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									                                                                                                  SPRING 2010

                     Published by THE POLYCLINIC for the Medical Community

                                      Colon and Rectal Surgery Department Added
                                      In September, The Polyclinic added a Colon and Rectal
                                      Surgery department to our First Hill location.
•   Regular screening made easy                               Colon and rectal surgeons Steven J. Medwell, M.D.
    at The Polyclinic                                         and Laura J. Gladstone, M.D. came to us from Minor &
                                                              James and both are certified by the American Board of
•   American Diabetes                                         Surgery and American Board of Colon & Rectal Surgery.
                                                              They specialize in colon and rectal surgery, laparoscopic
    Association recognition
                                                              colon and rectal surgery, colonoscopy and the surgical
•   The Polyclinic welcomes                                   treatment of diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, cancers of
    new physicians                    Steven J. Medwell, M.D. the colon, rectum and anus, colon and rectal polyps,
                                                              hemorrhoids and ulcerative colitis.

To read Colleagues Connect                                  To schedule an appointment with
online or to subscribe to an email                          either surgeon, call 206.860.4440
version, visit:
colleaguesconnect                                              Dr. Medwell has more than 30 years of experience
                                                               practicing colorectal surgery and teaches at the UW
                                                               Medical School and Swedish. Dr. Gladstone’s expertise
                                      Laura J. Gladstone, M.D.
                                                               encompasses all aspects of colon and rectal surgery,
                                                               including colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease
                                                               and anorectal disease, and she has additional training in
                                                               minimally invasive colorectal surgery and rectal and anal
                                                               ultrasound procedures.

                                                                             COLLEAGUES CONNECT • WINTER 2010              1
                                                                                      center. You or your patient can just call
                                                                                      the Direct Access Screening Colonoscopy
                                                                                      coordinator, Lani Banting, at 206.320.6685
                                                                                      and schedule a time to come in for
                                                                                      the procedure. No consultation with a
                                                                                      gastroenterologist will be required. Lani will
                                                                                      talk with each patient to ensure that they have
                                                                                      no medical conditions that would preclude
                                                                                      them from having the procedure done.
                                                                                      She’ll also explain the prep that’s involved
                                                                                      and schedule the patient for a colonoscopy
                                                                                      with the next available provider, or with the
Regular Screenings Made Easy For Your Patients                                        provider specified by the PCP. (For a list of
                                                                                      our gastroenterologist, visit http://polyclinic.
The Polyclinic offers diagnostic imaging services and screenings                      com/?q=gastroenterology.) Once the exam
such as mammograms, to our patients and those referred to us                          is completed, the results will be sent to the
                                                                                      referring PCP so they can follow-up with
by a primary care doctor. In the past few months, we’ve made                          their patient.
scheduling easier, improved patient comfort and increased
                                                                                      The phone number for Direct Access
accessibility.                                                                        Screening Colonoscopy is 206.320.6685.
Mammography:                                                                          Feel free to give Lani a call if you have any
                                                                                      questions or to schedule an appointment
Our recently renovated Breast Imaging Center is a hit with patients who’ve
                                                                                      for a screening colonoscopy. The Polyclinic
visited us lately. A soothing, private waiting area, new changing area and
                                                                                      Endoscopy Suite is located on the third floor
lockers, and complimentary chocolate have won over women coming in
                                                                                      of our First Hill location, 1145 Broadway, in
for regular screening mammograms. We use all-digital technology and our
staff is dedicated specifically to breast imaging. The addition of a second
mammography suite, means patients can make an appointment with a
few days notice and occasionally same day appointments are available.
                                                                                      AAA Screening for New
Time is always set aside for patients in need a follow-up study so that we            Medicare Patients:
can see them right away. Screening mammograms are open to anyone –                    Medicare offers a free, one-time, ultrasound
no referral necessary - and we offer convenient appointment times from                screening benefit to check for abdominal
7:00 am – 4:30 pm. In addition to screening mammograms, The Polyclinic                aortic aneurysm (AAA) in qualified seniors
Breast Imaging Center offers diagnostic mammograms, breast ultrasound,                linked to their Welcome to Medicare Physical
breast MRI and wire localization.                                                     Exam (WTMPE).
The Breast Imaging Center is located on the first floor of our First Hill location,   Those with the highest risk qualify for this
1145 Broadway, in Seattle. Call 206.860.5496.                                         one-time screening for AAA which can be
                                                                                      safely treated or cured with early diagnosis.
Colonoscopy:                                                                          The Polyclinic vascular surgery department
The Polyclinic Gastroenterology department is using a scheduling process              specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and
that will save patients’ time and money, encouraging them not to skip or              prevention of diseases affecting arteries and
postpone these important procedures; screening colonoscopies.                         veins including screening for AAA, aneurysm
                                                                                      surgery and endovascular AAA repair.
Patients with a referral from their primary care physician for a screening            To learn more or schedule a screening,
colonoscopy will need to make only one trip, directly to the endoscopy                call our vascular surgery department at
                                                                                      First Hill, 206.860.2204 or at Cherry Hill,

 2       COLLEAGUES CONNECT • WINTER 2010                                             206.320.3100.
Cardiac Calcium Scoring:                                                                  Polyclinic
If you determine that a patient should have cardiac calcium scoring, there’s              Recognized
no better place than The Polyclinic. At The Polyclinic, coronary calcium is
scored and interpreted by a cardiologist. Non-cardiac thoracic structures                 by American
are then reviewed and interpreted by a radiologist. A cardiac calcium                     Diabetes
scoring test takes about 10 minutes. It is noninvasive, causes no pain and
does not require injection of contrast material. There is a very low amount of
radiation associated with the cardiac calcium scoring test, equivalent to the             The Polyclinic diabetes education
amount of radiation an individual is exposed to during a six month period                 program has received Diabetes Self
in normal, day-to-day activities.                                                         Management Education (DSME)
                                                                                          certification from the American
Because cardiac calcium scoring is not covered by all health insurance plans,             Diabetes Association (ADA).
patients are advised to review their insurance plan benefits. If it does not
cover this screening, the fee at The Polyclinic is $150.                                  This recognition signifies that our education
                                                                                          program meets the high standards outlined
To schedule an appointment for cardiac calcium scoring, call The Polyclinic’s             by the ADA for providing education for
Diagnostic Imaging Department at 206-329-1760. If you have additional                     patients with diabetes. It also means that
questions or would like to speak with a board certified cardiologists,                    patient participation in the program will be
please call 206.860.2302.                                                                 covered by most insurance. The classes are
                                                                                          conducted by a team of experts in diabetes
The Polyclinic Welcomes New Physicians                                                    education, including Martha Bell-Hart, RN,
                                                                                          CDE, diabetes nurse educator, and Meghann
              Warren Dinges M.D., PhD – Infectious Disease
              Warren L. Dinges, M.D., PhD, completed an Infectious Disease                Moore, RD, CD, MPH and Lisa Messerli, MS,
              Fellowship at the University of Washington. He earned his medical           RD, CDE. The education program consists of
              degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School             a series of four classes in addition to some
              in Dallas. Dr. Dinges provides management and prevention of                 individual instruction totaling 10 hours of
              infectious diseases, health care associated and post-procedure              training in such areas as nutrition, blood
              infections, post-exposure prophylaxis, and HIV care. His office is
                                                                                          sugar monitoring, heart health, activity,
              located at 1101 Madison, and his phone number is 206.860.4529.
                                                                                          medications, foot care, meal planning and
              Heather Kipa, D. O. – OB/GYN
                                                                                          stress management.
              Heather Kipa, D.O. earned her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
              from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences and                 Classes are open to any patient with
              completed her residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Sinai               a referral from their primary care
              Hospital of Baltimore, where she served as chief resident. She has          provider. They are offered at several
              worked for the last several years at Valley Women’s Clinic in Renton.
                                                                                          Polyclinic locations.
              Her office is in the Nordstrom Medical Tower, and she can be
              reached at 206.860.4541.
                                                                                          For information, call: (206) 860-2208
              Jessica Lindsay, M.D. - Pediatrics
              Formerly with the University of Washington Roosevelt Primary Care
              Center, Dr. Lindsay attended Stanford University and received her
              medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New
              York. She has a special interest in complementary and alternative
              medicine practices, as well as adolescent medicine. ” Dr. Lindsay
              may be reached at 206.292.2249 and her office is located in the
              Nordstrom Medical Tower.
              Dewayne Bradley, M.D. – Otolaryngology
              Dewayne Bradley, M.D. practices at The Polyclinic First Hill and
              Northgate. He can be reached at 206.860.2242. Dr. Bradley
              has a special interest in the treatment of sinonasal disorders, as
              well as sleep apnea surgery and thyroid surgery. He completed
              residency training in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery at the
              University of Virginia; and his fellowship training in facial plastic and
                                                                                           COLLEAGUES CONNECT • WINTER 2010         3
              reconstructive surgery at the University of Washington.
                                                                                                   Patient Education
                                                                                          Breast Reconstruction Information Exchange Group
                                                                                          For women who are considering or already undergoing
                Sameer Khan, M.D. – Ophthalmology                                         breast reconstruction meets at 5:30 pm. Positive and
                 Dr. Khan has a special interest in corneal surgery including newer       informal. The Polyclinic First Hill, 1145 Broadway Ave.,
                 partial-thickness corneal transplants (DSAEK), small incision cataract   Seattle. No referral required, free, call (206) 860-2317 to
                 surgery with use of newer multifocal intraocular lenses, and laser       register.
                 vision correction including custom LASIK with IntraLase and PRK.            • Wednesday, March 17 • Wednesday, April 14
                 Dr. Khan completed his ophthalmology residency at the University            • Wednesday, May 12            • Wednesday, June 9
                 of North Carolina, where he served as chief resident. He completed
a cornea fellowship at the University of Florida. To schedule an appointment,
                                                                                          Diabetes Self-management Education program
call Dr. Kahn at 206. 860.4550. His office located at 1101 Madison, suite 900.
                                                                                          Certified by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). For
                Rahul A. Desai – Urology                                                  information, call (206) 860-2208. A physician referral is
                Dr. Rahul A. Desai, urologist, joined The Polyclinic and will see         required, fee is often covered by insurance.
                patients at First Hill on Mondays, and at Northgate, Tuesdays
                                                                                            The Polyclinic Northgate
                through Fridays. Dr. Desai earned his medical degree from Medical
                College of Wisconsin and completed an internship in general                   •	 Tuesday,	March	9,	6:00	-	8:30	p.m.	
                surgery and a residency in urology at the University of Illinois in           •	 Tuesday,	March	16,	6:00	-	8:30	p.m.	
                Chicago, Ill. He also completed a fellowship in laparoscopy and               •	 Tuesday,	March	23,	6:00	-	8:00	p.m.	
endourology at Wake Forest University. Dr. Desai’s special interests include robotics,        •	 Tuesday,	March	30,	6:00	-	8:00	p.m.	
laparoscopy, and endourology along with minimally invasive treatment for urologic           The Polyclinic First Hill
stone disease, urologic cancers, enlarged prostate, and ureteral obstruction. He can          •	 Tuesday,	April	6,	6:00	-	8:30	p.m.	
be reached at 206.528.4944.                                                                   •	 Tuesday,	April	13,	6:00	-	8:30	p.m.	
                                                                                              •	 Tuesday,	April	20,	6:00	-	8:00	p.m.	
                                                                                              •	 Tuesday,	April	27,	6:30	-	8:30	p.m.

                  1145 Broadway • Seattle, WA 98122

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