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					                            Connections                                                                   Summer 2008

                                                             Message from the Superintendent
                 Summer 2008
                                                                                    By Dr. Jorge O. Ayala

Inside this issue:                                     Happy Summer
Message From the Supt.           1
                                              Happy Summer everyone! The weather is beautiful
Dates to Remember                1   and the flowers are in bloom again. This is the time at YCOE
CPI Training                     2
                                     where we gear up for the coming year and begin the process of
                                     bringing closure to the past year. YCOE services are well
ROP Careers in Education         3   appreciated by those we serve as well as the communities.
Job Shadow and Career Capers     4   Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

EEC’s New Co-Principal           4   As you know, the state economical downturn and the forecast
WASC Accreditation at EEC        4   for the coming years has turned our organizational focus to the
                                     budget and what can be accomplished within it. The governor’s January fiscal proposal cuts across all
Title II Grant                   5   state services and hits education especially hard. More than 150 districts statewide are not able to meet
What’s SOS been up to?           6
                                     their fiscal obligations and another one hundred or more are anticipated to be fiscally insolvent before July
Good Luck Nancy!!
                                     Given this dark cloud, districts in our county, as well as this office, are working diligently to stay solvent
                                     and are seeking ways to reduce any negative impact on services and personnel wherever possible. We are
Dates To Remember:                   attempting to stay within our budget by maximizing resources through flexible options, and collaborative
                                     partnerships and grants that support YCOE as a respectable service system. The challenges are without a
June 6th                             doubt significant.
Yolo County Construction Program
(YCCP) Crew Members Graduation       I am very appreciative of the working relationships we at YCOE have nurtured and the spirit of patience
Ceremony, 11:00 AM                   and perseverance in difficult times. The coming year will undoubtedly bring more perplexing challenges.
                                     I am certain that YCOE, along with our five districts, will remain steadfast in meeting the challenges and
June 16th                            converting them to opportunities for stronger relationships and excellent services.
Board Budget Study Session, 9:00
AM                                   The negative economical cloud will eventually pass and lessons learned from this dilemma will bring us
                                     sunnier days like the ones we see outside today. Again thank you for your commitment and excellent
June 19th                            service.
Regular Board Meeting, 3:00 PM

July 4th
Independence Day

July 17th
Regular Board Meeting, 3:00 PM

August 18th
YCOE All Staff Orientation,
8:00 AM
Page 2 Connections Newsletter

                                Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) Training

                     This school year the Yolo County            Analyst, with the Yolo County Office of
                     Special Education Planning Area             Education, and Brian Patterson,
                     (SELPA) hosted several trainings that       Behavior Specialist, with the Davis Joint
                     assisted educators in dealing with          Unified School District. The
                     assaultive student behavior. Some           participants are teachers, Para educators,
                     handicapping conditions, such as autism,    administrators, and other support staff
                     impact a student’s ability to               from throughout Yolo County. The class
                     communicate. In response to this            includes behavioral strategies and con-
                     frustration they try to communicate         cludes with activities that allow the at-
                     through their behavior, which at times      tendees to practice safe techniques to
                     can be assaultive. In order to help staff   avoid, and if necessary, restrain students
                     defuse these situations and assist them     with assaultive behavior. These
                     with addressing aggressive behavior, the    techniques are formal and sanctioned as
                     SELPA has been providing two-day            safe to ensure the safety of both students
Are you              training sessions on interventions.         and staff. They are held on a regular
                     These sessions have included trainers       basis and more information is available
ready for            from Woodland and Davis School              by contacting Vinceena Irgens at
some                 Districts as well as the Yolo County        530-668-3786 or
FOOTBALL?            Office of Education.

                     The picture is from a training that was
                     led by Amy Higgins-Boyd, Behavior
The 2008
NFL Season
is Coming!!!
                                                                                                                      Page 3 Connections

                                         YCOE’s Regional Occupational Program (ROP) Careers in Education
                                                and Early Childhood Education (ECE) Department
                                                            pilots a Winning Concept
                     The story of many of the early childhood educators in Yolo County and their failure at achieving a passing grade
                     for the required general education mathematics course in our local community college is huge. Without passing
                     this mathematics class, teachers are unable to move upward on the California Child Development Permit Matrix,
                     which is a requirement of most state and federally funded programs. Many of our ECE teachers are English
                     language learners. Sitting silently in the college classroom without the ability to ask questions has made
                     comprehending mathematics content impossible.

                     There is a strong desire to achieve and be successful, but how? The Yolo County Child Care Planning Council
                     approached our ROP Careers in Education and developed a “pilot” Classroom Mathematics course taught this past
                     semester by Michele May. Enrollment filled quickly and the ROP department had to ask other interested teachers
                     to be on the waiting list. Eighteen participants met on Wednesday nights and Saturdays at the YCOE Head Start
                     Lincoln Center location. Michele assessed the class level of comprehension at the beginning of the course and
                     found the majority to be at a fourth grade level. She developed a curriculum that started at the level of the group
                     and set goals on mathematical concepts that she hoped to teach. The class became a strong collected group,
                     depending on each other as they developed strategies and an understanding of mathematics. The course design
                     was to help the teachers implement the concepts into their own classroom. The students were made to feel good
                     about their understanding of mathematics, thus able to build on concepts to elevate that level of understanding. At
A man who            the end of this 60-hour course, post tests revealed that 98% of the participants had achieved the level of knowledge
views the world      presented and were ready to register for the community college course that they had failed in prior attempts.
the same at
fifty as he did at   Teachers like Michele, who have sensitivity to culture and language and who are able to take a curriculum and
                     present it in a way that is non-traditional, are an exception. New students interested in this course are calling to
twenty has           find out when the next class will be scheduled.
wasted thirty
years of his life.   The ROP Careers in Education Classroom Mathematics has been a positive transitional model for our ECE
                     teachers and has built confidence in these students to sign up for the community college course again and be ready
                     for SUCCESS!
-Muhammad Ali
                                                                                                                             By Gail Nadal
       Page 4 YCOE Connections

 Job Shadow and Career Capers                                          WASC Accreditation
                                                                   at Einstein Education Center

This group will be           demo, training and        On March 13, 2008 Einstein participated in an initial
facilitated by Michelle      workshop that ended in a  visit by WASC, the Western Association of Schools
Moore from YCOE. They        community wide            and Colleges. WASC is the organization that
will be visiting a number    performance at Dingle
                                                       oversees the “accreditation” of schools. What this
of work sites and possibly   Elementary School. Mr.
a construction fair. The     Viramontes is a renowned  means to our students and their families is the
latter visit will also be    dancer who teaches and    school’s curriculum, instruction, facilities, and
accompanied by Ron Pena      performs in the LA area   governance meet the standards that are required of
who has been a leader in     and across the state.     schools; therefore, the school’s graduates are
construction and                                       recognized as having completed the course of work
engineering academies at     By Panna Putnam, Title II that colleges and other organizations will accept for
River City High before he                Coordinator admission to colleges. The results of the study were
retired. Both Michelle and                             recently received and it was very good news. The
Ron bring years of                                     EEC was granted initial accreditation through
experience in job shadow                               June 30, 2011.
and career exploration.

Recently, EEC students
were treated by Rogelio
Viramontes in dance

    Co-Principal at Einstein Education Center

Dr. Roxanne Regules joined the Einstein team as
Co-Principal. She comes to us with thirty years of
experience serving as an educator and administrator
from Monterey and Santa Clara Counties. Her role
will be to work in collaboration with Ms. Cassady on
providing leadership and ensuring student success.
                                                                                            Page 5 YCOE Connections Newsletter

               Head Chef, Compound Interest, Defense Attorneys, and more….
Many of the Einstein Education Center (EEC) students have been enjoying some unique learning opportunities thanks to
the Title II grant from California Standards Authority of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.
This is a 3-year grant focusing on gang prevention and intervention programs and services.

As a result of this funding, EEC students can participate in College and Career Clubs that help students explore their
interests and passions, potential careers to match these interests, and post secondary choices, including college, to help
them prepare for these fields. The students have visited the California State University Maritime and Sacramento City
College recently, as well as spent a day at the California Culinary Institute of America with the head chef and beverage
manager, and observed cooking demonstrations and toured the culinary school; one of the best in the country. Many
students spent a thrilling day at the Teichert Construction Careers day where students 18 and older with a valid California
Driver’s License drove large construction vehicles. They saw a number of exhibits and demonstrations of various career
opportunities in construction.

Thanks to two students from the University of California, Davis Law class, some of the students have been learning about
juvenile law. They spent a morning at Sacramento County Court where they were pleasantly surprised when the
presiding judge took a break from the trial and all the staff (the bailiff, the two attorneys, and the judge) spent over an
hour with them explaining how the United States justice system works and the importance of staying out of trouble.

We have also had a number of presenters, including Deanna Stark from Yolo Federal Credit Union, spend a morning on
financial literacy, explaining the importance of saving money and what compound interest can do for you.

In addition, we are also offering three support groups for students at risk of gang involvement and affiliation.
Dr. Francisco Revels, the facilitator, is a well-known authority in this field and a faculty member at California State
University Sacramento. We have also had a number of mentors working with students from University of California,
Davis, local community, and a dance instructor who conducted a dance workshop over the weekend that culminated in a
community-wide presentation.

So, true to the mission of Einstein Education Center, students are learning in new and creative ways to help them gain the
tools and knowledge for success in the 21st century!

                                                                                                         By Panna Putnam
                                                                                                        Title II Coordinator
                                                                              Page 6 YCOE Connections Newsletter

                  Have you noticed what SOS has been up to?
The Support Operations Services (SOS) Department has been working to improve security and create
a safer environment for employees, students, tenants, and visitors. We’ve installed door breaks at
YCOE’s Einstein Education Center and the Santa Anita Court administrative center. Wall-mounted
exterior motion-detector lighting has been installed at Santa Anita Court, and we will soon install
security watch signs. We hope to deter casual thieves through these simple improvements, and protect
our students at Einstein through the convenient lock-down system now in place.

The SOS Department has been successful in obtaining two grants for facility renovation and repair
funding to be used for State Preschool projects at Greengate. You will soon see us working to spend
that money on new signage and playground improvements on the Greengate campus.

SOS has been notified that the State Office of Emergency Services has approved our application for
emergency funding assistance for damage sustained during the January storms. Projects to be funded
include roof repairs at Greengate and Santa Anita Court, replacement of an outdoor recreation canopy
next to our Bryte Elementary portable, and removal of some fallen trees between Greengate and

While many of our sites were on spring break, several projects were completed that cannot be
accomplished while school is in session. Projects such as Conference Center partition maintenance,
deep cleaning of restrooms and classrooms, window cleaning, light bulb replacements, painting, and
attention to over-grown landscaping and grounds. We hope you liked the results.

The SOS Department has selected A.E. Lueck Construction, Inc. to pave the driveway and repave the
existing parking lot for our Midtown Community School. The project will also include construction of
an improved and access-compliant entryway into the portable. This project is scheduled for
completion during the month of June.

The SOS Department is also engaged in a collaborative effort with PG&E, engineers, electricians, and
other contractors to accomplish a power utility service split at the Lincoln Head Start site.

Early Head Start’s Lemen site will soon be getting a facelift. The portable’s kitchen, bath and storage
areas will be reconfigured to provide a more functional and ADA compliant facility.

The SOS Department is constantly looking for ways to improve our facilities for staff, students, and
those we serve. If you have any questions, comments or recommendations, you are encouraged to
send an e-mail to Mary at
Page 8 YCOE Connections Newsletter

                                                Farewell and Happy Retirement Nancy Schuetts

                                     After 19 years of loyal service to YCOE, Nancy
                                     Schuetts is retiring as of June 30th. She and her
                                     husband are planning to move to Oregon in the near
                                     future. Nancy has worked in the Business Management
                                     and Advisory Services as well as the County Schools
                                     Business Services divisions for all of her 19 years with
                                     the organization. She will be tough to replace and
                                     sorely missed. A retirement party is being held on June
                                     11th beginning at Noon in the Conference Center.
                                     Contact Kilee Lane at 668-2763 if you would like to
                                     join everyone (the cost is $15). Congratulations to
                                     Nancy! We wish you much success and happiness.

                                         New Employee Orientation on August 18, 2008
                                     It’s that time of year to begin planning for 2008-09. The annual
                                     back-to-school orientation will be held on August 18, 2008 in the YCOE
                                     Conference Center. Orientation is mandatory for all YCOE staff regard-
                                     less of work location, so please record this on your calendar.
       YCOE Superintendent
        Dr. Jorge O. Ayala

  YOLO COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION    If you have any questions regarding Orientation, contact the
         1280 Santa Anita Ct.
                                     Superintendent’s Office at 530-668-3702.
             Suite 100
         Woodland, CA 95776          Enjoy your summer we’ll see you at Orientation!
           Editor: Dan Allen
         Phone: 530-668-3741
          Fax: 530-668-3848

                                                   Fall Issue of Connections
                                                         Coming Soon!!!!

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