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					             the         THUNDERW
Highline Community College                                                         May 19, 2011
                                                                                                                       VOT Y
                                                                                                                                  RD P14                  The race is on for new
                                                                                                                                                           Student Government
                                                                                                                                                             Volume 49, Issue 25

Clean money, dirty river
Taxpayers must
split the bill to
decontaminate the
                                                                                                                                                    The cost to fill a tank of gas
Duwamish River                                                                                                                                      continues to fluctuate.

         By VICTORIA DOM
                 Staff Reporter
                                                                                                                                                    Rising gas
   Successful restoration of the                                                                                                                    prices fuels
Duwamish River may depend
on the amount of money the
community is willing to invest.

                                                                                                                                                    in students
   As cleanup plans continue to
be made to remove the century
of toxins in the river, officials
must choose a method that is
best fit for the public.                                                                                                                                     By YURI NISHIZAKI
   Each cleanup alternative                                                                                                                                         Staff Reporter
ranges in cost from $66 million
to $1.3 billion, the most expen-                                                                                                                       The nationwide run-up in
sive method being the most ef-                                                                        Victoria Dom/THUNDERWORD                      gasoline price is affecting High-
fective, and vice versa.             The Duwamish River is the most industrialized waterway in the state of Washington.                             line students.
   Therefore, experts from the                                                                                                                         The average price of regular
Department of Ecology, Envi-         which flows into the Elliot Bay      the pollutants, said Allison Hilt-       However, because King            unleaded gasoline in Washing-
ronmental Protection Agency,         in Seattle.                          ner, project manager for the En-      County, the Port, and the City      ton State is $4.025 on May 17,
and the Duwamish River Clean-           In 2001, it was placed on the     vironmental Protection Agency.        of Seattle are all local govern-    up 30.5 percent from the aver-
up Coalition believe it has be-      National Priorities List, also re-      Toxins in the river include        ments funded by taxpayers, the      age price a year ago, $3.085,
come a matter of paying extra        ferred to as the Superfund List,     arsenic, polychlorinated biphe-       community will ultimately be        according to AAA’s Daily Fuel
tax dollars or compromising the      labeling it as one of the most       nyls (PCBs), dioxins, and car-        responsible for paying the ma-      Gauge Report.
health of the natural habitat.       contaminated sites in the coun-      cinogenic polycyclic aromatic         jority of the cleanup costs.           Experts say gasoline prices
   The main area of concern is       try.                                 hydrocarbons, which is due               “There is a very serious in-     fluctuate based on several fac-
a five-mile stretch in the river’s      Currently, more than 42 dif-      in major part to the industries       vestigation being conducted to      tors, including uncertainty in
industrialized lower waterway,       ferent toxic chemicals are pres-     along the waterway.                   find any other businesses that      the Middle East and seasonal
                                     ent in the waterway, dating back        The four main responsible          have contributed to the river’s     changes in demand.
   • Officials want public           almost 100 years and trapped in      parties are The Boeing Com-           pollution,” said Hiltner. “We          Highline student Barbara
feedback to help construct           the river bottom.                    pany, King County, the Port of        have sent out hundreds of letters   Blomstrand is a driver of Toy-
cleanup plans for the toxic             When contamination gets           Seattle, and the City of Seattle,                                         ota Camry. She fills up her car
Duwamish River waterway.             deep in the sediments it makes it    who must fund a large portion                                             once every 10-12 days.
See story, page 15.                  much more difficult to remove        of the cleanup.                           See River, page 15                 She used to pay about $45
                                                                                                                                                    a year ago, but now is paying
                                                                                                                                                    about $62.
Contamination turns river wildlife into toxic creatures                                                                                                “I spend less on other stuff,
                                                                                                                                                    such as groceries. I don’t go out
                                                                                                                                                    to eat. I prioritize how I drive.
   The Duwamish River still          lutants slowly sneak up the food     week of Puget Sound Chinook,          Hoff, regional resource coordi-     I map out my errands, and make
has fish, but experts say you        chain.                               and two meals per month of res-       nator for the National Oceanic      sure I don’t double track where
should not eat them.                    “The main concern is eating       ident Chinook, also referred to       and Atmospheric Administra-         I’m going,” she said.
   Contamination in the Lower        the contaminated fish from the       as Blackmouth salmon.                 tion’s office of response and          “Depending on what I do,
Duwamish Waterway continues          river,” Hiltner said.                   Cleanup officials have estab-      restoration.                        but last week I was busy, and
to destroy the river’s natural          A restriction is currently in     lished a natural resource dam-           “We have to try to think of      I refilled my car twice a week
resources as 98 percent of the       place which bans the consump-        age assessment, which acts as a       restoration processes to get our    …It costs me $20 [to refill] at
habitat has already been lost,       tion of resident fish and shell-     master plan for the coexistence       natural resources back and help     one time,” said Jimmy Samael,
said Allison Hiltner, project        fish, except salmon, for which       of natural habitat and commerce       with the river’s recovery,” Hoff    Highline student and a driver of
manager of the Environmental         the health advisory has limited      along the waterway.                   said.                               a Honda Accord.
Protection Agency.                   the amount that can be safely           “After the final restora-             For more information about          “When driving on freeway,
   Creatures that live in the        ingested.                            tion plan is selected, we must        the Duwamish River natural          I put my car in cruise control.
river bottom are being affected         Locals are urged to eat no        go through and see what other         resource restoration plans, visit   And I put as less [things in the
by the toxic chemicals, and as       more than two to three meals         natural resources will still be ef-
the fish and otters eat the worms    per week of Coho pink and            fected, and figure a way to ac-       northwest/lowerduwamishriver/
and clams in the mud, the pol-       Sockeye salmon, one meal per         count for those,” said Rebecca        index.html.                             See Gas, page 16

INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                                                                                                            Weekend

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                         Art students                                     Softball team                                    Chilly spring
                         show off their                                   finishes season                                  weather makes
                         best work                                        on a high note                                   gardening tricky
                                                                                                                                                        The sunshine was too
                                                                                                                                                           good to last...
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10                                                                         The Thunderword / May 19, 2011

                                                                                                                                                   vous system. It causes muscle
                                                                                                                                                   spasms and even a temporary
                                                                                                                                                   inability to use certain limbs.

                                                                                                                                                      “I’m lucky it isn’t as strong
                                                                                                                                                   as some,” said Potter. “I want to

                                                                                                                                                   help others with multiple sclero-
                                                                                                   sports                                          sis, but my main stressor is be-
                                                                                                                                                   ing able to take care of my son.
                                                                                             FINALS                                                Since he has been born and be-
                                                                                                                                                   cause my world is so messed up,
                                                                                   FINANCIAL                                                       I don’t want him trapped in it.”
                                                                                                                                                      Although there are many
Students juggle school, work, life,
                                                                                                                                                   causes for stress, there are ways
                                                                                                                                                   to reduce those feelings too.
but experts offer help and hope                                                     CHORES                                                            “It’s the basic stuff. Any-
                                                                                       HOMEWORK                                                    thing with the body – eating,
                                                                                                                                                   sleeping, exercising,” said Dr.
              By HOI DUONG            meyer also has experience with                                                                               Koepping. “Students, really
                 Staff Reporter       students who look for help dur-                                                                              everybody, should exercise to
                                      ing school.                                                                                                  keep their bodies functioning
    Highline student Diamond              “One or two students will ac-                                                                            well. Being active assists in
Trinh struggles with balancing        tively seek me during a quarter                                                                              digestion, increasing energy
her academic, social and work         because they know I’m a coun-                                                                                levels and uplifting a person’s
life.                                 seling psychologist,” said Kohl-                                                                             mood. People that exercise are
    “Finding time to study and        meyer. “Whether it is family                                                                                 less depressed or anxious than
having a social life is difficult,”   expectations, moving from a                                                                                  people who don’t exercise.”
said Trinh. “Since it’s my senior     familiar flat-line situation to                                                                                 Not only is exercising impor-
year [in high school], coordinat-     something more dynamic, do-                                                                                  tant to relieving stress, but voic-
ing my work schedule, cleaning        mestic violence or personal                                                                                  ing concerns to someone can be
the house, going to college, and      stress or advice, there are all                                                                              a great way to deal with it.
applying for universities - doing     kinds of stressors.”                                                                                            “When people are stressed
                                          Student Karany Neang                                                                                     out, they tend to isolate them-
all those things is tough.”                                                                           Jackie Argueta/THUNDERWORD
    Trinh is not alone.               struggles not only as a college                                                                              selves, which makes the prob-
    Statistics from Campus            student with the Running Start                                                                               lem worse. I encourage every-
Calm, a website aiming to edu-        program, but with financial                                                                                  one to speak to a friend, family
cate and help students through        ones too.                               Student Abigail Westfall said   along with his strenuous hours       member, or counselor if they
the rigors of college, says 85            “I take some classes under       she had to pay money for class-    at work.                             are stressed out or depressed,”
percent of students feel a sense      level 100 and because I’m in         es she did not need due to mis-       “It’s a never-ending cycle        said Dr. Koepping.
of stress on a daily basis.           Running Start, my parents pay        calculations with her advisers.    of stress,” said Potter. “Work,         “Then they don’t feel so alone
    Six out of 10 students often      for those tuitions and I feel           Not only did she lose money     school, being a good father and      anymore and someone can help
feel so overwhelmed by the            stressed out about it,” said Ne-     and was unable to receive com-     being a good boyfriend – one         them figure out a less stressful
high demands of college, that         ang. “The moment I graduate          pensation, she had to stay at      thing is always outweighing the      option for living and working in
finishing tasks or assignments        from high school, college costs      Highline for another year, she     other. It’s hard to find balance.”   the world,” Dr. Koepping said.
becomes difficult.                    will be high. It’s expensive and     said.                                 He said he also strives to be        Dr. Gloria Koepping’s office
    “Many students here have          I have no idea how to pay for it.”      “I had two counselors check     the strength within his family       is upstairs in Building 6 within
layers and layers of things to            Causes of stress vary from       my schedule,” said Westfall. “I    and others close to him.             the counseling department of-
do,” said Highline Counseling         finding parking to battling          ended up with more math class-        “I’m going to school to ma-       fice. Her office is in room 235.
Psychologist Dr. Gloria Koep-         against a disease.                   es than I actually needed and      jor something in the medical            She mainly works with stu-
ping.                                     “Some people have impor-         I was missing science credits.     field,” said Potter. “A physical     dents regarding problem solv-
    “Certainly the demanding          tant classes to get to and parking   There seems to be a lack of un-    therapist or some kind of doc-       ing.
coursework is a factor for stu-       is always a problem. Some peo-       derstanding of the programs at     tor – one of the other reasons I        Students who are interested
dents, but the biggest stressors      ple have to park at Lowe’s,” said    Highline on their part.”           want to pursue the medical field     in speaking with Dr. Koepping
are finances, family relation-        student Anita Gill. “There’s the        Of course, young men strug-     is because I have multiple scle-     or any counselor in the office
ships, and their mental and           parking problem and books are        gle with their own lives too. A    rosis.”                              may make an appointment at
physical health.”                     expensive, especially science        father at 24, Highline student        Multiple sclerosis is an au-      206 878-3710, ext. 3353. Stu-
    Along with Dr. Koepping,          books. And personally, I don’t       Jeff Potter seeks to stabilize     toimmune disease that affects        dents may also walk in to make
psychology Professor Bill Kohl-       get financial aid easily.”           his academic and paternal life     the brain and the central ner-       appointments.

Protect yourself from harm by being aware, say officers
            By DEREK NGOR             said.                                                                   way the car unlocks doesn’t          you’re kicking and screaming
                 Staff Reporter          “It is important to set bound-                                       seem right, back away from the       you have a better chance of get-
                                      aries for yourself,” Sgt. Harris                                        car and get help.”                   ting away.”
   Women can take steps to pre-       said.                                                                      Sgt. Harris suggested that           If there is one important fact
vent themselves from becoming            “If you don’t respond in a                                           when women go to night clubs         that any women should remem-
victims of assault, not just on       firm and serious tone, they                                             to not only have designated          ber, it is “never go to a second
campus, but everywhere else,          might not take you serious and                                          drivers, but also have desig-        location. The odds of finding
said two law enforcement offi-        think that what they’re doing to                                        nated drink watchers so the          you alive drop dramatically
cers here on Monday.                  you is OK.”                                                             opportunity for anybody to           once you are moved to a second
   Sgt. Patti Harris of the Des          “There are many things you                                           contaminate your drink drops         location.”
Moines Police and Sgt. Deme-          can do to protect yourself from                                         dramatically.                           If you find yourself walking
tria Guillen of Campus Security       harm and one of those things is                                            What can women do once            alone to the parking lot and for
spoke Monday’s presentation           to be aware,” said Sgt. Harris.                                         they find themselves on the re-      any reason you don’t feel safe,
on how women can take ac-                “One example of being                                                ceiving end of an attack? Sgt.       Campus Security is available to
tive steps to protect themselves      aware is having one ear piece                                           Harris has just two words for        escort you to your car.
from being potential victims.         out of your ear instead of hav-      Des Moines Sgt. Patti Harris       you: fight dirty.                       “The number to call cam-
   The presentation was a part        ing both in your ear. By doing                                             “Just kick and scream,” said      pus security is 3218,” says Sgt.
of the 29th annual Women’s            that you are not only aware of                                          Sgt. Harris.                         Guillen.
Celebration at Highline.              any danger that might happen to      ness is being aware of whether        “Do whatever it takes for you        “Any of the red boxes on
   Every year, 25 percent of          you but also of any danger that      your car alarm went off cor-       to get away. Lie and say you         campus will go directly to cam-
females are sexually assaulted        might be happening to anybody        rectly.                            have STD’s, throw up on the          pus security or any of the blue
and 90 percent of those assault-      else,” she said.                        “Trust your instincts,” said    guy, and even urinate on him. If     phones in the parking lot go di-
ed know the person, the officers         Another example of aware-         Sgt. Harris. “If you think the     you hold on to something while       rectly to 911.”
                                                               The Thunderword / May 19, 2011                                                                                11
Escher mixed mathematics and art, professor says
          By AMANDA SILLS                                                                                                            “It’s easy          on,” Morris said. “He really
                 Staff Reporter                                                                                                   to understand          wanted to see things go on for-
                                                                                                                                  what he did            ever.”
   M. C. Escher wanted to cre-                                                                                                    but hard to               While attempting to draw his
ate infinity on a page and por-                                                                                                   d u p l i c a t e ,”   own form of Escher’s art, Mor-
tray an endless pattern to the                                                                                                    Morris said.           ris found himself stuck at many
naked eye, Ed Morris Highline                                                                                                        E s c h e r ’s      points, but kept trying various
Mathematics professor said                                                                                                        artwork fasci-         ideas.
here last week.                                                                                                                   nated Morris,             “When you’re not sure what
   Maurits Cornelis Escher was                                                                                                    and led him            to do, go
a Dutch graphic artist, and is                                                                                                    to investigate         back to the
one of most famous such artists                                                                                                   the math be-           b a sic s ,”
in the world. He is most well-                                                                                                    hind Escher’s          Mor ris
known for his impossible and                                                                                                      drawings.              said.
infinite structures, such as his                                                                                                     As a math              There is
piece, Ascending and Descend-                                                                                                     professor,             something
ing, which depicts continuous                                                                                                     Morris          has    that flows
staircases leading back to the                                                                                                    taken         time     in Escher’s Morris
beginning.                                                                                                                        to look at the         d rawi ngs,
   Last Friday’s Science Semi-                                                                                                    math involved          something that catches your eye
nar, led by Morris, covered                                                                                                       within the art-        and brings you to gaze into a
Escher’s art of spiraling designs                                                                                                 work and has           swirling tunnel of shapes, Mor-
and how they relate mathemati-                                                                                                    tried to dupli-        ris said.
cally.                                                                                                                            cate it.                  “Things are all the same and
   Science Seminar takes place                                                                                                       “Escher             they are getting smaller,” Mor-
every Friday in Building 3 and                                                                                                    was not a              ris said.
features faculty who present                                                                                                      mathemati-                Before an era of computers
topics related to their field. The                                                                                                cian,” Morris          and Photoshop, Escher used
series of lectures are held to                                                                                                    said. “How in          nothing but his hands when
explain scientific discoveries,      Escher’s fascination- with infinity is clearly displayed in some of his artwork.             the world did          bringing his drawings to life.
studies and worldwide interests.                                                                                                  he come up             “Asking yourself what you see
Presentations are open to the           “I said to myself, ‘If Escher         Escher’s numerous drawings        with this?”                              gets your creative juices flow-
public and can also be taken by      can make it, then I can figure it     have been known to entrance             However,           duplicating        ing,” Morris said.
students for college credit.         out’,” Morris said jokingly.          the looker as if gazing through      Escher’s art is no easy task.               This week’s seminar will be
   Escher is also known for his         From the many of Escher’s          a boundless telescope, Morris        Morris explained that the con-           on how to use Excel and some
“relativity and transformation       drawings, Morris showed one           said.                                cept of infinity captivated              new tricks involved with the
prints,” such as Metamorphosis       which includes a vibrant pattern         Morris explained four kinds       Escher’s mind and inspired him           program. The seminar will be
and Reptiles, which Morris at-       forming a flowing stream of           of transformation in Escher’s        to create infinity on a page.            presented by Accounting Pro-
tempted to demonstrate during        stingrays, swimming endlessly         artwork and how he covered              “Escher was always inter-             fessor Michael Girvin on Friday
his lecture.                         into the distance.                    space completely without gaps.       ested in infinity, things that go        at 2:20 p.m. in Building 29.

Local officials call students to vote Time running short
            By SETH POWELL
                 Staff Reporter
                                      for the Legislature
                                         Mayor Sheckler said that lo-
                                     cal government is the most ex-
                                                                           are very caring people,” he said.
                                                                              Priest also said that the deci-
                                     citing part of politics.              sions made by people in office
   Voting in local elections is          “At the local level, it is usu-   have a huge impact on your life.      By RASCHELLE CASEBIER                      One road block that the Leg-
both your right and your re-         ally five to seven people who            “If you don’t vote, don’t com-                     Staff Reporter          islature is facing is over Work-
sponsibility, four elected offi-     are making the decisions, and         plain,” Priest said.                                                          ers’ Compensation. The House
cials said here Tuesday.             that is much more exciting to            The best part of government          The Legislature must make             and Senate do not see eye to eye
   Highline students hosted a        me,” he said.                         is making improvements and           quick decisions as today marks           on this issue.
forum to promote voting in lo-           Being involved in govern-         knowing that you have had a          the 24th day of their 30-day ses-            “The Senate and House need
cal elections on Tuesday, May        ment is very rewarding, Sheck-        hand in it, said Councilman          sion to work out a final budget.         to come to an agreement. I be-
17. The forum featured Appeals       ler said. When you have a hand        Jack Block.                             The Legislature had a 105-            lieve one of the primary issues
Court Judge Marlin Appelwick,        in improving something, you              “In the past 10 years we’ve       day session prior to the cur-            is Workers’ Compensation,”
Des Moines Mayor Bob Sheck-          know that you have made a dif-        pretty much transformed our          rent Special Session, ending on          said the legislative assistant
ler, Federal Way Mayor Skip          ference.                              city,” he said of Burien.            April 22.                                for State Rep. Katrina Asay, R-
Priest, and Burien Council-              She ck-                              Block also said that voting          The Special Session is a 30-          Milton.
member Jack Block Jr.                ler     also                          and getting involved in politics     day period called by Governor               The Senate version of the
   Judge Appelwick began the         stressed                              is a great way to get involved       Gregoire to allow additional             Workers’ Compensation Bill
discussion by saying that the        the impor-                            and improve your community.          time for the Legislature to ham-         includes an option of reach-
job of an elected representative     tance of                                 “What a community is, is          mer out the budget. The session          ing lump-sum settlements with
is very important.                   voting.                               what you put into it,” he said.      began on April 26 and is sched-          workers who receive benefits
   “Where government really              “It’s                                The speakers also gave stu-       uled to conclude on May 25.              for a prolonged period.
touches you is here at the local     exciting                              dents information on how to             The House and Senate are                 Businesses are in favor of the
level,” he said. “Understanding      for me to Priest                      learn more about the candidates      struggling through as they con-          Senate version while laborers
your role is critical.”              vote,” he                             they are interested in voting for.   tinue to negotiate how to fill the       are in favor of the House ver-
   Judge Appelwick said that it      said. “Voting is the most im-            They said that most candi-        $5.2 billion shortfall that Wash-        sion of the bill.
is your responsibility and right     portant thing in the world.”          dates have websites with all         ington is experiencing.                     The hang up is that the House
to vote.                                 Often a person will win a         their information on them, but           “We’re so close to a budget          won’t accept the Senate version
   “Be good citizens,” he said.      city election by just a handful of    the best way to really find out      that it hurts,” said State Sen.          of the bill becuase it includes a
“You can change people’s lives.”     votes, Sheckler said. The elec-       about them is to attend forums       Karen Keiser, D-Kent.                    settlements provision that they
   Judge Appelwick also said         tion could possibly have gone         during campaign season.                 Though the session should             disagree with.
that it is a good idea to pay at-    the other way if just a few more         The Washington Secretary          soon come to a close, many de-              The House version will re-
tention to the candidates. If        people had decided to vote.           of State’s website also puts out     cisions must still be made.              form Workers’ Compensation
there is a lot of publicity sur-         Mayor Priest said that most       information for voters. You can         “Some people are holding              through authorization of volun-
rounding a judge, especially if      people involved in local govern-      find this information at http://     the budget hostage to their own          tary settlements and creation of
it is negative, you should pay       ment aren’t in it for the money.         projects, and that’s where we’re         a return-to-work subsidy pro-
close attention to that person.          “Most local elected officials     fault.aspx.                          at,” Sen. Keiser said.                   gram.
12                                                                      The Thunderword / May 19, 2011

Central provost visits Highline                                                                                                                 Highline
                                                                                                                                                2nd in paper
New vice
                                    ington University center locat-                                        bers and successes, of transfer
                                    ed on the Highline campus.                                             students.
president says                         The Des Moines center offers                                           Dr. Levine also expressed

transfer students
                                    17 different degree programs
                                    and the nearby Kent center, lo-
                                                                                                           concern about the writing abili-
                                                                                                           ties of transfer students.           contest
need better skills                  cated at Kent Station, offers de-
                                    grees in education, information
                                                                                                              “Students are entering to
                                                                                                           take 300 and 400 level classes
                                    technology and middle-level                                            and still do not have the writ-      By ELIZABETH MIKLOVICH
                                    math teaching endorsements.                                            ing skills they will need to be                      Staff Reporter
By ELIZABETH MIKLOVICH                 Dr. Levine earned her Ph.D.                                         successful in graduate school or
                Staff Reporter      in modern Chinese history                                              the workplace,” she said.                 Highline engineering stu-
                                    from the University of Chicago,                                           Another area of interest for      dents competed in the Human
    Central Washington Univer-      a master’s degree in Southeast                                         Central Washington University        Powered Paper Vehicle compe-
sity’s provost wants to improve     Asian history from the Univer-                                         is implementing a general edu-       tition April 30 at Eastern Wash-
the skills of transfer students.    sity of Hawaii, and a bachelor’s                                       cation program where students        ington University.
   Dr. Marilyn Levine met           degree from San Diego State                                            will enter in as juniors and have        The Highline team Paper
with staff, students, and faculty   University.                         Dr. Marilyn Levine                 to go through some of the same       Union won the award for most
members for a question and an-         Levine also speaks Man-                                             assessments and evaluations          innovative design for their row-
swer session in Building 29 on      darin Chinese, which she dis-       Levine said.                       that freshmen students also go       ing-style human powered paper
May 12.                             played at the meeting.                 The issue of transfer stu-      through. This would allow for        vehicle.
   Levine is Central’s new pro-        Since 2005, she has served       dents from Highline and other      a smoother transition for stu-           Highline sent two teams to
vost/vice president for academ-     as dean of the College of Arts      community colleges to Central      dents, she said.                     the 12th annual competition
ic and student life. That makes     at Eastern Oregon University.       Washington University main            This would also allow for         this year. Each team consisted
her the senior academic admin-      She even taught for a semester      campus and its centers is a pri-   students to be placed in the ap-     of four Highline engineering
istrator for the university, and    at sea where her classroom was      ority of Levine’s.                 propriate course level based         students.
“second in command” of the          a cocktail lounge by night.            She has written a new pro-      upon their writing skills, she           Team Jay’s Law, also from
Ellensburg main campus and all         “The Des Moines Center has       posal for a “seamless learning     said.                                Highline, did not finish the
the educational centers (branch     impressed me from the first         model” for all Central students       Levine will travel to South-      competition due to mechanical
campuses).                          time I visited. There is a true     and hopes that in working with     east Asia in October of this year    problems with their recumbent
   Currently 700 students are       sense of community here. More       the eight centers in Washington    for recruitment of international     bike.
enrolled at the Central Wash-       so than even the main campus,”      state they can improve the num-    students.                                There are strict rules for the
                                                                                                                                                competition concerning what

Americans consume too much, prof says
                                                                                                                                                materials can be used for con-
                                                                                                                                                struction of the vehicles.
                                                                                                                                                    The vehicle must be 90 per-
                                                                                                                                                cent paper by weight. The re-
                                                                                                                                                maining 10 percent is limited
     By BRIAN ALEXANDER                                                                                    of natural resources by 2050,”       only by the imagination of the
                Staff Reporter                                                                             Brigham said. “What can be cut       designers. The maximum al-
                                                                                                           out of the daily routine? Coffee,    lowable vehicle weight is 75
   The consumption rate of the                                                                             energy drinks, or bottled water?     pounds.
American population has dou-                                                                               What about all of the paper or           Teams are judged on the pre-
bled since 1950, a Highline pro-                                                                           plastic grocery bags?”               sentation of their vehicles and
fessor said here last week.                                                                                   Most grocery stores have          on how fast their vehicles can
   Tracy Brigham, a physical                                                                               and promote the use of reusable      complete a designated obstacle
education and nutrition profes-                                                                            grocery bags. The bags are du-       course on an eight mile track.
sor, talked about curbing con-                                                                             rable and can be used to carry           Teams from Washington,
sumption and what the world                                                                                around anything. A lot of gro-       Oregon, and Idaho participated
does not need to buy, at last                                                                              cery stores will give you some       in the event.
week’s Sustainability Seminar.                                                                             kind of discount as well if you          This year the winning team
   “The U.S. population stands                                                                             are using their reusable bags.       was from Green River Commu-
for 5 percent of the world popu-                                                                              Bottled water can be consid-      nity College.
lation, but consumes 30 percent                                                                            ered one of the biggest money            Eight schools were repre-
of resources and produces 30                                                                               scams ever, Brigham said.            sented at this year’s competi-
percent of the world’s waste,”                                                                                On average 16-20 ounce            tion with a total of 15 vehicles
Brigham said. “If the world                                                                                bottled water costs more than        entered.
consumed as much and pro-                                                                                  gasoline.                                Only six teams had vehicles
duced as much as the U.S. we                                                                                  To add on top of the price        that were able to complete the
would need almost five more                                                                                for bottled water, most of those     test course to the finish without
planets.”                                                                                                  bottles don’t make it into the re-   falling apart or without having
   A big help to the consump-                                                                              cycle bin. Instead, bottles end      experienced a mechanical fail-
tion rate is how much advertise-                                                                           up getting washed into storm         ure of some kind.
ment there is.                                                                                             drains and dumped into the
   We see more advertisements                                                                              ocean.
in one year than people 50                                                                                    The North Pacific Gyre is         Come and honor fallen
years ago did in their lifetime,                                                                           located in between California        veterans on May 26
Brigham said.                                                                                              and Hawaii. It is an area of the
   Companies advertise to get                                                                              Pacific Ocean where all of the          A Memorial Day recogni-
their business name or product                                                                             floating plastic seems to gather.    tion program is scheduled for
out to the public. Throughout                                                                              Birds and other sea life animals     Thursday, May 26 at 12:10 p.m.
the world there are advertise-                                                                             have been found washed ashore        Provided the weather is good,
ments everywhere for every-                                                                                and their stomachs are filled        the meeting will take place next
thing.                                                                Corey Sun/THUNDERWORD                with plastic objects. Not only       to the Memorial POW/MIA lo-
   “On average the U.S. popu-       Tracy Brigham talks about curbing American consumption.                are plastic objects polluting the    cation adjacent to Building 2.
lation spends upwards of four                                                                              ocean but also killing animals.      A brief reception will follow in
times as many hours in the mall     ‘70s, the average house size has    each person creates about four        Cutting back on items you         Building 6.
shopping as people in Europe,”      doubled, said Brigham. Creat-       pounds of garbage every single     don’t need to buy will help you         Campus veterans will be pre-
Brigham said. “That includes        ing more room for furnishings       day.                               save money and could also help       sented with a “challenge coin,”
Paris, France and Milan, Italy.”    and extra junk that could be           “Right now the American         the environment by using less        which was designed by Gary
   Although the average fam-        considered unnecessary. And to      population is on pace for using    of our limited supply of natural     Nelson, Visual Communica-
ily size has decreased since the    go along with that, on average,     one and a half Earth’s worth       resources, Brigham said.             tions instructor at Highline.
                                                                                     The Thunderword /May 19, 2011                                                                                                     13
Cold weather causing problems for gardeners
     By KELLY CASSINERIO                                                                                                                                                leaves      are,
                  Staff Reporter                                                                                                                                        Walter said.
                                                                                                                                                                           Students at
    It is going to be a rough start                                                                                                                                     Highline have
for those who are trying to gar-                                                                                                                                        been trying to
den this year, said the Biology                                                                                                                                         grow plants
Lab coordinator at Highline.                                                                                                                                            for        their
    Donn Walter said the lasting                                                                                                                                        classes       as
frost this year is making plants                                                                                                                                        well.
grow really slow.                                                                                                                                                          The Bota-
    Walter has run the Biology                                                                                                                                          ny 119 class
Lab for 10 years. He coordi-                                                                                                                                            didn’t start
nates the annual plant sale and                                                                                                                                         planting until
helps maintain the greenhouse                                                                                                                                           three weeks
at Highline.                                                                                                                                                            into Spring
    Compared to last year, the                                                                                                                                          Quarter,
weather has evened out, but it                                                                                                                                          which is a late
is still having a negative impact                                                                                                                                       start, Walter
on gardens, Walter said.                                                                                                                                                said.
    The cold weather has also                                                                                                                                              Even with
been a deciding factor in Wal-                                                                                                                                          this        cold
ter’s decision to not have the an-                                                                                                                                      weather, you
nual plant sale at Highline this                                                                                                                                        can still be-
year.                                                                                                                                                                   gin a garden,
    Usually, the plant sale would                                                                                                                                       Walter said.
be held the Friday before Moth-                                                                                                                                            “Peas are a
er’s Day, but because of the cold                                                                                                                                       good thing to
weather, he decided not to do it                                                                                                        Corey Sun/THUNDERWORD start with,” he
this year, Walter said.                      Walter coordinates the annual plant sale but decided not to do it this year due to the cold weather.                       said.
    The autoimmune disease                                                                                                                                                 It is a good
from which he suffers, sarcoid-                 The cool weather not only af- fected the most are tomatoes,” grow better, said Walter.              thing to start plants indoors first
osis, has been flaring up this               fects people, but it affects some he said.                               A piece of advice for those until the frost is over, Walter
spring, which also made plan-                plants more than others, Walter      In the Pacific Northwest, who are thinking about grow- said.
ning more difficult this year,               said.                             tomatoes don’t grow too well ing tomatoes is water them at              “But don’t expect a large har-
Walter said.                                    “The plants that are being af- while in the east, they tend to the roots instead of where the vest,” he said.

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14                                                                      The Thunderword / May 19, 2011

Five seek Student Government offices
urge students
to vote in
         By MEGAN WALLIN
                 Staff Reporter

    Voting continues for High-
line Student Government of-
fices today.
    Students who prefer to vote      David Turner                       Zoey Myagmarjav                     Troy Kwak                            Enrique Ramirez
online will be able to do so un-
til midnight on May 19, while        think our government needs to      there is a need for more involve-   to stand up and be a servant         sor for the Latino Awareness
ballots can be turned in from        realize how important educa-       ment in education, and thinks       leader at our college.”              Day Committee, the co-chair-
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the second       tion is to society, too.”          students should take a bigger           Kuchmiy is currently pursu-      person for the Campus Wide
floor of Building 8 in the Stu-         Turner, an accounting major     role in ensuring its quality.       ing an associate’s degree with       Event Committee and has been
dent Business Center.                who is also interested in engi-       “As a student leader on this     an emphasis in Biology and           involved as a consultant with
    Five candidates are running      neering, said he was prompted      campus, I do feel that students     Chemistry, and has attended          various Highline clubs.
for two positions, with three        to run for Student Government      can do much more on this cam-       Highline for two years.                 His main goal, he said, is
running for president and two        because he saw the inevitability   pus than just go to classes,”           “I look forward to being able    “to unify the student body.” He
for vice president.                  of change.                         Myagmarjav said. “There are         to serve the student body and        referenced the recent incidents
    David Turner and Zoey My-           “I have been deeply involved    endless opportunities on our        give back to the campus dur-         with the vandalism of PRISM
agmarjav are Highline’s presi-       at Highline’s Center for Leader-   campus that students take ad-       ing my final year at Highline,”      posters.
dential candidates, along with       ship & Service and have seen       vantage of to develop them-         Kuchmiy said of her decision to         “Certain discrimination is-
Ella Kuchmiy as a write-in,          the dramatic changes that are      selves as promising students        run for president.                   sues have surfaced as of late,
and Troy Kwak and Enrique            coming,” said Turner.              and future leaders.”                    “If elected to Student Gov-      and in order to be an effective
Ramirez are running for vice            “I have been involved in Stu-      She added that her campaign      ernment,” she explained, “my         and diverse college, these acts
president.                           dent Government and know that      was geared toward the oppor-        goals are to be a leader, to serve   of hate cannot take place,” said
    Myagmarjav and Ramirez           we as a college have the power     tunity to be “a servant leader”     the student body to the best of      Ramirez.
are actually running together as     to change [problems] for the       and “represent our student body     my ability and work on the bud-         Troy Kwak, also running
a ticket, with the slogan “It’s an   better,” he added.                 to help to make our campus and      get cuts that may cause many         for vice president, agreed that
EZ (easy) choice!”                      He encouraged students to       community a better place.”          students to be unable to pursue      Highline must be a safe envi-
    Voting began on May 18, at       be more active in the voting          Myagmarjav has also served       the dream of higher education.”      ronment for all students.
9 a.m. and continues through         process here at Highline.          on the Services & Activities            Adding to that, she said, “I        “Highline is thriving with
May 19. Students who prefer to          “Voting is something that       Budget Committee, and said          am a dedicated individual who        diversity that accompanies the
vote online will be able to do so    is within your power. You can      it has helped her better under-     works hard and puts a great ef-      many different religions, per-
until midnight, while students       vote to make the changes you       stand what it means to serve the    fort into everything I do. When      spectives and opinions we have
turning in ballots have until 5      want. If you want to see change,   Highline community.                 given the opportunity to serve       and should be adequately repre-
p.m.                                 then help be the change.”             “Knowing that all of the         I do it to the best of my abil-      sented to the faculty and state,”
    In their application ques-          Along those same lines,         S&A budget consists of student      ity, and with my background          Kwak said.
tions, the candidates made it        Turner said, “I am on the Ser-     paid money, serving on S&A          knowledge of politics and my            “As vice president, I will
clear that they are motivated        vices & Activities Budget Com-     Budget Committee gave me that       two previous years at Highline       be unbiased in my views and
to make necessary changes if         mittee that sets the budget for    student voice that I have been      I believe you would not make a       heritage and will openly take in
elected into Highline’s Student      all extra-curricular activities    seeking,” Myagmarjav said.          wrong choice as a voter to write     opinions and represent them as
Government.                          here. I am involved in all of      “Being part of the committee is     in your vote for Ella Kuchmiy        one student body.”
    “I see that we need to make      these groups and more…not          representing thousands of stu-      for ASHCC president.”                   Kwak said that he has always
some changes here at Highline        just to have fun, but because I    dents that don’t even know that         Enrique Ramirez, who is          felt a call toward leadership.
and in our state. I believe I can    am passionate about seeing stu-    S&A Budget exists.”                 graduating with an emphasis             “I would love to be actively
help make those changes as a         dents here at Highline be suc-        Giving fair and equal rep-       in anthropology and is the vice      involved in my school,” Kwak
representative of our Highline       cessful.”                          resentation to all Highline stu-    presidential candidate running       said. “In Highline, the vice
community,” said presidential           One of Turner’s opponents,      dents is the main focus of My-      with Myagmarjav, said he ran to      president is the one who takes
candidate David Turner. “I also      Zoey Myagmarjav, agrees that       agmarjav’s campaign.                make a change in the Highline        on the role of communicating
                                                                           “I believe that our Student      community.                           and interacting with the student
                                                                        Government represents the               “Working in the Center for       body and I believe that I will
  Facilites finds leak under Building 16                                whole student body,” she said,      Leadership and Service this          genuinely enjoy this position
                                                                        and elaborated. “We are called      year enabled me to see what is-      while trying my hardest no mat-
     Highline Facilities staff       ground,” he said.                  a community college for a rea-      sues our students face in the up-    ter what challenges come up.”
  found a leak under Building            “The search was long but       son, reason being that we have a    coming years,” he said.                 His vision for Highline is one
  16 that was pumping out 500        once we figured it out it only     great community that supports           Ramirez said the position is     without limits.
  gallons per day.                   took us an hour to fix,” Ny-       us and does the work to make        one that must be approached             “My vision for Highline is
     No damage was done to           quist said.                        sure that everyone is welcome.”     “with sincerity and integrity,       that this institution will be an
  the building.                         “We found the pipe that            Ella Kuchmiy, the write-in       and I bring both of those to the     open place and a place where
       “We had an ongoing            was feeding the leak in the        presidential candidate this year,   forum.”                              everyone can reach their full
  problem with rain water get-       mechanical room and cut it         is anxious to increase her in-          “I think I’d be good for this    potential,” he said.
  ting into art room 171. So we      off and capped it,” he said.       volvement with Highline.            position because I truly care           “One of my main responsi-
  thought we had a partially            The leak was draining              “Delving into the politi-        about Highline and the students      bilities as vice president will
  blocked drain field and we         500 gallons of water per day       cal process and learning more       that represent this unique insti-    be with budgets and I will
  noticed that the water was         which would end up costing         about the programs offered at       tution,” Ramirez said. “Being        diligently push the funding for
  not going down,” said Main-        the college an estimated $800      Highline has prompted me to         part of committees and working       the school to allow more clubs
  tenance Supervisor Gus Ny-         per year.                          run for the presidential position   on group projects has opened         and involvement. From recre-
  quist.                                “We will know when the          at Highline,” she said.             my eyes to just how diverse this     ational activities like sports to
     “We saw gradual build           water bill comes out how              “Also,” she said, “learning      campus is.”                          educational clubs like Phi Theta
  up and realized that it was        much we were spending on           more about the impact that the          To date, Ramirez has been        Kappa, I will try to financially
  coming from a pipe in the          this leak,” said Nyquist.          president has on the school has     the co-chairperson for the Giv-      assist these activities in any way
                                                                        directed me to make a decision      ing Tree Committee, the advi-        possible.”
                                                                 The Thunderword / May 19, 2011                                                                               15
Community comments will help determine cleanup path
         By VICTORIA DOM
                 Staff Reporter
                                      River                                     Harbor
                                                                                Island                                Duwamish
                                                                                                                                                         pacts and costs, it increases the
                                                                                                                                                         need for long-term management

                                                                                                                     River Map
    Officials are requesting pub-                                                                                                                        and monitoring.
lic feedback to help determine          continued from page 1                                                                                                The natural recovery plan re-
the next steps that should be                                                                                                                            lies on the natural flow of clean
taken to remove the toxins in         to determine who should also                                                                                       sediments from upriver to cover
the Lower Duwamish River.             contribute funds.”                                                                                                 the contaminated areas.
                                                                                               Early Action
    “Involvement from the com-            Although contamination of                                Site                                                      Natural recovery bears the
munity is very important to           the Duwamish is blamed pre-                                                                                        least amount of short-term im-

make sure that everybody is           dominantly on industry, the                                                                                        pacts and costs; however, it also
working together,” said James         community has also played a                                                                                        provides the most uncertainty
Rasmussen, coordinator for the        role.                                                                                                              and would require the greatest
Duwamish River Cleanup Co-                “There is historic contami-                                                                                    need for long-term management
alition.                              nation as well as continued                                                                                        and monitoring.
    A public comment period is        contamination,” said James                                                                                             Taking the community’s
currently open regarding the          Rasmussen, coordinator for the                                                                                     opinion into account following
Early Action plans of Boeing          Duwamish River Cleanup Co-                                                                                         the public meeting in 2010, of-
Plant 2.                              alition, which is an organization                                                                                  ficials have since modified the
    To submit a response, send        partially funded by the EPA to                                                                                     feasibility study in order to cre-
an email to blocker.shawn@            ensure the community’s satis-                                                                                      ate a wider variety of alterna-, and cc contact@du- Feedback
                                      faction in the cleanup process.
                                          “Years ago, the contamina-                                                       Terminal 117                  tives.
                                                                                                                                                             The revised study lists six
will be accepted until May 28.        tion was 80 percent industry and                                                                                   alternatives, some containing a
    Public meetings are also          20 percent people, now, it is 80                                                     Early Action                  sub-alternative, and each made
being arranged for early next         percent people and 20 percent                                                            Site                      up of a different combination of
year to finalize the feasibility      industry,” Rasmussen said.                                                                                         the dredging, capping, and natu-
study, which will determine the           Stormwater runoff from city
                                      streets carries oil, grease, fertil-
                                                                                                    South Park                                           ral recovery procedures.
                                                                                                                                                             There are a full range of
cleanup methods for areas in the
waterway not included in Early        izer, and other toxic chemicals                                                                                    methods to choose from, includ-
Action Phase I.                       that eventually flow into the riv-                                                                                 ing no further progress after the
    Because the cleanup is par-       er through overburdened com-                                                                                       completion of the Early Action
tially funded by tax dollars, it      bined sewage overflow.                                                                                             sites, said Rasmussen.
is important for the community            “On rainy days, you can see                                                                                        This method, referred to as
to decide how, and how much,
money will be spent, said Ras-
                                      sediments in Elliot Bay coming
                                      from the Duwamish that come
                                                                                                     Turning Basin                                       Alternative 1, would cost an es-
                                                                                                                                                         timated total of $66 million.
mussen.                               far upstream from the Green                                                                                            Alternatives 2R-6R focuses
    The complete draft of the         River,” said Hiltner from the                                                Early Action                          predominantly on removal pro-
feasibility study is available        EPA.                                                                             Site                              cedures, totaling about $230
at           Though toxins continue to                                                                                      million to $1.35 billion, with
cleanup.nsf/sites/lduwamish.          flow into the waterway, the total                                                                                  long-term success rates ranging
    The Duwamish River Clean-         level of contamination is not ris-      genson Forge.                        Jorgenson Forge.                      from 18 to 43 years.
up Coalition is also hosting a        ing nor falling, she said. Most            Funded by the four main par-         Phase II will be the complete          Alternatives 3C-6C, howev-
Duwamish River Festival on            of the contamination is histori-        ties, cleanup methods for these      cleanup of the rest of the Lower      er, emphasize the combination
Aug. 27 in South Park, located        cal and has built up in the sedi-       sites are based on the input from    Duwamish Waterway, which is           of procedures, ranging in costs
south of Georgetown through           ments for hundreds of years.            the community comments.              a five-mile area starting at the      from $220 to $650 million,
West Marginal Way South,                  Cleanup of the river has been          One of the Early Action sites,    Turning Basin, stretching north       and success rates from 18 to 24
South Cloverdale Street, and          divided into two phases.                the Duwamish Diagonal, was           to the south end of Harbor Is-        years.
14th Avenue South.                        Phase I, the Early Action           cleaned completely in the El-        land.                                     “In some cases, the econom-
    “It’s important for people to     Phase, is currently in progress         liot Bay/Duwamish Settlement            The second phase is being          ic flow is what we have to take
understand why it is not just an      to clean seven sites along the          in 2005 after the city was sued      planned through a feasibil-           into account,” Rasmussen said.
industrial waterway,” Rasmus-         waterway, which are deemed as           to restore the natural resources     ity study. Drafted in 2009, the           Experts say the current weak
sen said. “It is time for us to pay   the Early Action sites.                 that were harmed by the con-         study is currently being altered      economy may influence the
back to the river that has done           These sites include the Du-         taminants.                           after several public meetings,        community to choose the more
everything for us.”                   wamish Diagonal, the west side             Restoration of the highly-        and officials hope the final draft    inexpensive option, which will
    For more information on           of the waterway at about river          polluted Slip 4 site is set to be-   will be complete by the end of        ultimately affect the long-term
the Cleanup Coalition and how         mile 2.2, Slip 4, Boeing Plant          gin in early fall, while planning    this year.                            success of the cleanup.
to get involved, visit http://du-     2, Terminal 117, Norfolk Com-           is currently underway for Boe-          The feasibility study propos-          “One option is always to do                    bined Sewer Overflow, and Jor-          ing Plant 2, Terminal 117, and       es a number of cleanup options,       nothing in a big public project
                                                                                                                   each alternative comprising dif-      like this,” he said. “But do you
                                                                                                                   ferent combinations of physi-         want to come back and have to
                                                                                                                   cal removal, containment, and         clean this again in 10 years?”
                                                                                                                   natural recovery.                         “If the cleanup is successful,
                                                                                                                      Removal of the contaminated        contamination in the river will
                                                                                                                   sediments, referred to as dredg-      be reduced by 90 percent,” said
                                                                                                                   ing, requires the physical ex-        Hiltner of the EPA. “The last 10
                                                                                                                   traction of the polluted material.    percent is where things get dif-
                                                                                                                      Though the dredging proce-         ficult.”
                                                                                                                   dure is more timely and expen-            Experts say heavy urbaniza-
                                                                                                                   sive, it will give more certainty     tion has made it near impossible
                                                                                                                   in the long-term effects and re-      to completely remove all toxic
                                                                                                                   sult in fewer short-term impacts      chemicals from the waterway,
                                                                                                                   such as disturbance, emissions,       also reducing the chances of be-
                                                                                                                   and traffic.                          ing able to safely consume an
                                                                                                                      The containment option uses        unlimited amount of seafood
                                                                                                                   a capping method to cover the         that comes from the river.
                                                                                                                   contamination with clean mate-            “We have effects on things far
                                                                                                                   rial, typically using sand, gravel,   beyond ourselves, and reaching
                                                                                                                   and rock to isolate the pollution.    a lower level of contamination
                                                                             Victoria Dom/THUNDERWORD                 While the capping method           means all of us thinking about
Piles of scrap metal continue to sit along the polluted waterway.                                                  comes with less short-term im-        our lifestyles,” Hiltner said.
16                                                                      The Thunderword / May 19, 2011

  THURSDAY                    FRIDAY                SATURDAY                    SUNDAY                    MONDAY                     TUESDAY               WEDNESDAY

    SUNNY                  MOSTLY                   MOSTLY SHOWERS   FEW   MOSTLY SHOWERS
                            SUNNY                   CLOUDY         SHOWERS CLOUDY
  H           68 H                     58 H                       60 H                      53 H                      51 H                         52 H                  53
  L           47 L                     42 L                       46 L                      45 L                      42 L                         42 L                  42

Gas                                   “When I started driving, it
                                   was about $3, but it is $4 now.
                                                                            “Probably not too many road
                                                                        trips like camping this sum-
                                                                                                              supply [of crude oil] is going to
                                                                                                              be less drives up the price,” he
                                                                                                                                                   the run-up of commodity prices
                                                                                                                                                   … to protect their wealth and
                                   I’m trying not to go to too many     mer,” he said.                        said.                                make more money.”
  continued from page 1            places, just here [school] to            This run-up in gasoline price        “When people are speculat-           The price usually goes up in
                                   home. It makes me want to stay       may have been caused by spec-         ing on the price, what [they] are    spring and summer since driv-
car] as I can. I keep it light,”   home all the time,” Le said.         ulation in the future’s market, as    seeing is that the price will in-    ing increases and inventory goes
Samael said.                          Highline student Austin Hen-      well as rising demands for gas        crease in the future …to make        down, and it drives up the price
    Cruise control is a system     dler pays $40-55 for gasoline        as the weather improves.              a bet that the price is going to     in that time, Overstreet said.
which controls and keeps the       about every five days.                   “Gasoline price is deter-         go up,” Highline economics in-          And traditionally the price
car’s speed stable, so that it        “I try to get a ride with some-   mined by the cost of crude oil,       structor James Peyton said.          goes down in fall and winter
saves gasoline which is wasted     body else, trying to carpool.        marketing and distribution, tax          People “buy the right to pur-     time after Labor Day, but “we
by accelerating and decelerat-     I’m thinking of taking more          and operations cost,” said David      chase oil at a price that’s lower    don’t know what’s going to hap-
ing.                               public transportation,” he said.     Overstreet, AAA Washington            than it’s actually going to be,”     pen, which impacts the prices.”
    “I’m broke all the time.          Ryan Penttila drives a Nissan     public affairs director.              said Dr. Peyton.                        “It is frustrating,” said Ryan
When I don’t have gas, I’m less    Frontier. Its approximate mile-          Crude oil is a commodity and         Sellers want to sell the gas at   Poquiz, Highline student and a
likely to go places and more       age is 17-18 miles per gallon.       “is traded internationally, so it’s   a higher price and buyers want       driver of Chrysler Sebring. “Es-
likely to stay home,” he said.        It has an 80-gallon tank, and     impacted by events,” he said,         to buy it at the lower price.        pecially since there are many
    Mike Le drives an Acura,       he refills his car once a week,      pointing to recent unrest in the         “Later on, they sell the right    people who can’t find their jobs.
paying $20 once in four days to    spending $61. It cost him about      Middle East.                          to somebody else,” he said.          I hope that eventually the gas
fill up the tank.                  $48 to do so last year.                  “And the speculation that         “They want to take advantage of      price will come down.”

                                             h erita g e .e d u

    Turn your
    degree into a
    teaching career.
    Highline Community College and Heritage University
    at SSCC have joined hands to help you seamlessly
    expand your AA or AS degree into a Bachelor of
    Education. For details, call Heritage at 206 764-5371
    or e-mail

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               campus life
02                                                                     The Thunderword / May 19, 2011

                                    Instructor blogs to teach communication skills
                                                 By MAX HENRY                                               power students,” Bremen said.        grade,” but Bremen says that
                                                    Staff Reporter                                             Helping students learn how        by re-phrasing the sentence
                                                                                                            to communicate effectively has       and using the word “I” instead
                                       With nearly 2,000 hits in                                            been Bremen’s life work.             of “you” can make all the dif-
                                    the first month, from North                                                She said she is excited about     ference in the reaction that you
  Crime and                         America to Australia, Europe                                            the ability to help students at      receive from your professor.
    Punishment                      and back, Ellen Bremen’s chat-
                                    typrof blog is causing some
                                                                                                            Highline, and also at other col-
                                                                                                            leges across the world.
                                                                                                                                                    For example, instead of say-
                                                                                                                                                 ing “You gave me a bad grade,”
                                    chatter.                                                                   On the blog Bremen helps          try “I am very confused about
No luck for ‘98 vehicles               Ellen Bremen is a commu-
                                    nication professor at Highline,
                                                                                                            students deal with issues the
                                                                                                            “right” way.
                                                                                                                                                 the grade I received. I wasn’t
                                                                                                                                                 expecting to do so poorly.
                                    and has recently created a blog                                            She gives recommendations         Can you explain where I went
   A vehicle was reported sto-
                                    in order to help students better                                        for how to effectively commu-        wrong?”
len on May 11 at 7:30 p.m. A
                                    communicate with their profes-                                          nicate with professors in a way         Instead of putting your pro-
male Highline student parked                                           Ellen Bremen
                                    sors.                                                                   that can help you get the results    fessor on the defensive by start-
his 1998 Acura Integra in the
                                       Bremen said the idea for the                                         you are looking for.                 ing the conversation with “you,”
north lot at 4:45 p.m. When he
                                    blog stems from a book she is         To compound the problem,             She even has recommenda-          starting out by saying “I” helps
returned, it was gone. Another
                                    writing that helps students get    community colleges only re-          tions for building up your re-       create a neutral zone for com-
vehicle was reported stolen
                                    better grades by communicat-       quire one five-credit class in       sume.                                munication.
on May 12. A female student
                                    ing more effectively with their    human communication.                    Bremen said that one of the          To take advantage of Bre-
parked her 1998 Honda Accord
                                    professors.                           “It just isn’t enough,” said      biggest communication barriers       men’s 13 years of communica-
in the north lot at 10 a.m. When
                                       Since college is the staging    Bremen. “The result is that          between students and profes-         tion experience, and learn more
she returned, it was missing.
                                    ground for the “real” world, it    people are entering the working      sors has to do with the “you”        conversation tips and actions,
                                    also helps students learn vital    world without the communica-         approach many students use           visit
Students forge permits              communication skills to help       tion skills to help them be suc-     when trying to communicate              Not only will it help you
                                    them be more successful in the     cessful.”                            with their professors.               build better relationships with
   Forgery and theft of parking     job market.                           Bremen’s blog is designed to         She has excellent advice on       your professors, but also will
permits were found in two vehi-        “Verbal communication is        help close that gap. Bremen’s        how changing “you” to “I” can        serve as an important tool when
cles on May 12 and 16. On May       now the number one sought          chattyprof blog is her attempt to    make all the difference in get-      entering the job market, and
12 a security officer found a ve-   after employability skill,” said   meet students where they are at.     ting positive results when com-      will even help you to deal with
hicle behind Building 25 with       Bremen.                               Although she admits to be-        municating to professors, or         personal relationship issues.
forged winter and spring permit        Although instant messag-        ing an infant in the social media    anyone for that matter.                 Effective     communication
stickers. On May 16 a secu-         ing, texting, Facebooking and      scene, she said, “I have discov-        She posted the, try an ”I”        skills can help you solve or even
rity guard found a vehicle with     tweeting have brought people       ered the ability to touch a mass     blog on April 21, and gave a         avoid many of life’s problems,
forged winter 11, and spring 11     together like never before, they   of students’ lives more quickly.”    few very common phrases that         said Bremen.
stickers.                           have also created an environ-         “I really want students to be     many professors tend to hear.           “It’s like a communication
                                    ment that can be void of face-     writing in to ask questions that        One of the examples phras-        revolution I’m trying to start
Graffiti across campus              to-face verbal communication.      I can answer. I want to help em-     es was, “You gave me a bad           here,” she said.

   Two incidents of graffiti
were reported on campus. On
May 12 someone had written on                                          during the quarter. If you can’t                                             • May 25, Wednesday, stu-
the restroom walls of Building                                         make it to the information ses-      Calendar                             dent contributions for both aca-
29. On May 16 there were two                                           sion please email Scoggins at                                             demic achievement and campus
instances of graffiti in Building                                   for         • Today the Poetry Diversity     involvement will be acknowl-
26 in the second floor men’s re-                                       more information.                    Lounge theme will be “Peace...       edged at the 2011 Highline Stu-
stroom.                                                                                                     Is It Possible?”                     dent Awards Ceremony.
                                                                       Donate your old bike                     This event is held by the           It will be held in the Stu-
Prowlers in parking lot                   News Briefs                                                       Inter-Cultural Center in the         dent Union, Building 8, Mt.
                                                                                                                                                 Townsend room from 5:30 to
                                                                          Tracy Brigham, a Highline         downstairs of Building 6 at
                                                                                                                                                 7:30 p.m.
   Prowlers were reported lurk-     Attend a tuition-free              nutrition instructor, and her stu-
                                                                       dents will be collecting bikes
                                                                                                            12:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                Bring poems written by you          • May 26, Thursday, the
ing in Highline parking lots on
May 16 at 4:45 p.m. The person      TOEFL prep class                   for the Village Bicycle Project      or someone else that relate to       Spring Job Fair will be held in
                                                                       (VBP).                               the topic to share.                  the Student Union, Building 8
reporting said he had seen the
                                        On Wednesday, May 25              They will be collecting bikes         • May 20, Friday’s weekly        in the Mt Constance and Mt.
vehicle before and had seen the
                                    come find out about a new tu-      on Friday, May 20 and Sat-           movie will be The Burning            Olympus rooms from 9 a.m. to
driver smash a window several
                                    ition-free TOEFL prep class for    urday, May 21 from 9 a.m. to         Bed. The film will be shown in       1 p.m.
weeks prior.
                                    immigrants and refugees dur-       4 p.m. The collection will be        Building 29 room 102 at 12:30           This fair is free and open to
                                    ing an information session in                                                                                the public, parking will also be
Peeping tom arrested                Building 19, room 103 at 1 p.m.
                                                                       located outside of Building 6
                                                                       (East parking lot).
                                                                                                                “It’s presented along with       free though limited.
                                    The Welcome Back Center is            The VBP is a local non-profit     the Women’s programs on cam-            • May 26, Thursday, a Suc-
   A peeping tom was reported       sponsoring this class that will                                                                              cessful Club Workshop about
                                                                       organization created to collect      pus as part of an anti-domestic
on May 16 at 6:45 p.m. A fe-        begin this summer.                                                                                           “Passing on Legacy: Leaving
                                                                       all types of bikes and parts to      violence awareness campaign,”
male said that she was using the        The TOEFL test is the Test                                                                               Your Mark as Leaders” will be
                                                                       send to rural villages in Ghana      said Tommy Kim, Literature
women’s restroom in Building        of English as a Foreign Lan-                                                                                 held at noon in Building 8 in the
                                                                       and Sierra Leone.                    and Writing instructor.
8, and caught a male looking at                                                                                                                  Leadership Resource Center on
                                    guage that evaluates the abil-        The bikes don’t need to be            • May 21, Saturday, from
her under the stall.                ity of an individual to use and                                                                              the third floor.
                                                                       new or in perfect condition, just    noon to 12:45 p.m. at the MaST
   She called 911. Two Des          understand English in an aca-      as long as they can be fixed up      center learn how whales may             • May 26, Thursday, a voter
Moines Police department offi-      demic setting.                                                                                               registration drive will be held
                                                                       enough for someone to use it.        be becoming the earth’s toxic
cers interviewed the victim.            “This class is open to immi-                                                                             by Highline American Govern-
                                                                          These bikes are especially        waste dumps.
   Three more police officers       grants and refugees who plan                                                                                 ment Students from 9 a.m. to
                                                                       important for people in areas            Dr Kaddee Lawrence will
showed up and were going into       to enter the medical profession,                                                                             1 p.m. on the second floor of
                                                                       that do not have roads.              discuss how marine mammals
the library main door when the      or who plan to attend a four                                                                                 Building 8.
                                                                          For more information or           are some of the most contami-
victim pointed out the suspect      year college, or who know that                                                                                  Computers will be available
                                                                       to arrandge to drop off a bike       nated animals in the ocean.
leaving the library.                they need to take the TOEFL to                                                                               with links directing students to
                                                                       earlier contact Tracy Brigham            Learn how to help with this
   The suspect ran into the offi-   achieve their professional goals                                                                             the Secretary of State’s office
                                                                       at or          problem and what the toxins are
cers and weapons were drawn.        (other than health care),” said                                                                              online.
                                                                       Kevin Stanley at kstanley@           that may be causing this rising
   The suspect was arrested in      Nicole Scoggins, a Highline                                                                                     Any U.S. citizen over the
                                                                                     issue of pollution.
between the main sliding doors.     ESL instructor.                                                                                              age of 18 who also has a valid
                                                                          To learn more about the Vil-          For directions and more in-
                                        The class will continue for    lage Bicycle Project go onlin to     formation on the MaST Center         Washington driver’s license
                 – Compiled         at least one year and eligible     http://www.villagebicyclepro-        please visit http://mast.highline.   can use this service to register
          by Elzie Dickens III      students can enroll at any time                       edu/.                                to vote.
                                                                                                        campus life
                                                               The Thunderword / May 19, 2011                                                                          03
College-bound high school students visit Highline
         By AMANDA SILLS            an early college experience,”
                Staff Reporter      Mazman said.
                                       Last Friday provided a nice
   Swarms of high school stu-       day for the students to look
dents gathered in groups out-       around and experience High-
side of the Student Union for       line’s campus.
Highline’s Spring Festival, to         “I like the campus and the
eat, chat and explore the cam-      environment,” Manveer Parmar
pus, last Friday, May 13.           said.
   The Spring Festival kicked          “Some people look mean
off with many attractions and       here,” said Gabriel Romero, an-
provided college information        other student.
for the visiting students.              “The campus is really nice,”
   High school students came to     said Gavin Doiron.
Highline with varying interests.       “Highline looks great and it’s
Some students came to check         my first time here,” said another
out the campus, look for college    high school student, Fasil Ber-
resources, and some just wanted     han.
to have a fun time.                    Romero took advantage of
   Several high school stu-         the various colleges visiting
dents said they are interested in   Highline.
Highline because of the smaller        “I wanted to visit to see what
classes and lower tuition.          is provided and look at the col-
   “I would like to go here be-     lege booths set up,” Romero
cause you don’t need to pay a       said.
lot of money,” said high school        Many of the visiting high
student Khai Le.                    school students are not positive
   “I like that it has smaller      on what college they would like
classes,” said Gavin Doiron, an-    to study at, but said they still en-
other high school student.          joyed experiencing Highline’s
   Other high school students       atmosphere.
said they are planning on regis-        “I came here to visit and see
tering for Running Start to gain    what’s going on,” said Suzanna
college credit.                     Safaroe.
     “I’m planning on doing            “I’m not sure if I want to go
Running Start here,” said San-      here. I want to go into the medi-
iya Mazman.                         cal field,” she said.
   “I want to do medical school        “I don’t really think I want to
which takes like 10 years, so I     go here,” Romero said. “I have
want to get a head start here,”     my sight set on West Point be-
she said.                           cause I’m interested in the mili-
   “It would be cool to get         tary.”

                                                                                                                                                    Corey Sun/THUNDERWORD
                                                                           Above: A sketch artists demonstrates his artistic abilities to a group of high school students outside of
                                                                           the Student Union last week. Left: High school students visiting the Highline campus gather for food
                                                                           and drinks offered during last week’s Spring Festival on Friday, May 13.

Virtual desktops may help Highline budget concerns
               By TJ SQUIRES        more than 800 staff and faculty        rently starting the second re-        A virtual desktop is an in-          “The client device may use
                Staff Reporter      computers, one can only imag-          build. “We are on time and on      dividual user’s interface in a      an entirely different hardware
                                    ine how expensive it may be to         budget,” Colgan said.              virtualized environment, where      setup from that used by the pro-
   Highline may make the            replace these computers with              One of the ways in which        the virtualized desktop is stored   jected desktop environment,”
switch to virtual desktops, as      brand new ones.                        the computers can be upgraded      on a remote server rather than      Bradley said.
the ability to upgrade comput-          Many faculty members are           is by boosting the RAM, also       locally. The desktop expands            The virtualization will allow
ers decreases due to lower bud-     still working on computers that        known as random-access mem-        a computer’s desktop environ-       the use of virtual machines to
gets.                               are more than four years old,          ory, in order to operate with      ment beyond the physical lim-       let multiple network subscribers
   While spending nearly            and around 150 computers are           Windows 7 software.                its of the screen’s real estate     maintain their own desktops on
$200,000 per year on campus         currently running on the older            Another way of upgrading is     through the use of software.        a single, centrally located com-
computers, Executive Direc-         Windows XP software.                   by using virtual desktops.            “Desktop virtualization in-      puter or server. Those using the
tor of Administrative Technol-          It costs around $1,000 to re-         “We are experimenting with      volves encapsulating and deliv-     desktop can be in different ar-
ogy Dennis Colgan tries to find     place a single computer, which         virtualizing desktop comput-       ering either access to an entire    eas, while all being connected
ways to save money while im-        would lead to a total of around        ers,” Colgan said.                 information system environ-         to a central machine via internet
proving work flow.                  $800,000 in four years just to            “We really can’t afford these   ment, or the environment itself     access or a local area network.
   “We try not to have comput-      replace the computers.                 virtual desktops, but we already   to a remote client device,” said        This technology can lower
ers on desks that are more than         Highline is on the last year       bought the licenses on these       Michael D. Bradley, the enter-      administrative and upgrade
4 years old,” Colgan said. With     of a five-year rebuild and is cur-     computers.”                        prise systems administrator.        costs, Bradley said.
04                                                                        The Thunderword / May 19, 2011

                Editorial comment

Take a stand against
abuse by listening
    Domestic violence is a predator that preys on people regardless
of gender, age or history.
    Although abuse victims are most commonly women, some men
also fall victim to violence.
    Abuse victims have many reasons for staying with their abuser
— reasons that many of the rest of us are incapable of understand-
ing. Similarly, they have been hurt in ways that we are unable to
    When she spoke at Highline on Tuesday, Brenda Clubine said
instead of constantly asking why they stay, our job, first and fore-
most, is to listen.
    Clubine, who was trapped in an abusive marriage, killed her hus-
band unintentionally in self-defense and spent 26 years in prison.
    Clubine said that she works hard to help create laws that will
protect women like herself.
    These laws are desperately needed. When a person — male
or female — is trapped in a violent relationship, they need to be
                                                                          How to stay motivated for spring
able to get out. The degree of violence can vary, but it is likely
to continue escalating until it becomes life-threatening, such as in         When May rolls around,                                                     plan something, write it down,
Clubine’s case.                                                           many of us students find it hard                       Commentary             then get back to work.
    In 1992, the Convicted Women Against Abuse group — formed             to stay motivated for school.                                                     Keeping motivated during
by Clubine and several other women in the California Institution             Although this May the                               Alisa                  the last weeks of school can be
for Women who were facing similar convictions —gained a hear-             weather has tried to trick us into                     Gramann                a challenge. The temptation to
ing which resulted in a law allowing Battered Women’s Syndrome            thinking it’s still February, our                                             cut class or skip a few assign-
to be admissible in court, but only to cases after 1992.                  biological clocks — and our cal-                                              ments can get overwhelming,
    It was not until 2002 when women with cases prior to 1992 got         endars — remind us that sum-                                                  but the one thing to remember
their break. After another hearing, a penal code was passed that          mer is right around the corner.        on your face in an imitation           is that this kind of behavior will
allowed women to contest their sentences on the grounds of unlaw-         And with that thought lurking          attempt. However, curling up           not get you far in the working
ful convictions.                                                          in our minds, we are suddenly          by a fire on cold “spring” days        world. Remember where you’ve
    However, these are only effective in the state of California.         thinking about all our plans for       can help bring about that quiet        been and remember where
Similar laws are still needed in the rest of the U.S., and around the     the summer instead of school.          mindset necessary to focus.            you’re going. That should be
world.                                                                       Most years, the shining sun            When it’s sleep that’s caus-        motivation enough.
    Clubine said that one of the easiest ways to help combat abuse        outside distracts us with re-          ing trouble, experience leads              Alisa never lacks for motiva-
is to listen and be aware of the situations your friends are dealing      minders that we are inside.            me to warn against consuming           tion, except at nap time.
with.                                                                     This year, the cycle is a little bit   extreme amounts of caffeinated
    “It’s your job to notice, it’s your job to observe,” she said.        backward. This year, the rain          beverages. While it seems like
    She said to ask questions, even when it feels uncomfortable for       distracts us with daydreams of         a good idea, many times the
us.                                                                       how much we miss the sun.              prominent side effect is the in-
    “There are a lot of dead women today because nobody listened             But, either way, May can be         ability to sleep at night.             Discrimination is
and paid attention,” she said.                                            a month of distractions, ranging          Instead, allow yourself to
    That is why talking with your family and friends is so impor-         from daydreams of sun to sum-          take a short nap — 30 minutes          present on campus
tant, Clubine said. If we don’t open the door for conversations, our      mer to sleep.                          to an hour. This will help you
loved ones could end up in a bad situation.                                  By the time May rolls               feel a little more rested and en-      Dear Editor:
    Clubine said that many times, victims don’t stay by choice;           around, all I want to do is sleep.     ergized, which in turn can help
many times they are forced to stay because they are hunted down           Forget the sun, I just want to         you stay focused instead of zon-          You say that discrimination
if they try to leave.                                                     sleep the year’s stress and ex-        ing out.                               does not happen at Highline?
    No one should have to endure this kind of situation. No one           haustion away.                            We all get told to switch top-      How about the posters that said
should be trapped like this.                                                 For a lot of people, though,        ics every 30 minutes or so while       “all the cool kids are gay?”
    Clubine shared some early warning signs to watch for, which           they just really want the sun —        studying, which really does help          That is some crazy high dis-
include extreme jealousy, a controlling or possessive attitude, un-       and the freedom to enjoy it.           information to “stick.” Howev-         crimination on me, a straight
predictable mood swings, and explosive anger.                                There are some simple solu-         er, when you do switch topics,         person.
    Also, Clubine said that when someone is a victim of abuse, doc-       tions to help students dealing         give yourself a few minutes to            You get a lesbian to complain
ument it. This can be done with pictures of wounds, including             with sun-withdrawals. One so-          clear your mind before tackling        about the “all the cool kids are
bruises, keeping copies of medical records, and saving any kind           lution is to take your homework        the next subject. Short breaks         straight” posters but you don’t
of threatening note — whether a note, email, or voicemail. In the         outside on those rare sunny            can be productive ones — like          get anybody to comment on the
event of legal action, this documentation can be very crucial.            days. This allows you to catch         going to get a glass of water, or      “gay” posters, why is that?
    “Abuse does not discriminate,” Clubine said.                          a few rays while still being ad-       scrounging up a snack.                    Is it because you, the edi-
    If you or someone you know is a victim of abuse, contact the          equately productive.                      When all else fails and your        tor, are gay and discriminate
Domestic Abuse Women’s Network (DAWN) at their 24 hour crisis                When there is no sun to be          mind just can’t keep from drift-       against straight people?
hotline, 425-656-7867, or by visiting their website, www.dawnon-          had, common sense advises              ing off to summer daydreams,                                                                 against shining a bright light         allow yourself a few minutes to                        -Igor Shevchuk

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                                                     The Thunderword / May 19, 2011                                                                  05
                                                                      Royalties              Crossword 101
                                                                                                       By Ed Canty (
                                                                 1. It covers the Hill
                                                                 6. Big name in tennis
                                                                10. Forty winks
                                                                13. Boston-D.C. train
                                                                14. Cool
                                                                16. Bass, e.g.
                                                                17. Anna’s musical
                                                                19. Corn site
                                                                20. Not native
                                                                21. Hider’s finder
                                                                23. TV screen: Abbr.
                                                                26. Building add-on
                                                                27. Artist Toulouse-Lautrec
                                                                28. Put back to work
                                                                30. Summarize
                                                                33. Addicts
                                                                34. Clock-face features
                                                                35. Salt
                                                                36. Shoe bottom
                                                                37. Beach sights
                                                                38. One who crosses the line? 5. Roofers, often                     43. Misfortune
                                                                39. Prefix with cycle         6. Deli item                          44. “... ___ you prefer...?”
                                                                40. Indianapolis team         7. ___ Mills Portrait Studio          46. Penniless
                                                                41. “Don’t be ___ loser”      8. Director Howard                    48. Clinton and Bush
                                                                42. Freeloading passenger     9. Heavenly gifts                         alma mater
                                                                44. Breakfast order          10. “Unforgettable” singer             49. Fun run distance,
                                                                45. Bread and butter, e.g.   11. Balm ingredient                        briefly
                                                                46. Support system?          12. Squint                             50. Prefix with culture
                                                                47. Puzzler Canty & others   15. Ogres                              51. Pitcher
                                                                48. Country cousins          18. Cairo’s waterway                   54. Easter lead-in
                                                                50. Get up                   22. Before, of yore                    55. 401(k) alternative
                                                                52. “Gimme ___!” (start of   23. Kid’s sandwich leftovers           56. Bite
                                                                      an Iowa State cheer)   24. Vacation spot                      57. “Gosh!”
                                                                53. Benny Goodman, perhaps 25. Simba’s musical
                                                                58. Football great Dawson    27. Sharpens                              Quotable Quote
                                                                59. Baby bird?               29. Hot temper
                                                                60. Creepy                   30. Puzzler’s byline?
                                                                61. Hosp. test               31. Made like an eagle                  Eat breakfast like a
                                                                62. Canal of song            32. Brooklyn Dodgers field              king, lunch like a
                                                                63. Hang                     34. Luau dances                         prince, and dinner
                                                                             Down            37. Where the ref places                like a pauper.
                                                                 1. Hipster                       the football ?
                                                                 2. MIT, for one             38. Chicago-to-Miami dir.
                                                                                                                                     • • • Adelle Davis
                                                                 3. Capital of Poland?       40. Makes watertight
                                                                 4. ____-Seltzer             41. Stockpiled

                                                                                By GFR Associates • • • Visit our web site at

                                                                piece        in
                                                                chess looks
                                                                                         LLOYD’S LLAMA
                                                                like a castle
                                                                   6. LAN-
                                                                What is the
                                                                meaning of
                                                                “E pluribis
                                                                   7.     PO-
                                                                E T R Y :
                                                                Who wrote
                                                                the words,
                                                                “God’s in his
                                                                heaven/ All’s
                                                                right with the
                                                                   8. ART:
                                                                For      what
                                                                                               2. Mississippi
                                                                type of work was the 16th
                               was William Faulkner’s na-                                      3. Neutrality
                                                                century artist Titian best
                               tive state and the setting for   known?                         4. Webbed
                               his novels?                         9. GEOGRAPHY: Where         5. Rook
                                  3. COMMON KNOWL-              is Mount Vesuvius?             6. Out of many, one
                               EDGE: What does the Ge-             10. MEDICINE: What is       7. Robert Browning
                               neva cross symbolize?            an analgesic drug designed     8. Painting
                                  4. ANATOMY: What is an-
   1. HISTORY: Whom did
                               other name for totipalmate
                                                                to do?                         9. Italy
                                                                                               10. Relieve pain
                                                                                                                                       Arts news?
William the Conqueror defeat
at the Battle of Hastings?     feet?                               Answers                  (c) 2011 King Features                           tword@
   2. LITERATURE: What            5. GAMES: What game              1. England’s King Harold Synd., Inc.                          
06                                                                        The Thunderword / May 19, 2011

Your retirement planning starts today
                By JAMES LEE             “You can just
                 Staff Reporter       start with even 50
    Opening your eyes earlier            “Unfortunately
in investing will lead you to a       some people think
better retired life, a Highline in-
structor said recently.
                                      we have to be per-
                                      fect and know ev-
                                                                                                                                                    Now is time
    “When I was in my twen-
ties, I thought retirement would
                                      erything     before
                                      we start to do any-
                                                                                                                                                    to get ready
never happen to me,” said Bill
Webster, a Highline business
                                      thing; you don’t
                                      have to be perfect,
                                                                                                                                                    to buy a home
instructor, in his presentation       but simply invest-
on May 11, sponsored by The           ing $50 per month                                                                                                If you hope to buy a home
Highline Students Small Capi-         will help you cre-                                                                                            soon, there are steps you can
tal Investment Club.                  ate financial inde-                                                                                           take in advance to make sure
    If you have less than $17,000     pendence,” Web-                                                                                               you’re in the best possible posi-
and you are age 0 to 29, you          ster said.                                                                                                    tion when the time comes.
might be in trouble, he said.            In the mean-                                                                                                  Your first step should be to
    “Forty years ago, I was way       time, he highly                                                                                               seek pre-approval -- a written
below the trouble zone,” Web-         recommended tax-                                                                                              letter from a lender. (If you ap-
ster said.                            deferred over tax-                                                                                            ply to multiple lenders within
    Eighty-five percent of the        able accounts.                                                                                                a few weeks, it won’t count
American population is in the            Ta x- d efe r r e d                                                                                        against you on your credit re-
“trouble zone” and the whole          means investment                                                                                              port to have so many inquiries.)
purpose of this presentation is       earnings such as                                                                                              Having a lender letter will give
to encourage you to move out of       interest, dividends                                                                                           you a leg up in knowing just
it, he said.                          or capital gains                                                                                              what price range to shop and
    “Look at how time can help        that accumulate                                                                                               can make you look better in any
you and hurt you,” Webster said.      tax free until the                                                                                            negotiations with a seller.
    To reach $1 million by age 65,    investor       with-                                                                                             If you discover credit prob-
you can just start to save $179       draws and takes                                                                                               lems or mistakes, fix those first
monthly when you are 25, but          possession          of                                                                                        to help qualify for a lower inter-
if you wait till age 60, you have     them.                                                                                                         est rate. Over the years, those
to save $12,958 every month to           The growth of                                                                                              extra interest dollars can add up
reach the same amount, he said.       $100 a month over                                                                                             to tens of thousands.
    Moreover, someone who             40 years proves                                                                                                  By seeking lender pre-ap-
starts saving $179 a month at         tax-deferred        is                                                                                        proval, you’ll also be able to
age 25 would invest a total of        better than tax-                                                                                              learn which lenders will give
only $85,920 to reach million-        able, he said.                                                                                                you what you’ll want most: a
aire status.                             Assuming that                                                                                              fixed-rate loan. A stable rate
    Yet, the procrastinator who       your return equals                                                                                            over the years will give the se-
waits until age 60 to begin           10 percent a year,                                                                                            curity of knowing what your
would have to invest $770,480.        a      tax-deferred                                                                                           payment will be each month.
    “There are basically three        $100 investment a                                                        Corey Sun/THUNDERWORD                   Don’t make the mistake of
ways to accumulate your               month for 40 years     Highline instructor Bill Webster lectures students on the importance of planning       buying at the top of your price
wealth: constructing your own         will end up hav- their financial futures.                                                                     range. Just because a lender ap-
business, buying real estate,         ing $300,000 more                                                                                             proves you for a certain amount
or investing your money into a        than a taxable account after 40 not limited to, insurance, retire- tion were younger, earlier, and            of money doesn’t mean you
mutual fund,” Webster said.           years.                               ment and educational plans, and faster.                                  have to spend that much. Con-
    To invest in a mutual fund,          Many other factors can de- estate planning.                             Webster said he would’ve           sider future possibilities (loss of
you don’t have to have a lump         termine your life after retire-         Yet, the key terms that he      have taken such advice in his         a job, an additional child in the
of money, he said.                    ment. These include, but are used throughout the presenta- twenties, if he’d been given it.                   family) and aim to spend less
                                                                                                                                                    than 90 percent of what you’re

Preparing for the worst equals success                                                                                                              approved for.
                                                                                                                                                       Engage the services of a li-
                                                                                                                                                    censed real-estate agent, if only
                                                                                                                                                    to gain access to the Multiple
                By JAMES LEE                                  Highline    as you get older, you have to in-    tangible money to cover an ur-       Listing Service. Ask for refer-
                 Staff Reporter                               Students    vest or save your assets in the      gent accident. Yet, while your       rals before you work with an
                                                              Small       safer places so you can safely       $250,000 in your taxable mon-        agent to make sure you don’t
   Building finances is just like                             Capital     start your retired life, she said.   ey bag gets close to zero, by that   fall prey to any scams. Start by
building your own house, said                                 Invest-        Experts say that the most         time, your untouched $250,000        looking at home types on Real-
Vanessa Diego, agent at New                                   m e n t     ideal way to get ready for your      in your tax-deferred investment to narrow down your
York Life Insurance Company.                                  Club.       retirement is investing and sav-     might have been grown up to          target area and wish list.
   “You have the specific blue                                   There    ing money in tax-deferred and        $500,000 which is your original         Learn how to really “see” a
print for the aspect of your          Vanessa Giego           are    10   taxable accounts at the same         principal.                           property as you shop. A sturdy
house,” she said.                                             elements    time.                                   Even though saving and in-        home with only cosmetic flaws
   “You want to refer back to         in financial planning: health in-      Tax-deferred means invest-        vesting is very important in         can increase in value through
the blue print later to make sure     surance, long-term care insur-      ment earnings such as interest,      terms of preparing yourself for      the years if you’re willing to do
the house is built like you in-       ance, emergency savings, um-        dividends or capital gains that      your retirement, setting the de-     a little work. A property that
tended to build.”                     brella liability insurance, home,   accumulate tax free until the in-    fense system around your mon-        needs a lot of serious repair
   “Certainly you want to have        auto, life insurance, disability    vestor withdraws and takes pos-      ey is very crucial, Diego said.      can end up as a money pit and
very strong foundation for your       insurance, trusts, and wills.       session of them.                        One such defense is insur-        jeopardize both your savings
financial house, so it doesn’t           Those elements construct            If you have $500,000, con-        ance. The reason being that if       and your ability to make your
fall apart automatically, espe-       the financial base strongly and     sider dividing it into two dif-      you find yourself disabled and       monthly payments.
cially if your family lives in        prepare you for a comfortable       ferent bags of money: $250,000       without it, you may need to dip         Stay clear of neighborhoods
your house,” Diego said.              future, she said.                   into a tax-deferred account, and     into your savings - unless you       with lots of For Sale signs.
   Diego was the speaker of              If you are 20 years old, you     the other $250,000 into a tax-       have insurance, she said.            Those indicate an area in transi-
the last day of the Financial         should invest 80 percent of your    able account.                           Diego said that being pre-        tion, and you won’t know if it’s
Awareness Workshop on May             assets more aggressively, such         You have to have taxable          pared for the unexpected is the      moving up or down.
12, which is sponsored by The         as investing in stocks, however,    money just in case you need          preparation.                            (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.
07                                                                       The Thunderword / May 19, 2011

                                                                                                                  Happening?                                                                                05.23
                                                                                                                  • Janece Shaffer’s new “dra-                                      • The Auburn All District
                                                                                                               medy,” Brownie Points, is mak-                                    Jazz Band Festival comes to the
                                                                                                               ing its West Coast premiere at                                    Auburn Performing Arts Center
                                                                                                               Taproot Theatre this spring.                                      on May 23. This concert features
                                                                                                               With $10 tickets for ages 25                                      the jazz bands from Cascade
                                                                                                               and under for all performances,                                   and Mt. Baker Middle Schools
                                                                                                               students can enjoy professional                                   and Auburn, Auburn Mountain-
                                                                                                               theater for virtually the cost of a                               view and Auburn Riverside high
                                                                                                               movie. Directed by Karen Lund,                                    schools. This event is free and
                                                                                                               Brownie Points opens on May                                       is open to the public. The show
                                                                                                               20 and runs through June 18,                                      starts at 7 p.m.
                                                                                                               with preview on May 19.
                                                                                                                                                                                    • Captain Smartypants, Se-
Jimmy Eat World is coming soon to Seattle.                                                                         • Mount Rainier High School
                                                                                                                                                                                attle Men’s Chorus’ small en-
                                                                                                               is set to host Arts Explosion, an

Jimmy Eat World gets ready
                                                                                                                                                                                semble, will perform Eat, Pray,
                                                                                                               open community arts event that
                                                                                                                                                                                Pant in four shows at Town Hall,
                                                                                                               will include performances by
                                                                                                                                                                                June 3 and 10 at 8 p.m. and June
                                                                                                               the Polynesian Islander Club,
                                                                                                                                                                                4 and 11 at 9 p.m.

to dine at Showbox Sodo
                                                                                                               the Latino/Multicultural Club,
                                                                                                                                                                                    All performances are down-
                                                                                                               The Dance Club and Trevor Ly-
                                                                                                                                                                                stairs at Town Hall (Seneca
                                                                                                               don’s band.
                                                                                                                                                                                Entrance); 1119 8th Ave. Tick-
                                                                                                                   Mount Rainier High School
                                                                                                                                                                                ets are $20-$35 ($25-$40 at the
                                                                                                               is located at 22450 19th Ave.
        By MELINA BROWN              Music presents Tech N9ne’s All      has just released a new single
                                                                                                               S. Des Moines. Doors open at
                                                                                                                                                                                door). Premium table seating
                 Staff Reporter      6’s and 7’s tour with 2 Seattle     in the U.S. that includes Many                                                                         is $35-$50 and there is limited
                                                                                                               12:30 p.m.
                                     dates set for May 26 and 27.        if Horror, an acoustic version of                                                                      availability. The box office is
                                                                                                                   Admissions is $1 for students
   Jimmy Eat World, Tech N9ne           Tech N9ne’s latest album All     the Mountains, Little Soldiers,                                                                        open Monday-Friday, noon-7
                                                                                                               (grade K-12 with ID), $2 adults
and Biffy Clyro will spring          6’s and 7’s is set for release on   and Paperfriend.                                                                                       p.m. Call 206-388-1400 or visit
                                                                                                               (19 years and up) and a $5 fam-
their way into the Showbox           June 7.                                 To get your free tickets, visit                                                          
                                                                                                               ily package (family groups of
Sodo and Showbox Market.                Tickets start at $28 for both    your local Easy Street Records.
                                                                                                               three or more) at the door.
   Jimmy Eat World is coming         shows and doors open at 7 p.m.      The limit is 4 tickets for person.
                                                                                                                   This event is sponsored by
out of the middle on May 20 at          For ticketing info visit www.    Having a ticket does not guar-
                                                                                                               the Des Moines Arts Commis-
the Showbox Sodo with sup-              antee entry.
                                                                                                               sion, the Mount Rainier Arts
porting band Kinch.                     The Showbox Sodo is locat-           Doors open at 7 p.m.
                                                                                                               Department and student clubs
   After being away from the         ed at 1700 1st Ave S. Seattle.          The Showbox Market is lo-
                                                                                                               at Mount Rainier High School.
studio for three years, Jimmy            At the Market, Scottish rock    cated at 1426 1st Ave Seattle,
                                                                                                                    For more information, call
Eat World released their album       band Biffy Clyro is headlining      98134.
                                                                                                               the Des Moines Park & Rec De-
Invented in 2010 with their hit      a free show with Hobosexual             For ticketing information
                                                                                                               partment at 206-870-6527.
Coffee and Cigarettes.               and Hounds of the Wild Hunt.        visit
                                                                                                                                05.22                                           Captain Smartypants
   Tickets start at $25 and doors       In celebration of their head-    market .
will open at 7 p.m.                  line tour and shows supporting          Shows are all ages and bar           • Northwest Associated
   Also at the Sodo, Strange         the Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro       with I.D.                             Arts’ newest ensemble, Silver-
                                                                                                               Sounds Northwest, makes its

Rainier Youth Choirs to close out season                                                                       performance debut in Young
                                                                                                               @ Heart, a fun-filled musical
                                                                                                               romp through some of today’s
                                                                                                               most popular music.
      By JONNY MCGUIRE               of the Rainier Youth Choirs.        audition process is explained            The concert is on May 22 at
                 Staff Reporter      “We are especially interested       there.                                the Highline Performing Arts
                                     in finding experienced singers          For Consonare, the group          Center in Burien at 2 p.m.
   Travel the world in song with     who read music to add to the        that includes college-age sing-          Tickets are $15. For more in-
the Rainier Youth Choirs in          tenor, bass, and alto sections of   ers, it costs $71 per month,          formation call 206-246-6050 or
their final season concert, titled   Consonare, as many will gradu-      which covers six hours of re-         visit
One Earth, Many Voices, at the       ate and leave the area for col-     hearsal, staff and sheet music
Kent United Methodist Church         lege.”                              expenses, and the mandatory
on Saturday, May 21.                    The three groups rehearse        overnight fall retreat at a local              ARTS
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Sponsored by the Des Moines Arts
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Commission, the MRHS Arts

                                                                                                                        EXPLOSION at
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Department and student clubs
                                                                                                                                                                                                    at Mt. Rainier High School

   Rainier Youth Choirs is a         separately once a week for one      camp.
                                     and and a half hours each.              In their upcoming concert,
non-profit community organi-
zation that offers vocal and cho-       The Rainier Youth Choirs         titled One Earth, Many Voices,
                                                                                                                           MT. RAINIER
                                                                                                                        An open community arts event featuring Mt. Rainier High School

ral training for young singers.      have three season concerts each     the choirs will perform a vari-                and Highline Community College students.

   The choir is split into three     year in December, March, and        ety of pieces.
groups, Bella Voce, Colla Voce,      May.                                    “We have a nice mix of folk                Special Guest
                                                                                                                                                                                          MAY 21,
and Consonare. Bella Voce is            “We also do other events         songs, spirituals, and novelty
                                                                                                                           YAMATO TAIKO
                                     as invitations come in,” said       songs from all over the world,
                                                                                                                        (Traditional Japanese Drumming
the youngest choir for grades                                                                                           from Highline CC)

4-7 and has 15 members, Colla        Schwitters. “For instance, we       with some interesting instru-               Some Mt. Rainier
                                                                                                                     performers include:
Voce is the intermediate choir       have been fortunate to be hired     mental accompaniments,” said                 THE PACIFIC ISLANDER CLUB
                                                                                                                                                                                         Location: Mt. Rainier High School
                                                                                                                                                                                                   22450 19th Ave South
for grades 6-10 and has 23           as entertainment for the Argo-      Schwitters.                                THE MULTICULTURAL/LATINO CLUB
                                                                                                                       THE DANCE CLUB
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Des Moines, WA 98198
                                                                                                                                                                                            Time: 1 - 4pm
members, and Consonare is the        sy Christmas Ship for the past          The Kent United Method-                                                                                               Doors open at 12:30pm

oldest group, composed of high       three years.”                       ist Church is located at 11010
                                                                                                                                                                                    Admission: $1.00 Students
                                                                                                                              A special open Poetry Slam                                       (K-12 grades w/ ID)
                                                                                                                               will start at 1:30pm in the
school-to college-age students          If you are interested in join-   SE 248th St., Kent and the per-                       Mt. Rainier H.S. Library                                        $2.00 Adults (19 yrs +)
                                                                                                                                                                                               $5.00 Family

and has 20 members.                  ing the Rainier Youth Choirs,       formance will begin at 2 p.m.                       Art display & exhibit of
                                                                                                                           of Mt. Rainier High School
                                                                                                                                                                                               (family groups of 3 or more)
                                                                                                                                                                                                    For more information call

                                     you can go to their website at      Tickets are $12 purchased in
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Des Moines Park &Rec
   “We hope to eventually grow                                                                                                student work will be open from
                                                                                                                            1 to 4pm in Room 1239
                                                                                                                                                                                                    (206) 870 - 6527

each group to at least 30,” said,         advance and $15 at the door.                                                                                     Refreshments will be on sale by
                                                                                                                                                                                          the Mt. Rainier National Honors Society
Leora Schwitters, the director       and go to the “join” page. The      Doors open at 1:45 p.m.
                                                               The Thunderword / May 19, 2011                                                                           08
Event showcases students’ artwork                                                                                                                  Feed a
                 Staff Reporter
   Print and digital media stu-                                                                                                                    every year,
                                                                                                                                                   says local
dents will display a culmination
of two years’ work at the Spring
Portfolio Show, which is, for

many, the next step toward
   The two-day production on
May 23 and 24 is an annual
event where students get the                                                                                                                                   By SETH POWELL
chance to display their portfo-                                                                                                                                     Staff Reporter
lios, a requirement not only for
graduation, but also for future                                                                                                                        A local author attributes his
interviews for jobs in the field.                                                                                                                  success to feeding monkeys.
   The show not only gives stu-                                                                                                                        Harold Taw has fed a mon-
dents a chance to show off their                                                                                                                   key on his birthday every year
work, but also teaches them                                                                                                                        of his life.
how to prepare for a production                                                                                                                        Taw said that when he was
or interview where they would                                                                                                                      born, a Buddhist monk living
generally be showing 8-12 piec-      A three-dimensional design of a ship engine by student Chris Hagenbuch, one of many pieces of art             in the Burmese jungle predicted
es of art, digital and print, as     featured next week in the annual Portfolio Show.                                                              that he would bring prosper-
well as a physical book of their                                                                                                                   ity     to
work.                                                                                                                                              his fam-
   Diana Boyd, a visual com-            Professionals in various          used the social media,” she said.   production team, who are doing       ily     as
munications teacher at High-         fields such as graphic design        “We’re trying to use all the mar-   all of the production’s printing,    long as
line, is running the show this       and fine arts are invited to view    keting techniques we can.”          and Daniel Smith Art Supplies        he fed a
year.                                students’ work.                         The show’s website is www.       for their contributions to the       monkey
   “Students will be judged             “We want the profession-, and there        show.                                on his
on their work, with winners in       als in the area to be part of it,”   is also a designated Facebook          The Portfolio Show will be        birth-
each category,” Boyd said.           said Boyd. “The biggest thing        page for the event.                 held in the Student Union in the     day.
   The categories include            for the students themselves is          Boyd encourages people           Mt. Constance and Mt. Olym-                “It’s                   Taw
graphic design, interior design,     preparing their portfolio for the    to take a look at the Facebook      pus rooms.                           rarely
drafting design, photography,        real world for pursuing a job in     page, which includes previews          The two-day show will be on       easy and, yet, somehow I’ve
and print production.                graphic design.”                     of the show, and to also leave      Monday and Tuesday, May 23           found a way to feed a monkey
   Monday night is a designated         This year, Boyd expects a lot     feedback about the show.            and 24, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.,       every year since I was born,”
friends and family night, while      of traffic at the show.                 Some sponsors of the pro-        and 5-8 p.m.                         said Taw.
Tuesday is professionals night.         “This is the first time we’ve     duction include Highline’s print       Admission is free.                    Taw now has a deal with the
                                                                                                                                                   Woodland Park Zoo so that he

Artist’s persistence pays off in gallery shows
                                                                                                                                                   can feed their capuchin on his
                                                                                                                                                       Taw believes that his tradi-
                                                                                                                                                   tion has worked, since he has
                                                                                                                                                   been successful.
      By MATTIE MICHALEK                                                                                      now?’”                                   Taw said that he has had
                 Staff Reporter                                                                                  Most of her artwork is mixed      many careers, ranging from
                                                                                                              media oil painting. She first        being an attorney to writing
   Lillyan George’s work can                                                                                  prepares a background on can-        screenplays.
embody Asian influences in the                                                                                vas with oil paints, and then            Only a few weeks ago he
background with contrasting                                                                                   uses abstract layering tech-         published his novel, Adventures
Victorian-like cartoon charac-                                                                                niques. Over the top she draws       of the Karaoke King. The story
ters in the foreground.                                                                                       watercolor pictures, cuts them       follows Guy Watanabe, an aver-
   Other works portray whimsi-                                                                                out, and decoupages them to the      age Seattle man who gets into
cal creatures layered on top of                                                                               surface.                             situations beyond his control.
colorful landscapes and mythi-                                                                                   George also likes to use dif-         “For me I think the best thing
cal beasts centered in front of a                                                                             ferent scrapbooking materials        in the world is to write every
dark background. Her style cap-                                                                               as well. She incorporates many       day,” Taw said.
tures feelings of both innocence                                                                              creatures and colorful back-             Taw said that it took a decade
and corruptness.                                                                                              grounds in her art, giving it her    to get the book finished and
   George, a local artist cur-                                                                                signature feel.                      published.
rently residing in Shoreline, has                                                                                For the future, George would          “It took too long. Way too
a solo art exhibit at the Kent                                                                                like to combine the two busi-        long,” Taw said.
Centennial Center this month.                                                                                 nesses she works in.                     Taw came to Highline to
   Working in mixed media, she                                                                                   “The art realm I call Naked       read selections from his book
has an artistic approach that she                                                                             Art, with graphic design I’d like    on Thursday, May 12 as part of
incorporates into many aspects                                                                                to call it Naked By Design,” she     Highline Listens: Authors Read
of her life. Currently, she works    Artist Lillyan George painting a picture.                                said. “[I’d like] a graphic studio   Their Work.
as a graphic design artist, and is                                                                            as well as an art studio.”               Susan Rich, a Highline pro-
making additional courses for                                                                                    George also plans to work on      fessor, said that Highline Lis-
media design. She manages her           Since then, she has earned        up on artwork.”                     children’s books, both writing       tens is in its sixth year.
own business for her art on the      a bachelor’s in oil painting at         In the beginning, George         and illustrating. She has already        “Every quarter we bring an-
side, and continues to be highly     Western Washington Univer-           worked hard to get her art no-      completed one book and is            other author to campus,” she
productive with her work.            sity, and started her own busi-      ticed. She contacted galleries      looking into different publish-      said.
   George said she has enjoyed       ness, called Naked Art, where        and put in proposals and ap-        ing companies.                           The authors often speak to
art ever since she was a little      she sells her art online and in      plications, and paid the fees to       The Kent Centennial Center        a few separate classes as well,
girl.                                galleries.                           display her art.                    is at 400 W. Gowe St., which         Rich said. Taw spoke recently
   “When I was younger I knew           “Being an artist, you either         After some time, she estab-      is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.        to Rich’s Film Appreciation
I wanted to do art, but I didn’t     have to have a second job or         lished a good name. “I had gal-     Monday through Friday. Her           class.
know what exactly I wanted to        you’re going to be poor,” said       leries coming back to me and        work is also available online at         His novel is available at Am-
do with it,” said George.            George. “I never plan to give        asking ‘will you do a solo show     
                                                               The Thunderword / May 19, 2011                                                                        09
T-Birds’ bats finally come around                                                                                                                  The
in final games of injury-plagued season                                                                                                               Women’s
            By JOSHUA HART                                                                                                                              SOFTBALL
                 Staff Reporter

                                                                                                                                             SOUTH WEST EAST NORTH
                                                                                                                                                                 W-L PCT    W-L
   The Highline softball team
ended the season on a posi-                                                                                                                            Bellevue 24-01.000 35-1
tive note with two wins against
Grays Harbor, their first wins                                                                                                                        Shoreline 17-7 .708 17-14
since April 12 against Green
River.                                                                                                                                                   Everett 15-9 .625 23-19
   T-Bird sophomore Faith
Baldwin pitched both and led                                                                                                                           Olympic12-12.500 14-15
her team to the 11-10 and 11-2
victories.                                                                                                                                             Douglas 11-13 .458 12-18
   “Going into the game our
spirits were up. We went in with                                                                                                                   Skagit Valley 5-19 .208 6-22
the attitude of ‘Let’s just have
fun, it’s the last day of the sea-                                                                                                                    Edmonds 0-24 .000 0-32
son’,” Baldwin said.
   Baldwin added that none of
the T-Birds expected that they
would be ending the season
with two wins.
   The T-Birds won because
they were finally able to pro-                                                                                                                     Walla Walla 23-5 .821 33-10
duce in the run department.                                                                                                                        Wenatchee
   Highline scored 11 runs with                                                                                                                          Valley 23-5 .821 37-5
some help from Grays Harbor           The T-Birds gather round for one final team photo after winning their last two games.                           Treasure
freshman pitcher Theresa Mott,                                                                                                                           Valley17-11 .607 25-18
who allowed only five hits but                                                                                                                      Columbia
struggled with control all game       ting on base from more wild         out of 10 that were injured and        The team won the game in                 Basin 14-14 .500 23-22
and the T-Bird players main-          pitching, this time Choker          yet we played through the pain      seven innings after an illegal
tained good plate discipline          pitcher Ashley Moore was the        and finished strong,” Baldwin       substitution left its mark on the       Spokane 14-14 .500 20-23
drawing a fistful of walks.           victim.                             said.                               game.                                    Yakima
   The 11 runs that Highline             Baldwin buckled down and            The lack of players resulted        “If we had to have one win             Valley 10-18 .357 20-23
scored equaled their total runs       was a much stronger pitcher in      in the coaching staff having to     on our record I am so glad the
in their last seven games played.     the second game, allowing only      force players into unfamiliar       first [division] win was against       Big Bend 9-19 .321 19-23
   Highline entered the seventh       two runs off of three hits and      positions, which didn’t go well     Green River,” Baldwin said.                 Blue
and final inning down 8-6, but        striking out four.                  for Highline.                          The team barely improved            Mountain 2-26 .071 4-36
drove in five runs in the inning         The two wins ended the              The T-Birds struggled early      over their 6-28 record last sea-
against Mott to take the lead by      18-game losing streak for the       in the season on the defensive      son, but had a much more posi-
three.                                T-Birds, and gave them a 7-26       side of the ball.                   tive experience.
   Baldwin bent but didn’t            record to end the injury-plagued       “We were plagued with inju-         “The season could have gone
break in the bottom half of the       season.                             ries and lost the majority of our   better with this particular group
seventh, allowing two runs be-           “It was so good to end on two    games because some players          but if I had to go through the             Pierce 28-2 .933 34-7
fore putting her foot down and        wins. I could not have imagined     played different positions than     same struggles again, I would            S. Puget 20-9 .69022-16
keeping the one-run lead.             a better way to end the season,”    they’re used to,” Baldwin said.     want to do it with the same                Sound
   Baldwin struck out four in         Baldwin said.                          The T-Birds found light amid     girls,” Baldwin said.
the game and allowed 13 Chok-            The T-Birds’ disappointing       the darkness and kept a posi-          The rocky season has ended        Green River 18-12 .60018-12
er hits.                              season stemmed from many            tive atmosphere in the dugout       for the T-Birds, who have failed
   The second game didn’t pro-        injuries suffered by their start-   throught the entire season.         to make the playoffs since 2008.        Centralia 16-23 .50016-23
vide the dramatic ending that         ers to go along with five players      The highlight of the season         “There was some sadness
the first game did but ended          failing to qualify academically     was beating Head Coach Scott        because we realized we were          Grays Harbor 5-25 .167 6-32
with the same result.                 at the beginning of the season      Dillinger’s old team, Green         done,” Baldwin concluded
   Highline once again knocked        and being cut from the team.        River, on the road back on April    about her team’s attitude after          Highline 3-26 .103 7-26
in 11 runs off of five hits, get-        “At the end, there were six      12, Baldwin said.                   the season.

Saints march in as softball favorite
            By JOSHUA HART            squad.                              of the East Division with a 37-5    against No. 4 seed Lower Co-            Mt. Hood 16-4 .800 21-9
                 Staff Reporter          The Saints’ first-round          record.                             lumbia, who finished with an
                                      matchup is against Spokane.            The Knights returned 10          18-12 record this season after        Clackamas 15-5 .750 21-8
   Top-seeded Bellevue hopes             The Sasquatch ended this         players from last year after they   losing in the semi-finals against
to take home some hardware            season in a tie with Columbia       lost to the eventual champion       Mt. Hood last year.                   SW Oregon 14-6 .700 25-13
when the NWAACC softball              Basin for the final slot in the     Mt. Hood in the second round.          West Division champion                 Lower
playoffs begin on May 20 in           playoffs from the East Division        Wenatchee Valley will face       Pierce is trying to make a name        Columbia 11-9 .550 18-12
Portland.                             by recording a 20-23 record.        off against No. 3 seed South-       for the West, after the West
   Despite the success of the            Spokane then defeated Co-        west Oregon, who made it to         lost all four of their first round          Clark 3-17 .150 11-26
Bulldogs this year, who went          lumbia Basin in a play-in game      the championship last year as a     games last year.
35-1, the favorite still appears to   by a score of 2-1.                  No. 4 seed before bowing to Mt.        Pierce is ranked No. 8 after      Chemeketa 1-19 .050 3-30
be No. 2-ranked and Mt. Hood.            Bellevue faces off against       Hood.                               they ended the season with a
   The Saints won the tourna-         the 16-23 Centralia Trailblazers       Walla Walla could also make      34-7 record.
ment last year after going 33-9       for what appears to be an easy      some noise as the No. 4-ranked         The playoffs take place at
and boast a 21-9 record this sea-     first round matchup.                team in the NWAACC and co-          Delta Park on May 20-23 with
son after returning seven play-          Wenatchee Valley is also an-     champion of the East Division.      the first pitches being thrown at
ers from their championship           other favorite as the co-winner        The Warriors begin play          9:30 a.m. on Friday.

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