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The creators of Chronic Commissions, Corey Lewis and Winter Valko, designed
Chronic Commissions to be a new kind of affiliate marketing software. The concept
itself is simple; to gain revenue via an ever-growing email list. Chronic Commissions
helps you to easily build your list to rake in profits. Once you've put your information
in, such as your Clickbank ID and autoresponder ID, you are given a squeeze-page from
which to launch. Chronic Commissions takes some of the hassle out of the process by
providing you with pre-written emails so that you don't have to struggle with writing
by yourself.

The simple interface and pre-written emails were good features, but when using the
software I thought the most dynamic feature was the tracking system. You are able to
track extensively, seeing the total number of clicks and opt-ins at any time. You can
really see how and where your money is coming from, and can monitor the results. As
with any internet marketing, you must be willing to put in the time to study exactly
how things are working – or not working, if that's the case. Once you have a good
picture of what is working for you and what isn't, you can make tweaks and up your
revenue. This is no "get rich quick" scheme; if you want to make profits, you have to be
willing to use the product and understand the way it works. It isn't rocket science; it's
email marketing and list-building, and easy to get the hang of.

The issue some may have with the product is solo ads; you are paying outside marketers
to send promotional emails for you, and you have to pay for those marketers to do this.
Some people just aren't committed to buying solo ads, and for those people, Chronic
Commissions is not the best-suited affiliate marketing program. However, for those
interested in the profits one can make using this solo ad system, the software has a
directory of marketers and ads you can buy. Often it is difficult to find solo ads to
purchase, but this directory actually has an extensive amount to choose from. While
you are dealing with solo ads, you don't have to deal with SEO or PPC, which in my
opinion is more than an even trade-off.

Lewis and Valko stand behind their product. If, for some reason, the consumer is not
satisfied with the product, they have absolutely no issues with giving back a full refund.
This gave me some peace of mind and helped me really realize that Chronic
Commissions is not like so many other affiliate marketing products out on the market.
So many products are scams and looking for a quick buck – they will advertise that a
product is "simple" when in reality you are required to be at your computer, clicking
endlessly for hours every day. Chronic Commissions is about as simple as it claims to be.
The creators of Chronic Commissions stand by their product, and ultimately after using
it I stand by it as well.

Find out more about how this product can help your online business here.

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