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BSA Troop 339 by wulinqing


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                   Boy Scouts of America Troop 339
                          Troop Committee

                   Article 1.         Chartered Partner and Bylaws

Section 1.01 Charter. Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Troop 339 has been in existence since
approximately 1961. On June 1, 1998, the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant became our Chartered
Organization. The Troop is part of the Rancho del Mar District, Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of

Section 1.02 Bylaws. These bylaws supercede all those previously adopted.

                         Article 2.          The Troop Committee

Section 2.01 Objective. The objective of the Troop Committee is to provide the following services
for BSA Troop 339:

           A meeting facility
           Maintain Troop administration, finances and records
           Quality BSA trained adult leadership to implement the Scouting program
           Verification of conformance to BSA National and Local policies and regulations
           Provide an adequate camping and outdoor program. Specifically, BSA Troop 339 will not have
            less than 10 days and nights of camping each calendar year
           Obtain, maintain and properly care for Troop equipment and materials
           Fundraising opportunities
           Transportation to/from authorized outings
           Maintain a Troop history

Section 2.02 Membership. The membership of the Troop Committee is open to all parents or
guardians, friends and adults who have a desire to support BSA Troop 339 and this Troop Committee. It is
strongly recommended that each family that has an active Scout in the Troop have at least one adult
registered with BSA Troop 339. The members will be divided into the following categories:
    (a) Members of Committee: are those people who meet the above criteria and are registered adult
         leaders of BSA Troop 339.
    (b) Members at Large: are those people who meet the above criteria but choose not to be registered
         with BSA Troop 339.

Section 2.03 Meetings. Regular meetings of the Troop Committee will be held on the first Monday
of each calendar month, or as scheduled in the Troop’s Annual Calendar. Regular meetings will be held at
the Troop meeting place or any suitable location as designated by the Members of Committee. Meetings
are open to all members of the Troop Committee.

Section 2.04 Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called at any time by, and only by,
the Committee Chair, Vice Committee Chair or the Chartered Organization Representative. Special

Troop 339 Bylaws
March 2010
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meetings will only be held on a minimum of 24 hours notice. This notice must be given to all Members of
Committee. This notice will be by any of the following means:
       (a)      Written (including e-mail)
       (b)      Personal (verbal)
       (c)      Telephone (verbal)

Section 2.05 Action Without a Meeting. Any action by the Troop Committee may be taken
without a formal meeting, if a quorum (as described in Sec. 2.06) consent in writing, via telephone poll, or
e-mail to the requested action. Such written consent and/or poll will be filed by the Secretary with the
minutes at the next scheduled Troop Committee meeting.

Section 2.06 Quorum. For official transactions of business, a quorum for any meeting (reference
Sections 2.03, 2.04 and 2.05) will have 25% or seven Members of Committee present, whichever is less.

Section 2.07 Approval. Every act or decision done or made by a majority of Members of
Committee present will be regarded as approved by the Troop, unless a greater majority is required by BSA
or by these bylaws.

Section 2.08 Voting Authority. Only those members designated as Members of Committee
(reference Article 2.02a) will have voting authority for any and all business of the Troop Committee.

Section 2.09 Meeting Procedures. All Troop Committee meetings will be conducted with
Robert’s Rules of Order as a guideline unless specified by bylaw amendment.

                                   Article 3.             Officers

Section 3.01 Institution Head The Institution Head will be a member of the Chartered
Organization and serve as a liaison between the Chartered Organization and the Chartered Organization
Representative. The Institution Head (currently the Pastor of the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant) is
not a member of the Executive Board of Officers.

Section 3.02 Executive Board Officers. The Troop Committee will have, as a minimum, the
officers on the Executive Board as listed below. All Officers will be Members of Committee (see Article
2.02(a)). Any office added as a minimum requirement to these bylaws and not described below will be
defined by the Troop Committee and added to this section as a bylaw amendment. All officers will perform
their duties as described below.
    (a) Chartered Organization Representative will: Maintain a close liaison between the Institution
         Head and the Troop Committee Chair. Represent the Troop to the Chartered Organization. Help
         recruit adult leaders. Responsible for unit re-chartering. Encourage service to the Chartered
    (b) Committee Chair will: Preside over, and promote attendance at monthly Troop Committee
         meetings and any special meetings called. Coordinate parent participation for Scout events.
         Maintain a close relationship with the Chartered Organization Representative and the Scoutmaster.
         See that Troop leaders have training opportunities. Be responsible for signatures on checks and
         other important documentation. Assist in interpretation of national and local policies to the Troop
         Committee. Be present on Boards of Review whenever possible. Assist with annual re-charter.
    (c) Vice Committee Chair will: Assist the Committee Chair whenever needed. Preside over Troop
         Committee meetings in the absence of the Committee Chair. Assure that appropriate Members of
         Committee and Troop leaders are Youth Protection Trained.
    (d) Scoutmaster will: Be a role model for the Scouts. Coordinate Scouts in their meetings, outings,
         advancement, and merit badge work. Be trained as BSA requires for this level of Scouting.
Troop 339 Bylaws
March 2010
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         Coordinate with the Assistant Scoutmasters. Assist in interpretation of national and local policies to
         the Troop Committee. Be responsible for signatures on checks and other important documentation.
   (e)   Assistant Scoutmaster will: Assist the Scoutmaster as requested. Be trained as BSA requires
         for this level of Scouting.
   (f)   Advancement Chair will: Encourage Scouts to advance in rank. Maintain Troop advancement
         records on Troopmaster software. Maintain a Merit Badge Counselor list. Prepare Advancement
         Report to the Council or other Troop reports as needed. Notify Scoutmaster of Scouts who have
         not advanced in rank for more than one year. Collect and record all merit badge Blue Cards.
         Work with Troop Librarian to assure library is updated. Assist the Board of Review Coordinator in
         conducting Boards of Review. Work closely with the Awards and Court of Honor/Ceremonies
         Coordinators. Keep records of adult training and expiration dates to facilitate information for tour
         permits and other requirements that need trained adults.
   (g)   Chaplain will: Encourage and advise Scouts in earning their appropriate religious emblems.
         Provide a spiritual tone for troop meetings and activities. Give guidance to the Chaplain Aide.
         Promote regular participation of each member in the activities of the religious organization of his
         choice. Visit homes of Scouts in time of sickness or need. Give spiritual counseling service when
         needed or requested.
   (h)   Outdoor Activities Chair will: Coordinate with the Scoutmasters and Parent Committee to
         develop a Troop Annual Calendar of outings and other events for the coming calendar year prior to
         the start of calendar year. Secure permission to use campsites and coordinate dates on the
         master calendar. Maintain up-to-date medical records on each Scout and applicable adults.
         Secure reservations, have necessary deposits made. Obtain lists of Scouts planning to attend
         outings, deposits, payments, permission slips, etc. Work closely with Treasurer and Equipment,
         Transportation, Tour Permit, and Emergency Contact Coordinators. Provide maps and driving
         directions for drivers on outings.
   (i)   Secretary will: Take minutes at all regular and special meetings. Type the minutes using
         Roberts’ Rules of Order as a guideline and keep them during the term of office. Present minutes
         to the Troop Committee for approval. Attend to correspondence and publicity as required.
   (j)   Treasurer will: Maintain the Troop bank accounts, Council Unit account, and individual
         Scout/adult accounts. Serve as banker for funds collected by Eagle Scout candidates as donations
         towards their Eagle projects, and dispurse funds as directed by the Eagle candidate, and as
         approved by the Parent Committee. Prepare monthly report to the Troop Committee including
         Scout/adult account balances. Keep accurate records and submit to an audit as dictated by the
         bylaws. Follow the rules of the bylaws in regards to Article 4. Be a signer on the bank and unit
   (k)   Ways and Means Chair will: Organize events to raise funds for the Troop or toward individual
         Scout accounts. Obtain proper approvals from the Committee and Orange County Council prior to
         initiating paperwork or signing any agreements. Coordinate with the Treasurer on distribution of
   (l)   Parliamentarian will: Assure parliamentary procedure and Troop bylaws are followed at all
         committee meetings possible. If the Parliamentarian is not present at any meeting, one will be
         appointed by the Committee Chair to assure parliamentary procedure.

Section 3.03 Committee Coordinators. All Committee Coordinators will perform their duties
as described below. Special committees can be formed at any meeting provided the special committee is
approved by the Troop Committee, has a specific duty, and a specified term of less than one year.
   (a) Auditor will: Review all financial reports, deposits, disbursements and bank accounts of the Troop
        as specified in (Article 4.05). The auditor shall not be related by blood or marriage, or reside in
        the same household as the Ways and Means Chair or any person who is a signer on the Troop
        bank account.
   (b) Awards Coordinator will: Obtain an Advancement Report from the Advancement Chair for
        Council to purchase badges and awards for Courts of Honor. Coordinate expenditures and receipts
        with the Treasurer. Have access to a debit card for the Troop account at the Council. Assist in
        coordinating Courts of Honor and other ceremonies. Work closely with the Advancement Chair.
Troop 339 Bylaws
March 2010
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   (c) Board of Review Coordinator will: Arrange and conduct Boards of Review. Coordinate with
       and obtain proper reports from the Advancement Chair. Follow up with any written reports
   (d) Ceremonies Coordinator will: Work with the Advancement Chair, Awards Coordinator,
       Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster(s) to compose a listing of all awards to be presented.
       Research and prepare ceremonies with direction from the Scoutmaster. Prepare programs for
       Courts of Honor and other ceremonies.
   (e) Eagle Advisor will: Guide and assist Scouts through the entire process of completing the Eagle
       Project and Boards of Review.
   (f) Emergency Contact Coordinator will: Obtain a listing of all Scouts attending each outing from
       the Outdoor Activities Chair and be available for contact between the Troop and their family during
       the outing. Relay information to families about the return time from outings. Enlist substitutes
       when necessary.
   (g) Equipment Coordinator will: Supervise and help the Troop procure camping equipment. Work
       with the Quartermaster on inventory and proper storage and maintenance of all Troop equipment.
       Make periodic safety checks on all Troop camping gear, and encourage safe use of all outdoor
       equipment. Work closely with the Scoutmaster and Outdoor Activities Chair.
   (h) Hospitality will: Arrange for food and drink for Courts of Honor and other special events.
   (i) Membership Coordinator will: Collect all forms and money required for registering a new Scout
       or adult. Assist in paperwork for Webelos transition to the Troop. Obtain proper signatures and
       file paperwork with the Council office. Assist the Chartered Organization Representative with the
       annual recharter process. Maintain copies of all membership applications. Collect member
       information (including e-mail addresses) necessary to maintain an up-to-date Troop roster.
       Provide Newsletter Editor, Advancement Chair, Treasurer, and Transportation Coordinator with
       information required for Troopmaster and other Troop software.
   (j) Newsletter Editor(s) will: Work with the Troop Historian, SPL and ASPL to produce a Troop
       newsletter. Include upcoming events, review of past activities, awards, recognitions, and
       birthdays. It may also include articles from the Scoutmaster, Scouts or Members of Committee.
       Work with Troop Historian to maintain records and stories of the past.
   (k) Roundtable Representative will: Attend monthly District Roundtable meetings and report to
       the Troop Committee.
   (l) Tour Permit Coordinator will: Coordinate with the Outdoors Activities Chair and the
       Transportation Coordinator to obtain a Tour Permit from the Council office prior to Troop activities.
       Collect current vehicle, license and insurance information for each committee member.
   (m) Transportation Coordinator will: Work with the Outdoor Activities Chair to arrange drivers for
   (n) Uniform Bank Coordinator will: Maintain, collect and distribute uniform pieces from the
       Uniform Bank.
   (o) Webmaster will: Keep the Troop web site updated with current Troop information. Work with
       Scribe to gather troop information.
   (p) Summer Camp Coordinator will: gather information to assist in determining the troop’s summer
       camp choice, make reservations and payments, handout and collect scout paperwork, and make
       the leader’s packet for Scoutmaster to take to camp.

Section 3.04 Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will nominate the Executive
Board Officers and Committee Members named in Articles 3.02 and 3.03. The Scoutmaster may
recommend possible Assistant Scoutmasters to the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee
will be composed of three Members of Committee appointed by the Troop Committee Chair at the
September Troop Committee meeting and approved by the Troop Committee at the same meeting.
Members of the Nominating Committee may not serve on this committee in consecutive years. The
Committee Chair may not serve on the Nominating Committee.

Section 3.05 Elections. The Nominating Committee will present preliminary nominations seven (7)
days prior to the October Troop Committee meeting. At the October meeting, the preliminary slate will be
Troop 339 Bylaws
March 2010
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opened to the floor for additional nominations. Candidates for the final ballot must accept or decline their
nomination at the October meeting. The written ballot will be prepared by the Troop Secretary. Election
of the Officers takes place at the November meeting. Committee Coordinators are appointed by a simple
majority of the new Executive Board at the same meeting.

Section 3.06 Terms of Office. The terms of office are for one to two consecutive terms. All terms
will be served from January 1 through the December 31. If the nominating committee is unable to secure
a new nominee, the incumbent can continue to serve in the position contingent on approval of the
committee. Any partial term will be deemed a full term if it extends past six months served. These terms
apply to all Officers and Committee Positions except Scoutmaster and Chartered Organization
Representative. These two offices are for indefinite terms unless removed by two-thirds Troop Committee
vote with justifiable cause or by retirement.

Section 3.07 Resignations. Any officer submitting a resignation shall provide four weeks notice,
whenever possible, to the Troop Committee, and shall assist in the recruitment and training of a

                              Article 4.            Financial Matters

Section 4.01 Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of the Troop shall be consistent with the Troop’s charter
and shall run from January 1 through December 31.

Section 4.02 Signatures for Disbursement of Funds. Two signatures shall be required
for disbursement from all Troop bank accounts. Authorized signers shall be the Treasurer, Committee
Chair, and the Scoutmaster.

Section 4.03 Disbursement of Funds. Disbursements of funds are made on the approval of
the Troop Committee (see Section 2.07). Receipts must be provided to the Treasurer for all expenses.

Section 4.04 Disbursement of Funds Between Meetings. The Troop Treasurer is
authorized to disburse an amount not to exceed $100.00 with authorization from the Scoutmaster or
Committee Chair in any calendar month for the acquisition of materials for the Troop. Receipts must be
provided to the Troop Treasurer for all expenses or a refund to the Troop account will be required.

Section 4.05 Audit. The Auditor will audit the Troop’s financial records at the close of the fiscal year,
to be concluded by the end of the first quarter of the new fiscal year.

Section 4.06 Recharter Fees. The Troop Committee will determine the annual recharter fee
payable by each Scout and Member of Committee at the December Troop Committee meeting. Fees will
include the National Registration Fee, Boy’s Life magazine subscription, Council insurance fee, and other
reasonable fees as determined by the Troop Committee.

Section 4.07 Dues. The Troop Committee may assess dues and other fees, as necessary for the
funding of the Scouting program. Dues and or fees must be approved at a regular Troop Committee

Section 4.08 Conflicts of Interest. No Member of Committee may personally profit from a
Troop fundraiser.

Troop 339 Bylaws
March 2010
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Section 4.09 Trip Reimbursement. The Outdoor Activities Chair shall set activity fees for
outings based on expected costs for reservations, expendable materials, special equipment, rental fees,
etc. The activity fees shall include a transportation fee to allow partial reimbursement of drivers for fuel,
and wear and tear on their vehicles. The reimbursements to drivers shall be on a dollars per mile basis,
with the rate being approximately 1/3 of the current allowable IRS mileage rate.
Section 4.10 Fundraising Approvals. Prior to entering into any agreement or signing any
contract, all fundraising opportunities will be presented, discussed and approved at a regular Troop
Committee meeting. Fundraising projects must conform to BSA policy. A “Unit Money-Earning
Application” form must be approved by the Council. Prior to each fundraiser, the Committee will decide
how the profit will be split (i.e. to Troop, Scout account or combination of both).

                                  Article 5.           Amendments

5.01 Amendments to the Bylaws. These bylaws can be amended at any regular meeting,
        provided all the following conditions are satisfied:
                a. Approved by two-thirds of Members of Committee present at the meeting.
                b. Rules for quorum are met
                c. Amendment was tabled for action at the previous regular meeting.

5.02 Review Committee. A committee appointed by the Committee Chair will review and update
these bylaws on an annual basis. Proposed changes will be presented to the Troop Committee for
discussion and approval.

                              Article 6.            Boards of Review

6.01 Requirements. A Board of Review will be held for all rank advancements except Scout. A
        successful Scoutmaster Conference is considered approval for advancement to the rank of Scout.

6.02 Composition of Board. A Board of Review shall consist of at least four and not more than
        six Members of Committee. Whenever possible, the Committee Chair, Advancement Chair and
        Board of Review Coordinator should serve on all Boards of Review. With the Board of Review
        Committee’s approval, the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters may observe but not
        participate in the Board of Review. Unless unavoidable, a Committee Member shall not serve on a
        Board of Review for his/her own son. This avoids any conflict of interest and gives the Scout the
        opportunity to interact with other adults.

6.03 Review. The Board of Review members must attempt to determine the Scout’s attitude,
        experience, and acceptance of Scouting ideals as outlined in the National BSA Advancement Policy
        and Procedures booklet.

6.04 Decision. The decision to advance the Scout to the next rank is arrived at through discussion
        and must be unanimous. All members must vote (no abstentions). If the Board decides that a
        Scout is not ready to advance, the candidate will be informed of what he must review and achieve
        prior to scheduling a new Board of Review.

                      Article 7.           Troop Operating Guidelines

Troop 339 Bylaws
March 2010
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7.01 Troop Operating Guidelines. The Members of Committee will be responsible for
        development and maintenance of the “Troop Operating Guidelines”. These guidelines will define
        BSA Troop 339’s interpretation of BSA Policies. These guidelines will not override or disregard any
        clear and concise National or District Policy or any National, State, or Local Laws. These guidelines
        will be reviewed yearly, or any time National or District Policy has been revised. The “Troop
        Operating Guidelines” will be published as part of the “Parent’s Handbook”. Amendments of
        these guidelines will follow the procedure as defined in Article 5.

        Original Date:        July, 1986
        Revised and replaced: June 1, 1995
        Revised and replaced: November 5, 1998
        Amended:              January 2, 2000
        Revised and replaced: January 2004
        Reviewed and accepted without revision: March 2007
        Revised and accepted: March 1, 2010

Troop 339 Bylaws
March 2010

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