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					Neighbourhood Agreement

Keeping your streets safe and secure

            I hereby sign up to
       'Peace and Quiet' Agreement
         Residents          Partners
Neighbourhood Agreement

  Keeping your streets safe and secure
Welcome to the second Neighbourhood Agreement. This one is called Peace and Quiet - Keeping your
community safe and secure and dealing with issues such as crime, anti social behaviour, noise nuisance
and fire safety.

It is a contract designed and agreed by the residents and the              •   Police Response Times
providers of services in the area. The service providers detail what       •   How to contact the Neighbourhood Policing Team
they intend to do and, how, where and when they will do it. The            •   How to reduce the risk of being a victim of crime
residents on their part will have specific roles and responsibilities so   •   What to do about Anti-Social Behaviour
that they can work with the service providers to ensure the best           •   Trading Standards & Licensing
possible outcome for both sides                                            •   Securing Buildings
                                                                           •   Noise Nuisance
THIS DOCUMENT OUTLINES:                                                    •   Fire Safety
                                                                           •   Youth Service
• What level of services will be provided in the area
                                                                           •   Support with parenting
• What residents will do for themselves
In order for the agreement to be successful, both the community            WHO IS INVOLVED IN THIS AGREEMENT?
and the service providers need to be aware of their responsibilities,
                                                                           • Residents
to work together and agree to play their part.
                                                                           • Oldham Council
                                                                              - Community Safety Unit
WHAT IS THIS AGREEMENT FOR?                                                   - Environmental Health
This agreement outlines the joint actions that Greater Manchester             - Trading Standards & Licensing
Police, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and Oldham                 - Youth Services
Council (the service providers) need to take together with residents       • Greater Manchester Police
in order to make Oldham a safe and secure place in which to live.          • Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service
Prevent, Protect and Respond to Fire
     The Greater Manchester Fire Service will:                                                               Residents will:
     Ensure the attendance of a Fire Engine within 7 minutes for a house                          Request a free home safety fire assessment.
                         fire on 90% of occasions.
                                                                                   Report dumped items that could be set fire to by calling 0161 770 6644.
      Ensure the attendance of a Fire Engine within 8 minutes at a road
                     traffic collision where life is at risk.                           Report concerns of fire safety in the workplace including public
                                                                                                             places and buildings.
   Provide and fit smoke alarms with a 10-year guarantee to any property,
                               free of charge.                                                       Report people who attack fire fighters.

      Undertake a home fire safety check for any resident, giving advice                            Report people who start unwanted fires.
           and resources to reduce the risk of fire free of charge.
                                                                                                    Report people who make hoax 999 calls.
                    Prosecute hoax callers where identified.
                                                                                     Report abandoned vehicles by ringing the police on 0161 872 5050.
Deliver Fire Safety advice to schools and other group organisations on request.
                                                                                                            The numbers to call are:
               Enforce Fire Safety regulations in the work place.
                                                                                                             Emergencies – 999
       Respond to any complaint regarding breaches of fire safety law                                General Enquiries – 0161 736 5866
                            within 24 hours.                                              or visit for more information

                       Licence the storage of fireworks.                          Home Safety Check – 0800 555 815 or

Working with Young People Aged 13 to 23 Years
                 Oldham Youth Service will:                                                                  Residents will:
 Provide and support a range of social and educational opportunities that will     Take responsibility for their children and take all reasonable steps to know
encourage young people to learn throughout their lives, make positive choices             where they are, who they are with and what they are doing.
 and achieve their potential as individuals, members of their community and
                             members of society.                                         Refer young people to the Youth Service so that they can try
                                                                                                    to involve them in positive activities.
   Work with others to ensure young people, who are seen to be causing a
    nuisance, are linked into Youth Service, or other worthwhile activities.                  Get involved in volunteering and training if possible.

  Provide a series of activities, which help young people to understand their           Set reasonable boundaries for your children and be a good role
         rights and responsibilities as members of their community.                          model to them by showing them how to behave well.

Support local young people to enable them to take part in relevant meetings          Support young people by encouraging them to get involved in local
                      to ensure their views are heard.                                 meetings and other events to make sure their views are heard.
                                                                                     The number to call is 0161 624 1775 to ask about what is available
Provide youth workers to go out on the streets to work with young people one                               for young people locally
                             evening per week.
                                                                                   The number to call is 0161 770 3298 to find out about the Youth Service
  Provide a mobile youth facility with youth workers one evening per week.                    in Oldham and about volunteering and training.

 Provide two local afternoon activity sessions a week during school holidays.

        Provide a series of activities that address anti social behaviour.                Are you really sure where your children are?
         Refer young people to other services as and when required.
                                                                                         Do you need help and support with parenting?
                                                                                              The number to call for the Respect
                                                                                               Coordinator for 10 – 17 yr olds is
                                                                                           0161 621 9523 or contact Parent Line Plus

                                                                                                       Do you know that Crimestoppers is a
                                                                                                        charity and you can remain totally
                                                                                                        anonymous and receive a reward?
                                                                                                       The number to call for Crimestoppers
                                                                                                               is 0800 555 111
Fighting Crime and Protecting people
              Greater Manchester Police will:                                                                   Residents will:
      Respond to calls for help where there is an immediate threat to life                                 Ring 999 if risk to life or property.
   or serious risk of injury or damage to property, as quickly as possible and
                            certainly within 10 minutes.                                 Ring 0161 872 5050 to report crime and anti-social behaviour in all
                                                                                        circumstances that do not involve an immediate risk to life or property,
  Attend, within 1 hour, any incident where the call for help requires prompt                                and ask for a response time.
        police attendance but doesn't justify an immediate response.
                                                                                        Think carefully about the consequences of your own actions and show
   Aim to respond, within 4 hours, where an incident has occurred and there                                     respect towards others.
                       is no danger to life or property.
                                                                                       Take responsibility for the children in your family, making sure you know
  Always give priority to emergencies. Please note that whatever the reason                            where they are and what they are doing.
     for contacting the Police, they will try to respond in a timely manner
appropriate to the circumstances. This may mean giving telephone assistance.           Take steps to protect yourself, your family, your home and your property
                                                                                              by taking sensible security measures as advised by services.
       Investigate incidents thoroughly and update you with progress at
                    a convenient time and in an agreed way.                                    Get to know your Community Support Officers (PCSO’s).
                                                                                                 Stop and speak to them when they are in the area.
      Maintain a Neighbourhood Policing Team providing a local contact
                     for all community-policing issues.                                   Call the Neighbourhood Policing Team with none urgent issues on
                                                                                            0161 856 8927 or email :
       Take positive action against those who are involved in the supply
                            and use of illegal drugs.                                 Report crime and disorder when you experience it as a victim or a witness.

     Respond to calls made to the Neighbourhood Policing Team between                       Look out for your neighbours, particularly those who are more
                               24 – 72 hours.                                                                  vulnerable in some way.

        Listen to and act upon the concerns of local people and provide                    Take all opportunities to talk with the police and other agencies
                         updates and regular feedback.                                                 about your crime and disorder concerns.

      Work with the community and other agencies to solve local crime                    Drive and park carefully, showing regard for safety and consideration
                        and disorder problems.                                                                       towards others.

                           Maintain peace and quiet.                                                        Do not be afraid to report crime.

                                                                                     The number to call for Crimestoppers is 0800 555 111 if you have information
                                                                                         about crime and anti-social behaviour but wish to remain anonymous.

                                                                                                   Could you become a member of
                    If you run a local pub or business,
                                                                                                   Homewatch and participate fully
                     find out more about Pub Watch
                                                                                                           in the scheme?
                           and Business Watch.
                                                                                              The number to call is 0161 856 8927 or
                 The number to call is 0161 856 8927
                         for more details
                                                                                                         for more details

Reducing Crime
               The Community Safety Unit’s                                                                      Residents will:
                Crime Reduction Team will :
    Contact all victims of burglary within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) of the crime.                             Report criminal behaviour to the police

                     Visit victims of burglary if requested.                                    Report all incidents of crime and disorder to the police.

            Offer security advice to all members of the community.                                        Keep alley gates in your area locked.

                Advise local businesses on how to reduce crime.                        Get involved in a Retail Agreement or Business Watch Scheme, where the
                                                                                       standards of a local business or retailer falls below that expected by local
                      Assist Anti Social Behaviour Officers.                                                            residents.

Review the potential for alleygating if funding and resident support is available.                           Keep all gated alleyways tidy.

            Respond to all enquiries in respect of crime prevention.                     The number to call for all crime prevention advice is 0161 770 1573.
Investigating and Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour
           The Community Safety Unit’s                                                                        Residents will:
       Anti-Social Behaviour Team (ASB) will:
  Work with residents and other agencies to reduce anti-social behaviour            Take responsibility for their children and take all reasonable steps to know
                        and target problem areas.                                          where they are, who they are with and what they are doing.

      Agree appropriate actions with residents they are working with.                            Keep to the actions agreed with the ASB Officer.
    This could include legal action and/or support from another agency
                          e.g. Police, Housing etc.                                   Show tolerance to others regardless of age, gender, culture or lifestyle.

      Respond to those residents they are working with within 2 to 10                         Not encourage or allow under-age drinking of alcohol.
        working days of the complaint being received, with response
           being dependant on the seriousness of the complaint.                            Respect neighbours and other members of your community.

    Protect the identity of any persons who wish to remain anonymous.                 Report instances of serious and/or persistent anti-social behaviour and
                                                                                                            encourage others to do so.
 Keep victims and witnesses informed of any developments they are taking
    by arranging a meeting, or contacting them by telephone or letter.             Collect information of ongoing anti social behaviour and pass on to the ASB
  Inform residents of actions taken in the community to reduce anti-social
   behaviour, when legally able to do so. This could include leafleting areas,                        Report criminal behaviour to the police.
                      newsletters, or personal contact.
                                                                                             The number to call for all the above is 0161 770 1573.
Visit local schools on request or, as a result of incidents, to promote respect
                          and acceptable behaviour.
                                                                                                  Is anti-social behaviour happening on
                                                                                                  your street? Do you want to join your
                                                                                                  neighbours to do something about it?
                                                                                                      If so, the number to call for the
                                                                                                       Anti-Social Behaviour Team is
                                                                                                               0161 770 1573

Buying Safely
        Trading Standards and Licensing will:                                                                 Residents will:
   Aim to send out the ‘Response Vehicle’ within 3 hours to calls where             Ring Consumer Direct if a trader calls out of the blue and offers goods and
immediate action is required and the seller is still in the area. This includes    services such as home repairs, double glazing or garden maintenance, lottery
 doorstep crime or selling of counterfeit goods, pirate DVD’s, clothing and                                         scams etc.
          unsafe goods with potential to cause injury or death.
                                                                                            Take care when selecting workmen by always obtaining 3 quotes
   Aim to respond to calls requiring action within 72 hours i.e. businesses                                 and try to get references.
      selling counterfeit goods or sale of products with safety issues.
                                                                                              Check Identity, before inviting anyone into your home.
 Use any information received to undertake test purchases or investigations
                            where appropriate.                                                Not buy pirate DVD’s or any other counterfeit goods.

   Work with other agencies to prevent doorstep crime and offer advice.                    Report bogus builders, poor plumbers, or reckless roofers etc.
                                                                                     If you have not received the service you expected, call Consumer Direct
Promote sensible drinking and behaviour in licensed premises by encouraging
 licensees to attend Pubwatch meetings and become members of PubSafe.                Pass on any information to Consumer Direct in connection with the sale
                                                                                     of counterfeit goods or retailers selling age-restricted goods i.e. tobacco,
    Visit retailers to educate and make them aware of the dangers of age-           alcohol, fireworks, knives, and solvents. You do not need to give your name.
  restricted goods such as alcohol cigarettes, tobacco, knives and fireworks.
                                                                                       Contact Consumer Direct to obtain details of responsible tradesmen
Ensure passenger safety in licensed taxis by undertaking regular spot checks                    who have registered with the TradeSafe scheme.
                          on vehicles and drivers.
                                                                                   The number to call for all the above is Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06
  Ensure fair competition by making sure goods and services are accurately                       or Email
                 measured, correctly described and priced.
                                                                                                              Use only licensed taxis.
                                                                                  • Hackney Carriages can be flagged down –displaying white plates front & rear
                                                                                    • Private Hire must be pre booked – displaying yellow plates front and rear.
                    Is an older parent or neighbour
                   vulnerable to bogus workmen or
                             doorstep crime?
                    If so, they may need your help.
              The number to call for Consumer Direct
                      is 08454 04 05 06.
Securing Buildings Open to Access
           Environmental Enforcement will:                                                             Residents will:
   Respond to reports from members of the public about empty buildings           Ensure that property they are responsible for is properly maintained
 that are open to unauthorised access, e.g. attracting anti-social behaviour.                             and kept secure.

      Respond to all reports as soon as possible. They aim to respond           Report an empty building that is open to access, e.g. smashed windows,
                          within 3 working days.                                  doors etc by notifying the Council’s Environmental Services Team.

     Attempt to contact owners of insecure properties to ask that they           Note that the law only applies to buildings and not gardens or yards.
                          make them secure.
                                                                                      Make sure children are kept away from insecure buildings.
        Serve legal notices on the owners to require them to make
                 the property secure if initial contact fails.                         The number to call for all the above is 0161 770 3447
                                                                                         or email:
       Carry out works to secure such properties at the owner’s cost.

Responding to Noise Nuisance
           Environmental Enforcement will:                                                             Residents will:
         Respond to reports of noise nuisance as soon as possible.                   Try and get along with neighbours – if they are being noisy
              They aim to respond within 3 working days.                        and disturbing you, speak to them about it in a calm and friendly way
                                                                                – they may not realise what they are doing is causing you a problem.
       Ask residents affected to collect information about the noise
                 problem to help with their investigation.                         Contact the Council’s Environmental Services Directorate if it is
                                                                                  not possible to resolve the problem by speaking to your neighbour.
           Use noise-monitoring equipment where appropriate to
                record and gather evidence of the problem.                        FCHO tenants should first report noise problems to their housing
                                                                                  officer who will seek assistance from the Council where necessary.
       Look at the evidence and if appropriate write to those causing
                    a noise problem to ask them to stop.                              Have consideration for neighbours and their circumstances
                                                                                         – noisy activities may cause stress and disturbance.
        Serve legal notices on those causing a noise nuisance when
                            informal action fails.                                                    Not play music too loudly.

       Seize noise-making equipment where appropriate from those                    Be sensitive when carrying out DIY, gardening or building work.
        who do not comply with the requirements of a legal notice.                   Do it at a time when your neighbours will not be disturbed,
                                     .                                                       e.g. not late at night or early in the mornings.
    Carry out works to silence nuisance burglar alarms where necessary
                   and at the cost of those responsible.                              Not allow dogs to cause a nuisance by barking too much.

          Prosecute those who persistently cause noise nuisance.                           Regularly service and properly maintain alarms.

                                                                                      On request collect information of ongoing noise problems
                                                                                              and pass on to the Enforcement Officer.
        Did you know that by nominating a keyholder
       for your house alarm, you could avoid a costly                                  The number to call for all the above is 0161 770 3447
       bill if the Council have to break into your home                                  or email:
         to silence the alarm if it develops a fault or
             causes a nuisance whilst you are away.
       The number to call is 0161 770 3447 or email to
                     request a form.
Greater Manchester Police – Oldham Division
Emergencies only phone: 999
Non- Emergencies phone: 0161 872 5050

Community Safety Unit
Crime Reduction Team and Anti-Social Behaviour Team
Phone: 0161 770 1573

Trading Standards and Licensing
Phone Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06
Or email :

Environmental Enforcement
The Environmental Health Service
Phone: 0161 770 6644

The Fire Service
Emergencies phone: 999
Non-Emergencies phone: 0161 736 5866

Oldham Youth Service
To find out more about Oldham Youth Service : 0161 770 3298


              This document available in braille, on tape in large print and in community languages.
              If you need help reading this booklet please contact Madassar Arif on 0161 785 9716.

Oldham Borough Council
Greater Manchester Police
Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service
The Neighbourhood Team (TNT)

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