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									                               Neelin High School
                     Grade 9 English Language Arts – ELA 10F
                                  Course Outline
                          September 2011 – June 2012
                       Teacher: Miss T. Smith    Room: 28

Course Description and Objectives
This is a one credit, two-semester course. The focus will be on the development of
communication skills through the six language arts that include: writing, reading,
speaking, representing, viewing, and listening.

In addition to the units listed in the syllabus, students will begin every class with 15
minutes of silent reading.

General Outcomes
This course will apply the six language arts through the five general outcomes as mandated
by the Manitoba Provincial Curriculum. They are:
   - Explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences
   - Comprehend and respond personally and critically to oral, print, and other media
   - Manage ideas and information
   - Enhance the clarity and artistry of communication
   - Celebrate and build community

Course Evaluation Structure
     Coursework ……………………………………………………………………………………85%
     Final Assessment……………………………………………………………………………15%

**Assignment Expectations
Following guidelines of the Brandon School Division Policy:
    - Assignments are expected to be in on the due date. If this does not happen, an
      alternate date or assignment will then be provided, with a penalty of 10% for grade
      9 courses, 15% for grade 10 courses, 20% for grade 11 courses, and 25% for grade
      12 courses.
    - If the assignment is not completed by the new completion date, a “0” mark will be

I do NOT want to give you a zero! Every assignment I give you is meaningful; therefore I
want you to complete them. If you cannot complete one on time, extensions may be
possible IF you discuss the reason with me PRIOR to the due date.
                                      Course Syllabus
                   **Please note: These units may be subject to change

Unit 1: Who am I… right now?
Approximate unit length: 2 weeks

In this unit, students will present me with a “snapshot” of who they are right now as they
enter high school. They will complete a survey answering personal questions about
themselves, and then take these answers and write a letter of introduction to me.
Following this, students will use 50 different nouns to describe themselves and create a
word splash.

      Letter of Introduction            45
      Word Splash                       15

Total Marks: 60

Unit 2: Short Stories
Approximate unit length: 4 weeks

In this unit we will read a variety of short stories and will discuss the elements of a short
story which include: plot, character, atmosphere, setting, and style. This unit will help
students review what they have learned in previous years, and extend their knowledge. At
the end of this unit students will have the opportunity to write their own short story based
on a children’s story.

      Finish the Story                  25
      Setting Interpretation            25
      Original Short Story              50

Total Marks: 100

Unit 3: Take Our Kids to Work Day
Approximate unit length: 2-3 weeks

All grade 9 students in the Brandon School Division are expected to participate in the
annual “Take Our Kids to Work Day.” Neelin High School will provide all grade 9 students
with the necessary forms and information. Students must arrange a work-site visit on their
own, preferably with a parent, guardian, or a close adult friend. Students will develop
valuable workplace skills that are necessary in this very competitive world.

      Cover Letter               30
      Resume                     30
      Thank you Letter           40

Total Marks: 100
Unit 4: Grade/Group Memoir Unit
Approximate unit length: 5-6 weeks

Students will be grouped according to interest in a particular Memoir. Students will work at
becoming better readers through the introduction of various reading strategies and they
will enhance their knowledge and understanding through regular literature circle
discussions. At the end of the unit students will reflect on their own life to this point, and
will write their own personal memoir.

      3x Reading Strategies             15
      Research Assignment               35
      Written Memoir                    50

Total Marks: 100

Unit 5: Creative Writing
Approximate unit length: 4 weeks

In this unit students will have the opportunity to express themselves through different
forms of creative writing. Students will be exposed to short stories, essays, poems, and
plays throughout this unit. They will have the opportunity to hone their creative writing
skills through different writing exercises and prompts, which will help them with their final

      Monologue                  20
      Jumbled Story              25
      Final Choice Piece         55

Total Marks: 100

Unit 6: Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Approximate unit length: 3-4 weeks

In this unit students will be introduced to the life and works of William Shakespeare. We
will begin with general background information on who Shakespeare was and how he was
able to make such an impact on literature. As students read A Midsummer Night’s Dream
they will be engaged in a variety of in class activities that will enhance their understanding
of the language, ideas, and themes contained within the play. After reading through the
text, we will watch a film version, which will allow students to reflect on how their
interpretations of the text are similar or different to the film version. Students will write a
final unit test, allowing them to prove their understanding of the play.

      Shakespearean Background                 10
      Character Cards                          30
      Journal Entries                          20
      Unit Test                                40

Total Marks: 100
Unit 7: Expressive Language
Approximate unit length: 2-3 weeks

In this unit students will be introduced to reading and writing poetry in an approachable
and non-intimidating manner. Students will learn to interpret the themes and ideas of a
variety of poetic texts including: ballads, epic poems, and free verse. We will focus on
figurative and descriptive language, as well as different forms and devices that help to
create both memorable and visual poems.

      Word Art                  20
      Poetry Slam               30
      Lyric Compilation         50

Total Marks: 100

Unit 8: Research Essay
Approximate unit length: 4 weeks

In this unit students will write a 5-paragraph essay using proper researching skills. They
will become familiar with primary and secondary resources as well as MLA (modern
language association) format. Students will learn how to write effective thesis statements,
they will become familiar with paraphrasing and summarizing (NOT plagiarizing), and they
will follow several writing processes to ensure a successful research essay.

      Narrowing Your Notes             30
      Research Essay                   70

Total Marks: 100

Unit 9: We Remember: The Holocaust
Approximate unit length: 2 weeks

In this unit we will look back to a disconcerting moment in History during World War II
when the Nazi Party took over Germany and sent out the call to exterminate the Jewish
community. To supplement our understanding of this time period we will look at first-hand
accounts, film footage, poems, short stories, essays, and various forms of artwork. We will
also take a look at a documentary, “The Wave” which is based on a real-life experiment
explaining how the Nazi’s were able to take power.

      Debate                           20
      Choice Assignment                20

Total Marks: 40
Unit 10: Novel Study, The Pigman
Approximate unit length: 4 weeks

In this unit we will look at guilt, blame, lies, deceit, mortality, family, home, old age vs.
youth, drugs and alcohol, and distortions of reality – all of which are themes contained in
Paul Zindel’s, The Pigman. Students will deepen their understanding of this small, but
powerful book through vocabulary checks, collaboration amongst their peers, and several
in-class activities.

      Epitaph                    25
      Group Skit                 30
      Literary Essay             45

Total Marks: 100

Unit 11: Portfolio
Approximate unit length: 2 weeks

In this final unit, students will create a portfolio, which will be a presentation of their
best/favourite assessments throughout the year. This final piece requires students to do a
great deal of self-assessment as they create a unique, individualized portfolio. In addition
to this, students will also engage in a one-on-one interview with none other than Miss

Worth: 15% of final course mark
                               Classroom Expectations

Welcome to my classroom! I look forward to getting to know you and working with you
this year. To ensure a safe and positive classroom environment I have a few classroom

         Respect – For everyone around you. This includes respecting whoever the
          speaker is (whether it be me or other students giving presentations or asking
          questions). You need to respect school property, property of others, and you
          need to respect the opinions of others.
         Be on time – This is such a simple thing to do. Just show up on time. Students
          who arrive late disrupt the classroom and distract others who have already
          arrived and are reading/working.
         Come prepared to class – Bringing everything you need to class (pens, pencil,
          paper, binder, book for silent reading, etc.) is so simple and should never be a
          problem for you. You are high school students.
         Take responsibility for learning – This means, do your work! In order to show me
          that you are learning something or need a bit more help in a certain area you
          need to do your work. We are in school, there is work associated with learning.
          Like anything worth doing in life, you need to put in some effort.

If at any time you have questions/concerns, and you would like some clarity, please let me
know ASAP! I have no problems staying late or coming early to help you out. My goal is
the same as yours: to have you successfully pass this course!

If at any time you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at school (729-
3180) or by email (smith.tiffany@brandonsd.mb.ca). After reviewing this page with your
son/daughter, please fill in the portion below and have them return it to me tomorrow.
Please feel free to add any comments you feel to be appropriate.

Thank you.
Miss Smith

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