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Vol. 4, No. 21               SALESIANS OF DON BOSCO - NEW ROCHELLE, NY                                             Nov. 23, 2006

       Message from                            Summer camp was the other venue for          William Blake, had said that death would
                                             his remarkable gifts to shine. First at        be no more than moving from one room
       Fr. Provincial                        Camp Savio in West Milford and then at         to another, but the ease of such a death
                                             Camp Don Bosco in East Barrington, he          escaped our beloved brother. He found
Brother George Sheehan                       was an animating force. Particularly in        it difficult to surrender, and his suffering
                                             New Hampshire he created a true                and his agony was thus great.
Salesian                                     oratory environment, pooling together
                                             various collaborators, including the              And that is why I say that his passing
Born: 07.19.34                               Caldwell Dominican Sisters, to provide         last Friday morning was gain and true
Prof: 09.08.54                               for the campers, summer after summer,          freedom for him, and we bless God for it.
                                             a home, a school, a parish and a               At last he laid his burdens down. At last
Died: 11.17.06
                                             playground.                                    his imprisoned spirit was set free. At last
                                                                                            the ash burst into flame again, joining the
Dear Confreres,                                 It is significant that Br. George was the   fire of God’s love.
                                             first brother in the province to serve as a
  Once again death has visited our           Catechist, the forerunner of what later           How to measure the life of Br. George?
province and claimed one of our              became known as the DRA and what               I think it important to see both the active
confreres. After a week lying in grave       currently we call CYM. He was also ever        and the suffering phases as fruitful.
condition in the Don Orione Nursing          preoccupied with vocations, embodying          Before the world, no doubt, his active
Home in East Boston, last Friday             what we pray for daily: his witness, his       phase was a triumph. Former students
morning Br. George Sheehan finally           invitation and his accompaniment gave          and friends from those years who came
succumbed to years of illness and let        rise to new vocations for the Church and       to the funeral services gave ample
go of this earthly life at around nine in    the province. Thus it was fitting that two     evidence of that. So many years later,
the morning. For him it is gain and          of his “boys,” Fr. Mickey McCullough           they were still living the lessons Br.
true freedom, and we bless God for it.       and Fr. John Nazzaro, preached at his          George taught them with the joyful spirit
                                             funeral Masses in East Boston and              he imparted.
  Born and raised in Jersey City, N.J.,      Orange respectively. Br. George was
George attended St. Michael’s High           ever bold in summoning the young to               But before God, his suffering phase
School in Union City for three years,        answer the Lord’s call, and solicitous in      was no less a triumph. As the late John
before transferring as an aspirant to        accompanying them.                             Paul II noted, the suffering person “is
Don Bosco Technical High School in                                                          serving, like Christ, the salvation of his
Paterson. He made his novitiate in              No doubt, Br. George was on fire. But       brothers and sisters. Therefore he is
Newton and professed in 1954,                then infirmity took hold, and the fire         carrying out an irreplaceable service. …
manifesting a desire to save his own         became more like ash. In the second            It is suffering, more than anything else,
soul and the souls of the young. And         half of his Salesian life, Br. George was      which clears the way for the grace which
thus his Salesian life began.                under the grip of human illness, an            transforms human souls. Suffering,
                                             illness that was chronic and progressive.      more than anything else, makes present
  The word fire might best characterize      And in perhaps relatively short order, it      in the history of humanity the powers of
the first phase of that Salesian life. Br.   seemed to transform him into a shadow          the Redemption” (Salvifici Doloris, #27).
George was passionate and                    of his former self.
charismatic. And the school and the                                                           And therefore from a Christian
summer camp became the primary                 While once impeccably dressed in             perspective, both the active and the
settings where his apostolic gifts were      black suit, white shirt, and black tie – the   suffering phases of Br. George’s life are
not only spent but, indeed, flourished.      consummate professional – he was now           measured as fruitful. His complete
                                             in sweatshirt and sweatpants that              Salesian life, by God’s grace, can be
  Br. George was a truly captivating         seemed impossible to keep clean. While         seen as salvific, for his soul and the
and gifted teacher. In Don Bosco             once energetic and bustling about, he          souls of the young. Our province thus
Tech in Paterson, Salesian High in           now shuffled with difficulty and eventually    has cause to be grateful.
New Rochelle, Don Bosco Prep in              was confined to a wheelchair. While
Ramsey and Dom Savio High in East            once articulate and expressive, he               I remind each community to offer a
Boston, he was beloved by many               became less and less communicative             Mass for Br. George, in fulfillment of
students. He largely taught math and         until he was reduced to silence.               Regulation 76 of our Salesian Rule of
English, and both well. He moderated                                                        Life, with gratitude and affection.
the student council, did some guidance         Br. George spent almost nine years in
work, and animated drama and                 the Don Orione Nursing Home, and his           Happy Thanksgiving,
yearbook. In the environment of the          unremitting deterioration was difficult for
school Br. George was at home, and           many confreres, who knew him and
his best talents came alive. ►               loved him, to watch. The English poet, ►
Vol. 4, No. 21 – 2 of 3                                   E-SERVICE                                November 23, 2006

Schedule of Father Provincial                       Commemoration of                            Second Annual
                                                       Mama Margaret                        Salesian Vigil for Life
             November                                                                          January 21-22, 2007
                                           The following programs are being
                                                          148 Main Street th
                                           initiated to commemorate the 150
23        Orange: Thanksgiving Day                                                      Church of the Nativity of Our Lord
24        Office Day
                                                 New Rochelle, NY
                                             Pray for our sick 10802-0639
                                           anniversary of the death of Don Bosco’s           6000 Georgia Ave NW
                                           mother, Mama Margaret, on November
                                                      Phone: (914) 636-4225
25-29     Chicago: Visitation              25, as well as the declaration of her as
                                                                                             Washington, D.C. 20011
30        Office Day                              E-Mail: servicesue@aol.com
                                                                                         Come and experience a night of:
             December                               Columbus, Ohio                               Inspiring talks
                                           Salesian Boys and Girls Club:                           Youth Mass
1-3       Office Days
                                           - With the statue of Don Bosco and                      Recreation
                                           Mama Margaret enshrined, presentations       Meet youths from Mass. to Fla.!
4         Personal Day                     on Mama Margaret were given to the
5         Washington: Don Bosco                                                         Help in building a culture of life!
                                           board of trustees and the program staff;      Live praise and worship band!
           Cristo Rey Media Event          - Booklets were placed in the parishes
6-7       New Rochelle:                    served by the community
           Praesidium Meetings             - Parish homilies included references to
                                           Mama Margaret and her being declared
      Pray for Our Deceased                - The PowerPoint presentation from the
                                           sdb.org web site was rewritten to fit the
                                                                                               Check them out @
      Br. George Sheehan, SDB              pastoral situation of the Salesians Boys           www.catholicfx.com
            at the age of 72               and Girls Club and is being shown in the
                                           Club's activities areas and to the various   “Come the day before the March for
          Genevieve Devlin                 age groups of Club members;                     Life and stay and pray with the
    on November 19 at the age of 87,       - Plans are set for a springtime program      Salesians of Don Bosco. All young
       mother of former Salesian           to present Mama Margaret to the Club           people are welcomed as family.”
           Fr. Mark Devlin                 EPC as a model for single parents;                    Fr. Steve Ryan SDB
                                           - The Community will keep November 25
                                           with a festive meal and a viewing of the     For more information contact the
         Coming Birthdays                  PowerPoint on Mama Margaret followed            Salesians @ 973-761-0201
                                           by a sharing on our parents.                   or: www.salesianym.com ■
             November                      Note: The PowerPoint presentation can
25        Fr. Stephen Schenck              be easily emailed to anyone who is
27        Fr. James Mulloy                 interested in having a copy.                          Prayer for the
                                                 St. Petersburg, Florida                        Canonization of
             December                      St. Petersburg Catholic High:                        Mama Margaret
1         Fr. Gregory Fishel
2         Fr. Kenneth Germaine             During the novena to the Immaculate
                                           Conception, the "good morning" talk to         God our Father, we thank you
                                           the students will be on Mama Margaret;          for making Mama Margaret
Consultation forms for directors
are due in the Provincial Office by        We will have an evening of celebration          a strong and wise woman,
Friday, December 8. Many thanks! ■         with prayer, a power point presentation,
                                           and social time hosted by the St.                     a heroic mother
                                           Petersburg Cooperators for the
      Fr. Richard Alejunas, SDB,                                                              and a wise educator.
                                           Salesians of the Tampa Bay area, the
Holy Rosary Parish, Port Chester,          Salesian Sisters, and the three                Give us the joy of seeing her
was elected vice chairman of the           Cooperator units. ■
Westchester County Youth Bureau! ■                                                      raised to the honors of the altars
                                                                                        so that all may imitate her way of
      Fr. Thomas Dunne, SDB,                                                               holiness, lived as daily and
received the St. George Award from
the Boys Scouts of America on Friday,                                                    humble service of her neighbor.
November 17, in Boston. This award is
granted through a diocese by the                                                            Through her intercession
National Committee on Scouting. The                       E-Service                       grant us the grace we request
Archdiocese of Boston presented this                    148 Main Street
award for contributions to the spiritual          New Rochelle, NY 10802-0639                 with a trusting heart.
development of Catholic youths                      Phone: (914) 636-4225
through scouting. ■                             E-Mail: servicesue@aol.com              Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
 Vol. 4, No. 21 – 3 of 3                                 E-SERVICE                                            November 23, 2006

                                                                                          Photo by Pierre Larocque (Montreal)
   Tampa, Florida: Salesians of the St. Petersburg /
     Tampa area meet with Cardinal Rodriguez:                                  English-speaking representatives at the
   Frs. Dennis Donovan, Bruce Craig, Larry Urban,                              World Congress of Salesian Cooperators
   Paul Chuong, John Grinsell, Cardinal Rodriguez,
          John Serio and Br. William Hanna

          TAMPA, Florida                   attended Mary Help during the six-                         Salesian Cooperators
        Br. Jerry Meegan, SDB              week season. The goal is to                                Third World Congress
       Fr. Dennis Donovan, SDB             increase the camp to 1,000 youths                                 By Denise Dunn
                                           over a 10-12 week season.
 Two Tampa organizations brought                                                                 The Salesian Cooperators' Third
 public attention to the work of the         The Catholic Foundation featured                  World Congress closed with great
 Salesians this week. One event            guest of honor, Cardinal Oscar                      joy upon the approval of the Project
 sponsored by Bank of America              Rodriguez, SDB, the archbishop of                   of Apostolic Life (ad experimentum).
 and another by the Catholic               Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Cardinal                     The document was wisely divided
 Foundation of St. Petersburg              Rodriguez is the Vatican                            into statutes and regulations. The
 Diocese highlighted Salesian              representative to the World Bank                    Congress also approved a new
 efforts to educate the young and          and the International Monetary Fund,                name: Associazione Salesiani
 the poor.                                 a member of critical pontifical                     Cooperatori - Salesiane Cooperatrici.
                                           commissions and the former                          In Italian the name change uses two
   Bank of America recognized              President of the Bishops’                           nouns, thus reinforcing Don Bosco's
 Mary Help of Christian’s branch of        Conference for Latin America.                       vision that the Cooperators are
 Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay             The banquet is an annual fund-                    Salesians.
 with a grant for $200,000, part of        raising event for the foundation
 the Neighborhood Excellence               which celebrates our Catholic faith,                  The Rector Major received a warm
 Initiative. The award was                 recognizes Catholic education and                   welcome upon joining the Congress
 presented by the president of Bank        raises funds for our Catholic schools.              on Saturday prior to the vote on the
 of America and the mayor of               In his speech Cardinal Rodriguez                    document as a whole. After presiding
 Tampa during a ceremony at the            emphasized the need for a global                    at the closing Mass, he accompanied
 Tampa Theatre on November 16.             view of educating persons and                       the group to the Vatican, where the
                                           pointed out that his fellow Salesians               Cooperators renewed their Promise
    Mayor Pam Iorio, whose                 worldwide have taken seriously the                  in a line that stretched from the
  husband attended camp at Mary            importance of educating youth,                      grave of St. Peter back to the burial
  Help of Christians, said the award       especially the poor.                                place of Pope John Paul II. It was a
  was given in recognition of the                                                              profoundly moving experience. Then
■                                            Cardinal Rodriguez specifically
  strong partnership between the                                                               we joined the faithful in the square
  Salesians and Boys & Girls Clubs         asked to meet his Salesian confreres                for the noon Angelus and Pope
  of Tampa Bay for service to the          from St. Petersburg and Tampa, who                  Benedict’s Sunday message. He
  disadvantaged youth on the east          also attended the banquet. ■                        greeted the group in all the official
  side of Tampa. The funds will be                                                             languages of the Congregation.
  used over the next two years to                 E-SERVICE Newsletter
  hire and train additional staff,                     Published weekly by the
                                                                                                 The days of hard work, fellowship,
  improve camp facilities and                        Salesians of St. John Bosco               and prayer were a blessing. Thanks
  increase the capacity of the camp.             for the confreres of the province of          to all of you who journeyed with us in
  In 2005 over 500 youths►                   St. Philip the Apostle, New Rochelle, N. Y        spirit. ■
                                             Very Rev. James Heuser, SDB, Provincial

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