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 July	20,	2009                                                                                            Volume	62,	No.	14

 Researchers image crucial anthrax protein
                                                                                          ‘State	of	the	Lab’	posted	online

                                                                                          Argonne Director Eric Isaacs presented the annual “State of the Labora-
                                                                                          tory” report to employees July 14. The address has been posted online to
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 Crystal structure of the anthrax protein CapD.
                                                                                          Employee	input	results	in
 By Louise Lerner                             Fellow. “This is why macrophages
                                              can’t deal with the protective capsule of
                                                                                          handicapped-accessible	door
      Anthrax, long feared for its            anthrax. They could easily find a regular
 potential as a biological weapon, has        peptide made of ‘L’ amino acids, but
 lost some of its mystery. Argonne and        this is a unique configuration, and they
 University of Chicago researchers have       can’t recognize it. That’s how they fool
 determined the structure of a protein        the system.”
 crucial to the virulence of anthrax                Joachimiak and the team wanted to
 bacteria.                                    map out the crystal structure of CapD.
      One of anthrax’s most danger-           Once the researchers discovered the
 ous features is its ability to exist as a    enzyme’s structure, they could begin to
 spore — an inactive sealed package that      search for a molecule that could block
 can survive extreme conditions outside       its function — which in turn would
 its host for long periods. Once in the       make the bacteria more vulnerable to
 bloodstream, however, the bacterium          human defenses.
 germinates, triggering a dangerous in-             By using brilliant X-rays at the
 fection. The activated anthrax bacterium     Structural Biology Center 19ID beam-
 looks like a thin rod swathed in a thick     line at Argonne’s Advanced Photon
 protective capsule coating. This capsule     Source, the team was able to image
 coat lets the bacteria evade mac-            two versions of the protein: one with a
 rophages, the roving white blood cells       molecule of imitation capsule material
 that form the first line of our immune       attached, and one without.
 response.                                          “It looks like Pac-Man,” Joachimi-    Based on feedback to the Employee Safety and Health Committee, a
      The researchers examined a gene         ak said. “The jaws are open when it’s       handicapped-accessible door was installed at the Building 213 Cafeteria.
 that codes for a particular enzyme called    empty, but when the ligand attaches, it          In response to an employee sugges-     employee involvement. The committee
 CapD, a protein that helps the bacteria      clamps down around it.” Then the en-        tion to the Argonne Employee Safety and     is responsible for working with manage-
 form its protective coating once it enters   zyme cleaves the polymer and attaches       Health Committee (ESHC), an automatic,      ment to make safety programs more
 the body. CapD sits on the surface of        it to the surface of the cell.              handicapped-accessible door was recently    effective.
 the cell, grabs molecules of the cap-              The paper, “Crystal Structure         installed at the Building 213 Cafeteria.         Membership is voluntary; members
 sule’s building blocks (poly-D-gamma-        of Bacillus anthracis Transpeptidase             The employee informed an ESHC          must be non-managers approved by the
 glutamic acid, or PDGA) and attaches         Enzyme CapD,” will be published in the      member that there was no handicapped        appropriate director. Initial members will
 them to the bacteria’s outer wall to form    Journal of Biological Chemistry.            entrance to Building 213. The ESHC pre-     serve one, two, or three-year terms.
 its shield.                                        The work to characterize anthrax      sented the issue to the Director’s Safety        The ESHC encourages employees to
      “The PDGA peptide construction          and other pathogenic or important           Council where the process was started to    communicate any safety issue or concern
 is unusual; for example, it is made with     bacteria is part of an initiative by the    resolve the issue.                          to the committee. To provide input to
 the ‘D’ isomer of glutamic acid instead      Midwest Center for Structural Genom-             The Employee Safety and Health         the committee, contact the ESHC chair,
 of the ‘L’ form found in proteins,” said     ics, an NIH-funded consortium of eight      Committee promotes a safe work              Donna Gudgel, at or ext.
 Andrzej Joachimiak (BIO), co-author          institutions, and the Region V Great        environment at the laboratory through       2-6341.
 of the study and Argonne Distinguished       See “Anthrax” on page 3

   SCIENCE	(PAGE 3)                                                                              ARGONNE	 NATIONAL	 LABORATORY	 IS	 MANAGED	 BY	 UCHICAGO	 ARGONNE,	
• PIONEERS	PLAN	24TH	REUNION	(PAGE 4)                                                            LLC	FOR	THE	U.S.	DEPARTMENT	OF	ENERGY
2				Argonne	News/July	20

Argonne	partners	with	Turkey	to	promote	                                                   Veil	honored	for		                          XM	Expense		
clean	energy	technologies                                                                  contributions	to		                          Management		
                                             carbon emissions and developing ad-           environmental		                             System	for	travel	
                                             vanced renewable energy technologies.
                                                  The project includes training for        protection	                                 accounting	has	new	
                                             Turkish officials in Argonne’s energy
                                             planning and modeling tools to sup-                                      John Veil, a     features
                                             port long-range energy supply and                                  senior engineer in
                                                                                                                                            An updated version (7.0 SP3) of
                                             demand projections while improving                                 Argonne’s Envi-
                                                                                                                                       the XM Expense Management Sys-
                                             and diversifying energy use, develop-                              ronmental Science
                                                                                                                                       tem was released July 6. This release
                                             ing renewable energy and reducing                                  Division, has been
                                                                                                                                       contains some new features and a new
                                             carbon emissions. Argonne has worked                               named the 2009
                                                                                                                                       look for the interface. Some of the
                                             with Turkey over the last 18 years on                              recipient of the
                                                                                                                                       main changes are listed below, and
                                             a series of complex energy and power                               Health, Safety,
                                                                                                  Veil                                 the reference documents on the travel
                                             modeling issues funded by the World                                Security, Environ-
                                                                                                                                       Web site and the FAQ document in
                                             Bank and the United Nations Develop-                               ment and Social
                                                                                                                                       XM have been updated to reflect these
                                             ment Program.                                 Responsibility Award of the Society of
                                                  “Turkey has significant energy           Petroleum Engineers (SPE).
                                             potential that has yet to be realized,”            This is the highest SPE award
                                                                                                                                       What is new for the XM Expense
In 2004, energy consumption in               said Argonne’s Guenter Conzelmann             given in the environmental field. It
                                                                                                                                       Management System?
the Turkish steel industry resulted          (DIS). “Our training and models will          recognizes outstanding achievement
                                                                                                                                            The layout and functionality of the
in 15.2 million metric tons of CO2           help the Turkish government make              or contributions to the advancement
                                                                                                                                       “My Inbox” (previously “My Con-
emissions.                                   decisions that will address their future      of petroleum engineering in the field
                                                                                                                                       nect”) screen displayed after logging
                                             energy supply needs, develop sustain-         of environmental protection, health or
     Argonne will play a key role in a                                                                                                 into the system has changed. The tabs
                                             able energy strategies and mitigate po-       safety in oil and gas exploration, drill-
Clean Energy Partnership recently an-                                                                                                  have changed, the layout is different
                                             tential power shortages while reducing        ing or production operations.
nounced between Turkey’s Ministry of                                                                                                   and more information is displayed.
                                             vulnerabilities and promoting economic             Veil’s contributions that led to
Energy and Natural Resources (MENR)                                                                                                         • Two tabs are used to view/access
                                             growth.”                                      this award include being a SPE Dis-
and the U.S. Trade and Development                                                                                                     the user’s documents, “My Docu-
                                                  Conzelmann heads Argonne’s               tinguished Lecturer for 2008-2009; his
Agency (USTDA).                                                                                                                        ments” and “Documents to Review.”
                                             Center for Energy, Environmental and          lecture was on produced-water manage-
     “We have enjoyed a longstand-                                                                                                     The third tab “Outstanding Charges”
                                             Economic Systems Analysis (CEEE-              ment. Veil also served as the environ-
ing partnership with Argonne National                                                                                                  displays credit card transactions.
                                             SA), which develops models to analyze         ment editorial board representative for
Laboratory and we look forward to                                                                                                           • “Start Proxy” is now a button
                                             energy, environmental and economic            SPE’s Journal of Petroleum Technol-
working with them again as we address                                                                                                  selection located at the top of the
                                             issues. The models created by CEEE-           ogy, and was a member of the planning
critical issues related to future energy                                                                                               screen. (After entering or searching
                                             SA are used to inform decision makers         committees for the last four biennial
use and developing clean energy tech-                                                                                                  and finding the name of the traveler,
                                             about large-scale energy deployments          SPE environment and safety confer-
nologies,” said Budak Dilli, General                                                                                                   select Start Proxy instead of “Go.”)
                                             and address today’s energy and envi-          ences.
Director for Energy Affairs at MENR.                                                                                                        • More information about the
                                             ronmental problems.                                Veil will receive the award Oct. 5
“Their expertise will be instrumental in                                                                                               document is displayed (document sta-
                                                  CEEESA has trained more than             at the SPE Awards Banquet during the
helping us understand our future energy                                                                                                tus, exception and override indicators,
                                             1,300 experts from more than 90               Society’s Annual Technical Conference
supply and demand situation while real-                                                                                                created date).
                                             countries. CEEESA works with power            and Exhibition, being held this year in
izing the environmental and economic                                                                                                        • The documents are no longer
                                             companies, consulting agencies and gov-       New Orleans.
implications of our energy policy deci-                                                                                                sorted into New, Submitted and Not
                                             ernments around the world, including                                                      Approved, or Returned for More In-
sions.”                                      the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S.                                                   formation. The document status is now
     A recent memorandum of agree-
ment between Turkey and the USTDA
                                             State Department, the U.S. Agency for
                                             International Development (USAID), the
                                                                                           ‘Focal	Point’	blog	a	                       indicated by the icon to the right of the
outlines a clean energy partnership
that will advance key objectives of
                                             World Bank, the International Atomic          new	tool	for		                              document under the Document Status
                                                                                                                                       column (the text description appears
                                             Energy Agency (IAEA), the USTDA and
the Obama administration by reducing         various state agencies.                       communication	at	                           when hovering over the icon).
                                                                                                                                            • The displayed documents can
                                                                                           Argonne                                     be filtered by selecting “Filter Docu-
Argonne-university	seed	grant	                                                                                                         ments” at the top or sorted by double-
                                                                                                                                       clicking the column headers.
applications	due	Aug.	14                                                                                                                    • Scanned receipts can be viewed
                                                                                                                                       for submitted documents from the “In
     The Strategic Collaborative             assembled and submitted using the pro-                                                    Box” screen.
Initiatives program that supports col-       vided forms and guidelines and should                                                          • The Web links are now selec-
laborative research projects between         clearly make the scientific case, identify                                                tions on the right of the screen.
the University of Chicago faculty and        principal investigators (PIs) and other                                                        • “Search My Document” is now
                                                                                                 “Focal Point,” a new management       located above the listed documents.
Argonne scientists/engineers has been        personnel, resources existing in this and     blog site, is updated often by a vari-
continued. Joint proposals that also in-     related areas and the resources sought.                                                        • “Create New Travel Plans” and
                                                                                           ety of members of management. The           “Expense Reports” is now a button
clude researchers from Fermi National             There must be at least one ap-           blog provides a range of perspectives
Accelerator Laboratory (in addition to       plicant from each institution on each                                                     selection located at the top left of the
                                                                                           from around the laboratory focused          screen.
researchers from Chicago and Argonne)        proposal and university applicants must       on improving business practices and
are also eligible for consideration under    be PI-eligible. Proposal budgets should                                                        • The “Out of Office” indicator
                                                                                           sharing success stories. The blog will      and Proxy manager are now accessed
this program.                                be in the range of $50,000-$100,000 for       not be open to the public; Focal Point
     Research funded will be new proj-       one year.                                                                                 by selecting “My Info” in the top right
                                                                                           is intended to be used by laboratory        section of the screen next to the “Sign
ects intended to provide the basis for            The laboratory director, relevant        employees only.
future collaborative research between        deans, and others with necessary exper-                                                   Out” option.
                                                                                                Employees are invited to comment
the university and the laboratory.           tise will evaluate proposals and assess       on blog entries. The goal is to begin a
     Criteria for selection of propos-       their merits. The final selection will be                                                 Other changes:
                                                                                           dialogue about where the laboratory              • Notes can be deleted or edited
als include importance of the work,          made in September with a start date of        is headed, the challenges it faces and
whether the collaboration creates a          Oct. 1. Upon completion of the project,                                                   before document submission.
                                                                                           how to overcome them. Employees will             • Additional screen navigation
more powerful or convincing research         PIs will provide brief written reports        be asked to identify themselves and
program than could be achieved by            on the scientific results of their projects                                               options are available such as: “return,”
                                                                                           follow basic rules of engagement (e.g.,     “close window,” “print this document”
working independently, and potential to      and how the funds were used.                  be respectful of one another). Com-
achieve and sustain an ongoing col-               Proposals should be submitted                                                        and “refresh.”
                                                                                           munication & Public Affairs staff will           • State is now an available search
laboration.                                  electronically by PDF attachment to           review comments prior to posting them
     Applications are due on Friday,                                                                   criterion in the location search.
Aug. 14. Application forms and pro-               Additional questions should be di-
posal guidelines can be obtained by re-      rected to Larry Hill, associate vice presi-                                     
quest from Tracy Schultz at tjschultz@       dent for national laboratories, at lhill@ Proposals should be   or (773) 834-0953.

Submit	classified	ads	online	at	Deadline	
for	all	materials	is	5	p.m.	Friday.	Argonne	National	Laboratory	is	managed	by	UChi-
cago	Argonne,	LLC	for	the	U.S.	Department	of	Energy.	
                                                                                                                                                    Argonne	News/July	20				3

Patterson	named	chief		                                                                    Argonne	recognized	during	visual		
of	Argonne	Fire	Dept.                                                                      celebration	of	great	science	

Craig Patterson, who has more than 23 years of service with the Argonne
Fire Department, has been promoted to chief.

      Craig Patterson has been pro-           position,” said Security and Counter-
moted to chief of the Argonne Fire            intelligence Division Director Larry
Department.                                   Collins. “We are truly fortunate to have
      Patterson has more than three           an individual of Craig’s caliber, and the
decades of fire department service,           Argonne Fire Department is in good
having held the positions of firefighter,     hands as we move to the future.”
firefighter/paramedic, apparatus engi-             Patterson replaces Gordon Veer-
neer, fire lieutenant and battalion chief.    man, who retired at the end of May
He has more than 23 years service with        after more than 46 years with the
the Argonne Fire Department, the last         Argonne Fire Department and 32 years
16 as battalion chief. In his first service   as chief.
as a firefighter he was honored with the           In addition to providing the labora-
“Rookie of the Year Award” from the           tory with essential emergency services
Manhattan Fire Department, which also         — fire prevention and control, ambu-
twice named him “Firefighter of the           lance, and paramedics — the Argonne
Year.”                                        Fire Department also handles a broad         This simulation won an OASCR at the SciDAC conference. It was com-
      “Craig brings a wealth of knowl-        range of fire protection information,        puted on the Argonne's IBM Blue Gene/P Intrepid and visualized on the Ar-
edge, skill and expertise to the chief’s      inspections and permitting.                  gonne Leadership Computing Facility's Eureka, using Argonne-developed
                                                                                           volume rendering software. The visualization was done by Brad Gallagher
                                                                                           of the University of Chicago ASC/Alliance Flash Center. The Flash group
Applications	sought	                          Argonne	recognized	                          has a grant of 70 million hours on the Intrepid, from the U.S. Department
for	Director’s		                              for	support	of		                             of Energy's Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and
                                                                                           Experiment (INCITE) program, to conduct the first rigorous, systematic
Postdoctoral		                                adoption                                     validation of four current models of the type Ia supernovae.

Fellowships                                         Argonne was among 23 organiza-
                                              tions honored by the Cradle Foundation
                                                                                                Argonne received two of the U.S.
                                                                                           Department of Energy’s Office of Ad-
                                                                                                                                      computer runs for the winning entries
                                                                                                                                      were done at the Argonne Leadership
     Applications are being sought for        for its adoption-related benefits and as-    vanced Scientific Computing Research       Computing Facility (ALCF). The com-
the Director’s Postdoctoral Fellowships.      sistance programs.                           (OASCR) Awards for visualizations          putations were carried out on one of the
Candidates for the Director’s Postdoc-              Argonne joins such companies and       produced by using Argonne’s energy-        world’s fastest and most energy-efficient
toral Fellowships are selected based on       organizations as Accenture, Crate & Bar-     efficient supercomputer, Intrepid, along   supercomputers: Intrepid, Argonne’s
their research and academic accomplish-       rel, McDonald’s Corporation and State        with Eureka, one of the world’s largest    IBM Blue Gene/P. The visualizations
ments and the strength of their research      Farm Insurance on the list of honorees.      graphics processing units.                 were performed on Eureka with soft-
proposal. They will collaborate with Ar-            The Foundation is an adoption ser-          The awards were presented during      ware developed at Argonne. Eureka is
gonne scientists and engineers on existing    vices organization providing education,      the Scientific Discovery through Ad-       also located at the ALCF and is one of
programs and on new initiatives. These        guidance and lifelong support on parent-     vanced Computing (SciDAC) confer-          the world’s largest graphics processing
fellows do not incur any cost to Argonne      ing choices with the goal of creating and    ence held in San Diego. The top 10         units, providing more than 111 teraflops
divisions.                                    sustaining nurturing families.               winners were selected by the partici-      and over 3.2 terabytes of RAM.
     Candidates are required to submit the          More information about The             pants of the conference at the Electron-        The winning entries were car-
following application package:                Silver Cradle Awards and The Cradle          ic Visualization and Poster Night.         ried out by teams supported by DOE’s
        • Nomination memo (2 pages or         Foundation is available at www.                   “Visualizations provide an incred-    Innovative and Novel Computational
fewer) from an Argonne sponsor (with                        ibly powerful way for scientists to        Impact on Theory and Experiment
copy to Division Director)                                                                 gain new insights into complex prob-       (INCITE) program, which awards
        • Research proposal (2 pages or                                                    lems,” said Mark Hereld, who leads         sizable allocations of time — typi-
fewer)                                        Anthrax                                      the visualization and analysis efforts     cally, millions of processor-hours per
        • Three letters of recommendation                                                  for the Argonne Leadership Computing       project — on some of the world’s most
from other than Argonne staff                 Continued from page 1                        Facility. “At Argonne, we are fortu-       powerful supercomputers in order to
        • CV                                  Lakes Regional Center of Excellence          nate to have the expertise in software     address grand challenges in science and
        • List of publications, abstracts     in Biodefense and Emerging Infectious        development and computation and the        engineering.
and significant presentations                 Diseases Consortium.                         hardware resources necessary to make            The INCITE program goes beyond
        • Graduate school transcripts              Funding for this research was           these visualizations possible.”            providing access to supercomputers. A
     The application deadline is Monday,      provided by the National Institutes of            The Argonne winning visualiza-        key aspect of the program is to connect
Sept. 14. Questions and comments should       Health, the National Institute of General    tions were “Turbulent Flow of Cool-        scientific and technical staff, enabling
be directed to Giselle Sandi, postdoctoral    Medical Sciences, and the National In-       ant in an Advanced Nuclear Reactor”        researchers to leverage Argonne’s
programs coordinator, at       stitute of Allergy and Infectious Disease    and “Simulation of the Gravitationally     expertise in optimizing applications to
or ext. 2-1903.                               Regional Centers of Excellence. The          Confined Detonation (GCD) Model of         scale successfully to an unprecedented
                                              Advanced Photon Source is supported          a Type Ia Supernovae for Ignition at       number of processors to solve some of            by the Office of Basic Energy Sciences       Multiple Points.”                          our nation’s most pressing science and
postdoc.htm                                   within the DOE Office of Science.                 Both the visualizations and the       technology challenges.

                                                                                          Argonne	News	is	published	biweekly	for	Argonne	employees	by	Communications	and	
                                                                                          Public	Affairs.	Send	news	items	to	Abigail	Allred,	Building	201,	Room	2U-11	(C&PA-
                                                                                          201).	Voice:	ext.	2-5545.	Fax:	ext.	2-5274.	E-mail:	
4			Argonne	News/July	20

Pioneers	plan	24th	reunion                                                                 Postdoc	symposium	 Employees	receive	
     The Argonne Pioneers will hold           requires a firm commitment of the num-       to	be	held	this	fall	 SPOT	Awards
their 24th annual reunion dinner Sunday,      ber of attendees. Reservations cannot be
                                                                                                The Postdoctoral Office and the              The SPOT Award recognizes em-
Oct. 4 at the Orland Chateau Restaurant       accepted nor will refunds be made after
                                                                                           Postdoctoral Society of Argonne are or-      ployees’ contribution to safety and quality
(14500 LaGrange Road, Orland Park).           that date. Checks should be sent and
                                                                                           ganizing the second annual Postdoctoral      at the laboratory. The award recognizes
     Pioneers include all current and         made payable to Argonne Pioneers Re-
                                                                                           Research Symposium.                          employees “on-the-spot” who exhibit
former Argonne, Met Lab, Atomic               union, c/o Evie Fagan, 1032 Pinewood
                                                                                                The event will take place Sept. 10.     good safety behavior or initiative. The
Energy Commission (AEC/DOE) and               Drive, Downers Grove, IL 60516.
                                                                                           Research papers will be accepted in biol-    following employees have recently re-
Credit Union employees who worked in                Attendance has been declining, so
                                                                                           ogy, chemistry and biochemistry, engi-       ceived SPOT awards:
these organizations between 1942 and          be sure to encourage your friends to at-
                                                                                           neering, environmental science, materi-
1980 ((newly extended year). This also        tend if you want this event to continue.
                                                                                           als science, mathematics and computer        • John Weizeorick (XSD)
includes all present employees with 30              Register using the form below;
                                                                                           science, physics and high energy physics     • Gloria Griparis (TSD)
years or more of service. Spouses and         those who can not attend should still
                                                                                           and synchrotron research.                    • Annie Smith (EVS)
guests of those attending are welcome.        fill out the appropriate lines on the form
                                                                                                Postdoctoral associates and senior      • Yaohua Liu (MSD)
     The cost is $25 per person, includ-      and mail it in to Fagan to avoid being
                                                                                           graduate students from Argonne and area
ing tax and tip, for the family-style         dropped from the mailing list.
                                                                                           universities will present the results of          Any authorized manager or supervi-
dinner. Registration and friendship time            Argonne Pioneers Committee
                                                                                           their work at this symposium. A poster       sor may give a Spot Award to an em-
will be 2 - 4 p.m., immediately followed      members are Evie Fagan, Ken Okolow-
                                                                                           session is also planned, along with a        ployee when safe behavior or initiative is
by dinner. A cash bar will be available.      itz and Evelyn Rutkowski. For more
                                                                                           wine and cheese reception to promote         displayed, which gives the employee im-
Music for dancing will be provided.           information contact Evie Fagan at (630)
                                                                                           networking among Argonne's academic          mediate recognition. For more information
     Reservations must be made by             960-5563. No refund can be made after
                                                                                           and industrial professionals.                about SPOT awards, reference the “Safety
Monday, Sept. 28, because the restaurant      Sept. 28.
                                                                                                All symposium presenters and at-        and Quality Awards Procedure.”
                                                                                           tendees are required to pre-register by
 _________________________________________________________________                         Aug. 3. Instructions for preparation of
                                                                                           abstracts, abstract submission and regis-    results/HR-
 _________________________________________________________________                         tration information are available online.
 	                                                                                         For more information, contact Giselle
                                                                                           Sandi, Postdoctoral Programs Coordina-       Ska,	reggae	and	
                                                                                           tor at ext. 2-1903 or
 □	I	am	a	“PIONEER”	and	plan	to	attend	the	reunion	on	10-4-09                                                                           dance-punk	band	to	
 □	I	plan	to	bring	my	spouse/guest.	“PIONEER”:		□	Yes				□	No	
                                                                                                                                        perform	at	Argonne
 				Name	of	spouse/guest	____________________________________________
                                                                                                                                             The Argonne Music Club will host a
 				If	“Yes”:
                                                                                                                                        performance by the “Skalalitabs,” a ska,
 				Years	employed:	From_______To	_______Dept/Div______________________
                                                                                           Staples	takes	over	                          reggae and dance-punk band comprising
                                                                                                                                        a group of University of Illinois stu-
 □	Enclosed	is	my	check	for	$25	per	person	made	out	to	the	Argonne	Pioneers	
                                                                                           Corporate	Express	                           dents, on Thursday, July 23.
                                                                                                Staples Inc. has bought out Corpo-           Music will start at 6 p.m. in the
                                                                                                                                        Building 617 Lower Level. There is no
 □	I	will	not	be	able	to	attend	but	would	like	to	be	informed	of	any	future	events.        rate Express, a provider of office sup-
                                                                                           plies on the Argonne Materials Order-        charge for admission, and the Lower
 □	I	will	not	be	able	to	attend	and	would	like	to	be	deleted	from	your	mailing	list.                                                    Level has comfortable table seating.
                                                                                           ing System (AMOS). Pricing and part
                                                                                           numbers will remain the same for now,        Beverages and snacks are available for
                                                                                           and supplier contacts are the same, but      purchase.
Leading	Apple	Computers	distributor		                                                      e-mail addresses have changed.                    The Argonne Music Club brings
                                                                                                                                        Argonne’s diverse community together
now	available	through	AMOS                                                                     through the universal language of music,
      Holman's Computing Solutions, a                                                      amoslist.html                                and showcases the musical talents of
leading distributor of Apple Computers is                                                                                               Argonne employees.
now available through the Argonne Mate-                                          
rials Ordering System (AMOS).                                                              home.jsp                           

Classified	ads
MISCELLANEOUS                                 MISCELLANEOUS - Panasonic micro-             keys, brand new, with new piano books        APARTMENT/RENT - Westmont 2BR
                                              wave, large, 1300 kW. $25. Quasar mi-        attached as a gift. $500. Ruobing Xie.       deluxe apt with ceramic tile in kitchen
DINING ROOM SET - Haywood Wake-               crowave, small, 1000 kW. $15. 18-speed                        and bathroom, refrigerator/dishwasher,
field all wood dining set, six chairs,        bike, with frame for woman/man, thin                                                      ceiling fans, blinds, storage, front and
table, server, additional leaves. Excellent   tires. $20. Danial Doss. (630) 960-3150.     AUTOMOBILES                                  back patios, laundry facility, well-
condition. $1,500. John Rohrer. (815)                                                                                                   maintained brick building, convenient
439-7789.                                     TOOLS - Sears Craftsman 15 1/2”              2003 BUELL - Firebolt, 15K miles, fast       location, close to lab. No pets, free
                                              drill press, model 113.24610. Sears          and fun bike, not enough time to ride.       heat and hot water. $900/month. Sam
BOOKS - “North Woods Wildflowers,”            Craftsman 12” bandsaw-sander, model          Can send pictures. $5,500 OBO. Melissa       Ambegaoker. (630) 960-5731.
Doug Ladd, Falcon Publishing, 2001,           113.243310. Sears Craftsman 10”              Kane. (815) 693-8000.
270 pages, paperback with descriptions        radial arm saw, model 113.23100. All                                                      WANTED
and high-quality photographs. Four            on stands. Saws have vacuum attach-          2002 ACURA - RSX Type-S, 6 speed
brand-new copies available. $10 each.         ments. View pics and manuals at www.         manual, 98K miles, new clutch and            KAYAK- Rigid with good initial
Kenneth Dritz. (708) 598-3119.       $200 each. Robert      performance tires (front), type-R spoiler,   stability, single or double passenger.
                                              Laird.                regular maintenance, nice car! $9,000        Used for touring, speed not an issue.
MISCELLANEOUS - 20” new boys’                                                              OBO. Raymond Ziegler. (815) 341-2130         Kathleen Winner. (815) 254-4250.
bike. $40. Like new boys’ bike. $25.          CEILING FAN - 32 in., three-speed, five      or
Two like new girls’ 16” bike. $25. New        blades, white, used very little. $15. Gene                                                AUTOMOBILE - Toyota/Honda,
girls’ bike. $35. Battery-operated Jeep.      Palys. (708) 354-2088.                       HOUSING                                      1997-2001 in excellent condition,
$30. Brand new booster seat. $10. Tod-                                                                                                  reasonably priced, for high school stu-
dler picnic table. $10. Big Fisher Price      KIDS THINGS - 2 Evenflow booster             HOUSE/RENT - Single family house             dent. Denise Moores. (630) 335-0076.
house, like new. $30. Will send pictures.     car seats, black and grey for 20-100 lbs,    with open floor plan, 3 bedrooms, 2.5
Nancy Sanchez. (815) 886-4332.                29-54”. $25 each. Eddie Bauer folding        bathrooms, bright kitchen, awesome deck      TO BE GIVEN AWAY
                                              double stroller, new was $180, asking        perfect for entertaining. On cul-de-sac,
HAMSTER ITEMS - Hamster cage,                 $80. Darlene Tonelli. (815) 609-1237.        close to I-55, shopping and schools, 15      KITTENS - Two adorable black kit-
tubes, ball, food, etc. $20. Colleen Tobo-                                                 minutes to Argonne. $1,650 per month.        tens, very gentle, litter-box trained.
lic. (815) 370-8125.                          KEYBOARD - Yamaha Keyboard                   Xiaohua Wang.          Karen Kucer. (815) 838-3609.
                                              DGX 505 with stand, 88 piano-style

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