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   A Look at Breast
   Reconstruction Surgery
   Coping with the Loss
   of a Loved One
   The Evolution
   of Colonoscopy

Phelps to train family medicine physicians of the future. Phelps, New York Medical College and Open Door Family Medical Centers are
partners in a new family medicine residency program – the first to be established in New York State in 15 years.
Dear Friends,

May 27, 2011 marked a milestone for Phelps Memorial Hospital Center. It was the day
we were notified that our proposed Family Medicine Residency Program was granted
national accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, the
organization that oversees all residency training programs in the U.S.A.

The program, called NYMC Phelps Family Medicine Residency Program, will be the first
new family medicine residency in New York State in 15 years. New York Medical College
is the sponsoring academic institution. Open Door Family Medical Centers is where our
residents will become experienced in providing primary outpatient healthcare to multi-
cultural patients. Most of the residents’ inpatient rotations will be completed at Phelps.
The hospital has committed major resources to this program in light of the growing need
for primary care physicians – a need that will be even greater in 2014 when insurance
coverage is extended to many more people as part of National Healthcare Reform.

Recruitment of medical students for the residency program’s inaugural class of six, which
will begin in July 2012, has just started. We are reaching out to the finest medical schools
across the country to identify graduating medical students who have a special “calling” for
family medicine.

The residency program represents yet another way in which Phelps is a true innovator
among community hospitals. Phelps has one of the broadest ranges of community hospital
services in Westchester. We have evolved into one of the most clinically sophisticated
hospitals in the region, where we currently teach medical students and soon will be
teaching resident physicians. Today Phelps can claim status as a full “teaching hospital.”
Our strategic goal is very clear – to ensure that the communities we serve will continue to
have the finest healthcare available.

More than 80 Phelps physicians have already volunteered to share their expertise as faculty
for the residents, and their interaction with them – the unique interchange of why and how
– will further sharpen the skills of all who are involved. Our patients and community will
benefit both in the short term and for years to come.

We wish you a safe and healthy autumn.


Andrew C. Merryman                             Keith F. Safian, FACHE
Chair, Board of Directors                      President & CEO
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Phelps Stroke Center Again Receives “Gold Plus”
  Award for Excellence in Stroke Care ......................... 13
Saving Lives Through Blood Donation:
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Healthy Life Calendar ................................................... 16
Maternity & Baby Care Classes ..................................... 19
Programs and Services at Phelps ................................... 20
Perspectivas de la colonoscopía a lo largo de 35 años .. 21
Ayuda Para Las Personas En Duelo ............................... 22
Decisiones de atención médica .................................... 23
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Salvar vidas mediante la donación de sangre ................ 24
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The Evolution of Colonoscopy Over 35 Years
I have been performing colonoscopy          Valium and/or Demerol. This certainly        to remove them. Virtual colonoscopy
for the past 35 years, starting in 1976,    was not easy for patients. Eventually,       is still in the developmental phase,
when I was doing my gastroenterology        an anesthesiologist became part of the       and while it will probably increase in
training at UCLA. Since then, there has     colonoscopy team, and the patient was        importance over the next decade or so,
been a significant evolution and great      fully sedated. This has greatly enhanced     it is not yet widely practiced.
progress in all aspects of this procedure   patient safety and comfort. With patients
– the technique, how it is performed        tolerating the procedure so well, it was     The Future
and what the goals are.                     easier to gain widespread acceptance.        One of the questions that has started
                                            In the over-50 population, which is a        to emerge among my patients, some of
What Is a Colonoscopy?                      major target group, as many as one-          whom have been with me for as long as
                                            half to two-thirds have had at least one     25-30 years, is “will you be here for my
Colonoscopy is a medical procedure in
                                            colonoscopy!                                 follow-up in five years?” I can only reply
which a long, flexible instrument called
a colonoscope is used to view the entire                                                 that I still enjoy practicing gastroenter-
                                            Improvements in Technology Lead              ology and performing colonoscopy.
inner lining of the colon, which is four
to five feet in length. The test enables    to Improved Safety                           Consequently, I hope to be invited back
physicians to check for inflammation        Improvements in technology, as well as       in five years to report on “Perspectives
and abnormal growths in the colon such      improvements in the way gastroenter-         on Colonoscopy Over 40 Years.”
as tumors and polyps – fleshy growths       ologists are trained, has led to a steady
arising from the inner lining of the        improvement in the safety of the proce-      Barry Field, MD, is a gastroenterolo-
colon that can be a precursor of colon      dure. Complications, while still possi-      gist at Phelps Memorial Hospital. He is
cancer. It is recommended that men          ble, are significantly less than they were   board certified in internal medicine and
and women at average risk of colorec-       in the earlier days. The introduction of     gastroenterology. Dr. Field earned his
tal cancer should be screened for colon     new tools such as clips and a variety of     medical degree from Albert Einstein Col-
cancer every 5-10 years beginning at        cauterizing devices that control bleed-      lege of Medicine, completed two intern-
age 50. More frequent screening is rec-     ing allow more complicated treatments        ships, one at Montefiore Hospital and
ommended for those at higher risk due       during colonoscopy. The Thomas E. and        Medical Center and one at Metropoli-
to personal history of colorectal cancer,   Alice-Marie Hales Endoscopy Unit at          tan Hospital Center, a residency at New
polyps or inflammatory bowel disease,       Phelps is equipped with all of the new-      York Medical College and a fellowship
or due to a family history of colorectal    est colonoscopes and accessory equip-        in gastroenterology at Harbor General
cancer or polyps.                           ment, which allows our doctors to carry      Hospital-UCLA Medical Center. He and
                                            out the most sophisticated therapies.        fellow gastroenterologists Christopher
Why Is Colonoscopy Performed?                                                            Martin, MD, and Floyd Byfield, MD, of
                                            What About Virtual Colonoscopy?              Westchester Gastroenterology Associ-
Initially, colonoscopy was done purely                                                   ates at Phelps, have offices in Suite 305
in the investigation of symptoms such       Patients frequently ask me about virtual     of the 777 Professional Building on the
as rectal bleeding or abdominal pain. A     colonoscopy, which uses an imaging           Phelps campus (914-366-6120).
major change came about when it was         technique such as CT or MRI to visu-
recognized that removal of a colonic        alize the colon
polyp could in most cases prevent colon     rather than the
cancer from ever developing. Once the       tubular instrument
value of colonoscopy in preventing          used in traditional
colon cancer was recognized, its use as     colonoscopy. What
a screening tool – even for individuals     many patients do
without any symptoms – caught on with       not realize is that
amazing speed. Not only could we find       before a virtual
colon cancer at an earlier stage, but       colonoscopy is per-
we could remove polyps through the          formed, they must
colonoscope before they ever devel-         still complete the
oped into cancer!                           same colon prepa-
                                            ration necessary for
Advances in Sedation,                       traditional colonos-
Wider Acceptance                            copy. Also, if any
A significant change in colonoscopy         polyps are detected
came with the change in how patients        during the virtual
are sedated for the procedure. Initially,   procedure, a tradi-
we performed colonoscopies while the        tional colonoscopy Dr. Field, center, with colleagues Christopher Martin, MD,
patient was completely awake, or, at        will need to be (left) and Floyd Byfield, MD. Their practice is Westchester
most, mildly sedated with light doses of    performed in order Gastroenterology Associates at Phelps.

4   PhelPs Today
           Jazz Meets Medicine
Bruce Heckman, internist and medical        ing as they go, creating something new
director of the hospice program at Phelps   between them every time.”
Memorial Hospital Center, remembers
the moment he fell in love with jazz.       “The hospice experience is often
During the summer of 1958 in the den        similar because the dying person has
of his uncle’s house in Long Beach, NY,     ever-changing needs. The family learns
this young high schooler was playing a      to listen carefully for clues and cues,
record by jazz vocalist Dakota Staton on    developing teamwork, making it up
the Victrola. “Now THAT’S what music        as they go along,” says Heckman.
is supposed to sound like,” he said to      “Approaching the death of a loved
himself, and the rest is history.           one together can be an extraordinary
                                            opportunity for a family to resolve issues
Other early memories include putting        and express love creatively, bringing
his ear down to a sidewalk grate to hear    harmony where there may have been
saxophonist John Coltrane playing at        discord.”
the Village Gate, listening for hours to
                                            In 2008, Heckman brought his two pas-
friends’ record collections, and going to
his first live jazz performance when pia-   sions together by launching a jazz con-      When he started his
nist Dave Brubeck came to William and       cert that would benefit the Phelps Hos-
Mary College, where Heckman was an          pice program. Now in its fourth year, the    training at New york
undergraduate.                              event – starring vocalists Melissa Walker
                                            and Tessa Souter – has grown every year,     Medical College,
When he started his training at New         attracting both hospice supporters and
York Medical College, Heckman bought        hot jazz enthusiasts, who say the perfor-    Heckman bought his
his first record player and frequented      mances rival those they’ve seen in top
the many jazz clubs in New York City.       jazz clubs in Manhattan.                     first record player
After completing his master’s degree
                                            A highlight of this year’s concert is
in public health at Yale, he bought an
                                            Sheila Anderson, the “Queen of
                                                                                         and frequented the
internal medicine practice in Ossining
                                            Hang” and a longtime DJ on WBGO,
and married his wife, Lynn. “She liked
                                            who will be emcee. Walker and                many jazz clubs in
singers, I liked the instrumental side of
                                            Souter will be accompanied by Oscar
the music, so we were a perfect match,”
                                            Perez on piano, Ron McClure on bass,         New york City.
says Heckman.
                                            Jennifer Vincent on cello, Alan Grubner
The couple met songstress Melissa           on violin, and Willard Dyson on drums,
Walker at a dinner party and became         musicians whose talents are widely
fast friends, and Walker has introduced     recognized in the jazz community.
Heckman to lots of people in the jazz
world over the years. He served for 10      The 2011 concert will be held at
years on the board of Jazz House Kids,      Irvington Town Hall Theater on Sunday,
an organization Walker founded to bring     October 23 at 3 pm. Tickets are $35
jazz into the New Jersey schools, and is    each and may be obtained online at
now an emeritus member.                     www.irvingtontheater.com or by calling
                                            the box office at 914-591-6602.
The Jazz/Hospice Connection
Heckman was a prime mover in the
founding of Phelps Hospice in 1983,
out of his conviction that the medical
profession must serve families from the
moment of birth through the end of life.
When asked if he could identify a con-
nection between his commitment to
hospice care and his love of jazz, he
replied, “Absolutely! What I love most
about jazz is that it is never the same.
                                            Dr. Bruce Heckman (center) joins the performers at last year’s third annual Phelps
The musicians work with each other as
                                            Hospice jazz concert (left to right): pianist Oscar Perez, vocalists Melissa Walker
a team, improvising and communicat-
                                            and Tessa Souter, bassist Ron McClure, saxophonist Steve Wilson and drummer
                                            Billy Drummond.
                                                                                                               PhelPs Today   5
A Look at Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Each year, more than 254,000 Ameri-         Tissue Expander with                         that the implants do not cause disease.
can women face breast cancer. Through                                                    Dr. Guzman explains that even if there
improved diagnostic techniques and          Silicone Gel Implant                         is damage to the implant, which is
treatment, women are able to undergo                                                     detected using MRI imaging, the con-
less invasive surgical procedures – such    The breast reconstruction surgery that       tents stay within the implant capsule so
as lumpectomy, which removes only           Dr. Guzman most commonly per-                there is little to no danger of the silicone
part of the breast tissue. In some cases,   forms at Phelps is called the tissue         gel traveling throughout the body. If a
however, a mastectomy – removal of          expander with a silicone gel implant.        rupture has been detected, the implant
the entire breast – is necessary. After     (He also offers the saline implant, but      can be easily removed and replaced.
a mastectomy, women may choose to           says they are stiffer and not as popular
have reconstruction surgery to rebuild      with patients.) The tissue expander with
                                                                                         It is not necessary to have reconstruc-
the shape and look of the breast that has   gel implant procedure takes place in
                                                                                         tion surgery immediately after a mas-
been removed.                               several stages over the course of 7-10
                                                                                         tectomy, although Dr. Guzman has
                                                                                         found that women who have immedi-
Christian Guzman, MD, FACS, has been                                                     ate reconstruction surgery have bet-
a plastic surgeon at Phelps for more        Stage 1 - An empty balloon is implanted
                                            under the skin and chest muscle. Every       ter results than those who wait a year
than 20 years. He says that 90 percent                                                   or more after a mastectomy because
                                            other week the patient comes to the
of the breast reconstruction surgery he                                                  the tissues are more pliable and have
                                            physician’s office and a saltwater solu-
does is for cancer patients or patients                                                  less scarring. Some women opt to not
                                            tion is injected through a tiny valve into
who choose to have a prophylactic                                                        have any reconstruction surgery at all.
                                            the balloon to slowly stretch the skin.
mastectomy because of a strong family                                                    “If a woman expresses fear of having an
                                            Stage 2 - After 2-3 months, when the
history of breast cancer. A general sur-                                                 implant in her body,” says Dr. Guzman,
                                            skin has been stretched to the desired
geon performs the mastectomy, while                                                      “I wouldn’t recommend it for her.”
                                            size, the expander balloon is removed
a plastic surgeon performs the recon-       and replaced with a permanent silicone
struction surgery.                          gel implant.                                 After breast reconstruction surgery, as
                                            Stage 3 – 2-3 months later, if the patient   with any surgery, there is a concern
“One of the biggest psychological           is interested in nipple reconstruction,
shocks for women is not having a breast     the patient’s own skin and fat from the
where there has always been one,” says      breast mound is used to reconstruct the
Dr. Guzman. “Some women feel that           nipple. This procedure is done under
it takes their femininity away. Recon-      local anesthesia and the patient can
struction – even though it is completed     return to work the next day.
in several stages – reassures them that     Stage 4 - One month later, if the patient
something will be there.”                   wants her new breast to look identical
                                            to the other one, tattooing can be done
If you are thinking about having recon-     to simulate an areole (the pigmented
struction surgery, it is a good idea to     area around the nipple). This procedure
discuss it with your surgeon and a          is done under local anesthesia, and the
plastic surgeon experienced in breast       patient can return to work the next day.
reconstruction before your mastectomy
so they can plan the treatment that is      The “cohesive silicone gel” implant
best for you.                               now on the market is different from the
                                            silicone gel implants of the past, which
Current breast reconstruction surgery       were pulled off the market in 1991.
options include saline-filled implants,
silicone gel implants, and a trans-         “The gel in these new implants is the
verse rectus abdominis myocutaneous         consistency of soft gummy bear candy,”
(TRAM) flap, which uses abdominal tis-      says Dr. Guzman. The previous silicone
sue to reconstruct the breast. Because      implants had an oil consistency, that if
healthy blood vessels are needed for the    ruptured could drip and travel through
tissue’s blood supply, the last procedure   the body, possibly causing certain
is not recommended for women who            immune system diseases. Four studies
are smokers or who have diabetes or         have been done on the new silicone
connective tissue or vascular disease.      implants, and all of the studies revealed

6   PhelPs Today
                                                                                             If you are thinking
                                                                                             about having
with infection. “If a patient is too active                                                  reconstruction
too early, bleeding and infection may set
in,” says Dr. Guzman. Patients must wait                                                     surgery, it is a good
6-8 weeks before returning to the gym or
doing any activity involving the pectoral                                                    idea to discuss it with
muscles (the two large chest muscles that
assist with movements of the shoulder                                                        your surgeon and a
and upper arm) because these activities
– which include push-ups, the butterfly                                                      plastic surgeon
stroke or playing tennis – will cause the
implants to move.                                                                            experienced in
If a patient will be undergoing chemo-
therapy or radiation therapy after a mas-
                                                                                             breast reconstruction
tectomy, the reconstruction phase is post-                                                   before your
poned until after therapy is complete.

Dr. Guzman usually follows his patients
                                                 Christian Guzman, MD, FACS, is board        mastectomy so they
                                                 certified in plastic surgery. He attended
who have had breast reconstruction, see-
ing them annually to inspect the implants.
                                                 medical school at Ponce School of           can plan the treatment
                                                 Medicine in Puerto Rico and completed
In some instances it is necessary to do
minor revisions to improve their overall
                                                 an internship and residency in general      that is best for you.
                                                 surgery at Westchester Medical Center.
appearance.                                      After five years of general surgery, he
                                                 completed a plastic surgery residency at
“My goal is to have patients return              Oklahoma University. His private prac-
to their full active lifestyle,” says Dr. Guz-   tice, Cosmetic Surgery Associates of
man. “They should be able to do any-             New York, has offices in Harrison (914-
thing they want to do, including skydiv-         997-8869), Mount Kisco (914-241-
ing, horseback riding or scuba diving.”          1911), and Manhattan (212-792-7938).

                                                                                                            PhelPs Today   7
Coping with
                                             Many people find that living with grief      fessionally led. In addition, Phelps
                                             is lonely and isolating. You may feel        Hospice staff provide short-term grief
                                             that those closest to you do not under-      counseling to individuals and fami-

the Loss of a                                stand what you are going through; their
                                             concern for your well-being causes
                                             them to want to rush the healing pro-
                                                                                          lies. Our groups and counseling are
                                                                                          open to the community as well as to
                                                                                          the families of our Hospice patients.

Loved One                                    cess, or their discomfort with your
                                             tears makes them keep their distance.
                                             Losing a loved one may include myri-
                                                                                          Hospice staff can also assist with re-
                                                                                          ferrals to other groups, counselors and
                                                                                          resources available at Phelps or in the
By Bess Steiger, LCSW, Bereavement           ad challenges – financial, legal, physi-     community.
                                             cal, practical, as well as emotional. It
Coordinator, Phelps Hospice                  may cause you to re-examine who you          For more information on bereavement
                                             are or what your spiritual beliefs are.      services at Phelps, please contact Bess
                                             It may also cause rifts in important re-     Steiger, LCSW, Bereavement Coordi-

                                             lationships.                                 nator, at (914) 366-3325 or email her
      n 1989 I had just moved to San                                                      at bsteiger@pmhc.us.
      Francisco with my young fam-           A bereavement support group provides
      ily when the city was hit by the       an opportunity for you to meet people        There are many other resources
      Loma Prieta earthquake on Oc-          who can genuinely empathize with             to help you or someone you know
      tober 17. I was too surprised to       you, a safe place and a set time for you     through grief, from articles and books
      be scared. Luckily we were un-         to focus on your loss and to learn from      to online support groups and grief
harmed. Two days later I went to check       the experiences of others. Supporting        “blogs.” The websites of some of the
on a friend who lived in the city’s more     others can help you feel better about        organizations listed below provide
heavily damaged Marina District. I           yourself. Most people who have at-           helpful links to more resources.
was sitting in her kitchen drinking tea      tended a bereavement support group
when the aftershocks came. Panic and         have found it comforting and reassur-        The American Foundation for
anxiety gripped me; I was terrified, and     ing. There are general bereavement           Suicide Prevention
taken aback by my own reaction.              support groups as well as groups for         www.afsp.org
                                             specific losses such as loss of spouse,
It strikes me that this experience is        parent or child, or loss resulting from
similar to the grief we go through fol-                                                   The American Hospice Foundation
                                             suicide, homicide or cancer. Some            Grief Center
lowing the death of a loved one. After       groups meet weekly for a set number
the initial pain of the loss has passed,                                                  www.americanhospicefoundation.org
                                             of weeks, others meet bi-weekly or
the aftershocks come – episodes of in-       monthly on an ongoing basis.
tense sadness, anxiety, fatigue or anger                                                  Association of Death Education
that envelop us, when we least expect        Individual grief counseling – along          and Counseling
it and are least prepared. These mo-         with other family members, if appro-         www.adec.org
ments can be unbelievably painful.           priate – can help you look back at your
They may cause us to question our ca-        relationship with the person who died        The Bereavement Center of
pacity to cope with the loss, or even to     and understand the changes his or her        Westchester
question our sanity.                         death may necessitate. This type of          www.thebereavementcenter.org
                                             counseling can offer support when your
This phenomenon is a normal part             situation is more complicated than can       The Centering Corporation
of grieving. Grief has often been de-        be addressed in a group setting.             www.centering.org
scribed as a roller coaster, full of ups
and downs. Or you may feel at sea –          There are physical manifestations of         The Hospice Foundation of America
you can withstand small waves of emo-        grief, such as altered sleep patterns, on-   www.hospicefoundation.org
tion, but now and again a fierce wave        going depression, or significant weight
crashes into you and knocks you over.        gain or loss that may require medical        The National Children’s Traumatic
This happens because it’s not possible       attention. Some people experience            Stress Network
to take in all the pain and complexities     deep despair and suicidal thoughts or        http://nctsn.org
of bereavement at once. Believe that         actions. Those individuals should seek
you will be able to get up and face that     professional help right away.                National Hospice and Palliative Care
ocean of grief. Try to understand and                                                     Organization – Caring Connections
                                             At Phelps Memorial Hospital Center,
accept the fact that grief is a process,                                                  www.caringinfo.org
                                             we offer two ongoing bereavement
that your grieving experience is unique
                                             support groups for adults coping with
to you, and that there is no timeframe                                                    Open to Hope (includes online
                                             the death of a loved one. The after-
or “right way” to grieve.                                                                 bereavement chat room and blog)
                                             noon group meets the 2nd and 4th
If all of this is part of normal grieving,   Thursdays of the month from 2-3:30
how do you know if you need counsel-         pm, and the evening group meets the
                                                                                          Wendt Center for Loss and Healing
ing or a support group, and how can          1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month
it help?                                     from 6:30-8 pm. The groups are pro-

8   PhelPs Today
Phelps Hospice                             stories are welcome – patients do not
                                           have to have been a patient of Phelps
                                           Hospice. When the journal is com-
                                                                                      * Stories and poems should be a
                                                                                      maximum of 750 words. They can be
                                                                                      signed or anonymous.

Journal of                                 plete, it will be distributed to mem-
                                           bers of the Phelps community. Please
                                                                                      ** Artwork and photos should be a
                                                                                      maximum of 8-1/2” by 11”. Please
                                           contribute to this project in any of the   DO NOT submit originals. We are
Hope and                                   following ways:                            unable to return photos and artwork.
                                                                                      Each item should be clearly labeled
                                           •	Stories* about the time your loved       as you would wish it to appear in the
Remembrance                                  one (or patient) was receiving
                                             medical care

                                           •	Stories of their life                    For more information, please contact
Phelps Hospice staff and volunteers are                                               Jo or Bess at Hospice; (914) 366-3325.
                                           •	Stories about how your life has
privileged to enter the homes and lives
                                             unfolded since the person died
of our patients and families at a very
intimate time. We are honored when         •	Poems* that explore any of these
they tell us their stories. Sometimes        topics or themes
patients talk about their past. Families   •	Photographs or art ** that explore
reflect on how their ill loved one has       any of these topics or themes
                                                                                      at Phelps Memorial
helped to make them a better person.
They share their hopes and fears about     Items can be submitted by mail to:         Hospital Center, we
what lies ahead. Whenever a story is
                                           Phelps Hospice                             offer two ongoing
told to our nurses, social workers,
                                           701 North Broadway
home health aides, chaplain or volun-
                                           Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591
teers, we receive it as a true gift.
                                           Attn: Hospice Journal
                                                                                      bereavement support
In recognition of the heartfelt telling
of these stories, Phelps Hospice has       Or via fax to                              groups for adults
decided to create a Journal of Hope        Phelps Hospice
and Remembrance. We would like to          Attn: Hospice Journal                      coping with the death
collect stories and memories of your       914-366-1538 (fax)
loved ones or your patients and as-                                                   of a loved one.
                                           Or via e-mail to
semble the stories, along with photo-      bsteiger@pmhc.us
graphs and artwork, in a journal. All

                                                                                                            PhelPs Today   9
Healthcare                                  documents. Prior to June 1, 2010,
                                            patients without healthcare proxies
                                                                                          •	A	physician	must	confirm	that	the	pa-
                                                                                          tient lacks healthcare decision-making

                                            were often subjected to burdensome            capacity before complying with deci-
                                            or painful end-of-life treatments. Under      sions made by the surrogate.
                                            the new law, if patients lack the capacity
                                            to make their own healthcare decisions,       •	 If	 after	 thorough	 examination	 a	 phy-
Who Will Decide If You Can’t?               family members, surrogates or others          sician determines that a patient is in-
                                            who are close to the patient may make         capable of making decisions, a second
In the ambulance on the way to the                                                        physician’s opinion is required before
hospital, Elizabeth suffered a massive      treatment decisions on their behalf.
                                                                                          the decision is final.
stroke. She was 89 years old but had        For patients to be considered to be
never filled out a healthcare proxy form,   lacking capacity means they do not            •	A	patient	must	always	be	told	that	two	
despite her adult daughter’s plea for her   have the ability to understand the risks      physicians have determined that he or
to do so, time and again. At the hospi-     and benefits associated with proposed         she lacks capacity to make decisions
tal, some critical decisions about her      treatment options.                            about treatment.
treatment had to be made. Prior to June                                                   •	A	 patient	 may	 object	 to	 being	 found	
1, 2010, her daughter could not have        In addition to ensuring that family mem-
                                            bers or close friends can make decisions      incapable of making decisions, in which
made any healthcare decisions on her                                                      case the court will decide.
mother’s behalf without a court order.      for patients who lack capacity and have
With the passing of a new law – the         no proxy agent, the new law also pro-         Remember, the best way to be absolutely
Family Health Care Decisions Act – it is    vides for patients who have no available      sure that the person who makes deci-
now possible for her daughter to make       next of kin (surrogate). In such cases, the   sions for you is the person who knows
decisions for her, even if she were not     treating physician is authorized to make      you best and whom you trust most, you
the healthcare proxy agent.                 decisions for the patient.                    should complete a healthcare proxy
                                            The law has safeguards to protect pa-         form. It takes only a few minutes, does
Only 15-20 percent of patients in New                                                     not require any legal expertise, notariza-
York State have signed healthcare proxy     tients, such as:
                                                                                          tion or expense – only two witnesses.

10   PhelPs Today
Are Hearing Aids in Your Future?
Think of Phelps for Added Value
Hearing aid technology has changed             • 2-3 visits during the 45-day trial
dramatically in recent years. While              period at no charge
hearing aids are smaller and less no-          • 1 year of follow-up visits at no charge
ticeable, the sound quality is better
than ever. Difficult listening situations      • 1 year of free batteries
like restaurants are not as troublesome        • 1 dry-aid humidifier
as they once were. Research shows
that people with hearing loss who use          • “Sound Advice” meetings
hearing aids are less isolated and more
                                               “Sound Advice” is a two-part work-
likely to continue to participate in
                                               shop for people who purchase hearing
activities they enjoy.
                                               aids from Phelps. Directed by an au-
Hearing aids can be purchased from             diologist and an experienced hearing
hearing aid dealers, audiologists, mass        aid user, the two sessions are designed
market merchants like Walmart and              to answer questions and troubleshoot
Costco or on the internet. Costs vary          challenging listening situations that the
considerably as do the services that are       new hearing aid user might encounter.
included in the purchase price.                The group also includes people who
                                               have upgraded to newer technology            When you
When you purchase hearing aids from            who share their years of experience
Phelps, there are many benefits.               with amplification. Spouses and signi-       purchase hearing aids
                                               ficant others are invited to attend to ex-
•	 Personalized hearing aid fitting by
   an experienced audiologist who
                                               plore realistic expectations for hearing     from Phelps, there are
                                               aid use.
  provides one-to-one counseling,
  integrating knowledge regarding                                                           many benefits.
  the person’s hearing loss and lifestyle
  needs.                                       Call the Speech and Hearing Center at
                                               (914) 366-3010 to make an appoint-
• No charge for the hearing aid evaluation.    ment.

                                                                                Phelps Community Pharmacy

Majid Sabour, MD, Joins Phelps
Phelps has welcomed primary care physician Majid Sabour, MD, to
the medical staff. Many of you will recognize Dr. Sabour from when
he practiced in Dobbs Ferry. Dr. Sabour earned his medical degree at
Zaporozhye State Medical University in the Ukraine and completed
a residency in family medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.
He is board certified in family medicine and speaks Arabic, French,
Russian and some Spanish. His office is temporarily located at
Heritage Medical Group at Phelps, 362 Broadway in Sleepy Hollow

                                                                                                        PhelPs Today   11
The Vitality Initiative                                            2011 at 9:30 am. Rivertown Runners develops community
                                                                   running events for members and other runners with the pur-
Community-Based Programs                                           pose of raising money to benefit local charities and putting
                                                                   the “fun” back in the run. Bring the kids, dress in costume
Are Increasing in Number                                           and enjoy a day of activities for the whole family.
Community-based programs at Phelps are increasing in
number as a result of our Vitality Initiative, created to pro-        Healthy Cooking Demonstration at Farmer’s
mote health, wellness and aging-in-place for adults and               Market in Pleasantville
seniors in the community. Phelps currently offers a Breakfast         Choices we make in our daily lives impact our overall
Club specifically for seniors that features a healthy breakfast,      health. Healthy food choices and physical activity are
a presentation on a topic of interest to seniors and an exer-         key components to reducing the risk of cardiovascular
cise session focusing on balance and strength. Membership             disease and diabetes. Phelps will be promoting healthy
has more than doubled since the club started in June. At the          lifestyle choices by sponsoring a cooking demonstra-
October 6 Breakfast Club, representatives from the state              tion at the Farmer’s Market in Pleasantville. A chef from
attorney general’s office and the county district attorney’s          Haven Restaurant in Pleasantville will prepare a tasty
office will speak about how to avoid financial exploitation.          recipe using products sold at the Farmer’s Market. Be
Please call (914) 366-3937 for more information on the                sure to stop by Phelps’ table for some delicious food
Breakfast Club.                                                       on September 24, 2011 from 10:30 am -12:30 pm.
As a member of the Livable Communities program sponsored
by the Westchester County Department of Senior Programs
and Services, Phelps will be hosting a program called
Living Well. There will be a series of six Living Well
workshops to help seniors improve their health,
one step at a time. Developed by the Division
of Family and Community Medicine at Stanford
University’s School of Medicine, Living Well
teaches people how to manage such chronic
conditions as asthma, arthritis, cancer, COPD,
congestive heart failure, diabetes, depression,
fibromyalgia, heart disease, obesity and Parkin-
son’s disease. For more information on Living
Well call (914) 366-3937.
October will be a busy month at Phelps, starting
with a CarFit program conducted by our Occupa-
tional Therapy Department on Saturday,
October 1, 2011. CarFit is an educa-
tional program sponsored by AARP,
AAA, and AOTA (American Occupa-
tional Therapy Association) that offers
older adults the opportunity to check
how well their personal vehicles fit
them. Participants learn how to adjust
seats and mirrors for optimal visibil-
ity, comfort, and safety. To register, call
(914) 366-3759.
For those interested in physical activ-
ity, Phelps is participating in the Tough-
man/Toughkids Race — a Half Ironman
Triathlon in Croton Point Park on Sun-
day, September 11, 2011; the American
Heart Association’s Heart Walk around
the Kensico Dam on Sunday, October
2, 2011 at 10 am; and the American
Cancer Society Strides Against Breast
Cancer Walk at Manhattanville College
on Sunday, October 16, 2011.
Phelps is sponsoring the Rivertown
Runners 10K Halloween Race in
Sleepy Hollow on Saturday, October 22,

12   PhelPs Today
Phelps Stroke                                          For the second year in a row, Phelps has received the highest level
                                                       of recognition from the American Heart Association/American Stroke
                                                       Association’s Get With the Guidelines program for implementing
Center Again                                           excellent stroke care. To receive the Gold Plus Achievement Award,
                                                       Phelps needed to achieve 85 percent or higher adherence to all Get

Receives “Gold                                         With the Guidelines-Stroke Quality Achievement indicators for two
                                                       or more consecutive 12-month intervals, and 75 percent or higher
                                                       compliance with 6 of 10 Get With the Guidelines-Stroke Quality
Plus” Award                                            Measures, which are reporting initiatives to measure quality of care.
                                                       In fact, Phelps actually achieved 100 percent adherence to all the

for Excellence                                         criteria. The quality measures include: aggressive use of medications
                                                       such as tPA, antithrombotics, anticoagulation therapy, DVT prophy-
                                                       laxis, cholesterol-reducing drugs and smoking cessation. Following
in Stroke Care                                         the guidelines is a critical step in saving lives and improving outcomes
                                                       for stroke patients.

                                                                                        At the 2011 Gold Plus Achievement
                                                                                        Award ceremony are (from left): Jeffrey
                                                                                        Gindi, MD; Maryjane Guarin, stroke co-
                                                                                        ordinator; Sanda Carniciu, MD, stroke
                                                                                        team director; Pam Tarquinio, execu-
                                                                                        tive director for the Westchester region
                                                                                        of AHA/ASA; Margaret Cotter-Santos,
                                                                                        CNS, Critical Care Educator; and Keith
                                                                                        Safian, Phelps president and CEO.

        Ongoing Health Promotion and Support Groups
Alzheimer’s Support Group      Blood Pressure Screenings         Essential Tremor Group            Maternity & Baby Classes
For information, call Ellen    Generally the 1st & 3rd           Meets in Somers. Contact          (914) 366-3382
Imbiano (914) 253-6860         Wednesday of the month,           barlowhumphreys@yahoo.com
                                                                                                   My Sister’s Place
                               9:30 - 11:30 am appointments      for information.
Outpatient Behavioral Health                                                                       1-800-298-SaFE (7233)
                               necessary: (914) 366-3220
alcohol/chemical                                                 Group Counseling
                                                                                                   Ostomy Support Group
dependency, counseling,        Cardiovascular Rehab              Help with issues such as:
                                                                                                   3rd Sunday of every month
continuing day treatment,      (914) 366-3740                    separation & divorce, losses,
                                                                                                   (914) 366-3395 (Call 366-3000
supportive case                                                  relationships, family issues,
                               Cardiovascular Wellness Center                                      for cancellation information)
management (914) 366-3027                                        parenting, coping skills (914)
                               Exercise under RN supervision
                                                                 366-3600                          Parkinson’s Support Group at
Bereavement Support Groups     (914) 366-3752
                                                                                                   Kendal on Hudson
(914) 366-3325                                                   Hospice
                               Celiac Sprue Support Group                                          (914) 922-1749
                                                                 (914) 366-3325
Better Breathers Club          Sue Goldstein: (914) 428-1389
                                                                                                   Physician Referral
(914) 366-3712                                                   Look Good Feel Better® for
                               CPR Classes (914) 366-3166                                          (914) 366-3367
                                                                 women undergoing cancer
Blood Donations
                               Diabetes Education Classes        treatment                         Pulmonary Rehabilitation
(914) 366-3916
                               for adults (914) 366-2270         (800) aCS-2345                    (914) 366-3712
                                                                 Mammography                       Stroke Support Group
                                                                 (914) 366-3440                    (914) 366-3221

                                                                                                               PhelPs Today   13
Saving Lives                                 However, Phelps is one of only three
                                             Westchester hospitals that conducts
                                             its own collection. Remarkably, blood
                                                                                           prospective donors in the community
                                                                                           by attending street fairs and chamber of
                                                                                           commerce gatherings and by conduct-
Through                                      donated at Phelps meets 85% of what
                                             is needed for patient care. The other
                                                                                           ing raffles at Phelps that offer overnight
                                                                                           stays at the Marriott, Sheraton and the

Blood                                        15% is purchased from Hudson Valley
                                             Blood Services at a cost of $265 per
                                             unit (one pint). Finding new donors and
                                                                                           Double Tree Hotels.
                                                                                           While donations are collected on a

Donation:                                    encouraging them to be repeat donors
                                             is a primary objective for Blood Donor
                                                                                           daily basis in Blood Donor Services on
                                                                                           the second floor of the 755 building
                                                                                           on the Phelps campus, the staff also go
A Community                                  Services staff, which in addition to Carol
                                             includes phlebotomists Gladys Campu-
                                             sano and Crystal Williams and donor
                                                                                           out in the field to conduct blood drives
                                                                                           in the community – as many as two

Effort                                       recruiter Marty Ketels.
                                             Donors are out the door in an average
                                                                                           each month. Host organizations have
                                                                                           included the Castle, Hackley School,
                                                                                           Westchester Marriott, the Ossining Pub-
When someone asks Blood Donor Ser-           of 40 minutes, and the blood they do-         lic Library, YAI, Sheraton Tarrytown,
vices Supervisor Carol Stanley what she      nated immediately undergoes a state-of-       Family YMCA, Scarborough Presbyte-
does with all the “extra blood,” she is      the-art process called leukoreduction, a      rian, Philips Laboratories, First Baptist
understandably taken aback. Every day        process that very few hospitals have yet      Church, Warner Library and Irvington
she is seriously challenged to meet the      implemented. Leukoreduction reduces           Presbyterian. Scheduled to host drives
crucial and unrelenting demand for pa-       the white blood cell count, assuring that     later this fall are Atria Senior Living, Ei-
tient blood. There is no “extra blood.”      the donation can be potentially used by       leen Fisher, Ossining Recreation, Irving-
                                             a broader segment of the patient popula-      ton Recreation and Tarrytown House.
The challenge is daunting, considering       tion – especially those recipients being
that only 38% of the U.S. population is      treated for cancer, the disease requiring     Finding a host for a blood drive doesn’t
eligible to donate blood and only 5%         the greatest usage of blood. After going      ensure that the drive will be success-
does. Of those who want to give blood,       through the leukoreduction process, the       ful. Donor Services promotes the blood
many are routinely deferred due to age,      blood is expedited to the Lab where it        donation opportunity through posters,
tattoos, piercings, medications or recent    is tested to determine type – A, B, AB or     flyers and sign-up sheets, and works
travel. Or they may have health issues,      O – and to make sure there is no pres-        closely with a representative of the host
which are uncovered when Donor Ser-          ence of HIV, hepatitis or other viruses.      organization who takes responsibility
vices professionals ask a series of ques-    Most units are then separated into com-       for recruiting at least 20 potential do-
tions and administer a mini-physical.        ponents, allowing more than one Phelps        nors. This is the minimum number re-
Faced with this limited pool of potential    patient to benefit from a single dona-        quired to justify venturing off-site with
donors and the necessity to comply with      tion.                                         their mobile clinic. The blood drive lo-
procedures strictly imposed by a number                                                    cation must meet specific lighting and
of regulatory agencies, many hospitals       Using a database of past donors, the          air conditioning requirements and be
decide to outsource blood collection. In     staff phone or e-mail these 3,500 folks       large enough to accommodate a confi-
metro New York, this is done by Hudson       eight weeks after each donation – the         dential screening area, three or four do-
Valley Blood Services, a division of New     minimum amount of time required be-           nor reclining seats and a recovery area
York Blood Center, among others.             tween donations. They also seek out           for drinks and snacks.
                                                                                           Carol and her staff are regular Phelps
                                                                                           blood donors themselves, and they
                                                                                           bring a sense of passion to what they do:
                                                                                           “I worked in the blood bank at Phelps
                                                                                           for several years without donating blood
                                                                                           myself,” says Carol. “Then my father
                                                                                           needed to have two units transfused ev-
                                                                                           ery month to survive and I got the wake-
                                                                                           up call. There are hundreds of fathers,
                                                                                           mothers, families and friends who need
                                                                                           blood. By donating, I can help them
                                                                                           in the same way that so many people
                                                                                           helped my father.”
                                                                                           “When I was in the Army, I shame-
                                                                                           lessly earned a half day off for donating
                                                                                           blood,” Marty Ketels admitted. “But af-
                                                                                           ter discharge, I kept donating because it
                                                                                           made me feel good about myself, giving
Blood Donor Services staff (left to right): Carol Stanley, supervisor; Gladys Campusano,   anonymously without credit or recogni-
phlebotomist; Marty Ketels, donor recruiter; and Crystal Williams, phlebotomist.           tion. At Phelps the feeling is compound-

14   PhelPs Today
ed by the fact that my blood will be used        free weekend overnight stay or $30          weekend overnight stay and breakfast
by somebody in the community. I may              certificate at Bistro Z                  Mediterraneo, Pleasantville,
not know that person but one of my            Eldorado West Diner, Tarrytown,                $10 off donors meal
neighbors or friends probably does.”             $6.25 certificate                        Melita’s Home Furnishings, Ossining,
                                              Elite Hair Design, Tarrytown,                  30% off all Portuguese ceramics
All donors are encouraged to continue            25% off hair care products or 25%        NY School of Esthetics, Tarrytown,
giving blood on a regular basis by se-           off men’s haircuts                          two facials for the price of one or
lecting – every second time they donate       Fairview Golf Center, Elmsford,                half price on chemical peel or
– one of 82 special discounts or specials        free half-hour golf lesson by a pro or      microdermabrasion
offered by 68 local retailers, restaurants       half price on range balls                Okinawa Hibachi Steak House,
and hotels. Offers range from a free car      Family YMCA, Tarrytown,                        Ossining, free glass of wine or
wash, pizza, second entrée or “Good              an all-day pass                             appetizer
Vampire Special” juicy burger, to a “get      TGI Fridays, Tarrytown,                     Olympic Diner, Ossining,
out of jail” card to erase library book          second lunch free or free appetizer         10% off breakfast, lunch or dinner
fines or a pint-for-pint ice cream offer.        with dinner                              PHR Center of Electrolysis,
No other hospital in Westchester has          Geordane’s, Irvington,                         Tarrytown,$15 off any treatment,
an incentive program like this one! And          pint-for-a-pint complimentary drink         plus consultation
making a choice can take as long as do-          with purchase                            Pinacle at Heritage Hills, Somers,
nating does, as you’ll conclude from the      Goldfish, Ossining,                            10% off bill up to a party of four
following list of generous local offers:         complimentary glass of wine              Pleasantville Colonial Diner,
                                              Gordo’s, Hawthorne,                            Pleasantville, 10% off bill for all in
                                                 second entrée half off                      party
AJ’s Burgers, New Rochelle,                   Green Valley Nursery, Hawthorne,            The Red Hat Bistro on the River,
   Good Vampire Special                          10% off purchase of plants or garden        Irvington, 10% off lunch for two
The Art Barn, Ossining,                          products                                 Sheraton Hotel, Tarrytown,
   15% off custom picture framing             Hair of the Hudson, Tarrytown,                 two-night weekend stay, including
At the Reef Restaurant,                          Two haircuts and blow-dry for the           breakfast
   Cortlandt Manor, $25 certificate              price of one                             South of the Border, Ossining,
   when a donor has given 20 units            Heritage Frame & Picture, Tarrytown,           free margarita with dinner
Basilico Pizza, Pasta and Gourmet,               15% off all custom framing               Sparx Hair & Makeup Salon,
   Mt. Kisco, free large pizza                Highland Dry Cleaners, Ossining,               Pleasantville, 15% off any salon
The Boathouse, Ossining,                         suit dry-cleaned for free                   service
   complimentary second lunch                 Horsefeathers, Tarrytown,                   Striped Bass, Tarrytown,
Brasserie Swiss, Ossining,                       $25 certificate for donor giving 20         $10 off second entrée or a bottle of
   $10 off two dinners                           units                                       house red with two entrées or
Bridge View Tavern, Sleepy Hollow,            Horseman Restaurant & Pizza,                   appetizers
   $10 off lunch                                 Tarrytown, 15% off lunch or dinner       Sunset Cove, Tarrytown,
The Cabin, White Plains,                      Il Sorriso Ristorante, Irvington,              10% off bill up to party of four
   10% off lunch or dinner                       second lunch free                        Tarry Tavern, Tarrytown,
Canfin Gallery, Tarrytown,                    Isabella Italian Bistro, Tarrytown,            a pint-for-a-pint of draught beer
   $300 off purchase of artwork                  free glass of house wine with lunch,     Tarrytown Woodworks, Tarrytown,
Capri Pizza & Pasta, Ossining,                   free bottle with dinner                     15% off antique and vintage
   15% off check                              Jacob Burns Film Center, Pleasantville,        furniture repairs
Carpet Giant, Ossining,                          complimentary film pass                  Taste of China, Tarrytown,
   10% on all floor coverings                 Josephine’s Hair Salon, Ossining,              free order of buffalo wings
Casa Rina, Thornwood,                            10% off; 50% off color service           Terra Rustica Ristorante,
   complimentary glass of wine                   Tuesday & Wednesday                         Briarcliff Manor, $10 off two dinner
Caravela, Tarrytown,                          Karma Lounge Martini Bar & Grille,             entrees
   $10 off dinner for two or $20 off             Ossining, 10% off lunch or 15% off       Tramonto Restaurant-Bar-Café,
   for four                                      dinner                                      Hawthorne, free glass of wine with
Castle on the Hudson, Tarrytown,              Kendal on Hudson, Sleepy Hollow,               entrée or second lunch free
   $10 off breakfast for two, $15 for            free full lunch buffet                   Trapp Optical, Tarrytown,
   lunch, $25 for dinner                      Landmark Diner, Ossining,                      $75 off eyewear
Coffee Labs Roasters, Tarrytown,                 20% off lunch or dinner of a free        Ultra Clean Car Wash & Detail Center,
   pint-for-a-pint of coffee or 20% off a        deluxe burger or meat-filled omelet         Ossining, free car wash
   pound                                      Lyndhurst, Tarrytown,                       Warner Library, Tarrytown,
Crabtree’s Kittle House, Chappaqua,              free family membership or free              “Get out of jail” card to cover late
   second lunch free                             second general admission ticket             book return fines
Creative Flooring, Mt. Kisco,                 Main Street Sweets, Tarrytown,              Westchester Broadway Theatre,
   10% off all material                          a pint-for-a-pint ice cream                 Elmsford, 15% off dinner and show
Doca’s, Ossining,                             Mandee, Ossining,                           Wobble Café & Catering, Ossining,
   10% off lunch or dinner                       20% off entire purchase                     free breakfast served any time
Doubletree Hotel, Tarrytown,                  Marriott Hotel, Tarrytown,
                                             To make an appointment to donate blood at Phelps, call 914-366-3916. All donors
                                             must be between 16 and 75 years old and weigh at least 110 pounds.

                                                                                                                   PhelPs Today   15
                                                SEPTEMBER                                   Tuesday, September 13, 2011
                                                                                            Better Breathers Club
                                                Bereavement Support Groups                  The Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group
                                                                                            presents C&C Homecare and what’s new
                                                Support groups for adults struggling with

                          PHELPS                the loss of a loved one.
                                                                                            in home oxygen. Refreshments will be
H E a lT H y l I F E C a l E N d a R

                                                Evening support group                       William Barry, C&C Homecare
                                                Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 8 pm
                                                on the following dates: September 15,       12-1 pm; Pulmonary Lab
                                                October 6 and 20, November 3 and 17,
                                                and December 1 and 15.                      Call (914) 366-3712 to register.
                                                Afternoon support group
                                                Thursday afternoons from 2 – 3:30 pm        Wednesday, September 28, 2011
                                                on the following dates: September 22,
                                                October 13 and 27, November 10, and         Optimal Aging of the Knees
                                                December 8 and 22.                          Learn about a non-surgical therapy that
                                                                                            often helps people with arthritic knees
                                                Bess Steiger,                               maintain active lifestyles while postpon-
                                                CSW, Bereavement Coordinator                ing - or eliminating - the need for surgery.
                                                Suggested donation: $10 per session         J. Robert Seebacher, MD, Medical
                                                755 N. Broadway on the Phelps campus        Director, Joint Replacement Service
                                                Room 225                                    6:30 pm; Auditorium
                                                Call (914) 366-3325 or email bsteiger@      Call (914) 366-3100 to register.
                                                pmhc.us for information.                    ___________________________________

                                                Stroke Support Group                        OCTOBER
                                                A support group for stroke survivors,
                                                their families, friends and caregivers,     Prostate Screenings
                                                providing education, friendship and sup-    (also see dates in September)
                                                port. Held the first Wednesday of the       Arno Housman, MD
                                                month on the following dates: October       October 3 and 10
                                                5, November 2 and December 7.               5 – 8 pm
                                                3:30 – 4:30 pm                              Jack Hershman, MD
                                                Walkway Conference Room                     October 6 and 10
                                                Call (914) 366-3221 for more                9 am – 12 pm
                                                information.                                Appointments are required; no walk-ins.
                                                __________________________________          Call (914) 366-3220 to register.
                                                Prostate Screenings
                                                (also see dates in October)                 Saturday, October 1, 2011

                                                Arno Housman, MD                            CarFit Event for Older Drivers
                                                September 12, 19 and 26
                                                5 – 8 pm                                    Older drivers can attend an individualized
                                                                                            20-minute educational session designed
                                                Jack Hershman, MD                           to help improve the “fit” of their cars for
                                                September 16, 22 and 26                     safety and comfort, promote conversa-
                                                9 am – 12 pm                                tions about driving safety, and link them
                                                                                            with local resources so they can continue
                                                Appointments are required; no walk-ins.     to drive for as long as safely possible. The
                                                Call (914) 366-3220 to register.            trained CarFit team, members of Phelps’
                                                ___________________________________         Occupational Therapy Department, will
                                                                                            work with older drivers to help ensure
                                                                                            a clear line of sight over the steering
                                                                                            wheel, proper seat belt use and fit, and
                                                                                            safe positioning of mirrors to minimize

                  16             PhelPs Today
blind spots. CarFit was created by the     all symptoms of Laryngopharyngeal Re-      cise demonstrations will be offered. Ad-
American Society of Aging in collabora-    flux (LPR). In addition, chronic asthma,   mission is free, discounted meal tickets
tion with AARP, AAA and the American       recurrent sinusitis, dental disease and    will be available for lunch in the Kendal
Occupational Therapy Association.          even cancer can all be caused or exac-     Bistro. There will be free giveaways and
                                           erbated by LPR. LPR is not GERD.           gift raffles.
Anjum Lone, OTR/L, CHT, Phelps Chief
of Occupational Therapy                    Craig H. Zalvan, MD, laryngologist,        10 am – 2 pm; Kendal on Hudson – on
Kathy Gibbs, OTR/L                         Medical Director of the Institute for      the Phelps campus
                                           Voice and Swallowing Disorders at
Phelps Parking Garage – Level 3            Phelps                                     Call (914) 922-1060 or (914) 922-1062
9 am – 2 pm                                                                           for information.
                                           8:30 – 10 am; Prompt Care                  _________________________________
Appointments are required. Call (914)
366-3759 to schedule.                      Call (914) 366-3220 to register.           Tuesday, October 18, 2011
_________________________________          _________________________________
                                                                                      Better Breathers Club
Monday, October 3, 2011                    Thursday, October 6, 2011
                                                                                      Join us for a question and answer ses-
Look Good . . . Feel Better®               An Update on In-Vitro                      sion about lung disease, medications
                                           Fertilization (IVF)                        and future predictions. Light refresh-
                                                                                      ments will be served.
                                           Are you having trouble conceiving? Do
                                           you think or have you been told that       Gary Lehrman, MD, FCCP, pulmonolo-
                                           you might need in-vitro fertilization?     gist, Medical Director, Pulmonary Re-
                                           Learn about IVF from a board-certified     habilitation Program
                                           reproductive endocrinologist -- when it    6 – 7 pm; Pulmonary Lab
                                           might be indicated, how it is performed
                                           and the newest technologies associated     Call (914) 366-3712 to register.
                                           with it.                                   _________________________________
                                           Rachel A. Bennett, MD, OB/GYN,             Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Look Good . . . Feel Better® is a free     Reproductive endocrinology and
program for women going through            infertility                                An Introduction to LSVT
treatment for all types of cancer that                                                Learn about an intensive voice therapy
teaches them beauty techniques to help     6:30 pm; Board Room
                                                                                      program designed to strengthen the
manage the appearance-related side         Call (914) 366-3220 to register.           voices of Parkinson’s patients. All persons
effects of their treatment. Makeup kits    _________________________________          with Parkinson’s disease are welcome.
donated by cosmetic companies are
given to each participant to take home.    Wednesday and Thursday, October            Andrea Bracciante Ely, MSP-CCC/SLP
The program is offered in partnership      12 and 13, 2011
with the American Cancer Society, The                                                 1:30 – 3 pm; Walkway Conference
National Cosmetology Association, and      Defensive Driving                          Room
the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance As-   Two-evening certification program.
                                                                                      Call (914) 366-3010 to register.
sociation (CTFA) Foundation.               Lowers insurance premiums, reduces
                                           violation points, and sharpens driving
Sheri Silver, cosmetologist                skills.
                                                                                      Wednesday, October 19, 2011
7 – 9 pm                                   Robert Fogel                               Listening Is Not Just an
755 Building, Room 225
                                           5:30 – 8:30 pm; Auditorium                 “Ear Thing”
Advance registration is required. Call
(800) 227-2345.                            Fee: $45                                   Did you know you listen with your
_________________________________                                                     brain? Learn how the latest hearing aid
                                           Call (914) 366-3220 to register.
                                                                                      technology helps keep your listening
Monday, October 3, 2011                                                               pathways working.
Laryngopharyngeal Reflux                   Thursday, October 13, 2011                 Susan Reilly, MS, CCC-A, Coordinator
(LPR) – Silent Reflux                      Senior Health Fair                         of Audiology Services
Screening                                  at Kendal on Hudson                        Tad Zelski, Regional Representative,
                                                                                      Widex USA
Changes in voice, throat clearing,         Seniors are invited to the annual Se-
mucus in the throat with discomfort,       nior Health Fair at Kendal on Hudson,      10 – 11:30 am; Auditorium
chronic cough not responding to medi-      located adjacent to the Phelps campus.
                                                                                      Call (914) 366-3010 for information.
cations, and swallowing problems are       Health screenings, massage and exer-

                                                                                                               PhelPs Today   17
Thursday, October 20, 2011
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome                 NOVEMBER                                      Voice and Swallowing Disorders at

(PCOS): Do You Have It?                     Monday, November 7, 2011                      8:30 – 10 am; Prompt Care

Do you or someone you know have ir-         Look Good . . . Feel Better®                  Call (914) 366-3220 to register.
regular periods or trouble with excess                                                    _________________________________
body hair? Have you been told you have      Look Good . . . Feel Better® is a free
PCOS? Come hear about PCOS from a           program for women going through treat-        Tuesday, November 8, 2011
                                            ment for all types of cancer that teaches
board-certified reproductive endocri-
                                            them beauty techniques to help manage         Better Breathers Club
nologist -- what causes it and how to
treat it.                                   the appearance-related side effects of        Nutrition and lung disease will be the
                                            their treatment. Makeup kits donated by       topic of this month’s meeting. Light re-
Rachel Bennett, MD, OB/GYN,                 cosmetic companies are given to each          freshments will be served.
Reproductive endocrinology and              participant to take home. The program is
infertility                                 offered in partnership with the American      Joanna Krsulich, MS/RD
                                            Cancer Society, The National Cosmetol-
6:30 pm; Board Room                         ogy Association, and the Cosmetic, Toi-       6 – 7 pm; Pulmonary Lab

Call (914) 366-3220 to register.            letry and Fragrance Association (CTFA)        Call 914-366-3712 to register.
_________________________________           Foundation.                                   ________________________________
                                            Sheri Silver, cosmetologist
Tuesday, October 25, 2011                                                                 Monday and Tuesday, November
                                            7-9 pm; 755 Building, Room 225                14 and 15, 2011
Facial Rejuvenation: Botox,
Fillers and Beyond                          Advance registration is required. Call        Defensive Driving
                                            (800) 227-2345 to register.
                                                                                          Two-evening certification program.
                                                                                          Lowers insurance premiums, reduces
                                                                                          violation points, and sharpens driving
                                            Monday, November 7, 2011
                                            Chronic Cough Clinic
                                                                                          Robert Fogel
                                                                                          5:30 – 8:30 pm; Auditorium
                                                                                          Fee: $45
                                                                                          Call (914) 366-3220 to register.

Have you ever wished that you could
turn back the hands of time and enjoy
the healthy, flawless skin you had when
you were younger? Each person has a                                                       Monday, December 5, 2011
unique set of problems and expecta-                                                       Look Good . . . Feel Better®
tions. This lecture will explore the full
spectrum of popular noninvasive facial                                                    This free program is for women who are
rejuvenation treatments including Bo-                                                     going through treatment for all types
tox®, Restylane®, Radiesse®, Juved-         People often have a chronic cough de-         of cancer. Look Good . . . Feel Better®
erm™, Fotofacial RF® and Refirme skin       spite numerous doctor visits, medica-         teaches beauty techniques to help man-
tightening. Laser hair removal and the      tions, and diagnostic tests. Coughing         age the appearance-related side effects
use of Botox® for excessive sweating        associated with throat clearing, voice        of cancer treatment. Makeup kits donat-
will also be discussed. Questions and       changes, trouble swallowing, nighttime        ed by cosmetic companies are given to
audience participation will be encour-      cough, and vocal spasms can often be          each participant to take home. The pro-
aged. Light refreshments will be served.    caused by chronic laryngopharyngeal           gram is offered in partnership with the
                                            reflux disease. Alternatively, some peo-      American Cancer Society, The National
Judith Jay, MD, Senior Attending at         ple often feel a tickle in the throat that    Cosmetology Association, and the Cos-
Phelps and Medical Director of Your         precedes a cough, a dry spot or dryness       metic, Toiletry and Fragrance Associa-
New York Face.                              in the throat, which may be caused by         tion (CTFA) Foundation.
7 pm; Auditorium                            irritation of a nerve. Screenings for these
                                            types of coughs will be offered.              Sheri Silver, cosmetologist
Call (914) 366-3220 to register.                                                          7 – 9 pm; 755 Building, Room 225
                                            Craig H. Zalvan, MD, laryngologist,           Advance registration is required. Call
                                            Medical Director of the Institute for         (800) 227-2345 to register.

18   PhelPs Today
Maternity & Baby
Care Classes
The ChildbirthExperience/           Totsaver Program: American                 Sleepy Hollow y Open Door Family
                                                                               Medical Center, participantes en el
LaMaze Method                       Heart Association CPR for                  Programa de Asistencia de Atención
                                    Family and Friends
Weeknights 7:30 – 9:30 pm for 5-6
                                                                               Prenatal de Medicaid, auspician
weeks. Start dates: September 21,   September 10, October 1,                   conjuntamente un Programa Prenatal.
October 11, November 2 or 22, or    November 5 or December 3                   La atención de mujeres embarazadas
December 14                         9 am. Cost: $55 per person.                es provista por un personal bilingüe y
                                                                               solidario, altamente capacitado. No
OR Weekend session, 10 am – 3 pm:   For up-to-date schedule, visit             se rechaza a nadie basándose en sus
September 17-18, October 8-9,       www.phelpshospital.org or call             ingresos económicos o seguro. Se alienta
or November 12-13.                  (914) 366-3382 for information             a las mujeres a recibir atención prenatal
Cost: $170 per couple               or to register.                            lo más temprano posible durante su
                                                                               embarazo. La atención es provista en
Breastfeeding:                      Prenatal Clinic:                           Open Door durante las primeras 36
First Choice for Babies             Phelps Memorial Hospital Center and        semanas del embarazo y en Phelps
                                    Open Door Family Medical Center,           Memorial Hospital durante el resto
October 3, November 3, or           participants in the Medicaid Prenatal      del embarazo y el parto. Para mayor
December 8                          Care Assistance Program, jointly           información, sírvase llamar al: (914)
7 – 9 pm. Cost: $45 per couple      sponsor a Prenatal Program. Care for       941-1263.
                                    expectant mothers is provided by a
ABCs of Baby Care                   highly trained, caring, bilingual staff.
                                    No one is turned away based on
September 19 or 29, October         income or health insurance. Women
13 or 24, November 7 or 21,         are encouraged to seek prenatal
December 1 or 19                    care early in their pregnancy. Care
6 pm. Cost: $65 per couple          is provided at Open Door during the
                                    first 36 weeks of pregnancy and at
Big Brother/Big Sister:             Phelps Memorial Hospital during the
                                    remainder of the pregnancy and for
Sibling Preparation                 delivery. For information, call: (914)
September 24, October 15,
November 19 or December 17          Atención Prenatal:
10:30 am. Cost: $20 per child       Phelps Memorial Hospital Center en

                                                                                                       PhelPs Today   19
                    Programs and Services at Phelps
            Bereavement Support                                                       (914) 366-3325
            Blood Donor Services*                                                     (914) 366-3916
            Cardiovascular Diagnostic Lab                                             (914) 366-3740
            Cardiac Rehabilitation                                                    (914) 366-3742
            Child Care – Robin’s Nest                                                 (914) 366-3232
            Diabetes & Metabolism Center**                                            (914) 366-2270
            Diabetes & Endocrine Center for Children & Young Adults*                  (914) 366-3400
            Educational Programs and Free Screenings                                  (914) 366-3220
            Emergency Department                                                      (914) 366-3590
            Emergency Department’s PromptCare                                         (914) 366-3660
            Emergency Education Center*                                               (914) 366-3577
            Gastroenterology & Advanced Endoscopy*                                    (914) 366-1190
            Hospice                                                                   (914) 366-3325
            Hyperbaric Medicine Center                                                (914) 366-3690
            Infusion Center*                                                          (914) 366-3523
            Laboratory (Clinical)                                                     (914) 366-3910
            Maternal Child Center                                                     (914) 366-3382
            Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center**                                  (914) 366-0664
            Mental Health – Outpatient Counseling*                                    (914) 366-3600
            Mental Health – Outpatient Chemical Dependency                            (914) 944-5220
            Mental Health – Inpatient Substance Abuse – Co-occurring Disorders        (914) 366-3027
            Mental Health – Inpatient Psychiatry                                      (914) 366-3513
            Nutrition Counseling                                                      (914) 366-2264
            Pain Center                                                               (914) 366-3794
            Pastoral Care                                                             (914) 366-3090
            Pharmacy for the Community**                                              (914) 366-1400
            Physical Medicine & Rehab (PT, OT, Aquatherapy) - Outpatient*             (914) 366-3700
            Physical Medicine & Rehab - Inpatient                                     (914) 366-3702
            Physician Referral Service                                                (914) 366-3367
            Prenatal Care Assistance Program (PCAP)                                   (914) 941-1263
            Pulmonary Physiology Lab and Pulmonary Rehabilitation                     (914) 366-3712
            Radiology/X-Ray                                                           (914) 366-3430
            Respite Care                                                              (914) 366-3356
            Senior Services and Memory Loss Evaluation*                        (914) 366-3669 or 3677
            Sleep Center                                                              (914) 366-3626
            Speech & Hearing – The Donald R. Reed Center**                            (914) 366-3010
            Surgery – Call Physician Referral                                         (914) 366-3367
            Thoracic Center for Chest Diseases*                                       (914) 366-2333
            Vascular Institute                                                        (914) 366-3008
            Voice & Swallowing Institute**                                            (914) 366-3636
            Volunteer Services                                                        (914) 366-3170
            Wound Healing Institute*                                                  (914) 366-3040

            *Located in the Phelps Medical Services Building (755 North Broadway).
            ** Located in the Phelps Professional Building (777 North Broadway).

            For more information about Phelps services, visit phelpshospital.org and click on “Programs & Services.”
            It is now possible to request an appointment for many services on the Phelps website. Just go to
            phelpshospital.org and click on “Request an Appointment Online.”

20   PhelPs Today
Perspectivas de                                                    aceptación. En la población mayor de 50 años, que es un

la colonoscopía a lo                                               grupo objetivo fundamental, ¡de la mitad a dos tercios han
                                                                   tenido por lo menos una colonoscopía!

largo de 35 años                                                   Mejoras en la tecnología llevan a una mejor

                                                                   Las mejoras en la tecnología, y también las mejoras en la man-
              e estado realizando colonoscopías durante los        era que los gastroenterólogos son entrenados, han llevado a
              últimos 35 años, desde 1976, cuando hacía mi         una mejora permanente en la seguridad del procedimiento.
              entrenamiento en gastroenterología en la UCLA.       Las complicaciones aún son posibles, pero son significativa-
              Desde entonces, ha habido una evolución sig-         mente menos que en los primeros tiempos. La introducción
              nificativa y un progreso enorme en todos los         de nuevas herramientas, como clips y una variedad de dis-
aspectos de este procedimiento: en la técnica, en cómo se          positivos cauterizantes que controlan el sangrado, permiten
realiza y en sus objetivos.                                        tratamientos más complicados durante la colonoscopía. La
                                                                   Unidad de Endoscopía Thomas E. & Alice-Marie Hales en
¿Qué es una colonoscopía?                                          Phelps está equipada con los colonoscopios y equipos acce-
La colonoscopía es un procedimiento médico en el que un            sorios más recientes, lo que permite a nuestros médicos llevar
instrumento largo y flexible llamado colonoscopio se usa           a cabo los tratamientos más sofisticados.
para visualizar la totalidad del revestimiento interior del co-
lon, que mide de cuatro a cinco pies de largo. La prueba per-      ¿Qué pasa con la colonoscopía virtual?
mite a los médicos verificar si hay inflamación y crecimientos     Los pacientes a menudo me preguntan acerca de la
anormales en el colon como tumores y pólipos (crecimientos         colonoscopía virtual, que usa una técnica de imágenes como
carnosos que surgen del revestimiento interior del colon y         CT o MRI para visualizar el colon, en vez del instrumento
pueden ser un precursor del cáncer de colon). Se recomienda        tubular que se usa en la colonoscopía tradicional. Lo que
que a hombres y mujeres con un riesgo promedio de cáncer           muchos pacientes no se dan cuenta es que antes que se re-
colorrectal se les realice la detección de cáncer de colon         alice una colonoscopía virtual, ellos deben de todos modos
cada 5 a 10 años, desde los 50 años de edad. Se recomien-          completar la misma preparación del colon necesaria para la
dan estudios de detección más frecuentes para aquellos que         colonoscopía tradicional. Asimismo, si se detecta cualquier
tienen un mayor riesgo debido a un historial de cáncer color-      pólipo durante el procedimiento virtual, deberá realizarse una
rectal, pólipos o enfermedad intestinal inflamatoria, o debido     colonoscopía tradicional para extirparlo. La colonoscopía vir-
a antecedentes familiares de cáncer colorrectal o pólipos.         tual está aún en la fase de desarrollo, y si bien su importancia
                                                                   probablemente aumentará en la próxima década, aún no se
¿Por qué se realiza la colonoscopía?                               practica ampliamente.
Inicialmente, la colonoscopía se hacía puramente al inves-
tigar síntomas como sangrado rectal o dolor abdominal. Un          El futuro
cambio fundamental ocurrió cuando se reconoció que la              Una de las preguntas que ha comenzado a surgir entre mis
extirpación de un pólipo del colon podía, en la mayoría de         pacientes, algunos de los cuales han estado conmigo entre 25
los casos, prevenir el desarrollo del cáncer de colon de por       y 30 años, es “¿estará usted aquí para mi seguimiento dentro
vida. Cuando se reconoció el valor de la colonoscopía en la        de cinco años?”. Solo puedo responder que la práctica de
prevención del cáncer de colon, su uso como herramienta            la gastroenterología y la realización de colonoscopías sigue
de detección –incluso para personas sin ningún síntoma– se         siendo mi vocación. En consecuencia, tengo la esperanza que
difundió con una velocidad sorprendente. No solo podía-            se me invite nuevamente dentro de cinco años para hacer un
mos detectar el cáncer de colon en una etapa más temprana,         informe de “Perspectivas de la colonoscopía a lo largo de 40
¡podíamos extirpar pólipos a través de un colonoscopio antes       años”.
que se transformaran en cáncer!
                                                                   Barry Field, MD, es gastroenterólogo en Phelps Memorial
Avances en la sedación, aceptación más                             Hospital. Es médico certificado en medicina interna y gas-
                                                                   troenterología. El Dr. Field obtuvo su título de médico en
amplia                                                             la Facultad de Medicina Albert Einstein, completó dos pas-
Un cambio significativo en la colonoscopía se dio al cambiar       antías, una en el Centro Médico y Hospital Montefiore y otra
cómo se sedaba a los pacientes para el procedimiento. Inicial-     en el Centro Hospitalario Metropolitano, una residencia en
mente, realizábamos colonoscopías con el paciente comple-          la Facultad de Medicina New York e hizo su especialidad
tamente despierto o, a lo sumo, levemente sedado con dosis         en gastroenterología en el Hospital Harbor General–Centro
pequeñas de Valium y/o Demerol. Por cierto que esto no era         Médico de UCLA. El Dr. Field y sus colegas gastroenterólogos
fácil para los pacientes. En el curso de los acontecimientos, se   Christopher Martin, MD, y Floyd Byfield, MD, de Westchester
integró un anestesiólogo al equipo de colonoscopía y se sedó       Gastroenterology Associates en Phelps, tienen sus consulto-
totalmente al paciente. Esto ha aumentado enormemente la           rios en la Suite 305 del Edificio Profesional 777 en el campus
seguridad y el confort del paciente. Con pacientes tolerando       de Phelps (914-366-6120).
tan bien el procedimiento, fue más sencillo ganar amplia

                                                                                                                 PhelPs Today   21
Por Bess Steiger, LCSW, Coordinadora de        distantes. La pérdida de un ser querido      provee apoyo durante el duelo a corto
Duelo, Phelps Hospice                          incluye una multitud de desafíos – finan-    plazo para individuos y familias. Nue-
                                               cieros, legales, fís cos, prácticos además   stros grupos y apoyo sicológico están
En 1989 recién me mudaba a San Fran-           de emocionales. Podrían causarle cues-       abiertos a la comunidad y a las familias
cisco con mi familia joven cuando la           tionar su persona o cuáles son sus creen-    de nuestros pacientes de cuidados pa-
ciudad sufrió el terremoto Loma Prieta         cias espirituales. También podrían causar    liativos. El personal del Phelps Hospice
del 17 de octubre. Me tomó muy de sor-         alejamiento en relaciones personales im-     también puede asistir con derivaciones
presa para asustarme. Afortunadamente          portantes.                                   a otros grupos, asesores y recursos di-
no sufrimos ningún tipo de lesión. Dos                                                      sponibles en Phelps o en la comunidad.
días después fui a visitar a una amiga         Un grupo de apoyo durante el duelo pro-
que vivía en el Distrito Marina, el lugar      vee la oportunidad para usted de reunirse    Para más información de servicios du-
más dañado de la ciudad. Estaba sentada        con gente que puede genuinamente sen-        rante el duelo de Phelps, por favor
en su cocina bebiendo una taza de té           tir empatía por usted, un lugar seguro y     contacte a Bess Steiger, LCSW, Coordi-
cuando vinieron las réplicas. El pánico        un tiempo programado para que usted          nadora de Duelo, al (914) 366-3325 o
y la ansiedad me embargaron; estaba            se enfoque en su pérdida y aprenda de        por email a bsteiger@pmhc.us. Calvary
aterrorizada y sorprendida de mi propia        las experiencias de otros. Ofrecer apoyo     Hospital ofrece un grupo general de
reacción.                                      a otros puede hacerle sentirse mejor. La     apoyo durante el duelo en español cada
                                               mayoría de la gente que ha participado       otro lunes. Contacte a Yovani Santiago al
Me da la impresión que esta experiencia        de grupos de apoyo durante el duelo los      (718) 518-2569.
es similar al dolor que sufrimos después       ha encontrado consoladores y tranquil-
de la muerte de un ser querido. Después        izadores. Existen varios grupos de apoyo     Existen muchos otros recursos que
que el dolor inicial de la pérdida pasa, vi-   durante el duelo así como también gru-       pueden ayudar a usted o alguien cono-
enen las ‘réplicas’– episodios de tristeza,    pos para pérdidas específicas como de        cido a través de la aflicción, desde
ansiedad, fatiga o furia intensas que nos      cónyuges, padres, hijos o pérdidas que       artículos o libros hasta grupos de apoyo
envuelven, cuando menos las esperamos          resultaron de suicidios, homicidios o        en línea y “blogs” de aflicción. Los sitios
o estamos preparados. Estos momentos           cáncer. Algunos grupos se reúnen sem-        web de algunas de las organizaciones
pueden ser increíblemente dolorosos. El-       analmente por un determinado número          listadas abajo proveen ligas útiles a más
los pueden hacernos cuestionar nuestra         de semanas, otros se reúnen cada dos         recursos.
capacidad de sobrellevar la pérdida o          semanas o mensualmente en forma con-
hasta cuestionar nuestra cordura.              tinua.                                       The American Foundation for Suicide
Este fenómeno es una parte normal del          El apoyo sicológico individual durante       www.afsp.org
duelo. La aflicción ha sido descrita a         la aflicción – junto con otros miembros
menudo como una montaña rusa, llena                                                         The American Hospice Foundation Grief
                                               de su familia, si es necesario – puede       Center
de subidas y bajadas. Usted podría sen-        ayudarlo a analizar su relación con la
tirse como si estuviera a la mar –puede                                                     www.americanhospicefoundation.org
                                               persona fallecida y a entender los cam-
resistir las olas pequeñas de emoción,         bios que esa muerte podría demandar.         Association of Death Education and
pero de vez en cuando una ola furi-            Este tipo de apoyo puede ofrecer ayuda       Counseling
bunda lo golpea y voltea. Esto sucede          cuando su situación es más complicada        www.adec.org
porque no es posible asimilar a la vez         para ser atendida en un ambiente de
todo el dolor y complejidades del duelo.                                                    The Bereavement Center of Westchester
                                               grupo. Existen manifestaciones físicas       www.thebereavementcenter.org
Tenga fe en que usted podrá levantarse         de la aflicción como alteración de pa-
y enfrentar el océano de aflicción. Trate      trones de sueño, depresión constante, o      The Centering Corporation
de entender y aceptar el hecho de que el       ganancia o pérdida de peso significativas    www.centering.org
duelo es un proceso, de que su experien-       que podrían requerir atención médica.
cia de sufrimiento es única a usted y que      Algunas personas experimentan una            The Hospice Foundation of America
no hay un programa o “manera correcta”                                                      www.hospicefoundation.org
                                               desesperación profunda y pensamientos
de sufrir.                                     o actos de suicidio. Aquellos individuos     The National Children’s Traumatic Stress
Si todo esto es parte del duelo normal,        deben buscar ayuda profesional inme-         Network
¿cómo puedo saber si necesito apoyo si-        diata.                                       http://nctsn.org
cológico o de un grupo y cómo puede            En Phelps Memorial Hospital Center, of-      National Hospice and Palliative Care
ayudar?                                        recemos continuamente dos grupos de          Organization – Caring Connections
Mucha gente encuentra que vivir con            apoyo durante el duelo para adultos so-      www.caringinfo.org
la aflicción es solitario y aislante. Usted    brellevando la muerte de un ser querido.
                                                                                            Open to Hope (incluye un chat room y
podría sentir que aquellos más cercanos        El grupo de la tarde se reúne los 2° y 4°
                                                                                            un blog en línea para la aflicción durante
a usted no entienden por lo que usted          jueves del mes de 2 a 3:30 p.m., y el        el duelo)
está pasando; su preocupación por su           grupo de la noche se reúne los 1° y 3°       www.opentohope.com
bienestar hace que quieran apurar el pro-      jueves del mes de 6:30 a 8 p.m. Los gru-
ceso de recuperación o su incomodidad          pos son conducidos por profesionales.        Wendt Center for Loss and Healing
con sus lágrimas hace que se mantengan         Además, el personal de Phelps Hospice        www.wendtcenter.org

22   PhelPs Today
Decisiones                                  Solo el 15-20 por ciento de pacientes en
                                            el Estado de Nueva York han firmado un
                                                                                        Un médico debe confirmar que el pa-
                                                                                        ciente carece de la capacidad para to-

de atención
                                            poder para la atención médica. Antes        mar decisiones para su atención médica
                                            del 1 de junio de 2010, los pacientes sin   antes de llevar a cabo decisiones toma-
                                            poderes para la atención médica eran a      das por el representante.

médica                                      menudo sujetos a tratamientos agobian-
                                            tes o dolorosos de fin de vida. Bajo la
                                            nueva ley, si los pacientes carecen de
                                                                                        Si después de un examen completo un
                                                                                        médico determina que un paciente es
¿Quien decidirá si usted no                 la capacidad para tomar su propia deci-     incapaz de tomar decisiones, se requie-
                                            sión de atención médica, los miembros       re una segunda opinión médica antes
puede hacerlo?                                                                          de que la decisión sea final.
                                            de familia, representantes o aquellas
En la ambulancia camino al hospital,        personas cercanas al paciente podrían       Un paciente siempre debe ser informa-
Elizabeth sufrió un stroke masivo. Ella     tomar decisiones de tratamiento en su       do de que dos médicos han determina-
tenía 89 años pero nunca completó un        nombre. Pacientes considerados de no        do que él o ella carece de la capacidad
formulario de apoderado para la aten-       tener la capacidad significa que no tie-    de tomar decisiones sobre su tratamien-
ción médica, a pesar de las suplica-        nen la habilidad de entender los riesgos    to.
ciones constantes de su hija para que       y beneficios asociados con las opciones
lo hiciese. En el hospital, se tuvieron     de tratamiento propuestas.                  Un paciente podría objetar ser conside-
que tomar algunas decisiones críticas                                                   rado incapaz de tomar decisiones, en
                                            Además de asegurar que los miembros         tal caso la corte decidirá.
sobre su tratamiento. Antes del 1 de ju-
                                            de la familia o amigos cercanos puedan
nio de 2010, su hija no hubiese podido                                                  Recuerde, la mejor manera de estar ab-
                                            tomar decisiones para pacientes que ca-
tomar ninguna decisión en nombre de                                                     solutamente seguro de que la persona
                                            recen la capacidad y no tienen un apo-
su madre sin una orden judicial. Con                                                    que toma decisiones por usted es la que
                                            derado, la nueva ley también provee
la aprobación de la nueva ley –Ley de                                                   lo conoce mejor y en la que confía más,
                                            para pacientes que no tienen parientes
Decisiones de Atención Médica por la                                                    es completar un formulario de apode-
                                            (representantes). En dichos casos, el
Familia – es ahora posible para su hija                                                 rado para la atención médica. Solo lle-
                                            médico tratante está autorizado a tomar
tomar decisiones por ella, aún si ella no                                               va unos pocos minutos, no requiere de
                                            decisiones por el paciente.
es el apoderado en el formulario para la                                                experiencia legal, notariado o gastos –
atención médica.                            La ley tiene medidas preventivas para       solo dos testigos.
                                            proteger a los pacientes, tales como:

                                                                                                               PhelPs Today   23
Salvar vidas                           derando que solo el 38% de la pobla-
                                       ción de EE.UU. es elegible para donar
                                       y apenas el 5% lo hace. A muchos de
                                                                                lleva a cabo su propia recolección. Es
                                                                                extraordinario que la sangre donada
                                                                                en Phelps aporta el 85% de lo que se

mediante la                            los quieren donar sangre se los recha-
                                       za rutinariamente debido a la edad,
                                                                                necesita para la atención de los pa-
                                                                                cientes. El 15% restante se compra

donación de
                                       tatuajes, perforaciones, medicacio-      en los Servicios de Sangre de Hudson
                                       nes o viajes recientes. O puede haber    Valley a un costo de $265 por unidad
                                       cuestiones de salud que salen a luz      (una pinta). Buscar nuevos donantes y

sangre                                 cuando los profesionales del Servicio
                                       para Donantes hacen una serie de
                                       preguntas y un breve examen físico.
                                                                                estimularlos a repetir la donación es
                                                                                un objetivo primario del personal de
                                                                                los Servicios para Donantes de San-
Un esfuerzo de la                      Enfrentados con este grupo limitado      gre, que además de Carol incluye a
comunidad                              de donantes potenciales y la nece-       los flebotomistas Gladys Campusano
                                       sidad de cumplir con los procedi-        y Crystal Williams, y a Marty Ketels
Cuando alguien le pregunta a Carol     mientos que impone estrictamente un      que inscribe a los donantes.
Stanley, la Supervisora de Servicios   número de agencias regulatorias, mu-
para Donantes de Sangre, lo que ella   chos hospitales deciden subcontratar     Los donantes entran y salen de donar
hace con toda la “sangre que sobra”,   la recolección de sangre. En la zona     sangre en unos 40 minutos promedio,
es comprensible que se asombre mu-     metropolitana de New York, los Servi-    y la sangre que donan inmediatamen-
cho. Cada día ella enfrenta el serio   cios de Sangre de Hudson Valley, una     te es sometida a un proceso de última
desafío de cumplir con la demanda      división del Centro de Sangre de New     generación llamado leucorreducción,
crucial e inexorable de sangre para    York, entre otros, realiza la recolec-   un proceso que muy pocos hospita-
los pacientes. No hay “sangre que      ción de sangre.                          les han implementado a la fecha. La
sobra”.                                                                         leucorreducción reduce el recuento
                                       Sin embargo, Phelps es uno de los        de glóbulos blancos, asegurando que
El desafío resulta abrumador, consi-   tres hospitales de Westchester que       la donación pueda usarse potencial-

24   PhelPs Today
mente por un segmento más amplio          un representante de la organización        programa de incentivos como este! Y
de pacientes, especialmente los re-       anfitriona quien asume la responsabi-      hacer una opción puede llevar tanto
ceptores que son tratados por cáncer,     lidad de conseguir por lo menos 20         tiempo como la donación, como us-
la enfermedad que requiere el mayor       donantes potenciales. Este es el nú-       ted concluirá al leer la siguiente lista
uso de sangre. Después de pasar el        mero mínimo requerido que justifica        de generosas ofertas locales:
proceso de leucorreducción, la san-       aventurarse con su clínica móvil. El
gre se envía rápidamente al laborato-     lugar para la recolección de sangre        AJ’s Burgers, New Rochelle,
                                                                                        Good Vampire Special
rio donde se le hacen pruebas para        debe cumplir requisitos específicos
                                                                                     The Art Barn, Ossining,
determinar el tipo –A, B, AB u O– y       de iluminación y acondicionador de
                                                                                        15% de descuento en un marco
para garantizar que no contenga el        aire, y tener el espacio suficiente para
                                                                                        de foto personalizado
VIH, el virus de la hepatitis ni otros    un área de evaluación confidencial,
                                                                                     At the Reef Restaurant,
virus. La mayoría de las unidades se      tres o cuatro asientos reclinables para
                                                                                        Cortlandt Manor, certificado de
separan en ese momento en compo-          los donantes y un área de recupera-
                                                                                        $25 cuando un donante ha
nentes, permitiendo que más de un         ción para bebidas y bocadillos.               donado 20 unidades
paciente de Phelps se beneficie de                                                   Basilico Pizza, Pasta and Gourmet,
una misma donación.                       Carol y su personal donan sangre
                                          ellos mismos en Phelps con regulari-          Mt. Kisco, pizza grande gratis
Usando una base de datos de donan-        dad, y aportan un sentimiento de pa-       The Boathouse, Ossining,
tes anteriores, el personal llama por     sión a lo que hacen: “Yo había traba-         segundo almuerzo de cortesía
teléfono o envía un e-mail a estas        jado en el banco de sangre en Phelps       Brasserie Swiss, Ossining,
3,500 personas ocho semanas des-          durante varios años y no había do-            $10 de descuento en dos cenas
pués de cada donación, la mínima          nado sangre”, dice Carol. “Luego mi        Bridge View Tavern, Sleepy Hollow,
cantidad de tiempo exigida entre cada     padre necesitó la transfusión de dos          $10 de descuento en almuerzo
donación. Ellos también buscan do-        unidades cada mes para sobrevivir y        The Cabin, White Plains,
nantes prospectivos en la comunidad,      allí me hice consciente. Hay cientos          10% de descuento en almuerzo o
estando presentes en ferias callejeras    de padres, madres, familiares y ami-
                                                                                     Canfin Gallery, Tarrytown,
y reuniones de la cámara de comer-        gos que necesitan sangre. Mediante
                                                                                        $300 de descuento en compra de
cio, y conduciendo rifas en Phelps        la donación yo puedo ayu darlos, de
                                                                                        obra de arte
que ofrecen alojamiento de una no-        la misma forma que tantas personas
                                                                                     Capri Pizza & Pasta, Ossining,
che en los hoteles Marriott, Sheraton     ayudaron a mi padre”.
                                                                                        cheque 15% de descuento
y Double Tree.
                                          “Cuando estaba en el ejército, no          Carpet Giant, Ossining,
Si bien las donaciones se recogen dia-    sentía vergüenza que me dieran me-            10% en todas las coberturas de
riamente en los Servicios para Donan-     dio día libre por donar sangre”, ad-          pisos
tes de Sangre, en el segundo piso del     mitió Marty Ketels. “Pero después de       Casa Rina, Thornwood,
Edificio 755 en el campus de Phelps,      mi baja, yo seguí donando porque              vaso de vino de cortesía
el personal también sale a la calle y     me hacía sentir bien, dar anónima-         Caravela, Tarrytown,
realiza jornadas de recolección de        mente sin crédito ni reconocimiento.          $10 de descuento en cena para
sangre, hasta dos veces al mes. Las or-   En Phelps, a ese sentimiento se suma          dos o $20 de descuento para
ganizaciones anfitrionas han incluido     que mi sangre será usada por alguien          cuatro
Castle, Hackley School, Westchester       en la comunidad. Tal vez no conozco        Castle on the Hudson, Tarrytown,
Marriott, Ossining Public Library, YAI,   a esa persona, pero probablemente             $10 de descuento en desayuno
Sheraton Tarrytown, Family YMCA,          uno de mis vecinos o amigos sí la co-         para dos, $15 para almuerzo, $25
Scarborough Presbyterian, Philips La-     noce”.                                        para cena
                                                                                     Coffee Labs Roasters, Tarrytown,
boratories, First Baptist Church, War-
                                          Todos los donantes son alentados a            pinta-por-pinta de café o 20%
ner Library e Irvington Presbyterian.
                                          seguir dando sangre regularmente al           descuento en una libra
Hay jornadas programadas para este
                                          poder seleccionar –la segunda vez          Crabtree’s Kittle House, Chappaqua,
otoño en Atria Senior Living, Eileen
                                          que donan– uno de los 82 descuen-             segundo almuerzo gratis
Fisher, Ossining Recreation, Irvington
                                          tos u ofertas especiales de 68 tiendas     Creative Flooring, Mt. Kisco,
Recreation y Tarrytown House.
                                          minoristas, restaurantes y hoteles. Las       10% de descuento en todos los
Hallar un anfitrión para una jornada      ofertas van de un lavado de automó-            materiales
de recolección de sangre no garan-        vil, pizza, segundo plato o una jugo-      Doca’s, Ossining,
tiza que sea un éxito. Los Servicios      sa hamburguesa “Good Vampire Spe-             10% de descuento en almuerzo o
para Donantes promueven la opor-          cial” gratis, una tarjeta para cancelar       cena
tunidad de donar sangre a través de       multas en la biblioteca o una oferta       Doubletree Hotel, Tarrytown,
afiches, volantes y hojas de inscrip-     de helado pinta-por-pinta. ¡Ningún            estadía gratis de una noche en fin
ción, y trabajan personalmente con        otro hospital en Westchester tiene un         de semana o certificado de $30 en
                                                                                        Bistro Z

                                                                                                           PhelPs Today   25
Eldorado West Diner, Tarrytown,         Landmark Diner, Ossining,                  de la casa con dos platos o
   certificado de $6.25                    20% de descuento en almuerzo o          aperitivos
Elite Hair Design, Tarrytown,              cena, o una hamburguesa de-luxe      Sunset Cove, Tarrytown,
   25% de descuento en productos           u omelet relleno de carne gratis        10% de descuento en la cuenta
   para cuidado del cabello o 25%       Lyndhurst, Tarrytown,                      para grupo de cuatro
   de descuento en cortes de cabello       membresía para familia gratis o      Tarry Tavern, Tarrytown,
   para hombres                            segunda entrada de admisión             pinta-por-pinta de cerveza de
Fairview Golf Center, Elmsford,            general gratis                          barril
   media hora de lección de golf        Main Street Sweets, Tarrytown,          Tarrytown Woodworks, Tarrytown,
   gratis por profesor o mitad de          helado pinta-por-pinta                  15% de descuento en
   precio en pelotas de práctica        Mandee, Ossining,                          reparaciones de muebles antiguos
Family YMCA, Tarrytown,                    20% de descuento en una compra          y de época
   pase de día completo                    entera                               Taste of China, Tarrytown,
TGI Fridays, Tarrytown,                 Marriott Hotel, Tarrytown,                 pedido gratis de buffalo wings
   segundo almuerzo gratis o               estadía de una noche en fin de       Terra Rustica Ristorante,
   aperitivo gratis con la cena            semana y desayuno                       Briarcliff Manor, $10 de descuento
Geordane’s, Irvington,                  Mediterraneo, Pleasantville,               en dos platos de cena
   bebida de cortesía pinta-por-pinta      $10 de descuento en comida para      Tramonto Restaurant-Bar-Café,
   con la compra                           donantes                                Hawthorne, vaso de vino gratis
Goldfish, Ossining,                     Melita’s Home Furnishings, Ossining,       con plato principal o segundo
   vaso de vino de cortesía                30% de descuento en todas las           almuerzo gratis
Gordo’s, Hawthorne,                        cerámicas portuguesas                Trapp Optical, Tarrytown,
   segundo plato a mitad de precio      NY School of Esthetics, Tarrytown,         $75 de descuento en lentes
Green Valley Nursery, Hawthorne,           dos tratamientos faciales por el     Ultra Clean Car Wash & Detail Center,
   10% de descuento con la compra          precio de uno o mitad de precio         Ossining, lavado de automóvil
   de plantas o productos para jardín      en peeling químico o                    gratis
Hair of the Hudson, Tarrytown,             microdermabrasión                    Warner Library, Tarrytown,
   dos cortes de cabello y secado a     Okinawa Hibachi Steak House,               tarjeta para cancelar multas por
   cepillo por el precio de uno            Ossining, vaso de vino o aperitivo      devolución tardía de libros
Heritage Frame & Picture, Tarrytown,       gratis                               Westchester Broadway Theatre,
   15% de descuento en todos los        Olympic Diner, Ossining,                   Elmsford, 15% de descuento en
   marcos personalizados                   10% dedescuento en desayuno,            cena y show
Highland Dry Cleaners, Ossining,           almuerzo y cena.                     Wobble Café & Catering, Ossining,
   limpieza en seco de traje gratis     PHR Center of Electrolysis,                desayuno gratis servido en
Horsefeathers, Tarrytown,                  Tarrytown, $15 de descuento en          cualquier momento
   certificado de $25 para donante         cualquier tratamiento, más
   de 20 unidades                          consulta                             Para hacer una cita para donar sangre
Horseman Restaurant & Pizza,            Pinacle at Heritage Hills, Somers,      en Phelps, llame al 914-366-3916.
   Tarrytown, 15% de descuento en          10% de descuento en la cuenta        Todos los donantes deben tener entre
   almuerzo o cena                         para grupo de hasta cuatro           16 y 75 años de edad y pesar por lo
Il Sorriso Ristorante, Irvington,       Pleasantville Colonial Diner,           menos 110 libras.
   segundo almuerzo gratis                 Pleasantville, 10% de descuento
Isabella Italian Bistro, Tarrytown,        en la cuenta para todo un grupo
   vaso de vino de la casa gratis con   The Red Hat Bistro on the River,
   almuerzo, botella gratis con cena       Irvington, 10% de descuento en
Jacob Burns Film Center,                   almuerzo para dos
   Pleasantville, entrada de cortesía   Sheraton Hotel, Tarrytown,
   para película                           dos noches de estadía en fin de
Josephine’s Hair Salon, Ossining,          semana, incluyendo desayuno
   10% de descuento en cualquier        South of the Border, Ossining,
   servicio                                margarita gratis con cena
Karma Lounge Martini Bar & Grille,      Sparx Hair & Makeup Salon,
   Ossining, 10% de descuento en           Pleasantville, 15% de descuento
   almuerzo o 15% de descuento en          en cualquier servicio de salón
   cena                                 Striped Bass, Tarrytown,
Kendal on Hudson, Sleepy Hollow,           $10 de descuento en segundo
   almuerzo buffet completo gratis         plato o una botella de vino tinto

26   PhelPs Today
          Save the Date
                 Saturday, October 15, 2011

                          24th Annual

             Champagne Ball

        Trump National Golf Club, Briarcliff Manor, NY
   Contact:	Ruth	Burton	•	914-366-3115	•	rburton@pmhc.us

              Jazz Concert to
                  Sunday, October 23, 2011

     Benefit Phelps Hospice

            Irvington Town Hall Theater, Irvington, NY
   Contact: Wanda	Orton	•	914-366-3325	•	worton@pmhc.us

          Thursday evening, November 17, 2011

“A Lift for What Ales You”
               Good Beer. Good Food. Good Times.

             A tasting event hosted by Phelps at the
       Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, Elmsford, NY
          Enjoy the robust taste of locally brewed beers
    Along with food from some of the area’s finest restaurants.

   Contact:	Ellen	Woods	•	914-366-3937	•	ewoods@pmhc.us

                                                                  PhelPs Today   27
PhelPs                                                                                                                NoN-PRoFIT

Phelps Memorial hospital Center                                                                                      oRGaNIZaTIoN
                                                                                                                   U.S. PoSTaGE PaId
701 North Broadway                                                                                                  PERMIT No. 7701

sleepy hollow, Ny 10591-1096                                                                                        WHITE PlaINS, Ny


Receive a Gift When You Give the Gift of Life!
After every second time you donate blood at Phelps, you can choose a gift from one of the generous supporters listed below.

AJ’s Burgers, New Rochelle        Fairview Golf Center, Elmsford     Landmark Diner, Ossining        Tarry Tavern, Tarrytown
The Art Barn, Ossining            Family YMCA, Tarrytown             Lyndhurst, Tarrytown            Tarrytown Woodworks,
At the Reef Restaurant,           TGI Fridays, Tarrytown             Main Street Sweets, Tarrytown     Tarrytown
   Cortlandt Manor                Geordane’s, Irvington              Mandee, Ossining                Taste of China, Tarrytown
Basilico Pizza, Pasta and         Goldfish, Ossining                 Marriott Hotel, Tarrytown       Terra Rustica Ristorante,
   Gourmet, Mt. Kisco             Gordo’s, Hawthorne                 Mediterraneo, Pleasantville        Briarcliff Manor
The Boathouse, Ossining           Green Valley Nursery,              Melita’s Home Furnishings,      Tramonto Restaurant-Bar-Café,
Brasserie Swiss, Ossining             Hawthorne                         Ossining                        Hawthorne
Bridge View Tavern,               Hair of the Hudson, Tarrytown      NY School of Esthetics,         Trapp Optical, Tarrytown
   Sleepy Hollow                  Heritage Frame & Picture,            Tarrytown                     Ultra Clean Car Wash & Detail
The Cabin, White Plains              Tarrytown                       Okinawa Hibachi Steak House,      Center, Ossining
Canfin Gallery, Tarrytown         Highland Dry Cleaners,                Ossining                     Warner Library, Tarrytown
Capri Pizza & Pasta, Ossining         Ossining                       Olympic Diner, Ossining         Westchester Broadway Theatre,
Carpet Giant, Ossining            Horsefeathers, Tarrytown           PHR Center of Electrolysis,       Elmsford
Casa Rina, Thornwood              Horseman Restaurant & Pizza,         Tarrytown                     Wobble Café & Catering,
Caravela, Tarrytown                  Tarrytown                       Pinacle at Heritage Hills,         Ossining
Castle on the Hudson,             Il Sorriso Ristorante, Irvington      Somers
   Tarrytown                      Isabella Italian Bistro,           Pleasantville Colonial Diner,
Coffee Labs Roasters, Tarrytown      Tarrytown                          Pleasantville                Please patronize these businesses
Crabtree’s Kittle House,          Jacob Burns Film Center,           The Red Hat Bistro on the       and let them know you appre-
   Chappaqua                          Pleasantville                    River, Irvington              ciate their community-minded
Creative Flooring, Mt. Kisco      Josephine’s Hair Salon,            Sheraton Hotel, Tarrytown       support.
Doca’s, Ossining                      Ossining                       South of the Border, Ossining
Doubletree Hotel, Tarrytown       Karma Lounge Martini Bar &         Sparx Hair & Makeup Salon,
Eldorado West Diner,                 Grille, Ossining                  Pleasantville                 To learn about donating blood at
   Tarrytown                      Kendal on Hudson,                  Striped Bass, Tarrytown         Phelps, call (914) 366-3916.
Elite Hair Design, Tarrytown          Sleepy Hollow                  Sunset Cove, Tarrytown

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