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					B u i l d i n g   c o m m u n i t y   t o g e t h e r
                                                        Annu al Rep or t 2010 - 2011
                           Mission, Values and Principles

                        Through research, community development, planning and promoting
                        volunteerism, Community Development Halton strives to improve the
Non-partisan Activity

                                                                                              Inclusiveness · Citizen Participation
                                       quality of life for all residents of Halton.

                             Community, Volunteerism, Diversity, Equity, Social Justice.

                        Community Accountability, Inclusiveness, Knowledge-Based Action,
                        Empowerment, Integrated, Holistic Approach.

                                                     Contact:   860 Harrington Court
                                                                Burlington, Ontario L7N 3N4
                                                     Phone:     905-632-1975; 905-878-0955
                                                     Fax:       905-632-0778
Report of the President and the Executive Director
Perseverance in Latin means, “one who sees through to the end”         are outlined briefly in this Annual Report. Moreover, CDH’s
“one who doesn’t yield.” In English, it describes how we maintain      organizational values—volunteerism, diversity, equity, social
our activity in spite of difficulties. Tenacity, steadfastness,        justice, and primacy of community, shape and guide the decisions
persistence, doggedness—these are all common synonyms.                 related to our program activities.
Perseverance describes Community Development Halton (CDH)              Ten years ago the United Nations proclaimed 2001 International
as we move forward with our efforts to contribute to the               Year of the Volunteer. Communities across Canada celebrated the
development of strong, vibrant and inclusive communities across        extraordinary participation of citizens in civic life. Volunteer
Halton. CDH works to improve the well-being of residents through       Halton organized recognition of our citizen activists who by their
needs identification, education, and cross-community dialogue.         actions not only have make the life journey of others better, but
We collaborate with community partners to shape a consensus on         also have created communities where people belong, are included
the challenges facing individuals and communities; we support          and share in opportunity and prosperity. 2011 celebrates the
community responses that offer innovative changes; and we              accomplishments and challenges of ten years after the
oppose the forces that disadvantage people. Challenges range           International Year of the Volunteer (IYV). Volunteer Halton
from the special needs of population groups—elders, those living       includes in its celebration of volunteerism and citizen
with disabilities—or societal issues such as poverty elimination or    participation special recognition of this decade of citizen activism
open and democratic practices of citizen engagement. CDH               and of citizen generosity.
provides community-based evidence, to not only understand              Social Planning continues to focus on poverty alleviation through
community needs and issues, but also to participate with other         its active participation in Poverty Free Ontario and the Halton
community partners to develop the tools, the practices and the         Poverty Roundtable. A highlight of this year is the report,
organizations for change.                                              Honouring the Voices of Marginalized Communities: A Participatory
Some ask: How do you know there is a need, a concern, a problem        Research Experience. The stories gave voice to the experience
in community? CDH is of community and is embedded in                   living in poverty and exclusion in Halton. It illustrates resilience in
community. Through volunteerism and applied social research,           the multiple ‘survival skills’ of those living on the edge in our
often using participatory research methods, we reach deep into         communities.
places far removed from centres of power and influence. We bring       During 2010-2011, both Board and Staff have worked to build the
forward the cries for assistance, the struggles for opportunity, the   governance and operational capacities of CDH so that it can meet
desire for dignity from those often marginalized within                successfully the organization’s strategic objectives.
community life. This informs our two program areas: Social
Planning and Volunteer Halton whose respective achievements

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                       I n te r n a t i o n a l Ye a r o f Vo l u n te e rs                                   +10

             A Look at the Past and Redefining Health                   Volunteering has always been
                                                                        with us, it is interwoven into the
                                                                        fabric of Canadian culture. We
     “We must not only give what we have; we must also give what        call it helping our neighbour,
     we are.”                                                           supporting those affected by a
                                                                        disaster, concerned citizens who
      ~ Désiré-Joseph Mercier
                                                                        see a need in their community
                                                                        and address the need.

   The late 1980’s and early 90’s were evolutionary in recognizing      Our Governor General, His
   that health could no longer mean ‘not being ill’. A new vision of    Excellency the Right Honourable
   health, which portrayed health as a part of everyday living and      David Johnston, in his inaugural
   an essential dimension of the quality of lives was introduced in     speech October 2010 stated that the third pillar of Canada will
   the form of health promotion and later defined as a “state of        be encouraging philanthropy and volunteerism. He went on to
   complete physical, mental and social well-being”.                    say that “Canadians have a long history of coming together and
                                                                        helping one another. Service to country shaped us, service to
   This focus on “well-being” opened the opportunity for scientific     family and community sustains us, and this tradition of service
   exploration of the contributions which volunteering makes to         will carry us forward into the future. “
   the health of volunteers themselves. This also began to
   stimulate new interest within the field of health promotion          In Halton, over two–thirds (67%) of the population aged 15
   toward support for the healthy lifestyle choice and the healthy      and over volunteer their time through an agency, a group or an
   community environment enhanced by voluntary action.                  organization. Halton’s volunteer population is higher than
                                                                        both the provincial (43.3%) and national (46%) averages. We
   Since redefining health to include wellbeing, many studies have      can safely say that Halton Volunteers shape the Halton Region
   been completed which link volunteering to increased levels of        and sustain each of the four communities (Burlington, Halton
   self-esteem, self-efficacy and positive self-affect – all of which   Hills, Milton and Oakville) that builds our future.
   are likely to alleviate depression and enhance psychological
   health. Research on volunteering shows that engagement in            As Volunteer Halton continues the tradition of celebrating
   volunteering is particularly beneficial to older adults and their    Volunteerism it is especially important on the 10th anniversary
   overall perceived health and is meaningful to their quality of       of the International Year of Volunteers that we “thank you”
   life.                                                                those who give tirelessly to their communities and beyond.

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                                                  Strategic Priorities

    Priority #1
To st re n gt he n t h e so ci a l i n f ra s t r u ct u re o f              H a lt o n re gi on b y e n su r i n g i t s
sus t a i n a b i li t y a n d vi b ra n cy so t ha t i t c a n b e t t e r a d d re s s h uma n n e e ds a n d
con t ri b u t e t o b ui l d i n g a p a r t i c i p a t or y, st a b le , a n d so ci a ll y i n c lu si ve co m mu n i t y.

                                        Priority #2
                                   To st re n gt he n co mm un i t y t h ro u g h t he a ct i ve e n g a g e me n t a n d p a rt i ci p a t i on o f
                                   co mm un i t y m e mb e rs.

                                        Priority #3
                                   To s t r e n gt he n c om mu n i t y t h r ou g h a p p li e d s oci a l re se a r ch o n i mp o rt a n t so ci a l a n d
                                   e con o mi c i s su e s a f f e ct i n g h u ma n n e e d s.

                                        Priority #4
                                   To e du ca t e , c on su lt a n d ra i se c om mu n i t y a wa re n e ss, s o t ha t c om mu n i t y me mb e rs
                                    a n d or g a n i za t i on s a re we l l i n f o r me d a n d e n ga g e i n e vi de n ce b a s e d de c i si o n ma ki n g.

                                        Priority #5
                                    T o s t r e n gt he n t he ca p a ci t y o f C om mu n i t y De ve lop me n t
                                    H a l t on t o a c hi e ve i t s m i ss i on .

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     2010                                Communicating Our Impact
         Priority #1                         promoting        and       developing
                                                                                         (YCLF) initiative consists of three
                                                                                         components: research, student-school
                                             According to collaboration guru Paul        engagement,      and     community
                                             Mattesich, true collaboration is a          development.
                                             mutually beneficial and well-defined
                                             relationship entered into by two or
            Project: 211 Ontario
              and the Ontario                more organizations to achieve
             Volunteer Centres               common goals.
              Network (OVCN)

   In 2010, Volunteer Halton worked in               The Youth Confidence
   partnership with 211 Ontario and the               in Learning and the
   Ontario Volunteer Centres Network                     Future (YCLF)
   (OVCN)      to   determine      how                                                            Echo: Improving
   collaboration between 211 Ontario                                                             Women’s Health in
                                             In partnership with the Halton District                  Ontario
   and volunteer centres could bring
                                             School Board and the Canadian
   value to Ontario residents and their
                                             Education Association,        Volunteer     Hearing Women’s Voices in Halton
                                             Halton and Social Planning initiated        Region
   This discovery project focused on the     a youth engagement and research
   questions “whether to”, “if so how” and   initiative involving students as            On June 22nd, 2010 Social Planning
   “what would work best”. Also to work      partners in school and community            and the Ministry of Health and Long-
   out the details in protocols and          change. The study examines how              term Care of Ontario co-hosted Echo:
   develop a tool kit as a basis for         young people’s confidence in their          Improving Women’s Health in Ontario.
   implementation. The OVCN mandate          learning affects their aspirations, their   This exciting event brought over 65
   is: To provide a provincial network       confidence in the future, and their         community residents and leaders
   and provincial voice to strengthen the    belief that they can act on the world to    together to learn of a draft framework
   individual and collective ability of      have a positive impact. The Youth           intended to support women’s health
   volunteer centres in Ontario by           Confidence in Learning and the Future

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                             Communicating Our Impact                                                           2011
across Ontario. Priority statements of   results together, paint a strong picture   Priority #2
this initiative were also discussed.     of the daily challenges faced by those
                                         who “live on the margins” of our
Echo provided women across the
                                         community, unseen by most in Halton.
Halton region an opportunity to share
their perspectives for strengthening     There is wisdom in community and
the proposed framework and using it      there is tremendous capacity in Halton
locally. This discussion about women’s   amongst our marginalized community
health led to a number of                members. This initiative galvanized
recommendations for action in Halton.    the learning that any process designed         National Volunteer Week
                                         to develop healthy community needs              April 18th to 24th, 2010
                                         to include at the forefront, the voices          Cheers to Volunteers and
                                         and gifts of those from the community.         Community Volunteer Awards

                                         EMC project outcomes have included:
                                                                                    National Volunteer Week is a special
                                          Relationship building with                time, set aside in April each year, to
                                         empowered community leaders                honour and recognize citizens of
                                         committed to effecting positive change     Halton who donate their time, skills,
      Engaging Marginalized                                                         talents and energy to others and their
                                          New and strengthened partnerships
       Communities (EMC)                                                            communities.
                                          First hand experience of the power
                                                                                     “Volunteers truly make a difference in
In 2010, The Engaging Marginalized       of sharing good information for
                                                                                     society and it is important to take time to
Communities Project (EMC Project)        community building                          thank volunteers for all that they do.”
sponsored by the Social Planning
Network of Ontario (SPNO) worked           Further insight into the                  ~ Gary Carr, Halton Regional Chair
through the Social Planning program      interconnections in the social
of Community Development Halton to       determinants of health for those living    Volunteer Recognition Breakfast
develop and test a model for engaging    in poverty in Halton.
                                                                                    On Monday, April 19th, 2010,
the participation of members from                                                   volunteers were acknowledged and
high health risk populations. The                                                   appreciated    at    a    Volunteer
community soundings and survey                                                      Recognition Breakfast hosted by the
                                                                                                                            Page 7
     2010                                 Communicating Our Impact
                                              The “Cheers to Volunteers Awards”,        of life in their community, as a result
                                              created in 2003 by Volunteer Halton,      of volunteering. This award was
                                              recognizes three volunteers from each     presented       to   four    dedicated
                                              municipality in Halton (Burlington,                               volunteers.
                                              Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville) who
                                              are chosen at random and are
                                              awarded the honour on behalf of their                             2010 Ontario
                                              agency. In 2010 we presented twelve                                  Youth
                                              awards to deserving volunteers.                                    Volunteer
                                              2010 was the first year for the
   2010 Cheers to Volunteers Awards           “Community Volunteer Award”, an
   Milton recipients                          honour created in partnership with        Volunteer Halton, in partnership with
   Guests: Laila Eiriksson, President CDH     Halton Region. This award recognizes      the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and
   (right), Becky Kellar, Olympic Gold        the outstanding contributions of one      Immigration, invited youth (ages 14 -
   Medalist in Women’s Hockey (middle), and   community volunteer from each             18) to participate in the 2010
   Gary Carr, Halton Regional Chair (left)    municipality who has made a               ChangeTheWorld - Ontario Volunteer
                                              significant contribution to the quality   Youth Challenge.
   Regional Municipality of Halton and
   Volunteer Halton at the Halton                                                       Starting on April 18th and running for
   Region Centre in Oakville.        In                                                 three weeks until May 9st, 2010 youth
   celebration of the contributions our                                                 were encouraged to create or
   Halton volunteers make to our                                                        participate in volunteer opportunities
   community,     Gary   Carr,   Halton                                                 and events through their schools or
   Regional Chair and Becky Kellar,                                                     local agencies. 350 Halton high school
   Olympic Gold Medalist in Canadian                                                    youth contributed over 1700 hours to
   Women’s Hockey, attended and                                                         this effort. In addition to the many
   presented greetings and remarks to                                                   positive effects of volunteering such as
                                                  2010 Community Volunteer
   the audience. Two distinct volunteer                                                 happiness and self-esteem, youth were
                                                  Award recipient, Brian Yee from
   awards were presented:                                                               given the opportunity to accumulate
                                                  Oakville. (middle)
                                                                                        community involvement hours they
                                                                                        need to graduate.
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                              Communicating Our Impact                                                         2011

Priority #3                                                                           A Recovery-Free Zone, a one-year
                                                                                      province-wide      follow-up     survey
                                                                                      conducted by the Social Planning
                                                                                      Network of Ontario (SPNO) on the
                                                                                      impact of the economic downturn on
                                                                                      nonprofit community social service
       Co mmu n it y L en s
                                                                                      agencies in Ontario. Thirty four Halton
                                                                                      agencies took part in the 2010 follow-
As Social Planning enters its third                Incomes & Poverty
                                                                                      up survey. The results document that
year of publishing Community Lens, it              Report - Burlington
                                                                                      demand for services is rising, agencies
continues to expand its audience and                                                  are unable to meet demand,
                                           This report championed by Social
strengthen its role as a key resource in                                              communities continue to feel the
                                           Planning, explores the social and
community information. A total of 14                                                  effects of the economic downturn and
                                           spatial dimensions of poverty by
issues of Community Lens were                                                         agency workers are caught in the
                                           various population groups such as
published between April 2010 and                                                      squeeze.
                                           newcomers, people living with
March 2011. They focused on citizen
                                           disabilities, seniors and children. The
engagement       and     low     income                                                  Priority #4
                                           findings will help to inform the public,
                                           government, funders, and social
The issues on the 2010 Municipal           service agencies, and stimulate
Election revealed the voter turnouts       discussions about poverty in our
by neighbourhoods (polling divisions)      community especially the growing
among the local municipalities. A          economic hardship brought about by
number of issues also document and         the recent economic events.
highlight    the   experience     and                                                            Community
                                                                                            Development Education
circumstances of our low income                 A Recovery Free Zone:
neighbours. The information was used            The Halton Bulletin                   Throughout the year, Volunteer
widely in poverty reduction and                                                       Halton offers practical interactive
eradication work.                          Social Planning produced The Halton        learning opportunities for managers,
                                           Bulletin presenting local results from     directors, and lead which include
                                                                                      topics such as; Running Effective
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     2010                                Communicating Our Impact

   Meetings, Volunteers and Emergency        Breakfast Series that       Volunteer       resource for government, business and
   Management, Involving Youth in your       Halton offered in partnership with          the social service sector to provide the
   Volunteer Program, Working with           Halton Multicultural Council, in the fall   resources and supports needed for
   Difficult Volunteer Situations, Making    of 2010.                                    them to become as full members of
   the most of Volunteer Opportunities                                                   our community.
                                             The October session was about Anti-
                                             Discrimination. The November session
   The participants utilize their learning   concentrated on raising the awareness
   to help balance their organizational      of the Social Profiles for the Halton                        Seniors Roundtable
   needs and individual motivations for      Region, data analysis for community                          Discussions:
   volunteering; creatively strengthening    organizations addressing issues such                         A Community's Path to
   and positively affecting change in        as diversity, poverty, and affordable                        an Age-Friendly City
   program and/or service delivery;          housing.
   empowering volunteers in improving
   the quality of their lives, the
                                                                                         The     Social Planning program
   communities in which they live, and
                                                                                         released a report that documents the
   the society of which we are all a part.
                                                              Changing Faces -           proceedings of a series of four
                                                              Profile of Burlington      roundtables held over 2009 to explore
                                                              Newcomers                  concerns of the United Way of
                                                                                         Burlington and Greater Hamilton
                                                                                         (UWBGH) as it relates to one of its
                                             Through their partnership, Social           investment       priorities:    “Creating
                                             Planning and United Way of Burlington       supportive neighbourhoods that enable
                                             and Greater Hamilton launched a study       seniors to maintain their independence
                                             to look at Burlington’s newcomers by        and     dignity.”    The      roundtable
                                             investigating who they are and where        deliberates on seniors, healthy
   Representatives from Halton agencies      they live. This report documents the        community and the move of
   as well as interested community           changing faces of the newcomer              communities across Canada and
   members attended the Diversity            population in Burlington and provides a     Ontario to adopt the WHO’s
                                                                                         Age-Friendly        City     framework

Page 10
                                Communicating Our Impact                                                       2011

suggesting that human aging and the
                                                                  New Video on                 Byl a w s Re v iew
role and needs of seniors are now a
priority.                                                         Being Poor in
                                                                                      The Board of Directors of Community
Key      recommendations        include:                             Halton           Development Halton reviewed the
Formalizing relationship between                                                      organizational Bylaws that were
UWBGH and the City of Burlington on                                                   developed during the incorporation
                                           Poverty Free Halton, in partnership        phase of CDH. These bylaws govern
work pertaining to seniors issues;
                                           with Social Planning program, has          the internal management of CDH and
UWBGH and the Burlington Mayor’s
                                           developed a video that illustrates the     include how the Board of Directors are
Seniors Advisory Committee convene
                                           realities of living in low-income in       elected, how meetings are conducted,
a community-based task force;
                                           Halton.                                    and what officers the organization will
provide adequate funding to ensure a
                                           It can be viewed on YouTube at             have and their duties.
process to bring seniors together to
have an independent voice that
                                           The video was produced by local
engages them in the processes,                                                                  HR Policy Review
                                           filmmaker Graham Wood.
discussions, priority setting, and
decision-making as the community                                                      The Staff and Board of Directors of
                                            Priority #5                               Community Development Halton
works towards becoming an Age-
Friendly City; set as a principle                                                     completed a thorough review of our
                                                   Pol i cy G ov er na nc e
underlying this initiative that involves                                              Human Resource Policy. This review
                                           The Board of Directors of Community        examined changes in laws that govern
community agencies working together
                                           Development           Halton        has    the effective management of our
with a coordinated approach, as a first                                               Human Resources. Once necessary
step towards integrated service            implemented Policy Governance®, an
                                           integrated board leadership paradigm       revisions    were    identified    and
provision for Burlington seniors.                                                     recommended, the Board of Directors
                                           created by Dr. John Carver. Policy
                                           Governance separates issues of             and Executive Director of CDH ensured
 "It is one of the most beautiful                                                     these policy changes conformed with
                                           organizational purpose (ENDS) from
 compensations of this life that no                                                   all local, provincial and federal
                                           all   other     organizational    issues
 man can sincerely try to help another     (MEANS), placing primary importance        employment regulations. A particular
 without helping himself."                 on those Ends and empowering our           focus was placed on ensuring that CDH
                                           Board of Directors to fulfill its’         was “Bill 168 Compliant”.
 ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson                     obligation of accountability for CDH.

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                            What our VOLUNTEERS are Saying?
   Volunteer Halton has been very                 encouraging and have even attended
   supportive of two volunteer projects I         some of my events. They efficiently
   am involved with (says volunteer Simon         and swiftly update the webpages with
   Harmgardt). The goal of my first               current project information.
   initiative, Life Cycle, is to refurbish used
                                                  Volunteer Halton offers a window into
   bikes and donate them to those in need,
                                                  the world of volunteering. It fosters
   both in the community and abroad.
                                                  public awareness allowing the
   Promoting Life Cycle through Volunteer
                                                  community       to     deepen     their
   Halton has been a terrific way to make
                                                  relationship with various non-profit
   the community aware that I am in
                                                  organizations and showcases a broad
   continual need of used bikes to facilitate
                                                  spectrum           of     volunteer
   this program. Many people contact me to
                                                  opportunities.     Volunteer    Halton
   donate a bike after visiting Volunteer
                                                  provides a unique service that reflects
   Halton's site.
                                                  the ethos of volunteerism.
   Another initiative that has benefited
   through its exposure on Volunteer
   Halton is S.T.O.P. (Simon's Tour of
   Positivity). S.T.O.P. is a dynamic stunt
                                                                                            Thanks as always for your help.
   juggling show that I perform for not-for-
   profit organizations. Many organizations                                                 Kindest regards,
   request my show after reading about it                                                   Simon Harmgardt, Youth Volunteer
   on Volunteer Halton's website. I recently
   celebrated my 100th S.T.O.P. show.                                                       Founder of Simon's Tour of Positivity
                                                                                            (S.T.O.P.) and Life Cycle initiatives
   Over the years, I have established a great
   rapport with Volunteer Halton. The staff
   are    extremely       supportive     and

Page 12
                        What our MEMBERS are Saying?
                                                                                      “Community Development Halton is an
I am happy to offer feedback on how       several relevant issues. During these       invaluable resource for library
important and vital Community             workshops, I have also been able to         users and the public library
Development Halton has been to            connect and learn through colleagues        alike.     Their      in-depth
Compassion Society, the non-profit                                                    community       analyses,     in
                                          and other participants from their
                                                                                      particular the Community Lens
charity that I direct.      Community     experience.                                 bulletin and A Social Profile of
Development Halton is a resource that                                                 Burlington,       help       us
                                                    Some workshops included:          understand and meet the
I can call on at any time and my
                                                    Diversity Breakfast, Youth        needs of Burlington residents.
dealing   with      their    office  is                                               As a member of Community
                                                    Volunteers – How to Make it
professional, practical and current.                                                  Development Halton, we make vital community
                                                    Work, Volunteer Management        connections by participating on projects led or
Just yesterday, I received 2 online                 – Motivation and Retention.       influenced by the work of CDH, such as the
volunteer referrals of people who                                                     Burlington Inclusivity Advisory Committee. CDH
                                                                                      helps us stay informed on social issues affecting
connected with Compassion Society                                                     the region, so that we can fulfill our mission and
                                          Mina Wahidi, Founder and Director of
through Volunteer Halton’s website. I                                                 deliver timely and relevant library services to our
am blessed to have a strong team of up    Compassion Society of Halton                local community.”         - Valerie Wettlaufer,
                                                                                      Burlington Public Library
to 30 volunteers who donate on            2008 Burlington Civic Citizen of the Year
average 150 hours per week. Through                                                   “You are absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so
their website, we have been connected                                                 much, we really appreciate your help and we have
                                          “I was like a kid in a candy shop at your   already received a couple of volunteer enquiries. I
with students, recent retirees, and       agency! So much information… WOW! You       love your recommendations of placing a call for
companies who wanted to help those        were on my radar for quite some time, but   volunteers on the your website. Thanks again.”
in the community.                         now that we connected, the timing is        - Halton Children's Aid Society
                                          perfect. I appreciate your kindness and
In addition, workshops are offered on     guidance.”                                  “Your organization has been really helpful for
                                          Compassion Society of Halton                finding volunteers; I'm getting lots of inquiries!
                                                                                      Just wanted to let you know that we've filled ALL
                                                                                      of the student volunteer positions. Thanks again
                                                                                      for all your help! Your website made a huge
                                                                                      difference!” - Sexual Assault & Violence
                                                                                      Intervention Services of Halton

                                                                                      “Thank you very much for the opportunity to
                                                                                      place this and other volunteer positions, on your
                                                                                      website. We received many great responses!”
                                                                                      - Halton Healthcare
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                                2010/2011 Financials at a Glance

  Full audited financial statements prepared by Pettinelli, Mastroluisi, LLP
  are available by request.

Page 14
                              Community Development Halton
     Staff Members                                Board of Directors                       Financial Partners

 Dr. Joey Edwardh                                Nina Truscott                 We thank our partners for their continued
 Executive Director                              President
 Ted Hildebrandt                                 Angus Coll-Smith
 Director, Social Planning                       Vice-President
 Ann Coburn                                      Sandy O’Reilly
 Director, Volunteer Halton                      Treasurer
 Carole Fuhrer                                   Penny Smith
 Manager, Community Development and Education    Secretary
 *Jenny McKnight                                 Abdul Chaudhry
 Office Manager
                                                 Maheen Hasan
 Rose Marie McCarron
 Office Manager                                  Marg Macfarlane
 Corina Ciobanu                                  Mohamed Bakr
 Coordinator, Communication and Information
                                                 Patti Eix
 Richard Lau
 Project Coordinator                             Jan Mowbray
 Rishia Burke                                    *Laila Eiriksson
 Research Associate                              *Donna Messer
 Peter Clutterbuck                               *Elaine Forbes
 SPNO Consultant
                                                 *Jack Dossett
                                                 *Jeffrey S. Overall
 Catharine Anderson                              *Judene Nwaojigba
                                Alex Hick
 Financial Administrator        Student Intern
                                                 * Finished term or resigned
 Lorraine Hanes                 Ania Theuer
 Administrative Support         Student Intern                                                  &
                                                                                          Community Donors
* Retired March 2011
                                                                                                                    Page 15
                            Community Development Halton
   Community and Project Partners                   Network and Committees
   Active Halton                                    211 Ontario and Volunteer Centre Project
   Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton               Advancement of Women of Halton
   Burlington Post                                  Advisory Council of Volunteer Centres (ACVC)
   Burlington Public Library                        Canadian Education Association
   City of Burlington                               Canadian Reference Group on the Social Determinants of Health
   Clearview Church                                 Food For Life/Refresh Foods
   Compassion Society                               Forestview Church
   Food4Thought                                     Halton Association of Volunteer Administrators (AVA)
   Halton District School Board                     Halton Food Council
   Halton Multicultural Council                     Halton Fresh Food Box
   Halton Regional Police                           Halton Region Health Department
   Kerr Street Mission                              Halton Newcomer Strategy
   Life Church                                      Halton Nonprofit Network (HNN)
   Links2Care –Acton                                Halton Safe Space Network
   Milton Community Resource Centre                 Halton Social Enterprise Centre
   MS Society – Halton Chapter                      North Burlington Baptist Church
   Oakville Beaver                                  Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre
   POSSE Project                                    Oakville Sustainable Food Partnership
   Ron Shantz                                       Ontario Nonprofit Network
   Salvation Army – Burlington and Georgetown       Ontario Volunteer Centre Network (OVCN)
   Sheridan College                                 Our Kids Network HUBS
   The Centre For Skills Development and Training   Poverty Free Halton
   The Georgetown Independent & Free Press          Poverty Free Ontario
   The Milton Canadian Champion                     Regional Chair’s Environmental Awards
   Town of Halton Hills                             Social Planning Network of Ontario
   Town of Oakville                                 St. Alban’s Anglican Church
   TVCogeco                                         St. Christopher’s Anglican Church
   Volunteer Canada
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Community Development Halton

                    “The shortest answer is doing the thing.”

                    ~ Ernest Hemingway

                    “The vocation of every man and woman is to
                    serve other people. “

                    ~ Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

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     2010                                 Our Member Organizations

    1. 2H2M Services                                22 .Burlington Twins Baseball Club              46 .Fareshare Foodbank
    2. AbleLiving (Participation House              23 .Cama Woodlands Nursing Home                 47 .Food For Life
    Hamilton and District)                          24 .Camelot Centre                              48 .Grace House
    3. Acclaim Health                               25 .Canadian Blood Services                     49 .Habitat for Humanity
    4. Adult Learning Centre (Literacy North        26 .Canadian Diabetes Association               50 .Halton Aphasia Center
    Halton)                                         27 .Canadian National Institute for the Blind   51 .Halton Cheshire Homes
    5. Allendale Village                            28 .Centre for Education & Training - Youth     52 .Halton Children's Aid Society
    6. Alzheimer Society of Hamilton Halton         Exchange                                        53 .Halton Community Legal Clinic
    7. Arthritis Society                            29 .City of Burlington, Burlington Seniors'     54 .Halton Environmental Network
    8. Belonging: An Adoption Support Group         Centre                                          55 .Halton Family Services
    9. Bereaved Families of Ontario, Hamilton/      30 .City of Burlington, Citizen Committee       56 .Halton Food for Thought
    Burlington                                      31 .Cogeco Cable, TVCogeco                      57 .Halton Fresh Food Box
    10. Bereaved Families Ontario, Halton/Peel      32 .Community Living Burlington                 58 .Halton Healthcare Services, Georgetown &
    11. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hamilton,       33 .Community Living North Halton               Milton Hospital
    Burlington                                      34 .Community Living Oakville                   59 .Halton Healthcare Services, Oakville-
    12. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton          35 .Compassion Society of Halton                Trafalgar Memorial Hospital
    13 .Bob Rumball Association                     36 .Creative Burlington (Performing Arts        60 .Halton Multicultural Council
    14 .Breastfeeding Connection, Halton Region     Centre)                                         61 .Halton Trauma Centre
    15 .Burlington Art Centre                       37 .Creek Way Village                           62 .Halton Women's Place
    16 .Burlington Community Foundation             38 .Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of Canada,     63 .Heart & Stroke Foundation
    17 .Burlington Federal District Association -   Halton Region Chapter                           64 .H.I.P.P.Y. (Home Instruction for Parents of
    Green Party of Canada                           39 .Danielle's Place                            Preschool Youngsters) Oakville
    18 .Burlington Museums, Ireland House at        40 .Darling Home for Kids                       65 .Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital
    Oakridge Farm                                   41 .Distress Centre North Halton                66 .Learning Disabilities Association of Halton
    19 .Burlington Museums, Joseph Brant            42 .Drew Hildebrand Teen Benefit Fund           67 .Links2Care Georgetown
    Museum                                          43 .Elizabeth Fry Society, Hamilton             68 .Links2Care Oakville
    20 .Burlington Public Library                   44 .Elizabeth Fry Society, Peel Halton          69 .Literacy Council of Burlington
    21 .Burlington Reuse Environmental Group,       45 .ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and        70 .Milton Community Resource Centre
    Re-Use Centre                                   Development                                     71 .MS Society

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                                     Our Member Organizations                                                             2011

72 .Oakville Chamber Orchestra                                                 100. The Centre for Skills Development and Training
73 .Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology and Human Rights              101. The Family Place
74 .Oakville Distress Centre                                                   102. The Lighthouse Program for Grieving Children
75 .Oakville Kiwanis Meals on Wheels                                           103. The We Remember Project
76 .Oakville Labour Council                                                    104. The Women's Centre
77 .Oakville Literacy Council                                                  105. Town of Halton Hills
78 .Oakville Public Library                                                    106. Town of Milton
79 .Oakville Senior Citizens Residence                                         107. Town of Oakville
80 .Oakville Seniors Recreation Centre                                         108. United Way of Burlington Hamilton
81 .Oakville Sustainable Food Partners                                         109. United Way of Oakville
82 .Parkview Children's Centre                                                 110. VAVP-OPP (Victim Assistance Volunteer Program)
83 .Poverty Free Halton                                                        111. Willow Park Ecology Centre
84 .R.O.C.K. (Reach Out Centre for Kids)
85 .R.O.C.K. Ontario Early Years Centre
86 .Rotary Club of Burlington North
87 .S.A.M. Program (Seniors Activation Maintenance)
88 .S.A.V.I.S. (Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Services of Halton)
89 .Salvation Army Burlington
90 .Salvation Army Oakville
91 .Salvation Army, Khi Community & Family Services Milton
92 .SENACA Seniors Day Program Halton Incorporated
93 .Shifra Homes Inc.
94 .Special Olympics Ontario, Oakville
95 .St. John Ambulance Oakville, Milton & Halton Hills
96 .STRIDE (Supported Training and Rehabilitation in Diverse
97 .Stroke Recovery Canada, Burlington
98 .Support & Housing Halton
99 .Telecare Burlington

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