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                                          Pricelist – October 2011
                                                              (VAT @ 20%)

Code             Description                                                                                     Price £           Price £
                                                                                                                 net               inc VAT
Tellus 4

 The Tellus 4 is supplied with: Intel Core TM i5 2.4 GHz processor, Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit, 4GB RAM & 500 GB Hard Disk, 13.3” high-bright LED
touch screen, 3 x USB 2.0 , 2 x 3.5mm switch ports, WLAN, Bluetooth, 3G ready, GEWA IR, two batteries (8 Hrs use), DVD drive, Web Cam, head
tracking software, keyboard, optical mouse, desk support, Daessy compatible Mounting plate, AC power adapter, soft carry case & a 2 year
warranty. Colour options: All black, all white, white top & black bottom or black top & white bottom.

                Tellus 4 as above with MindExpress 4*, RealSpeak or Acapela voice synthesiser including two
T4-1244         batteries (8 Hours use) & ExpressTalk vocabulary – for other MindExpress vocabulary options see   5900.00          7080.00
                below, * 2 licences
T4-1245         Tellus 4 hardware only as above * including two batteries (8 Hours use)                           5400.00          6480.00
W/PCT4          Electric wheelchair power cable adapter for Tellus 4                                              130.00           156.00
KGT4-Custom     keyguard for Tellus 4                                                                             90.00            108.00
TE-1266         Additional AC power adapter for Tellus 4                                                          75.00            90.00
TR/T4           Additional Training session for Tellus 4 and our communication software packages, full day ²      450.00           540.00
T4/WARR1        ! year warranty extension                                                                         400.00           480.00
T4/WARR2        2 year warranty extension                                                                         700.00           840.00
T4/WARR3        3 year warranty extension                                                                         950.00           1140.00
          Please note that MindExpress4 includes Bliss symbols & SymbolStix. Additional symbol sets may be purchased separately.
                            The Grid2 may also be purchased for the Tellus 4 & Mobi 2. See lower down for prices.
               TELLUS 3+ accessories
HIROSE        Switch connector cable                                                                            32.00              38.40
TE-499        External Battery                                                                                  336.00             403.20
W/PC          Electric wheelchair power cable adapter for Tellus 3+ **                                          110.00             132.00
TE-150        AC power adapter f.styl5020 for Tellus 3+                                                         75.00              90.00
KG/Custom     Custom keyguards for Tellus 3+                                                                    125.00             150.00
              Mind Express 3 options (Existing ME3 users)
ME-056        SMS Module for text messaging * **                                                                95.00              102.00
SMS/02        SMS Module for text messaging plus aircard (no sim or contract supplied) * **                     295.00             354.00
ME-553        Email module (requires a wireless router – not supplied) * **                                     95.00              114.00
ME-298        Camera Module * **                                                                                95.00              114.00
LOG-CAM       Logitech Webcam for the Tellus & Notebook PC’s                                                    36.00              43.20
PWR/T3+       Spare/replacement Mains Power Supply for Tellus 3+                                                75.00              90.00
STYL/T3+      Spare/replacement Stylus for Tellus 3+ (each)                                                     29.00              34.80
WP-351        Woodpecker-PC/Laptop USB switch interface                                                         79.00              94.80
TR/T3+        Additional Training session for Tellus 3+ and our communication software packages, full day ²     450.00             540.00
         Please note that MindExpress includes Bliss symbols & SymbolStix. Additional symbol sets may be purchased separately.
                                The Grid2 may also be purchased for the Tellus. See lower down for prices.

MindExpress Voice Options
ME/157/054      RealSpeak extra voice or extra language (e.g. French) for use with ME 3 & 4 or Eurovocs Suite    124.00            148.80
ME-330          DecTalk for use with MindExpress 3 or Eurovocs Suite                                             182.00            218.40
AC-1233         Acapela UK – Graham & Lucy (Adult)
AC-1234         Acapela US – Ryan/Kenny/Heather/Laura/Nelly (Kenny & Nelly are child voices)                     124.00            218.40
Symbol Sets – for use with MindExpress
ME-035           PCS                                                                                             128.00            153.60
ME-043           Widgit Symbols                                                                                  128.00            153.60
ME-046           Picture This (a collection of real images)                                                      78.00             93.60

Vocabularies for use with MindExpress (Please note – vocabularies do not include symbol sets)
ETS              ExpressTalk Suite (Starter, Intermediate & Senior)                                              Free              Free
IE/S             Ingfield Express Vocabulary Suite, levels A, B, C & D                                           225.00            270.00
IE/W             Ingfield Express Workbooks                                                                      30.00             36.00
CALL             CALLtalk Vocabularies for MindExpress (includes CallTalk1, 1+ and 2)                            225.00            270.00
WP/S             WordPower Vocabulary Suite for MindExpress inc. Picture WordPower                               275.00            330.00
                                           Pricelist – October 2011
                                                             (VAT @ 20%)

   Wpwr             WordPower Vocabulary for MindExpress                                                             190.00         228.00
   P/Wpwr           Picture WordPower for MindExpress                                                                190.00         228.00
   CCS              Chailey Communication System                                                                     180.00         216.00
   CCS/BK           Chailey Communication System Book                                                                70.00          84.00
   ScanSPK          ScanSpeak                                                                                        225.00         270.00
    Mobi 2
   Mobi 2 is supplied with 1GB RAM, 80GB solid-state hard drive, 2 USB ports, amplified Stereo speakers and integrated microphone,t, 2 switch
   mini-jack, keyboard with 2 USB ports, mouse, USB memory stick, Daessy compatible Mounting plate, carry case and mains power AC adapter. ing.
   Standard 2 year warranty included.
   Mobi is available in black, white, black top & white bottom or white top & black bottom
   M2-1315      Mobi 2 with MindExpress 4 & extra key , RealSpeak or Acapela voice., GEWA & HCB                      4884.00        5860.80
   M2-1316      Mobi 2 no software, HCB , GEWA                                                                       4400.00        5280.00
   M2-1315i     Mobi 2 with MindExpress 4 & extra key , RealSpeak or Acapela voice., GEWA, HCB & PCEye               9905.00        11886.00
   M2-1316i     Mobi 2 no software, HCB , GEWA & PCEye                                                               9421.00        11305.20
                For std. Battery, deduct £65 (not PCEye) & for no GEWA deduct £243
   M2-1305      WLAN module for Mobi2                                                                                57.00          68.40
   M2-1306      GSM module for Mobi 2 (For text messaging)                                                           364.00         436.80
   M2-1307      Bluetooth module for Mobi 2                                                                          86.00          103.20
                Camera                                                                                               100,00         120.00
   M2-1337      Mounting plate & USB cable for TM4                                                                   126.00         151.20
   ME-035       PCS                                                                                                  128.00         153.60
   ME-043       Widgit Symbols                                                                                       128.00         153.60
                keyguard for Mobi 2                                                                                  125..00        150.00
                Mobi 1 accessories
   TM-729       Additional internal battery for Tellus Mobi                                                          135.00         162.00
   TM-730       Battery charger for Tellus Mobi                                                                      150.00         180.00
   TM-728       Gewa module for environmental control for Tellus Mobi                                                243.00         291.60
   TM-731       GSM integrated phone module for Tellus Mobi                                                          364.00         436.80
   WNA          Wireless Network Adapter                                                                             39.00          46.80
   TM-732       Spare/replacement Mains Power supply for Tellus Mobi                                                 75.00          90.00
   TR/TM        Additional training Session for Tellus Mobi and our communication software, full day ²               450.00         540,00
   WARR/4       2 Year warranty extension for Tellus Mobi                                                            800.00         960.00
                               MindExpress, symbols & vocabulary options for Mobi as per Tellus 3+ options above
Zi Zingui is supplied with Mind Express CE, PC Software, SymbolStix, carry case, mouse, keyboard, USB memory stick, USB cable & AC adapter. In
In addition the Zingui Plus is supplied with either a RealSpeak or Acapela voice. Zingui has a 2 year warranty.

  ZG-1192       Zingui with standard battery                                                                         3266.00       3919.20
  ZG-1193       Zingui with double capacity battery                                                                  3331.00       3997.20
  ZG-1194       Zingui Plus with standard battery                                                                    4225.00       5070.00
  ZG-1195       Zingui Plus with double capacity battery                                                             4290.00       5148.00
  ME-035        PCS Symbol set for Zingui                                                                            128.00        153.60
M ME-043        Widgit Symbols                                                                                       128.00        153.60
  ZG-1138       IR module GEWA for Zingui                                                                            222.00        266.40
  ZG-KG         Custom Zingui keyguard                                                                               90.00         108.00
  ZG-1144       Mini Daessy mounting plate                                                                           25.00         30.00
  ZG-1142       AC Adapter for Zingui                                                                                71.00         85.20
  ZG-1141       External battery charger for Zingui                                                                  150.00        180.00
  ZG-1139       Std. 2.6 Ah Li-ion battery for Zingui                                                                76.00         91.20
  ZG-1140       Double capacity 5.2 Ah Li-ion battery for Zingui                                                     137.50        165.00
K KGZ4-Cust     keyguard for Zingui                                                                                  85.00         102.00
T TR/TZ         Training Session for Zingui and Mind express CE (1/2 day)                                            250.00        300.00
                                         Pricelist – October 2011
                                                           (VAT @ 20%)

 SMART 2 is supplied with a 4” touch screen & supports 2 switch scanning, Windows Mobile 6.0,128MB RAM, 256MB Flash Memory, 2 GB
Internal CF Card, 1 USB client & 1 USB host port Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, carry case, AC adapter & USB cable. Standard 2 year warranty included.
Colour choices for top of case are: black & white. For bottom of case: black, blue & green. Please specify colour choice.
SM-1335      SMART 2 including Mind Express CE, RealSpeak or Acapela voice & PCS symbols                              2500.00       3000.00
ME-043       Widgit Symbols                                                                                           128.00        153.60
SM-1162      Spare/replacement AC mains power adapter for Tellus SMART                                                40.00         55.20
TR/TS        Training Session for SMART 2 and Mind express CE (1/2 day)                                               250.00        300.00

             Allora with word prediction and 2 RealSpeak English voices (male & female). Supplied with carry case,
AL-FV        GEWA IR and AC adapter. 2 year warranty. Allora is available in black, dark grey or light grey. Please   1975.00       2370.00
             specify colour choice.
AL-618       Keyguard                                                                                                 105.00        126.00
AL-570       Allora RealSpeak extra language                                                                          135.00        162.00
AL-584       Daessy compatible mounting plate for Allora                                                              25.00         30.00
AL-698       Spare/replacement AC mains power supply for Allora                                                       41.00         49.20
EyeTech TM4 available for the Tellus 4, Mobi 2 or standalone use – USB powered
ET-TM4       Eye Tech TM4 Eye tracking control device for Windows based software with desk mount                      4895.00       5874.00
T4-1336      TM4 mounting module for Tellus 4 & Mobi2 (To retro fit add £80 + VAT for fitting & 2 way carriage)       266.00        319.20
ET-TR        Training/fitting session for EyeTech TM4                                                                 250’00        300.00
EyeTech TM3
ET-TM3       EyeTech TM3, Eye tracking control device for Windows based software                                      4900.00       5880.00
ET-Hldr      Holder bracket to attach TM3 and battery onto Tellus 3 and 3+                                            187.00        224.40
ET-TR        Training/fitting session for EyeTech TM3                                                                 250.00        300.00
SOFTWARE available for use on a Windows™ based communication aid or PC
Windows™7, Vista & XP

ME4-UP         Upgrade from Mind Express 3 to Mind Express 4                                                          177.00        212.40
ME4 -S         Mind Express 4 (Stand-alone Edition), includes Symbolstix & Bliss, RealSpeak or Acapela voice          360.00        432.00
ME-035         PCS                                                                                                    128.00        153.60
ME-043         Widgit Symbols                                                                                         128.00        153.60
ES-062         Eurovocs Suite includes a RealSpeak voice (male, female or child)                                      594.00        712.80
ES-065         KeyVit English                                                                                         226.00        271.20
ES-069         Skippy English                                                                                         163.00        195.60
ES-073         DocReader English (includes RealSpeak voice)                                                           306.00        367.20
TR/ME-ES       Training session for MindExpress and/or Eurovocs -full day session.( Half-day session @ £250)          428.00        513.60
TG2            The Grid2 including Acapela language & Widgit symbols (PCS symbols available at extra cost)            360.00        432.00
TGPCS          PCS symbols for The Grid2                                                                              120.00        144.00
AC-0801-45     SofType 4.5 On-screen keyboard                                                                         225.00        270.00
AC-0841-32     Dragger32, on-screen mouse click functions                                                             75.00         90.00

HME-0206W      HeadMouse Extreme Bundle for Windows (includes mounting bracket and SofType with Dragger)              920.00        1104.00
HME-0204       HeadMouse Extreme (including mounting bracket. NO software)                                            750.00        900.00
HME-0509-L     Mounting Bracket for HeadMouse Extreme on Laptops                                                      74.00         88.80
HM-0362-B      Beam. Wireless Switch Transmitter                                                                      112.00        134.40
HM-0362-S      Swifty. USB Switch Interface                                                                           64.00         76.80
HM-0362BS      Swifty & Beam Bundle                                                                                   153.00        183.60
AC-0801-45     SofType 4.5 On-screen Keyboard                                                                         225.00        270.00
AC-0841-32     Dragger 32, On-screen Mouse click functions                                                            74.00         88.80
TG-50          Target Dots, pack of 50                                                                                15.00         18.00
TG-200         Target Dots, pack of 200                                                                               45.00         54.00
                                            Pricelist – October 2011
                                                                (VAT @ 20%)

Panasonic Toughbook
                Hardware only (10.4” touchscreen, Windows 7 Pro, 2GB RAM, Intel® Core™ i5-540UM vPro™
CF-19                                                                                                                            3010.00          3612.00
                processor, 160GB Hard Disk). Communication software at additional cost – as above
PT-BAG          Soft-sided carry bag for Panasonic Toughbook                                                                     75.00            90.00
Daessy Mounts including standard Quick-release base
These are guide prices only for standard mounts, other options available – please contact us for details. Details of wheelchair make and model will
be required before supply. Prices do not include device holder plate & are from...Please ask for a quote
DRM1            Rigid Mount                                                                                                      350.00           420.00
DLRM            Locking Rigid Mount                                                                                              390.00           468.00
AH/DRM          Height-adjustable Rigid Mount                                                                                    525.00           630.00
DFM2            Side-folding Mount                                                                                               530.00           636.00
DPM9            Positioner Mount                                                                                                 605.00           726.00
                Desk Mount, TUSB or MUSB (Mobi 2 / Zingui) (device requires holder plate- included on Tellus 4 &
DM                                                                                                                               205.00           246.00
DML             Large desk mount, standard QRB                                                                                   225.00           270.00
DMV             Height adjustable Daessy Deskmount                                                                               275.00           330.00
RM32            Rolling Mount, large base size (includes folding quick-release base)                                             425.00           510.00

        If the option you are looking for is not shown in this pricelist, please contact us by phone or email to discuss, or use the enquiry
                                                     form on the website
           If you are considering a full Communication package please ask for a written quotation to meet your
                                                 specific requirements.
                               Demonstrations and/or loans of Communication Aids can be arranged on request.

          Prices shown exclude delivery . If you are eligible for VAT exemption please complete and submit the appropriate certificate
                  with your order. This can be downloaded from our website or we can send a copy by email or post.
                               Prices shown are correct at January 4th, 2011 but are subject to change.

                                                              TERMS OF SALE
        Dispatch of Goods:              Most of our Communication Systems are assembled to specific customer order and are usually
                                        dispatched within 14 – 30 days. Items held in stock should be dispatched within 5 working days.

        Payment:                        All payments are to be in UK £sterling. Payment accepted by BACS (please contact us for banking details
                                        or see invoice). Cheques to be made payable to Techcess Communications Ltd. Bankers drafts accepted.
                                        Overseas orders by direct transfer.

        Payment Terms:                  Personal customers are required to pay a 25% deposit with order, with the balance being payable prior
                                        to dispatch of goods (unless by prior arrangement). Subject to status official organisations will be
                                        invoiced on dispatch of goods with payment due within 30 days of invoice. Please note that all goods
                                        remain the property of Techcess Communications Ltd until payment has been made in full.

        VAT Exemption:                  A VAT Exemption Form is available for Individuals or Charities eligible to claim exemption from VAT. A
                                        completed form must be submitted with the order. The form is available to download from our website
                               or a copy can be sent in the post or by email.

        Faulty Items:                   If any item purchased from Techcess Communications Ltd proves faulty, please telephone the office for
                                        a valid returns number and procedure details.

        Return of Goods:                If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your purchase please return the goods (at your own
                                        cost) in perfect condition and in their original packaging within 30 days from the date of receipt.
                                        Original purchase price of the items will be refunded, where applicable, less a handling charge of 10%.
                                        NB: this does NOT apply to accessories which are not standard supply items and are ‘supplied to order’
                                        (eg printers) which we regret cannot be refunded unless faulty.
                                        Techcess Communications Ltd will not be liable for goods damaged in transit unless notification is
                                        received within 7 days of delivery.
             Pricelist – October 2011
                              (VAT @ 20%)
                         Techcess Communications Ltd
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