Affiliate Application by ghkgkyyt


									                          Affiliate Application
Club Dues are $25.00 annually, due in April. Please fill out this form and mail it with a
check or money order for $25.00 to:

                                Kansas City Cave Bears
                                   P.O. Box 45161
                                Kansas City, MO 64171
City:                           State:                             Zip code:
Birth date:
Phone Number:                                           Best time to call:
Email Address (if any):
Web Page Address (if any):
Would you like to have your information in the club directory? YES or NO
The Club directory is provided exclusively to other KCCB members for contact
information only.
I hereby certify that I am at least 21 years of age and hereby agree to the KCCB rules.
Signature:                                                       Date:
The KCCB web page maintains a member gallery. Although it is not required to have
your picture there, you are asked to participate. If you wish, you may supply a graphical
image of your personality. Pictures may be in BMP, GIF, or JPG formats and must not
be nude.

The Kansas City Cave Bears was formed primarily as a social group in western Missouri
and eastern Kansas. KCCB activities include providing more diverse activities for the
Bear community than are currently available.

The Cave Bear newsletter is mailed out every two months. The KCCB mailing list and
affiliate information are confidential and used solely for in-house correspondence.

The Coordinating committee will contact you soon with specifics about any upcoming
Cave Bear events. We welcome you and look forward to seeing you at future gatherings.

Officers Signature: __________________         Amount Paid: _________

Date Received: _______________                 Date Membership Card sent: __________

New Members Only: (Prorated Dues if joining after April)
June – March ($20.00) August – March ($15.00) Oct. – March ($10.00) Jan. – March ($5.00)
Please help us plan events that interest you by completing this survey.
Your responses will be gathered and used when planning upcoming
Please indicate your choices as:
        1 – Like              2 – Dislike       3 – No Opinion     H – Will Help

        Group Activity                      Movies                            Watching
        Billiards                           Comedy                            Pro Soccer (Wizzards)
        Bowling                             Drama                             Pro Football (Chiefs)
        Cycling                             Action                            Pro Baseball (Royals)
        Dancing (Disco)                     Gay                               College Sports
        Dancing (Country)                   Politics                          Auto Racing (Nascar)
        Horses                              Sci Fi                            Boxing/Wrestling
        Football                 Other                                Other
        Gym/Fitness                         Music/Concerts                    Weekend Trips
        Racquetball                         Country                           Camping
        Roller Skating                      Big Bands                         Boating
        Softball                            Blues/Jazz                        Eureka Springs
        Swimming                            Classical                         Omaha
        Table Tennis                        Gospel/Spiritual                  Oklahoma City
        Tennis                              Hard Rock                         St Louis (HiBearNation)
        Volleyball                          Musicals                          Chicago (Bear Pride)
        Water Skiing                        Oldies/Pop                        Wichita
        Snow Skiing                         Dance                             Dallas
        Ice Skating              Other                                        Denver
        Canoeing                                                              Prefer Motels
        Casinos                             Exhibits/Tours                    Prefer Hosted Housing
        Walking (City)                      Renaissance Festival              Share a Double Room
        Hiking                              Art/Photography                   Share a Quad Room
        Boating                             Auto Shows                        Pioneer Run
        Caving                              Boat/Outdoors             Other
        Board Games                         Electronics
        Card Games                          Historical Sites                  Dining
        Gay Rodeo                           Flowers/Gardening                 Dining Out
Other                                       Road Tours                        Potluck Dinners
                                 Other                                Other
Other Suggestions:

Thanks for your time and effort in completing this survey!!

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