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The VoIP Solution Cheaper Phone Calls for Small Business


									The VoIP Solution: Cheaper Phone Calls for
Small Business
It may be time for your small business to can-    tion. Some VoIP providers still don’t offer 911
cel its old-fashioned landline. Voice over In-    emergency calls. You should ask your pro-
ternet Protocol (VoIP) offers online phone        vider about call security and privacy. Sound
services, often for a fraction of the cost of     quality can also be an issue, although strides
landlines or cellular phones.                     have been made in that area.

How the VoIP Solution Works                       VoIP Providers and Costs
VoIP allows you to make and receive phone         Price wars are bringing down the cost of VoIP
calls via an online connection. Your phone        solutions services, and there are many cor-
will be fitted with a router or adapter that is   porate and small ventures that offer services.
connected to the Internet, and the calls are      Most offer small-business VoIP packages.
routed through broadband or DSL lines in-         Ask about month-to-month contracts so that
stead of traditional phone lines.                 you can try out the service.
  You will have a phone number, and some             Vonage offers a basic plan that gives small
providers let you keep your current one.          businesses 1,500 minutes a month, plus a fax
                                                  line, for $39.99. Vonage also offers a small-
92,3 %HQH WV IRU 6PDOO %XVLQHVV                   business VoIP unlimited plan for $49.99 a
                                                  month, including a fax line and free calls to
VoIP providers are targeting small business-
                                                  some European countries.
es with VoIp solutions of bundles of services
and lower rates than landlines and mobiles.          Voilà IP offers small businesses several
VoIP is expected to be used by almost half of     packages that include desktop fax, three-way
all small U.S. organizations by 2010, accord-     calling, call forwarding and other services.
ing to Infonetics Research, a market-research     Its most popular small-business VoIP service,
and consulting firm.                              the ExpressIP, costs $29.95 per month.
   Some VoIP solutions providers offer three-         Aptela is offering a promotion at $24.50
way calling, voice mail, call routing and mul-    per month, and a free demo. Unlimited long
tiple phone lines especially for small busi-      distance (U.S. and Canada) VoIP services are
nesses. Most have flat-rate fees for unlimited,   priced at $39 per month.
anytime calls to the U.S. and Canada that are        Verizon offers its VoiceWing service for a
less expensive than those offered by phone        competitive price of $24.95 per month, but
and mobile companies.                             this plan may work best for the self-employed.
                                                  Verizon warns that using more than 5,000
VOIP Drawbacks                                    minutes per month is considered “beyond
                                                  normal use” and may be investigated, which
Internet traffic can interfere with your VoIP
                                                  probably won’t work for small businesses that
phone calls. This largely depends on the
                                                  have heavy call volume or employees.
speed and quality of your Internet connec-
   AT&T offers its CallVantage for $50 per
month for one line or $65 per month for two
   Skype is an Internet telephony service. You
connect a headset to your computer to place
and receive calls. (Think instant messaging,
but you can talk.) Or you can get a $50 device
that lets you use any phone, including your
cell phone. Skype-to-Skype calls are free. A
phone number with voice mail and unlimited
calls in the U.S. and Canada costs about $110
per year, combining the SkypeIn and Skype-
Out services.

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