January 2011 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your

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					                       “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

                                    The Patriot Press
                 St. Paul’s Lutheran School Newsletter                                          January 2011

                                      From Principal Beilke

Inside this Issue
                                      Happy New Year!
    1 Message from the Principal      So, does it still feel weird to think that we are in 2011. Have you made any
    2 PICE Update                     mistakes when writing out checks (if you even still use them)? Every new
                                      year brings with it a fresh start of which people like to take advantage. The
    2 Technology Update               following is a list of the most popular resolutions people make each new
                                      year, according to :

                                                                  Drink Less Alcohol
                                                                 Get a Better Education
Upcoming Events                                                     Get a Better Job
                                                                        Get Fit
                                                                      Lose Weight
1/4 – Classes Resume
1/7-9 – B-Team Tourney
                                                                     Manage Debt
1/14 – End of 2nd Quarter                                            Manage Stress
1/18 – PICE Meeting                                               Quit Smoking Now
1/21 – Noon Dismissal                                                 Save Money
1/28 – WLA 8th Grade Visit                                            Take a Trip
                                                                Volunteer to Help Others

                                        Do you see your resolution on this list? What do all the things on this list
                                      have in common except for the last one? Aren’t they all looking for ways to
                                      improve yourself to make your life better? However, did you notice what was
Saint Paul’s Lutheran                 missing from the list? There was absolutely no mention of a person’s
                                      relationship with God. If you are looking to add some JOY to your life this
    W2090 Highway 23                  new year, then remember this, Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last.
  Mount Calvary, WI 53057              Let’s resolve to put Jesus first this New Year. How can we do that? Well,
                                      here are examples of some resolutions you could try:
                                                     Family Devotions (Morning and/or Evening)
                                          Personal Devotions/Prayer time (GraceMoments sends daily emails)
                                                      Participate in Worship Services each week
                                                                   Attend Bible Class
                                                                 Read the entire Bible

                                      I pray that God richly blesses you this New Year as you continue to live in
                                      Him and for Him.

                                                                                                 Serving our Savior,
                                                                                                         Mr. Beilke

          “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

                                 new technology in the               We not only had students
                                 months ahead, and will            sharing the message of
PICE Update                      begin to integrate the new        their Savior during the
   The next event on our         things they have learned          Children’s       Christmas
calendar is the annual           into    the     classroom.        Service but we also had
Dinner with a Speaker.           Additional training will          several groups go out and
This year one of our             take place during the             sing God’s praises at local
members       Dr.     Darold     summer months.                    nursing      homes     and
Treffert, an authority on                                          hospitals. The people at
Savant Syndrome who has                                            these places were very
written several books on         Gingerbread House                 appreciative     of     the
the     topic     will    be     Champions                         message      the   students
presenting. We are very            Congratulations to Rylee        brought through the songs
excited to have him and          Loehr and Jacob Theisen           they sang. Thank you
are greatly looking forward      for designing the best            students, for letting your
to this fellowship event. If     Gingerbread Houses in             light                shine!
you would like more              their class. Rylee is a
information on the kind of       second grade student this
work with which Dr.              year and Jacob is in first
Treffert is involved, please     grade.   Way to        go!
go     to    his    website:
   Mrs.       Barenz       is
organizing the event. If
you would like to help plan
it, please contact her. The
event is scheduled for
Wednesday, March 2nd.
We will provide you with
additional details as they
become available.
                                                                   Basketball Schedule
  Our next meeting is            Sharing the Good
scheduled for January 18th       News!                             Jan 7-9 – B-Team Tourney
from 7-8PM.                        I think one of the most
                                 rewarding things as a             Jan 15 @ Iron Ridge
                                 teacher is when you have
Technology Update                an opportunity to witness         Jan 21 vs Horicon
  We recently used money         the students, you have
from the technology fund         taught, openly share the          Jan 29 vs Green Lake
to purchase two devices          good news of their Savior.
which will turn ordinary         To see the faith that the
white       boards   into        Holy Spirit has worked in
interactive white boards         each of their hearts be put
similar to a SMART board.        into practice is an amazing
The teachers will be             thing to witness.
learning how to use this

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