                                                                                                          the future. We’re receiving a growing num-
                                                       multi-course sit-down dinners that bring
                                                                                                          ber of inbound requests for OpenTable serv-
                                                       together the talents of several chefs to raise
               -                                                                                          ices from restaurateurs, which tells me that
           DiRoNA: From your own industry              money to fight childhood hunger; and special
                                                                                                          they are understanding that pen and paper
         perspective, what is the biggest issue        in-restaurant features. Chef’s can also get
                                                                                                          don't always work to record a guest’s needs.
         facing fine-dining restaurants today?         involved in Share Our Strength’s Operation
                                                                                                          In addition, they are seeing the need to begin
                                                       Frontline, a nutrition education program and
                                                                                                          building customer databases. Don’t get me
     Dodson: I’ve worked in the industry and           cooking class dedicated to teaching low-
                                                                                                          wrong — there are still restaurateurs who
     dined at fine restaurants for years. The most     income families about proper nutrition, food
                                                                                                          are concerned that technology cannot
     significant trend I’ve noticed is a steady        budgeting and creating healthy meals on a
                                                                                                          replace the personal touch. While those
     increase of restaurants opening up across the     shoestring budget.

12      -
     DiRoNA SPRING 2005
comments shouldn’t be taken lightly, you          their Web site or through their listing on        really set this experience apart was the serv-
have to ask what diners want today. Our           OpenTable.com. Some restaurants even              ice and the knowledge that the staff had of
research shows that once a diner has experi-      have prepared scripts for their reservation-      the menu. EVERYONE (even those clearing
enced making a reservation online, the speed      ists, so you could work this in by “recom-        the table) understood the menu and the fla-
and convenience provided by technology is         mending jackets for men, etc.” This helps         vors and that really appealed to me because
addictive in about 3 out of 4 cases.              guide guests appropriately.                       it was truly innovative and marvelous. When
                                                                                                    you say the words “dining experience,” the
                                                                                                    key word is experience.
   DiRoNA: The readers of Distinguished                  -        -
                                                     DiRoNA: DiRoNA’s inspections criteria
                                                                                                                          Dodson: I went to a
    Dining are North America’s finest.            contains four basic categories: Environment/
                                                                                                                          restaurant two weeks
    Is there anything in particular that             Decor; Cuisine; Beverages and Service.
                                                                                                                          ago and the service just
       you would like to say to them?              What are your criteria for excellent dining?
                                                                                                                          blew me away. The chef
                                                                                                                          was well known and I
Adolf: We really appreciate the opportunity       Adolf: I think service is the most important.
                   -                                                                                                      anticipated that the food
to work with DiRoNA and its award-winning         Personally, I can go into many restaurants and
                                                                                                                          would be outstanding,
restaurants. We would love to hear from           have a mediocre meal but if the service is
    -                                                                                                                     but it was really the wait
DiRoNA restaurants if there’s any sort of         incredible I’ll leave there thinking very posi-
                                                                                                    staff that set the restaurant apart. They were
educational or training resources in particular   tive things about that dining establishment.
                                                                                                    formal yet friendly. It was fun, playful and,
that could be of help and value that we are       On the flip side, I can go and have a fabulous
                                                                                                    despite the formal environment and formal
not currently providing or not providing in       meal at an elegant restaurant, but if the serv-
                                                                                                    food, we felt entirely welcome and at home.
the best way possible. If you have suggestions,   ice is poor that sticks in my mind. It really
                                                                                                    We felt so comfortable that we ordered
please visit our Web site: www.nraef.org.         comes down to the overall service and dining
                                                                                                    more courses and more wine than we had
Kasner: I can’t emphasize                                                                           originally intended. We ended up spending 3
enough that if restaurant                         Shore: Of course I like good food, but I think    and a half hours there! I’m still telling my
owners and managers are                           for me, good customer service all around is       friends about it.
not getting in touch with                         probably more important. I will always return
their local Concierge,                            to a restaurant with mediocre food and great
they really need to think                         service and almost never to a restaurant with         -        -
                                                                                                    DiRoNA: DiRoNA Week, a North American
about      doing     this.                        poor service, no matter how good the food           restaurant week benefiting Share Our
Developing a relationship                         is. And I’m not talking about a restaurant that     Strength, will launch on August 22-26.
with Concierge is a fabulous way to bring         makes a mistake; I’m referring to how they        From your perspective, how do restaurant
more customers to your dining establish-          recover from that mistake. Bad service and                 weeks impact business?
ment.                                             bad attitude is just plain bad.
                                                                                                    Adolf: Many of the state restaurant associa-
                                                                                                    tions hold a restaurant month or restaurant
 DiRoNA: Many restaurants are “dressing                 -
                                                    DiRoNA: What was the last memorable             week. People look forward to these. These
 down” from business to business casual.             meal you experienced at a fine-dining          special events really help create awareness in
Has this impacted your business approach?         restaurant and what made it so memorable?         the minds of the consumers. Since DiRoNA  -
                                                                                                    Week will benefit Share Our Strength, it
Kasner: It largely depends upon the area —        Shore: My last great experience was at my         helps create awareness among consumers
regional — in which the restaurant is located.    favorite neighborhood restaurant here in the      that the restaurant industry truly cares about
The dress in offices today has become very        D.C. area, which is small and moderately          the community.
casual. Five years ago I was wearing a busi-      priced. It maintains a real “neighborhood”
                                                                                                    Kasner: I’ve never heard of a restaurant week
ness suit to work. Now I only wear it when        feel — they know my daughter, my family
                                                                                                    in my local market before. Now, because of
meeting with clients. This trend has carried      and me. I love everything about the place. I                                          -
                                                                                                    our new relationship with DiRoNA, I’m
over into dining establishments as well. It's     love the familiar feeling, I absolutely adore
                                                                                                    becoming aware of more facets of the
nice to dress up and go out to dinner, but I      the food, and the service is perfect — not
                                                                                                    restaurant industry throughout North
think it’s about regionality and the environ-     over the top. It’s like home and it's always a
                                                                                                    America. That’s just what I had hoped for.
ment where the restaurant is located. Dress       treat to go there.                                     -
                                                                                                    DiRoNA Week is something I think my clients
in Minnesota is typically casual compared to
                                                  Kasner: I recently went to a restaurant in        would want to know about. We intend to
the business dress in downtown Chicago.
                                                  Chicago and the service there was just out of     publicize this to our clientele and we do
Dodson: This trend hasn’t changed the way         this world. They made me feel like royalty        about 10,000 client placements in my prac-
we work with restaurants. If restaurants are      from the minute I walked in until we left. I      tice, as a Concierge, alone.
really concerned about maintaining a certain      went there as an individual (not Concierge)
level of dress, they can advocate this through    and had a truly great dining experience. What

                                                                                                                                  DiRoNA SPRING 2005   13
     Feast Your                                                              Hemingway’s French Food
     Eyes on                                                                 Odyssey
     the Food                                                                As a response to their successful Food Odyssey to Provence in
                                                                             2004, Linda and Ted Fondulas, owners of the celebrated Vermont
     Network!                                                                restaurant Hemingway’s, will once again lead a culinary adventure
     The Knowles Family,                                                     featuring cooking classes, vineyard tastings, and gourmet dining in
     owners of 3 DiRoNA  -                                                   and around Carpentras and Avignon, France in May 2005. For addi-
     restaurants (The Manor                                                  tional information about these trips call (802) 422-3886 or email
     and Highlawn Pavilion        Sandra Lee in the Pleasantdale Chateau     hemwy@sover.net.
     in West Orange, NJ
     and the Ram’s Head Inn in Galloway, NJ), recently hosted The Food
     Network, which was busy filming a Prime Time special at
     Pleasantdale Chateau with a Halloween theme to be aired in
                                                                             Tsunami Relief Efforts
     autumn ‘05. This special will include cooking demonstrations by                                    In response to the earthquake and tsunami
     Tyler Florence and Sandra Lee to be filmed in a number the 1920s                                   disasters in Southeast Asia, Seattle’s Ray’s
     Chateau’s historic rooms.                                                                          Boathouse, Café & Catering on Shilshole
                                                                                                        Bay in Ballard hosted three fundraising
                                                                                                        events and committed to match 100% of all
                               Mr. B’s Bistro                                                           employee donations during the week of
                                                                                                        January 17-23. Thanks to their efforts, Ray’s
                               Cookbook Hits                                                            raised $6,500 and contributed these funds
                               Book stands!                                  to various organizations including Mercy Corps and the Red Cross.
                             In response to hundreds of requests             Thierry Rautureau of Rover’s in Seattle Washington pledged 45% of
                              made by loyal customers, over 100              his January 19th sales to support Mercy Corp. Rautureau joined
                              recipes have been gathered to create           efforts with thirty other Seattle area restaurants that day, including
                              The Mr. B’s Bistro Cookbook. In the            Ray’s Boathouse.
                               cookbook, Executive Chef Michelle
                               McRaney shares tips for making the
          dark roux necessary for perfect gumbo and distinguishes
     between Cajun and Creole cooking. The cookbook may be pur-              Joey DiSalvo of DiSalvo’s Station
     chased online at www.mrbsbistro.com.                                    Restaurant Honored in Italy
                                                                             Joey DiSalvo, owner
                                                                             and operator of
     Chef John Folse Opens New                                               DiSalvo’s Station
                                                                             Restaurant in Latrobe,
     Manufacturing Plant in                                                  PA, was among 150
     Donaldsonville, Louisiana!                                              Italian restaurateurs
                                                                             selected from five
     Chef John Folse cele-
                                                                             continents to attend
     brated the grand
                                                                             the first annual
     opening of a new
     USDA food manufac-                                                                                     Joey DiSalvo at DiSalvo’s Station
                                                                             Convention of Italian
     turing plant in January.
                                                                             Restaurateurs. The
     Chef John Folse
                                                                             convention was created by the Italian Prime Minister of Italians
     & Company
                                                                             Abroad, Mirko Tremaglia, to unite and reward Italian restaurateurs
     Manufacturing began
                                                                             who have touched the world through Italian cuisine.
     in 1990 in the kitchen
     at his Lafitte’s Landing         Chef John Folse at the grand opening
     Restaurant, when he
     received a phone call at the restaurant from a customer request-        What’s the Dish?
     ing a weekly order of 300 gallons of gumbo. From this humble
     beginning, Chef John Folse & Company Manufacturing was born.            Are you celebrating a special anniversary, announcing a new menu
                                                                             or hosting a star-studded event? The DiRoNA newsletter staff wants
     It has since gained national prominence, producing more than 100                                                         -
     products for more than 60 foodservice distributors, retail locations    to hear from you! And, don’t forget to add DiRoNA to your press
     and restaurant chains throughout the U.S.                               list so we can help spread your news. Please forward news items,
                                                                             press releases and photos to Vikki Livadas at vlivadas@kellencom-
14      -
     DiRoNA SPRING 2005                                                      pany.com or fax to (212) 370-9047.
Reaching travelers on the Go                                                                  -
                                                                                           DiRoNA LEADERSHIP
                                                                                           Chairman: Larry Work; Sam & Harry’s/The Caucus Room,
                                                                                              Washington, DC
                                                                                           Vice Chairman: Charles B. Marshall; Mr. Stox Restaurant,
                                                                                              Anaheim, CA
                                                                                           2nd Vice Chairman/Treasurer: John Metz, Jr.; Hi Life Kitchen
                                                                                              and Cocktails, Norcross, GA
                                       Check in.                                           Immediate Past Chairman: David E. Stockman; Lawry’s
                                                                                              Restaurants, Inc., Pasadena, CA
                                                                                           Past Chairman: Rick Powers; Beverly’s, Coeur d’Alene, ID
                                       Unpack.                                             Past Chairman: Kurt Knowles; The Manor, West Orange, NJ
                                                                                           Past Chairman: Paul Athanas; Anthony’s Pier 4, Boston, MA

                                       Go shopping.                                        Past Chairman: Christiannne R. Ricchi; i Ricchi, Washington, DC
                                                                                           Executive Director: Lisa Rand; Kellen Company, New York, NY

                                       Visit gallery.                                      Board of Directors
                                                                                           Paul W. Bartolotta; Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro, Milwaukee, WI
                                                                                           Vincent Catania; Dan’l Webster Inn, Hyannis, MA
                                       Take a tour.                                        Gerard Centioli; ICON, LLC, Chicago, IL
                                                                                           Priscilla Cretier; Le Vichyssois, Lakemoor, IL

                                       Catch a show.                                       Peter D’Andrea; Old Hickory Traditional Steakhouse,
                                                                                              Nashville, TN
                                                                                           Joseph DiSalvo; DiSalvo’s Station Restaurant, Latrobe, PA
                                                                                           Jordi Escofet; La Cava, Mexico City, Mexico
              It's a typical traveler’s itinerary.                                         Norbert Goldner; Café L’Europe, Palm Beach, FL
                                                                                           William Hyde, Jr.; Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Dallas, TX
Travelers are usually so busy taking in the city that they have limited time to stop and   Rita Jammet; New York, NY
think about where they want to eat. So, if you’re looking to reach on-the-go travelers,    Neil C. Jones; 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower,
                                                                                              Toronto, Ontario, Canada
you have to develop a creative strategy.                                                   Wade Knowles; The Manor, West Orange, NJ
                                                                                           Gary Manago; Bali By the Sea at the Hilton Hawaiian Village,
You can reach business travelers while they're in between meetings by having a copy           Honolulu, HI
of your menu available at the visitor information booth, present at many convention        Joe Mannke; Houston, TX
centers. Here, conference attendees can look over restaurant choices and even make         Tony May; San Domenico, New York, NY
reservations. This service helps meeting attendees make the most of their time by          Leonard Mirabile; Jasper’s, Kansas City, MO
planning their lunch or dinner destination during conference breaks.                       Mark Monette; Flagstaff House Restaurant, Boulder, CO
                                                                                           Francisco Morales; Pancho’s Backyard, Cozumel, Quintona,
Leisure travelers are a little harder to reach. They aren’t concentrated in large groups      Mexico
like conference attendees and don’t spend a lot of time in one place. But before leisure   Raphael Oliver; Top of the Hub, Boston, MA
                                                                                           Karen Olson; Metropolitan, Salt Lake City, UT
travelers go out and explore the city, they usually stop by the Convention and Visitors
                                                                                           Thomas J. Parsell; Magnolias Restaurant, Charleston, SC
Bureau or hotel concierge desk to pick up a map or a visitor guide. These maps and         Craig Peterson; RingSide Steakhouse, Portland, OR
guidebooks are your key to reaching leisure travelers while they shop and sightsee.        Margo Provost; Log Haven Restaurant, Salt Lake City, UT
                                                                                           Andre Rochat; Andre’s French Restaurant, Las Vegas, NV
One example of an on-the-go guidebook is the Quick Guide, produced by Guest
                                                                                           Richard Schneider; Scheherazade at the Trump Taj Mahal,
Informant, publisher of the hardcover visitor guide found in hotel rooms nationwide.          Atlantic City, NJ
Sections of the Quick Guide are dedicated to travel-related topics such as museums,        Bob Spivak; The Grill, Los Angeles, CA
shopping and dining. In the dining section, travelers are presented with listings and      Alan Stillman; Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group,
                                                                                              New York, NY
advertisements from local restaurants. In some markets, the Quick Guide also contains
                                                                                           Alon Yu; Tommy Toy’s Cuisine Chinoise, San Francisco, CA
an at-a-glance “Dining Guide,” a chart that
shows the names, addresses, phone num-                                                     Directors Emeritus
bers and payment options for restaurants                                                   Richard Alberini, Sr.; Alberini’s, Niles, OH
throughout the city. In addition, the Quick                                                John J. Arena; Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
Guide contains convenient maps to help                                                     Ted Balestreri; Sardine Factory, Monterey, CA
travelers find their way around the city and                                               Reinhard Barthel, Sr.; Café 36, La Grange, IL
                                                                                           Jerry Berns; The ‘21’ Club, New York, NY
to your restaurant.
                                                                                           Vincent Bommarito; Tony’s, St. Louis, MO
By being creative in your marketing                                                        Ella Brennan; Commander’s Palace, New Orleans, LA
efforts, you’ll be able to reach travelers                                                 Bert Cutino; Sardine Factory, Monterey, CA
                                                                                           Ralph Evans; London, England & McLean, VA
while they’re on the go. For information
                                                                                           John Folse; Lafitte’s Landing, Donaldsonville, LA
on showcasing your menu to conference                                                      Victor Gotti; Ernie’s, San Francisco, CA
attendees, contact your local convention                                                   Tom Margittai; The Four Seasons, New York, NY
center. To appear in the Quick Guide,                                                      Richard Marriott; Host Marriott Corporation, Bethesda, MD
contact Guest Informant at (800) 275-                                                      Gunter Preuss; Broussard’s, New Orleans, LA
5885 or visit www.guestinformant.com.                                                      Ernest Zingg; The Cellar, Fullerton, CA

                                                                                                                                        DiRoNA SPRING 2005    15
National Restaurant Association,
Restaurant Hotel-Motel Show (NRA)
                                                    American Express Fine Dining Survey:
                                                     A Survey of DiRo NA Award-winning Restaurants
Saturday, May 21 - Tuesday, May 24
McCormick Place
                                                                    As many of you may know, American Express, founding sponsor and
Chicago, Illinois                                                                               -
                                                                    long-time supporter of DiRoNA, recently conducted a survey of
www.restaurant.org/show                                                 - NA member restaurants. The results were compiled by an
DiRoNA Scholarship Luncheon*                                        independent survey firm who stripped the responses of name and
Tuesday, May 24, 2005                                               contact info to guarantee complete confidentiality
                                                   Participation was voluntary and the survey was conducted with the goal of better
Chicago, Illinois
                                                   understanding changes in the status of the fine dining industry during 2003 and 2004.
DiRoNA Week*                                       The survey was also launched in an effort to better define the activities and composi-
Monday, August 22 - Friday, August 26                                     -
                                                   tion of a “typical” DiRoNA-award winning restaurant.
Participating DiRoNA restaurants in the
                                                   Here are some highlights:
United States, Canada and Mexico
   -                                               • Sales in luxury restaurants were up 6% in 2004, double the increase seen in 2003.
DiRoNA’s Annual Awards
& Educational Conference*                          • 79% of respondents reported an increase in sales for 2004 while only 59% of
Monday, Sept. 5 - Wednesday, Sept. 7                 respondents reported an increase in sales in 2003.
                                                   • The total number of parties served was up by 21% in 2004.
             Las Vegas, Nevada
                                                   • 87% of the respondents forecasted another good year in 2005.
                                                   • 2004 average gross revenue per establishment was $5.7 million.
                                                   • The typical size of a dining party was 4 people for both 2003 and 2004.
                                                   • The average number of covers performed in each restaurant increased by 39%
                                                     in 2004.
Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators
Conference (MUFSO)                                                                                           -
                                                   While this is not a scientific survey, it appears that DiRoNA restaurateurs experienced
Sunday, Sept. 18 - Wednesday, Sept. 21             tremendous, positive growth in their sales figures between 2003 and 2004. This is
Gaylord Palms Hotel                                                     -
                                                   great news for DiRoNA, its restaurateurs and the industry!
Orlando, Florida                                                                                             -
www.mufso.com                                      American Express may conduct additional surveys of DiRoNA’s membership in the
                                                   future. Please respond to these surveys — they provide DiRoNA with important
*Visit www.dirona.com for additional information   information about its membership base and the fine dining industry in general.
on these activities.

Contact Us                                                                                                                      FIRST CLASS
                                                                                                                                US POSTAGE
Distinguished Restaurants of North America
355 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1700                                                                                                  Atlanta, GA
New York, NY 10017-6603                                                                                                              30342
Phone: (212) 297-2144 • Fax: (212) 370-9047                                                                                    Permit No. 2111

Distinguished Dining
Spring 2005

Editorial Board
Paul Athanas, Anthony’s Pier 4
Cara Clinton, PR Liaison/
  Contributing Writer, DiRoNA
John Folse, Chef John Folse & Company
Holly Koenig, Senior Management Liaison, DiRoNA
Victoria Livadas, Contributing Writer, DiRo- NA
June Price, Creative Director, Kellen Creative
Lisa Rand, Executive Director/
  Managing Editor, DiRoNA
Michaela York, Chef John Folse & Company

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