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									                                 Dear Parents, Staff and Friends

                                 Changes in School Holidays for 2012
        Wednesday                 Please note the changes in the holiday times. While students will have a two week break at
     9 November 2011             Easter, teachers will use the extra days as professional development days replacing the Student
        Volume 4.6               free days usually taken at the beginning of each term. The Director of Brisbane Catholic
                                 Education, Mr David Hutton, sent schools the following message yesterday.
                                 The Government announced on Monday that the Queen’s Birthday holiday will be moved from
                                 June to October, however for 2012 there will be a special one-off Queen’s Jubilee holiday (11
                                 June) as well as the October holiday (1 October which is during the school vacation period).
          Important              The Government has also endorsed a two week Easter break for students from Monday, 2 April
            Dates                until Friday, 13 April next year. The revised term dates for next year are:

                                 Term 1             24 January – 30 March
                                 Term 2             16 April – 22 June
                                 Term 3             9 July – 21 September
                                 Term 4             8 October – 7 December
10th – 12th – Penance            It is very difficult for Catholic schools to operate when state schools are not operating because of
                                 shared school transport with state schools. Therefore it will be necessary for Brisbane Catholic
17th – DDJ Concert               Education schools to parallel the state school holidays with the usual exceptions that we begin
18th – CTK Day and               school in January one day later than state schools (we will commence on Tuesday, 24 January)
Talent Quest                     and we finish school one week earlier than state schools (on 7 December).
24th –Christmas Concert
                                 APRE Replacement for 2012.
30th – Year 7 Graduation         As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, Mrs Natalie Crowther will be taking maternity leave in
December                         2012. We welcome Mr Gerard Marsh to the Acting APRE role at CTK next year. Gerard has been
Dec 2nd – Final School Liturgy   APRE at Sacred Heart, Booval for a number of years. He brings a wealth of experience to our
                                 school and we are looking forward to his contribution to CTK in 2012. I am sure that you will
                                 make Gerard welcome into our community.
Dates for 2011
Term 4 – 3.10.11 – 2.12.11       One to One Computers Invitation:
Dates for 2012                   All parents who will have a child in Years 4-7 in 2012 are invited to attend an information
Term 1 – 24.1.12 – 30.3.12       evening being held this evening, Wednesday November 9th in the Library commencing at
                                 7pm outlining the 2012 1 to 1 Student laptop Program. This evening will provide families with
Term 2 – 16.4.12 – 22.6.12
                                 specific details about the program including financial details and it is important that every family
Term 3 – 19.7.12 – 21.9.12       be represented where possible.
Term 4 – 8.10.12 – 7.12.12
                                 Sausage Sizzle
                                 Our Sausage Sizzle needs your support. To make the time given up by our chefs sustainable, we
                                 need to sell more sausages. Please see our flyer in today’s newsletter.

                                 Every blessing for this week

                                                        APRE NEWS
Remembrance Day
            This Friday we will celebrate Remembrance Day. We will reflect and give thanks to the many men and women who have
            lost their lives serving our country. Remembrance Day marks the anniversary of the armistice which ended the First
            World War (1914–18). We will observe a minute at 11 am on 11 November, in memory of those who died or suffered in
            all wars and armed conflicts.
            In our prayer space in the corridor this week, we have a remembrance display. There is space for you to write down a
name or light a candle for a family member or someone close to you that has died as a result of war. I invite you to add to our prayer
space so that we can pray a special prayer for all our loved ones who we remember at this time of year.
Year 2 Blue will also lead Prayer Assembly giving thanks to the wonderful people and praying for all those who have given their

Christ the King Day Children’s Mass
On Sunday November 20 we will celebrate the feast of Christ the King. Together with the parish we are having a children’s Mass. It
will be held at Christ the King Church at 9:30am on Sunday Nov 20. Some of our children will be involved with different jobs during
the mass. If you are attending mass or planning to attend mass on this Sunday could you let me know.
As a school we will celebrate Christ the King Day on Friday Nov 18 th. The day will begin with a whole school liturgy followed by
our annual talent quest which will celebrate the talents of our CTK students.
Sacramental Program 2011/2012
This Thursday, Friday or Saturday many of our children from year 2 will be involved in receiving the sacrament of Penance.
Receiving this sacrament allows the children to prepare for the sacraments of confirmation and Eucharist in 2012. Penance helps
children understand that we all need the grace of forgiveness and freedom from wrong choices that we may make. This is an
important part of the sacramental program and the first of the sacraments they will receive.
We ask that you keep the following students in your prayers this week:
Georgia Colburn, Patricia Consoli, Tom Hartley, Kate Plant, Joanna Manthey, Jake McElwaine, Mikaela Claudius, Amelia Duke,
Evie Rutherford, Sophie Roach, Sophia Bentley, Jack Tapley, Charleston Eastment, Joshua Greene, Elizabeth Nolan, Patrick
O’Donoghue, Emma Burton, Perrinne Hamilton, Samuel KingKoi, Lachlan Bligh, Lillian Halpin, Lara Kenny, Georgia Neilson,
Alexander Larcom, Georgina Williams, Caleb Layton, Oliver Cook, Abby Read, Stella Gracey, Justin Giebels, Chelsea Clark
May the grace of God, bless these children as they receive the sacrament of Penance. May they seek to understand the importance of
being forgiven and forgiving others.                                                                                         Amen.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Fr Gerry and the Sacramental Team, led by Sr. Cate O’Brien and the team at the
Atrium, who work extremely hard to bring the children to realise their full potential as young Catholics.

Prayer Time
Thank you to Prep for their wonderful Prayer Assembly last week. They thanked their friends, families, teachers and buddies for
making their first year at CTK a special one. This week Year 2 Blue is on Prayer Assembly. They will be reminding us of the
importance of Remembrance Day. Please join us at 8:35am for prayer on Friday.
Year 2 Red and Year 5 will be joining the parish for mass at 9:30am on Friday. All are invited to attend and join the parish for mass.

Have a great week.

Prayer Assembly
Below is the timetable for Term 4 showing the classes who are on Prayer Assembly and the classes attending the Parish Mass on
Fridays at 9:30am .

Week        Date            Prayer             Parish
                            Assembly           Mass
6           11/11/11        Year 2 Blue        Year 2 Red
                                               and Year 5
7           18/11/11        CTK Day            No class
                            liturgy            Mass
8           25/11/11        Year 7             Year 3 and 4
9           2/12/11         End of Year        No class
                            liturgy + Year     Mass
                            1 Nativity

                                             AROUND THE SCHOOL
Year 3 Celebration of Learning

You are invited to the Year 3 Celebration of Learning…
where the children will proudly display some of the amazing
learning activities that they have completed this year!!!
You will see the Rugby World Cup posters and PowerPoint
presentations that were individually planned and created,
listen to poetry recitations, read the diaries of our chickens’
adventures and much more!!!
Please join us in the CTK Library on Tuesday November 15
2011 at 6:30 pm.

Minnie Vinnies
For the final weeks of the year I invite you to support the Minnie Vinnies Christmas Appeal. Families are invited to send along
Christmas food -non-perishables and Christmas items/decorations to fill Christmas hampers. Please send all these items to your
child’s classroom for collection. Through your support and giving, families in need will receive something very special this Christmas
– a beautifully presented Christ the King School Christmas Hamper filled with lots of goodies!

Poppies For Sale
Remembrance Day Poppies are on sale at school each day for $2 each. Proceeds go to the RSL who support families of service

Lost Property
There are quite a lot of unnamed items in lost property. Please take the time to check for any items that might belong to your family.
In the second last week of term all unnamed items will be given to the uniform shop or sent to St Vinnies.

Congratulation to our year 7 debating team who represented our school in the QDU debating competition. These wonderful students
gave up a great deal of their own time to prepare and compete in the competition. Well done.

Early Years Splash
A note will be going this week informing you of a fun swimming event on Thursday 17 November, commencing at 9am at the
Graceville Pool. It promises to be a splash.

Congratulations to
Nick has been selected in the Met South West Representative Cricket Team. He will be playing in January (2/1 – 6/1) in New South
Wales. Well done Nick.

Christmas Concert
Please mark November 24th in your calendar for our CTK Christmas Concert. The Christmas concert will take the place of our annual
Arts night. The concert will begin at 6:30pm in the undercover area and all classes and children will be performing.

DDJ concert
Please also mark November 17th in your calendar for the semester 2 DDJ concert. This concert will begin at 4pm in the undercover

Booklists 2012
Once again our booklist needs will be supplied by Schoolstuff.com.au. Schoolstuff.com.au offer a pre pack service which includes
delivery for a small fee, a rebate for our school and a loyalty program. No more shopping around, place an order and have it delivered
to your home and work. Schoolstuff.com.au offer very comparable prices and each child will receive an individual pack.
Booklists for 2012 will be going home and be available online in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!!

                                                           ‘HEY HEY!
                                                     It’s CTK – Talent Day’
                                                   Friday 18th November 2011
                                                         10.00am – 2.50pm
                                     Auditions are going amazingly well, a big well done
                                             to all the kids for being so organised!
                                     More details on the day to follow early next week.
                                                  Keep up the great work kids!
                            Any queries see Mrs Champion, Mrs Roach and Mrs Cramer

                                                      SPORT NEWS
Friday Interschool Sport
This week is the final week for interschool sport for 2011. We take the opportunity to thank all the students for representing our
school with pride and enthusiasm. We also thank our wonderful parents who assist us in making inter school sport a possibility.
Without their support and dedication it would not be possible.

Softball Training
Training for softball: 7:45 am Thursday
The girls must wait in the undercover area outside the prep rooms and proceed to the park with the teacher. No student is to
go to the park alone.

We will play Indooroopilly at Indooroopilly State School, this is our last game for the year.

Mr V

Softball - 4th November 2011
Senior B team lost against Graceville State School: 13-12
Inter-mediate team won against Sherwood: 16-6
Junior Red team lost against St Aidan’s: 12-4
Junior Blue team lost against Graceville State School: 7-4
Kim Fannin

                                                   LIBRARY NEWS
Whilst Christmas may still be 6 weeks away, the transformation from the Library into Christmas-central has commenced. New
posters and displays radiate the feeling of Christmas throughout. I have also created Christmas themed games for children to play
during lunchtimes. All these activities are designed to encourage reading whilst having fun.
This week will be the final week for borrowing library books for reading at home, allowing up to two weeks for returning. Should
you have any overdue books, please don’t hesitate to pop them in the returns slot inside the library door.
The final book club orders for the year have been filled and should be received this week.
Thank you again for your support.
Illese Smithwick and Linda Stephens

                                                  TUCKSHOP NEWS

Thank you to everyone for making “Sushi Day” so successful.
      Mark bags ‘morning tea’ or ‘lunch’
      Bags available at tuckshop for 10c each
Full tuckshop menu available on Sushi Day

Many thanks to Wendy Creevey, Kristy Trigar & Shelley Buckley for all their help in our tuckshop last Friday. Your help was

Thanks to Kirsten Manton, Ann-Karyn Fraser & Michelle Nolan for our delicious home baked treats. They are always a big hit.


Jen Sharkey     Friday     11/11/11 (AM) 9.00 – 11.30am
Belinda Rowlings Friday    11/11/11 (PM) 11.30 – 2.00pm
Lisa Schoutrop Friday      18/11/11 (AM) 9.00 – 11.30am
Terri Balkin    Friday     18/11/11 (PM) 11.30 – 2.00pm

Tracy Reynolds Friday 11/11/11
Justine Ebzery Friday 11/11/11
Kerry O’Reilly Wednesday           16/11/11
Kirsty Claudius Friday             18/11/11
Catherine Aboud Friday             18/11/11

                                                STUDENT BANKING
It has been a fabulous year for School Banking in 2011. We had a huge increase in the number of students participating in School
Banking this year, some great savings habits are being formed, and our school is also earning commissions from the Commonwealth
Bank which form part of our school fundraising efforts.

I hope you have enjoyed School Banking and earning some of the fabulous rewards that have been on offer this year. There will be
new rewards next year, which will be announced early in 2012. Tokens earned in 2011 will be carried forward to 2012, so make sure
you keep them in a safe place over the holidays to put them towards next year’s rewards.

Last orders for this year’s rewards will need to be placed by 22 November, so if you wish to redeem your tokens for one of this year’s
rewards, please make sure you have your tokens and reward request to me by banking day on 22 November.

To all bankers returning in 2012, will you please write your new class name on the front of your deposit book next year? This will be
a huge help to me, as the beginning of the year will be very busy (lots of new Preps to sign up!).

Thank you for supporting School Banking.

                                                        P&F NEWS
Another successful AGM has passed, thank you to those who joined us. The 2011 P&F Committee has been reinstated for 2012.

President         Derek Hannigan
Vice President    Louise Conway
Treasurer         Will Sambrook
Secretary         Trisha Colburn

The main topic at the AGM was to allocate dates for the 2012 functions. At present the functions and dates are below. Please mark
them on your calendars.
Welcome Night BBQ         4 February
Fete                     29 April
Trivia Night              25 August
Big Night Out (BNO)       20 October

First meeting for next year will be held on 13 February 2012, 7:30pm in the staff room.

                                              UNIFORM SHOP NEWS
We have had a number of enquiries about second hand uniforms. We have a limited number of second hand uniforms in stock now.
We don't usually receive additional donations until school has started - usually during weeks 2 - 4.
All our second hand stock is placed at the front of the shop - you are very welcome to rummage through the rack and grab a bargain.

Don't forget you can pick up an order form for your 2012 uniforms from the office. Drop your completed order form in to the office.
 You can have your completed order left with your child's bag or you can choose to pick it up from the uniform shop during opening
times as below.

Friday November 11th :                8:15am till 9am
Monday 14th November:                 2:50pm till 3:20pm
Friday 18th November                  8:15am till 9am
Monday 21st November                  2:50pm till 3:20pm
Friday 25th November:                 8:15am till 9am
Monday 28th November                  2:50pm till 3:20pm
Friday 2nd December                   AFTER Nativity/ School assembly
                                      And then again at noon for 15

Please note: We cannot guarantee availability of stock in January

                                               PARISH MASS TIMES
St Joseph’s, Corinda
Monday 8:30am (Liturgy of the Word with Communion)
Wednesday 8:30am
Thursday 9:00am
Saturday 7:00am (Prayer of the Church of Communion)
Saturday 6:00pm
Sunday 8:00am
Christ the King, Graceville
Friday 9:30am
Sunday 9:30am and 6:00pm
Children’s Liturgy of the Word
At 8am and 9:30am Mass each Sunday during school terms.

                                             COMMUNITY NOTICES
Game On - Sports Holiday Program 12th-16th December
Due to popular demand, Game On Australia will be conducting another sports holiday program. There will be many new games and
sports on offer, where students will have lots of fun in their holidays in an active, social and supportive environment.
When: 12th-16th December
Where: Christ the King Primary School and Graceville Memorial Park
Years: Prep - Year 7 - All abilities welcome
Cost:    $150 for full week ($100 for each additional sibling); or $40 for daily option
Times: Activities from 9:00am-3:00pm (supervision from 8:00am-4:00pm)
Staff: Conducted by HPE Teachers and coaches (male/female – Blue Card cert)
Game On Australia is Child Care Accredited (NCAC) and therefore parents are eligible to claim for Child Care Rebates (CCR) and
Child Care Benefits (CCB).
Game On is moving to an electronic information and registration process. Therefore, for full details and to register online, visit:
Ph: 0423 315 404 or E: info@gameonaustralia.com.au
Be sure to enroll quickly to secure your place in this exciting program.

Paul Treschman

              Xmas Twilight Market - Friday 18th November, 5-8:30pm. Fig Tree Pocket State School P &C are hosting a Xmas
              market, in their new school hall, selling handmade goods, jewellery, clothing, gifts, gourmet food and cards. $5 entry,
              which includes a glass of bubbles and nibbles.

            Queensland Cricket
Diamond Competition for Girls
Friday’s 5:30 – 7pm
February 10, 17, 24 and March 2, 9 and 16 at Jack Cooke Oval – Venner Road, Fairfield. Exciting modified cricket game designed
specifically for girls. For girls 8-11 years old. No payment required – IT’S FREE!

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