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					                          XX Draw Selections Information Sheet
As the name implies, the XX Draw Selections are matches where my ratings suggest that the draw price
is overpriced, and thus value. They are not tips as such, since the majority of these selections will lose,
but educated bettors will understand that the key to profitable betting is in finding value, not simply

Selections are the result of mathematical computations. It is seven years since I stumbled upon the
Betting Exchange concept, and the playing field these days is a lot more level. If you approach sports
betting in a disciplined way, it is an activity that can generate consistent profits.

The selections actually came about by accident. At the start of the 2008-09 season I started an Elo based
rating system. In contrast to a league where a win is always worth three points, wins using Elo ratings
are not all the same. A win against a strong team will boost a rating more than a win against a weak
team, and a loss against a strong team will not be as damaging to the rating as a loss against a weak
team would be.

As time went on, the spreadsheet I use for the ratings became more sophisticated. Rather than just look
at the result, I started to factor in the winning margin, so that a two goal win was better than a one goal
win for example. This meant that a win didn’t necessarily improve a team’s rating if their margin of
victory was less than predicted.

Then I started to look further than just the final score, which can be a poor reflection of the game.
We’ve all seen games where one team has dominated, only to lose to a breakaway goal. One striking
example from the EPL last season (2010-2011) was the match between Birmingham City and Chelsea.
Chelsea had 24 shots to Birmingham City’s 1. Chelsea had 9 shots on target to Birmingham’s 1. Chelsea
were awarded 14 corners to Birmingham’s 2, yet the result was a 1-0 win for Birmingham. It is my
opinion that by including more statistics than simply goals, more accurate ratings are achieved.
Birmingham did not deserve to receive a big boost to their ratings that day – the overall statistics did not
merit that.

The accident previously mentioned, was that as I entered results each week, I realised that, with more
work than I initially thought, it would be possible to add a predictive feature to the spreadsheet. In a
perfect world, team ratings would be almost constant, but of course, football isn’t like that. Teams
change all the time, and Manchester United do not always beat Liverpool who do not always beat Aston
Villa who do not always beat Sunderland etc., but if teams were to play true to their rating, what result
would mean that both teams maintain their current rating?

As I entered results each week, I noticed that when games were drawn, it wasn’t that unusual for the
ratings of both teams to remain the same or only change by a point or two. In other words, the Elo
ratings ‘expected’ the game to be a draw. I started to track these matches, and the result is the XX Draw

The spreadsheet actually predicts outcomes to 0.1 of a goal and the XX Draw picks are those games
where the margin of victory needed to maintain the rating is between +0.1 and -0.1.

                                            Previous Results
Since I started tracking the outcomes of games where the result needed to maintain the ratings was in
the +0.1 to -0.1 range the results have been pleasing to say the least. 260 matches have qualified across
the top five leagues in Europe, and with 91 winners, the strike rate is 35.0% (2.86 in Betting Exchange
terms). With the draw price on these selections currently averaging 3.478, this is a significant edge. To
be honest, I only started tracking the available prices at the start of 2011, but this seems a reasonable
price to assume since the draw price remains fairly consistent, and this number will be updated as more
data is collected.

The table below shows the overall all-time results up to 24th November, 2011 as well as the results
broken down by league. The figures in italics are projected numbers based on the average prices from
each league, which have only been tracked since January 2011.

With the sample size still fairly small, it’s not surprising that we see outliers – France’s Ligue 1 is very
strong, but even the poorest performing Serie A offers a reasonable return.

Overall, it is a solid enough record. The 2011-12 results to date are actually exceeding the long-term
returns. Whether this is because the numbers are becoming more reliable as more data is entered, or
just noise in the data remains to be seen.

                             2010-11 Results January through May
    Selections                Wins                Strike Rate               Profit                  ROI

        69                     24                    34.8%                  13.45                  19.5%
                         2011-12 Results (to 24th November, 2011)
    Selections               Wins                Strike Rate              Profit                 ROI

        56                     21                  37.5%                  17.35                 31.0%

                                       Before You Subscribe
Backing draws is not for those looking for a quick buck. Draws are hard to predict, which is why the
average price is around 3.47 (implied probability slightly below 29%). This means long losing runs are
inevitable. For example, March 2011 had just one winner from ten selections, and there was a losing run
of 16 matches early in 2011-12. On the other hand, the occasional round of matches comes along where
only a 90th minute goal comes between a five for five (500-1 odds) outcome, such as September 24-25,

 I am confident that these selections will remain profitable in the long-term, but can give no guarantee
that any given weekend, or even given month, will be profitable. Sometimes it feels that fate is against
us. In 2011-12 I have started recording the minute when the draw bet was lost, and already we have
seen a 92nd minute penalty take away a win. Handling these ‘bad beats’ is part of the game, and it helps
to understand that what goes against you one week can work in your favour the next.

                                           What To Expect
The XX Draw selections will usually be sent out at least two days in advance – for weekends by Thursday
morning at the latest unless there are midweek games, in which case selections will be sent out as soon
as possible. The draw prices on these selections typically have plenty of value built in, so if kick-off
approaches and you are not yet matched, then taking the available price is still value.

The number of selections will vary. Some weeks there may be none. The number of selections will be
determined solely by the numbers. I will not feel obliged to offer a selection if there are none, nor will I
cap the number of selections on any weekend. Such artificial restrictions make no sense.

It should go without saying that your e-mail address will never be shared or distributed and whether you
decide to join or not is entirely up to you. There will be no high pressure follow up e-mails, or late night
knocks at your door.

                                        Using The Selections
How you use these selections is up to you. I usually back these selections as single bets, but I can see the
appeal of accumulators. Some people may choose to trade out after a certain time, while others may
stay in for the full 90+ minutes. Some may want to take me on, and oppose the selections. That’s fine

These are simply selections that the numbers suggest offer big value on the draw. Unlike most services, I
do not analyse the games in great detail and form a subjective opinion. I simply enter in the teams, and
the spreadsheet spits out the numbers. If there has been some major news leading up to the game that
makes you uncomfortable backing the draw, I won’t be offended.

                                             Under 2.5 Goals
One other recent observation is that there is an apparent upside to backing these selections on the
Under 2.5 goals markets. I started recording these prices at the start of the 2011-12 season, and as of
24th November, 2011, of 56 selections, 34 have been Under 2.5 goals. That is a 60.7% strike rate, with an
implied price of 1.65. When you are looking for draws, you obviously want matches where the
probability of goals is low, and as I have written on my blog, in a way, it is more satisfying to select a
match that ends 1-0 than it is to fluke a 3-3 draw.

              Under 2.5 Goals 2011-12 Results (to 24th November, 2011)
    Selections                Wins                Strike Rate               Profit                   ROI

        56                      34                   60.7%                   8.04                  14.4%

Whether you want to use level stakes or a progressive staking system is also up to you, but it goes
without saying to stay within your comfort zone. Only bet with money that you can afford to lose, and
whatever you might read on forums or elsewhere, no staking plan in the world can turn a losing system
into a profitable one.

The prices quoted will be those that should be available on the Betting Exchanges. If the draw price is
3.45 to Back and 3.5 to Lay at the time I send out the selections, I will use the 3.5. This means that I
suggest placing a bet asking for 3.5 rather than taking the 3.45 that is available. The draw price seldom
shortens significantly, and if your money is up early enough, you will be matched at your asking price
more often than not. If other subscribers have acted on their e-mail ahead of you and driven the price
down by a tick (.05), the draw is still value. At a strike rate of 35%, a price above 3.0 is still great value,
but I would recommend asking for a price more often than you take one, because those .05s add up
over a season and make a big difference.

While I can’t guarantee that the selections will be profitable, I am confident that they will be. Should
they fall short of expectations, I will happily refund up to 50% of the subscription fee. I’m not doing this
for the money, and losses will hurt me more than any subscribers. If the 2011-12 selections finish with a
negative ROI, the refund will be on a sliding scale.
                                       Refund Sliding Scale
  ROI Loss:     0.01% to 4.99%       5% to 9.99%      10% to 14.99%      15% to 19.99%          20%+

   Refund:            10%                20%               30%                40%                  50%

I have decided to set the initial subscription fee for 2011-12 at £99 for anyone subscribing in September,
and (another) sliding scale will enable new subscribers to join later in the season for a reduced fee. This
will cover the remainder of the 2011-12 season, and there should be well over 100 selections, which
makes the cost per selection very reasonable when compared to other full-time services. Anyone joining
on or after the 20th of a month will pay the fee quoted for the following month.

       Sep./Oct.       Nov.          Dec.          Jan.          Feb.         Mar.          Apr.

          £99           £85           £70          £55           £40           £30           £20

                                            Monthly Fees
As there may be a desire from some people to subscribe for a shorter period, a £19 fee per month
alternative is offered. Anyone joining on or after the 20th of a month will receive the selections through
to the end of the following month.

                                               Free Trial
There will be no free trial period, for a couple of reasons. One is that the XX Draw selections have been
published for several months at Green All Over or Gold All Over, and what you have seen there is what
you will get, and second, I don’t need the administrative headache of keeping track of when Free Trials
are due to end.

If anyone on a full subscription wishes to cancel during the season, they are free to do so. The refund
amount will depend on the month the request to cancel is received using the above table (in Fees), so
for example, a subscriber requesting a refund in January would receive £55. Membership has to be for
at least one month.

                                         Capping Members
Given the strength of the draw price, and the number of outlets available for backing it, I seriously doubt
that a few subscribers will make the capping of members something I need to consider. Backing the
draw just isn’t a popular bet.
                                               About Me
Anyone reading this doubtless knows me as the writer of the long running blog Green All Over. I
frequently pay the Premium Charge, and concentrate mostly on football, basketball, baseball and
American Football.

I have been trading and betting on Betfair since 2004. After having betting accounts closed down in the
early 1990s, the result of my betting selectively after comparing the prices available in the Racing Post, I
lost all interest in betting, and concentrated on a career in IT and raising my children. Besides, back then
there wasn’t the wide range of betting opportunities that there are now, although things were starting
to change. It was basically football and horse racing or dogs, and without inside information, the over-
round that bookies work to made it almost impossible to make much of a profit, which is the whole idea
from the bookie’s perspective I suppose!

Then in March 2004, I read an article about the Betting Exchanges concept, and realising that this could
be a perfect fit for my love of sport and statistics, opened an account with an initial (and cautious)
deposit of £100 (actually £98.50 after fees). That remains the only deposit I have ever made. After a
slow start -my apprenticeship - I have turned that two figure sum into a six figure sum.

                                Why Am I Offering This Service?
Quite honestly, I enjoy the challenge of finding value in the betting markets. Football is not an easy sport
to make money from. It’s hugely popular, and the statistics are studied by millions. Finding value is not
easy, but I believe that I have found an edge with these selections, at least for the time being. Backing
the draw is unfashionable, but that is exactly why there is value. No one watches a game cheering for
the draw, so it is under bet. The supposed success of “Lay The Draw” as a system also works in our
favour. Plus, in a match where the two teams are equally fancied, money comes in on both teams, yet
while logic should mean that the draw price shortens, it rarely drops below 3.15 (one end of season
match which was priced at 3.05 in France). By offering these selections, I am not hurting myself. As
mentioned, the draw price is very robust, and because the ratings are mine, my bets will be first in the
queue anyway!

                                         How To Subscribe
Payments should be made via PayPal to – there is a Donate button on my blogs
which can be used.

Thank you for your interest, and please let me know if you have any questions.

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