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Ashish Gupta


									                                      Ashish Gupta
                              Date of Birth : April 21st, 1983.
Present address:                                                            Permanent Address:
Room No. 356, Ganga Hostel,                                                  s/o Mr. S. K. Gupta,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras,                                           4-J-8, Talwandi,
Chennai – 600 036,                                                               Kota – 324 005,
Tamilnadu, India.                                                                Rajasthan, India.
Ph: +91 44 2579073 / 2578917                                                 Ph: +91 744 422668

        Education

                      10th Standard            12th Standard  

Branch                                         Science                  Civil Engineering
                      Science,                                Structures, Water
                                               Physics, Chemistry,
                      Mathematics,             Mathematics,   Resources,
                      English, Social          English, Hindi Transportation,
Subjects Studied      Science, Hindi,                         Geotechnical,
                      Sanskrit                                Environmental,
                                                              Indian Institute of
                      Maa Bharti Vidya Emmanuel Mission
Institution                                                   Technology, Madras
                      Bhavan, Kota (Raj.) School, Kota (Raj.)
Year of Passing       1997                     1999                     2003 (expected)

                                               89.60% (aggregate)
                                                                  CGPA 9.37 / 10.0
Result                87.64% (aggregate)       95.00% in Physics,
                                                                  (up to VI Semester)
                                               Chemistry & Maths
Academic                First class with         First class with         Was awarded
Distinction              distinction in all         distinction    in        Institute Merit
                         subjects except            all subjects.            Prize for Best
                         Hindi.                   Was       awarded         academic
                        Secured        30th        Certificate of           record in III &
                         position         in        Merit by CBSE            IV Semesters.
                         Rajasthan.                 for 100% marks
                        Was        offered         in Mathematics.         Holding    first
                         scholarship by           Was        offered        position      in
                         Rajasthan Board            scholarship by           branch (out of
                         of      Secondary          CBSE.                    51).
                             Education.             Was ranked first
                                                     in school.

         Academic Project

1.       Parking Structures: Seminar Presentation on type, use, feasibility and basic design of
         parking structures under course “introduction to civil engineering profession”.

2.       Design of Residential & Multi-storey Building: Complete design of a 2-story residential
         building and a multi-story commercial building under course titled “Building
         Construction and Equipment”.

3.       Aerophotogrammetry: A project report involving use, methods and application of aerial
         photography under “surveying” course.

4.       Environmental Engineering: Design of basic elements of a sewage treatment plant
         (using activated sludge process) for course “Environmental Engineering”.

5.       Social issue: A seminar presentation on status, issues involved, cause and effect and
         method of eradication of Child Labor in India under “English for Communication”

           B.Tech. Project (Final Year Project)
     This project titled as Analysis and Design of a multi-story building under Professor
     (Dr.) Devadas Menon entails complete design of a 7-story Reinforced Concrete building
     under combined influence of wind and earthquake loadings and aimed at redesign of
     similar building which failed during Gujrat earthquake on January 26, 2001.

          Relevant Courses Taken
     Basic sciences
            I. Mathematics : Element of Calculus; Vector, Matrices and Diff. equation;
               Numerical Analysis; Complex Variables; Linear programming
           II. Physics : Physics I; Physics II
          III. Chemistry : Microscopic and Macroscopic Structures of Chemical Systems;
               Physical Chemistry; Organic Chemistry

 Professional Theory
        I. Structural Engineering : Mechanics of Materials, Structural Analysis,
           Advanced Structural Analysis, Design of Concrete Structures, Design of Steel
          Structures, Advanced Design of Concrete Structures, Design of structures under
          Wind and Earthquake Loading.
       II. Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering: Engineering Fluid Mechanics,
            Hydro-systems, Water Resources Engineering.
      III. Geotechnical Engineering: Engineering Geology, Geotechnical Engineering I &
            II, Foundation Engineering.
      IV. Transportation Engineering : Transportation engineering I & II, Transportation
            Project – Analysis & evaluation
       V. Building Technology and Construction Management: Functional Design of
            Buildings, Building Construction and Equipment, Building Drawing,
            Construction Management.

Minor Stream Courses (Operations Research)
        I. Fundamentals of Operation Research
       II. Advanced Operation Research
      III. Computer Simulation

Other fields
         Industrial Psychology; English for Communication; Values, Technology, Science
and Society; Engineering Drawing; Computing: Pascal

    Achievements
      Secured All India Rank 1795 in the Joint Entrance Examination 1999 conducted
       by IITs for admission in prestigious Indian Institutes of Technologies. This exam
       was taken by more than 1.2 lakhs students all over India.

      Won various awards in cultural activities like debate and play in school.

      Was actively involved in organization of cultural festivals Saarang and Bharat
       Utsav and technical festival Shaastra during stay in IIT Madras.

    Academic Indices
  Grade Point Average (up to 6 semesters)

              I Semester             II Semester             III Semester
                 8.56                    9.35                     9.39
             IV Semester             V Semester              VI Semester
                 9.56                    9.81                     9.67

     Cumulative Grade Point Average: 9.37
   Computing Experience
    Operating Systems: Windows
    Programming Languages: C, C++
    Software Package: SAP 2000 (structural analysis program), HEC-1 (Hydraulic
    Engineering Center), LOOP 4 (Pipe Network Analysis and Design), Auto-CAD,
    MS Office

   Personal Information
          Sex                 :           Male

          Nationality         :           Indian

          Marital Status      :           Single

          Permanent Address   :           s/o Mr. S. K. Gupta
                                          UCo Bank, Vidya-Vihar,
                                          Pilani, Rajasthan
                                          PIN: 333031

          Alternate Email     : 

          Languages Known     :           Speak, Read & Write:
                                          English, Hindi (Mother tongue)
                                          Sanskrit, Gujarati

          Other Interests     :           Swimming, Reading (science fictions)
                                          Movies, Current Affairs, Internet

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