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					                          Rooting DC 2012: First planning meeting
                                      October 18, 2011
Present:      Brian Massey (Farm to Desk); Dennis Chestnut (Groundworks Anacostia); Katie Rehwaldt
(America the Beautiful Fund); Lauren Biel (DC Greens); Anna Benfield (Washington Youth Garden); Cathy
Anderton (Neighborhood Farm Initiative); Bea Trickett (Neighborhood Farm Initiative); Sarah Bernardi (DC
Greens); Sam Ullery (DC School Garden Specialist)

Rooting DC 2012 will be…. Saturday, February 18th, at Coolidge High School! [95% certain]

Rooting DC 2011 Successes and Challenges
  Partners who attended last year’s forum shared insights:
       Tabling room in the gym was a good use of space, good size
       Childcare room was good, although didn’t need as big an area (was in gym)
       Childcare in the same room as a workshop didn’t work out, used upstairs room instead
       Food policy council brainstorming session was good, well-attended
       There were too many things people wanted to do simultaneously –
       But if there were fewer choices, people might not fit into the rooms!
       Serving lunch in the cafeteria was good
       Getting to ROTC Room through Armory needed better signage
       Overall better signage around the halls would be helpful
  2011 Participant Surveys – Bea will send data/charts/etc to the list before the next meeting

Review focus of RDC/F2F grant (2010-2012)
      A USDA specialty crop grant is what formalized the DC Field to Fork Network and shifted the focus of
      Rooting DC from gardening more broadly to a specific food focus. Specialty crops are defined by the
      USDA as: "fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits, and horticulture and nursery crops including
      floriculture." (in short, non-commodity crops!) The grant will fund the following for RDC 2012, which is
      the last of the 3-year funding cycle. The four categories of topics to be addressed at Rooting DC are:
               - Production (growing food);
               - Distribution (how people access fresh food);
               - Preparation (cooking demos); and
               - Preservation.

Notes/Ideas for RDC 2012:
        Put a map of the school in the program this year
        Genius bar – talk to Sandy Farber about having Master Gardeners host an ask-the-expert booth
        Teachers’ track – Sam can get approval for teachers receiving professional development hours
        Have a big map of DC geographically representing the gardens/organizations present
        Work through existing community gardens for outreach
        Double-check: is food allowed in the auditorium?
        Attend civic (ANC) meetings in January since people will forget if they hear before the holiday
        Develop the flyers and handouts before New Year’s to be ready in January
        Double-check: how many t-shirts are currently left? Bea will order more.
        The organizer for Teachers’ Night at the Botanical Gardens has a good contact list for teachers
        STEM list for science resource teachers – either OSSE or DCPS has this list
        Outreach team can compile a list of key events to be split up among partner orgs so we’re not all
          tabling everywhere.
        Bea will order more Rooting DC/Field to Fork business cards to distribute at next meeting
        Once we’re 100% confirmed at Coolidge for the 18th, Katie will print a save the date flyer to bring for
          next meeting
        DCPS can deliver chairs & tables – Sarah will research contact person. Katie will ask CCAA if
          that’s possible for Rooting DC
               Lauren will have an attorney check out the childcare liability waiver

Budget overview
       Grant funds should cover (though not sure what date they will reimburse these expenses!):
       Conference 2012                                2,380
               Meals (@$5*350)                        1,750

               Communications (web,

               phone, mail)                            100
               Speaker/Trainer Fees                    300
                           Publication                 230

      Total 2011 Expenses: $5,555 total, $11.11/attendee!!
      Total 2011 Revenue: $5,208 donations & revenue, plus $2,380 grant reimbursement
      Balance: $2,033

                       We're able to keep it free to the public because it's all put together by volunteers, speakers are
                        unpaid, great deal on lunch from DCCK and a great deal on space from the CCAA
                       Bea will send Lauren the 2011 sponsor & solicitation information packets
                       Lauren will work on finding corporate sponsor(s) for Rooting DC 2012. The group vetoed Wal-
                        Mart, other ideas include:
                            ◦ Kaiser Permanente
                            ◦ Deloitte
                            ◦ Wells Fargo
                            ◦ Pepco
                            ◦ Washington Gas
                            ◦ CareFirst
                       Lauren will float additional ideas past the committee for consensus

Committees/Point People – please think about where you can commit to helping out!
     Pre-event Fundraising events (happy hours/silent auction): ___________________
     Seek sponsors ($): Lauren, _______________________
     Seek in-kind contributions: _________________________
     Merchandise: T-shirts, stickers, other products we might sell? ___________________
     Outreach (in-person), especially looking for ways to reach out to communities East of the River
             - Attend/frequent PTAs, rec centers, churches, festivals, block parties
                 Dennis, _________________________________
     Food: Katie
     PR/Web Presence (List-serves, blogs, FB, Twitter): ___________________
     Volunteer Coordinator: ___________________
             - Recruit skilled volunteers (video, tech)
             - Day-of/setup volunteers
     Info Fair POC (Info fair tables vs. vendor tables): ___________________
     Presenter POC: Bea
     Venue POC: Katie
     Registration Coordinators:
          Pre-registration captain: ___________________
          Day-of registration captain: ___________________
     Kid-friendly Coordinator: Anna

Next meeting date: Please fill in this doodle: http://www.doodle.com/irsiqatu7n9ucs8b

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