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                                 “We have completed a strategic plan for     “How inspiring it is to see 1,011 households and      “As you can imagine, in maintaining
                                the next five years, our relationship with   businesses come together to voluntarily fund the       2,100 acres with nearly 70 miles of
                                  the City of Aiken has never been more      management and care of the Hitchcock Woods.         trails, and being at the mercy of Mother
   BOARD OF                    cohesive, and our balance sheet is strong.”     That’s how many supporters you will find              Nature at times, the Woods staff
   TRUSTEES                                    (See page 2.)                       recognized throughout this report.”              certainly stays busy year round.”
       As of 6/30/10                                                                           (See page 3.)                                    (See page 4.)

   Randolph A. Wolcott
  I. Lehr Brisbin, Ph.D.
  Courtney W. Conger
     Patricia E. Corey
        Lee H. Dane
     Nancy C. Francis
      Iris W. Freeman
   Patricia S. Goodyear
       Peter L. Gray
  William M. Hitchcock
        Gail B. King
     Lucy M. Knowles
   Linda Knox McLean
     W. Greg Paschal
     Scott D. Riviere
 Harry E. Shealy, Jr., Ph.D.
  Timothy W. Simmons
      Paul K. Simons
     Dacre C. Stoker               Louise and Thomas Hitchcock set the example for generosity and hospitality. For information on the history, operations,
     Sandra E. Tucker                activities, and natural resources of the Hitchcock Woods, visit the Foundation’s new website at hitchcockwoods.org.
       Sara S. Wood
                                                                    B U S I N E S S PA R T N E R S
                               $1000 Level                        The Carolina Real Estate           Brigadoon Equestrian Residential    Kelly Paint and Body
        S TA F F               Aiken Saddlery & Supply Inc.
                               All Star Rents
                                                                      Company #
                                                                  Chime Bell Farm
                                                                                                     Dr. Robert Lee Buchanan, III
                                                                                                                                         King Management, Inc. #
                                                                                                                                         Linda’s Bistro
                               Cold Creek Nurseries               Dinner Bell                        Martin Buckley, Architect           Lionel Smith, Ltd. #
    Douglas E. Rabold          Derrick Equipment, Inc.            First Citizens Bank                The Community Foundation            Lista’s Studio of Photography
                               Mike Gorman Lightning              Home Medical Inc.                  Michael J. Costigan, Sr., CPA,      Magnolia Natural Market
    Executive Director             Protection Systems             Hull, Barrett, P.C.                    LLC                             Management Recruiters of Aiken #
                               Suzy Haslup, Meybohm Realtor       M. Smart Custom Framing #          Country Gardeners Club of Aiken     Andrew Marine, Attorney at Law #
                               Hass and Hilderbrand, Inc. #S      Newberry Hall                      Cranston Engineering Group, P.C.    Progressive Show Jumping, Inc.
   W. Bennett Tucker           International Ventures, Ltd. #     True Value Hardware                Darren Haeusler Farrier Services,   Sporting Days Farm
  Woods Superintendent         Deirdre Stoker Vaillancourt,       Wachovia Bank                          LLC                             Stephanie Hitchcock, Gemologist
                                   Meybohm Realtor                Woolhiser Law Firm                 Dietrich Equine Insurance           Stoplight Deli #
                               The Willcox #                                                         Double L Farm                       Sweet Water Tree Farm, LLC #
   Christine M. Reichel        Woodside Farm "Hospice
                                                                  $100 Level
                                                                                                     Equi-Fab Carolina, Inc.
                                                                                                     Equine Dentistry - Gene Beaulieu,
                                                                                                                                         Top Shelf Equestrian, LLC
                                                                                                                                         Ray B. Vaughters, Jr., MD #
                                   for Horses" S
     Administrator                                                AgSouth Farm Credit, ACA               DVM                             Whiskey Road Foxhounds
                               $500 Level                         Aiken Pest Control                 Floyd and Green Jewelers            York Cottage Antiques
                               Elliott Davis, LLC                 Aiken Veterinary Clinics, PA       Folly                               YourLogoWorks.com
     Deon R. Mealing           Maxwell Law Firm                   Allstate, Tom Young                Wayne Frei, MD
                               Security Federal Bank #            Atlantic Broadband                 Georgetown Stable Outfitters
     Woods Technician          Wetmore Stables                    Baker Family Dentistry             Graves Auto Salvage #               # Charter Partners
                                                                  Barbara Sue Brodie Needleworks     Anthony E. Harris, MD               S Sustaining Partners
                               $250 Level                         Biddle Realty Inc. #               Holley Heating and Air, Inc.
  (803) 642-0528               Aiken Neurosciences, PC            Birds and Butterflies              Howell Printing Company #
                               Aiken Pet Sitters, LLC             Bridgestone Firestone North        Hutson-Etherredge Companies #
hitchcockwoods.org             Boots Bridles & Britches               American Tire, LLC             J.E. Stewart Builders, Inc. #

                                         The Foundation’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30, aligning our annual budget and operating schedule
                                                         with the cycle of peak activity in the Woods, from early fall to late spring.

     he past year has been very active for the Board of Trustees of          baskets which had supported the Coker Spring Trail crossing of
T    the Hitchcock Woods Foundation. We have completed a
strategic plan for the next five years, our relationship with the City
                                                                             Sand River were completely washed away, exposing a major
                                                                             sanitary sewer line. The City has protected the watershed more
of Aiken has never been more cohesive, and our balance sheet is              than once, and has designed a solution. The proposed solution
strong.                                                                      honors the interests of the Foundation in keeping this historic
   In 2006 the Foundation’s Board and staff met for a full day retreat       crossing in tact while improving the City’s infrastructure. This is
to discuss the current and future status of the Foundation. At this          just one example of many that show the mutual respect and
retreat, we developed and articulated the Foundation’s Mission               cooperation between the City of Aiken and the Hitchcock
Statement and Vision Statement. The next step was to develop a               Woods Foundation.
Strategic Plan, a process that took several                                                           The Foundation has a very strong history
years to complete. This past year we                                                               of financial support and its financials remain
accomplished this milestone through another                                                        positive. Our Executive Director’s letter
organizational retreat. We discussed 122                                                           details the increase in the membership of
action items for Board Committees and staff,                                                       households and businesses, as well as the
resulting in five Strategic Statements and                                                         fiscal restraint shown by the entire staff. The
assignments to each Committee. The                                                                 Board is proud of these accomplishments.
Strategic Plan is a valuable tool in guiding the                                                   The Foundation is very pleased to report that
Board toward successful completion of the                                                          a total of $57,933 of capital equipment was
Foundation’s goals. As Chairman, I would like                                                      purchased this year, with only $11,927
to personally acknowledge the dedication and                                                       funded through operating income. Funding
hard work of each and every Trustee in their                                                       for capital initiatives typically comes through
involvement in this process, and their                                                             special appeals. It was through several very
diligence in serving on the Foundation’s 15                                                        generous donations that this was
Board Committees.                                                                                  accomplished. Also announced was the
   In January, the community mourned the                                                           completion of the campaign to raise the
loss of Samuel A. Cothran, the former editor and publisher of the            funds necessary to build a new maintenance shed. This will be
Aiken Standard. Mr. Cothran also served as the Chairman of the               another milestone that we will celebrate soon. These gifts are a
Hitchcock Woods Foundation from 1979 to 1989. He was among                   blessing, but it’s the many smaller gifts all year long that keep the
the first to serve as Trustee Emeritus and we will miss him always.          Woods going. The value of each Friend of the Woods renewal,
   This year the City of Aiken is celebrating its 175th anniversary.         annual fund donation, memorial gift, and merchandise purchase
The Hitchcock Woods has been a major part of this community’s                all help in funding the operating budget.
history, and we are pleased to be a part of this celebration. The               Another major portion of our annual income derives from our
Aiken Horse Show and the Festival of the Woods are “Proud                    programs. The Festival of the Woods is in its second year with an
Participants” on the schedule of events for the City’s “Celebrate            expanded format, and the Aiken Horse Show continues to be
Aiken!” program. Hitchcock Woods has helped to shape this                    one of the highlights of the Aiken calendar. These events require
community, its neighborhoods, its traditions, and even the economy           many volunteers. The entire Board joins me with a big “Thank
of Aiken, so it is fitting that we participate in this community-wide        You” for all of your support.
campaign.                                                                       Hitchcock Woods is one of the greatest assets of our
   The Foundation and the City of Aiken                                                            community. We can all help to protect and
have worked very closely this year, sharing a                                                      preserve this treasure for generations to
common goal of reducing the volume and                                                             come. We all wish to keep the Woods a
velocity of the storm water entering the                                                           special place and you are all a part of this, so
Woods. Toward this goal, the City received a                                                       we welcome your feedback.
grant for the Green Infrastructure Project in                                                         Thank you for your support.
the downtown parkways. This funding came
from the EPA through the SCDHEC. The
pervious paving and parkway redesigns will
reduce a significant amount of water entering                                                      Randy Wolcott moved to Aiken in 1989 and joined the Board
the storm drain and, therefore, the Woods.                                                         of Trustees in 1998. After serving on many Board committees
   The City has responded to issues resulting                                                      over the years, and chairing several of them, he was elected
from many heavy rains this year. The gabion                  Randy Wolcott, Chairman
                                                                                                   Chairman of the Board in 2008.

                                             The mission of the Hitchcock Woods Foundation is to:
                             • protect and preserve the Hitchcock Woods in a natural and ecologically healthy state,
                                • maintain and manage historic and traditional equestrian and pedestrian uses, and
                                   • foster education and research on the history and resources of the Woods.

                                                                                                LET TER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

    everal developments this past year demonstrate that upholding the                        In another important area of development, significant steps were
S   mission of the Hitchcock Woods Foundation is increasingly a collective
effort. The generosity first shown by the Hitchcock family has become a
                                                                                         taken to enhance the Foundation’s knowledge of, and interaction with,
                                                                                         its diverse supporters and visitors.
great Aiken tradition that is practiced by many.                                             Last September, the Foundation celebrated 70 years of service to this
   How inspiring it is to see 1,011 households and businesses come                       community and held the inaugural Festival of the Woods to celebrate the
together to voluntarily fund the management and care of the Hitchcock                    pedestrian uses of the Woods. Through lively activities, this event
Woods. That’s how many supporters you will find recognized throughout                    provides education on the history, resources, and stewardship of the
this report.                                                                             Hitchcock Woods.
   The members of these households and the employees of these                                In February, the Foundation launched an all new website with
businesses share in the privilege of making the Hitchcock Woods available                extensive information on the operations, activities, history, and natural
for the benefit of Aiken’s residents and visitors. Together, you are a model             resources of the Hitchcock Woods. Visitors to the website can access
of community spirit.                                                                     past issues of the Foundation’s annual reports, newsletters, and other
   The Hitchcock Woods Foundation is committed to operating efficiently                  published articles. Visitor Guidelines are presented in a user friendly
and to using your gifts wisely. Annual operating expenses were reduced                   format designed for ease of use. In addition, visitors now can enjoy the
another 6% this past fiscal year – on top of a 10% reduction the preceding               convenience of making purchases and contributions online. The website
year – in order to “live within our means” in a difficult economy. The                   also recognizes the Foundation’s many loyal supporters.
Foundation ended the fiscal year (on June 30)                                                                              Vigorous public outreach continued this
in the black, with a modest surplus. A                                                                                  year. Speaking engagements were held with
cushion like this helps the Foundation to                                                                               Sand River Woman’s Club, Country
meet expenses throughout the summer                                                                                     Gardeners Club, and Clemson University
months, when all charitable giving tends to                                                                             Parks and Recreation classes, to name a few.
be lighter.                                                                                                             Tours of the Woods were conducted for First
   The past year had many encouraging signs                                                                             Baptist Church and Aiken Newcomers Club,
of the community’s growing commitment to                                                                                again to name a few. The Hitchcock Woods
the Hitchcock Woods. Membership in the                                                                                  booth is always a destination in the
Friends of the Woods program reached an all                                                                             traditional Earth Day celebration organized
time high of 635 “current” households.                                                                                  by the City of Aiken.
Participation in the Business Partners                                                                                     To manage relationships with its many
program continued to recover from                                                                                       members and contacts, along with their gifts,
considerable attrition that followed the                  The Foundation’s staff consists of (from left to right)       the Foundation transitioned to a new,
economic events of the fall of 2008. In             Doug Rabold, Bennett Tucker, Deon Mealing, and Chris Reichel. customized database. The process of
addition, a full slate of ten corporate sponsors                                                                        transferring thousands of records with
supported the 94th annual Aiken Horse Show in March.                                     multiple years of data from one software program to another was a
   Clearly, the Foundation’s support base is growing, which is crucial as                monumental feat that was ably managed by Chris Reichel, the
Aiken continues to grow and use of the Woods continues to increase.                      Foundation’s Administrator.
   Also during the past year, the Foundation reached its goal on a long term                 Chris is a familiar figure to many in Aiken and her work with the
capital campaign to build a Woods Maintenance Shed. The campaign began                   Foundation for nearly a decade has been a somewhat hidden, but
in September 2006 with a grant awarded for this project from the Gregg-                  substantial, service to this community. It is a privilege to work with
Graniteville Foundation.                                                                 Chris, and with Woods Superintendent Bennett Tucker and Woods
   Over the following four years, a number of major gifts have been                      Technician Deon Mealing, in the daily operations of the Hitchcock
received for this cause. A gift and pledge in June 2010 made it possible for             Woods.
the Foundation to proceed with this important initiative. The building was                   Thank you, each of you, for the roles you play and the gifts you make
scoped and designed this past winter and spring, and construction is                     throughout the year to sustain this incomparable resource and cherished
planned to begin this fall. This new facility will house the three new tractors          Aiken tradition.
acquired by the Foundation last October. The Maintenance Shed will
complete the “campus” at the South Boundary entrance to the Woods,
where the Foundation completed and opened its first owned office in early
2007.                                                                                    Doug Rabold has been involved in Aiken’s business, civic, and cultural life since 1990.
                                                                                         He was hired as the Hitchcock Woods Foundation’s first Executive Director in 2005.

                                                      The vision of the Hitchcock Woods Foundation
                                        is to maintain and restore the ecological integrity of the Hitchcock Woods
                                                   and to serve as a model for sustainable urban forestry,
                                    balancing stewardship of forestland natural resources with compatible human uses.


     he forest management plan that guides the Foundation in caring                 This tractor is impeccable for maintaining some of the smaller
T    for the Hitchcock Woods focuses on the long term restoration of
the longleaf pine and wiregrass savanna. To become better stewards
                                                                                    walking trails that are too sensitive for the larger equipment.
                                                                                       In another undertaking this year, Woods staff began to lay the
of this ecosystem, the Woods staff attended a five day training                     drag for the Aiken Hounds on Tuesdays. The history and
program this past year. Some of the other highlights of the year were               traditions between the Hitchcock Woods Foundation and the
receiving new tractors and equipment, and completing a very                         Aiken Hounds go back many years to when the Hitchcock family
successful year of fuel reduction and restoration burns.                            began the hunt. It is satisfying to carry on a tradition that has such
   In April, Woods Superintendent Deon Mealing and I took a                         deep roots in this community.
Longleaf Academy course taught by the Longleaf Alliance at Auburn                      This year we were able to complete 428 acres of prescribed
University’s Solon Dixon Forest Research Center in Andalusia,                       burns. This was the most acreage accomplished in one year since I
Alabama. The Alliance serves to coordinate partnerships of private                  joined the staff in 2006. Because the Hitchcock Woods is an urban
land owners, foresters, and state and federal agencies interested in                forest, we need to have highly specific weather conditions that are
managing and restoring longleaf                                                                                                conducive for conducting
pine forests for their ecological and                                                                                          prescribed burns in the Woods.
economic benefits. This experience                                                                                             These conditions help to minimize
was very beneficial and we learned                                                                                             smoke impacts in nearby
a wealth of knowledge and                                                                                                      neighborhoods.
management techniques for the                                                                                                    Of the 428 acres burned, 308
proper care and restoration of the                                                                                             acres were burned during the
longleaf forest. Another benefit is                                                                                            winter and early spring. These
enhanced networking relationships                                                                                              dormant season fires function as
with similar organizations.                                                                                                    fuel reduction burns. The
   Closer to home, representatives                                                                                             remaining 120 acres were burned
of the Foundation this past year                                                                                               during the growing season to
visited the Aiken Gopher Tortoise                                                                                              reduce competing hardwood
Heritage Preserve to learn about                                                                                               species and to stimulate the native
management practices there, and              Derrick Equipment Company extended nonprofit discounts and adjusted               grasses to seed. These fires
hosted members of the Aiken                         the sale price of two new John Deere tractors and was a                    function as restoration burns
County Forestry Association in a                       Diamond Sponsor of the 2010 Aiken Horse Show.                           because of their ability to help the
management tour of the Hitchcock                                                                                               herbaceous species produce and
Woods.                                                                              release viable seed across the forest floor.
   Equipment acquisitions have brought forth a big change this year.                   Prescribed burns are an essential management tool for reducing
Thanks to generous donors, and with help from Derrick Equipment,                    hazardous fuel loads in southeastern forests. This goal is especially
the Foundation last fall took delivery of two new John Deere tractors.              important for an urban forest and the Hitchcock Woods burn
For the first time, the Foundation has two tractors that are 100                    program is a model for other communities with urban forests.
horsepower and four wheel drive, suitable for the deep sand                         Prescribed burns diminish the threat of wildfires, control
conditions throughout the Woods. These features provide the                         competing hardwood species, and improve wildlife habitat by
traction needed to push and pull in the Woods, and to ascend steep                  creating better foraging opportunities and bedding conditions.
trails with ease.                                                                      As you can imagine, in maintaining 2,100 acres with nearly 70
   One tractor is outfitted with a six way dozer blade used to                      miles of trails, and being at the mercy of Mother Nature at times,
maintain the water bars that prevent erosion on many of the trails.                 the Woods staff certainly stays busy year round. My thanks go to
The second tractor is outfitted with a loader and a quick attach                    Deon Mealing for his trusty service. We thank everyone who
bucket system. It has a grapple used for picking up logs and limbs to               supports the Woods through their gifts, time, and talents. As
keep trails cleared and to clean up after tree felling projects. A                  always, I’ll see you in the Woods!
regular scoop bucket, another essential tool, helps in earth moving
for various projects. These equipment and technology enhancements
enable us to accomplish more in a shorter time.
   In addition, through a generous donation from the Aiken Hounds,
the Foundation received a 28 horsepower Kubota utility tractor that                 Bennett Tucker was hired as Woods Superintendent in June 2006. His many
perfectly rounds out the fleet. It is great for running the finish mower            certifications in firefighting and first responder training strengthen our prescribed
used at the Horse Show Grounds, the Tea Cottage, Memorial Gate,                     burn program and enhance our ability to work with public agencies in achieving
the Foundation’s office, and the South Boundary Avenue entrance.                    more efficient response to incidents in the Woods.

        One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, 'What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?'”
                                                             – Rachel Carson


Cumulative giving from July 1, 2009, to June 30, 2010
$50,000 and Up                                  Scott D. Riviere#*                              Tom Uskup#*                                Mary E. Clarkson#*
Edgar T. Cato Foundation, Inc.                  Mike Rubin*                                     Carlin B. Vickery and James F. Capalino*   Cold Comfort Farm, Inc.
                                                Les and Penny Rue*                              Stephanie von Bidder                       Collier Jennings Real Estate LLC
$10,000 to $49,999                              David and Joanna Samson                         Mr. and Mrs. Wolf Von Teichman*            Charles Combier#*
David and Nancy Hathaway*                       Seabrook Foundation                             Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Wade#*              Larry and Jocelyn Comegys*
Robert K. Johnson*                              Mr. and Mrs. Allan C. Sorensen#*                Linzee and Lena Whittaker*                 The Community Foundation‡
The Seymour H. Knox Foundation, Inc.            Cynthia Steinmetz*                              Jim and Sarah Wildasin*                    Sam and Barrie Conner
Jacqueline Ohrstrom*                            Jane Page and Mark Thompson#*                   Wendi J. Wilson                            Polly Cooley
The Trout Walk Fund                             David Trachtenberg and Rick Wilson*             Randy, Girl and Caroline Wolcott#*         Charles and Joan Cope*
                                                Deirdre Stoker Vaillancourt, Meybohm Realtor‡   Jesse and Connie Young#*                   Mike and Rossie Corwon*
$5,000 to $9,999                                Norma Valentine                                                                            Country Gardeners Club of Aiken‡
Aiken Hounds                                    George and Gretchen Wintersteen*                $100 - $499                                Tom and Cathy Coward
Aiken Steeplechase Association                  Sara and Mike Wood#*                            Mr. and Mrs. Barry Acord                   Cranston Engineering Group, P.C.‡
Mrs. Charles Becker#*                           Woodside Farm "Hospice for Horses"S‡            Aiken Equine                               Mrs. Jane Crayton Davis#*
Leo and Nancy Benjamin                                                                          Aiken Neurosciences, PC‡                   Jon D. Crim*
Boots, Bridles & Britches‡                      $500 - $999                                     Aiken Outdoors Club                        Dennis Cullen
Anonymous*                                      Aiken Newcomers Club                            Aiken Pest Control‡                        Bob and Vickie Cunningham#*
City of Aiken - Accomodations Tax Program       Aiken Preparatory School, Inc.                  Aiken Pet Sitters, LLC‡                    Judy L. Cunningham#*
Ms. Elizabeth Darden*                           Pim and Pat Andringa                            Aiken Veterinary Clinics, PA‡              Victoria R. Cunningham
Shepard and Jane Ellenberg*                     Ms. Dione Appleton#*                            Jed and Penny Alexander*                   John and Deirdre Dabney*
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Halvorsen*                Jack and Carol Ardington*                       Leslie Alexander                           Susan and George Dalzell#*
Ronald J. and Densey C. Juvonen*                Aiken Driving Club                              Robert and Elizabeth Alexander             Roger and Lee Dane#*
Margaret Mellon Hitchcock Foundation            Mark and Susan Berchtold                        Linda Algar and Scott Farrell              Manuel and Lea Deblanco
Richard and Sara McNeil#*                       Charles S. Bostwick*                            David and Ginny Allen*                     Paul and Kris d'Entremont#*
Morning Sun Foundation                          Donna and I. Lehr Brisbin#*                     Jacquie and David Allen#*                  Jean P. Derrick*
Mr. and Mrs. Julian L. Peabody#*                Susanne Brose*                                  Allstate, Mr. Tom Young‡                   Robin Derrick#*
Security Federal Bank#‡                         Sharon M. Brown                                 Drs. Bijan and Mary Amini                  Mr. and Mrs. Jay DeVecchio*
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Tucker#*                Andrij Brygidyr                                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Anacierio#*           Dick and Mary Lou Dewar#*
Penelope Wilson                                 Charlotte and Edward K. Wheeler Foundation      David Andrews and Delina Hickey            Dietrich Equine Insurance‡
Elizabeth J. Witham#*                           Wendy Collins-Gutfarb                           Amber Asbell                               John and Wedny Dietzel
                                                Kevin Concagh                                   Laura Bagwell and Miles Denham*            Peggy Dils*
$1,000 to $4,999                                Michael J. Costigan, Sr., CPA, LLC‡             Baker Family Dentistry‡                    Dinner Bell‡
The ABW & JRW Foundation, Inc.                  Keith and Georgann Crawford*                    Mathew and Sara Barber                     Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. DiStefano#*
AgSouth Farm Credit, ACA‡                       Diana Crowley#*                                 John and Jean Baxley                       Michael and Joya DiStefano#*
Aiken Saddlery & Supply Inc.#‡                  Sarah Dalton-Morris                             Drs. Baxt#*                                Brendan and Julie Doherty*
Jonathan Anderson and Mary Katherine Phillip*   Mrs. Harriet Delaney                            Richard G. and Charlotte R. Baxter#*       Linda Donovan
Amista Polo, Inc.                               Warren and Karen Dempsey#*                      Pixie Baxter*                              Kim Dorfman#*
Atlantic Broadband‡                             Horst and Amanda Dorner*                        Heidi Beaumont                             Double L Farm‡
Barker Welfare Foundation                       Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Patricia Dukes*            Dawn Beckering*                            Scott and Christy Douglas*
Bill and Ceelie Beacham#*                       Elliott Davis, LLC‡                             Peter and Lydia Bibeau                     Easy Street Auto Sales
Anthony Bilotta                                 Scott and Meg Ferguson                          Michael and Diana Bickford*                Gregory L. and Stefanie S. Eaves*
Mrs. Charles Bird                               Dr. Rose Lee and Stewart Bell Fox#*             Biddle Realty, Inc.#‡                      Miriam Eaves and Bob Thomas
Tim Bostock                                     Jennifer Freedman                               Birds and Butterflies‡                     Ecalendaraiken.com
Albert and Linda Bostwick                       Taylor and Leslie Garnett                       Mr. and Mrs. William Blalock#*             Paul Eckersley*
Darnall and Susan Boyd#*                        Edward and Leslie Giobbe#*                      Mrs. Jacquelyn M. Blanchard#*              Geoff Ellis
Brigadoon Equestrian Residential Community      Virginia Goodyear                               Patrick and Theresa Blewett*               Jim and Susan Elmore*
Nancy A. Bush#*                                 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Groat#*                    Arnold S. Bloom*                           John H. Emery#*
Larry and Pat Byers#*                           Gary Gumingo and Penny Ertelt Gumingo*          Laura Boatwright#*                         Jimmie and Gail Engledow*
Courtney W. Conger#*                            Mrs. S. Alger Howard#*                          Barry and Valerie Bornstein                Billy and Debbie Epling*
Alan and Pat Corey#*                            Anonymous*                                      Mr. Tom Bossard*                           Equi-Fab Carolina, Inc.‡
Mr. and Mrs. Ira E. Coward II*                  Ann Jones*                                      Peter and Dorothy Bowers                   Equine Dentistry, Gene Beaulieu, DVM‡
Drs. Douglas Hunter and Martine Duff#*          Kirk Henckels and Fernanda Kellogg              Nicholas F. Brady                          Equine Energy Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Foshee*                      Carolyn and George Klotzbaugh#*                 Peter and Rosalie Brainard#*               L. D. and Deborah C. Erb*
Nancy C. Francis#*                              Alice Knowles                                   Lelee Brandt                               Caryn Etherington#*
WC (Mike) and Iris W. Freeman#*                 Dr. and Mrs. Warren C. Koehl*                   Art and Suzanne Bremer#*                   Mrs. Roger B. Etherington#*
Peter and Molly Gray#*                          Christopher T. Linen#*                          Sarah Bridges                              Richard and RuthAnn Evans*
J. M. Forbes & Co. LLP                          Sherry D. Lukens*                               Steve and Doris Briggs*                    Ken and Frances Fallow
Henry and Suzanne Gurr                          Julie Matheson                                  Doug Broadwater                            Jim and Sandra Field#*
Benjamin and Martha Guy*                        Tom and Barbara Matthews#*                      Mr. and Donald C. Broderick,III#*          First Citizens Bank‡
Dr. and Mrs. John Haddon                        Maxwell Law Firm‡                               Barbara Sue Brodie Needleworks‡            Angie C. Flanagan#*
Robert and Laura Hall#*                         Louise Mellon                                   Brook Ledge, Inc.                          Florida Equestrian Corporation
Julia Hall                                      Ltc. (Ret.) and Mrs. Robert E. Moore#*          Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Browder#*             Floyd and Green Jewelers‡
Suzy Haslup, Meybohm Realtor‡                   Barbara Morgan and Fred Andrea*                 Sid and Esther Brown*                      Folly‡
Hass and Hilderbrand, Inc. #‡                   Lalla Lee Farm LLC                              Michael and Diane Brunson#*                Fox and Hound Realty
Susie Haverstock*                               James Nance                                     Kit and Clyde Bryant*                      Wayne Frei, MD‡
Mrs. W. Gibbs Herbruck#*                        C. Rodney O'Connor                              Dr. Robert Lee Buchanan III‡               Cary Frommer
Mike and Lisa Hosang#*                          Jim and Joey Peace*                             Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Burke*             Ron and Carol Garrett#*
Robert and Jane Hottensen*                      Judith A. Portmann#*                            C Spear Builders, LLC
Hollister Houghton#*                            Progressive Show Jumping Inc.‡                  Cot and Ann Campbell
Rob and Pam Johnston*                           Doug Rabold and Gene Eidson#*                   Asa Candler
David and Gail King#*                           Art and Judy Richardson*                        Dione Carroll
Lucy M. Knowles and Martin Buckley#*            David and Maggie Sacks*
                                                Lito and Gina Salatino#*
                                                                                                Lynn F. Carter#*
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Edgar T. Cato*
The MacMurray Family Charitable Fund
David and Louisa McKown                         Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. Shealy, Jr.#*             Robert and Cathy Chambers                      * Friend of the Woods
Linda Knox McLean#*                             Karen Sheppard*                                 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Chamblin*            ‡ Business Partner
R. Woodward Millen#*                            Tim and Monte Simmons#*                         Samantha Charles#*
The Mills Foundation                            Alex and Jeanne Sloane                          Jenny and Ken Chase#*                          # Charter Friend
John W. and Lisa S. Mitchell                    Bob and Debby Stanton#*                         Catherine B. Carlisle#*                          or Partner
Bill and Simmie Moore*                          Mr. and Mrs. Dacre Stoker#*                     Lt. Gen. Robert D. Chelberg#*
Steve and Mary Pearcy*                          Alexandra S. Thomas#*                           Chime Bell Chase                               S Sustaining Partner
Mark and Adriana Rennie                         Barb Uskup#*                                    Chime Bell Farm‡

Ann D. Garvin#*                      James C. Jordan#*                          Mrs. William G. Mitsch, Jr.#*         Richard and Donna Smith#*           Anonymous#*
James M. Gaver#*                     Teresa Kane#*                              Raymond Moffett                       Marion Smoak#*                      David and Catherine Beadles
Anne, Jim and Ellen Geddes#*         Dean and Judy Keaton*                      Patricia Montgomerie*                 Tracey and Bill Soucy               George and Wilma Becker
Georgetown Stable Outfitters‡        Kelly Paint and Body‡                      Richard and Risa Moon*                Dr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Spencer#*    Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Beehler*
John A. and Bridgette P.             Arnie and Joan Kiburz*                     James and Carolyn Moore               Sarah T. Spencer*                   Marion Belcher*
   Gerstenberg#*                     Kimberly Clark Foundation                  Michael G. Morgan                     The Stable on the Woods             Nancy Bell*
Gavin and Sandy Gilmor               King Management, Inc.#‡                    Sarah Morton                          Robert and Deborah Stanton          Roy and Ana Black
Megan and JP Godard*                 Andrew and Gray King#*                     Lynn Mullins#*                        Phillip Staples                     Marvin and Lynda Blystone*
Robert and Patty Goodyear*           Kristopher and Paige King#*                W. C. and June H. Murff#*             Stewart and Associates, Inc.‡       Jim and Idella Bodie*
Donna Graham*                        Patrick Brennan and Patricia Kirk          Daniel and Linda Murphy               Ivor and Linda Stoddard*            Brian and Donna Bogardus*
Gates E. Grainger                    Anne B. Kiser*                             Dick Murphy                           Thalia and Robbie Stoddard*         James and Donna Boik
Graves Auto Salvage#‡                Gene Kneece                                John A. Murphy*                       Robert and Judi Storey#*            Bill and Anne Bond*
Amy and Rob Gray#*                   Peter and Ineke Kreeger                    Frank and Shirlee Musick*             Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sullivan    Mary and Dalton Boswell#*
Doug and Irene Gregorie*             Kurt Krucke and Clare Buchanan#*           Kim Etherington Myers#*               Mr. and Mrs. Russell Summer*        Drs. Robert and Carol Botsch*
Arthur Gregory                       Elizabeth and Michael Krysztofiak*         Mr. and Mrs. Sherry B. Myers#*        Sweet Water Tree Farm, LLC#‡        Diane and Patrick Botula*
David and Catherine Griffin#*        Richard Lamb*                              Thad and Taylor Myers                 Walter B. Terry                     William and Anne Bowen
Scott and Courtney Grimm             Michael Laughlin#*                         Barbara Nelson and Chuck Maxwell*     Edwin Tew                           Carroll Ann Bowers*
Jane Gunnell and Billy Benton*       Mike and Anne Laver*                       Eric and Julie Nettere                Jennifer J. Thayer*                 Helen Boyce#*
Melvyn L. Haas#*                     Dale Lawler                                Newberry Hall‡                        Dale and Marilyn Theesfeld*         R. F. and Doris Bradley
Darren Haeusler Farrier Services,    Patricia M. Lee*                           Rob and Jean Northrup*                John and Kathy Theissen#*           Lin Brett
   LLC‡                              Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee#*                  Oak Manor Saddlery, LLC               Julia Thieriot                      Wade and Sissy Brodie
Marcia Hale*                         Bill and Ann Le May                        Gerry O'Beirne*                       Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas*        Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Brooks*
Katelin Halvorsen                    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lemmon#*               Wendy O'Brien#*                       Don Thomas                          Austi Brown*
Mrs. John T. Hamilton III#*          Ryan Lentz                                 Don and Pamela O'Neil#*               George and Rab Thompson             Caileigh Bryant
George and Lisa Handy                Hal and Leslie Lewis*                      Lou and Karen Papouchado              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Tomaino#*    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buchanan, Jr.*
George and Diane Hano*               Mara Baldwin Lewis*                        Betsy Parker                          Frampton W. Toole, Jr.#*            George Edward Buggs*
Harbour Capital Corporation          Al Lindemann                               Tom and Mary Ann Parmelee#*           Top Shelf Equestrian, LLC‡          Dan and Michele Bullington#*
Joseph and Kim Hardiman              Lionel Smith Ltd.#‡                        Bill and Nancy Paschal#*              Lucy Tower                          Marsh and Lisa Burckhalter#*
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Harkins#*        Angela Little and Tate Hilliard            Greg and Michele Paschal*             Mr. and Mrs. C. Douglas Tribert#*   George and Barbara Burke
Nancy and Bob Harrington#*           Tyler Love                                 Sally Patterson#*                     Mr. and Mrs. John C. Troutman#*     Jackie Burke
Anthony E. Harris, MD‡               M. Smart Custom Framing#‡                  Patterson Consulting Services, Inc.   Mrs. Mary Ann Tucker#*              Mr. and Mrs. Russ Busbee
John and Patricia Harrison           Shelly and Alli Mabbs*                     Dr. John and Kathleen Pearson*        T. Bradley and Lisa Tucker             and Family*
David Hartley                        Brian and Kate Maddox*                     George and Frances Peffer#*              and Family                       Troy R. Buzhardt*
David and Sue Hayes#*                Doug Mahan                                 Sandy Perkins*                        Mr. and Mrs. W. Bennett Tucker#*    Sabrina Byrum and Nick Kimpel*
James and Cathy Hedges               Management Recruiters of Aiken#‡           Gary Perlmutter                       Toni Urben*                         John and June Cannon
Lee and Jim Hedlund#*                Cynthia and Gary Mangum*                   Anne Mitchell Pezzano#*               Ann Wicander and Joseph             Tommy and Janie Carey#*
Darren Henault                       Andrew Marine, Attorney At Law#‡           Patty Phelps                             Vaillancourt*                    Kara Casamassina*
Cornelia and Faxon Henderson*        Nick and Nancy Martin*                     Shane and Amanda Phillips*            Michael R. Van Every and            Mr. and Mrs. George R. Caskey#*
William and Nancy Henze              Masters Of Foxhounds                       John and Diane Pierpoint                 Elizabeth Campbell#*             John and Alice Caskey*
Dr. and Mrs. Guy C. Heyl, Jr.#*         Assoc. Of America                       Terry R. Pillow                       A. B. Van Liew#*                    Anonymous#*
Howard M. Hickey Jr. and             Bruce H. Matson                            Buzz and Gretchen Pooler*             Linda Vanderslice*                  Barbara Cassidy*
   Linda C. Hickey, DVM#*            Mr. and Mrs. Bill Matthews#*               Olivia Post*                          Sue and Nick Vasileff*              Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cassidy*
Jeffrey Hill                         Dr. Susan Preston-Mauks and                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Powers Jr.#*      David and Monica Vaughan            Judith Cato
Jim and Jackie Hill#*                   Mr. Gary Mauks*                         Rick and Kay Preston*                 Rick and Lori Vaught*               Lisa Cato*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hill#*           Kiffin Maurice                             Bob and Maureen Quinn                 Ray B. Vaughters, Jr., MD#‡         Pam Charters*
Peggy M. Hitchcock*                  Dan and Carroll Mayfield*                  Anonymous*                            Francois and Helene Verglas*        Charlotte Chatto*
Thomas Hitchcock*                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael                       Marjory Fair Read*                    Evelyn K. Vought*                   Cheryl M. Cheek*
Holley Heating and Air, Inc.‡           McCormick#*                             Thea Reddy*                           Wachovia Bank‡                      Patricia T. Chelberg*
Mrs. Laura C. Holley#*               Jane McDonald                              Randy and Debbie Reed*                Charles H. Wagner                   The Venerable Garrett M. and
Home Medical Inc.‡                   Robert Mclane                              Dr. and Mrs. John R.T. Reeves#*       Alice and Doug Walker#*                Mrs. Ruth Clanton#*
Steve Homoki                         Dr. and Mrs. James McMillen                Jeffrey and Becky Reynolds#*          David H. Walker#*                   E. Owen and Linda Clary*
Jean Fenton Honeck                   John and Susanne Mead*                     Shauna Rickerby-Sober#*               Joseph and Melissa Walker           Bernadette Clayton#*
Bruce and Judith Hoover              Robert and Betty Meadows#*                 Chris Riviere#*                       Nannie von Stade Ward#*             Sally Cluff*
Diane and Bob Horning*               Cindy Meares                               Robert and Jean Rohland               Gracie Waters, Meybohm Realtor      Robert B. and Mary Anne G.
William E. Howard, III               Bill and Robin Meehan                      Tom and Chris Rolka                   Thomas and Drew Weeks                  Clyburn*
Bety Huddleston                      Charles Mess                               Linda Rooney#*                        Kendall Wheeler                     Barbara Cole
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Huiet#*       Michael Millen                             Walter Rowan                          Ron and Mary Wheeler*               Matt Collins*
Hull, Barrett, P.C.‡                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Miller             Betty and Greg Ryberg*                Whiskey Road Foxhounds‡             Ronnie and Gail Collins*
Hutson-Etherredge Companies#‡        Darcy Miller                               Carol Ryder#*                         Deanna Whitfield#*                  Colon and Rectal Surgery Associates
Kevin and Sylvia Igoe#*              Edna S. Mills*                             Lisa Safley*                          Charles and Kristin Williams        Lori Comshaw#*
Rich and Linda Izard#*               Ash and Teddy Milner                       Peter and Lynn Sampson*               Tom and Christy Williams            Allen W. Conger*
J.E. Stewart Builders, Inc.#‡        Larry and Kathy Milner#*                   Jon M. Samuels*                       Sharon Wilson                       F. Leigh and Lois Cooper#*
Mr. and Mrs. James Jacks#*           Vivian G. Milner                           Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Sauerborn*       Karin Winegar                       Namon Corley#*
John and Sally Jenkins*              Stoplight Deli#‡                           Mr. and Mrs. Edward Scanlon           Oliver and Linda Wolcott*           Miss Deborah Costa
Martha Jennings*                     Jeff and Betsy Minton                      Manfred and Patricia Schach           Susan Wood#*                        Ann L. Coward#*
Robert and Susan Johnson#*           Ann and Larry Mitchell#*                      Von Wittenau                       Woolhiser Law Firm‡                 Robin and Ed Coward#*
                                                                                Beat Schaffner#*                      York Cottage Antiques‡              Bea Crawford#*
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Gus Schickedanz          Sandy Young                         Robert and Melissa Cross*
                                                                                Joan A. Schisler*                     Tom and Heather Young*              Dr. Henry Philip Crotwell and
                                                                                Jean Schlichte#*                      Thomas and Dellie Young                Dr. Brianna Crotwell Timmerman*
                                                                                Tim and Shelly Schmidt#*              YourLogoWorks.com‡                  John W. Cunningham*
                                                                                Dr. and Mrs. Russell E. Schurtz*      Anna W. Zouck#*                     James and Carol Cutsinger*
                                                                                Lynn Caffee Scrivner                                                      Tim and Anna Dangerfield#*
                                                                                Richard D. Sears, III#*               Up to $99                           Horner and Frederica Davis
                                                                                Russ and Ann Shapiro                  E.L. Albenesius                     James H. Davis
                                                                                Virginia and Harry A. Shaw IV*        Joy Albrecht*                       Lawrence S. Davis#*
                                                                                John and Susan Shimp                  Karen L. Alexander#*                L. Wayne and Judy K. Day#*
                                                                                Bill and Hal Shreck                   Dr. and Mrs. Robert Alexander#*     Thomas De Mange*
                                                                                Ronnie Shriner                        William G. and Kim E. Allen#*       Priscilla and Ed Denehy*
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Silverman,    Charles and Sherry Allocco          Don and Ruth Develin*
                                                                                   M.F.H.                             Debra Atwell*                       Julia Devore
                                                                                Charles Simons                        Lauren Baer*                        Thomas and Lisa Doker
                                                                                Dr. and Mrs. Paul K. Simons*          Della Bailey                        Sarah Duncan
                                                                                Scott and Mary Ruth Singer#*          Doris and Eugene Bailey#*           Marie Mullis Durrett*
                                                                                Hank and Jenna Smalling#*             Bank Of America Matching Gifts      Eabco Distributors
                                                                                Lynn Smith#*                          Burr and Mary Barnes                Bruce and Maxine Eberhard#*
                                    li t h os p e r mu m c a ro l i ni e ns e   Nancy Smith*                          Elizabeth W. Baumann*               Claire H. Edenborg*

Tom and Karen Egan#*               Sandra and David Jameson#*             William and Pat Murphy                James and Margaret Sproull                      Gracie and Jerry Waters*
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Eisenberg#*   Lynn Carlisle and Craig Jarvis#*       Mitch and Jessica Mussetter*          Robert and Mary Ethel Stack#*                   Wallace K. Watkins#*
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Elkins#*   Michael and Toni Jerome#*              Debbie Nelson                         Gary and Helen Stapleton*                       Richard and Diane Watson*
John and Mo (Maureen) Empie#*      Doris and Henderson Johnson#*          Beth and Bob Newburn#*                Mrs. Louise H. Stephaich#*                      Rich and Jan Waugh*
Dr. and Mrs. Gaines Entrekin*      Shelley Johnson*                       Mr. Edward L. Newburn#*               Seth W. Stern*                                  Harry Weeks, Jr.#*
John and Mary Jo Epps#*            Dana S. Jolley#*                       Rebecca T. Newell, MD#*               Terry and Becky Stern                           Paul and Terry Weinle#*
Sonny Epps                         Wade and Gayle Jones*                  Charles and Rosemary Newton#*         Todd Stilp#*                                    Greg Weis and Barbara Rystrom#*
Howard and Sandy Evans*            Priscilla Jordan                       Corinna C. Nichols                    Robert A. and Patricia D. Stokes#*              Mr. and Mrs. Ward Welch
Blaine Ewing                       Jumping Branch Farm                    Donald and Sandra Nicolaisen*         Barbara and John Strack                         Michael and Lisa Wells#*
Nancy Eynon                        K. D. Justyn*                          Michael and Leigh Norton*             Fred J. Street *                                Bill and Sue Western#*
Abbey Farmer*                      Mr. and Mrs. William R. Kanne, Jr.#*   James and Mary O'Hara*                Carl and Linda Strojan#*                        Mr. and Mrs. James Wetzel#*
Ed and Genie Farmer*               Jim Kannenberg#*                       Joy O'Keefe*                          Patty and Gary Stumbaugh#*                      Michael and Deborah Wetzel*
Lucy Fenstermacher#*               Anonymous#*                            Charles Onstead, MD#*                 Joseph and Lorrie Sullivan                      Mrs. Dexter G. White#*
Linda and Mick Ferrell*            Jerry and Peggy Keeler*                Vivian Opelt*                         Anthony Thein and Clara Turner                  Heidi J. White*
Bonnie Ferris                      Sheila Keenan*                         James B. Osbon*                       David Thieringer*                               George and Donna Wicks
Robert and Katherine Ferris*       Barbara B. Kemp                        Jim and Wendy Parker#*                George and Jeannie Thomas                       David and Erika Widener*
Paul T. and Katherine Fisher#*     John G. and Lucretia E. Kiely*         SJ and Elizabeth Paterniti            Barbara T. and Richard P.                       Dr. Charlotte and Boyd
Michael and Mary Beth Fleming      George and Nancy Kierspe#*             John and Carole Paveglio#*               Thomas#*                                        Wiedenman#*
John and Gail Flintom#*            Robert and Alice Kierspe*              Cecilia and Julius Pellegrino*        Richard and Betty Thomason*                     Nancy Wilds*
Steve and Diana Floyd*             Kyle Kipnis#*                          Richard and Trig Penland*             Mary Lu Thompson*                               Ann Willbrand#*
Marguerite Fogleman                Dr. and Mrs. Mervyn Kipnis#*           Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Perrine#*        Carol and Willard Thompson#*                    Jim Williams*
Fred Fortugno                      Mike and Lydia Kleiman*                Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Peters, Sr.*   Pamela and Rickie Thornton#*                    Maurice M. Williams, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Foster#*     Jean and Glenn Knowles#*               Pfizer Foundation Matching            Susan Timmerman                                 Barbara Wilson*
Margaret Funk*                     Scott and Christy Kraeuter#*               Gifts Program                     Liz Timmons                                     Crane and Mary Wilson
The Garden Club Of Aiken           Nicholas Kuehn                         Sheryl H. Phillips*                   Nancy Tomlinson*                                Mrs. Roland H. Windham#*
Wendy Garrett                      Elisabeth W. Harpham and               Elizabeth Platt*                      Anne Torreyson Magerkurth and                   Bill and Marilyn Winn*
Stephen and Caroline Garrison         Samuel J. Kursh*                    Robert Plaunt                            Win Magerkurth*                              Nancy Winter
Lonnie A. Garvin*                  Peter and Debbie LaBerge*              Lee Poe                               Bill and Halley Townsend                        Laura Witham
James B. and Trudy A. Gaughran*    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lacher#*            Martha Ponder                         Liz and Rolf Turnquist*                         Betsey Bancroft Wu*
Catherine Gellman*                 Ruth Larkin                            Chris Powell*                         Robert and Ann Tyson                            Abby Zipfel*
Mary Gellman                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Law*           Peggy Pruitt*                         Jim and Laurie Underwood#*
Stuart and Marian Gertman*         Desiree S. Lawless#*                   Mrs. Conni Y. Purciarele#*            Ms. Tiiu Vainu*
Brier Gjejlet                      Douglas Leader*                        Brenda Quick                          Bob and Jan Van Buren*
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Glassman#*     Richard and Linda Leitner*             Zelda Rand                            Grace Vance
Donald K. Gordon*                  Charles Leopold                        Keelin Redmond and Lewis              Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Vannote*
John and Kitty Gordon*             Gerard J. and Mary K. L'esperance*         Vannote*                          Chris and Carol Verenes*
Elke E. Haas*                      Mr. Elliott and Dr. Marlene Levy*      Rick and Christine Reichel#*          Dick and Pam Verenes#*
Mrs. Joan Haase#*                  Sara Lightner                          Buzz and Sallye Rich#*                Steve and Kathy Viele*
Robin Hall*                        Mr. Bryce M. Lingo*                    J. Robert Richards                    Sandi Vogus and Carolyn Nelson*
Daniel and Adriana Haltiwanger     Bob and Gale Littlewood#*              Carol Richardson#*                    Mary Frances and Bill Walde*
Alex Hamer                         Mark and Donna Lloyd*                  David and Dorothy Ridley*             Brad and Nancy Walker#*
Diane Haslam and Bruce             Robert E. Lofgren, DMD*                Bill and Pat Riehl*                   Leslie Wallington
   Hammond#*                       Ken Lucas#*                            Robert E. Righter*                    Jim and Phoebe Walters*
Mr. and Mrs. James E.              Ted MacDermott*                        Ernst and Ulla Ringle*                Tom and Celeste Walton*
   Hammond#*                       Stacy MacDonald*                       Ashley Riviere*                       Sara P. Wampole#*
Mr. and Mrs. Rand Hanna*           Scott MacMurray#*                      Camden Riviere*                       Paradise Farm - Lellie Ward
Michael Hardwick*                  Betsy and Mark Mahoney*                Janet Roberson*                       Greg and Christina Warfield#*
Anthony and Sandy Harris*          Melissa Major                          Forrest Roberts#*                     Betsey and Bernie Warren*
Jean Harris                        Ed and Mary Anne Majzlik#*             Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Roberts#*     Mr. and Mrs. John H. Warren, III*
Toi Trent and Sandy Harris#*       John and Kathleen Malmborg*            Pamela A. Robinson#*
David and Lynne Harrison#*         Helen Marine                           Linda C. Rodriguez*
John and Jennifer Harte#*          Margaret Marion                        Ronnie and Karen Rogers*
Martha Healy                       Cindy K. Martin#*                      Lydia Rose*
Steve and Jean Heard#*             Dana and Ray Massey*                   Margaret S.Rose
Ron Henderson#*                    Bill and Jennifer Matheson             Joyce P. Ross#*
Henny Penny's Investments, LLC     Kit and Charles Matthews#*             Patricia and Joseph Rothman*
Michael and Della Hertzberg        David Matthews and Heather             Gil and Jane Anne Royal#*
Rev. and Mrs. Robert B.               Greenstone*                         Steven Rucker*
   Hibbard#*                       Mr. and Mrs. Stewart D.                Jill Ryon*
Brian and Sherry Higham*              Maurice#*                           Marilyn and Dean Sackett#*
Dr. Barbara Allen Hill*            Susie Maze                             Debbie Salem
Dana Hill                          Mr. and Mrs. John H. McCall#*          Susan Sandomirsky*
Peter and Charlotte Hill*          Tina Marie McCarthy                    Tom and Jo Santay*
William and Elaine Hillan*         Rosamond McDuffie                      Warren and Marla Scherer
Rosalie and William M.             Flo McElmurray*                        Marshall and Cornelia Schmidt
   Hitchcock#*                     Carol L. McElwee*                      Gladys Schumacher
Stephany Hitchcock*                Zack and Marsy McFerren*               Mackey and Barbara Scott*
James F. and Susan M. Hodges#*     John and Deborah McMurtrie             Mackey and Wanda Scott*
John and Page Hodson*              Jim and Vicki McNair#*                 Patrick and Therese Scott#*
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas B.           Mead Hall Student Government           Cindy Selian
   Hofmann#*                          Association                         George and Rita Sewell#*
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Holley#*        Deon Mealing*                          Mary E. Sharp*
Charlotte and Jim Holly#*          Larry and Laura Mercer*                Sidelines, Inc.
Ellen Horner                       Ruth Merriman*                         Darlene Smalley*
Ms. Sandra S. Hubacher*            Mark and Pat Miller*                   Dr. Corbin and Dr. Karen Smith#*
Jane Adriance Huff#*               Stephanie Miller                       Gary E. Smith and Helen
Kathy Huff                         Kathryn Milner#*                           Belencan#*
Carl and Marlene Huffman*          Kathy and David Modesitt*              Pascal Smith*
Linda and Sam Hunley#*             Karen Peck-Moniak and                  Paul and Elizabeth Smith#*
Diana F. Hunt#*                       Don Moniak*                         Al and Cindy Snell#*
Marilyn Hurler*                    Bob and Kay Moody#*                    Deborah J. Snyder*
Drs. Louis and Christine           Earle and Diana Moore*                 Sandra Solka*
   Huzella#*                       Hammond and Tanja Moore#*              Susan Sorenyi-Sander*
David S. Hyman*                    Lee Morgan*                            Southern Pine Realty and
Bonnie Ideal#*                     Miriam Morgan*                             Development, LLC
Paul Isaacson                      William Morris                         Southworth Photography
Robert T. Jackson#*                Betty Murdock#*                        Richard and Tracy Spaeth*                           S n o w f a l l g r a c e d t h e H i t c h c o c k Wo o d s i n F e b r u a r y .

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                       US POSTAGE
                               Many Thanks to Our In-Kind and Silent Auction Contributors
                               Aiken Barn, Bed and          Derrick Equipment               Jacqueline Ohrstrom                                                                                                        AUGUSTA GA
                                   Breakfast, LLC           Equine Divine                   Palmetto Package Shop                                                                                                       PERMIT 346
                               Aiken Driving Club           Dr. and Mrs. Scott Foshee       Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth
                               Aiken Hounds                 Dr. Rose Lee and Stewart             Perrine                                                           P.O. Box 1702
                               Aiken Saddlery and                Bell Fox                   Mrs. Conni Y. Purciarele                                              Aiken, SC 29802
                                   Supply                   Nancy C. Francis                Christine Raley
                               Linda Algar and              WC (Mike) and Iris W.           Re-fresh
                                   Scott Farrell                 Freeman                    Mark and Adriana Rennie                                           RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED
                               All Star Rents               Green Boundary Club             Scott D. Riviere
                               Banks Mill Feeds             Guest Cottage Linens            Lito and Gina Salatino
                               Dawn Beckering                    and Gifts                  Diane Seebeck
                               Mrs. William J. Blalock      Dr. and Mrs. John Haddon        Matthew and Brooke Sekera
                               Arnold S. Bloom              Mrs. John T. Hamilton, III      Dr. and Mrs. Harry E.
                               The Bookstall                George and Diane Hano                Shealy, Jr.
                               Barry Bornstein              Martha Healy                    Security Federal Bank
                               Brigadoon Equestrian         Jim and Jackie Hill             Sideslines, Inc.
                                   Residential Community    Stephany Hitchcock,             Sporting Days Farm
                               George Edward Buggs               Gemologist                 Stir The Pot, Inc.
                               Susan E. Burns               Missy Hollingsworth             Mr. and Mrs. Dacre Stoker
                               Larry and Pat Byers          Houndslake Realty               Swan Antique Mall
                               Lynn Carlisle                Howell Printing Company         The Tack Room
                               Mr. and Mrs. Edgar T. Cato   International Ventures, Ltd.    Tea Garden Gifts
                               Pam Charters                 Art and Kathy Kennedy           Jane Page and Mark
                               Cold Creek Nurseries         David and Gail King                  Thompson
                               Connie’s Framing             Patrick Brennan and             Mr. and Mrs. William H.
                               Alan and Pat Corey                Patricia Kirk                   Tucker
                               Cynthia Corey                Lista’s Studio of Photography   True Value Hardware
                               Mr. and Mrs. Ira E.          M. Smart Custom Framing         Barbara Uskup
                                   Coward, II               Magnolia Natural Market         Ann Wicander and Joseph
                               Cravings                     Peter and Suzy McHugh                Vaillancourt
                               Heather Crespo               Linda Knox McLean               Mr. and Mrs. Wolf Von
                               Robert and Melissa Cross     Mike Gorman Lightning                Teichman
                               Diana Crowley                     Protection Systems         Nancy Wetmore
                               John and Deirdre Dabney      Nandina Home Design             Sara and Mike Wood
                               Catherine Davey              Rebecca T. Newell, MD           The Willcox
                               Lydia Del Rossi              Oak Manor Saddlery, LLC         York Cottage Antiques

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                                                       Miscellaneous     Grants                                                                                                             Utilities Miscellaneous

                                                                                                                                                                        4% Special Events
                                 5% Income on Investments
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            39% Woods
                                                                                                                                                                 12% General                                                Maintenance
                                       9% Other                                                                                                                 Administration                                              and Management

                                           11%                                                                                                                         17%
                                 Special Events                                                                                                            Visitor Education
                                                                                                                                                           and Management

                                                11%                                            25%
                                          Membership                                           Annual Fund                                                                           26%
                                            Programs                                                                                                                           Programs*
                                                                 *Aiken Horse Show and Festival of the Woods                                                                                 *Aiken Horse Show and Festival of the Woods

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