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No.:   G-32/ 11/6/50/09- ISD( Pehchan)                                  Dated: 03-02-2011


All the Regional Directors/Directors/Joint Directors In-charges
In Phase-I roll out (Delhi, Karnataka and West Bengal)

Sub: Setting up of Permanent Pehchan Enrolment camps at Branch
     Offices and Pehchan Card Printing facilities at Regional Offices and

Dear Sir,

      In continuation with the progress of IT Project Panchdeep it has been decided
to establish Permanent online Pehchan Camp in all the Branch Offices.
Consequently as per provisions contemplated in the Project, facilities for printing of
permanent Pehchan Cards are also to be established in each Regional Office/Sub
Regional Office to enable them printing these cards and provide to the IPs.
Accordingly all Regional Directors, Directors, Joint Directors In -charge concerned
are requested to take following actions:-

i)     Issue necessary instructions to all the Branch Managers to extend full
       cooperation in this regard to M/s.Wipro.

ii)    To ensure that all the premises of all the Branch Offices are adequately
       secured by provision of iron grill outer doors and windows with locking facility
       (as already communicated earlier and circular available on the website).

iii)   Branch Managers are to be also instructed to properly take over the Pehchan
       kits from / hand over the same to Wipro Operators for each day of operation.
       These kits are to be kept in the safe custody of the Branch Manager as any
       other office equipments are kept.

iv)    Branch Managers are also to be instructed to involve one or two officials in
       the learning of the process of capturing Pehchan data/bio-metrics since these
       works would have to be ultimately done by our own officials.

v)     For installation  of Pehchan Card printers necessary infrastructure
       arrangements may be made in the Regional/Sub Regional Offices and all
       necessary cooperation to WIPROmay be provided in this regard.

vi)    Proper control alongwith measures for safety and security of Pehchan Card
       printers would also be required to be kept in mind and decided by each
       Regional Office/Sub Regional Office accordingly.
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     Director General has desired immediate installation of aforesaid facilities in
Phase-I States and all endeavors should be made to accomplish the task.

      Protocol/modalities/training etc. as may be required in details of printing of
cards and its distribution shall be imparted by WIPRO to Regional Offices/Sub
Regional Offices, officials for which may be identified and designated.

       A report on the installation of Pehchan online Pehchan camp in all the Branch
Offices in your jurisdiction and establishment of printing facility in your Regional
Office/Sub Regional Office must be furnished to this Office within 7 days or latest
by 14.02.2011 through e-mall to undersigned as well as to Director General.

                                                                     Yours faithfully,

Copy for information and necessary action to :

    1. All the   Regional Directors/Directors/Joint            Directors                      In-charges                  for
       preparedness on similar lines.

    2. M/s. WIPRO Ltd.

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       ~~             A...~.

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