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					                                                                                                                                             March 2007

                            Houston Healthy Living
                             The purpose of the Houston Healthy Living Group is to promote healthy living in today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

In Japan years of study after a sickly childhood taught young Isamu Masuda that a balanced approach to living is the key to achieving Total
Wellness. He discovered there are five key aspects of our lives: Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances and that to achieve Total
Wellness individuals must have health and balance in all five of those areas. He called this philosophy the “5 Pillars of Health.”

Beginning in 2007 the Houston Healthy Living Group will focus throughout the year on each of the 5 Pillars of Health.
In March we continue our journey toward Total Wellness by exploring the aspects of the Healthy MInd.

Saturday, March 10 – Sifu (Master/Teacher) Dale Napier will present “Elemental Connections” and discuss the relationship between
stress, fitness, exercise and relaxation. Sifu Napier has trained in taiji (Tai Chi), gungfu (Kung Fu), qigong (Chi Kung), and yoga for more
than 30 years. He teaches taiji and qigong at Centerpoint Houston and the Jewish Community Center, and previously at the University of
Houston. He will provide an opportunity to sample some of the exercises he teaches for de-stressing, relaxation, and meditation preparation.
Be sure to wear comfortable clothing that does not require a belt, and socks.
Central Market, 3815 Westheimer, Community Rooms A & B, 10 am – 12 pm

Thursday, March 15 – Linda Ballesteros, Certified Natural Health Professional will present “Attack of the Hidden Stressors”. There are
many sources of stress and your family is living with some of them in what you think is the safest place – YOUR HOME. Linda will show how
the “safe environment” we think we have created may be contributing to the poor mental and physical health of you and your family.
Central Market, 3815 Westheimer, Community Rooms A & B, 7-9 pm

For further information please contact Linda Ballesteros, CNHP at 832-640-4922 or
When a member of the Houston Healthy Living Meetup group RSVP’s “Yes” and brings a friend both will receive a FREE gift.

            Healing Moves                                                                                                             Sunny Side Up
       Heal yourself with regular                                                                                             Seeing the bright side of things
   sessions of exercise.                                                                                                  can add years to your life.
       Compared to sedentary older                                                                                            Optimists tend to            outlive
   adults, older adults who were                                 For the Sake of Your                                     pessimists and are less likely to die
   regular exercisers experienced                                  Lungs, Chill Out                                       from cardiovascular disease, a new
   faster healing of their wounds -- up                       Ever been so mad you could                                  study revealed. Pessimists may be
   to 10 days faster -- in a recent                       spit? Your lungs may have                                       more likely to smoke or gain
   study. In addition to faster healing,                  something to say about that.                                    weight, factors that increase
   regular exercisers also enjoyed                            Although lung function naturally                            cardiovascular health risks. Focus
   increased strength and physical                        declines with age, recent research                              on the good things in your life and
   fitness. So get moving to turn                         suggests it may decline faster in                               seek out the positive aspects of
   yourself into a faster healer and a                    perpetual hotheads than in even-                                difficult situations.
   healthier person.                                      tempered sorts. Next time you're                                    Not every cloud has a silver
       The speed at which wounds                          seething, try this on-the-spot cool                             lining, but trying to find the positive
   heal tends to slow down in older                       down: Close your eyes, relax your                               in situations is a good health habit
   people, but being physically fit may                   muscles, and imagine yourself far                               to practice. This doesn't mean that
   boost the healing process. In a                        away from what's making you so                                  negative experiences should be
   recent study of older adults,                          mad. Then, breathe deeply.                                      ignored. Recognize their impact,
   wounds took nearly 39 days to heal                         Next time you turn into a                                   but try not to dwell on negative
   in a group of non-exercisers                           snarling Tasmanian devil, employ a                              situations that you cannot change
   compared to 29 days among the                          chill-out strategy. Don't have one?                             and look forward to good things in
   people who exercised regularly. If                     Try this: Take a deep breath and                                life. New research reveals that
   you are recovering from serious                        scrunch up every muscle in your                                 optimists       live    longer     than
   wounds, injuries, or surgeries, you                    face as hard as you can. Now,                                   pessimists and are less likely to die
   should always consult with your                        slowly exhale and release those                                 from       cardiovascular      disease.
   doctor first.                                          muscles one-by-one.                                             Although no one is sure exactly
                                                              If you don't feel lighter after that,                       why, researchers have noted that
       Success means having the                           try looking in the mirror when you                              pessimists may be more likely to
                                                          do it!                                                          develop high blood pressure, gain
    courage, the determination, and                                                                                       weight, or start smoking, all of
   the will to become the person you                                                                                      which endanger heart and blood
     believe you were meant to be.                            The future belongs to those who                             vessel health. Diet, exercise, and
                                                               believe in the beauty of their                             many other healthy lifestyle habits
                                                                           dreams.                                        have a great impact on life span.
  Health Aid of the Month                                    Tickled by Trees                                         Why Salads
                                                         Feeling stressed out, run down,                             Make You Smart
                                                     or sick? Take time to gaze at trees.                          What do vintage cars, sterling
                                                         Spending time gazing at nature                       silver, and your brain have in
                                                     may help restore you. In a study,                        common? They lose their brilliance
                                                     postoperative patients with nature                       without enough TLC.
                                                     views had shorter hospital stays,                             Keeping your car tuned and
                                                     were more satisfied with care, and                       your silver polished is pretty
                                                     required less pain medication                            straightforward. To buff up your
                                                     compared to patients with a brick                        brain? Spinach. Leafy greens help
                                                     wall view. Whether you are                               slow the rate at which people's
          Mental Clarity                             stressed or healing from surgery,                        minds naturally lose their edge due
    Superior Multi-Action Complex.                   care for your own well-being with                        to aging. Eat three or more
Nikken Bio-Directed Mental Clarity                   nature walks or flowers.                                 servings of these veggies each day
is a unique multi-action formula                         Soothing surroundings help                           and you'll slow mental decline by
that combines the most advanced                      relieve stress and promote faster                        as much as 40 percent.
nutrients to detoxify and improve                    recovery after surgery. In one                                Like everything else, brain
brain circulation. This ultra com-                   study, patients who had undergone                        function declines with age -- unless
prehensive formula sets a new                        gall bladder removal and had a                           you do something about it. Staying
standard, blending the highest                       room with a view of a natural                            physically and mentally active
number of nutritional ingredients                    setting     required    less    pain                     helps preserve brainpower, and so
that work synergistically to help                    medication and had shorter                               can the foods you eat, if you make
increase cerebral function. With                     hospital stays than people placed                        the right choices. In a study of
potent antioxidants for detox-                       in a room with a window facing a                         people age 65 and older, leafy
ification and nutrients for improved                 brick wall. In another study,                            greens (spinach, kale, collard
circulation, Mental Clarity contains                 researchers monitored muscle                             greens, lettuce) were declared the
one of the most valued Chinese                       tension, skin conductance, and                           hands-down      produce     winners
nutrients, Cordyceps sinensis.                       blood pressure in 120 participants                       when it came to preserving brain
                                                     while they watched a stressful                           function. Also near the top of the
Calendar of Future Events                            movie followed by tapes featuring                        list    were   zucchini,    squash,
Mar 10 – “Elemental Connections”                     either a natural setting or an urban                     eggplant, and broccoli.
Presented by Tai Chi and Quigong                     environment. Researchers dis-
Sifu (Master/Teacher) Dale Napier                    covered that exposure to a natural
10am-12pm at Central Market                          setting resulted in speedier, more
                                                     comprehensive       recovery    from
Mar 15 – “Attack of the Hidden                       stress than exposure to an urban
Stressors”                                                                                                               Brain Food
                                                     environment. Spend some time
Presented by Linda Ballesteros CNHP                                                                               The foods you eat directly affect
                                                     outdoors in nature every day to                          the performance of your brain. It
7-9 pm at Central Market
                                                     relieve stress, and create peaceful                      has been proven that by eating the
                                                     indoor surroundings by decorating
                                                                                                              right food, you can boost your IQ,
                                                     with potted plants, flowers, and
                                                                                                              improve your mood, be more
                                                     small indoor water fountains.
    The Secret to Finding                                                                                     emotionally stable, sharpen your
      Your Bliss Series                                                                                       memory and keep your mind
                                                     Colds Hate Positive People                                   If you give your brain the right
Feb 26 – Affirmations – Laying the
Foundation to your Blissful Life
                                                         Dread colds? Then be a Little                        nutrients, you will be able to think
6 – 8pm                                              Miss Sunshine. That's the word                           quicker, have a better memory, be
                                                     from researchers who tested the                          better coordinated and balanced
Mar 5 – Empowerment – Discover                       emotional outlook and immune-                            and have improved concentration.
Your Path to a Blissful Life                         system capabilities of a group of                            The three key brain foods to
6 – 8pm                                              adults. Cold viruses had a harder                        boost your brainpower and keep
                                                     time taking hold in the people who                       your brain healthy and your mental
Mar 12 – Attracting Love – Create the                had mostly positive things to say.
Love You Deserve in your Blissful Life                                                                        processes operating effectively are
                                                         Apparently, emotions play a role                     nutritious food, water and oxygen.
6 – 8pm
                                                     in immunity. Positive thoughts not
Mar 19 – Becoming a Cash Magnet –                    only help you steer clear of colds                        Peace of mind is the result of the
Bring Prosperity into Your Blissful Life             but also might make your colds                            knowledge of having done the best
6 – 8pm                                              milder if you do get sick. Good
                                                                                                              that a person is capable of, in spite
                                                     reasons to look on the bright side
Stone Creek Psychotherapy &                                                                                   of the limits of imperfection. Peace
                                                     and to get help if you habitually feel
Wellness Center                                      negative, anxious, or depressed.                           of mind is the key to mental and
20915 Kingsland, Katy, Texas                                                                                             physical health.

                                           The key to an Abundant Life is a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body.

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