2011-2012 Parent Involvement Policy by stariya


									        Shamrock GardensElementary School
            Parent Involvement Policy
                              2011-2012 School Year
       Shamrock Gardens Elementary School encourages parents to be involved in their child’s
       education. The administration, staff and parents of Shamrock Gardens Elementary School
       believe that the improved academic achievement of each student is a responsibility shared
       by the entire school community, including the school district, school, community
       members, school administration, staff, students, and parents. Our Parental Involvement
       Policy outlines our plan to build SGES and parents’ capacity for strong parental
       involvement. The Shamrock Garden Parental Involvement Policy was designed by a
       school based team of administrators, PTA members, teachers, and teacher assistant.
       Parents will receive a copy of the Parent Involvement Policy (this document) which
       describes the ongoing activities that are held to inform and involve parentsin their child’s

II.    Annual Information Meeting/Back to School Night: On September 22, 2011 we will
       hold our Annual Title I Review/Back to School Night. This meeting will give parents the
       opportunity to learn about the Pre-K- 5th grade curriculum and provide input for school
       improvement and parent involvement initiatives we have as a Title I School.This meeting
       will also provide information regarding:
       a.      A description and explanation of the curriculum, assessment forms, and
               proficiency levels and state standards.
       b.      Our school performance profile.
       c.      A listing of available community services and resources.
       d.      An explanation of our instructional program.
       e.      A discussion of the importance of homework, attendance, tardiness, and feelings

III.   Flexible Meeting Times
       This year we will ensure maximum parental involvement in school opportunities and
       meetings by using a flexible schedule. We will host a Report Card Pick Up day on
       November 10, 2011, 9:00 AM-12 PM. During this time, we will use our teacher
       assistants and support staff to provide coverage for parents who would like to speak to
       their child’s teacher after reviewing their report card. Additionally, members of our
       Support Staff (Counselor, Communities in Schools, Counselor, and Nurse) will have
       information available regarding resources and community support.
IV.   Title I Part A Planning/Regular Communication
      Communication with parents is crucial for student academic success. Shamrock Gardens
      Elementary School uses a variety of methods to communicate with our parents and
      school community.

      a.     Open House: A school open house will be held on August 22, 2011. Parents will
             have the opportunity to faculty and staff of our school, tour our beautiful campus,
             and meet their child’s teacher.
      b.     Shamrock Gazette: a monthly newsletter published between September-June that
             includes suggestions on how to work with your child, lists of good books to read
             with your child as well as other information to support strong family involvement
             in your child’s education and ultimate success in school.
      c.     Agendas: All Kindergarten through Fifth grade students will receive an agenda to
             record daily assignments. The agendas are used to send daily messages between
             parents/guardians and the classroom teacher.
      d.     Friday Folders: A communication folder will be sent home every Friday with
             graded student work samples and pertinent school/classroom information.
      e.     Parent Handbook: A Parent Handbook will be distributed on the first day of
             school and will be available on-line. This handbook outlines important policies
             and procedures for our school.
      f.     Parent Teacher Conferences: Fall Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for
             Friday, October 28, 2011. Teachers will be available to review student progress
             progress and answer any questions parents may have. Parents may schedule
             additional conferences as needed.

V.    Shamrock Gardens Learning Compact
      We believe that our students do their best through the teamwork of parents, families,
      students and school staff. The learning compact is an agreement between Shamrock
      families and the school that describes how we will work together to support student
      learning during the 2011-2012 school year. This document will be sent home with First
      Day of School materials on August 25, 2011, during our Back to School Night, during
      Parent-Teacher Conferences, and on Report Card Pick-Up Day.
      a.     SGES parents/guardians/students earn Compact Points by attending school
             conferences, workshops, PTA meetings and other school events and by
             volunteering at the school to support classroom teachers and/or specific
             initiatives, such as the garden, book fair, etc.In June we will hold our Annual
             Compact Party for Shamrock Families who have earned 60 Compact Points
             during the school year.
      b.     A copy of the SGE Parent Compact can be found on the next page.
                                    Shamrock Gardens Elementary School

                                                 LEARNING COMPACT 2011-2012

The learning compact is an agreement between Shamrock families and the school that describes how we
will work together to support student learning during the 2011-2012 school year. Please read these
statements, sign the agreement, and return to your child’s teacher.

As a parent or guardian, I will:
    Make sure my child arrives at school rested, healthy and on time every day.
    Attend parent/teacher conferences at least two times during the year to learn about my child’s
       learning progress.
    Attend special school-wide events, like curriculum night, grade dinners, and family nights.
    Require my child to read daily and actively participate, when possible.
    Provide the time and space needed to complete homework activities assigned by my child’s
    Check my child’s backpack each day for important information.
    Read and respond, as needed, to the information received from the school in the agenda, teacher’s
       folder, notes, and newsletters.
    Volunteer to support the school at least two times this year (e.g., in the garden, in the classroom,
       with the PTA, during special school events).
    Communicate with my child’s teachers whenever I have questions or concerns.

As a teacher, I will:
    Set high standards for every student.
    Create and maintain a supportive and caring environment, helpful for learning.
    Provide innovative activities and assignments that will meet and/or exceed curriculum expectations
       for all students.
    Communicate regularly with parents and guardians about their child’s progress.
    Engage, motivate, and support students to achieve academic success.
    Collaborate with parents and guardians to meet students’ specific needs.

As the principal or assistant principal, I will:
     Support collaboration between teachers, students, and families to reinforce individual learning
       needs for all students.
     Ensure a productive learning environment for students and teachers.
     Host school-wide activities that enhance the learning experience and strengthen the Shamrock
     Report publicly on reading and math performance and create programs to encourage achievement
       in these areas.

How does the compact work?
Families will earn points for their engagement with the compact. Our goal is for every family to earn 60
points this year. At the end of the school year, we invite all families who have earned 60 points to a
compact celebration.

How can I keep track of the number of points my family has earned?
Progress reports will be sent home four times during the year to update you on the number of points you
have earned to that point. In addition, we will use the bulletin board in the school lobby to track total points
earned at each grade level and reward the grade with the most points each quarter.

Parent/Guardian Signature                              Date

Teacher: _______________________________________ Child:______________________
                                  Shamrock Gardens Elementary School

                                    CONTRATO DE CONOCIMIENTOS                     2011-2012

El contrato de conocimientos es un acuerdo entre las familias de Shamrock y el colegio que describe
como iremos a trabajar juntos para apoyar a los alumnos en todos sus conocimientos durante el año
escolar 2011-2012. Por favor lean las declaraciones, firmen el contrato y regrésen el documento al
maestro de su niño/a.

Como padre o guardián:
   Estar pendiente que my niño llegue a la escuela aletro, sano y a tiempo todos los dias.
   Asistir a las conferencias de padres/maestros por lo menos dos veces durante el año escolar para
      informarme del progreso de mi niño.
   Ir a eventos del colegio, por ejemplo noche de plan de estudios, cenas de grados, y noche de
   Poner atención que me niño lea todos los dias y que participe en actividades cuando sea posible.
   Proporcionar tiemo y espacio para que el niño haga su tarea.
   Revisar la mochila todos los dias para información importante.
   Leer y responder a la información que reciba del colegio, en la carpeta del maestro, notas y hojas
   Ser voluntario por lo menos dos veces por año (por ejemplo en el jardín, en el salon, con el PTA,
      durante acontecimientos especiales).
   Ponerme en contacto con el maestro de mi niño cuando tengo preguntas o preocupaciones.

Como maestro:
   Establecer altos criterios.
   Crear y mantener un ambiente de apoyo que ayude a los niños en sus estudios y conocimientos.
   Proporcionar para todos los alumnos actividades y tareas creativas que superan las esperanzas
     del plan de estudios.
   Comunicarme con regularidad con los padres y guardianes sobre el progreso de sus niños.
   Motivar y apoyar a los estudiantes a tener éxito.
   Colaborar con padres y guardianes a cumplir con las necesidades específicas de los niños.

Como director o asistente al director:
   Apoyar la colaboración entre maestros, estudiantes y familias para hacer cumplir los
      conocimientos individuales de todos los alumnos.
   Asegurar que hay un buen ambiente para los estudios y conocimientos de los estudiantes y
   Presentar actividades dentro del colegio que aumentan las experiencias y mejoran la comunidad
      de Shamrock.
   Hacer reportes sobre los resultados de lectura y matemática y crear programas que animan a
      realizar estos estudios.

¿Cómo funciona el contrato?
Las familias ganan puntos al participar en el contrato. Nuestra meta es que cada familia gane 60 puntos
este año. Al final del año escolar invitamos a todas las familias que tiene 60 puntos a una celebración.

¿Cómo puedo mantener al corriente los puntos que la familia ha ganado?
Enviarán reportes de progreso a la casa cuatro veces durante el año para informarles del número de
puntos que han gangado. Además usaremos el tablón en el vestíbulo del colegio para anotar todos los
puntos de cada grado y dar un premio al grado que gana el mayor número de puntoscada trimestre.

Firma de Padre/Guardian                                Fecha

Maestro: _____________________________________ Niño/a: ______________________________
VI.    Building Parent Involvement Capacity
       Parent Workshops: Shamrock Gardens will offer periodic workshops directed to enhance
       parentawareness in the different topics related to child education. We will partner with
       N.C. PIRC, Parent University, and other community members to host meaningful
       information sessions for our parents.

       School Improvement Planning: Parents are encouraged to participate in school
       improvement planning for our school by participating in any of the following activities:
       a.     School Leadership Team: Parents may serve as members of the School
              Improvement Team of Shamrock Gardens Elementary School. This body is
              charged with drafting the annual School Improvement Plan.
       b.     Providing Feedback: All parents may share their thoughts, hopes, and ideas for
              increasing student achievement at Shamrock Gardens and enhancing our school
       c.     School Leadership Team Meetings: All parents are invited and encouraged to
              participate in our School Leadership Team meetings where we will discuss the
              School Improvement Plan and track progress towards our goals.

VII.   Parents of LEP and Exceptional Students
       We will provide full access to parental involvement activities for parents of Exceptional
       Students and Limited English Proficiency. The school will translate the documents that
       will be sent home to parents and will also have interpretation available to facilitate the
       communication between staff and parents.

VIII. Reservation of Funds for Parental Involvement
      Shamrock Gardens Elementary School will reserve Title I Funds to carry out our parent
      involvement activities. We will request parent feedback for recommendations for using
      Parent Involvement funds through our PTA and during Parent Involvement activities.

IX.    Annual Evaluation
       As a school community, we will review the effectiveness of our parent involvement
       policy in improving our school during our Annual Title I Meeting and School
       Improvement Planning process.

We invite you to call the school to ask any questions you may have or to schedulea visit or
meeting. It is our hope that your children will have wonderful learning experience at Shamrock
Gardens Elementary School.Parents will be encouraged to participate in the School Leadership
Team, ParentTeacher Association and other school activities. As always, Shamrock Gardens
will be sensitive to the cultural background of parents, students and thecommunity in general and
will provide a welcoming environment for all.

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